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Is “Sara” the greatest song ever written?


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Nothing makes the Maryland Crab Cake Tour better than bringing together sports friends from different worlds. This time longtime sportswriter Dave Sheinin of The Washington Post and legendary sports cartoonist Mike Ricigliano move beyond sports to discuss a mutual love of music and what makes a song great from Koco’s Pub in Lauraville.


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Dave Sheinin, Mike Ricigliano, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about wn st Towson, Baltimore, Baltimore positive we are positively about to lose control of everything that’s gonna happen and we’re Coco’s pub. We were in Lawrenceville. Marcellus taken lunch orders lizards, making crab cakes as big as my head back here. All of its brought to you and I’ve given so many tickets away. I hope somebody wants I get tickets here. We’re Coco’s and Laura villas are brought to you by the Maryland lottery. Our friends in winter nation 866 90 nation, I got the funky flappy bucket hat that I’m gonna put on right now as well as our friends at Raskin global with this is a really special mallet. I’m trying to steal. Richard shares gig when he had the mallet. Remember they were off right but this is crab mallet is brought to you by Rascon global but this is special Krav Maga as you can see. It has a beer bottle dispensary opener on the other side. I’m gonna put this to action August 3 is our 25th anniversary will be a Costas on third will be a drug city on the fourth. These are the kinds of people that I would have out at drug city Costas, but I need to get to Coco’s today. And I’ve been trying to get show on and on for a little while. He’s writing music. He’s out on tour. He’s at the Washington Post, but living in Baltimore, and then we’re seeing within two minutes, I invite both because we’re in the sixth neighborhood you posted we can come by I invited both you three o’clock. And I thought maybe they know each other. We


Mike Ricigliano  01:24

definitely know each other but not from we haven’t seen each other.

Dave Sheinin  01:27

It’s been a long Yeah, I want to say the last time I saw you as a bill step because 60

Mike Ricigliano  01:32

That’s a while back. Yeah. Yeah, I did the headgear for that. Yeah, right. Exactly. Yeah. I live right around the corner. And so my wife and I just walked over here, you know, in two minutes, basically. So yeah, what did like a pig? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  01:49


I haven’t been able figure out who’s on my two of my three yet. So I’m trying to fake at some point. I’ll figure this out. For sitcoms on like, once a year and hangs out. You have always been a studio Zoomer in The Shining basement. And butchers Hill. Yeah, with the Rock and Roll guitars on the wall. And somehow these conversations meander from a Olympics to baseball history. And they wind up somewhere in this realm of college pop radio jangly pot. Yeah. That stirred your soul. Yeah, at some point when the match brought it out. And then he still does, right. Yeah, yes. Yeah.

Dave Sheinin  02:26

I mean, I get that right. That’s exactly right. I mean, and to be honest, I mean, that’s still what I listened to. I love finding new stuff on like Sirius XM, you, you know, it’s like the new college radio. I’m still man, I still live for that moment when you hear a great bang and new song. And you’re like, Oh, my God, who is this? I need to know everything about this band. I still live for that moment. And it’s still and I have a 16 year old daughter who keeps me young. We’ve been to a million shows in the last year we went to boy genius and Merriweather. Last month, you know, she’s turned me on to some great stuff.

Nestor Aparicio  03:02

You’re staying young. Yeah. Music. Yeah. I think I talked to you about this last time, because it’s harder for me because I don’t share space with young people in that way. Right. And, and radio doesn’t come to me in the way that maybe it did. We were younger. And but I do find myself finding bands and artists I like and going deeper into their catalogue. Yeah, in some way. That becomes more meaningful to me. Yeah, in the last couple of weeks. I mean, this has been going on every day in my life. I want to see seal in May. And I love seal. I love this album. 30 years ago to 30th anniversary. I’ve loved everything he’s ever done. But I haven’t seen him torn. He played pier six, and like 9099 or something. And he’s out on the road with the Buggles with Trevor Horn from Yes, who did all ABC, who you know, just it seals guy and I went see him one night. It’s like, it’s rocked my world. And now like I had to go get nine dcl songs, fill the full catalogue standards, and he’s gone. And then I went to see Mike Peters from the alarm up in New York, and he’s a three time leukemia survivor. He saved more lives than anybody. He has this thing called love, hope, strength, where they swab people that we knew about when Jen got cancer, right? Model A lot of there goes my hero after love hub strength. And so So Mike played up in New York, and he came, he said, You came in last year, you almost died last year, he came back to life. He’s vibrant as hell. And he’s out on stage rocking it again. And I went up and I’m like, Man, I went back and got his whole catalog. Yeah. And I had been listening to all of these besides acoustic sessions, stuff that he’s done since the band broke up 30 years

