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Making you an offer you can’t refuse – but only on Wednesday!


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Spirits West owner Ric Kehoe talks softball, West Baltimore and the longest streets of rowhomes in America from Wilkens Avenue where he offers the legendary “Godfather” Italian cold cut but only if you get there early! The Maryland Crab Cake Tour rolls through the city all summer here at WNST Baltimore Positive.


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Ric Kehoe, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about wn, st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We are positively in West Baltimore, having fun, this is exactly why I put the Maryland crabcake tour together was to to get out to places that I may or may not have been. We’re going to be fadeless next week where I’ve been many times, it’s gonna be a Thursday morning, celebrating the 50 years of the Maryland lottery. And we’re gonna be celebrating 25 years of WNS T on August 3 over Costas as well as drug city on the fourth. Lots of guests. Lots of fun, I’m digging up old T shirts and stuff, but along the way, I get to come back into the city, and this isn’t my side of town at all. But man, I got people over here like so Ray Bachman, Chris pica, all the west side mount St. Joe types, and I’m in a place where they serve a godfather sob on Wednesdays, a place that they have UFC going on Orioles games Notre Dame and a real neighborhood establishment. But more than that is the most famous block in Baltimore. That’s not the block the other block. Brick Chios here we’re at the spirits West saw brought to you by our friends and window nation. 866 90 nation I got my floppy ad. I’m gonna put it on and put it over my crazy hair here in a couple of minutes before it’s all over, but you brought me out this crabcake and I went so long I waited 45 minutes of rock and roll with Chad weaseling and Chris and the crab cakes here but this looks like a crab cake. My mother would serve this this looks like an East Baltimore crab cake. Pan fried. Let’s talk about this man.


Ric Kehoe  01:24

It is what it is. You can see how it is and you know everything here is homemade. Of course everything is made with the best ingredients. My mom made this coleslaw too with the best ingredients on top a little bit of sprinkle love. So that’s what we do here.

Nestor Aparicio  01:37

How long have you had this joint?

Ric Kehoe  01:38

Man my wife we we took over around six years ago, six years ago, we we took over from the old owners daughter who ran it and it was a little bit too much for her and her kids. So Renee and I a we rolled the dice and put everything we had to into it because it was my dream to always own a bar. She worked here. So Lansdowne guy, right Baltimore Hollins Lansdowne moral park, so he I grew up in kind of the Southwest area of Baltimore. And so we kind of knew about this place, but we didn’t know about this place, which was funny because once you come in, it’s like, you look around and you know, you can go back it goes three row homes. You’re like, I didn’t know it was like this. It’s a big it’s. It’s funny, it’s funny, because everybody says it like I didn’t know this was here. I was like once you come in, you see what it’s about you taste the food. You’re hooked.

Nestor Aparicio  02:36


First thing I saw was the menu with the waffle last style that has like basically everything I got it I got half and half cream and crab. Maryland crab delicious. Greeks have you tried to talk me into this Godfather, right that’s a Wednesday thing I was here Thursday morning doing the show. Amelia from 98 rocks doing this. She stole my crab cake idea but turn it into some interesting which is attain Cocottes all over town. And she’s rock’n’roll queen to so this Italian cold cut you have the crab cake came to me honestly. crispy crust. kumis who is your cousin? Yep. P work for Johnny yo and pizza Facebook friend Pete and I did an event together at Loyola High School. They do a thing over there where the junior varsity basketball team plays to senior center. There’s no foul and going on. You know, the only so much you can do with 75 year old guys. But they play basketball and they do this every year Christmas for charity up at Loyola. And I’ve been the emcee a couple of years. And Pete and I met years ago. And he’s from your neck of the woods and he’ll for Lansdowne ball rounds. Okay, all that. So he he was at Shannon’s over and hail Thor. And I said I heard that place as a great crab kicker wrote on his Facebook. He said, Yeah, they do. I’ll help you out. And he said, Yeah, my cars got to place over and near near Mount St. Joe Wilkins. And I said, Man, I’d love to do that. So we put this thing together about six eight weeks ago and I did not know Chad weaseling was going to be here Chris pike and we’d be rocking, rolling and talking NFL but you’re a softball guy, right? Yeah,

Ric Kehoe  04:06

I am. I’m my sponsor. A lot of teams what I’ve been playing that 20 something years now.

