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Our sports talk pal in Houston Jake Asman joins Nestor to discuss modern sports radio and how the New York Yankees always sign their man. Some Aaron Judge, Lamar Jackson and Super Bowl Radio Row memories here.

W N S T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore. Positive still broadcasting in high mono sound and am 5070 wn St. Mix, you’re setting the dial through the holidays and follow along the Baltimore positive. We’re gonna be doing the Maryland crab cake toward this week and next week, we’re gonna be fade Lee’s on Friday with my dear friend Dan Rodricks. I’ll have some Maryland scratch offs from the Ravens scratch offs and the Maryland lottery as well as our friends at Goodwill and win donation, bringing these things together and then of course next Thursday, celebrating 31 years on the air at Costas in my homeland at Dundalk with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hall of Famer from Dundalk is Jeanne shock from the gogo she’ll be with us as well. Some friends at hammer Jack’s doing a documentary on the old rock and roll days I’ll let my rock and roll hair out. I got to know this guy and radio rows. This will be our 28th year doing radio row. If I’m still invited in Phoenix, we’ll find out shortly. I’m expecting to do radio row. I’ve done them all except one to Tampa when a couple years ago when the plague was going on. This guy has been at the last I don’t know 6789 I think he was like 12 years old when I met him. I think he’s 18 Now he has his own show down in Houston. And I’ve never really had him on the show maybe the Superbowl I think we’ve hung out. But I’ve been meaning to have him on for a long long time. He has been nationally syndicated at a young age. Kind of reminds me of me from Dundalk many years ago. We welcome Jake Asman onto the program for the first time. What’s up, dude, you lose your voice today. You’re getting older you you get jaded what’s happening with you, brother.


Well, I’m only at Nestor so you know, I’m hoping I still have you know this voice that could carry me for at least a couple more years right?


Oh, do you now?



I’m 28


I said to my wife he might be 30 Now I you know I I didn’t know I knew you’re getting a little older. Give everybody your background because I I know that you were one of the hardest working guys I saw on radio row and I don’t do a lot of you know kissing the masses around here. And I got to know you years ago, and I’m like, this kid reminds me of me like you’re hustling. He’s here at eight in the morning. He’s here at 11 o’clock at night. And you’ve you’re one of the young people I know that that I’ve met and I get resumes from people and all that. That really was you’re born to do this. You are going to do this no matter what. And I I admire that about you. Yeah, thanks


so much. That’s it’s funny. I met you. So I live in Houston. I do afternoon radio now here in Houston for ESPN 97.5. But the first time I ever was in Houston was at that radio row for the Patriot Falcons Super Bowl. And that’s when I met you for the first time or tables right? Next to each other. We’re like who’s this loud, energetic guy that’s, that’s constantly going live wn S T and we’re like, what’s wn st is like, we never stopped talking. I’m thinking to myself. Wow, this guy is awesome. I remember we had you on the show and we’ve obviously stayed in touch ever since. So.


Are you still national or what are you doing? Because you were doing selling you were doing Sporting News? You were doing all sorts of things at one point.



Yeah, so I’ve done a lot of different things. So I moved down to Houston in July of 2018. I originally was brought down to work for SB Nation radio and then kind of fill in be a reporter for ESPN 97 Five, the parent company that owned both stations is now media. So now media owned SP nation radio, which has since been rebranded the sports map radio. So my first three years down here I was doing a syndicated show on SP or sports map radio. And you know from there, kind of


a focus on Houston sports Right? Right, right.


That was national then the opportunity came about about a year and a half ago when ESPN 97 Five ESPN Houston was redoing its lineup. The opportunity was presented to me about you’ll go and local and doing a drivetime show and and I said absolutely you know I grew up in New York I grew up listening to FA n at ESPN New York Mike in the mad dog the Michael Keisha like local radio is always where I wanted to be because of that connection you get to the audience have the chance to do radio in the fourth biggest US city no brainer so I’ve been doing local for the last year and a half



assed are still cheating or no they figured out


Yeah, it’s tough. They would local radio down here that’s kind of a Yankees fan. So all the Astros who was kicked my teams and I got to talk about them, obviously. So look, the perception is always gonna be they’re doing something right. But I think they proven over these last six, seven years that yeah, they cheated in 2017 No doubt they admitted to it, but they have a great team and a lot of the players on that 17 Team aren’t even on the team anymore. There’s like four players left. So I think as much as everyone hates the Astros outside of Houston, you have to acknowledge that we’re a damn good baseball team.


