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Let’s talk 40 years of Pimlico and Preakness weekend memories


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There’s only one guest who has joined Nestor for 31 years of Preakness week previews and handicapping every one of them. Our dear friend Dick Jerardi (formerly of Towson) ran off to Philadelphia from The News American and Sportsf1rst in 1984 and never came back – except for the third Saturday of May. A view from high above Pimlico from two guys who have seen it all at Old Hilltop.


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Dick Jerardi, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W and S, Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We’re positively into a Preakness week around here. I don’t need to tell you I’m gonna be up at fallston at the local on the 23rd. That’s Tuesday Talk brought to you by the Maryland lottery and our friends at window nation. i My hats around here somewhere here it is. I want to wear it for TIG and stick likes when I wear funny hats. When donation 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free 0% financing for five years. I have props for this segment. This picture already warned me two weeks ago that he’d be coming back to talk more on the Preakness. He swore to me that Derby winner was coming and the Derby winner is and you didn’t know about that John Waite concert Monday then again, so you might come down here a little early. Take a picture. Just the man the myth, the legend, always of Rogers Forge, but of Philly for the last 40 years, he left us and left sports first to go cover all things horse racing. I’ve got props for this segment, but I want to just race and then you and I will we’ll go down memory lane. How are you feeling about all the horses skipping the Preakness other than the winter? I mean, this isn’t good.


Dick Jerardi  01:12

Now I’m disappointed. Nestor. I mean, I love the race. Right? I grew up there. My first Preakness Believe it or not was yes, 50 years ago, and yes, Secretariat 1973. So I have an affinity for the race. I find it unfortunate that only one horse out of the derby is coming. Good news is it is least it is the Derby winner. And it’s the first time in the modern era that we’ve only had one horse out of the derby coming to the Preakness. Now I defined the modern era as 1969. That’s when we went to the present format of Derby first Saturday in May Preakness two weeks later, Belmont three weeks after that.

Nestor Aparicio  01:50

Roone Arledge and TV and ABC like I blamed it on Howard Cosell this week, because I

Dick Jerardi  01:59

don’t blame it on anybody you want to blame it on. But over time, it has changed. There were times when the Preakness was actually run before the derby way back when they were a week apart. But this has been the modern spacing of the three races. And what’s changed of course, is that the big time horses do not run back in two weeks anymore, except during the Triple Crown and unfortunately little by little each year more and more of the horses in the derby. I specifically think of to Phil’s third angel vampire finished in a second excuse me to Phil’s an angel vampire was third or not and running the Preakness they would always run in the Preakness. I mean, they ran really well in the derby but their trainers

Nestor Aparicio  02:42


by the way, I just want to get to Phil’s you told me

Dick Jerardi  02:48

good now you ran a ran. I thought he was the winner at the top of the stretch. And then mage came at me came from nowhere. And I mean, look, majors deserve to win. He ran great, but I thought I had the winner for about 10 seconds. Unfortunately, they don’t pay you for the top of the stretch. You gotta get all the way gotta get all the way home. But yeah, I just think it’s the two weeks. Nestor that’s the issue. And look, the Maryland Jockey Club. People are aware of this. They’ve made their decision. They’ve known that the PIP the Preakness is impacted by the new modern way of spacing that horse trainers do with their big time horses. And they’ve made the decision that they don’t want to move the race. They like it on that third Saturday in May. They like it where it’s an event. I mean, it’s more obviously than just a horse race. It’s an event. So that’s the decision that has been made and they’re just gonna have to live with it, or the Preakness is not going to be as good or racist as it could be. We’re at a month after the Derby, but that’s just the way it is.

