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Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the Orioles stacking wins against the New York Yankees and beating “Nasty” Nestor Cortes with a great effort from Dean Kremer and a depleted bullpen on Tuesday night at Camden Yards.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn S T A and 5070, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive and we’re kicking the Yankees asses all week long here. I’m actually going to the game on Thursday next Friday, we return with barely crabcake tour, Pac Man scratch off still have these going to have them at stake and he’s next Friday as the Arizona Diamondbacks come in. And the splash man bobblehead thing is happening. And Luke is you know, I keep saying you’re up late and whatnot. But like these games really do kind of get over the reason why my wife landed at the airport at like, 855 on Tuesday night from her family trips, and I’m like, they’re picking her up. And I got last out in the car, and you know, sort of like got home and had a normal evening. I’m excited about coming to the ballpark on Thursday. And certainly, if you’re my age, and you watch baseball, and if watched any of the achiness of the last 30 years, this is an absolute pleasure to think about going to the ballpark or coming to the ballpark. Not as many people are going as Mr. Rubenstein probably thought in the beginning because hey, man, I mean, we talked talked about this when Angeles ran the team, he wasn’t the only problem, or the only reason people weren’t going, but it is very, very heartening to see them play the style of baseball and closer by committee. No problem. Dean Kramer gave me the ball. You know, stare me down soda. Let’s see what happens the next day. I mean, this is this is gonna be feisty. before it’s all over with i i noticed that when Soto hit the ball off the warehouse on Tuesday night.


Luke Jones  01:37

That was a blast. I was saying to someone in the press box that that was probably in my top 10 Most impressive homeruns I’ve seen at Camden Yards. And you know, I haven’t been there for every single game. But I’ve been there for most of them over the last 1112 years. Something along those you’ve seen some bad pitching the left handed hitting. I’ve seen some very bad pitching. Yes. No question about it. The left handed or right handed hitters, but Dean Kramer I mean really good outing. I think in this day and age anytime you have a starting pitcher that goes seven innings against the lineup of that caliber. It’s impressive, but especially when you consider the Orioles need in the bullpen. We knew that Cano and Danny coulomb were both going to be down considering how much they had pitched here recently had to give them a night off. I mean, you just had to you can’t run those guys into the ground before Kentucky Derby Day. So those guys were down. Craig Kimbrel did a pretty extensive workout before the game. Looks like he’s going to avoid the aisle. He looked pretty good. I I had my binoculars that I was watching from the press box. He was thrown in the bullpen. But I want to

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:41

picture somebody with you with the Bonacci looks like Charlie Ackman at the track. Yeah, I want to look like

Luke Jones  02:48

what I concluded from that workout was he threw so much that I very much thought, okay, he’s not pitching tonight, though, he might be okay. And he might be ready to go for the rest of the series and will hopefully, whatever was plaguing him, whether it was the back or a mechanical thing, whatever it was he straightened out but could tell pretty easily that I don’t think he’s pitching tonight because he wouldn’t he wouldn’t be throwing this much it’d be more of a just touch and feel kind of throw if that were the case. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:14


there might be how sorry is today to just hey, let’s see, no doubt,

Luke Jones  03:17

no doubt, no doubt. I mean, you always have to watch it. I mean, any pitcher after they throw at any point, there’s always that question of how do they feel the next day, but when you’re down your top three relievers in a bullpen that let’s face it, we’ve talked about and we’ve said they don’t have a whole lot of depth in terms of reliable arms as it is high leverage arms as it is for Dean Kramer to give them seven innings give up to runs the way that he did. And then to turn it over to first Keegan Aiken. And then Jacob Webb, who was on the roster bubble throughout the spring. He’s out of options came over from the angels last year. Remember his first month or so first three weeks? He was with the Orioles last summer, or I Yeah, it was late last summer. He pitched really well. And he was actually in that in that group of relievers from from last year’s bullpen. Even even the first couple of weeks after Batista got hurt that you trusted, but then he struggled late in the regular season, struggled in the postseason. And you know, he was on the roster bubble they held on to him because generally guys that are out of options, you’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt they’re going to win the tiebreaker, right. But he comes in and strikes out Aaron judge comes out for the night strikes out Stanton strikes out Anthony Rizzo and then gets a ground ball for the for out save. I mean, it’s another one of those examples where you look at that game and you say on paper, not a whole lot makes sense in terms of thinking that Jacob Webb is going to be the guy that gets you to save in that spot, but at the end of the season or come September, if you and the Yankees are neck and neck or even if you’ve won the division or you’ve sewed up a wildcard spot, whatever it ends up being and obviously, they want to win This division. This is one of those games you’ll look back to and say that a stolen that one, just from a circumstantial standpoint as far as where they were with their bullpen but a major credit to him but again, Dean Kramer is the one who really made it possible and he pitched really, really well getting through seven innings for just a second time to season. So now you get through the first two games for game set with victories. You have Corbin burns going in game three boy you love your chances that at worst, you have a phenomenal opportunity here to at least take three out of four and if burns does what he’s capable of doing then we’re talking maybe sweep if I don’t know we don’t know officially but I assume Kyle Bradish going in the finale so big time win for the Orioles and yes they did it against your boy Nestor Cortes? Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:49

