Is a Ravens and 49ers rematch inevitable in this tournament?

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As the Baltimore Ravens rest and recuperate and await a Divisional foe, Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the NFC side and the best path to a purple Super Bowl crown in Las Vegas on February 11th.


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Luke Jones, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back at W N S, T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive, we are positively planning the biggest Superbowl radio row week in the history of our civil radio row weeks. And that’s saying something because, well, this guy has been like 15. Um, so he can tell you some of that, but I’ll have to having done almost three decades worth of work beginning of February 5, we are doing the biggest promotion we’ve ever done here and that we’ve been counting down these things man, the top 25 curio wellness and our friends, a foreign daughter sponsor, our 25th anniversary, and our stories of glory, which are coming your way this week. Luke Jones was featured as number 30. I didn’t mean to make you unlucky or anything like that, just where it turned out. You know what I mean? Like I really did rank them the same way you do your Power Rankings every week, you know, there’s just no way you could put the Colts above the the Texans right now because they lost, right. So I had to do my power rankings on all of these things. And this is going to be my number one least, I feel like I can affect this one. You know, I feel like I can make this the greatest Superbowl radio row week ever. So stay tuned. It’ll have all the Maryland lottery, our friends, window nation, as well as Jiffy Lube. And really all of our sponsors, our friends at Royal farms and wise markets. We’re doing a good turn and not just us. We’re going to be asking you to participate. Anybody that listens, anybody that’s in our audience, anybody that enjoys Luke’s work on YouTube and hates me, that’s fine. You can still participate. Give on behalf of Luke it will be after the community. But we’re gonna be doing a community turn. And it is Elvis his birthday here this week. So I want to pay tribute to the king i i keep threatening my friend Rodney Baker that we’re going to watch the the 68 comeback special in HD one day in my basement. So I know one thing I’m going to be watching this weekend in the basement, which is six, six football games beginning at 430. And not if hard balls brother winning or losing a national championship this week isn’t enough. The Ravens get the week off Luke Jones does not he is going out to Owings Mills to monitor all things. So first things first Luke, we talked about CJ Stroud and Joe Flacco and to a tongue of aloha and who might be here next week, and it’s not going to be homes. And it’s not going to be Josh Allen, they’ve already drawn but you know, a really nice hand in all of this, that if it plays out in your Las Vegas three weeks from now, we’re winning Super Bowls and having parades here. The NFC is going to be a part of that. We’ll get to that in a minute. But more than that, it’s going to be this two week period of what do the Ravens do? What do they not do Ross versus rest? I know you don’t want to discuss that topic. But but here we go. I am because they just noticed, let me in. You’re the only one out there this week that will be investigating Ross versus rest, right?

Luke Jones  02:45

Well, just the sheer fact that they’re gonna be out there working. And that’s not to say that they weren’t two or four years ago when we’re talking about 2019, January of 2020. But I think, you know, having talked to Ronnie Stanley the last couple of weeks having talked to the likes of Michael Pearce, you know, guys who been around and there aren’t that many guys left from 2019. I think they’re 11 or 12. And not all of them are on the fifth current 53 man roster, you know, if you’re talking about a Tyus, Bowser or mark Andrews right now. So you know, it’s not that many guys, but the guys who are still around, yeah, that that stuck with them. And it’s something that’s bothered them as much as it’s bothered fans, it’s absolutely bothered them. I mean, it’s been a driving force for them. So this next week, and it’s really this week, you know, they’ll know, by late afternoon, Sunday, who they’re playing in the divisional round, because the way the schedule sets up, it’s all AFC on Saturday, and then you have Steelers bills, the first game on Sunday, and then they’ll know they’ll know which team it’ll be at that point in time, even as the NFC is still kicking off its wildcard games. So yeah, so next week is more of a typical, okay, you’re preparing for the browns, or you’re preparing for the Texans or the dolphins or whoever it is. So but this week, it is different from a typical bi week where, you know, you might practice Monday and Tuesday at most, and then you’re getting out of there for the rest of the week. This is a little bit different in the sense that they are giving these guys some time at the beginning of the week, you know, because they had the Saturday, late afternoon game against the Steelers they had off Sunday. They’ll have off Monday. And but they’ll have a normal. I say normal in quotation marks because you it’s a faceless opponent, you know you’re not game planning this week, per se, but they’ll practice Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. And then Michael Pierce revealed to us as we were talking about his contract extension after the game on Saturday night. They’ll actually have a little workout at the stadium even on Saturday which not open to fans not open reporters probably more of a walkthrough I think it’s even going to be like they’re going to invite the players families, but I think

