Offseason magic with Home Run Riches winners during the holidays

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Every Orioles fan remembers Barbara Phelps-Anderson, who hit it big in the 50th Anniversary of the Maryland Lottery celebration when Ryan Mountcastle hit the 50th home run in a memorable Baltimore baseball summer. Nestor caught up with the huge Birds fans down in Sunnyside to relive the magic moment and talk offseason Orioles baseball.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Doug Lloyd, Bob, Barbara

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:47

Welcome back, WN St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive, we are positively gonna tell a story here. It’s gonna be a good one. today. We have our friends from the Maryland lottery. And I’m giving these away I’m gonna be giving away to sent the tickets from Gingerbread and peppermint. When Ross gets him to me on the crab cake tours, we get up on the holidays. But we had a lot of winners on these ravens tickets. We talk about winners here all the time on the crab cake tour. And you could check our schedule out out of Baltimore positive. But you know, I this is a young lady who hit it big during Oriole season. And it’s it’s not a real season right now sort of the offseason, we’re waiting on the team to do some stuff and break some news. But I’ll tell you what the biggest news we had all year with a lot of was home run rich Doug noise here to tell us a little bit and give us a little bit of background because I know Barbara Phelps Anderson was a little bit of a little bit of a superstar in the Orioles minds and Ryan mountcastle. And we did this countdown, it was the 50th anniversary of the Maryland lottery. When the year began and talking I’ll have you pick the story up because you guys started warning me around this time last year, there was gonna be big winners, it was gonna be Ormos related. And we really had a lot of fun with this promotion this summer. Yeah, so it was the

Doug Lloyd  02:05

lotteries 50th anniversary this year. And part of kicking this off was adding some extra giveaways and promotions to our schedule. homerun riches is really one of those promotions that all of our fans look forward to. And you know, just because they’re Orioles fans, and it’s something that’s sort of an annual spectacular that we have. But what we did this time was we added in 250 $1,000 top prizes that went along with it. And this is a second chance that folks got into by playing one of our fast play games. It’s it was our home run wishes progressive. And folks that entered those nominee tickets, they had a chance to be picked as a contestant of the game for all the scheduled Orioles games. But they also had a chance to be picked for one of these big prizes. The first one was when the Orioles hit a their 50th Home run, we gave away $50,000 And at the end of the season, we pick one lucky winner to win a second $50,000 prize. Now Barbara on the line she was she was the first lucky winner in this contest. So you know all of the folks that had got into this, were watching these drawings first to see if they were picked as a contestant of the game. But then, you know, as the Oriole started, you know, really quickly having a dominant first couple of months, you know, they really started pouring on those home runs. And we’re watching that tally as it went.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:22

Well, you know, we have John Martin on and I’m gonna welcome Barbara Phelps and she and her husband Bob on how are you guys doing? How are things in Shadyside? Maryland? Are they a good crabcakes down there in Southern Maryland?

Barbara  03:32

Yeah, what’s great down here we’d like it. Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:36

know you guys the Orioles had you all up and we had some fun and I want to hear all the stories because from a fan’s perspective. It’s just such a beautiful thing. And I know Bob and I talked a little 1966 Orioles, and Louis Aparicio back in the day. So I know what big fans you guys are. But this time last year, John told me about the promotion. And then we got into spring training. And Chaka saying, well, the winner might not happen to June or July. And I was like, Well, yours might hit more home runs than you think. And the Orioles got off to the start that I think every fan. All of us lifetime fans were just instantly watching the game staying with the team. We’re in first in second place in first place. But more than that hitting home runs. And John and I get together. And I think Doug, you were part of this back in April say some of these people were pulling out in May may be in line early June. And the schedule got backed up. So Doug, you hit these folks in late April right. And you’re probably not really thinking that these are the folks in the in the mind’s eye to be the winners right away because I think the Orioles were hitting home runs at a really historic pace in April in May. Yeah.