I was gonna say, Well, you just said the word. You just said the magic word. And you know, for the minute I tuned into the pregame show. And Melanie Newman was really getting off calling and nasty Nestor. You know what I mean? So, and she has no idea who I am or whether I exist. I’ve never met her. I don’t know her. I see her on the television like everybody else. But then, you know, then Palmer gets in on it and Arnold in the car, Arnold’s in on it. Brad Hollander just kept calling him by his first name. They never call him Cortes, they only call him Nestor, which I think just I don’t know, I’ve lived long enough that somewhere out there. There’s a kid named after Charleston has Charlton Heston, who finally has a guy you don’t I mean, it has to curse that I finally have a guy. So let me have my moment. And he’s actually good. So like he’s gonna pitch 10 years in the big leagues of his arm doesn’t fall off. So he’s already what, four or five years into this. He’s already the one thing that I didn’t do in New York, and I should have done this. I was in New York on Saturday. I should have taken the train up to 161 gotten off like you and I did look for that rat that we found back during the playoffs years ago is probably still alive. I’ll eat 20 Cats by now. And in all of those gift shops up there stands in the bar and all that stuff up there. They had nasty Nestor shirts, like lots of different kinds of nasty Nester shirts. I really should have gone up there and look through the $7 bargain bin and least come home with one or two. You know, next time I go to New York, that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to stop get my favorite Indian food up on 100 A street and then I’m going to 161 So I’m going to come home with a nasty Nester shirt because I felt bad that I didn’t have one last thing and I felt really bad that I didn’t come and give him an old get nasty shirt too. So not just that he’s Nestor the fact that they call him nasty Nestor cracks me up.

Luke Jones  07:33

Yeah, yeah. And the other thing you need to get in addition to the t shirt is that a lot of the fans were the Nester mustache. In fact, it was the funniest thing. So


Nestor J. Aparicio  07:46

I should be Nestor Cortez for Halloween. There you go. There you go. Thank you, dear though, I

Luke Jones  07:51

don’t think but the gates opened I guess the gates open an hour before first pitch. And one of it was a pair of female Yankee fans right behind home plate who were amongst the first fans to enter the ballpark. And I did a double take because I just looked in you know, I wasn’t looked up from my laptop. And I saw they’re wearing mustaches and I was just like, wait wait to say I just did a double take out like ah Nestor Cortez they got the mustache. So it was funny to see you caught

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:19

onto the fact that’s why people are dressed like cows or Oh,

Luke Jones  08:23


yeah. You know, the cat the mood thing for Colton cows or all of that is just it’s taken off. I mean, even when he just bloops a ball in now, let alone if he hits a homerun I mean, it’s it’s taking off big time. Yeah, the

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:36

milkman and like yeah, not just cow,

Luke Jones  08:40

the cow outfits and the milkman costumes I mean it’s you know it’s taken off it’s a life of its own there’s no doubt about it whenever you have something like that but but you know to get back to the action on the field Orioles who you know, first few times against Nestor Cortez granted this was a couple years ago when they were still not very good. They they had their issues against him but they’ve gotten to him a little bit more the last couple of times. I mean, wasn’t like it was an offensive explosion against him on Tuesday night but they didn’t did enough. And certainly, you know when you’re talking about going up against a quality pitcher like that, and you know, same thing you could say about Monday night’s game, you want to try to get a couple runs and hope your pitching can can hold up and the Orioles were able to do that. So just such an encouraging win all the way around. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how good the defense was especially early in the game. Couple of those double plays the Orioles turned I mean, let’s face it for as well as Kramer finished as well as he pitched overall. So not allowed contact early in that game and Orioles turn a couple double plays. I mean, how about Matteo getting to cover first base on a 331364 double play. Don’t see don’t hear that one too often. And in contrast, we’ve seen the Yankees kick the ball around A little bit. So we talked about this the other day, how we’re kind of talking about how each of these teams are perceived. And I said to you, I think the Orioles should be perceived more favorably. That’s the reason why they’re better defensively more athletic, younger, you

