Michael Reghi: Checking the Browns temperature for Flacco in Cleveland and hearing the roar of his hometown Lions

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We always love an excuse to visit with former Orioles voice Michael Reghi, who has made a life in Cleveland calling college sports and NBA games but quickly reached for his Lions ballcap with Detroit hosting a rare January NFL game. Can the Browns advance with Flacco? Will Lamar win a Super Bowl? And Stafford vs. Goff is almost as big as Jim Harbaugh in Motown.


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Michael Reghi, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Looking back at W n s t Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are taking the crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends and window nation and Jiffy Lube multi care back out on the road. We’re a little bit of a hiatus here. We’re in purple Festivus time right now. I was a Costas the other night my wife had crab soup. I said no crab for me until February. So we went to Super Bowl. I’m a little bit you know, I was gonna do a shaving stripe and I’m gonna come crab cake free. We’re gonna be doing crab cake row in lieu of radio row, we broadcast from 27 Super Bowls. This year, we’re gonna be doing it differently for charity. We tell folks about that. It’ll be beginning on February, the fifth and on free lottery tickets and free soup. For those of you out there. We’re going to be doing a good turn for our friends at the Maryland Food Bank and helping feed some less fortunate folks during the coldest months of the year. This guy sounds so charitable work, including spending time with me it’s always charitable when he he comes in from Cleveland. And he just drops knowledge here everywhere. You remember him as the voice of home team sports many, many moons ago as our Orioles broadcaster he has gone on to call college football call NBA games, call college basketball all over the Midwest and all over the country really. But he’s certainly Cleveland. I’ve had him on many times every time I have microarray guy on I sort of pre promoted this on Monday because right guy you know, I do a lot of things at Baltimore positive. Now I’ve been thrown out by the Chad’s stealing the Ravens. So I’ve been excommunicated by the National Football League like Colin Kaepernick after 28 years, so I don’t get to see as many of my media buddies and sports buddies and press spots and all that after all these years so I’m loading up right now on sort of my favorite people this month for our 25th anniversary brought to you by curio and foreign daughter. And every time I say Michael Greg is coming on I was bragging this week that I’ve always great guests coming on people are like man I loved him and all real guy What is he doing? I’m like so I’m like how you doing? What’s going on right guy? I’ll fix it Cleveland man other than Flaco Flaco Flaco Yeah,

Michael Reghi  02:00

baby thought about joey right now but I’m loving your Baltimore positive man that that screenshot looks fantastic. You’re looking good and it’s always a delight and pleasure to be with you my man. So let’s rock let’s talk some man for those of you

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:17

watching out there he made me take my hair out. Yeah. Oh, he’s like I need to see the rock and roll. So listen, I this whole thing of being the front runner the by week, the the ravens are expected to win the Super Bowl right? And then there are places like Cleveland, Detroit, which is your original homeland and you did speak about the lions and going back to Plimpton for crying out loud because you’re a few years older me Yeah, I mean to the lions lead you make they look at you like Eric Hipple.

Michael Reghi  02:52

Ah, can I go with the Gary Danielson

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:54

I was gonna give you a Danielson reference Yeah, but no

Michael Reghi  02:59

man you gotta you know you gotta gotta rip the hometown man born and raised in the DEA. Spent my first 18 years through high school there so yeah, man I’ll look wouldn’t it great? Would you like to see either I know you’d like to see about a Lions ravens Super Bowl for all my my good friends at Charm City.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:18

