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It’s time for ThanksWINNING at Maryland Lottery


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It’s always a fun week when Maryland Lottery Executive Director John Martin and Nestor get to renew the civic spirit of Browns v. Ravens. There were also some big winners here this week and a turkey of a promotion that we hope you gobble up responsibly during the ThanksWINNING season.


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Nestor Aparicio, John Martin

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Back at wn St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive you’re celebrating 25 years and more than 25 crab cakes I will have you know the Maryland crab cake tours back out on the road after you know a couple of weeks down and my birthday in the aftermath and and I want to thank ROFO for sending me the reminder that I still have a two piece chicken and Western fries that I gotta claim in the next four days. Our friends at the Maryland lottery have sent me out on this journey, giving away Raven scratches. I really hope the peppermint and the gingerbread sniffers are coming in a couple of weeks when I run out of these, but we’re gonna be lots and lots of places by the time you hear this will be fade these on Friday morning talking about the Inner Harbor and all sorts of things. Talking about the stadiums. We’re doing all that our friends and weathernation 866 90 nation also involved and Jiffy Lube multi care where my wife got the oil change before she ran off to Germany this week to watch football. This guy here needs to know about all this because the Maryland lottery we give these things away. So fatally Costas cocoas boatyard. gertrudes at the BMA. We’re gonna be at State Fair we’re gonna be all sorts of places John Martin happy it’s almost Thanksgiving. But more than that, this is the week where sometimes you talk to me but the shutout last week is brought things it’s it’s risen all the tides in northern Ohio. It’s Browns week as you guys like to say ravens week maybe on the Cleveland side. How are you? It’s been a couple of weeks and yeah, had some fun with SEC last weekend wasn’t even Steelers week. But this is what this is what it’s all about. Right? It’s football season. Our team’s good. You think your team’s good? And we’re gonna figure it out on Sunday and then we can all hate the Bengals on Thursday night. What do you think?


John Martin  01:41

There is a Christmas in the air is there not Nestor it is the fall season it is rivalry month. Some of these things really take hold. I will just remind you, they are called scented tickets not sniffers. scented.

Nestor Aparicio  01:55

All right. They smell nice, though, right? Well,

John Martin  01:58

hey, some people smell nice.

Nestor Aparicio  02:02


My wife will tell you I have words that I’ve made up that only I understand. But you know, I mean, such as the life being, you know, on the radio for 32 years and trying to be understood while I communicate. But you know, I got numbers from you. Let’s start with this from from your business perspective and 50,000 feet. Were in football season sports wagering was something that was not on your docket. It was not something you reported to think Governor Hogan are currently Governor more is going to be on the crabcake tour later on this month. What what do we know about this? I mean, I sometimes I asked, you know, what have we learned in all this? I know, I get the press releases. And I think what I’ve learned in you educating me and football season is there’s money going into the state that just wasn’t before. And when my dad brought the pool cards home from the point 40 years ago, that the legitimacy of this and where we are and people and we always tell people, please do this responsibly. But the numbers start to look Big John, you know, when I started to see the press releases, you know,

John Martin  03:00

they do and a little tease here. There will be a press release coming out next week when we announce our official month of October sports wagering numbers unofficially, I can tell you, wink wink, we had a very good month, in the month of October, still still counting up all the coins in the in the cushions of the couch. But when the final accounting is done, it would not surprise me if we had a very, very good month to report. And what that means is that yes, there is there is a certain level of of ebb and flow. We’ve talked about this before with the calendar year. No surprise, when you have the World Series in October, you have very competitive football, you have a team like the Ravens doing very well. You have college football, you have a lot of things going on, people have an interest in it. And we hope first and foremost are playing responsibly and they have a plan. They’re sticking to it. But that the end of the day, or the end of the month, there is a net revenue gain to the state of Maryland. Absolutely.