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:15

know, goes a long way, having your race on the hill. And then Thursday, they’re going to come back with, you know, a special occasion. And I’m going to be Thursday’s game. And I like they’re in a position here to not just win the series, but to your point, to establish that dominance may 1, that we’re the better team, we were the better team last year we were the better team this week will be the better team next week will be the better team in October, if we see you. That’s, that’s where you want to be with Gunnar Henderson and athletes with these alpha dogs who are 22 years old, that we’ve just never seen anything like this. Look, I’m, I want to talk pitching with you and all that. But I just want to talk about the core of these players and how bad the franchise was and how bad the Astros were, or how bad that White Sox are. Or at least they were to last week, that when you get that first pick and you get it a couple years in a row and you get that second pick or that fifth pick. We live through that we were your you went to more of those games, anybody I know God bless you. But I’m trying to think in the history of the game I’m thinking about when Fred Lynn and Jim rice came up, right. And they fell into a lineup that already had Dewey Evans and had all of that. I’m thinking about the Cubs, you know, 10 years ago when all of their guys Schwarber and you’ve read all those guys came at the same time. There haven’t been a lot of ease, you know, I mean, like you can buy championships, you can buy players that’s been going on for 50 years since free agency that if you have money or the angels, the Dodgers, the gank, ease the Mad state Phillies, they’ve bought players. Even the Padres went on a buying streak recently. But growing guys, where you have this kind of talent under the age of 25, where you have blue chip, blue chip, blue chip players that have panned out and all arrive at the same time. I don’t know you tell me you’re an historian like me, I’m scratching my head. And I’m thinking like, I remember when Yount came up and Brett came up with the Royals, and they had Frank White, they had some nice players, but they didn’t have five guys, they’re gonna hit 2530 home runs, hit 300 have 400 on base percentage, five tool kind of players in most of these cases, not all of them run really well, but at least four out of five tools. Yeah,


Luke Jones  12:30

I mean, I’ll continue to provide the caveat that it’s early. I don’t know if they’re gonna have five guys hit 300. But your point is absolutely spot on from a standpoint of guys that can go Let’s put aside the homeruns about the speed. I mean, Gunnar Henderson, at least 3030 You know, and he might have 40 home runs. But at this point, he’s got a chance to be a guy steals 30 bases. I mean, Cedric Mullins already was the 3030 guy a few years ago, Jordan Westbrook can steal some bases. So Colton Houser changes things first, the third on a single toe and we’ve no doubt about it. And again that goes and this is something I should have brought up because we talked about this the other day. I said the only thing in Oreos history that reminded me of this, you know, in in a small way was the 96 Oreos with the homeruns that team had very little speed other than Brady Anderson and Robbie Alomar at the top of the lineup. I mean it was rest of the guys from a cow and Eddie Murray at the end of their career and, and all that but this team and these guys can run for I mean, Gunnar Henderson is deceptively fast. I think you’re seeing that more and more as he swipes bags, takes the extra base. Same with Westberg. I mean, we’ve talked about it even the last couple years, Ryan mountcastle For what he profiles as which is a slugging first baseman. He runs really well for what he is for his body type. He

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:45

runs the ball. You mentioned Good defense. We didn’t give him a star a star. He picked the ball and a double