Nestor Aparicio  03:46

So before this segment, and I’m not really fully prepared for you, Dick, in the way that I should be, I thought, well, I thought I’m going to pull out all of my props from all the Preakness I’m gonna grab them. And literally in the time that I filled my royal farms amug My coal roofing but before oil farms coffee, before the segment, I found all of them I literally walked in the other room, and they were on the top of a pile because I put ravens passes out because I don’t know if you know, but I tend to 300 ravens games, and then they threw me out. So I actually had all the passes in one place, because they might grow. Yeah, so long story. Yeah, well, I mean, they’re billionaires. I don’t know if you’ve met those before. So the other day, Jamie Costello shared a piece in the 1987 Preakness autonomy calm. So I started pulling out all of these crazy passes. They’re all right here. I’m gonna hold them up. This is how this is how thick they are. Okay. So this is these are just all Preakness passes from yours words. So they’re all in one envelope. So like, right here, Nestor Aparicio? wn St. I, they’re all different. Preakness 124 130 For 130 Forceps 15 years. This is precast 123. Well, we’re at 48. Now, right, so that was 25 years ago. So 25 months, I guess it was 9798. Somewhere in there,

Dick Jerardi  05:13

right. real quiet Bob Baffert? Yep,


Nestor Aparicio  05:16

here we go. 9097 Preakness may 17 1997. Nestor Aparicio. Preakness 121. What year is this? 1996 What was that? Now what was that?

Dick Jerardi  05:29

Well, he shaved was 8796 actually was one of the last times the Derby winner didn’t come to the previous but Grindstone won the Derby, but he got hurt. He never ran

Nestor Aparicio  05:37

again. Okay, here’s 95 freakness here.

Dick Jerardi  05:39


What was that wood timber country? All right.

Nestor Aparicio  05:42

94 Preakness may 21 94. Who was that?

Dick Jerardi  05:47

94 Hubway it’s a really good book. Virgin won the Derby didn’t win the Preakness. I’m not him. That’s not coming to me. 93

Nestor Aparicio  05:55

No, you weren’t. You see, you know the derbies but you sometimes you forget the total soul or something?


Dick Jerardi  06:03

Yeah, see, see her won the Derby, won the Preakness and 93.

Nestor Aparicio  06:09

These are special to me because this is my 1985 Pimlico press card. So you can see that there. Oh,

Dick Jerardi  06:20

that was actually the year I came to Philly and remember spend a buck with a derby famous loop test the Preakness to come and run a gorgeous Play Park

Nestor Aparicio  06:28


87 was 87. That was

Dick Jerardi  06:32

a bad choice. Yep, they ran one to win the Derby and the Preakness and then bet twice won the Belmont by 14. Here’s something you

Nestor Aparicio  06:39

haven’t seen a long time to do. Yeah, that’s not David Bowie. That’s

Dick Jerardi  06:47

a winter day spent a beautiful while not really buoy and I was there for the finale in July July 13 1985. The last day of buoy and you know what they gave away that day? Nestor at buoy not winning tickets. Now they gave away dirt they went vials of dirt. What could be better than that? Here?


Nestor Aparicio  07:08

Here’s one greatness 85 This was the one with the Derby winner didn’t calm this.

Dick Jerardi  07:12

Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. No spend a buck I got a great buoy story for you. So on the final day, I went back just write a story for I was at the Philly for a couple months and went back to write a story about kind of the day you’re so before what I went to get a hot dog at the concession stand. And I went up and a woman hands me a hot dog. I mean, it was just burnt to a crisp. And I said, you know I really like a hot dog that isn’t burnt. And she looks at me. She looks at the hotdogs looks at me and then she turns the hot dog over and goes it’s not Berto on this side.

Nestor Aparicio  07:47

You would have appreciated that that humor. A guy named Mike Marlowe. I have his press pass from 87 Tell him if he wants it back in come find me. Okay.

Dick Jerardi  07:57


Marla at a Preakness press pass for

Nestor Aparicio  08:01

clearly I used it clearly I was Mike Marlar. That day,

Dick Jerardi  08:05

that’s back in the day before they put pictures of the press passes.

Nestor Aparicio  08:08

I’m the reason for that. Picture Artis here, tell me what you’re doing this weekend. Because you work for the Daily News for a long time you work on game days, out on the interwebs. And ah and it’s made a lot easier to you don’t have to go to the track the bet this way.


