Making the time to watch both Birds

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With the games taking on more significance every day, Leonard Raskin and Nestor the discuss double duty of the Ravens’ injury reports and Cincinnati game meshing with the Orioles big weekend ahead against the Rays. Suddenly, Baltimore sports is twice as relevant as it usually is in September.


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Nestor Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back wn S T, Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive it’s gonna be a great great week around here this week the Ravens want to know the Orioles are playing at home each and every night sold out on Friday. We’re going to be down at the nest on Friday night at the Baltimore Convention Center hanging out I am wearing on the screen, my new threads my 79 throwback Oriole jersey that just happens to not be like dog dissents days or anything like that. So I’ll be wearing this down at the nest come on by it is the mayor’s party. It’s at the convention center. It stares at the Oriole Park at Camden Yards welcome sign as well as on Friday morning would it be fadeless all the brought to you by the Maryland lottery or Maryland crab cake tour Friday morning at fade Lee’s in the old market. We’re gonna be joined by compensate President Dr. Anthony Jenkins as well as compensate basketball coach Larry Stewart. We have been their 10 year flagship with the compensate eagles. We’re very proud of that. We’re gonna have crab cake with those folks. I think this guy might be coming down on Friday. We’re all trying to figure out the injury situation. He was at the game on Sunday. I’m sure he’s gonna get some games this week. Let Raskin joins us now from Raskin global following the American dream. And also I must say for those who don’t know Leonard or you’re new to the show, or it’s football season, you don’t know. He writes a big check to Ohio State on behalf of his child who’s in the band out there and trying to get an education as well and Matthews off in Columbus and you’re following this JK Dobbins he’s your guy Stroud your guy too. But JK Dobbins. This is you and I talked insurance. We’ve talked next plan. We talked all these macabre things. And then this thing happened to this young man and I believe in the aftermath of the wind. It’s all anybody was talking about was the pain of JK Dobbins.

Leonard Raskin  01:41

It’s unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable. He played a great first half. look good. Ran the ball scored the first touchdown of the season on Sunday. It was a beautiful thing. And then little swing paths running down the sideline. A bad not a bad tackle tackle that rolled up his his foot it looks like and he limped off and I I just said to myself when I saw him limp off ice Oh, oh, no, no, no, no TV barely

Nestor Aparicio  02:10

got them because they got up and they were resetting the ball because I’m watching right here. Right right. They threw me out there’s a letter to Steve and John you can go read all that at a Baltimore positive with facts. I mean, just truth, not the lies the truth are there. But for me with like, the next play, he’ll scores the touchdown he’ll sell right now. Right? Touchdown, here we go. And they’re shaky going down down the

Leonard Raskin  02:34

steps. And I’m like, watching, you know, I’m at the game. And I’ve got the phone going. I’ve got Barstool Sports. I’ve got the x feed, I guess that’s what we call Twitter. Now the x feed on the Ravens going and they say that it’s ankle and his return is doubtful. And then I post out on social media, anybody have any word on J K. And within 10 minutes, comes back in the, in the feed that they think it’s Achilles and done for the year and I’m just thinking, Oh, that poor guy. And he he was he didn’t hold out I guess he held out a training camp for a contract. But it goes to show you once again somewhere in this league Man, these general managers and owners they don’t want to sign these running backs to long term contracts because they’re fresh zhee Lay. These guys are are waiting to be heard.

Nestor Aparicio  03:31


Now they’re all waiting to be heard. Ronnie Stanley was waiting to be heard. Right? Well, Marcus, the packet This is It’s

Leonard Raskin  03:37

a brutal game, man. It’s a tough game. And and to see him go out in the first game of the season after missing all of last year, due to preseason. It’s just just horrible for the guy. He worked so hard to get back and it was just dreadful. And then I got to watch CJ Stroud for the Texans. Kid throws a good ball. He’s going to be a great quarterback in the league, if they can get an offensive line that can stand up in front of them because they clearly don’t have that. And he got destroyed. I don’t know how many sacks I didn’t see the stats, but it was like a dozen and he got hit a dozen more times. And he got roughed a couple times. And he he got gun shy and threw a couple bad balls. But wow, you know rootin for him last New Year’s Eve to to

Nestor Aparicio  04:27

your guy right?