Well, listen, I was I called you to get on the Flacco and the Cleveland thing but let’s think about this for a minute because first off I you know I have friends that live in Detroit. I know Detroit people. I’ve been gone. Tigers danger. Like all time favorite places that I ever went to see anything. But back in the 90s was syndicated. I would go out there it was always hockey town hockey town hockey town, and the octopus and I was there for a playoff game. Like all that the Joe all of that. And the pistons Bad Boys bad boys. And I’m Kirk Gibson and Les filling tastes great mountain Tiger. Like I remember all the Detroit stuff that you would remember. But then Jim Schwartz got hired as the lions coach, and he and I are friends. And we’ll talk about him on your side of the fence in Cleveland as well. And he said to me, you just bought his place in the eastern shore as a summer he got the job. And he said to me, you’d be shocked to know this, but like the lions own Detroit, like he said, all the free press and the clicks that we and this is over 15 years ago. He’s like, the lions are the most popular team in Detroit. They just never win. Like and you would never know that because there’s no dog pound or this or that. They’ve never won. They’ve never been in a Super Bowl. They haven’t threatened the really miserable. They haven’t won a playoff game and 30 Like all of that stuff. He’s like if they ever win as the coach, he’s like if they ever win, they are the most popular and then I see like they’re playing the eight o’clock game on Saturday night, right? They’re the they’re playing the rams that there is a brand there for the lions that everybody’s tried to awaken from Wayne fine, like going through all these guys, Bobby Ross all that. But like this for the Lions for Detroit. We’ve never seen an awakening for that franchise.

Michael Reghi  04:56

You mentioned Hockeytown Of course, yes. The bad boys. The pistons, of course to Gibson, Sparky Anderson and the 84 Tigers. But make no mistake, Detroit is a football city Nestor. I mean, I stopped my my dad at Detroit cop. My uncle in Detroit fire captain started taking me to lions games in the late 50s When I was three, four or five years old, so you know at old Tiger Stadium man, nothing like it. Made

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:27

You the man you are right. You went as a kid. My dad like the Baltimore Colts games. I saw Joe Nemeth on the first day I ever saw a game in 1973. And here I am. And that’s what the way kids are. Right? I mean,

Michael Reghi  05:42

no question Absolutely. about it. And, and like I said, when, you know, you got a dad. That’s a 30 year Detroit cop vice cop. I mean, listen, I was all about growing up there. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. It was phenomenal. It made me think the first time I was able when I was when I was calling the Orioles. I went to a Ravens game at at old Memorial Stadium. And I said, this reminds me of growing up in my childhood, the NFL at Memorial reminded me of growing up with watching the Lions of Tiger Stadium. So you know, I mean, listen, there’s nothing like it’s and I got a feeling that these playoffs Nestor are going to be phenomenal. And I don’t need to tell you, your guys got a hell of a shot to win NFL championship this year.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:34

I know you’ve been very close to LeBron and the NBA. And all those years and I called you and bugged you back when LeBron was losing and leaving, and then winning and coming back and opening the hometown, the Akron kid and all that stuff. I mean, your family went through that. And I remember you telling me your kids just were over the moon that there was a championship that they got to enjoy and be a part of. And I’ve written two books now on the ravens, right? I mean, it’s purple rain 1.2 This is a whole different story here. Flacco was the proletariat in my you know, tale of Purple Rain too, and, and being all that but you know, when you get this expectation of winning and Cleveland had it with Lebron for a period of time when you’re the best team and then you aren’t the best team in the end. Somehow, someway. This is a really special place for the ravens to be right now with Lamar and you the Browns might be in a way Flacco might be in a way which is why I got on the phone with you

Michael Reghi  07:25

yet. Well, listen, Flacco Joe Flacco and I first saw him I think you know this when he was quarterback in the Delaware Bruins call on ESPN games had Flacco when he was in college. So I saw him before he ever got to the NFL. I’ll tell you what, Nestor he has been absolutely phenomenal. Turns 39 years old this coming week. But what he’s done with two phenomena use the term resurrect his Browns offense, because fifth quarterback they’ve used and Nestor they couldn’t throw the damn ball and all after Deshaun Watson went down and Flacco has brought a legitimate NFL passing game back that has to be respected. And I’m happy as hell for Joe, to be honest with you, because I don’t need to tell you. I think he’s a hell of a dude, hell of a good man, phenomenal guy. And what he’s done again to in the course of a season to get this offense back to where it needs to be at least the NFL level in terms of a passing game. He’s been phenomenal. Are