Dave Sheinin  04:37

and total revelation, right. I mean, it’s stuff on there that just blows your mind that you didn’t know about. Yeah, it’s existed for all that time. Yeah. So


Nestor Aparicio  04:46

doing that not necessarily being as young as you because of where you are with your kids.

Dave Sheinin  04:52

Yeah, so I mean, here’s the perfect example my 16 year old daughter, Lucinda, she tells me Hey, can we go see this band at 930 Club This was back in like March, April. I’m like, Yeah, of course what who was it? She said, they’re called their name is inhaler. And I’m like, Okay, let’s go on those kids. So it took the punch line. So I go and lift them up. And it’s Banos kid, right? And I’m like, Oh my god. This is where we are in life. Man. Our rock heroes have kids who are my daughter’s rocky rose. And Barney was

Nestor Aparicio  05:23

playing the Thunderdome in Las Vegas for throw, Jr. You know,

Dave Sheinin  05:29


I’ll pass on that. But, but inhaler was amazing. And I mean, you know, I don’t know to what extent Bano helps them or CO right. I don’t think he does. I think it’s all the sons band. But it pays to be Banos kid in terms of the guitars he played. He kept bringing out one guitar after another. And each one was more expensive and more tricked out and amazing than the one before. I mean, we’re talking vintage les Paul’s all consoles, you know, is that a play? Oh, he did? Yeah. Well, he was great. Yeah. It was a great show.

Nestor Aparicio  06:02

She was sick. Thought I was just gonna talk

Mike Ricigliano  06:03

smell I was gonna ask Dave if so the you play also are Yeah,

Dave Sheinin  06:08

so I play I play keyboards and guitars. I write my own stuff, put out a couple of records and I don’t really have the kind of day job that permits like some sort of touring situation. I don’t have a band. But uh, but I get in the studio and make stuff and you know, you know, Andy Bob. I mean, he Yeah, of course. He produced my records. Yeah. Oh, and played and played guitar. You know, that’s a neighborhood guy. Yeah, he’s lives right here. So


Nestor Aparicio  06:35

the last time there were six invited me and my wife out and they don’t do it often enough. They invited us out over to Hampton for a bluegrass night. I’m saying so like, it’s music with you say I would totally do that every

Mike Ricigliano  06:49

Tuesday night at Peabody brewery. Right? Right on 30th. Street. Fremont. There’s a bluegrass jam 30 or 40 musicians, man, you should just bring your act. Yeah, just, you know, like and play with them because it’s so much fun. It’s really like,

Nestor Aparicio  07:06

there was a lot of picking going on. We went out Yeah,

Dave Sheinin  07:09


definitely. Yeah. Huh. All right, man. I might run into you there. Okay, good.