Doug Lloyd  04:46

And I always want to be very careful when I when I have these folks. We pick the winners, you know a month in advance of the the winners that are going to have the games in may get picked in late April. That’s when Barbara was selected and She got a game for May 16. And you know, that didn’t really jump off the schedule. But as we started to come down and watch that tally grow, I started thinking, Well, you know, I gotta warn some of these folks, because I want to make sure number one that they’re watching the game, and that they knew that they had this possibility to win this big prize, but I didn’t want to give somebody false hope. And really, you know, I didn’t want to put that $50,000 out there, and then sort of snatch it back. So I wanted to be very careful about that. But we were excited, you know, just just as fans alone, but also that it’s coming. And we knew that we were going to have a lot of fun with this. So. So I think we had a quick conversation on the phone, Barbara, and then, you know, fingers crossed, of course. And then the night of it was looking, it was looking like it could happen, but it was the angels and I think that we weren’t quite sure here in town, how we were going to match up against Otani and the rest of that team. That’s usually so good. But, you know, we didn’t Kramer on the mound, and, you know, the lineup as it was mountcastle not being in it. You know, it took a little twist during that game. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:05

Barbara, I gotta ask you this, because I kid Doug all the time about being the person that calls the winners and says you want and I say to Doug all the time, do they really believe you? So tell me where you were when the first phone call came? Because you’re instantly a winner? Right? Like you’re, you’ve won some money. It’s nice. The man from the lottery calls you Did you believe dog when he called you, Barbara? Well,

Barbara  06:28

I was really excited. But I kept thinking, Oh, it’s not going to happen to me. I don’t win that much. And, you know, I’m just a normal person. I’m not going to win. And I hope I win. You know, I was I knew I was going to win something. Because we do get you know, for they’ve been hitting home runs. And I thought well, I get I get hope they hit a home run or two. But Sunday night, we started getting excited because

Bob  06:52

Tommy refer Connie Petron and they put up his big five runs that was on the game. We all need. More pressure was Santander and Marlins ever the bid yet, sir. But it was so exciting. And we got to try it. Yeah.

Barbara  07:10

So watching we were watching the game. And we had all the kids watching. They were all waiting to see what happened. And when the first home run hit, we got kind of excited because we only needed one more home run. I

Bob  07:24

heard and I told you that I think we got he

Barbara  07:27

right away said, Oh, you won. Who won? You want?

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:31

Well, I’ve been trying to get on all summer. You know this, right? Like I started Doug right away. I’m like, I want to have these folks on toxic baseball. And then the season got crazy. And they were so good. And then the Ravens. And then I said we got to do this for Thanksgiving. You know, because I mean, I think it’s a different kind of thanksgiving for you. But I want to get to the root of this. Because, you know, I work with a lot of folks. I do this crazy crab cake tour. I give away tickets. We had a $50 winner the other day over Pappas. I was. But but I so I see when people win, I see how excited they get. And I have people just thanking me for giving them a ticket because they have a chance to win. Right? Tell me about playing homerun riches and tell me about the day you buy a ticket and and are you’re obviously lottery players. You have fun with it. My wife loves playing the big jackpot game. So I see her excitement. But as a player, you play this. And are you thinking I’ll see my name on television, and maybe one of you maybe have some sort of extra excitement in this?

Barbara  08:29

Well, we were hoping and I was nervous about it. But Bob kept saying oh, we have a good chance we rarely do now that you know the the homeruns were really coming in. We got more and more excited every day. And he kept saying oh, we’re gonna get it. We’re gonna get it in a mall. Yeah, he had a list and saying, you know, now that we’re only two away, he was sure we were gonna win. And I said I don’t know. I’m not sure.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:56

You wrote this down on paper. He

Barbara  08:59

had it on paper. He said you’re on paper

Bob  09:04

for homeruns Yeah,

Barbara  09:05

we were excited. And of course we knew my castle was really doing good. So we were excited when he came up to bat when he hit the home run. Oh all heck broke loose. We were screaming and yelling and running around that kids were calling and my grandson’s over was overseas and he actually call he was the first one to call and congratulate us so that was really fun. We were just so excited. We didn’t know what to do.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:30

Well I had settled on the show the next day and I was watching the game I mean they made a big thing about you guys on the broadcast and and how much fun this was for everybody but I how big of a you had a big gathering at your place for the game. No, we

Barbara  09:47

were just don’t have the telephone with everybody but it was just a Shiva. They all watched the game. They all everybody was wild. All the kids were watching the game and hoping for us to win and we just we just couldn’t believe it. We were just So excited

Bob  10:00

run over her and hit that home run. I really got excited. Wow.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:07

But Bob, when What’s your first Oriole game with that you went to?