Nestor Aparicio  04:15

We fast pitch. What are you doing now we’ll

Ric Kehoe  04:17

do slow pitch. I’ve played with a bunch of friends. But we’ve we’ve won. Pretty much everything you can win. A couple years ago, we were the number one team in the country. And we were happy about that because it was mostly 95% of the guys come from Baltimore. So it was something that we’ve built. And I was happy to sponsor it. I was happy to play on it. And what do you what do you play that championship that was in it was supposed to be in Las Vegas. Because of COVID they had to move to Arizona. But we went out there and we won the Triple Crown, which is there’s a tournament here on the East Coast, which is in Maryland, you have to win that tournament which we won. When you go to Vegas, which was eras Don’t at this time. You have to play the West Coast champs which they won a tournament in in California. So you play those who East Coast west coast so we won that one. And then you have to win the whole tournament, which is pretty tough to do since they are the best. And most elite players, every name you see on the bats. All these guys are on the teams. We had a couple guys with the names on the bats. Mike dill He has named with Mike and and we won that it was a triple crown. It was the first time ever that is 2120 21. I’m thinking just 20 Okay, it was first time ever did a team from Maryland has won the 40 over major plus the Triple Crown was the first time it was ever done. So we were pretty proud of that. And I was I was happy to sponsor that along with some other spots play baseball as a kid though. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And Barbara Hollins had played a lot of baseball. just growing up around Baltimore. How once we you know, we played Mauro Park, we played Carroll Park, we played all the tournaments and traveling around so it kind of the guys that came from there. Donnie Myatt who was he went to Cornell Gibbons, he played softball, and then you’re all retired


Nestor Aparicio  06:11

baseball player.

Ric Kehoe  06:11

Well, he went to AAA and then he started salt.

Nestor Aparicio  06:17

Dude, I saw Eddie failure, throw the ball at stemmers run back when I was a boy cross from our seafood 1976 7778 The red, white and blue, um, as big deal in East Baltimore, East Baltimore, my neighborhood, I mean, everybody who was your age, then every grown up, I knew any old guy I knew who thought of himself as an uncle Rico. They all played soccer. Yeah. And purely softball was a big, big thing.

Ric Kehoe  06:44


You know, back in the day, a lot of bars, you know, they have a sponsor, and he like castbox angle, which was, you know, the biggest, you know, they had crossed, I must have been 20 teams. But, you know, they made their money off a sponsor, a league, or some of them, but they all came back to the bar. It’s a lot harder now than ever was like that. Yeah, it’s a lot harder now to do that. Because, you know, a lot of leagues are eight, nine o’clock at night. So you get nine till 10. And then you have to get up and go to work the next day. And then the last one a bar. Yeah. And a lot of travel teams are you know, you travel out of state. So it’s kind of hard for those teams to come back and support your bar. But I have a lot of great guys who we play wouldn’t bat for you over which is hilarious at the VFW we all it’s just a drinking league. But we all go out there and they all support our bar. And a lot of guys come back, but my son plays now and a lot of his younger guys come back and support the bar. So it’s under 40 group. Yeah, there’s a couple guys over 40 But I’m not playing anymore. I’m a little bit too old to be playing that. But it’s a lot of sponsorship. It’s good. It’s a good time, but it’s hard. It’s definitely hard to get them to come back now. Because of all the traveling you have to do. I mean, my son travels all over the country now like I did. So it’s hard to get them in here. But you know what, it’s fun to to get your name out there, especially when they play down in Glen Burnie so whenever they’re done playing you have a two to three hour bike you come back and they might have a couple beers. Sure food and

Nestor Aparicio  08:16

it’s well that’s a good place to do that. Right? Well, Pete told me so the cars got a great crabcake over experience West I’m like, Great, let’s do it. And then I started Googling it and and I said, I told people I was coming and like a good a great crabcake there, but you’ve been pimping me on his godfather story. So it was I turned it down foolish. It probably wasn’t a great move before I was doing tonight. I don’t want to break up your volumes on air. You know salami and stuff like that. I don’t need to be having at 730 tonight on the mat when it’s on. But you tried to turn me on to it and the good news is I had the salad I had the wings It was super delicious. Pica shows up and he’s kind of like Mikey from the old life you anything. You know what I mean? Areas he just showed you like Mikey right? You eat anything. So he’s like, yeah, there’s a special I’ll get it on, you know what it is? And I think came out and look like I was pitched to him for eating it. Yeah, I mean, I was like, I wanted it and I looked at it. And you had already given me like sort of the 10 cent version of the story in this story. This is a this is a good story for Amelia Well, you