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:34

they dangerous? I mean, in your mind, you watch a lot of sports Michael rugae are they a danger in the regard to this Saturday’s the first game it’s a minute away, right? Whenever you’re listening on a 15 Second Republic, they win the first game they’re they they’re the team we’re gonna play unless buffalo or Kansas City really wet the bed this week. I mean, certainly Kansas City should win. I mean, there’s no reason to cold home beaten up. Dolphins coming in. Yeah, Pittsburgh, Mason Rudolph shouldn’t be able to go into Buffalo and I mean, shame on the bills if they spit that up, but they’re capable. I mean, it certainly it’s capable. It’s possible. But there is this it’s this close that Joe Flacco coming back here with Jim Schwartz from our beauteous he hates when I say hail Thorpe or Catonsville let’s do Gucci for him are beautiful. It’s like I don’t I’m Dundalk is what I say. So he’s our beauty is I yeah, there is something and then beyond that and I don’t feel this because you know, it’s like an Indianapolis person not feeling what this means when they start talking about putting 56 throwbacks on or when when those creeps in Tennessee put my Oilers gear on those four people in Houston there’s a point for the Cleveland fans and this Baltimore thing that they don’t look at the purple when they see Lamar Jackson they see art modell if they’re old enough to see when I see the Colts I see Bob or Sade. So to some degree or Johnny you even we’re letting more whatever But in your case, this would be the I mean, this would be one of the monumental football games. People asked me when the game is and I’m thinking, well, if it’s Flacco coming back and browns vs ravens and Lamar, it’s gonna be the eight o’clock Saturday. I’m thinking like, why wouldn’t they want it to be that because there’s no juice to your storyline that if the Browns just hold the water in their defense and win this game, they’re probably coming to Baltimore next week. I was thinking about calling you next week. But I thought no, I want to get on this this week before the lions get eliminated. I’m sorry, before the lions play.

Michael Reghi  10:33

Well, it’s funny you mentioned that because I think the NFL is just giddy with excitement. They’ve got the two matchups, as you mentioned, looking for the potential here now of Joe Flacco who’s we you said going back to Baltimore and playing the Ravens. And they got Matthew Stafford coming into Ford Field and Detroit this week, six seed rams, three seed lions. I see they move that to Sunday night at eight o’clock. So I

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:02

can’t lose that game. Right. That was that was like, you know, six we lost to the Colts. I mean, I mean, it was just the worst thing in the world if Matt Stafford would knock them out, right? Yeah,

Michael Reghi  11:13

well, and listen, man, I’m a big Matthew Stafford guy always was to me, the reason that there wasn’t more success when he was quarterback in the Detroit Lions, is because quite honestly, he had to put up 35 points every week to win the damn game. Their defense was awful, during the whole time that he was there with the exception of maybe a year or two. That being said, though, I I don’t believe that. Nestor would surprise me if the Browns were able to get to an AFC Championship game even with what Joe Flacco is doing. But as you said, you know, you get to the way he’s playing right now. He has revitalized the passing game. If they can continue to defend they are one of the top five defenses in the NFL, that’s going to be the key. Can they continue to defend and to live up to what they’ve done? And yeah, there’s gym sports, as you talked about, and by the way, I love sports. I’m like you man. I just think this guy is phenomenal. Probably a better DC than he is a head coach. But that’s cool. That’s okay. Because Swartz has really come in and made this defense realize that they can be special and that they have like

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:34

alright guys our guest you remember him as the longtime voice from T sports and your Baltimore Orioles and see you later. And he is uh he’s back and have a look at the Lamar thing from the outside your football guy. Yeah. You tell me what you’re still doing. You still you call football? Yeah. The last 15 weeks right? Literally Yeah, just

Michael Reghi  12:54

cold call every week all college football for ESPN. Mostly since COVID. Now I am doing the American Athletic Conference in the Mid American Conference. But any kind

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:06

of games give me the best game you saw this year? Oh,

Michael Reghi  13:09

best game I saw this year probably let’s see Toledo in Miami. called that one in the Mac. So but I enjoy doing the Mid American Conference excellent conference as is the American Athletic Conference and

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:24

guys in the NFL. I mean, no doubt and then it’ll

Michael Reghi  13:27

do the division two Division Three playoffs you know, as we get up into December, and near Christmas, I just love college football. Mr. Result all my time in the NBA and an MLB with the Orioles. Football to me is still my main passion, the number one thing and just feel humbled that I still have the opportunity to call games. Well, I’ll