Leonard Raskin  04:30

Of course. We went down to went down to Atlanta for the New Year’s Eve six New Year’s Eve for semi final bowl. And he was this close to play in for a national championship and then they just didn’t they didn’t get the field go through and so he lost that that was his last game. And now he’s out there and I said kind of mixed feelings. Hope the kid had a good game glad they lost.


Nestor Aparicio  04:56

He got sacked five times for the record and so

Leonard Raskin  04:59

it felt like a dozen dozen them but the Orioles

Nestor Aparicio  05:03

are gonna play six games this week and by the time Sunday comes around and one o’clock they’re either going to be oh my god they’ve lost two of the first three and we’re in trouble or they want to or the first three because the Orioles are moving to the front of the line here this week with the Cardinals and certainly the rays and the sold out game I have a dear Adam Jones John means John me back that’s right so we have all of this going on here you know this week in regard to this but the injury story this week and really what you do in the real world in regard to if you don’t want to get hurt don’t play football right? Means for the Ravens the Ravens insurance policy is depth right the Ravens insurance policy is we got Justice Hill we got the GUS boss we’ve got my dear friend Anthony Mitchell’s young man I bought him I watched the police Baltimore the other night he came on Thursday night the other night I

Leonard Raskin  05:55

got what’s a GA helped me practice squad running back we picked up Melvin Gordon. He could resurrect he could resurrect you know now that JK is down there is no RB one. So who’s RB one? Is it justice Hill? Is it Gus?

Nestor Aparicio  06:13

Is it gonna be a one that’s gonna be a committee and it’s gonna be three to the game strategy. Lamar This is a different offense. He’s dropping back to pass he’s getting chased around a little bit he got trapped which is really kind of weird. Yeah, our offensive line now where we are with Stanley if he posted might not be 100% lender bond

Leonard Raskin  06:32

Macquarie lender bound didn’t look good falling out

Nestor Aparicio  06:37

where they are offensively and what they’re trying to do didn’t look so good Lamar was it didn’t look right. But defender going


Leonard Raskin  06:44

into defense look great. And but but look, they’re going into a bank gals house. Where Mr. Football 2024 with his $275 million cigar got smoked. You really hate him, don’t you? I do. I don’t like him at all. Yeah, yeah. I think he’s an arrogant, arrogant look. I love confidence. I hate arrogance. That’s

Nestor Aparicio  07:10

different. I don’t think he’s arrogant. I think he’s so it’s

Leonard Raskin  07:14

it’s one man’s view. Right? I think he’s arrogant. And I think he’s cocky. And I don’t mind winners and I don’t mind confidence. Look, Tom Brady was in your face as it comes. But but the dude was confident and a winner. And and here we

Nestor Aparicio  07:30


are as a winner. Now stop with that. Well, whatever you want about him. He’s a winner now.

Leonard Raskin  07:34

Yeah, he’s just I don’t know.

Nestor Aparicio  07:38

Cleveland. I mean, this is gonna be your back. Make them all into Oh, and each

Leonard Raskin  07:45

division right and lose at home. That’s an all around pounding if we can do it. Yeah, Lamar has got to step up. The offensive lines got to step up. And the defense look good. Defense looked really good. But again, they’re playing CJ Stroud and the Texans not Joe burrow and his receiver over there. Chase Chase who had I think one catch for a half a yard. And it wasn’t bad that Mr. irrelevant when a to Pittsburgh to destroy the Steelers to that was a it was a good weekend.


Nestor Aparicio  08:19

I would say you know, this is a great week to call your friends in western Pennsylvania. Check and see how the kids are doing when they go back. That’s right. You’re asking a series Rascon global I’m not wearing the shirt. I’m wearing the Orioles, throwback here. We’re getting excited about Oriole baseball here this week. And I’m really a unique time where and I said this to Luke earlier a letter if we can do both. But when Luke and I get after the defensive football after a game we’re not really concerned with John means right. And also when we’re talking about John means and what’s going to happen to the bullpen and who the three starters are going to be and the importance of this weekend and the history that this is the biggest baseball series in the history of Camden Yards. That’s not a playoffs and we played two playoff games. That’s fine. Yeah, they’re Yeah, they’re big. But this is sold out game on Friday night. Where are you this week with the Oreos? Where’s your where’s your your time in doing this, which

Leonard Raskin  09:12

means this week I’ll be there. Tampa Bay Thursday. I’ll be there Tampa Bay Thursday opening night of the series. Right stay at Tampa Bay Thursdays or Sunday? Yep, I’ll be there for Tampa opening night of the series. got tickets a long way back way way back. And hoping they smoked two out of three from the Cardinals which should be the case let’s let’s play some good ball.