Well, we’ve taken their model right I mean, we have Mike Elias here and the Astro ball and all that cheating aside SigmaTel we’re getting closer. You know, I definitely will talk some football with you but on the baseball side, obviously the Aaron judge story earlier in the week that he might be going to San Francisco he grew up a Giants fan. There were reports that were made on the internet and like whatever but the Yankees never lose a guy that they want to keep and that’s really the original sin of baseball and I go back to the early 90s Before you were born young man. This is my I’ll be 31 years on the air on Tuesday. So I literally have been on the air longer than you’ve been alive. But one of the big issues and you can appreciate this doing this every day for a living, especially when you talk payroll to somebody like you sophisticated young but sort of an old spirit and bit around baseball. You can’t be a baseball fan without understanding how disparate the payrolls are and saying, Well how did how did hockey get a salary cap and basketball gets a salary cap and football lives by the salary cap right and it allows the bills to be good. It allows you know every team even the Bengals get to go to the Super Bowl which I found stolen a little bit like a wet dream last year that that actually happened. Can happen again. That gets pretty good. But the baseball side of this in 1991 9293 I went on the radio we had the big strike and 94 we were we were the printers then not the proper Camden Yards on the shoulder every year Camden Yards is brand new it’s printing money printing more money than the Yankees had more money than the Red Sox at at that point, because they didn’t have this two cities Baltimore, Washington three and a half million people going into the games all of that and we were the ones buying Alomar and key and every year sign and five free agents and even press conferences every day signing future Hall of Famers Palmero, all that stuff. And I would always go on the radio and say, what would it be like to be in Cleveland? What would it be like to be in these other places where these teams think and they they can’t sign players and they don’t have any money, and they never fixed it. They never tried to fix it, that with these taxes and locks all of that it was just a way for smugglers to smuggle money down in Florida and Miami and whatnot. And here we are still all these years later. Did anybody really think that we’re gonna sign Aaron Jones? I mean, that gets us My point is like you really think that they were gonna let him get away?


You know, I never did and even after the John Heyman tweet, you know, where he’s talking about arson judge going to the Giants. I still kind of felt like really like, I just couldn’t picture and playing for a different team. I mean, he bet on himself and he had more leverage than any player has ever had over a team and free agency. I mean, that he’s beloved by the fan base. He’s obviously going to be named the captain now that he has signed long term. He’s the most beloved player they’ve had since Derek Jeter just telling you how Yankee fans feel about Aaron judge. So I just never saw the scenario where he would leave. I guess it was possible once you get the free agency but you said to yourself, Nestor any player the Yankees have wanted to keep, they have always resigned, you know, people bring up Robinson Cano. They didn’t want Robinson Cano. They offered him seven. He took 10 from Seattle. They were cool with letting him walk and the other homegrown Yankee that they will always wanted to keep they’ve been able to do it. So I wasn’t shocked that they were able to get this done despite it feeling like there was a moment where maybe he was gonna go to San Francisco.



Well, we sit here in Baltimore and say, Well, you know, we got better and we’re gonna sign we’re gonna get in free agency. And the fans are just myopic. I mean, they’re not the remainder of the Orioles fan base. When I go out on the Oriole Twitter, it’s like, Have you been watching this? I mean, you know Manford has to pick which of the kids is actually owning the team this week at the press conference is at the owners meetings this week. And I’m thinking they don’t have any money they don’t want to spend any money all the money’s in their pockets or in the mattress or daddy’s mattress here. They’ve you know, the Chris Davis thing still has such a bad the Glen Davis thing from your before your birth has bad taste in the mouth here and we dealt Schilling and you know, like the Schilling Harnish deal and all the stuff that went on then Steve Finley all of that. I would say where the Orioles. Are is fighting in this world of having to compete with Aaron judge and just hoping that the gunner Henderson’s in the the you know, the one ones and Adley rutschman the Orioles are getting better, but they’re never gonna play that game. They they played it 30 years ago, but they’re never gonna play that game again. And I think that that’s unfortunate for baseball that you know, the biggest free agent goes out and doesn’t can’t really sniffed the market because the Yankees or the Dodgers will do whatever they need to do some of the Red Sox even though they stopped Smith’s money money, but they could if they wanted to. They’re out of their own. Idiocy, quite frankly.