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:52

it’s well I would also think at 430 They’ll be watching the game. Well, sure,

Luke Jones  04:55

sure. Well, and it’ll be dark, you know, it gets dark at five o’clock this time of year. obviously so that so they’ll be out there. And I think there’s probably there’s probably something to be said of going out there and visualizing, right? I mean, in the same way that hardball is always like bringing the 90 man roster to the stadium for stadium practice before they get to preseason games in the summer, as a way to kind of get acclimated but you know, they’re, they’re trying to do everything they can to stay sharp, while also wanting to prioritize some rest and recovery, especially for guys who need it. You know, they did have a way get banged up early in the game Saturday, Gino stone hurt his knee. The Dell, Shawn Phillips, Brent urban, you know, guys that got banged up in Saturday’s game, nothing that’s expected to be overly serious. But you have those guys. And then you have the guys that were already dealing with something like ze flowers and Kyle Hamilton and Marlon Humphrey. So, you know, some of those guys, we’ll see if they’re out there at all this week, you know that? I would think, you know, some of those guys will be held out. But by and large, they’re mostly healthy. Yeah, we’ll see what happens with Mark Andrews over the next couple of weeks if he gets back on the practice field and possibly can play at some point, Hero

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:06

storyline, isn’t it? Extending the season long enough for him to play? He’s walking around? He’s not that far, right. Like he’s not like February 11 is the Super Bowl if they can win two games. He’s been gone for six weeks now. Right? And we’ve been going a little while. Oh, he’s

Luke Jones  06:21

been gone. And Isaiah likely has played so well in his place. You think you even think about that differently. Like, let’s be clear, this team’s better with Mark Andrews the knot, but likely is played so well that the Andrews thing feels like, especially for other teams are thinking oh my gosh, Baltimore could get a three time Pro Bowl tight end back for I don’t know, the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl, you know. And we’ll see. I mean, who knows, it may not happen. But it just speaks to kind of the embarrassment of riches they have on their roster, because Isaiah likely has been that darn good for them. So, you know, we’ll see how that works out. And you would think Andrews has to get on the field, at least for a week or two before he potentially can play. So we’ll kind of be monitoring that. But in the meantime, they’re pretty healthy. Otherwise, you want to get Kevin Zeitler. Right. That’s another guy I didn’t mention, but he’s been banged up with a knee slash quad issues. So this week is about some of that. And it’s just about staying fresh and practicing and wanting to be sharp and, and keeping you’re keeping that focus sharpened as well, you know that this isn’t? The by week in the regular season is all about guys needing to get away from football. I don’t think this is about getting away from football whatsoever. I think this is about getting yourself healthy and wanting to be fresh, but not turning it off. Right. You know, you don’t want to shut it down entirely. So. So I think, you know, is it going to be a plan that’s drastically different from 2019? I don’t think so. But are they going to tweak some things, you know, do you throw in an extra padded practice, maybe, mate, perhaps. But I think really, it’s just a case of wanting to not say babysit these guys, because, you know, that implies that you don’t trust anyone. But you certainly don’t want anyone to get too far away from the game. And that’s why, you know, there’ll be working over the course of the week after getting a little bit of rest at the beginning of the week. So you know, the, it’s strange, because you can work on things and self Scout, and certainly things you’re going to work on. So install some things that might be some new plays or packages for the playoffs. But it really does kind of leave you in a holding pattern. I mean, the coaching staff will do advance work and their advanced scouts are obviously doing all kinds of work on Houston, Cleveland, Miami, Pittsburgh, guys are also working further out looking at Kansas City and buffalo, but you don’t know who you’re playing. So it’s not as though you have a game plan to install this week, per se. So you try to kind of focus on yourselves a little bit. And you know, it really is just a matter of trying to get the body right for some of these guys that are banged up. These guys are tired, you know, it’s a 17 game schedule. As we’ve talked about the the war of attrition is even more challenging than it was a few years ago in that regard. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:12