Dick Jerardi  08:25

Now you do not embed on your phone. And this week I’m working with our book good buddy Jimmy Schapiro, for bet doing interviews with folks like you go friends like you and different people around the country. Talking props from bet online and bet online actually has made at 75. You can get him at 75. At the moment, I think he could go lower mage to win the Preakness plus 140 or 75. I bet this one Nestor mage to be in the top three minus 300. So you gotta leave 300 to went on to get him in the top three. But it’s a short field, right? He’s only got to beat five horses, and a couple of them have no chance. So that seems like a reasonable bet over under on the winning distance, one and a half legs? Well,

Nestor Aparicio  09:11

I mean, these are their profits for reason, right?

Dick Jerardi  09:15

Trying to get both sides to like equal part of the action and you get the big it’s a great, it’s a great world out there.

Nestor Aparicio  09:21


I said this earlier this week, I had Mark Martin McKee and I went around five turns, like literally this week on our friendship. And I know you were, you know, you know, Martin very well down at daily racing form, and he’s really have stepped

Dick Jerardi  09:37

down. Now the agent for Jackie Chautala. Yep. You know,

Nestor Aparicio  09:41

I was talking to him about gambling through all the years, and whether he’s ahead or behind, and he admitted he’s behind for life as far as cashing tickets. And I said, that just seems like such a crazy admission after 40 years of doing this, right. I don’t know if you’re ahead or behind. But I would all I told everybody this week. You would say that this is the best day when I was a kid and 8687. Literally, you would say this is the day guys like you get rich, because you’re betting with the idiots. Yeah,

Dick Jerardi  10:11

no Derby, it’s a must have bet Derby Day Preakness day Belmont day Breeders Cup, because you have more uninformed money. If you’re at Pimlico on a normal Friday, you’re playing against people that have information probably as good or better than you have. So it makes it a lot more much more difficult. Yeah. Now, it’s mandatory that you play these big race days for the reasons you said, because there’s just a lot of dumb money in there and you want to play against our money?


Nestor Aparicio  10:35

Well, you give me the profits and stuff, I don’t know where the money is on whether the horse is going to win by him, you know, like and a half or not. But as far as people going to the track, give me give me some back, give me some value. What would you tell someone about going to the track if they’ve never been in? They’re gonna obviously state a $2? Bet. But but to find value? How do you find value as literally a professional your professional day?

Dick Jerardi  10:59

Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s such a different game, when you’re talking about people just going to the track for the first time just trying to enjoy themselves, and maybe walking out with more money than I started with or not, don’t get paid to bid. You just stay in a wind pool. And if you want to catch tickets, you can bet win place and show your horse finishes. Third, you’ll still cash in on winning money, but it just something to do. But if you’re a serious player, next to the whole game is about putting yourself in the correct position. And then you got to get fortunate at some point, a lot of good luck, luck, good and bad in this game, framing bets around your best opinions. And then and then going forward to you and to pick three you into who exactly are you in the windfall? What are you in? And then whatever you think you’re supposed to do, don’t waver, just stick to what you thought and start firing? And if you really believe in something bet, like bet like You’re like you’re serious. Take a few risks.

Nestor Aparicio  11:54

How, how is this evolved that you win more money in the 80s 90s? Like, have you literally gotten better at it in your own mind? And has it become easier or harder? I don’t want to say to game it, but to gauge it.