Mike Ricigliano  07:15

Well look for it. Well, I

Nestor Aparicio  07:15

bring sports guys together. We want to sit and talk and music. I think it’s so much rather talk me there’s no we’re gonna get to baseball. But we’ll get to all the BS as we would say. So I put a very innocuous because and I’ll get deeper into this with both you because I mean, you’re both lifers. I know you 30 years I’ve known him since I was 15 years old. Right? Right. I’m working at the paper we’re all newspaper guys at heart always will be forever right? But the music part of my life. At this point, I’ll be 55 this year. Music brings me such joy and inspires me in ways I said to my wife seal inspires me like it’s different than just jammin when I go see Mike Peters who’s beaten cancer three times and is happy to be back. It inspires me not that Adley rutschman Doesn’t or the Train man seen he can’t or that any of that where that is sure. But music has been something that’s been good better to me than sports has been lately for sure in regard to how you’re treated and how it treats you and how you feel about it later in life. And so I put the status up about two months ago two and a half it was wintertime maybe March and I just said what’s the greatest song that’s ever that’s I would read from my status. Basically, I was looking to do is I just got my classic iPod back to travel with okay, I paid 100 bucks for a for a really nice iPod still, but it was refurbished Yeah, and I have it and I wanted to get all 20,000 of my songs I don’t like music on my phone this is my it’s I work on this too much to be like productive like that. So I thought like there’s got to be some songs out there and I have all of these great people in my life that even if you just bring a song up like when I think of a great song you have to have I think of like I love you more today than yesterday but not twice as much as the spiral staircase right so so I think like those kinds of one off weird songs, you immediately hit my timeline with a song they had me going he writes on the timeline it’s a tough thing but I would go with Sarah SAR a and you’re a speller. Right. Yeah, you got Sarah smile. I was thinking now I was thinking Sarah and I’m like, Oh man, you know a lot of people would probably go with landslide not Sarah, you know? And I think it’s Fleetwood Mac and I’m like, I swear to you shine and I swear to you, this is going to be the funniest thing ever to you because I went into my basement and my wife would tell you our our showers kind of tricked out with some fun lights in our bathroom that has she bought this LED lighting that can turn the so I have a beautiful Bose speaker and it was four o’clock in the morning my wife can’t even hear me and I crank and I crank the I’m Sarah live from tosk. Arrow live late 70s. Yeah, and it’s weird. I’m in it.

Dave Sheinin  10:08

Wow. That’s a good thank you to Myself wasn’t a choice.


Nestor Aparicio  10:14

You just kill my punch line. So for three months, I have been trying to like, say Mitch shine. It’s friggin genius. And that’s such a great song. And he’s right. And then Christine McVie, died. Yeah. Right. And so I was listening to her contributions to the band. And I thought to myself, you know, what I’m gonna do today shine is gonna show, I’m gonna go to my Pacifica belt buckle wall. I’m going to get out a one of my belt buckles. For you know, for you, I’m gonna bring my Fleetwood Mac. Right. So I got my Fleetwood Mac belt buckle here for you. And then I texted me say, Hey, pick another classic rock papers. I wanted to be Wiseacre. Maybe bring them to Peter Frampton belt, or, you know, maybe Roger Daltrey battle know what your, but I know you’re very alternative. And these belts were all made like 76 or 70. So maybe only the police belt would fit you. I don’t know. But or maybe the cars right had probably something you’d like. So I say to him, this. And then he writes me back receipt, he broke my heart. He broke my heart three hours ago, he writes me back. I’m on my way to get peach cake. And he texts me back. He’s like, I didn’t mean to Fleetwood Mac song.

Dave Sheinin  11:26

Yeah, yeah. Now look, I mean, I will say like that, that kind of question. The greatest song of all, you know, like I said, there’s seven days in a week. Is that right? Or unless you’re the Beatles, and there’s eight, right? Yeah. But like, if you asked me on each of those seven days, I’d give you a different answer. Like, that’s the kind of question question it is, at that moment. When I when I when I wrote on your on your was Facebook. Yeah. I mean, that’s where that’s where my head was. But it’s Dylan and I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you why. Number one, I mean, Dylan is our greatest songwriter. I mean, I don’t if you ask 100 songwriters, if you

Nestor Aparicio  12:03

ask petty or Springsteen, they say no, they will say deal. Right? Okay.

Dave Sheinin  12:07


So and Sarah, okay, even even if you ask 100 people, what’s the best Dylan song? Only one or two is going to answer Sarah but it’s the right answer. And the reason is, it is the most personal heartfelt, like Dylan cloaked all his songs, all his lyrics in this mystical imagery and history and, and obscures he was he was the king of obfuscation, you know, he never wanted you to know what was truly in his heart symbolism symbolism everywhere. I learned that 10th grade Miss Monday, but this song turn, right. This is the only Dylan song The only beloved song that you can see his life in every line. And it’s so hard that he named it after his first wife. I mean, it is the most heartfelt, deeply personal song Dylan ever wrote. And it’s gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