Barbara  10:10

What’s the first oil game you went to?

Bob  10:12

Ah? Well, let’s see it was way back in the 60s probably late 66 Wow, that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:27

a pretty good year to go.

Bob  10:29

I were I remember the pirates. And I was at the World Series where either Willie started or Roberto Clemente hit the winning home run in the seventh game. I think that was 67. Maybe

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:46

that was 71. But that Yeah, but 71 They’re all running together. Oh, yeah.

Bob  10:51

Yeah, I’ve been. I’ve done to several. I’ve been to Memorial Stadium a lot of times.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:59

Who’s your all time favorite Oriole Bob?

Barbara  11:01

Who’s your all time favorite?

Bob  11:03

It’s got to be Brooks Robinson. I’m you know. A sir. My prayer a lot to no more with your broski remember full pack? Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:17

he Yeah, he would always say the hot foot motor basket. There’s no doubt about that. Barbara, who’s your favorite Oreo?

Barbara  11:23

Well, right now it’s Ryan mountcastle. Jersey with his name on the back. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to get it. We thought

Bob  11:33

it was true. But I’m gonna go with her and

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:38

also her, you know, so this is an interesting offseason as fans. I think there’s a lot of expectation. I mean, this was the most fun we’ve had. Not just because you want a lot of money for the member library, but 100 games. It was really something wasn’t it?

Barbara  11:56

Oh, yeah. I think they’re gonna do it next year. I mean, they were so close this year. They got a great team, I think things are gonna go better for them and they’re gonna really really pull it in next year. We’re hoping for

Bob  12:08

showed the rookie age during the playoffs. I think they kind of went flat. But that happens.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:17

Anymore pitching, you know, Kyle Gibson now signs, you know, with the Cardinals so they, you know, they’re not going to have him but they’re going to need to get some pitching. We we spent a lot of time talking about that. Was red hot, too. Yeah, no doubt about it. They lost to a good team. So Doug Lloyd is here for the Maryland lottery. Barbara Phelps Anderson, who was the big winner from Ron riches. Back in the spring, you probably remember the Ryan mountcastle Home run back on May 16. All as part of the Merrill lotteries 50th anniversary, barber husband’s here, we’re talking quasar, we’re talking to a bow ski, Brooks. I’m outside love this Ryan mountcastle. The past and the future. Don’t let folks in the just behind the scenes on these promotions, we talked about the ravens, which I give these away all the time, we have an experiential prize coming up in a couple of weeks, where folks are gonna go to Jacksonville, people really win. And this is a wonderful thing. And I tell you all the time, and I said this is probably why it’s nice and makes me want to cry during the holidays, you know, a little more Turkey on the play a little more Christmas on the Christmas, little more holiday on the holiday, a little more champagne on the New Year’s, whatever it is. But it’s it’s a nice thing. And you get to interact with beautiful people in places like Shadyside and get to tell them they win. It’s kind of a neat thing. Yeah, you

