KOBS heats up: Ogden vs. Parker today!


So, finally we get a Hall of Fame matchup in the Toyota Live Web King of Baltimore Sports contest with some gusto for a Monday.

Jim Parker vs. Jonathan Ogden.

If you want to pit the old generation vs. the new one, this is the matchup to do it.

I’ve said in the past that I think Ogden is an “underappreciated” guy in the pantheon of Baltimore sports. At least it felt that way a few weeks ago when he retired.

No parade. No fan fare. No tears. No “final” bow, at least not yet anyway.

But the fans will now see what it’s like without him for the first time in the franchise’s history. I have a feeling we’re not gonna like what we see.

As for Parker, he’s a story from my Pop’s generation from my perspective. I have nothing — other than his Hall of Fame credentials — to judge him upon.

Old vs. new. Great vs. great. Legend vs. legend.

This week the King of Baltimore Sports contest heats up.

I hope you participate and vote.