Mike Ricigliano  13:01

To you. Well, my favorite is and it’s Dylan related is the weight. Ban, right? From music from big pink. Yeah, so but I my song My connect on it is that I used to be a cocci they call me wrong way were sick in college because I was a terrible coffee. But I when I was a coffee and the crew team would get together at full bar. They’d always blast the weight. And we’d all like chime in. So I’m racing resonate. It’s a great

Dave Sheinin  13:29

degree bar sing along one of the great parts

Mike Ricigliano  13:31

ever. Yeah. So


Nestor Aparicio  13:32

my wife would put this classic rock channel on down at the house when we work together, you know, 10 years ago, and songs would come on and be like, Who’s that it would always be the band. And I’m thinking to myself, I haven’t listened to enough for the band. I mean, I’m Yeah, that would be something to you, your 16 year old kid, that instead of listening to whatever cool stuff she’s like, I would go back and because I don’t, I need to discover or rediscover that. I need to go back and rediscover some Humble Pie and some early stuff that you guys are well, you’re a little

Mike Ricigliano  14:02

I’m all there. All the way

Nestor Aparicio  14:04

like you’re you you’re a different error than me.

Mike Ricigliano  14:08


I am. I’m a different area than a lot. I’m an 80s

Dave Sheinin  14:10

kid, you know, my wheelhouse. You know, I was 15 when born in the USA and Purple Rain came out right? That was my wheelhouse.

Nestor Aparicio  14:20

Did you not get wings your Zeplin or your deep purpley and sent home until later. Cisco we did you know like oh see man, I went through all I mean, I got everything to 70 this is

Dave Sheinin  14:31

the reason reference was my


Nestor Aparicio  14:34

ever growing up in the 70s. And this is really the reason that I’m still cool and relevant is because black music white music, country music disco music. There was no rap at that point. There really wasn’t metal it kind of came on but Van Halen was sort of in a priest and maiden was a gateway to that. And then in the early 80s to college rock came to REM the police is the Run DMC, the Beastie Boys like all of that happen, but the basis for All of that in the 70s was like my mother listened to Bobby Vinton and Engelbert Humperdinck. And I knew what Frank Sinatra was, but even but my cousin who lived two blocks were Tyndale, right by you. Yeah. My first album that I ever had was given to me when Tyndale Avenue, two blocks from where you’ve lived the last 40 years, my cousin Nelson gave me his copy of Kiss alive. Oh, 1975 Six. He sent me home with it because it was scratch and his parents got him a new one to two guys down the street. And who got and this was his gift to my my cousin Nelson. He’s lived in Venezuela for 30 years. He gave me kiss alive one, and that was it. It was over after that, like that was then I had to have Aerosmith rocks. I had that Ted Nugent, Cat Scratch Fever that I had to have every disco 45 There was Saturday Night Fever, and it was over like it was and then after that, it was that’s where I’m now 1000s and 1000s of concerts

Dave Sheinin  15:54

later. Yeah, we diverged there. So I was growing up in Georgia. So yeah, my parents were Abba, John Denver, all this stuff. Wow. I can still respect all that. I still hear it and get nostalgic but where I veered. I grew up in Georgia. So I got classic rock. Oh, no country ish. Hank Williams, Jr. ZZ Top. And then Springsteen blew my mind and changed my life in the early 80s. Springsteen was changed. Yeah, yeah. It’s funny to say this because it’s not brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We’re given the scratch offs away. Mike was sick. Liana was here, Dave shiner from the Washington Post.

Nestor Aparicio  16:30

We’re cocoas in the 45th. We had Senator Cory mccrane told us a lottery story with Bruce Springsteen. So the want to say the only time I’ve ever hit the lottery in my life where I’ve actually cashed a ticket, was I played a number on the Tunnel of Love tour. I couldn’t get in up at the spectrum. And I had never seen Bruce was 87 I guess, spring 87. And I went to East Point liquors and I box for $1 930. I was working the paper I box for $1. And if I won, I won $80. And I said, if I win if this number hits, I’m going to go to Philadelphia and see Bruce Springsteen with it. And I want one $80 And I went to Philadelphia and I couldn’t get in for under 150. At the time, it was crazy squatters.