Doug Lloyd  13:30

know, here at the lottery, we like to collect those stories and, you know, just sit with folks and experience their lives for a minute or two, you know, whether it’s an instant win that somebody’s coming into claim, or one of these Second Chance ones. And the great thing about the Second Chance was is we do have a little bit more time to sit down and get to know people and in Barbara’s case, we got a chance to hear a little bit more about how, you know, she watches the games with her grandson, you know, all throughout the year. And that that’s really touching. Carl Petro who was our other $50,000 winner. We got off to a rough start he thought I was trying to extend his warranty or or get him to donate to the Fraternal Order. And you know, he hung up on me right away so we you know, we have a lot of fun with with these winners, we have a little bit more time to get to know, you know, Petro, also a big Ryan O’Hearn fan and you know, had something to do with something in his life. And, you know, getting to know those special moments about folks is one of the really rewarding parts of my job makes letting go of those big checks a little bit easier. And and we’re getting ready to have a few more like like you said, ravens, we’re getting ready to send two folds down to Jacksonville on the team plane which is a lot of fun. We have thanks winning which is running right now with our draw games that gives folks a chance to win some instant cash vouchers and then we’ve got our holiday. Second change was just running now through January, we’re doing weekly drawings for a chance to win $5,000. And in the end, we’re gonna have two big winners of $100,000. So there’s always some fun stuff in the second chance schedule. So, urge anybody that’s checking this out, never heard about it, make sure you check out the rewards program and head over to MD To see what cool prizes we have in store for our next batch of Second Chance winners.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:24

metalcraft HaTorah, presented by the Maryland lottery is coming your way we’re going to be Coco’s on Wednesday we’re going to be gertrudes at the BMA or Thursday of the world famous crab cake for the first time there on next Friday. We’re at Hollywood casino up in Berryville with former Maryland stadium authority chairman Tom Kelso, we’re going to be state fair on the fifth we’re going to be a foreign daughter the 15th we’re going to be fade these on the 28th to end the year. It’s all brought to you by window nation and our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care in conjunction with our good friends at the Maryland lottery. So last thing for both of you Barbra Barbra and Bob as as Oriole fans here. Do you have any if Mike Elias we’re here Brandon Hi we’re here the Angeles Do you have any like wisdom to pass on as fans? That could make it more fun or make it better in this offseason? What do you think? Right?

Barbara  16:11

Look, what could we do to make it better? In the offseason? What

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:14

do you want to see from the Orioles? Tell him he complained a little bit this is a chance for you get to do sports radio.

Bob  16:19


Barbara  16:20

Pitching I know it’s pitching. We need a little bit better pictures.

Bob  16:24

Oh for the team. Ah. Deputies to healthy

Barbara  16:30

Yeah. So not just

Bob  16:33

closer. And other than that they don’t have any weaknesses. If these young guys develop at all anymore, they’re made sure they don’t have many weaknesses. Yeah, get

Barbara  16:46

our mountain man back. We loved him. Yeah, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:49

know. You’re gonna lobby. There’s a heavy O’Hearn mountcastle lobby going on. I’m telling you what this Jackson holidays coming up. We got to figure out what position Henderson is gonna play what position on what day is gonna play Westberg I think they’re gonna make a deal. I think Colton cows are Westberg some of these great prospects may be involved in a pitching deal, because they’re going to, we can all agree that the more pitching, right? You’re pitching pitching, but it didn’t take me long to get to you guys. So

Barbara  17:16

we want we want to see more of gunner too. We want to make sure that they put him up front and get him get him some homeruns. And we really like watching him. He’s the new young guy. And I’m glad he you know is on the team. I really liked him.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:31

Isn’t it fun? Like I have a 1980s jersey on I have Rick Dempsey on a couple of weeks ago to senseis is coming on soon with me. And I go back, you know, obviously my last name is Aparicio. My mike mike Louis brought my father here in the 60s. It’s the reason I’m here. So I’m a baseball guy. But it’s amazing. You know, you talk to your bow ski and you talk Brooks and you I’d say booger Louis, or but then we could talk about Cal and Eddie or we could talk about weeders. We could talk about Brady Anderson, we could talk about any of these players. It’s just the Orioles bring us together, don’t they?

Barbara  18:05

They’re just great players. And we just love watching them that you know, I’ve really enjoyed watching them on TV. We didn’t go to the last game, we did finally get to go to another game this year. So

Bob  18:14

I should get my postseason head on.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:18

All this. Listen all this money you want. If if the World Series comes, I would think at some point you should treat yourselves. I mean, you know what I mean? But for World Series, I don’t know what you did with all the money there. Is there anything you want to say about winning the money that has made life more fun? Did you mean did you go down Ocean City just have a good time with it? I mean, that’s probably what I would have done with it.

