Pastorini: For the glory of Luv Ya Blue and those Houston Oilers

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As the swashbuckling quarterback of the Bum Phillips-era Houston Oilers, Dan Pastorini was Nestor’s favorite football player in his late 1970s childhood. Now, like many former Baltimore Colts here and abandoned by his franchise in Texas, Pastorini catches up on the Oilers uniform revival in Nashville, the pain of the Texans in Houston and how to Be An Angel.


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Dante Pastorini, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back, W and S T, Towson Baltimore. And Baltimore positive it is football season around here. We’re gonna be talking baseball’s your heels are in first place Luke’s out of the ballpark. We’ll be doing some events around the Tampa games next week. We’re also going to be fade Lee’s Alexina marketing crabcakes during the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at Jiffy Lube, we have a new sponsor, as well as our friends at window nation 866 90 nation but football season opening the season against Houston. Now in the old days, that would have been the Oilers. For those of you watching, you see that I am wearing my number seven it’s the first time I’ve had a chance to wear it in football season. But this is a special segment for chance to wear it because this is this is a throwback to the 1970s for those of you know that I was a Baltimore Colts fan as a child, but really was a Houston Oiler fan. And I remember seeing this guy threw a couple touchdown passes in a losing effort against a really stacked Baltimore Colts team back in 1976 and Bert Jones. He’s the pastor at number seven in your program number one in your heart specially if you were lucky blue guy, I would sing the Euler cannonball to you, Dan or I would sing the Euler flight song. But more than anything, it’s been a little while. How are you man? You look like a million bucks is oh,


Dante Pastorini  01:16

I’m good. Thank you. You too, man. It’s good to see you.

Nestor Aparicio  01:19

Well, I was thinking you live in your best life. I think at this point. You know, we lost Jimmy Buffett over the weekend Springsteen’s in town this week. And I see these old musicians still out doing tours going around stinks here this week. And I think to myself living their best life out making money doing what they love. Man, when you’re a football player, baseball player, they take it away from you, when you’re a racecar driver, they take away from you. What’s your best life, right? Every time I see you, you pop up on guy for Yeti or someplace like that. And you’re always doing something for charity, which is how I met you.

Dante Pastorini  01:51

Well, you know, it’s funny, I’m still doing a lot for charity. I’ve I’m chairman of the board for the past four years for being an angel Foundation, which is our little logo right here. I have a golf tournament. For the last 13 years, we’ve raised about $2.2 million for the charity, the charities, basis and operative is to help profound profoundly deaf children and families with multiple disabilities to improve their quality of life with adaptive care and equipment. So we’ve been we’ve been doing that now for the the charity has been around for 35 years. And you know, we’ve just expanded an office up into Dallas we’re planning on expanding another office down into San Antonio as well. But so far we’re doing really well we’re helping a lot of kids and raise a lot of money. So it’s it’s really a worthwhile endeavor for me and I got a great team that I’m working with, both with my my golf charity, Dan, pastor at Charity and also be an angel Foundation, we’ve got a wonderful group of Board of Directors and employees that bust their butts,

Nestor Aparicio  03:02


Dan, I got two friends in my life both female, a little younger than me both of them but but with children. One of them now with grown children, the cochlear implant and you know, what can be done with young people to be able to hear I have, like I said to friends with children who hear me I know them, I hugged them, I talked to them, they have to put their ears in in the morning, but they hear perfectly and are living normal lives me. Lord knows if you and I were born deaf you in the 40s me in the 60s, we would have had a different ride a different experience of life

Dante Pastorini  03:34

who would have been a much different ride and I’ll tell you what, there is no greater thrill than to see a young child get cochlear implants and hear his mother his or her mother’s voice for the first time. I mean, it just takes your breath away. It’s unbelievable.