there’s guys out there slapping around in the rain, right? And like you’re down there for that meaningless game but not meaning. I feel bad for Snoop Huntley that he gets to play one time all the backups in those weather conditions and gets you know, and before the game that’s like Hey, he’s played for a job here is playing to be starved or somewhere else. You know, we’ve seen with Tyrod Taylor’s had a nice career doing different things still playing a couple of weeks ago and that little to Paul’s terrible what happened to tie love tie rod but but in the case of you’d like to think that we’ve seen the end of Snoop Huntley. Right I mean, Lamar is gonna play a couple games here, but I that game you mentioned Brent urban, a couple guys get dinged up. I mean, that was 60 minutes of football that nobody um, so what the Browns did the Browns just said here You guys take the ball we don’t want to play literally. Yeah,

Luke Jones  10:03

I mean, look, I mean, it’s not like the Ravens went out didn’t embarrass themselves or anything like that. But it definitely that’s why I just don’t take much from it. i I’ll give you a couple things that I takeaways that I have from that game. I’ll throw one name out there because we’ve mentioned how much the Patrick Queens most likely gone for Trenton Simpson played well, you know, who is very, you know, kind of the top of the list of candidates to be starting next to row Quan Smith next year, assuming Queen gets a big payday elsewhere. So, so But beyond that, you’re right. I mean, the storylines were fabricated, because you needed something to talk about over the course of three hours on Saturday. I mean, and then everything to Pittsburgh, but for the ravens, it was really a case of, you know, some guys had some incentives. Should they be on clowny? Yeah, as we saw, he did his little incentive dance, which, by the way, he downplayed but then Michael Pearce, later on in the locker room said, cloud, he’s been thinking about that, talking about that for two or three weeks. So good for him. Money, know what it was 750k I think it was right off the top of my head. So yeah, so. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:05

Martin off in the Maryland lottery, and we give seven or $50,000 away to somebody. You dance like that too? Seriously, no matter how much money you have. I mean, I felt good for him because I think about how much pain that guy’s been in for being a one seed AND and OR A one one overall and having surgeries and having it all taken away from him and not being as good as they thought he was going to be that that, you know, this is good for him good. Good for anybody that picks themselves up and, and fights back the way he did, because he could have just taken his money and gone home. A lot of one ones did we go through a whole bunch of guys, that took a lot of money, that once they didn’t make it, they never made it. Hey, man, it’s like Flacco out there running around with his kids, when he’s got 200 million. Everybody begrudge him the money he made. He loves this. He loves these guys love this. And I think that that’s something as I get further away from it, and only watch it on TV now. And I’m not allowed to talk to them anymore. That the appreciation for where they are, especially as they get older. You know, we talked about Michael Pierce, and his third time around and now he’s getting paid again. I feel good about all those and I feel good when Mark Andrews gets back out there and catches a pass in the Superbowl.

Luke Jones  12:14

Oh, no doubt. I mean, look, are there players in the NFL who don’t love football? Sure. Just like any walk of life, if you have someone that has an aptitude for doing something that doesn’t guarantee that they love it, but for the guys that are playing as long as some of the individuals you just mentioned talking about, uh Jadeveon Clowney has been doing this for 10 years. Joe Flacco has been doing this for 16 years at this point and made absurd money. I mean, this is a guy that was the highest paid player in NFL history, locks

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:43

off doing something else with his life, right, like literally right and his and collected his money. And you’ve mentioned Joe Flacco beaten Andrew Luck in that first game, the last ride game and all that. Think about all the guys Phillip rivers and all these guys that are off doing whatever they’re doing. Joe’s back, you’re playing football for 30 on Saturday. It’s amazing. And I think that’s amazing for clowny that’s amazing for Kyle van Noy, you could have said, play for the Patriot I, you know, I don’t need to go do this. Or I don’t want to go do this. I need to go do this. Right. I need to do this. It’s like oxygen. Right? It really