Nestor Aparicio  04:02

Well, I would say you can only bet on football and football season. But I mean, the draft comes and whatnot. But there is something about we used to say this 25 years ago when I bought the radio station we’d say every Sunday is you know, it’s a train wreck. There’s that one thing, there’s a big news story. There’s the seven days of the smoke of we won we lost to me like just this week, you and I if we were if we were getting together having a crabcake at Faith these on Friday morning, we wouldn’t be talking football naturally and I’m finding that to be part of especially in the post Oriole you know, after that ended and the Ravens playing the way they’re playing me sort of unprecedented defensively what they’ve done, and I think sometimes my website the last couple of weeks I feel like we’re doing too much football and I’m thinking they can’t do too much football it’s November you know what I mean? Like it won’t be here in the same way that there’s games. There’s two games this week Cleveland Cincinnati for for Ravens fans and I And I think that the natural part of all of us that love football Thanksgivings a part of football of our culture and all that, that this time of the year, when when when your team’s doing well, and the city starts to get galvanized behind it. I don’t think there’s anything like it and I guess over 25 years of me doing this year to see big games at the stadium, giving these away your association with the Ravens you’re you’re gonna have contestants down on the field this week as well. This is um, this is what we all hope for when things are going well for our football team. And, and I’ve been arguing all week, this might be the dare I say with your team coming in. It’s might be the best team they’ve had, like maybe the most balanced team they’ve had and maybe ever.

John Martin  05:43

Well, Evers a long, long time. But yes, I would agree with you. It’s very competitive. Hopefully, I think I think a wise man who looked a lot like you said several weeks ago within the first go round, that the Ravens didn’t even break a sweat. I think that’s an exact quote. And you would rewrite I mean, the first, the first game was was a horrible display. We’re hoping it’s more competitive. I would prefer to be in Cincinnati this week instead of Cleveland, meaning I’d rather get you on a four day short week than than a full week.


Nestor Aparicio  06:10

You get them on the short week too, though, right? I mean, Cincinnati’s got to be short rest, too. And I think this would be a physical, physical game, the defensive part of what the Browns have done, they pitched a shutout last week, Jim Schwartz, who’s a friend of mine, and a Baltimore guy, he’s my guy, he’s always been my guy. I mean, I’m worried about the games, we don’t tell anybody together. I get together with a Hollywood casino in Perryville. Each and every weekend, I was lousy, I was six and eight. So this is when we talk about wagering on there’s no ease. This is not it’s not easy to do. I was six and eight. I’m 7361, and four. But I’m taking Cleveland points this week, because I think these division games, this is what makes football fun as we sit here, and we go back and forth on it. And so many people in my life are getting involved in the wagering side and doing it responsibly, and really having a good time. They talk to me about it in a way that and I think I even said this to you two years ago, I didn’t have a whole lot of people that came up to me, in my normal when I’m at the bar Costas, which I was last Friday night having a crab cake. People talk to me, who do you like in the game? What do you think? And I’m getting I get that from everyone now and I think it’s some it’s part of the vernacular and the culture of where we are.

John Martin  07:25

Oh, it absolutely is. And you know what else this is part of the culture is winning, winning lottery million dollar guy this week. You know what I lose track the million dollar guys, they have to line up, you know, to have an audience with me they both, but we did have lots of winners. And just as you know, there’s a anomaly earlier this week, we had, for a brief moment of time, the same exact jackpot in both Powerball and Mega Millions. They were both at $196 million. That’s like when Jupiter and Saturn and the moon and the sun all align or whatever they call that take a

Nestor Aparicio  08:02

picture of it in the window with the ROFO or the white because you’re on the board. That was

John Martin  08:06


exactly exactly it was not a misprint. Your eyes are not deceiving you for that brief moment. And 96 was the number that was the number 196 That was the number they were

Nestor Aparicio  08:16

at Miss Ed my plate the numbers Yes. 196 You better box that that’s gonna come up and you watch by next week. It’ll come up.

John Martin  08:24

Yep. Well, there you go. God bless Missy. Like

Nestor Aparicio  08:27

a true lottery player. Right? Yes,


John Martin  08:30

yes. Yes with with the accent, too. I love I love the accent not wasted on me.