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:49

tell you what, guys like you and Kenny Albert mean, I couldn’t call one sport and they put me in a booth for soccer. And I can do a little color here and again, but the play by play So people always say, Hey, man, you talk fast, you get it. You see you play by play. And I’m like, I get a horse race once a completely embarrassment. And I don’t feel like I have any aptitude for it. You’re like, I feel like I could play the guitar. I don’t know that I could play the piano. You know, I don’t know that I feel like so play by play to me is like it’s an incredible art form that I would never excel at in one sport, let alone to be able to do it across mold. I marveled at all of you who can do that and and and take a you know, a roster and get names right numbers. I had a hell of a time with seven horses.

Michael Reghi  14:32

I understand but But I appreciate you saying that because on behalf of everybody that does does play by play and whether it’s at the college level, the professional level 1,000,000% with everything you just said I mean it it’s not easy to do. You know and Ben I get it people are going to be critical and what have you but like I said it’s a passion of mine and I always always have those eight years. As I did the Orioles you know right at the top of my food chain because being there, there were many of those years they didn’t succeed and weren’t very successful. But to be able be to be in Charm City and understand the Baltimore Orioles baseball tradition that meant a lot to me as someone who grew up in Detroit with another fable than when, as my childhood spent with the Tigers in MLB, another one of the truly outstanding Major League franchises just like the Orioles you were

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:30

here during a period of time when you know the place was full and rockin and TV and ratings and all of them. So, Lamar, if you’re calling a game and your voice and you’re doing the pregame what what do you say about Lamar at this point, because I feel like to MVPs different than anybody else for sure. But boy, these next couple of hours of football, this is where, sadly, this is where Peyton Manning God judge this is where Dan Marino LeBron until he won for anybody until they win. This is where it is. And it’s unfortunate that, you know he feels it in such a way Josh no one either. I mean, a lot of guys have one right when you read that they’re playing for but Lamar supposed to win right now. And he is different than all the rest of these people and the way that the game is played, and the way that anybody could have had him 10 months ago and nobody wanted him.

Michael Reghi  16:23

I love Lamar. I think he’s outstanding. You know, I think he’s everything you want in an NFL quarterback. And I know from knowing the hardball family as as I do. And, of course, having Jack Harbaugh the dad coached me in high school up during the Michigan football camps. Lamar Jackson, I think is to me, he’s one of the top quarterbacks in the game. Everybody, I think realizes that and but Nestor, as you said, gonna have to win now here in January and, and I know as Ravens fans, hopefully it turns into February too. He’s got to get that taken care of and accomplished. But, you know, if he does, I don’t know how that he can’t get all the accolades he so richly deserves as one of the very best the best quarterbacks in the National Football League. It’s bizarre

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:21

thing in Cleveland for the franchise itself, because it’s Flaco, Flaco, Flaco Flaco. But they got $200 million into Deshaun. Watson. Yes, this is an interesting storyline in a town that loves to talk sports and you’re there, Michael, that if Flacco wins a game or two or three or whatever, you know, they go to the Super Bowl where, like, they had a different quarterback, they have a guy they’ve already paid, and flaggers not going to be the guy into the future. But this is a real hearin now, I remember when Don strock was winning games. Yeah, he’s just rock around the clock. This is a bizarre circumstance in the Wally PIPP. Yeah, you know, cave tradition of what this is, and what this represents that Joe Flacco has got four hours to win another Super Bowl and maybe write a different legacy for himself based on the defense and his pathway. But that franchise is still into another guy marriage,

Michael Reghi  18:14

and it’s being talked about around here, buddy. I mean, it really is already and I said well let them let it play out. But to me, you know, Deshaun Watson, again, you know, he’s got to be looked upon as your quarterback going into the future, as you said, you paid him a king’s ransom to do that. But if Flacco works, and I’m thinking I gotta win the Super Bowl, there’s gonna be a lot of browns fans. I don’t know if BT organization, but I know a lot of browns fans are good to say let’s roll with Flacco. If he happens to win a couple of playoff games here, I’d say gets the Browns to an AFC Championship game, if not the Super Bowl. They have that capability. But I would say again, it’ll probably be if you’re really breaking it down Nestor as much as and again, I’ve marveled at what Flacco has done in this five game run, he’s quarterback but if the Browns are gonna go to those lengths that we just talked about, I still think it’s going to have to be dominated by the defensive side of the football, which has been their calling card throughout the course of the year.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:23