Yeah, no doubt and you add the Mets to that which Steve Cohen by in the team is the richest owner in all sports. I mean, here it would be my question to you though. Like the Orioles. I understand that not the Yankees are not the Red Sox. They’re not the teams that you mentioned. But don’t you feel like they could spend some money and increase their payroll like to me they have a young team once you want to solidify it with one or two big name free agents like they overachieved dramatically last year, they seemingly have a good young core. Is it crazy to think they could go out there and spend some money? I mean, you got the San Diego Padres, you know, offering Aaron Judge $400 million. Trey Turner took less money to go to Philly than he did if he wanted to go to the Padres. So maybe it couldn’t be done where I’m not saying Baltimore is ever gonna be the Yankees or the Red Sox but maybe the Orioles could start to spend a little more money here as their team gets closer to actually having a chance to compete for a playoff spot.


Well tell you said Padres right like our guy is playing for them. Right. And they had a lot of fun this year and I almost went to Philly saw some of the games. I mean, I dusted off my green jersey, my mustard and brown, you know without feeling good about it. Like there is a sense that that’s a franchise that’s at least trying, you know, I just want to see are you trying I was out in Oakland for Pearl Jam back in May. There was a game going on in the same parking lot. And there was at 100 People at the baseball game. And I’m thinking this is what happens when you stop trying. And I think there’s definitely a sense in all of sports, right in the NBA. You’re either trying or you’re tanking. Right and the tanking part of it I mean the Orioles went through four or five years of that, saying when it’s time to go, we’ll go hey, they’re never gonna get an error and judge sweepstakes or a Verlaine. They’re not there. They’re just not going to spend that kind of money. Even though they have they like to play poor we’re small mark they like to talk about themselves as being small market and then they spent a small market and they tell their fans we’re gonna have to do this a different way so we can make more money. And and that’s been going on here really. Since MacPhail came to Baltimore mean, Peter was doing stupid stuff, spending money on the David stickies and like you know all that, but once MacPhail came here, I think MacPhail showed I know MacPhail showed Mike Flanagan told me Mike Flint MacPhail showed Angelou say man just just make the money they’ll they’ll eat hamburger you don’t need to feed him steak. Yankees fans need filet mignon



yeah no doubt I mean look in New York and star town as well and if you let the greatest star in your city walk what does that say about the Yankee brand? A brand that has not won a championship since oh nine hasn’t even been back to the World Series since then. So we keep forgetting


that I’m glad when Yankees fans remind us of that. Yeah, of


course I’d be but look at you gotta you gotta call it how you see it right like you just gave Brian Cashman a four year extension Yankee fans went nuts over that. Could you imagine in the same week they resigned the GM was not brought this franchise a championship going on 13 years. You let the the greatest homegrown players since Derek Jeter was like it couldn’t do it. So did they overpay sure but do they need to keep Aaron judge and even captain? Yeah, and you’re worried about the last couple of years of that deal down the line. You’re the Yankees who cares?


Jake Asman is my guest for one of the first times he’s been doing sports radio down in Houston for a number years got to know him with the Super Bowl. He’s good dude. You can follow him out on Twitter. The Young Guns of the sports radio. What’s the future of sports radio? I mean, do you still take phone calls and stuff? I mean, I I only ask because I’ve done this 31 years as of this week, I haven’t taken phone calls in the modern era, although I sit with all sorts of guests and people in the community and I’m available on Twitter and I’ll argue with you on social media, whatever. I just don’t think it’s great radio to fire the coach and bench the quarterback. I mean, Jake, I’m in Baltimore. Right and believe me I have my own ethical and integrity struggles with the Ravens. Big time like big time who they are, what they stand for how much they lie. Harbaugh was lying about Lamar his injury this week. I’m convinced to that because they lie about everything. So there’s all of that. But there is this point where I’m firing the coach and firing the general manager when the team’s eight for any you know what I mean? Like the Ravens rating for this is not a bad gig at this point. But it’s certainly fans can be crazy. And I know you know that I’m just wondering in 2023 is we’re getting close to who sits on hold 40 minutes they tell Jake asmin that the Yankees suck? I that’s what I’m wondering.