Mike Ricigliano  17:12


Well Spent

Dave Sheinin  17:14

a lot of money

Nestor Aparicio  17:15

crazy. There wasn’t there were no tickets. Like I’m in Philly, there were not even scalpers. There were just No, it was a second third show the tour you open the booster. It was tunnel love.

Dave Sheinin  17:24

That’s some Taylor Swift stuff. Right? And this is


Nestor Aparicio  17:27

after, right? But this was after the live 8586 came in the biggest act it was the biggest Act was Taylor and he’s in Philly. Right. So and everybody loves him in Philly, and like all of that. And I was standing in front of the spectrum. I walked around for four hours with the ad dollars in my pocket. I didn’t sniff it didn’t work out. There was no ticket to buy, right? And a guy comes up to me says, Hey, dude, you need a ticket. I’m like, yeah, he’s like, man from Harrisburg. My girlfriend couldn’t come tonight. Just 40 bucks, man. It’s on the roof. But so I paid 40 bucks. I didn’t even sit it was in the top of the top of the spectrum. That little strip where there were like five rows back. Yeah, I that’s what a seat was. But I sat closer. And I heard she’s the one that nights open the second act. And he played seeds that night. He played spare parts. You know, Clarence came out to do all that Heaven will allow and he played be true that night. Oh, he played was so pissed that night because he missed the show, you know, because he loved be true. So what is it with sports writers and Springsteen kids, because that’s really Yeah, right? That’s,

Dave Sheinin  18:31

it is, you know, or at least it used to be a thing. I mean, you know, we’re all kind of aging out of the business or the businesses oozes out? No, but like, you know, right. sports writers of my generation, Springsteen is the villain. He’s the villain. He’s the Yeah, he’s he’s the Mickey Mantle. He’s what we all aspire to, you know, I mean, he is a better songwriter, in three minutes. I mean, he tells a better story in three minutes than we do in 3000 words, I mean, as a songwriter myself, it’s, it’s the it’s the gift of, of imagery and simplicity in the same package. So being writing beautiful, but But writing concise, and he puts it all in a three minute song. And I mean, some of the stories songs that he’s done. I mean, are just ridiculous, and he’s still

Nestor Aparicio  19:22

writing great stuff. He really is. Yeah, yeah. He’s still doing great

Dave Sheinin  19:25


work. Yeah. And it’s funny now, the generation of sports writers younger than me, just by one generation. They’re all into JSON is bull more than Springsteen, and as well as the same type of songwriter. Story songs, imagery, but concise, beautiful, and packaged in a three to four minute rocky Springsteen

Nestor Aparicio  19:47

would goose’s to the dead. Is that what you’re saying? Maybe? Yeah.

Dave Sheinin  19:51

Yeah. And he’s and he’s, he’s, he’s from Alabama. So it’s different. It’s not new. You know, you wouldn’t want a Springsteen clone. It’s not That is just that he does the same thing. He writes beautifully in a short, contained song, and it resonates with sports writers.

Nestor Aparicio  20:12

So when I asked him for a second best song and there’s no Springsteen belt Bach live, you know, yeah, it wasn’t made then I guess he wasn’t popular enough. I don’t know. Or maybe maybe Landau didn’t sell them off. I don’t know. But you know, but for you with Thunder Road, you said thunder row. Yeah, I


Dave Sheinin  20:30

would. I would not argue any given day of the week. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  20:34

I pulled that one out. But that’s not my favorite Springsteen song. Right. What is that that’s a day of the week yeah, I love Valentine’s Day. So if I’m going deep tracks um yeah, I would go with Valentine’s day if I had to pick one but um she’s the one guy right interest

Dave Sheinin  20:53

Yeah. Which is all kind of a mood that song like it’s not it’s not one of his stronger lyrics. I don’t think he’s the one you mean. Yeah. Yeah, it’s more of a mood Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, no that and that one is so perfectly placed on that record right. Doesn’t it follow Thunder Road and it doesn’t it doesn’t it bridge the gap between Thunder Road and like was young

Nestor Aparicio  21:20


isn’t night after that and chunk lands at the end joke Atlanta last year. We’re thinking album like playing it straight. I had this conversation with Tommy Conwell last week on the air about playing something straight through yeah that that is for people our age whether it was dropped the needle on an album whether it was an eight track whether it was a cassette you only listen to one or two it needed to go bad bad at a house is a Broadway production. You know it’s a Broadway it’s meant for Broadway, right?