microarray guy is our guest. He does games lots and lots and lots of games. He’s built a life around doing what I struggled to do which is play by play struggle. I wouldn’t even begin to struggle. I just want to stunk but he calls the games left to right on your radio dial and sometimes will television as well. He’s been doing it for a lifetime now. And a lifetime of waiting for that. Lions victory. Now, look, you’re old enough that you talked about going there in fifth grade. I mean, the lines were good when you were a kid when you were kid. Rounds matchups were like legendary they built the

Michael Reghi  19:55

league big time that’s exactly why I didn’t I you just showed me what a great no fell historian you are it’s right. Four times. I mean, I was born to 54. So but I’m a little guy but like I said at four and five years old I was there. And those championship games there was a lions in the Browns at old Tiger Stadium. have great memories of it even as that smaller guy, but yeah, I mean that was the NFL that was the strength of the NFL. The Lions against the Browns during that time. Oh, my house a lot had changed since then. Right but look, I mean to me, a Lions ravens a Lions brown Super Bowl would be phenomenal. We’ll see if that comes to pass Nesta a lot of football to be played. I wouldn’t call any of them the Favorites necessarily in their respective ravens ravens are but yeah, I would love to see it. If it happens is great. I think it’d be just outstanding for the NFL. Man,

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:58

a Plimpton reading of all things, lions, we might as well be at the AC Lyndale or Linda lake. I had a hot dog in a beer in there one time so boy, apparently, apparently it’s legendary because the Orioles clinched the 69 or 70 pennant in Detroit, went there and ripped it up with repellent. There’s a story about that. So, but the legend exists microarray guy is still in the land of cleave show wearing that beautiful Honolulu blue hat of the Detroit Lions and hey, it’s football playoffs. This is a lot of fun, right? You love football? I love football. I talked about seeing Nemeth as a kid 7273 Yeah, my dad took the fall in love with the Oilers and Dan Passerini and Earl Campbell and like it is a it is a lifetime affliction and addiction and I don’t know what the hell we’re gonna do with this peacock thing on set right? I don’t know. I don’t know what PK you know I don’t but when

Michael Reghi  21:57

you give me some answers on that what the hell we are gonna do

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:02


get my credit card Damn it all right, like will take care of yourself it’s great to have your

Michael Reghi  22:07

boss for you to bestel you and yours man and I hope again everybody is doing great and Charm City you know yours have a strong place in my heart buddy you know

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:17

when when a rockstar goes out and somebody like quotes their song to them as they’re saying goodbye or stuff like that. So when I but every time I have you on I sort of quote you and I say See you later or your home run call that I’ll remember the rest of my lead always be yours when I say See you later appreciate it buddy.

Michael Reghi  22:34

All the best to you and yours man.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:36

Right guy? Yeah many years at Camden Yards now out in the land of Cleef hoping praying for a Flacco versus ravens matchup. But more than that, just making sure they exterminate Matt Stafford at Ford Field on Saturday football all weekend. Luke’s out in Owings Mills. We’re having fun. I got Maryland lottery scratch offs here I got some some Oh, snaps, I’m gonna be giving these away. I also have some unwrap the cash is still left. We are doing the crabcake tour. But it’s we’re on a little bit of a hiatus here. Just chilling out waiting for the Super Bowl. We promise you on February 5, we’re gonna roll it out. It’s gonna be called crabcake row. It’s gonna have a great charity bent. I think you’re gonna love it. It’s gonna be the biggest radio row Super Bowl week we’ve ever had here. And it’s going to involve everybody in the audience doing great things and participating. I don’t ask for much. But I’m going to ask each and every one of you for a little something something to to help some less fortunate people in the month of February, as we’re warm and they’re cold. So uh, hang in there. Be cold this weekend. I’ll tell you what, we’re gonna watch football. We’re gonna chill out. And we’re gonna see who we got next week. It’s fun time around here. I’m Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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