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Comedian Louie Anderson joins Nestor on Radio Row in Minnesota Super Bowl 52

The late comedian talked about the competitive comedy world with Nestor ahead of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.


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Louie Anderson, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, Ws, G Towson, Baltimore and wn S G. dotnet. We’re a radio roadshow brought to you by Howard bank and our friends at Royal farms refresh real fast download that app as well as the Maryland Jockey Club where they are racing at Laurel this weekend. I don’t know if this guy’s I bet you bet the bonus. I was


Louie Anderson  00:18

gonna say You know, I’m, I live in Vegas. So you go down you bet. You know all the different parts all over the country. And you just throw on every screen. Lorraine Laurel though I used to always like to bet at

Nestor Aparicio  00:28

Laurel. Yeah. Lorelle is Louie Anderson. All right. You know, I never knew that I was gonna be able to talk to you. I mean,

Louie Anderson  00:37

you did. Absolutely. Mary says,

Nestor Aparicio  00:39


Emmy Award winner man at this late stage of your wires are doing this right? You’re winning Emmys. And you’re still falling into interesting roles here. I mean, you got to show on.

Louie Anderson  00:51

So much fun. third season, right, third season, Tuesday nights 10 o’clock FX. This our third season, we are having so much fun. It was the best and the hardest season. You know, that’s how it goes. You know, this year, Christine, the character I play is running a rodeo. And my sons are trying to help me. And it’s really good. You know, the whole thing is just, it’s just a really unusual show about a family. Probably more like most families than less like most families. You know, it’s not the perfect family. But it’s a real family. And I think people are looking for that. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  01:28

you know, for for me with comedy, I’ve done sports radio 27 years, and I’m always threatening my wife that I’m going to begin a comedy career. I

Louie Anderson  01:35

turned 50 They should I think it should try.


Nestor Aparicio  01:38

She’s doing Yeah, it’s

Louie Anderson  01:40

all talk talk. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  01:41

I’m a funny MF Er, yeah, in real life. I mean, she would tell you that. What’s the secret for comedy and having an enduring career and working? Because I know there’s a craft. It’s like anybody. Everybody in the world thinks that they could do sports radio, right? And for years, and I brought him in and I’m like, you know, I’m sure you’ve looked at some comedians that dude, you just not funny. You know what I mean? You don’t have it, whatever that it is,

Louie Anderson  02:03


I think really nice hat by the way.

Nestor Aparicio  02:07

Thank you. It’s Eagles fan ads good trying to make a big bird. I don’t ever want to

Louie Anderson  02:15

be so. But here’s the cool thing. I’ll tell you the cool thing about this whole thing. It’s really, really simple. You have to remember, let’s just say now, you think you’re funny. And you may be funny. Can you take that funny and go up two and a half feet to the stage and not think about going up two and a half feet? Can you retain that funniness? And can you instead of talk to one person talk to the entire crowd without making it seem like you’re being too broad about it? Make it specific? So the secret is always how do you adapt? Exactly what you’re doing like you did on radio

Nestor Aparicio  02:55

with Steve Martin does online now teaching you how to be a comedian comedian school right your school was working in clubs in the middle of the night with all sorts of crap going on and trying to get the letters to anything you can do met you know be medicated comedian the whole scene of you gotta get the laugh. That that is the drug though. Right? That that lets you know you’re successful. I know I’m successful people. Write to me saying listen today, if they’re listening today, 47 years, then I know I’ve taught you


Louie Anderson  03:23

right? Yeah, you’re right. So I would say to you, you really did like stand up like radio. You have to do it to get better at it. And you’re gonna stick it first. Probably not. We’re gonna not do like you think you’re gonna do. But I don’t think you’re stinking if you’re trying to.

Nestor Aparicio  03:39

When did you begin your comedy career? What’s the first time you stepped on a stage right across the

Louie Anderson  03:42

river? And a little club called Mickey fans. And no, Elbert Kent 1978. I was 25.

Nestor Aparicio  03:50


What about 2122 2324? did not leave what what made you get on the stage that

Louie Anderson  03:56

get on a dare. There it is. I was

Nestor Aparicio  03:59

terribly for 15 Because I’ve always it’s something to think of I eat for me. I know there’s a craft and I would really like to work at it. I don’t

Louie Anderson  04:09

think this divorce yourself and take what you can from the radio. bring that with you get people’s attention. But you’ve got to have got you gotta have you got to have content?


Nestor Aparicio  04:20

Of course. Yeah. And that content comes from living in the real world. Right,

Louie Anderson  04:24

right. And I think you’d have to your biggest challenge would be to, to be present where they’re at, and not be too big when you get there. I appreciate you have a big personality. And listen, why don’t you try three minutes. Tape it. Send it to me at Louie, Louie that goes right to my phone and you’ll tell me if I’m fine. I will critique your act. I’ll call you and we’ll watch the act. I’ve done it many times. Oh, so you taste tester I really want people to learn how to do stand up comedy if they want to do it. Roll Absolutely I use a lot of people I’ve worked with, but I never mentioned when they’re doing really well nowadays,

Nestor Aparicio  05:05

but you know, you’re not gonna give me one

Louie Anderson  05:06


name and I could aspire. It isn’t fair to them if they want to mention that. That’s cool, but I do. I want them to be great.