Nestor Aparicio  09:37

Man when they lose like they were losing while we were watching the Ravens play and we’re like what’s going

Leonard Raskin  09:40


on lose? Yeah, they’re gonna come back. They’ve won seven in a row how they’re gonna lose that one. But But hey, you know that you got the yellow belly? What the heck was those yellow jerseys for the Red Sox? That’s pathetic.

Nestor Aparicio  09:53

That was actually it had that connect. I was gonna get on it because they’re hideous. It’s silly. But the way they allow you to not piss on it, is it first off, I thought it might have been for Ukraine, quite frankly, I looked at it. I saw the patch. I thought, if this is about Ukraine, I’m fine with that. I mean, like, right, but Ukraine anything but it was Boston Marathon. Okay. It was Boston Marathon. That’s what it was for. So they make it so you can’t sort of make fun of it.

Leonard Raskin  10:23

I’m a terrible looking image. It doesn’t

Nestor Aparicio  10:27

belong on the field. I would have. There are other ways you can honor Ukraine and or the Boston marathon without having to screw your jerseys. Oh,

Leonard Raskin  10:34

that’s a yellow yellow. Nothing nonsense. It was horrible. That’s a bad anyway. Yes. Yeah. 13 to 12 on Saturday. That was rich. 23 It’s in your win. How do you but they won, but they want Hey, what are you going to do? They hit 13 They got 13. Lucky 13. But yeah, I’ll be out there Thursday night. Can’t do Friday. You got Rashanna Friday night. Okay. Can’t be doing Friday night. Shortly for you know, Adam Jones for me. Very sad. Very sad. The Orioles put that on the 15th which is Rashanna. They’ll have no Jews in the crowd. Very bad timing on their part. But go figure marketing of the Orioles doesn’t think before they act well. The 16th should have done the 16th. Not the 15th. Just dumb go.

Nestor Aparicio  11:21

I would say this for them. I’ve applauded them this week in regard to the fact that a beyond irrelevant. They’re, they’re the best team. They’re not Yeah, they’re not relevant. For a couple of weeks, they’ve known this race thing is going to be huge. A big thing. You’re old enough to remember this. I talked to Luke about this back in 7980 8283. In those years, my dad and I were bleacher creatures. We sat and left the bleachers every night of our lives. I don’t look away and see while Bill and I would leave my dad like in the center and go spend an inning up in while Bill section and then come back to my dad. Adam left field gave me a chance to walk past the Leaning Tower pizza gave me a chance to go by the gift shop and behind first base the whole deal. So those series in 7980 8182. They sold reserved, general admission. And my dad like we had to buy the tickets in August for the September games against the Yankees or the Red Sox. And we had seats in Section 14 out of the bullpen way out in the moon. Like my thanks, Brooks. This is thanks Brooks jerseys, so I love this. But I mean, I remember the passion of that. And I remember when the Tigers came in here in 84. In June, when the Orioles were the sitting champs and the Tigers were 35 they kicked our ass, you can go back and look at that series first weekend of June 1984. That I remember the series tigers 84 Red Sox Yankees in 8182 879, not 8483. We were kind of runaway. I mean, there was not. We didn’t have big series in 83 like this. But 79 was all about this as a boy, this is the first time in my adulthood. We’ve had this kind of series

Leonard Raskin  13:01

that mattered this much. No, no question. It matters everything. You take two out of three from from the Cardinals, and you roll into Tampa high up and you split. It split.

Nestor Aparicio  13:14


And it’s done. They’re not split, right. Yeah, that’s right.