Luke Jones  13:17

is. And I mean to mention clowny I mean, it’s a good story. I mean, this is a guy, he got hurt in his first NFL game and came back, finish the rest of that, you know, played as much as he could as a rookie. And then this guy had microfracture surgery. I mean, anyone who follows sports. You talk about microfracture surgery, that’s typically at best a career shortening injury, you know, that is an injury that or surgery that a lot of guys have not come back from. And for that to happen to him his rookie year and look, today be on clowny mean, everyone remembers the big hit he had in the bowl game when he was at South Carolina. I mean, I mean, that’s one of the legendary college plays of the last 25 years that you see on you see on YouTube and social media even today. But for him to kind of push through that battle, the injuries he did battle, just the knock of never living up to the hype. And to now be at this point where he’s had one of his very best seasons, as he’s now in his 10th season in the NFL. I mean, it’s a good story. And for this guy to have the incentive is one thing, but I still vividly remember him being at the podium back in August. And the very first thing he said in terms of aspirations, it wasn’t to have 15 sacks. It wasn’t to win the division. It wasn’t even to win the Superbowl. You know what his first goal that he had was that he expressed he wanted to play all 17 games because so much of his career narrative has been this guy can’t stay healthy. He played all 17 games, and he played at a very high level and as a result, he really helped this defense go to a new level in turn. was up sacks and pressures and all that and now he’s got a chance to play for a Super Bowl which obviously was something that he wanted but he started with I want to play every game and you know, talk about the guy in his 10th year who’s made money you know, to your point, guys that have been playing that long have had

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:15

Morgan hoses you know all the way commanders fire Ron Rivera they’re hiring the guy from the Warriors. I mean, I mean, it is we haven’t even done the Black Friday Black Monday thing right like this week’s brutal for all these coaches and Arthur Smith, you know, his legacy and Atlanta will be chewing on the guy for when I talked about hardball last week running the score up which still to some degree is frowned upon in some quarters. And I I like the quarters. It’s frowned upon, you know, but it’s, it’s a it’s a busy crazy week. But the amount of stories here and the heat that’s going to be on this team next week, no matter who they play, because the national media will do. They won’t have room for me at them and locker room next week. But I’ve seen this and the Ravens are the biggest story in sports. They won’t be this week, not this week, get six games it’d be Joe Flacco it’ll be campaign it’d be how cold it’s gonna be in Kansas City when Pittsburgh gets there on Saturday nights gonna be like zero degrees at game time. So there’s all of this stuff. Route freeze going on. We’ll watch the games. But tell you what, next Wednesday, maybe Tuesday, if they play Saturday, the Ravens will this time next week, the Ravens will be the biggest story in sports and the target on their back and the bullseye and whatever game the Ravens draw. Hopefully it’s not on peacock. I don’t know how to hell, I’m watching this this game on Saturday. And I have no I’m not giving peacock my money. I promise you that. Even though I think NBC does a better job than most of these other networks, but the ravens are going to be target on their back next week. And they’re expected to win and that’s, you know, it gets heavy if you’re downtown, nothing, no

Luke Jones  16:56

doubt and to your point, especially, they’re gonna be the biggest story, especially if it’s Joe Flacco and the browns. You know, not not to, you know, we’ve talked about that at length. But what’s funny, and this is actually a good time to transition. Talk a little couple minutes about the NFC. I mean, we’re gonna get Matthew Stafford going back to Detroit. That’s a different story. I mean, at least in Baltimore. Joe Flacco is coming back. Joe won a Super Bowl here. Right. So it’s a different story. And you have Lamar Jackson, MVP of the league. I mean, the ravens are a great, great spot. Right? You have Detroit, who’s playing a home playoff game, and for the first time in forever, and you have Matthew Stafford coming back, who was the golden boy and look, he had a great run there on some really bad teams. Otherwise, it was kind of him and Megatron and they didn’t have enough else. But you look at that he has since left. He won his Super Bowl elsewhere. And now he’s coming back. So boy, you potentially could have back to back weeks of you know, the prodigal son returns to to play his old team in the playoffs. I mean, that’s that’s pretty juicy. I mean, that’s, I have way more interest in that game, then. Dallas Green Bay, which sounds like a great legacy game and I get it Mike McCarthy fine. But, you know, I just I don’t know I’m not a big believer in the Cowboys even as a two seed and Green Bay. Jordan loves been a nice story, but I don’t feel like they’re any kind of a serious Super Bowl contender whatsoever. And then you have the Eagles in the box, which is just the Eagles are a disaster right now. Apologies to my brother in law, but it’s just the truth. And you have the Buccaneers who