Yeah, it’s definitely evolved. I mean, you could even see it over the last five years. I think sports radio is always gonna have a place Nestor. People just consume it differently. What I really noticed is, you know, the callers aren’t going to want to wait on hold as much but we have a text line that is constantly going off during our show and honestly, I’m kind of with you a lot of calls are wack like unless I know it’s a good call or that we have a pretty good relationship with the callers that call into our show like I know Gary In the Heights is going to have a good take. He’s not going to be too long winded. We’ll get to his point. And we can react off that. We’ll take his call, but I think he’s lazy radio just to be like alright, here’s our monologue. And then we just take calls and that’s it. Like, I think sports radio, you gotta you gotta go deeper than that. We use the text line. We’ll read tweets, if it’s appropriate or can add to the show, but we’re not trying to like force feed, you know, a call or for the sake of just taking a call or I just think that’s outdated radio, it could be done. I mean, you listen to any radio show in New York, it’s still pretty much monologue calls. The phone lines are gonna be filled up when you’re in a city that big but for us, we try and stay away from just Alright, here’s the topic. And then we take calls so I think, I mean a good caller can enhance the show. You just got to be smart about what callers you go to and make sure you screen them out and get the good ones on the air.


Do you have King Albert and can you better let him out and Casey Smothers, you know, you know, I I’ve taken 10s of 1000s of phone calls right so you know part of the art form for me was listen to the grease man on one on one dc one on one when I was a kid that he made every phone call like good you know what I mean? That you could pick on the call or have a good time poke at it or whatever, but I I grew up in that I don’t do it anymore and I guess I don’t even think about like sports radio as a format in the way that I sort of invented it here. But it was nothing at all like what Odyssey would do or clear channel would do or the fan was any of those other played the 2020 sports flashes and I would always say why are we giving people traffic updates like I like it’s amazing. Like there were just basic sort of radio tenants about saying your name for Arbitron ratings are Papa Joe, Papa Joe Chevalier, yet it’s boring his radio, they would always were out in Chicago syndicate at the turn of the century. They would always say Joe, Joe you kind of say your name. Hey, no, my god damn Namie listen to the show every night. And that’s a pretty good puppet show. By the way to Jake Asmus. Here we’re talking about sports radio and in sports media, but for me with with Twitter and with social media just in general. I get the barstool. You know what I mean? I hear that people are upset with Roman and I see this sort of ugliness and whatever, but I see so many comments and I think that would be a terrible phone call. That would be a terrible I would tell that guy. That guy must be drunk, you know like, and I think to myself, how how professionals and I think about this all the time. I mean, so far today I’ve talked to Charlie batch. I’ve talked to Mike Flynn, who’s got a Super Bowl ring. I mean, these are the people I want to talk to and find out what they think because I think my audience is more interested in that. Then hardball has got to be fired. You know, they can’t sign them off, you know, and, and then you add race you add anger you add politics on top of all of that. I remember back when we had Tony banks and Trent Dilfer here a black quarterback and a white quarterback 20 years ago and thinking the seven second delay and the button. Oh my god, so I’m glad I’m not in a seven second delay with my finger on the button all the time, because I just thought it was not dangerous, but just not something I would want to listen to, you know what I mean? Like I’m in a format mode now where I’m trying to create something that I really would want to listen to.


The business changed I mean a podcast now more prevalent. I’ll tell you what, YouTube, I believe is also part of the future of sports radio. We have seen tremendous growth on our show, just by me posting segments from our show every day on YouTube. I mean, I’ve been able to bring in an audience that maybe wasn’t normally listening to sports radio, that they found us on YouTube. They were just looking for EO interesting clips. About the Astros or the rockets or the Texans just general NFL talk. They found our show now they tune in every day they watch us on Twitch. So Sports Radio has evolved. It’s not what it once was. But I think people were still consuming the product. They’re just doing it in different ways. They’re doing it visually they’re doing it on YouTube twitch. They’re doing it over podcast, the stream, like I think Nielsen is the laziest way to evaluate like a radio show because sports radio so much beyond just how people used to consume it back in the day.