Nestor Aparicio  08:37

Wasted John Waters this week either. He loved it by the way.

John Martin  08:40

That was sweet. That was sweet. Good for you. Good for you. Hey, I’ve got a joke for you. Go ahead. Why did the Washington DC man cross the road

Nestor Aparicio  08:49


to pick up a million dollars from John Martin in the Maryland lottery

John Martin  08:53

close to win fifth to win $50,000 on a Maryland scratch off ticket. So just to show that people do win from all over the area. Here’s a gentleman who’s a Washington DC resident who loves playing Maryland lottery games. You can get the details at MD But he crosses the road and two goes to a convenience store in District heights. And he loves to purchase extended play games now for your audience who don’t have familiar master and extended play game is a game like bingo or crossword where you know it takes a little time and if you enjoy playing the games, doing crossword puzzles and playing bingo, then you scratch and you see the number b 12 And then you see where it is on your cards. Just like if you were in a bingo hall. Well, Mr. of Washington DC man here was playing a crossword game, and he won $50,000 Not to be outdone, there was a Frederick County man who won $500,000 Playing a bingo game bingo bonus bingo times 20. And this was an opportunity for him to again, do the bingo card, fill it out. He thinks he’s won $50,000 He didn’t realize he had a 10 times multiplier on the ticket, boom $500,000 Just for playing bingo. How about that?

Nestor Aparicio  10:20

I often wonder where you are when you’re doing because my wife and I play Wordle over dinner, you know, on her phone, or they’re thinking, I’m thinking, you’re playing it, you’re playing the bingo, you’re in your house, I guess at this point, right. And you’re, you’re sitting at the kitchen table, and it’s 615, you just had dinner and you’re like, I bought a lottery ticket at the liquor store down at the wise wherever I was, and scratch it off, you’re like, did I really went for it. So when that moment happens, they let’s say they have the app, the app says you’ve won, I half a million dollars is that literally what it says, And you better call John doesn’t work when you win like that. Because that that would be a moment. To me, it’s like something out of a movie, if you were to be like Willy Wonka getting the golden ticket literally Well,

John Martin  11:07

and that’s and you can get again, all the details, I’m just gonna hit the highlight shirt and be But for this gentleman who won the $500,000, he’s home at the end of the day, after a day at work, settles in, makes himself a little adult beverage, I’m sure it is playing his scratch off. And he thinks he has a non winning ticket. And that’s one of the things about the extended play games, because there’s so much going on there. Sometimes the player may not have played it correctly.


Nestor Aparicio  11:32

A lot of folks don’t understand the game when I hand them, you know, they’re out at one of my events and I and they’re like, hey, you know, how do I play the game? And I would say, well, it’s always best to download the app to see if you know, because like I think it’s sometimes it can be a little confusing if you don’t understand the game. And and I don’t see emojis. Well, sometimes you know what I mean? Like, I’m better reading than I am at seeing little cartoons. So yeah, he

John Martin  11:54

thinks he thinks he has a non winning ticket. He doesn’t think he’s got anything there. So that he takes out his Lottery mobile app, as you would, as you suggested, and he scans the ticket, there’s a prize check QR code on every ticket, you scan that and it says, See lottery.

Nestor Aparicio  12:13

That’s all it says.

John Martin  12:14


That’s all it says. Now if he had one $50 It would have said dollar winner. Right? But when it gets to be a certain point, it says, Oh, you better go see the lottery, because there are too many zeros that can’t fit on your mobile on your mobile display. So he says Wow. And so then he realizes, Oh, I want 50 grand. So that is

Nestor Aparicio  12:35

like sort of the magic code. Okay, so it’s like the secret handshake is yeah, I I’ve known you while I didn’t know that, that that’s really because if somebody were to come up to me and have that, that could be the $20,000 winner on this right? That would be right.

John Martin  12:54

Would it say like say yeah, it should? It should? Yeah, cuz I don’t I don’t know what the threshold is. If it varies by game I should I should know that. But I

Nestor Aparicio  13:02

could give one away. I mean, I’m, I mean, I’m like $100 away several times. So I mean, I’ve seen people real because


John Martin  13:08

you’re a giver. You’re a giver Nestor you just like giving people money.