Nestor Aparicio  03:51

Well, you’ve been a part of this taught me how to find you give them the email address or the the website for that. Be the

Dante Pastorini  03:58

website is being and you can go on there you’ll you’ll find our information about our golf tournament. Different fundraisers, that we’re doing different programs that we’re doing different people that we’re helping, it’s all right there. So

Nestor Aparicio  04:16

We’re gonna have a little fun here. John McClane, longtime used to chronicle the legend, the general came on and he told me this week. There’s no way the Texans are going to beat the Ravens this week. So, so I’ll just leave it and I’m not gonna talk a lot of Texans with you. But I do want to talk about your town. And I’m wearing a defunct jersey and John has made it known to me and I think everybody in Houston knows certainly Nashville. The Oilers jerseys are going to be back on the Texans against or on the on the Titans against the Texans at some point in December. We deal with this the culture coming here three weeks the Colts play in Baltimore, third week of September. It’s been going on since 84. You have a whole different thing. I’ve known Bruce lair Do I know you know, and a whole bunch of other colts that were sort of orphaned here? We’ve talked about this before when you’ve been on the program, but you’re further along in it where it’s been there and these jerseys are after I see bomb on the wall behind you. I see. I see all your teammates, Elvin, Robert Brazil all those on the wall behind you. How do you feel about what do you think when you see this? You see it every day your life I have it hanging in my closet and you’re a hero and a legend to me you Campbell all those guys. But you’re surrounded by this you didn’t your office? What what do you think when you see this?

Dante Pastorini  05:34

It’s It’s heartwarming, and it’s very flattering. I get it. When I go to the grocery store here. I inevitably get people your age or older, that will come up to me and thanked me for those years. And I turn around and thank them because the fans were the greatest fans in the world. I mean, there are football fans and everything else but I’ve never seen anything in any city that matches the love you blew phenomenon that was down here in Houston in the late 70s to early 80s. And you know, it’s it’s, it’s kind of funny, there’s a lot of there are a lot of people that are pissed off, because the Titans doing this and it’s funny. We had an oyster Titan reunion last year, up in Tennessee and I went up for that and saw all the guys from all the different teams Warren Moon, you know, everybody was Eddie George. And it was fun getting getting together with all those guys and and talking with Amy up there. She said yeah, we’re going to we’re going to bring back the uniforms this next year. It’s a great I said that’s awesome. So people down here a little pissed because they don’t understand it. What they don’t understand is that they feel it’s their property and it’s really not their property. Years ago when the Titans when the when the Titans became the Titans and the Oilers left here. It could have been saved had Bob Lanier and and but Adams which were two young fellas that grew up in River Oaks, you know spoiled kids. He was the volunteer as the mayor but Adams wanted a new stadium football only stadium didn’t want to share with with the with the Astros, which I can understand, you know, we were kind of growing at that time. And I was gone by the end, but you know they wanted a new field. So all in all, economics, it would have cost $350 million to build a stadium, give it to him, keep the orders here, not a problem. Well, linear call his bluff. And sure enough, but left, he had enough and went to Tennessee and now the titans of the Titans. And then the time the Texans come along. Well, not only do we have to give the money to the NFL to raise money to bring a new franchise, and now we have to build a football stadium only. So it’s out here

Nestor Aparicio  07:55

it sounds like the same story just the general

Dante Pastorini  07:57

thing is people don’t get it. They say well, it’s our team, you could have had it for $350 million. Now you spent $1.75 billion and you get a team in here that is not close we’ll never be close to the love you blew years and all that money wasted taxpayers paying that we the taxpayers pay that. But it’s a symbol economics, given the stadium, you keep the name, you keep it down, you keep everything happy, but it didn’t didn’t work out that way. So I’m all for it. I mean, I think you know, our lineage now goes through Nashville, Tennessee, that’s where our lineage goes just like you know, the browns and the Ravens kind of but the Browns got their name their you know, their their name that you know, and it’s