Luke Jones  13:50

really nice pick. Yeah, yeah, really nice pick and started. Nice pick to finish the first double play in the first inning. And then in the second inning, really nice stabbed to start the double play. So on a ball that was hit hard, but I mean, they’re just they’re athletic. Hi talked about this the other day, their defense, the first month of the season has been a little choppier than you would expect. But I think in terms of their ability, the defense should be really, really good as the year went on. And the same thing happened last year. April of last year, defense was a little shaky, and was really good as the season went on. So I just threw a team that. On the hitting side on the fielding side. You know, we can talk about the pitching and we’ll continue to talk about the pitching. Everyone talks about their pitching. Even the teams that are really good from a pitching standpoint are always asking, Do we have enough pitching because we know how fragile it can be. But beyond that, they just they don’t have many weaknesses and there’s just so much to really like. In contrast, you look at a team like the Yankees who are relying on veteran players. They have guys in their lineup who either aren’t strong defensively. don’t even play defense like Giancarlo Stanton because he can’t run anymore. I mean, look at a couple of the plays he’s been thrown out on there was a nine six fielder’s choice on Monday night because he couldn’t run from first to second on a one hop line drive to Santander. So you don’t have guys on the Orioles roster that you talk about in those terms. Now, you know, not every player is going to be an all star, but one to nine, or at least one to eight right now. You feel so good about this lineup, you feel so good about who they’re putting out there. And to go back to kind of your original premise. It’s all so organically done from a standpoint of not going out and signing free agents. It’s still a very low pay role. And obviously, that will become a more pertinent topic as time goes on. But to do that, yes, with your top five picks that you’ve had, but also, Gunnar Henderson, look how many teams could have drafted him back in 2019. You know, he was the Orioles second round pick. Let’s just remember that now. We’re talking about him maybe being one of the best three, three to five players in the game right now. So it really is so exciting from that standpoint and understanding Yes, they have more on the way. Yes, new ownership in terms of imagining how high the payroll could go or at least higher than it’s been, you know, if things are managed and run well. So, I mean, there’s just so much to like, and, you know, first first litmus test of the season, you know, when the Yankees come in, and the Yankees are off to a good start, and you’ve won the first two, you know, if even things don’t go well, the next two days, you have a split. Not Not that that’s the goal. But that’s the worst case scenario now. So it’s a good way to end the month of April and this team is we’re right about at the 30 game mark right now. I mean, you have to be really, really pleased with where they are. However, that’s where I’ll go back to my what I have been saying my original caveat. It’s still early and there’s still a lot of season to navigate. I’ll remind you last year, where the Tampa Tampa Bay Rays were at this point in time, looking like they were the 84 Tigers running away with things and the Orioles caught them. So you know, it’s still there’s a lot of baseball to play, but that’s why it’s so important to win a game like they did on Tuesday night where your bullpens blown up, you know, outmanned shorthanded, however you want to describe it, and you still come away with a win against a really quality ballclub. I mean, that’s, again, those are the kinds of games that over the course of the season, you’re able to do that from time to time. That’s when a 90 winning team turns into a 98 win team, right? I mean, that that can be the difference between being good and a wildcard team, or being great. And being one of the top two who gets that first round by so we’ll see how the rest of the series plays out. But definitely encouraging win on Tuesday night and Monday. Yeah, really encouraging, considering it hasn’t been out the Orioles had been winning games, which was scoring a ton of runs. Yeah, the offense has been more modest to start this series, and they’ve still come away with two wins.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:07


Look, Joe is here he is Baltimore. Luke, he’ll be at the ballpark. I don’t know when the ravens are gonna roll the football back out because Chad Steele took me off the email list. So I don’t even know but you can tell me when you’re going to be out there and guys will be running around in shorts. But in the meantime, we got a couple more baseball games or else go to Cincinnati this week, we will be back doing the Maryland crabcake tour next Friday. Brought to you by our friends at Liberty pure as well as Jiffy Lube and the Maryland lottery of Pac Man scratch offs to give away that’ll be next Friday. I’m pitching, starting pitching means Bradish in the house in uniform, smiling widely. What is your expectation over the next week for usage insertion? Whether it looks like it’s going to hold up knocking the rain outs or anything weird going on here, at least in the near short term move pitching around? What’s What’s the hide plan here?

Luke Jones  19:01

Well, he won’t reveal it yet. We’ve asked him he’s not ready to announce it. It’s very it’s become very ravens, like very NFL like in terms of not announcing things until you absolutely have

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:11

to the women want you to bet on it until you know you get it right, right. Yeah, yeah,

Luke Jones  19:15

sure. There’s always that especially more so now in today’s modern age, but can I


Nestor J. Aparicio  19:20

be a cynic? Hey, you know, how can a guy who’s been doing this for two years it’s been thrown out of both places for I don’t know the color of my skin, my hair? How can I be a cynic about these guys? How would that be possible?