No there’s no doubt about it. Jake Aspen is my guest he said you said I called you to talk football and the Aaron judge thing and the baseball thing and the sports media thing and our age. difference and all that. Lamar from the outside and again you’re in Houston where the whole Deshaun Watson thing happened. I had John McLean on a couple a couple of weeks ago after the World Series win. And we talked some football as well. I, Lamar and the perception of Lamar and Lamar on Twitter and give Lamar $250 million Lamar has won one playoff game. This is the third year in a row where he’s really not healthy in December. And I probably if I were smart guy and I was doing national radio five years ago, the night they drafted him I would have said so let me get this straight. I mean I love the kid I love the player I love even if you love his passing even if you whatever you love about him, he’s a winning quarterback. I mean from a record standpoint, he wins a lot of football games, he’s incredibly difficult to defense. But I think to myself, he’s gonna run into 13 linebackers in week one and nine in week two and 16 in week three, and then he’s gonna get sacked and then like, what’s he gonna look like in week 12 Every year after he’s been hit 200 times and the leg goes and he gets a little older and like, I think we’re in a really weird spot with him for me as a fan. A supporter. I’m a Lamar supporter to say this is why you don’t give a guy $250 million if he can’t play in December because if he can’t play in December, what do you have? Really?


Yeah, Lamar conversation is fascinating to me because if you’re the Ravens like what do you do like you’re not you’re not you’re winning enough games you’re not gonna be picking at the top of the draft every like truly reset and you’re not gonna be able to find the better option than Lamar and like free agency. Right. So I think they played it right though, like everyone killed the Ravens for not paying him up because Deshaun Watson got 252 million all guarantee that doesn’t necessarily mean the Ravens don’t have to show that out. Like I think NFL owners look at that contract as that was an outlier. That was the Browns being the browns because they were so desperate to get a quarterback they paid Shawn Watson an unprecedented amount of money. I think they played it right. I mean, he’s the worst case scenario for Lamar to have to play on the tag. I mean that Prescott did it. He did it. I mean, I just don’t think it’s the end of the world and it kind of buys you more time for you to evaluate still, what Lamar is, I love the guy. Look, I’m a Jets fan. So I’d kill to have a quarterback like Lamar Jackson and that consistency that he brings to your franchise, but I understand why the Ravens were a little hesitant just to blindly give the guy $252 million guaranteed just because the Shawn just got that from a desperate Browns team.


How are you? Feeling about the race? I mean, the AFC stacked right like and whether the Ravens with their left tackle situation and what if a healthy Lamar steps onto the field against Cincinnati four weeks from now and they can win three or four of these games beat Atlanta and beat Cleveland with a backup they can do all of that and get a real Lamar back out here that the Ravens can go and win a game in Kansas City all your thing go win a game in Cincinnati or Buffalo? I don’t know that. I’m gonna hear that. I mean, this is a real gauntlet for any of the Miami your jets are on the fringe of this thing Nashville is going to get in right like thinking that you’re going to be two or three of these teams you You better come large in January and ready to play if you think you’re gonna be Joe burrow, Josh Allen or Patrick mahomes and back to back weeks and they’re gonna have to beat each other. The Bengals look really good right now. They they they look to be trending in a different kind. of direction.


They do. Cincinnati seems like they’ve stabilized their offensive line and aptitude. I mean, it just it’s weird because I still feel like the chiefs are the team I would trust the most but then, you know, this is really they can’t beat the Cincinnati Bengals. So they match up with the Kansas City again. I mean, I would know it wouldn’t shouldn’t surprise anyone at the bank who was go out there and beat them you can’t discount buffalo can’t discount your ravens like the AFC is absolutely loaded. The dolphins though are very good team. We’ll see what happens here with two will going forward. It’s a loaded conference and you know the Jets obviously, you know it doesn’t look like it because all Mike Weitz is fifth round pick but he’s better than Zach Wilson. Like these two games have been eye opening the way the Jets offense has been able to go up and down the field. So with that defense in the running game, and Robert Salah seems like he’s a pretty good coach so far. Is there going to be a competitive team right now as the seventh seed so this AFC is is Yeah, it seems like it’s wide open with a lot of really good teams. vying for playoff spots down the stretch



J to do some MBA. I mean, you’re gonna Houston I would think you know, rockets are a real thing. I mean, we’re not in MBA city here. Right. So I never did a lot of NBA. I mean, the bullets played some games up here. You know, back in the early part of my career, one of the big thrills of my life I was on the floor at the old Baltimore Civic Center. I think it was first Mariner Marina, they might have already been there before royal farms for sure. And I got to do the announcing when the Atlanta Falcons came to town ice. So I got the Sirius, the music, the lights went down. Southern folk, southern Georgia. So I got to do that one night, but I haven’t been to an NBA game in about seven or eight years. The man has saved my wife’s life is German. He loved her Levitsky. So I went on a whole tour. I saw curry drain in threes and Oakland and what took him to the garden to see dirt Levitsky play and like all that but i The NBA is one of those things that like if I was doing national sports radio, I’d have to really bone up on the NBA because I’m sort of I’m lost in the jerseys. When I see the two teams play and this is an old guy get off my lawn. I don’t recognize the team’s as much and certainly from a player standpoint, it’s such a player’s lead the guys dictate where they’re going to go, which I’ve talked about Lamar Jackson maybe dictating his way to tamp or something like that, you know?