Mike Ricigliano  21:51

Yeah, no. And so when I throw the Alexa on, you know for your music you don’t get that at all. You never get that it’s trouble exact. There’s

Nestor Aparicio  21:59

so many things in my life that with old songs. I hear the beginning of the next song. When that song end. Yeah, yeah. You’re anticipating it? Yeah. I mean, I can’t hear the end of like Tom Sawyer without thinking red bar chat is going to begin. Yeah, it’s just because that’s the way and you’ve been done god man for Bugatti, man, you’ve

Dave Sheinin  22:19

internalized that three second pause between them? Do I know exactly when to take


Nestor Aparicio  22:23

my beer and get a notch is coming in right

Mike Ricigliano  22:25

there. Yeah. I wanted to say this. Dave. So when you mentioned before, about, you know, the songwriting being like a concise Yeah, saying yeah, and then contrasting that to your porch writing, which is, you know, what’s cartooning, which is what I’ve done most of my career is that too, you know, it’s basically a palette?

Nestor Aparicio  22:45

More about store?

Mike Ricigliano  22:47


concise? Yeah, you know, get the point across. Yeah, the thing

Nestor Aparicio  22:52

on this, right, like on how to be tell him how you do a cartoon, like, what first thing is, you want to say something you want to you have a message when you start to draw, right.

Mike Ricigliano  23:03

I don’t think it’s probably any different than Dave, you know, writing a sports story, I just, I’m trying to, you know, editorialize on it, and maybe have some fun with it. In a smaller package, maybe, you know, my, my kind of cartoons were more multipanel cartoons, right? Just because I’m a Mad Magazine guy. From you know, way back when this then that? Yes, exactly. So, but still the idea of a punch line at the end, an impact at the end, you know, of the cartoons. I’ve

Nestor Aparicio  23:32

seen him work, right. And I’ve seen you work like in a press box and play. You know, I mean, every sports writers out there saying, you know, it’s this, it’s this, you stare at it. I’ve been at his place when he’s been working as a craftsman. And you don’t have notes receipt, right? I mean, you you don’t even right now right treatment, a rough, a rough, rough cartoon, but not words, right? I’d rather not like writing in a paragraph. This is what I’m trying to say. It’s all in your head. It’s literally all in your head. Right? But it’s not like a recipe where you would write everything that’s going


Mike Ricigliano  24:06

into this, you but you work with Tom Tov, yeah, who you know is our body.

Nestor Aparicio  24:12

Rough to you is in images. A rough dos is in words.

Mike Ricigliano  24:15

It’s worse than images for my style of cartooning. When I write I write

Nestor Aparicio  24:19


an indices, right. So like I say, these are the 10 things I want to say yeah. And then I can move them into the order now. And that comes from being a kid where I would have quotes that I would want to put into the story in the right place. Right, I want to get the quote that has to do with that part of the story. I would write it that way as a game story writer, but if I’m writing to write a book, it’s an outline. And then it’s, you know, literally an outline. And then what am I trying to say in every act in

Dave Sheinin  24:46

the playbook writing requires so much more discipline and organization? Right. I mean, game stories. I mean, you’re on deadline. I mean, you barely have time for any any organizing. You’re right. You’re trying to crank this thing in 20 The minutes and hate is daily journalism. If it sucks, you got another chance the next day, right? But yours never sucked. I mean, thank you. But you know, they did sometimes they did you know, but, you know, I knew I knew that like on Sundays I had to I had to give him $1.50 His word, I couldn’t just give him a quarters worth, you know, because the Sunday paper is expensive, right. So, you know, I mean, I had my days, you know, that’s a newspaper. You I get a quarter. Yeah. So, so yeah, I wanted to ask them every paper. Did the words come last for you?