Nestor Aparicio  13:12

Make sure they say that about me when it’s all done with me that I was a giver make sure that yeah, please thank you. I appreciate that

John Martin  13:22

you know what else is good at giving her the holidays because we have a lot of holidays coming up here. We’ve got for those people who are really interested in extending their their fun time with the lottery. We have our thanks, winning. Thanks, winning See what I did there. Thanks winning contest going on. You purchase any draw game now through November 26. And you could win a $2 instant win voucher a $5. instant win voucher or a free $1 fast play Candy Cane.

Nestor Aparicio  13:55


Cash ticket. Man does not submit knots.

John Martin  13:57

I was gonna ask not unscented. No, no, no,

Nestor Aparicio  14:00

I’m never gonna say sniffer. Again. I’ve learned now they’re they’re scented tickets.

John Martin  14:06

Because we are because we are in the holiday spirit. You may be aware that we have our holiday scratch off tickets as we’ve alluded to two of them centered in the in the family of games there but we are offering out on a weekly basis for second chance. entrance into my lottery rewards that they have the chance to win $5,000 Cash weekly draws for five lucky people. We’ve done two so far. We have 10 more weeks of drawing to go before we have our grand prize winners. But that’s a nice way to go to the holidays. Don’t you think? An extra five grand that you didn’t know you had? Oh, absolutely. I


Nestor Aparicio  14:43

mean, that’s a Yeah, I’m thinking to myself about the center tickets now. Like I really you’ve intrigued me dramatically as to whether they really smell like they say they’re gonna smell and listen, I had John Waters on he was an original scratch and sniff guy if you Google that On the movies, if you Google the early movies, they had a component when you went into the theater that there was a time in the theater that you were queue. I’m not making this up. I mean, trash man. I mean, he was on the show this week, John, John Waters was here that that has not stopped John Martin from coming. He is with the Maryland lottery. He helps us out and giving away stented and nonsense it tickets, hopefully just winning tickets. He has been avoiding in this conversation. Any notion that the Browns may actually upset the Ravens this week, even though I picked the browns because we’re getting a lot of points this week. Do you have anything you want to say about your football team that even steps out to say like you’re playing well, because we we get a lottery business and we’ll do it I’m doing a crappy tour. But we only get Baltimore versus Cleveland a couple times a year for you and I

John Martin  15:50

we Yeah, this is my I’m looking like Elmer Fudd more than

Nestor Aparicio  15:55

I was gonna say was not imposing look. No, no way. You see God I got the headphones

John Martin  16:00


on so that doesn’t work. But you know, and this is actually this was a Ravens throwback ad. You didn’t know that. Did you? You look a little like bug

Nestor Aparicio  16:06

Carson and that’s not good. Oh, boy. Did I break that out? I knew you’d love Oh, I knew

John Martin  16:12

rest his soul 51 to nothing forever in the hearts and minds of all Browns fans opening day 1989 Three Rivers Stadium. I shut out. But Carson returns to Pittsburgh and pitches a shutout. Where Seth Elkind Is he is he here?