Ric Kehoe  09:20

could have had it on the sub, I mean, Salah too we do we serve it on both and served with a side was 1295 for

Nestor Aparicio  09:28

Italian so but what’s on a


Ric Kehoe  09:31

whole bunch of specialty meats that you’re not gonna tell anybody? No, it’s just like a guy for Yeti. It’s kind of one of those things where so we have a look at gabagool on it. We have a lot of older gentlemen that come in and they they come in because they you know they don’t want to lose touch with each other. So they come in every Tuesday and a one day they were talking and I heard them all talking they were talking about the loop on Frederick Avenue. Bye Back in a day in your old cars, like back in the day this food was this Oh, it was like, so

Nestor Aparicio  10:05

Loop The Loop. I just want to say that three times because somebody in the audience is going to remember. Yeah.

Ric Kehoe  10:09

So it was it was up by Mount St. Joe. So I started listening. I was like, Yeah, I mean, who owned this? And they told me they’re like, you know, Sal, Salvador pasa, which is definitely a name. I know, because I went to school for their kid, his kids, and but you didn’t know the loop? No, no, I was little too young for that. So this happened in the 60s or 70s, I believe, like the 70s. And the 80s 70s was way back. So they started talking about it. And they were like, you know, this, this sub that he had was like, amazing. And he only served it a couple of days. And the line would be down the street. And I’m like, really? So about a month later, I seen him at his daughter’s house at a party. Her husband is my son’s godfather. So we were all together partying, and I asked him, I was like, Would you ever consider letting me know? You know, this recipe for this for this Italian coca? And he was like, absolutely. I don’t really have anything to give it more. You know, he owned a loop that he went to our place in Baltimore Hollins. So he wanted to share it with us. And I was like, I appreciate it. So he calmed down. And he showed my chef exactly how it goes this little over a year ago.

Nestor Aparicio  11:22


I said this a new item. Yours but you you got bio crab cakes and clumps and wings over

Ric Kehoe  11:29

food is delicious butter, you know, Wednesday’s was kinda a little slower. So we want some to bump it up a little bit. So, you know, he come down, and he showed my chef how to make it. And I was the first one to have and I was like, This is amazing. You know, I looked at him. I was like, telling you. I was like, This is amazing. I

Nestor Aparicio  11:47

haven’t eaten 30 years. And they remember. Yeah, they still remember the onion rings. Yeah.

Ric Kehoe  11:51

Yeah. And I was like, you know, we gotta have this. So we started a little over a year ago, just serving it on Wednesdays. And it was something you know, to build up the business a little bit. And it started off 20 to 30 subs, because we started promoting a little bit. But then word started getting down to you know, we started selling 788 We were selling out. And because we only order so much, I don’t want to you know, these meter important meats. I don’t want the meats to go bad in the fridge, and I want it to be fresh. So we ordered meats comes in Tuesdays, we pre slice it. Wednesday comes, we put it on, and you know, we got up to set here early. And then I’m like, coming back on a Wednesday, because I want to get that. Yeah. And you know, we opened up for breakfast at 9am. And our breakfast is amazing. Because my wife’s parents cook it and everything’s homemade cream chip. We’ve everything’s homemade. And I take pride in that. I know they do the best breakfast. And we can start at 9am If you want to order that. He makes it a 9am He’ll start making the Godfather and we’ve been doing it a little over a year and a half. And


Nestor Aparicio  12:57

I’m only gonna come in here 90 Italian soccer teams playing. Ricky knows where it is place. We’re experienced West, too. So where would you tell people we are I say West Baltimore. But that doesn’t describe the neighborhood. And you have this incredibly famous block here. Yeah, that’s so famous that Bill Cole I book on the show. early Wednesday morning. He said to me your experience was he said, That’s the longest block in America.