Dick Jerardi  12:09


Yeah, I was probably at my best at the very beginning Nestor when I was in my 20s that and almost nobody was playing with buyer speed figures. You got prices back then, that you never would get to a I actually went back and I was doing some was actually working on a book for DRF. They never ended up publishing it but and I went back and looked at some of my old books on how I was doing and I kept a journal in the 70s and I would have meet like at Pimlico antimonium where I was getting that was my ROI return on investment was like 80% 100% Those numbers are unheard of today, you can’t do that today, because now the buyer figures are in the DRF. Everybody sees it. So now I wish they’d had the type of bets they have now back in the 70s. I would I suspect that I’d have done even better than I did. But now I’m much more selective. I don’t follow. I mean, there were there were three or four years in Maryland where I did not miss a single day at Laurel Buyuk, Pimlico or Timonium. So I knew the circuit cold. I mean, that’s before I had a regular job. My job was to go to the track. And that’s what I did. And so you’re gonna be better. But yeah, now it’s just I play a lot of the contests, because I think that’s where the I’ll play the contest this weekend for the Preakness day. That’s kind of where the edges, because a lot of the computer assisted wagering guys have taken the edge out of pick sixes. They just overwhelmed the pools with money. You may not know this, but there are groups of players out there.

Nestor Aparicio  13:47

Yeah, consortiums, right. I mean, like,

Dick Jerardi  13:50

where they have algorithms, and they account for about 30 to 40% of all the play nationwide. And even on the big race days, they affect these pools, because they bet so much money. So you got to deal with them back in the day, you never had to deal with anything like that. They’re so

Nestor Aparicio  14:05

sophisticated, like, that’s why, because I knew it was complicated. And I knew you as being you. You could have it make sense to me. I mean, you know, like, I’m trying to make sense of all of it. The industry. And this week, everyone I’ve talked to about the race has talked about the deaths of the animals to Churchill, and the fact that dog tracks are shut down and over with Martin McKee and I talked about that the other day, and the fact that SeaWorld shut, you know, like, where’s the future? This thing? I mean, you you had your life involved in this. I don’t know if your kid was 22. If you’d say get into the horse racing business. There’s a future in there.


Dick Jerardi  14:43

I would not do that. Yeah, I got into newspapers and horse racing. Right, good. So, look, it’s a huge problem. It’s a gigantic public relations problem. Obviously after the derby. Nobody was talking about the Derby winner. Everybody was talking about the horses that were euthanized after injuries at Churchill Downs or in two cases, died mysteriously after they’ve run out a race. So there’s, there’s no way you can possibly put a happy face on it. It’s the, it’s the real downside of the sport. And interestingly, Nestor in the last I’d say, since the Santa Anita problems in 2019, the bid industry has really done a very good job, the numbers are down dramatically. They protocols better, I think the track surfaces are safer in general. But this was a this was a terrible time for it to happen, because everybody’s scrutinizing and unfortunately, it does happen. You’re never going to get to zero. When your animals are 1000 pounds running 35 miles an hour on legs that are thinner than ours, there are going to be injuries. And unfortunately, because the patient, the horse is not a good patient. You can’t say hey, just go sit in the bed and wait for your leg demand problem. And when the horse can’t be saved, I mean, that’s where you would do that for any of us. We all do it for our animals, right? If there’s a point where the animal is going to be in pain in that, you’re gonna you’re gonna make sure that he’s not in pain. But it’s really an unfortunate part of the game for sure.

Nestor Aparicio  16:14

Detroit, he’s here. He does all things horse racing. It’ll be wagering this weekend against the the betting public. By the way, I found my Saratoga ticket just to prove to you that I actually look man, I I got thrown out of the press box last year after they let me in. So I have no idea how this weekend is gonna go. The whole world changed on all of this. I