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:33

watch him win two games, watch the Eagles win to get like, nobody thinks they can do it. Right. Like literally right? I

Luke Jones  18:39

I would have been fine with that scenario, even as recently as two or three weeks ago, but there is something wrong there. And I think it goes beyond just not playing well on the field. First of all, I mean, their defense has been disastrous. It’s been really bad. They made sense. Yeah, they should. Yeah, I’ll tell you what. The eagle the Ravens hired Dennard Wilson who was in Philly as their defensive backs coach, and he’s serving in the same capacity with the Ravens done a great job this year. You know, look at how Brandon Stevens and Geno’s stone and guys like that have developed Kyle Hamilton, obviously, but he should have been their defensive coordinator. He wanted that job and they they chose someone else and obviously, you’ve seen the shuffling and reshuffling they’ve done since then. But you look at that AJ Brown got hurt. Jalen hertz has a bad finger. I mean, that was that was alarming how bad that was. And I get it. They didn’t have a whole lot to play for. Unless you really thought the commanders had any shot at beating the Cowboys on Sunday. But I mean, that that wasn’t good. So, you know, easily the game of the weekend in the NFC is rammed lions. You know, you’ve heard me talk about the Rams, since they almost upset the Ravens in Baltimore. I mean, watch out for them. I mean, they’ve got a pedigree that I wouldn’t be stunned even though the lions are favored and should be But I wouldn’t be stunned to see Matthew Stafford go in there and, and break their hearts, which would be just like I said, excruciating. It’s different than Joe Flacco and Baltimore because he won his Super Bowl after leaving, and now he’s coming back. So that’s but that’s that’s a juicy storyline and like we said next week, if it is browns, ravens, and again, I’m not taking anything away from the Texans, or any other possibility but could be very interesting back to back weeks having a former quarter quarterback coming into town to face his old team. I mean, you don’t need more. You don’t need much more in terms of storylines in the playoffs because it’s the playoffs right? It’s the NFL postseason, but you have those kinds of stories. That’s pretty juicy enough. You know, for guys like you and me. Talk about this for a living makes it really exciting. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:50

know the beatdown the Ravens put on the 40 Niners on Christmas night. I keep thinking back as like their names, not even in the seedings this weekend, right? They’re the one they’re asked on the other side, and perceived as such, I guess and Brock Purdy winning big games is, as you know, Mr. Irrelevant remains to be seen. But I look at all of these teams and I think the packers to play a little better during love. And you know, I’ll hear that and they’re going to Dallas, Dallas at home has been better than Dallas on the road. At some point. They don’t have to go on the road, but Sam’s just gonna have to play right? If they keep winning, unless some miracle happens. Think about the lions and rams we’ve seen them recently, like not even on the level with the Ravens on their best day, right? Like I wouldn’t we see the lions in the Super Bowl, the Ravens will be a 10 point favorite. Like, you know, even if the 40 Niners and the Cowboys ship get nothing, I don’t look at any of these teams and think like any of them are as good as maybe the 40 Niners I’d say, even though we beat them, but the bills, or the Chiefs or even the browns, you know for what those teams would bring to us on this side of the bracket. I look on the other side of the bracket, I think, in the Buccaneers kind of stink eagles. Nuff said you we’ve been talking about that for eight minutes. Right? The Packers, mostly stunk, like, you know, I mean, squeaking into the playoffs. I mean, none of these teams strike me as much. And ravens haven’t seen the Cowboys, but all the rest of these teams they beat