Yeah, the NBA I’m not gonna lie to you. The NBA has been tough to watch I mean, one I’m a Knick fan so they’ve been god awful for most of my life. So like that doesn’t certainly doesn’t help. But to your right you flip on a random game on like a Tuesday night like what’s the incentive to really watch it like the regular season means absolutely nothing. You got star players that just dictate when they want to play and be who they want to play for. So it’s not a great watch. Like unless you’re rooting for a team that is like a bonafide contender. I can understand why a lot of like casual sports fans Yeah, I’m good I’m just gonna wait till football or I’m just gonna you know follow maybe hockey I’m gonna get into you know MLB when the seasons on so I know I know the NBA is incredibly popular, but it feels like it’s the stars that remain popular and like people being like diehard fans, a team says lessons they just like follow wherever their favorite star player goes


yeah I just watching like a Sacramento Portland game like I just I’m not a gambler like that so I you know if even if I did gamble, I wouldn’t even know what I was doing, you know, betting points and basketball and whatnot but but but and you don’t watch World Cup either right like it is amazing. In the old days when I worked at the paper, you know, we kept our eye on 15 different things, including professional wrestling, which is the which is the most primary thing of course, the most important sport of all. But you know, I guess in the mind of this f1 is taken off. I mean, I’m in a horse racing town, but we’re still trying to figure out the Preakness here, right? I mean, hockey is going on right now. We don’t have a hockey team here. There are lots of folks that run around wearing red right now with you know, get head coach trots on your your guy off the island. I had a couple weeks ago, MAN Yeah, it’s my dude. He he sent me programs from 1990 when he was the coach here, and he said, Give me your address. I’m gonna send you some stuff. And he put a whole bunch of skipjack stuff together for me and sent it up to me. So I have Tim Taylor coming on this week because he played on a team and he’s he’s a pro personnel director with the St. Louis Blues, which I had to Google to figure out Tim Taylor went into management which I did not know. So on that so I you know, this is a time of the year for me to sort of say well, the NBA and the NHL is going on but to your point, that World Cup watching Morocco play that’s not watching Sacramento and Portland on a Tuesday night from the rose garden you know



there’s a lot going on. I mean, I’m a I’m a UFC fan as well so I’ll mix that in but it’s honestly it’s it’s tough to watch everything and and I can’t even pretend to know anything about soccer like I watched the US but the next time I care about soccer Nestor will be probably four years from now when the World Cup is


only three and a half years from now. Okay, they’re playing in June.


I’ll see you in three and a half years I will say by Guy Christian Pulisic is a huge New York Jets fan. So he’s my favorite player just based on that alone because I know nothing else about soccer.


I’m a huge Joe Douglas fan. So, you know, as long as I’m a Joe Douglas fan, I guess I’ll be a Jets fan at this point. Even though I have nothing in common with fireman Ed and a few things in common with Gary Vaynerchuk. Sheikh Asman is here he is the Jake azmin show. He’s in Houston. He’s become a friend. He used to be really young. I thought he was still 18 It turns out he’s 28 So you get to watch sports. When was that? Houston Superbowl then that was?



Yeah, that was 2016 I think it was a February of you know, I think it was it was February of 2017.


So I’ve only been known you five or six years. It feels like I’ve known you longer. You’re an old soul asmin you know it’s great having you on man. Master. This has


been a ton of fun my friend you know I’ve been following your career forever. And I’ll never forget the first time we heard you doing the show at Radio row in Houston. We couldn’t wait to talk to you man. We love your passion for the business and just continued with all your success man. You kind of paved the way for a lot of us.

28:24 I’m just the troublemaker. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore. Positive

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Our Chief Digital Officer Mike Rosenfeld reports back to Nestor on the Detroit scene for NFL Draft and what Baltimore…

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