Ric Kehoe  13:23

Yep. Continuous block in the country. It’s the longest continuous block in America. You know why? Just the way it was designed where it was designed, I would imagine so it’s right across from St. Benedict’s Catholic Church, that’s my church. Me and my wife all of our kids been baptized there actually renew my vows on my wife there. But it’s just that block where you kind of know everybody on the block. You see him every day when you come down the street, you everybody waves and everybody there Cheers. I am there cheers. And we take pride in that it’s a family ran bar. We enjoyed it. Everybody kind of knows everybody. So when you come in, if you’re a stranger, everybody’s gonna give it a little look like and hey, how you doing? Sit down and they gave me that but I got hair like this. Yeah, within five minutes, you’ll you’ll know somebody that they know you can trust me on that. So everybody kind of knows everybody.

Nestor Aparicio  14:13

You have this crab cake in front of me and you’ve dropped the cutlery here. I want to make sure that I eat the crab cake and have a good time. But you know, the crab cake tour was people ask me like Jack’s like, Hey, you got a great crab. The crab cake Believe it or not. It’s a big ruse. It’s a big Come on, to be able to come out here and meet people like this and hear their stories. And this all was inspired really Bill Cole started all of this years ago when my wife got sick. And he said, You should be talking to these these friggin baseball teams and football teams treat you like shit. You should go out and talk to other people. You should spend your time with people and he’s totally right. So and during COVID And I’ll say this from the heart because it’s really about one business. My friends at a meat cheese is you know, the friends and family mine for 30 years. You know the plague happens we’re living in we’re living at Harbor 19 years mask on looking out the window on the 23rd floor and seeing the city boarded up. Yeah, nothing’s working. Nobody’s out walk past the Hyatt and they had weeds four feet high growing through the cracks. It was like a bob it was like something after like a war movie or a sci fi movie you know? And we walked through the city and I just wanted everybody wanted to support a place like yours right? So it’s like support your favorite place and I’m on the radio there’s no baseball football whatever. And the bottom of a positive thing had already started I was gonna run for mayor that’s a long story I would have needed you but I was going to do that in 2020 when Sheila had one I was gonna run as an independent everybody knows 22 page platform and pictures taken shorthair molar hated the fact that molar hated that I had had this little soul patch. And and Brandon’s got hair and the like. I’m like, you know, people voted for Ben. So but during that period of time, Baltimore positive became something that was designed to keep businesses alive. All I wanted to do is to people like you want I mean, I had Patrick Russell on from Cooper’s come down and support them. We had, it was all restaurants because they were trying to keep them open first responders like all of that, and then talking to scientists about how we get out of this issue, and talking to musicians who were making music at home and are cooped up just having guests on and have a conversation. When this thing ends. I want to go out and see people and be with people and do my radio row my barn show with people but I want to do it in restaurants and bars. I need an excuse. Excuse would be every place in the city has crabcake and every place in the city has a crab cake that they’re proud of. Yeah, that was so what’s this recipe? It’s just your mother, your your mother’s mother you got every year all related. That’d be related to Bachman if you live over here, right here.

Ric Kehoe  16:42


Right. So that’s all it’s all of them. Calhoun sure you

Nestor Aparicio  16:46

don’t touch him. No, let me let him in. Yeah. All right. Is this homing tartar? I believe so. All right. Why do I hate tartar sauce? But I’m going to try it. Because I try

Ric Kehoe  16:58

every homemade coleslaw. You can guarantee that let me get after that. Crab cake recipe. Where

Nestor Aparicio  17:03

is it from? What is it gonna taste like?


Ric Kehoe  17:05

Well, our chef comes up with his recipe. He’s been here for over 20 years. Wow. And it’s never been complained about. This is my brother’s gold slaw. Yeah. And I’m telling you what was said it’s all whom I’m gonna take this course all home to my wife. And she’s gonna inhale it because this is her clinicals Yeah, like, and it was kind of crazy. Because when COVID did have Rene and I literally just took over the bar kind of, and it was hard times it was everything in I mean, we had to cash everything in and it was one of our dreams. She worked here so she knew that side of the business. As far as the books and all that and I knew the other side. I do deliver alcohol for rndc. So I knew that kind of the business so it’s crabcakes kind of the tell me what’s up. You’ve eaten a lot of crab cakes, and a lot of food.

Nestor Aparicio  17:57

Which is delicious, man. This is this is very much the way my mother made a crab at South by wine. It was celery seed my teeth. I’ll know it’s legit, but I’m just checking.