Luke Jones  19:31

On Thursday afternoon, my full expectation is we’re going to see Kyle Bradish I mean, the Orioles he’s, he’s there. You know, I’ve seen him walk through the clubhouse. I’ll be it very quickly. But he’s in Baltimore. He’s ready to be activated. My assumption is, you’re gonna see him on Thursday afternoon. In his 2024 debut, John means is also with the club. I expect we’re going to see him activated for if not the Cincinnati series right after that, you know, so they’re both going to be back presumably in the rotation. It does make things. No, it’s a good problem to have because Albert Suarez is pitched well. Call Urban’s pitched well, but I assume those are the two guys that moved to the bullpen. You know, I and you’ll probably see, Ramirez will be one of the guys to go from the pen. I mean, that’s kind of the easy call to make. They clearly don’t have a lot of trust in Him. And I thought something that was also telling from Tuesday night, I did not see Mike Bauman warm up at all. And obviously, it was a close game. We’ve talked a lot about Mike Baum. And he’s someone that at this time last year, I was hoping to see emerge, I was hoping to see him take a step to become a guy that you might be able to trust in the seventh or eighth inning. Occasionally the ninth maybe if you’re a little short handed, and it just hasn’t happened for him. He’s out of options. Now, is it him? We’re gonna see, but certainly those are the two guys that I’m kind of looking to, to potentially go off the roster. And then you see Suarez and Cole Irvin, go to the bullpen. Is it possible they have something else in mind for John means, let’s say for example, it’s possible until we hear announced officially, and we know that means until the very end of his rehab stint, you know, the results, at least were very, very shaky. And that’s the kindest way to put it. But he did finish off his last start at Norfolk was very good. Look, very John means like, so like I said, I think Bradish will see at the end of this homestand. And I think we’re gonna see John means I would assume this weekend in Cincinnati, but until it’s official, we don’t know for sure. But both those guys are with the club, they’re not getting ready to make another rehab start. So it’s imminent for both. And I think now it’s just a case of how do they look performance wise? And the big picture question for both. How are they feeling physically? You know, it’s one thing to talk about getting them back on a major league mound and facing a major league team. But when those competitive juices take over, when it’s a completely uncontrolled environment, how are they feeling? And how are they recovering, that still, at least in brandishes case, you know, knowing that he never had surgery or anything like that, right. I mean, he’s avoided that knock on wood, but knowing that he had a UCL injury, there’s gonna be some collective holding of breath for a while, I think with Kyle Bradish. Even if he looks really good. Again, it goes back to how’s he feel the next day how’s he feel after his bullpen session in between starts, so, but just the fact that both those guys are to this point now, where they’re ready to be activated, they’re ready to pitch. I think that’s great news, especially in the case of radish, because I think all of us when Mike Elias made that announcement, what was it February 15 16th, whatever it was, I think everyone at that point was thinking that worse bracing for the worst thinking, Oh, wow, they’re not going to have Bradish at all this year. And, look, that’s not to say he’s going to throw 140 innings either. But the fact that he’s at least progressed to this point, two and a half months later, where he’s ready to start and has only missed a month of the season. That’s probably the best case scenario Mike Elias would have given you back on February 15. Um,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:13

it is fascinating that, you know, Elias his words ever, you know, he comes out once or twice a week and says a little something, unlike the cost, he was a coward and continues to run for me. And I would say this from Elias standpoint, from the very beginning of the team getting good weather this time last year, I’m going to CEO club meetings, and he’s there and it’s all about staff hours. And why is Aaron Fraser on the team and it’s always around the fringe, what are we going to do with Matteo and your Reyes, we’re going to deal mountcastle That’s where we were a year, year ago, right? You’re going to have to go? Now we’re at the battlements gonna get claimed by the Cubs or something, right, like, you know, like, we’re gonna wind up losing players because they’re at options. And you have these pitchers backlog to get in, but we’re really not sure because, I mean, let’s be honest, both of them have been injured in some way that they’re not what we think of them on John means is no hitter day in Seattle, where he was at that point where he could be again, same thing with Bradish. And then you got cursed at who’s been sitting up here for a week, getting the doughnut on the bat once in a while and sitting back down. And you know, I don’t know what hide at all. I haven’t met him. I’ve only been in literally in a room with him twice when he came in before the game in Arlington. And when he left the game, because they would let me in the locker room so I could be in the interview room. So I saw him. But I don’t you know, I don’t know if he’s gruff, or I don’t know what to even say if he’s not buck, for sure. As far as an engagement level, but he almost looks a little much like John a little Oh, you’re going to ask me about the prospect. We buried on the edge of the bench for a week and expect me to give you explanations on it. He didn’t seem to be Hey, he’s He’s getting big league per diem. He’s on the team when it comes time to play. I liked that he said, got a pretty good ballclub here. I like that because that’s true.

