MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 21 Arizona Diamondbacks


Arizona – You can’t really keep Milwaukee and Phoenix apart on this list because they both play in virtually the same stadium. As Curt Schilling pointed out on WNST recently, it sure is nice to come inside and play baseball when it’s 114 outside and 72 inside. But it’s a big, hollow, chilly (well, from a mojo standpoint) place and other than the pool in right field it’s a generic building that feels almost abandoned when no one is in the seats on a weeknight. It’s a nice enough building but it’s hard to find anything unique here besides the heat on the outside. Oh, and whatever they were thinking in changing the color scheme of the uniforms was very short sighted. The new uniforms and logos suck. I attended a Throwback Thursday night. I’m glad the Diamondbacks weren’t wearing the maroon of their football cousins in Glendale.


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