Dick Jerardi  16:39

knew that toast. Wow. I don’t know. You

Nestor Aparicio  16:42


know, she knew I was it threw me out anyway, which made it even funnier. I’m like, I’m the only guy in the city that talks about horse racing. I was sitting against the other night for the John Waite thing. And a guy starts yelling at me. Hey, man, what are you doing in here? I just heard you on the radio. So we get to talk and he was on my Belmont boss for Smarty Joe’s name’s Joe, Belmont boss for Big Brown. And he wound up not going for American Pharoah and still sort of regrets. And we got to talk about this. And he said to me, you know, you’re the only guy that talks about horse racing in a city right? Like BHEL doesn’t talk about it. The fan. I’m like, they don’t know anything about it. They don’t care about it. I’ve cared about it because I went out with these people in the 80s and I and listen to the Marty thing if you want to hear me wax on about Howard Cosell And Clem Florio and Charlie Ackerman and Chris Thomas, you and I did that two weeks ago. But but it is a special important thing. And Bruno Mars is coming in this week. And I don’t know what the outcome is. And I don’t want to spend a half an hour of talking about whether that glass thing is ever going to get built out there. And whether they’re ever really going to develop the neighborhood. And like all of that stuff, I just would appreciate it for for what it is and hope we get good weather this week and go out and have a good time because it really is, as I take them on hold these up again, this is literally just to see the thickness of these passes. And this is my life, everything. This is my life every third Saturday since 19. I showed you in 1985, right, missed three or four or five. I mean, there were years where they didn’t even send me a press credential form and didn’t get didn’t create like they don’t. This was a good one. By the way, Kentucky Derby 125 party I remember that would be a really good one. My horse racing memories and it means something to me. And I don’t know that it’s gonna mean anything to the next little Nestor run around Dundalk. It didn’t grow up with Ron Franklin unspectacular bit.

Dick Jerardi  18:33

Yeah, no, that’s a great point Nestor I mean that you and I did live through that those eras. And again, for me, this will be I haven’t been to all of them since Secretary, but I’ve been to most of them. So I’m probably in the mid 40s. Like for maybe I’ve been to 45 priestesses. And everybody always asked me, What’s your favorite triple crown race? And the answer is easy. It’s free, right? Because it’s home. It’s the first one I went to, you know, and I’ve been to the derby 34 times. And the derby is cool, but it’s not Baltimore. You know, there’s no crab cakes and Louisville. There’s no crabs. There’s no Dundalk. So it’s just it’s not the same so yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  19:10

How could it be?

Dick Jerardi  19:12

Done dog there they have no Ron Franklin that came out of Dundalk, the rod the great spectacular bid and all the great memories that come with oh they didn’t have the Seabiscuit War Admiral maturation, you know, their track. So yeah, forget we did


Nestor Aparicio  19:26

this. We had cactus this year. I remember

Dick Jerardi  19:29

that. I remember the running of the

Nestor Aparicio  19:32

running of the years. One of the Yeah, I reshard that with Mickey kachelle. And I talked about that because we witnessed that we were a party that was man, I did crazy stuff out there. Back in the day. I was a kid and like all that and and I get all that I just I want to know what the what the plan is, you know, I mean, and I want them to stop running for people like me who asked what the plan is because, yeah,

Dick Jerardi  19:55


yeah, I read a story the other day one of the I guess was the Baltimore banner about what the plan is and obviously the Mine has changed because the pandemic came. And, uh, now it sounds like they want to put everything into Pimlico, which is fine by me. Just look, as long as the previous days have been MCO. And they find a way to keep racing going in Maryland, I’m fine. I know. It’s complicated. The world keeps changing. But it’s such a huge part of the state and has been, and there’s such a great tradition. I mean, in Pennsylvania, where the mike Hometrack parks, there’ll be there’ll be 50 years old next year. 5050 years is nothing, right? I mean, it’s 1974. So they have no history compared to a state like Maryland. And yet Pennsylvania racing is in way better shape because of the way it was legislated. And the fact that the slots money went to the purses, all the things that didn’t happen in Maryland, which is really unfortunate because the Maryland deserves way better. It’s it’s such a great horse racing state.