Ric Kehoe  18:07

That’s how we kind of built everything around here because it is one of those bars where it’s a it’s a hidden treasure. If anybody’s ever seen our crab soups, you know we we make sure you see the crabmeat on top. Everything is homemade. Our breakfast is homemade. It’s it’s everything is made with that little bit of specialty of love and just some that your grandma would make and that’s how we we pride ourselves on it. And then when Amelia comes in here, touch me I want to come in with Yeah. Well, I don’t I don’t. I don’t think he’s ever given out dates yet. We’ve had Scott here from Nani Rockies come in, talked about our soups and all that. So we’ve had him in here, but I’ve never met her personally. I hear

Nestor Aparicio  18:46


she’s a music savant. So yeah, so Vicki tells me I mean, I’ve heard you came into the show me up at Pappas up in Bella. We’re gonna be Baptists and Glenburnie. Was Stuart Pittman account executive and a couple of weeks I’m setting that up right now. So that’s good to remember moving politicians, softball players, NFL agents. Washed up PR guys. Right?

Ric Kehoe  19:09

That’s sorry. He’s he’s from what’s amazing. It’s a free pass.

Nestor Aparicio  19:12

Listen to me tell you what, these two guys they read passes to go home. They like your joint so much. They order beer

Ric Kehoe  19:17

and state that’s good. Yeah. And they they have the glasses we actually get an offer to buy you’re gonna actually take their stuff because you can take them glasses home which is so give them out. It was actually the glasses we had the day before St. Patty’s Day you know, same thing. Oh, Mrs. America, I mean, touchdown Jesus. Boy. So we had we had the glasses made too long for that day the day before St. Patrick’s Day the mayor shut the whole city down so we have a whole bunch of extra glasses couple of cases I’m so we keep them here. And if anybody wants to take and take them home with them, it’s fine with us. It doesn’t matter but what are more of them but


Nestor Aparicio  19:59

business It’s good though.

Ric Kehoe  20:01

It’s definitely picking up. You know, it’s a lot of word of word of mouth. It’s not something like we go out and promote everything, but it’s a word of mouth. And, Renee, I

Nestor Aparicio  20:09

heard about you, Amelia heard about you? Yeah. chatter about you, Chris.

Ric Kehoe  20:13


It’s a whole lot of word of mouth, which we’re happy to have. I mean, if people are speaking good, I mean, we’re doing something right. And I’m

Nestor Aparicio  20:22

trying to lift the city because the city is hard. I mean, I fought and and I don’t think I’ve ever dropped that fold in my life. And I on purpose, just kind of, I always like to meander, and my wife would go out with me in 2019 and 20, when she knew I was gonna run for mayor. And I don’t wanna say she wasn’t a fan of it. She was really neutral. She was like, it’s your dream. And it’s like, nobody thinks you could win. So I don’t have to worry about you really being mayor unless you win. And I’m like, okay, but I’m gonna win if I run, because I don’t get on. I’m not gonna lose, you know, like, so I didn’t run because I couldn’t win. But if I could have run the win, I would have run. But we would go through really challenged areas just because we went everywhere. We went for Baltimore, I’m going to city today I’m going to city 3d. I’ll be in a city Saturday. I’m in the city three days a week. Yeah. But I lived at the harbor for 20 years. So I couldn’t look out my window and not see blue and red lights and see the city on fire. That’s

Ric Kehoe  21:09

a that’s a bad misconception, especially around here. And honestly, that you know, it is starting to build itself back up because it did get to a loader for a while. But you can see Under Armour building it up. You can see the stadiums around the stadium was building up, you know, it’s five minutes from here. Of course, we give the first responders half off on all their food. So every day to firefighters call on a big order every day, usually for breakfast. You know, the police come in my family’s police. They all come in and they eat and they always get half off when order food but because you know that is we are policies you can see you got the blue line behind us on the wall, and that’s who we support. They support us, we support them. So I know at the end of the day, if we can do anything, right. That’s the one thing we can do right is say, Hey, listen, we support the police. There are police in the neighborhood and I’m hoping in a couple years that this neighborhood is brought up by people like you people like me, people like you ought to get a that’s a fact across the street father Pascoe, you know, he did put a little bit on me saying bullshit