Luke Jones  25:07


I was just gonna say I think that’s the truth.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:12

I said he was Yeah. When they called him up.

Luke Jones  25:14

What did I say to you? I said to you at the time, I don’t think he’s gonna play much. Because who are you going to sit now? I think we could certainly talk about Santander who sent His three double day in Kansas City a couple of weekends ago, has really scuffled. I know he had a double, even though that was an error, but it was a double in the second inning on Tuesday night. But that said, when kirsta had started in Anaheim, his first game with the club member he gets a couple of defensive Miss plays. He didn’t get credited with an error. But you saw that that’s why the Orioles have I think they’ve kind of told you. And I think the overall sentiment with him is chances are he’s gonna be a DH or maybe he can develop and he’s played some first in the minors, but I don’t think they’re not ready to stick them there yet. And they have mountcastle Anyway, so but but this was the problem.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:05

I would have been two plays. It didn’t get made on Tuesday night, of course that was played first base.


Luke Jones  26:09

I mean, that’s right. So defense matters. defense matters for this team. I mean, I mean, it does, especially when they’re pitching is not top five. And in all baseball, it’s been solid. It’s been good enough for the most part, but it’s not elite in the way that their offense in their home run hitting ability has been elite. So that’s just kind of where they are right now. I mean, and look, I’m not I’m the last guy that’s going to sit here and say bring up a prospect and sit them on the bench for a week. But it does speak to the log jam that they have. And I think it’s tough because Ryan O’Hearn you know, we haven’t talked about him a ton but and he didn’t play on Tuesday night because they’re facing a lefty but he has killed the ball. I mean, look, go look at his Statcast profile and how hard he’s hitting the ball barrel rate on all the nerdy stats, but also homeruns batting average all that he’s been really, really good. And I think if in the most simplistic terms, he’s probably the biggest one blocking Heston curse dad right now because O’Hearn primarily dH is and it has been curse Dad’s going to start you’d like him to DH at this point in his career. So I think Hyde was being as blunt as honest as he could be. It’s not trying to crush the kid. He’s not trying to bury him, but it’s a matter of who do you want to sit?

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:25

I think they probably told him that when he came up, hey, you’re coming UPS a little different than rutschman are guys. You know, we were bringing you up and we’re starting to clock and you’ll get a chance when you get a chance to come in and play but to your he’d rather be on the bench for 100 When team in the big leagues. You know, Shane at the Cincinnati Westin on Friday night, then he would rather be on a bus going to Tidewater. And let’s crack it. Yeah, that’s,

Luke Jones  27:52

it’s, you’re dating yourself. Would you say that? That’s been a while, but

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:56


that’s good. But oh, man.

Luke Jones  27:57

You just go back to who? Who was he brought up for Austin Hays on the IO. Austin Hayes wasn’t playing. Why? Because Colton Couser has been an all star in terms of his production so far. So I mean, it’s just where it is at this point. That’s why when they brought him up, I did think while you know I like hats to Chris that I want to see him I want to see him succeed. All that he’s a nice kid. He’s been through a lot, as we’ve talked about since being drafted. But again, who are you sitting down right now and I’ll hear Santander because he scuffled at the plate the last two weeks, but Heston curse dad doesn’t defend as well. And that’s not the same time there’s a Gold Glove right fielder, but he can throw and we saw that on Monday night and you trust him more out there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:43

Three and Four tool players.