Leonard Raskin  13:18

They’re buried. They’re buried. You take three out of four, it’s over. two out of four. I think it’s over,

Nestor Aparicio  13:24

you know, well, if this is huge game lead on Monday. Oh, it’s just if the ravens are to win Oh, having one in Cincinnati and Cincinnati. When we know the Steelers. And you know, let cross our fingers on these all these injured players and whatever. But if there’s a six game lead next Monday, it’s over letters. I’ll just say this to you. And we’ll wrap with this on the baseball side. But yeah, who can I we’re talking about? The difference this weekend, the stakes have fallen on their face and get swept which they’ve never been swept in history. Yeah. They’re gonna lose four games. It’s nearly like far fetched. But and so that would be a collapse. But winning the division the importance of these games is you want to be in a three game series with anybody October 3, fourth and fifth three game series. It just defeats everything you did all year by winning 89 or 101 games and finish

Leonard Raskin  14:21

to fluky, too, and it’s over. Yeah,


Nestor Aparicio  14:23

I mean, you you need to stay out of that series at this point. And there aren’t going to be and you got silver hair and I’m getting there. Marvin Lewis talked to him last week he still thinks I die and I don’t really die it at all. Pluck yes die. No, but but but in all of the years of our lifetime to think they’re going to have a late September series of this significance to think they’re going to be 40 games over 500 To think that they’re going to win 102 345 games to think that say have a buy I mean think about the Ravens the Ravens have been so freakin good. They the number one see how many times once banked And and they’ve been the second or third seed and had a by a couple of times that Indianapolis game they stunk they have not been what the Patriots are the Colts were in their best days, which is we’re just going to roll the ball out and win 14 or 15 games and we’re going to have a by the think that the Orioles in this division were the Red Sox. And this when all of a sudden gone and Adly rushman signs with the Yankees and Angelo screws to Nashville and whatever the Debbie Downer whatever the Debbie Downer side is, what I’m saying to you is, and this has been really this, this isn’t a dress rehearsal, when you had a chance to have a buy. And you’ll see like they’re not sad a lot of chances that buys even if they’re really good the next couple of years. They’ll be really good but so will the Red Sox or the Yankees?

Leonard Raskin  15:51

This is about this is what it’s all about. This is the year and you see it’s upside down and it moves around this division moves around a lot. You got Toronto, up and down. You got the Red Sox and Yankees that you know are going to come back fighting hard. One of them is going to be imagined the Yankees are going to be throwing Shohei Otani out there. Go figure gonna see him a lot more than we saw him against the angels. That’s just my hunch. But no, I don’t think at least go into the to the great Satan. I think they’ll find a way to keep they gotta keep him and gunner. They got to find a way the rest of the team you got to build around but you got to keep it up the middle

Nestor Aparicio  16:30

letter if you see my numbers. Have you seen how much money we’re losing here and this? You know what it takes to sign a suit a player that I mean, we’re gonna have to sell some more tickets. I’m gonna come to see can you get this Thursday? Can you do that as well? Hey,

Leonard Raskin  16:48


hey, how about how about what is it? 10 $20 I don’t know what is it? 20 bucks for the $5 seats for the rest of the year or something? You buy that? That stand up. Package? I think you pay 20 or 25 bucks you get every September game.

Nestor Aparicio  17:05

Well, here’s the thing. When they say it’s sold out Friday First off, I think they’re lying because they lie about everything they are but but but here’s the thing they I don’t know how many of those $60 for the month packages they’ve sold on shore cannon make him a friend of mine live downtown probably went all in just to stand in the bar. And I’m wondering if they call it sold out? Do 3800 people have that password? I don’t I don’t think they sold that man. I don’t know I have no idea. And they if they gave me a number I call them liars anyway because there’s just too many times. They’re honorable, but this Friday like one of the reasons they may say it’s sold out is that they may have 5200 people running around that they know are going to show up just to get the shirt they’re going to show up at 330 and get in line so that you all have that because that’s where the fan base dollars for the month the fan base is I’m going to sneak while Bill I’m going to bring my cooler in throw it off the upper I mean the think that we’re going to

Leonard Raskin  18:00

be seen Hey, I haven’t I have not seen a soul sitting in upstairs left field this season. Well they’ve closed it right for but but yeah, but my point is sold out means those seats are full. It means they’re full. It doesn’t mean the seats we sold our soul. This is

Nestor Aparicio  18:22

all nothing Nothing says demand like a sellout. You cry sell out that everybody feels lucky when they get a ticket on StubHub.


Leonard Raskin  18:31

But my point is that upstairs, left field better be full. Or else I’m calling BS on them.

Nestor Aparicio  18:39

That call BS every year on opening day ya know the way tickets do you want me to pull up? How much ravens the would you will you get? Will it get you?

Leonard Raskin  18:48

How much they went for for Sunday? Yeah, that’s

Nestor Aparicio  18:52


money guy that you fellas it came down there? $15. I mean, it’s opening day. Well, you know what else is opening seats? Um, yeah.