Nestor Aparicio  22:17

about all this stuff for three hours, and then we get to the end, and we’re like, oh, yeah, let’s let’s let’s make the place better. That’s really what this is about. Follow the


Ric Kehoe  22:24

past girl said to us. Hey, listen, you know, you guys are the breath of the neighborhood right now. Sure. Hope you guys don’t go near. I was like, Hey, listen, don’t don’t put that pressure on Jesus. Right. So but yet, you know, St. Benedict’s, right across the streets. My Church is a beautiful church, if anybody ever gets a chance to go in there and take a look around. It’s beautiful. Fall, the past was huge. And neighborhood has definitely picked up the neighborhood a lot. So I’m hoping that I can do something, my wife and do some to inspire somebody to you know, buy business and neighborhood. I have my friend, Tony, he just wrote his book. He came from, you know, high lows, and he wrote his book, and he talks about the neighborhood. And he talks about building himself back up. And I’m hoping that a lot of people around here can can be inspired by just what you do. Yeah. Next time, we’ll definitely have to absolutely, he’ll definitely give you a

Nestor Aparicio  23:22

godfather with him. And Amelia. And yeah, let that.

Ric Kehoe  23:27

You know, hopefully stories like that can build people up. And I’m hoping that this neighborhood could definitely get brought back up because it is a beautiful neighborhood. The houses are beautiful. It’s just you know, sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. But I’m hoping in a couple years it will be built back up and I’m hoping I’m still here. And you know, I go outside and clean everything around. Just hope everybody has a good day. And at the end of the day, we’re still here, and we help out anybody we can help out and I love

Nestor Aparicio  23:55


you sign on because my I put my pants off. Yeah, I love

Ric Kehoe  23:59

losing. You know, you gotta have a little bit of respect to come in here. I want to respect you know, respect yourself and will respect you but you know, it’s roundwood iron fist around here. Security is is hard with me around here because I don’t. I like to come into a restaurant have a little bit of respect and autonomy.

Nestor Aparicio  24:17

2601 Wilkins Avenue, the menus. Great, the food’s great. I’m keeping half the crabcake and three quarters of the coleslaw for my wife because my wife’s gonna love it. That’s her cool. I love that too. But she’s gonna be like, Oh, that’s good. And I know what she likes. So, some carrots in there. Come up by the godfathers on Wednesday, and a shout out to Amelia. I just want everybody to know that I talked about her because she’s a music girl, you know, and I did a whole hour here on music that we ran long. Appreciate you, Rick. Thanks for hanging out for bringing food to me. It’s so delicious. And your staffs been awesome and been fun watching people wander in and out about some winters here. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland. Did you get one? Yeah, last time you got second chance? Yeah, I gotta give these away. We’re gonna be at fate. leaves downtown on Thursday morning. There’s a whole schedule coming together. Try. The mayor wants to do this. The governor wants to do like all this stuff’s happening by the end of the month. I’ll have it all together. Be out all summer long. We’re gonna be doing our 25th anniversary on August 3 25 years, dude. Wow, who says August 3 will be a Costas August 4 We’re going to be drug city and there’s a whole bunch of other places we’re going to be including Pappas, go find that and Shannon’s over unhealth Thorpe as well or is that is that Landsat or health or what is that considered Baltimore

Ric Kehoe  25:30

owns a car place actually that’s what Mr. Sell pasta you stone that’s the old ArtPlace but then godfather? No,

Nestor Aparicio  25:39

no, only you’re only on Wednesday. Oh well, we have or Thursday morning if they have leftovers he knows. All right. I’m signing off my friends that winter nation remind you 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free two months. 0% financing. They didn’t give me that deal. Last year I bought I bought my Windows last August. I got a little too early. They had five years 0% Fancy two years right now 866 90 nation. My cat is enjoying our windows to go up and down as opposed to last year where they sort of had a Barney Rubble crank from the stone age’s. I am Nestor was signing off from spirits Western West Baltimore homeland of Mount St. Joe even though pica did not sing the Mount St. Joe fights. I offered to sing the Dundalk high fight song I’ll still do that. It’s fine. Chad Wiestling NFL Agent and the whole crew here for being so nice to his big appreciation back for more. We are wn st am 5070, Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking crabcakes and Baltimore positive stay with us.

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