Nestor Aparicio  05:14

Today is a deep question. Is it hard to be funny these days? No, no, I mean, politically

Louie Anderson  05:19

than ever. Okay. Well, politically. I mean, I never did politics. But I think there’s tons of great political. There’s 10 night late night shows dedicated to the current president. Sure, you know, so I think it’s not I think everything is hard. But I think what you have to do is find your niche. I think your thing is people and what bugs you, that would be my guess. Is that that bug juice? I think this is your nemesis in your act. Your wife. My wife said to me today. Don’t you think that’s

Nestor Aparicio  05:53

it? Yeah. So let me tell you about my wife.


Louie Anderson  05:56

But seriously, my mother in law? Oh, I

Nestor Aparicio  05:59

can’t take it through mother launch. And you can

Louie Anderson  06:01

Oh, no, I

Nestor Aparicio  06:01


can’t No, no, I can’t. I can’t do mother in law jokes. But I think

Louie Anderson  06:05

you should try it. I really love that. You might really think about doing

Nestor Aparicio  06:09

Mickey could show who’s a local comedian. You’ve probably done his show many times not Iraqi now. He’s independent. He’s always you said to me, you really funny should do this. And my wife’s like, I didn’t have the balls. You don’t have the stomach. She’s egging me on. Yeah, she’s egging me on now. Like, you know what, she’s gonna be the tomato tosser. You

Louie Anderson  06:24

know when your show when you’re so sick. I originally got into comedy because I heard people threw food at you. Anyway. That’s one of my one of my early I got so but here’s what I’ll say to you. Can you you can’t walk on stage with this access that you have here to there and expect that that won’t happen.


Nestor Aparicio  06:50

Yeah, they’re gonna show up because I’ve talked support now. And he said, they’re not going to

Louie Anderson  06:53

be they’re not You’re not going to be as good as you are at this. As you are

Nestor Aparicio  06:57

at that perfect like a piano player trying to learn to play the guitar a little bit.

Louie Anderson  07:01


A little Yes. Very similar. Very summer. But when I’m saying to you is, um, does it mean anything to you? Because if it doesn’t don’t do it, and won’t bet it won’t matter then? Because a you do this?

Nestor Aparicio  07:15

What led you there? You know, I

Louie Anderson  07:17

was just really I really felt natural up there. I had 10 Brothers and sisters growing up.

Nestor Aparicio  07:22

So you were ham fighting? Yeah, I


Louie Anderson  07:23

was actually the kid who said the kind of little smartass remark. Okay, you were the pope out there cheering for me. Well, yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  07:32

Your Eagles is Louis. Oh, wait. Oh, that’s right. Your headset on. That’s my promote your show. We’re FX baskets. Minnesota native.

Louie Anderson  07:42

And I have a new book coming out called Hey, Mom, all about the journey I took in baskets. I wrote letters to my mom about it after she died. And that book is going to be out on Mother’s Day. You can go to Louis

Nestor Aparicio  07:55


I read on the internet and dama can sue saved her life one time in the pool. Was that true? He did.

Louie Anderson  07:59

I was doing a show called Splash. And I want to go I dove into a pool of 17 feet. And I’m not that good of swimmer. So I didn’t know you had to follow the bubbles to the top. I was going down. And then I panic. And then he could see that he pulled me up out of it.

Nestor Aparicio  08:16

But he’s picking off man. He jumped in there. I didn’t know he could swim. Thank you for stopping by good luck.

Louie Anderson  08:21

Let me know about your standard. I’m gonna give

Nestor Aparicio  08:23

you a card here. And if I can make Louie laugh, maybe I can make you laugh as well. Louie Anderson ethics basket, you can find them out on the internet. He’s everywhere. That comedy travels, including show on the stages. Helping me go straight my first material, I think. Good luck. Thank you. Thank you very much work on stuff. I know. He says. I think I know funny. I’m from Baltimore. So we’re kind of working on a real subject. Where my wife said he wants to work on my wife said jokes. My wife said that. What do you all figured out Louise? give me tips here all the way out the door. You can find me out in the buyer awning of all 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. We’re at the Mall of America. You never know you’re gonna bump into out here man. I’ll even talk about the awful climate out here that Louis and his people been subjected to. But 10 below out here I can’t wait to get home. All of our wn S T coverage brought to you by our friends at Box Hill pizzeria best crab cakes and art for county can now be shipped anywhere in the world. boxhill I call it a crab Cakery I can’t wait to get home get some of that salad dressing. I got steak does sit in my refrigerator just fried my mortgage. I’ll make a 30 year mistake by choosing the wrong lender. You need Carl Delmon and our friends at Fremont mortgage you go to buying selling refinancing getting some real information. That’s what Fremont is for. I am Nestor. We are wn st dotnet am 1570 wn st Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore sports

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