Nestor Aparicio  16:29

You know dinner is the first time I went to Cleveland never tell you that story. The first time I went to Cleveland I went with Phil Jackman. And for anybody in my audience they know Phil Jackman Phil was my mentor and friend of mine in the evening son longtime columnist Who’s In Who’s in you know some some ill health right now and I send my loved everybody in his family, just awesome people. But we got on a plane on a Sunday morning in early January 1986. We flew to or a seven and we flew to to Cleveland at six and and he took me to church in the downtown church right off a tower center. And I went because Catholic when we do Sunday morning we went to went to mass and we went in and like there were 20 people wearing dog masks and and Dixon and Mina, you know, minnifield jerseys. It was costar was all that. And then I went in there Ernie Accorsi got me a ticket for the game. Phil went up to the press box with Kevin Byrne up on the roof and the mistake on Lake and I watched John Elway beat you guys. And that was the first time I went to Cleveland. And from that moment forward, I’ve always taken this thing seriously. There’s never a time I would go out there over 25 years to go to the games where I wouldn’t think of Phil see the church walk past the steakhouse that used to be there. QQ steakhouse wood and then down into what used to be the flats and used to be the weight of the mistake and like but I love I have a soft spot. I love Cleveland. I love the Hall of Fame. I love Jim Schwartz. I’m not going to love the browns on Sunday, but I’m telling you the Browns are better than people think they are. And I think Deshaun Watson’s a better quarterback with all the mess behind him. This is a these games concern me this week and I think we’re getting a little cocky around are winning big. I’ve seen the Ravens struggle a little bit and I’ve seen the Browns improve. This isn’t the version of the Browns we saw two months ago this isn’t Dorian. Whatever that guy’s name was.


John Martin  18:19

Yeah, it’s gonna be an interesting second half of the season. You know, I said going into beginning you know, nine and eight might win the the AFC north and it’s still might I mean, you know, I realized not that I would bring up things from the last couple years but I think you guys have played the scene before. Where right

Nestor Aparicio  18:40

now where the ravens are I start the whole party with they got most of their players on the field Dobbins aside and you look at the Browns I had a writer on the show this week I go out to Cleveland like right guy, my friend, I mean, browns lost their running back who was a much bigger part of their offense. And then Dobbins was going to be here Yeah,

John Martin  18:59

and they both starting tackles are out for one for the rest of the season and other for the next four games on IR. So yeah, they’re gonna be they’re gonna be a little challenged. So we’ll see what happens but the gains

Nestor Aparicio  19:12


by taking the ball away if the Browns can force some turnovers, they can win the game that’s really the story. And that’s what the Browns have been doing the last couple weeks they’re playing really good defense. Myles Garrett might be the best defensive player in the game right now.

John Martin  19:23

He’s he’s playing well he’s playing well so I think the next two games we have the Steelers you have the Bengals I think you know for all four of these teams to split. These would not be beyond the realm of possibility.

Nestor Aparicio  19:36

Well if you’re crazy enough like me to think you know what you’re doing with football, please slow your roll. Do it responsibly out there. Ravens a six point favorite and it’s it’s fun to get caught up in it it’s football season but take it easy, John, anything else that I missed anything I mean, other than scented tickets, and thanks winning and the fact that you’ve just thrown half million dollars out to bingo winners in Frederick County.

John Martin  19:59

Do you know if we’ve missed anything MD to get the latest on scratch off games, winning tickets still available fast play games all holiday themed new tickets. This week, we launched three price points, $1 $5 and $10. Holiday fast play games, check out the extended play games. If you’re not familiar with them, you just heard about two winners this week of significant prices. So, again, above all, as we’ve said before, please bear responsibly have a plan, stick with it, and look forward to more winning stories. And we’ll see how this plays out next week.

Nestor Aparicio  20:33

Well, my wife is unavailable to play the jackpots right now, but you sort of missed part of the League, which are like they were both 196 million, they didn’t get hit. So they’re larger than that at this point. So I just want to throw that out to everybody who likes to play the jackpots as well, whether it’s a Powerball or Mega Millions, I will be giving away these ravens scratch offs until they get me the Senate tickets in a few weeks. So come and get them. I’m going to be fade these on Friday. I’m going to be Costas on Tuesday. We’re going to be Coco’s later live we’re gonna be at Pappus in Parkville for the very first time on the 21st I got lots of friends sign up, stop by hang out, be part of the show. It’s all brought to you by our friends at window nation and Jiffy Lube, multi care as well find the schedule, a Baltimore positive Turkey, eggnog, pumpkin pie, apple cider, donuts and crabcakes I’m, I’m doing the whole circuit here this month. I am Nestor. He is Shawn Martin. All of this can be found up at Baltimore positive including his face and it M D We always remind you to please play responsibly. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stopped talking simply tickets in Baltimore positive

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