Mike Ricigliano  25:34

Not always. I mean, it depends. I guess it would depend on you know, if, if, if I had a really strong idea than I did, then I didn’t need a lot of words. Right. And if I didn’t have the strongest idea, maybe, you know, it would be a little words, we’re gonna sell it more than more than damages damages to draw your eye to the paper. Maybe that type of thing makes sense. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I miss doing it. I mean, I don’t I haven’t done it in quite a while, you know, like the the sports cartooning field kind of faded out completely, like eight, it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist. And we were in the end, those that

Nestor Aparicio  26:12

do exist, get thrown out and they make up lies about what you do or don’t do to show this it’s quite a gig after 27 years it just be thrown out there like I’m looking but we’re not gonna let you I’m


Mike Ricigliano  26:23

just saying back in the day way. But you know, when I was a kid sports cartooning was a huge thing. For had one every paper had one it was there’s a great history of

Nestor Aparicio  26:34

cartooning came off and what sports writers would on Earth in the locker room about what a player would say to like all of that right of course,

Mike Ricigliano  26:41

in fact, you know, this is a throw this story in some Ken Rosenthal’s first day at the newspaper at the news American or at Yeah, at the News America and he came in and he comes right over to me, and he said, I you know, Eddie Murray, put me up against the locker room like he gets a locker I came into the the locker room to interview on my first day Eddie Murray threw him up against the locker and said that soccer that like did that cartoon today about me you know what’s the deal he didn’t even know what was going on came in argued you know complain to me about it. I was like that’s why I like being a cartoonist man like with these guys Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  27:25


Yeah, yeah. Dave knows I know we know. Yeah,

Mike Ricigliano  27:31

you guys No, no, I’ve never had to deal with Well, here’s

Nestor Aparicio  27:34

what I want to do take a break Dave shine and he’s here from The Washington Post. He’s my friend is Maryland crabcake tour it’s all presented by the Maryland lottery Mike was sick Leon was in the corner to the right here as well our longtime friend and cartoonist I’m celebrate 25 years on August 3 over Costas on August 4 A drug city 25 years two days in Dundalk it’s fine people are coming by if you have a seat Oh sucks shirt or me in it yeah, see it’s

Mike Ricigliano  27:58

it’s time put that on your website I put that on Facebook. So


Nestor Aparicio  28:01

what I’m trying to do with this anniversary is like I’m looking for a picture of me and aceto success and I can’t find one i No one exists because I made them and a gay man like all that so on the third I’m gonna get I have nasty newsletters. I have every dump Trumpy wacko for Flacco defense signs collaboratively though. I have all of those signs. Some of them, I’m bringing them down. I have get nasty shirts. I have nasty nation where I have all the stuff that there’s five of this intended and I just want to put it down and if you want to come have it, see it, play with it, take a picture, take it home, or give it to Goodwill. I don’t even care at this point. But so our next segment though, I want to talk sports with you guys because it has come full circle here that over 31 years of me doing this 25 years and having a station that both teams believe they can win a championship and more than that, three really like you know, naysayers because we’ve lived here could believe that there might be a parade here in the next 234 or five years on one side or the other well, so I wanted to bait them both. Well, February Coco’s were brought to you by our friends at window nation letting Raskin has given me the Raskin global crab claw. I feel a little bit like Richard share on square off. We’re gonna square off on sports here coming up next, and I got my Fleetwood Mac belt. Buckle up, put it back on. Don’t worry about it. He didn’t. I don’t have a Dylan belt buckle right. There’s no Dylan belt buckle.

Dave Sheinin  29:24

All right, man. I’ll check eBay.

Nestor Aparicio  29:28

I’ll get you something like that. Rock and roll or Dave shine in here and micro segment more.

Mike Ricigliano  29:32


I love the background for you with the musical stuff, man. That’s awesome, man. That’s great.

Nestor Aparicio  29:37

How many Olympians have you covered?

Dave Sheinin  29:40

Probably five.

Nestor Aparicio  29:41

How many baseball games have you covered in your life?


Dave Sheinin  29:44

Oh my god. 1500 2000 2000.

Nestor Aparicio  29:48

Yeah, maybe he’s done. Thanks back for what we’re gonna do sports right after this a Coco’s we’re the Maryland crab cake tour. It’s Baltimore positive wn St. Stay with us.

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