Luke Jones  22:16

handling. Yeah. Well, not the Rams. I mean, you make the argument, the Ravens should have lost that game, or certainly could have lost that game. Let’s be clear about that. I don’t want to be over the top. But I mean, they they want on a punt return and overtime. I mean, you don’t get much closer than that to losing the net. So So you know, the Rams, but I mean, are the Rams going to go on the road? You know, are they going to win on the road the entire time to get to a Super Bowl. I mean, Matthew Stafford is going to have to get on an absolute roll. And he’s played great football, make no mistake, but

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:47

had better weather in Detroit, and they’re going to have a Kansas City. So you know, weather plays into that for a California team moving around a little bit. So I like good weather this time of the year. If I like good football, if I like the Steelers in an upset I like zero degrees and say, you know, forget Mason Rudolph and Patrick mahomes You get cold out there, you lose. I mean, I I’ve seen this happen too many times a January. Well, and

Luke Jones  23:07

I’m glad you brought that up, because this was a point I wanted to make. And I included, you know, reflected on this in my 12 thoughts stemming from Saturday night’s game that, again, didn’t carry a whole lot of meaning, you know, if we’re calling a spade a spade, but you know that Saturday night was a good example of for not just the cold, but if you get precipitation, cold rain, snow, sleet, whatever it might be. I mean, it’s a great neutralizer. I mean, it really is it’s a great equalizer. In terms of strengths against weaknesses. I mean, it can make things much more random, right. I mean,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:44

the thing we could eliminate Lamar and the Ravens would be 38 degrees sleep next Saturday night for a game and a team that comes in here that takes better care of the football, whoever that is, whether it’s Joe Flacco whether it’s the Steelers running the football, whatever it would be. That’s that’s the recipe for bad things to happen. I mean, be careful you wish for these own games this time of year. We don’t have that kind of team. We really don’t. I mean, we don’t have a bad weather team. We I mean, Lamar looks, looks frozen when it’s cold. I would love to see him go out on a 21 degree ice night and win a football game, but it would scare the hell out of me if it was another team coming in here. Well, Josh Allen coming in here, but

Luke Jones  24:22

everyone’s dealing with those elements. So I mean, look, something like that. For me. It just it kind of levels the playing field for the team on that night. Yeah, I mean, and that’s, that applies to anyone that’s um, that’s not even a knock on the Ravens. I mean, that’s just how when you have bad weather and weird elements, I mean, that Saturday night’s game was so odd in that way, right? I mean, and you know what I kept thinking and I even said this to anyone who would listen nearby in the press box. All I was thinking is the, the the weather right now, as I sat there is why it was so important for the ravens to lock this thing up against Miami the previous week because Get it. Pittsburgh’s not nearly as good as the ravens, you know that we’ve been talking about their demise for, you know, until the last three weeks where they kind of figured it out. Right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:10

But more had to go out there and run around on Sunday. And they had to really You never know. You never know. Right? I

Luke Jones  25:15

mean, something weird happens. You fumble the ball, someone falls down in coverage. I mean, it’s it’s so fleeting, especially in a single elimination. So yeah, I mean, you want to be at home. But yeah, you’re hoping that the weather isn’t too harsh? Because I do look at this team. Or do I think that they can’t play in bad weather? No, I think that would be over the top that would be disrespectful to what this football team has been. However, you look at again, a relative weaknesses, for lack of a better term. You know, the run defense isn’t quite as stout as you’d like it to be probably. And on the flip side, you love Lamar taking off and running and scrambling when he has to but have they run the ball extremely well between the tackles with their schemed up run game? It’s been a little more up and down at times. It’s been really good. And other times it’s been. And we saw it against Pittsburgh on Saturday it was and I get it, Lamar wasn’t out there. And that’s a big reason why, but Tyler Huntley can move. But you saw that it wasn’t this dominant running game. And we haven’t even mentioned them. So I’ll throw his name out there because we haven’t mentioned them in any of our segments. As we’re kind of looking at this. The ravens brought in Dalvin Cook on the practice squad. It’ll be interesting. He did not have a good year whatsoever with the Jets. He could be more levy on Bell then impact contributor for them, but they’re going to take a look at him and play certainly all played here. God I forgot all about did and not even Lamar Jackson could save his career. But because he was just done at that point. But I think you saw Melvin Gordon put the ball on the ground. He’s as a history of that. We saw him do that on Saturday night against the Steelers, Gus Edwards had another fumble and I get it. elements were bad, but they’re gonna take a look at Dalvin Cook and they’ll see what he can do. So it’s just I love it. The weather just