Nestor Aparicio  20:54

Well, I’m so Marty representing a jockey down in Kentucky, he just talks about how much money’s down there in the races. And that’s always been the issue in Maryland is if you own a horse, you train a horse, you race a horse, you’re jockey on a horse, you want to be where you can make the most money and and that’s what Chase. McCarran is and all those guys out of your generation, right for those guys, right? Yeah,

Dick Jerardi  21:18

the battles when I was there, my you know, my brief time ready for sports first and doing some freelance stories for the old news, American was, you know, consolidation of the racetracks. And in Bucha, we had no particular reason to exist, and then they finally got rid of it. But I mean, there was a lot of politics involved. There was a I mean, I remember government, Delgado, he got in serious trouble back in the day because, you know, he was owning a piece of buoy or something. It was I don’t remember all the details anymore, but was crazy stuff. But it was just nobody can ever get their act together. And then, you know, I thought that Frank Francis did a really good job when he took over but then Unfortunately, he passed away and then now the world has changed again and nobody seems to be able to figure it out. And it’s I really feel badly I hope that somebody can figure out because Maryland deserves better than what’s going on. If you

Nestor Aparicio  22:07

need a parking pass and brewery and it 85 It’s all lost and that’s why that’s why so glad I found this one a fresh in my coffee. Danger already is your targeting where you’re going to be this weekend and how to bet bet bet with you, you you.


Dick Jerardi  22:21

Right, so I’ll be doing it as I set a lot of radio spots for bet Your good friend of mine, Jimmy Schapiro from South Jersey now lives at Seattle puts them all together. So I’ll be talking about the Preakness and Pimlico, the field, the undercard races. Look, we got real good Black Eyed Susan and I think one of the big stories of the weekend beyond obviously major who is the big story if he wins, we’ll be going for the Triple Crown at Belmont Park is the return of our friend Bob Baffert to the Triple Crown has not been has not had a horse in a triple crown race. It’s patina spirit of the 2021 Preakness. We don’t need to go over all the details of what happened. But Bob will be back in town tomorrow night. He had the will have phase of the favorite. The Black Eyed Susan on Fridays got national treasure, I think as a real chance of the Preakness on Saturday. And I’m sure it’ll be a Timonium on Monday at Tuesday by two year olds. He bought one last year there for 3 million. And by the way, if you’re interested in that two year old sale at Timonium, there was a two year old bought there last year for 290,000. The horses name mage.

Nestor Aparicio  23:26

Hey, by the way, Baffert, I text together because that was Monday night. This is how ignorant the public here is. I mean, I just honestly like and how bad they are Pimlico and the track at getting any information at all. I was at the Guinness joint with John Waite people talking and the say and so it was great, you know, so I met John Wade, it was it was a good time. And I got there about four or 430. And people were talking to me and I like a lot of racing media people, regular media, people who haven’t seen me because the Ravens threw me out. So I was talking to Pete Sean step numbers there, Morgan adds, it’s not talking to people. And three or four people mentioned to me it’s shape after it’s not in the race. And I’m like, hold on. I did one two weeks ago, backwards, like done after Kentucky and Churchill. And that’s the war and the lawyers. And, and I look up see national treasure. I’m like, people don’t even know he’s in the race, then he doesn’t come to Thursday night. He’s obviously used to do my show all the time, sort of famously in front of the roses that he usually had won the day before. And he texted me back and said, now you got the biggest star in the sport beleaguered with a 30 year friend and I said, I said, Hey, any chance you can zoom and he’s like, sorry, I’m not doing any zoom I get in Thursday night, and I said travel safely. Good luck, win some races. Thanks for always coming on, appreciate you. And he sends me thanks my man and he sends me f A Iza. And I’m like, is that some Italian for he likes to get a drink or like I was about to like Google tried to Google translate it and then I realized, oh, that horses running in the black guy, I guess. So I looked at what these last swore to me was FAI za. And I’m like, Bob trying to say to me, you know, so check it out.