Barbara  18:38

Well, we’re thinking about doing something with the kids. You know, we haven’t figured it out yet. So when we got there, some in Kentucky, some in Florida, some you know, different places. So we all we have to try to figure out how to get everybody together. But that would be an awesome thing. If they would win and get us we would get to go oh my god. I hope so. See

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:58

that I’m already spending your money. So there we go. Barbara Phelps Anderson and his I’ve been dug out. Five months, right? I’ve been saying I want these folks on right. Did it did it pay off? It paid off? You guys are

Bob  19:13

great. You’re beautiful guys. very cordial.

Barbara  19:17

We had a great time. Oh, thank

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:18

you. That’s the last question. This is part of the stick on my show and a crabcake tornal You’re in shady side Maryland. So for folks that don’t know where that is. You go to Annapolis you keep going down south, you know on the on the the western shore of the of the Chesapeake Bay. And it’s beautiful down there. I’ve made that drive down to Solomon’s and back up. Do you have a crabcake spot that I need to know about that part of the world because I I take a list of Greg crabcakes you got a crabcakes spot for me. Where

Barbara  19:47

do you where do we like our crabcakes what’s our favorite? I got Google

Bob  19:55

or talking to an Air Force Well, you know,

Barbara  20:01

I just I like them all.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:02

Okay, that’s my answer. Good answer. Barbara. Bob, we’re gonna roll. Thank you so much for joining me

Bob  20:09

reporters process Terrassa skippers clear.

Barbara  20:12

Oh yeah, that’s a good place. That’s a good place we’d like to, we’d like their crabcakes timeout.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:18

Maybe I could play keynote there too. I’m gonna check it out. But thank you very much for your time and make it to time talk. Thanks for track people really when I don’t do an MTV commercial, but people really wind all day. Really.

Barbara  20:30

Wonderful, wonderful time with everybody. They’ve all been really nice to us. We had

Doug Lloyd  20:35

a season 162 Lucky contestants of the game and let’s see, it was 183 Total home runs a total payout of $272,500 through our contestant of The Game contest. fan favorite. We’re looking to see come back again.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:54

Now, are they eligible to win next year? Are they done for life? Is there something

Doug Lloyd  20:58

they’re not retired?

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:02

Like I’m wanting to play more tickets if they want you guys. Congratulations. It’s been beautiful having you on the show. I love this segment. Barbara Phelps Anderson. She was a celebrity probably for all time because you want a lot of dough and a 50 day anniversary. Her husband Bob, talking from motor basket and Brian Brooks and boom, right on up to Bri keep Ryan O’Hearn and never ever trade Ryan mountcastle Hey, Doug, tell Ross I need some scented tickets. I gotta get these gingerbread and, and I’m really really low on my Raven.



Nestor J. Aparicio  21:37

Do they? Do they really smell good?

Doug Lloyd  21:38

This is the gingerbread one. And this is the peppermint one.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:42

All right. Did they smell good?

Doug Lloyd  21:43

Um, Jury’s out on whether this is really gingerbread or not. It’s smells different. It’s it’s not bad. It’s uh, you know, I’d hang this in my car. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:52

I offended I offended the Executive Director of the Maryland lottery two weeks ago by calling him sniffers. Don’t call them sniffers. They’re scented. They’re scented light. So I’m hoping to get these from Ross. Not that I’m worn out or ravens but I just want to see what they smell like. People are like, it’s such a kick to hand them out. Say this smells like peppermint. Now. Check it out. It’s the holidays. Happy holidays. Oh, good luck, everybody. Please play responsibly. We remind everybody we have fun with these tickets. Do not use them for stocking stuffers for people under the age of 18. I’ll continue to say that Barbara and Bob, great guests, and Doug, as always for setting this thing up. We’ll come back and have John and we’ll have Doug we’ll have Roswell. We’ll have Seth soon. But getting on the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody out there. Winners in not winners. We’re all in it together. We’re all kind of winners this year with a real baseball’s a lot of fun on Nesta, we are WNS da and 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive. Thanks, y’all be well. Thanks, guys. Bye bye bye.

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