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:01

to let you know, it’s gonna be really cold here next week, that Kansas City thing this weekend. It’s gonna be like highs in the 20s in the middle of the week, next year, next week. So we’re still 1112 days out on a football game. But we’re 10 days out on the forecast. It’s going to be cold. I mean, not that, intuitively. It’s the second week of January. It’s gonna be January, right? Yeah. In the 50s. Here this week, here right now. It’s gonna be in the 50s. It’s not going to be next week, apparently. So you know, the weather. Keep an eye on the weather. That’s the thing. It can beat the Ravens. I mean, as I’ll sit here, they’ll yell about you know, me yelling crazy things on the air about how we lose. You lose with bad weather for the for this team, this team? You know, I don’t? Well, the weather makes gives Pittsburgh a chance or Cleveland a better chance and I want better weather. I’m cheering for good weather.

Luke Jones  27:47

And that’s fine. And let’s be clear in 2019. The Titans were not a better team than the Baltimore Ravens. They were only a better team than the Baltimore Ravens for three hours on that Saturday night, and the season was over then, if the Ravens have played the Titans 10 times that year, I’m guessing they win eight of them, if not nine, but it was the one time they played poorly. Titans played well. Weather wasn’t a factor that in fact, it was actually great weather that night, if you recall is what 65 degrees or whatever it was. But yeah, you’re looking for if we’re going to talk about anything that potentially trips up the Ravens sure, you know, just like any team bad weather, it neutralizes things and you know, it equalizes things in terms of strength versus weakness, because just weird stuff happens when the weather’s bad.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:32

I always put her in New England thinking like, hey, that, you know, that’s one more thing that Tom Brady could scrub. Of course, we’re taking the air out of the footballs which you know, you know, we all know it. Look, Joe is here. He does not cheat but Bill Belichick does, by the way watching him walk off and in you know, not disgrace but in cold, bad, awful losing. It warmed my heart a little bit I mean, just a little bit of that Grinch in my heart it did warm it so let’s get right you got anything else we’re gonna be talking more about we got two weeks to talk about all this you’re gonna be out knowing smells all week. I’m looking

Luke Jones  29:06

forward to wildcard weekend a relaxing wildcard weekend which is fun when it’s your team is playing on the other side and not that you’re sitting at home so it’s gonna be fun and yeah, we’ll see if it is Joe Flacco and the Browns next week but whoever it is ravens preparing and certainly need to be ready because again, now it is a one game season every week even for yes the Baltimore Ravens who are the best team in the NFL it’s a one game season. So you gotta be ready. Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:34

tell you what our Festivus plans are in place here Luke’s gonna be out No, he’s Mills all we are doing the largest radio row promotion in the history of wn St. and that’s saying something. You go back and look at some things, curio wellness and foreign daughter present our 25th anniversary all year long. We have lots of pictures, lots of memories, stories of glory is up, including the day that I met Luke Jones. I probably met you before that day. Maybe you remember better me I think you said you and your decades from shows her over the course time but the Hello de nada Jersey back in 2008 2009 Luke Jones So winning our our king of Baltimore sports competition, our little American Idol thing all of our stories of glory are out at Baltimore positive we’re hoping to make some more stories of glory this month. We are going to be celebrating the week of February 5 That is a cup of soup or Bowl week and we’re gonna be telling you more about it later on in the week on piecing things together, Lucas piecing together the bye week the playoff by week for the Ravens as we wait for six pretty good football games this weekend and either route for or against Joe Flacco Have at it but they play first. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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