Leonard Raskin  19:01

You know what else is terrible? You know what else is terrible? And this, you know, this is technology. There’s nothing you got to do about it. You got an extra ticket. You can’t walk out there at the stadium and sell it to the guy in the parking lot looking for for a ticket that’s on your phone. You got to sell it. He’s got to pay it. You got to transfer the ticket. I don’t know how you sell an extra ticket without a paper ticket. It’s dreadful. It’s dreadful. There are people that made a living. There are people that made a living down there buying tickets for 10 bucks and selling them for 100 Let them have a life for goodness sakes. But they don’t pay their taxes. Those who cares. Let them do more than just sell soft pretzels and water. For goodness sake.

Nestor Aparicio  19:37

six bucks. Cardinals, six bucks. Cardinals six bucks. Cardinals 13 bucks Thursday $31. Friday on stop. So So later Sikhi. So like once they announced it as a sell out that gave him the chance to raise the ticket prices. So it’s just

Leonard Raskin  19:55

hey, look, you’re gonna be there. You’re gonna do a game this week. Are you going to again


Nestor Aparicio  19:58

have to leave in May Eddie, thanks for your letter Rascon

Leonard Raskin  20:04

you’re gonna meet in stadium are you going to be in stadium this week for the O’s that’s all I want to know. Here’s

Nestor Aparicio  20:08

the deal. I’m going to be at the nest. It sits underneath the cupcake in the fireworks. I’m gonna be there Friday night. I’m gonna be wearing a 79 Aparicio throwback. It’s not really from 79. By the way, Michael ice didn’t even know who Louis Aparicio was when I talked to him. So it the first coffee I ever had with Mike Elias, Once Peter dies, Mom sells John gets out of the way. And we get a real owner here. And I can actually talk to Michael ice and go and have a coffee. I’m going to give him a little history of Luis. So I’m going to be doing that Jimmy. Jimmy Palmer was

Leonard Raskin  20:37


talking about him last week on the TV. You didn’t hear that? Yeah. He Oh, come on. He was talking about autographs and and I don’t remember the season he was talking about you may know you should look it up or get somebody to tell you what game it was last week. He was talking about him and he said that that Louise had the the wildest or best autograph and and he said he learned how to do it. Like Palmer would would emulate. So no, he would sign Louie’s name and Louise name. Yeah. And there was an event that they were all supposed to be there and Louis didn’t show up. So Palmer was signing balls as him and as Louis and he said he thought that he was there people thought he was

Nestor Aparicio  21:25

Oh no, no. This is terrible because Palmer will come on the show with me because he works in fashion. Like I love chip homers, my favorite Oriole ever and he’s the greatest

Leonard Raskin  21:36

when when it was last week and get get it was it was a half an inning they were talking about the old Orioles. They were talking about the days and he was very it was like almost a half inning. He couldn’t stop talking about

Nestor Aparicio  21:48

it. Man. If discord were alive, he lose it. So hey, rest up for Thursday. Rest up I will. I will have all of this bile built up for Joe burrow. I admire it. I had that for a while. I’m not there. Yet. It’s an Oreo week. Lucas


Leonard Raskin  22:04

sucks. I’d like to see Suggs do a pounce on him. That would be

Nestor Aparicio  22:08

Hey, have you heard my letters to Steve? Ashanti and John Oh, yeah,

Leonard Raskin  22:11

I have not read them yet. I’ve seen them I have not read them through okay. A lot of reading a lot a lot of reading and I got so long. So long list. I

Nestor Aparicio  22:19

gave you some Sunday reading as a reader so I can’t wait for him to read his I’m gonna be writing to Adam Jones this week. I have a column this off up off the game loop this week. It’s part of what I wrote about it’s just the horrible part where they banned me but let’s Yeah, yeah, so the Orioles and the Ravens both play this week. So Luke has to work twice as hard this week, which sucks, but he’s happy that this as Luke says these are good problems to have the Orioles 35 over five exactly right looks wading through a lot of crappy baseball and cold hotdogs. To get to this so looks at the ballpark. Looks at Camden Yards. Looks at Owings Mills. I’m here. He’s Leonard on Nesta. We are wn st am 1570 Towson, Baltimore. See you Friday. It fade Lee’s in the morning. On Friday night you there. We never stop talking Baltimore positive in playoffs.

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