Luke Jones  28:46

What are you gonna do with these three and four? Exactly. So so so that’s just I mean, it speaks to where they are, it does speak to the bigger issue at work that going back to the offseason. And in just in a big picture sense. You do want to be careful if you’re Mike Elias from a big picture sense of not blocking all these guys that trip away indefinitely, you know, interminably where you’re just they’re just there. I mean, Kyle sours me think about the perception of him now compared to two years ago. He hasn’t had an extended opportunity in the major leagues. And I’m, look, Kyle, Star Wars was never projected to be an all star or anything like that. Let’s be clear, but you there’s wanting to maintain depth. And there’s having so much depth that even when a guy’s called on like curse that in this instance, he’s still not playing at the major league level. So that’s where you do look at this. You look at the state of the bullpen. You look at their pitching the rotation obviously, the outlook of the rotations looking up right now with Bradish means coming back. What does that mean for the bullpen? We’ll see. Maybe our Albert’s Flores goes to the pen. Maybe he works out well in that way. But I think at the same time, you do look at the big picture. Sure as far as what are the needs for this team, and I think bullpen been saying it since, since the moment we heard from Mike Elias and mid February. And I think that’s still going to be what it is. But you do want to make sure you’re extracting the proper value from these prospects at triple A. So we’ll see how that plays out. But in the meantime, when you get contributions from bullpen arms like Jacob Webb on Tuesday night and look that doesn’t mean Jacob Webb is going to be a big time arm for them the rest of the way but you need these unexpected contributions right the hero different hero every night the magic of Orioles baseball all that. They got that from Jacob Webb when you look at what he did for them on Tuesday night, doing it against judge against the middle of that lineup for the Yankees in a two run game. Really, really impressive and a big win for the O’s.


Nestor J. Aparicio  30:51

All right looks at the ballpark. I’ll be at the ballpark. We are going to continue to talk about ravens draft pitch. We’re gonna continue to talk election around here. Please vote. It’s very, very important that we take care of our society and vote so I’ll be pointing that out over the next week or two. We’re going to be doing the mela crabcake toward next Friday at fade Lee seafood. That’ll be Friday two of the five Luke will join me down there we’ll have Pac Man scratch offs to get away from the Maryland lottery. I had the shrimp salad last week. I’m going back for the crab cake next week. In the mood for fish well I want the State Fair the other night to get some salmon. I went up getting some steak but I’m wearing my state fair shirt. So big appreciation all of our sponsors the crab cake tours gonna get back out on the road here in May into June into July. We’ve got big plans. If you haven’t seen the 25th anniversary video documentary. I would love for you to do that. I think you’ll learn a lot you’ll laugh a lot. And, you know I see Bill Murray wearing his cubs hat riding the El train out of Wrigley southbound into the city the other night and I’m like Bill Murray made a cameo on our 25th anniversary documentary so there’s no law sorts a little twist into Brooks’s in there and there’s a little bit art modell. Little art Donovan some some nods to the past. Even my man John purine came out on League night for Bolin. They asked me up at Greenmount Bowl last week if I did any bowl and I said John Perrin came out on lead night that too for our charity night so and also there’s something about you see Nikolai Volkoff duck Pinball for the first time in your life that must have been impressive to you, Lucas.

Luke Jones  32:23

And no question about it. No question about it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:25

You didn’t know about that. Did you? Did you know Nikolai Volkoff. Came out and bow bow with us.

Luke Jones  32:30


I remembered that I didn’t. I didn’t remember any pictures.

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:34

I remember you mentioned he pulls in. He’s got his Russian stuff on his hat. He’s Nikolai Volkoff. He comes in, he walks in and we’re like you’re gonna bowl. I had never bought these balls before i Where do I get the shoes? They did not have shoes to fit Nikolai Volkoff. They did not like the biggest shoe they had did not fit him. He bowl in his if you look at that video of him bowling, you see a bull. He’s bowling in his work boots for Baltimore County. So God bless Nikolai rip to Nikolai Volkoff. One of the good ones for all the wrestling people did a great wrestling piece last week with Brad pollution. It’s up at Baltimore positive please go check that out. And the affirmation Bowling Alley was all about horse racing. Had a great horse racing conversation here this week with David Richardson, as well as Alan Forman about the past of the horse racing industry and the future and where it’s going. Dick Gerardi one of my first workmates 40 years ago at sports first of the Philadelphia Daily News will be joining us this week to preview the derby. By the way, the the the favorited horse in the Derby, his name is fierce Ness, fierceness. So after nasty Nestor, I have fierceness running for the roses on Saturday. I am Nestor. He’s Luke we are WNS de FTW tassa Baltimore, and we never stopped talking. Whenever we feel like it’s Baltimore positive stay with us. It’s better than Jacques radio

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