Dick Jerardi  25:06

Yes, yes, sir. I’ll fill in the country. She’s undefeated, she couldn’t run into Kentucky oaks because he’s banned from Churchill Downs. I mean, that’s over now. But I mean, he last year, he couldn’t run the Triple Crown races because he’s in the middle of a 90 day suspension over Medina spirits disqualification of the 21 Derby, but he’s been able to run everywhere else except Churchill Downs tracks for a while now. But now he can run anywhere, which is good news, because it just you and I’ve been over it. But the idea that the sport seemed to make him into Lance Armstrong, over what was an anti inflammatory therapeutic medication that can’t be used on race day, which is just absurd, and unfortunate, and the biggest name of the sport. I mean, it’d be like, I think I’ve said this to be like Adam Silver. Let’s just Let’s just see if we can figure out how to make an example of Lebron James. I mean, seriously, what do you do? It’s great. So good. I’m glad Bob is back. And he’s live. Phases should win on Friday. And I think national treasure is gonna have a real chance on Saturday. All right. And

Nestor Aparicio  26:05


last thing for you I came to your homeland. I didn’t bother you last week because I I went to see seal Wednesday night. It was one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever seen. I went to anthem and it like, and I’ve done a lot of concerts that it takes a lot to impress this young man. And I was like, only ish. This is unbelievable. Where was that out? That was at the anthem on Wednesday. And then all day Thursday, I was thinking about seal and see looking at the videos I made the night before listen to music, and I thought I wonder where else he’s playing babies in New York’s my wife is out of town and like, I’d love for her to show. He’s in Philly that night tickets were cheap at the Met. I’ve never been to the man I’m like, do my back Do I really want to get in the car Am I in the mood for a cheesesteak and buy like three o’clock tickets to drop and this and that. So I bought a ticket again. Just last minute for 445 I bought a ticket jumped in the car. And when I went up in North Philly they charged me $50 to park in a cage six blocks away. I just want to pitch to you because it’s a Philadelphia tradition to pitch especially in North Philly, but I don’t I’m not coming back. And like honestly, you should have given me a place to park I thought we were friends. No question.

Dick Jerardi  27:05

I apologize. I would have done that I would have I would have dropped you off. You could have parked at my house but I didn’t know you were coming You didn’t

Nestor Aparicio  27:11

listen if I would have been smarter and I had a long night in DC Wednesday so that was kind of like I didn’t want to look at Taylor Swift was playing to Philly that night. I had to avoid all that. So it had I come up earlier really thought about it but the cholesterol wasn’t involved with it that day I would have had your cheesesteak like you stopped by your house northeast Philly I know that you’re

Dick Jerardi  27:32

yeah that they actually moved their damn near it actually near where you were like the place that they had northeast Philly close but they’re dented pig town which is just north of Center City are not big fish.


Nestor Aparicio  27:43

I could have gone to your place. It would have been better.

Dick Jerardi  27:47

You’d have been right you’re just right you drove right past

Nestor Aparicio  27:50

all right. I’m coming back to Philly in a couple of weeks. I’m gonna find I’m not talking to be s with this Balestra thing. It’s really

Dick Jerardi  27:59


just look at the schedule. We can make an app I came up with Schuylkill

Nestor Aparicio  28:01

and I saw you know I saw pan and I saw Thank you. I think you like you’re on my brain

Dick Jerardi  28:10

Yeah, if you’re on the scopo you saw Franklin field you saw the bluster because it’s right next to what I paid

Nestor Aparicio  28:14

$50 They gave my credit card was twice as much as I paid for the ticket. I thought breaking Gerardi I thought he knew people which was a waitress this weekend cash in big picture already my life or friend stole a waiting for this. So you had one of these I know you were parked we’ll be back in a break it out all the who won the Derby no five tick who wants to five derby? Yes. 1005.


Dick Jerardi  28:38

Kentucky Derby was won by Giacomo at 50 to one

Nestor Aparicio  28:42

a fight fusaichi Pegasus as different year.

Dick Jerardi  28:45

That was 2002 1000 I think I have the Euro

Nestor Aparicio  28:50

war emblem what year was that? Oh, three 2000 Okay. All right. I love horses. Dr. AudioTrack go bet with him. Take care of him find a man on Twitter. I’m Nestor we are wn st am 5070, Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking. Preakness hole Pimlico.

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