Nestor Aparicio  08:44

see I have this from my childhood here and I’m gonna be doing a show and tell I collect the Rock and Roll belt buckles but I have this cold spell buckle that I brought out. I think it’s the only thing I still have left that says Baltimore Colts have a lot of Oilers stuff of your era that I’ve kept in a box and I’ll have a little bit of fun with you in a couple minutes. But we had a heart I still have friends my age and older to your point, who really have a hard time the word Ursi is a four letter word, Jim Bob the Colts that the fact that they didn’t do what the Texans did, which is strap a racing stripe on and make them green and silver do something that had something to do with Indianapolis, as opposed to here and now. Dan, it’s been 39 years. It’s been 39 years right since this left and I guess the Texans here in Baltimore. It’s all purple, right? Like you don’t see cold stuff. It’s purple. Everybody’s good with it. To some degree every Lenny more and every Bruce lair and the guys that were Ajani when he was still alive, were part of the Ravens. The modell family made them feel like a part of it. But this is a filthy business, isn’t it as I sit here in Oilers gear because the Ravens have thrown me out after 27 years, the owners, the league, all of that it’s romantic, your body hurts from all of it all these years later. It’s It’s a dirty, ugly business when it comes to PA Politics and we have a baseball owner here is refusing to sign a lease and take $600 million of free money, that the business is never far behind it. And I know you’ve been in business all your life.

Dante Pastorini  10:10

Well, you know, in the in the problem that I have with the NFL is that they don’t take care of the pre 93 players. And that’s us, the older guys. And they don’t I mean, the the benefits are horrible. They’re embarrassing. I mean, baseball has gotten much better benefits for their players with former players than than the NFL ever will. And what they do is they now have these elongated collective bargaining agreements to where they’ve thrown us a bone, where they’ll give us another $112 $115 per bested year, you know, per month, which you know, my retirement play 13 years in the NFL, my retirement check is like 2300 or $2,400. And then our Legacy Fund is $3,300. So we’re getting, that’s, that’s what I get for retirement from the NFL, no medical, no gum, dental, no, none, none of that. So, it’s just saddening to me, because I see a lot of guys that are in dire straits. And you know, that kind of retirement, you can’t live on the retirement after the prenup, or post 93 players is unbelievable. You know, they get millions of dollars in 401k to get an education is paid for, they get all that, but they don’t and full medical and dental and all that we don’t get any of it. So that’s what’s kind of embarrassing to me, of the NFL, actually, you know, and then I had to go through my fight with Al Davis, I actually left football with less money than I had when I came into football. So fighting him for for 13 years after I retired out of football to get my payment that I thought was do that, you know, we went through all the bargaining agreements and all that the mediations and everything else, we did it by by the rule. But I mean, I wound up getting bankrupt twice, and you know, broke. So it’s, it’s the same it’s it’s there’s a lot of players that you know, are worse off. I mean, I you know, I wind up surviving, I find ways to make a living and do things, but a lot of guys can’t do it. You know, they have problems mentally, their problems physically. And it’s it’s a shame, and I just think they should wake up and do more for the pre 93 players, because we’re not going to be around them much longer. And every year that goes by, we’re losing less than or more and more of those of those players.

Nestor Aparicio  12:38

And you’re not the only one to bring this up. And you know, obviously I did 27 Super Bowls and radio roads where I met you originally and obviously our relationship with John McClane and what we did would give a spin and I saw you standing at the Astros games right as the Astros were coming on. And I saw, you know, you’re standing in the community and how beloved, you are. And that team was we ran into Jr. Richard that night. So I had a real taste of your ERA in Houston. We’ve got baseball back on the brain here baseball’s gotten good again, and I know in Houston, I mean, I remember the night you and I were together the Yankees were playing. It was sort of the first time the Astros were relevant again, they started winning again. The left hander was pitching that night and they they stuck the bats up the Yankees backside we had a great old times back in 2015. That night, we spent four or five hours together doing charity and swabbing people doing all this stuff. My cousins were there. And from that moment forward, your town really became a baseball town like it’s a baseball town that I came in for Springsteen six months ago to go see him over at the the Toyota Center and it’s all Astros it’s all the throwback it’s all the JR Richard era Ryan. Era you always play baseball with Nolan Ryan back in the day too. But for your town to be a baseball town and see that it was never been five minutes maybe 1980 back in your day was a baseball tip was always a football town. Your town is straddled both in Texas are sort of we’re seeing in this week in football they kind of steak and to your point. They haven’t lived up to what the expectation of love you blue sort of represented where the football team here is made people forget about the Colts over 27 years really?


Dante Pastorini  14:12

Yeah and the Astros that it is the same thing. I mean, you’re right it is a baseball town. I’m a baseball fan. I love the Astros love their organization got a lot of friends that are former players you know darker and Bagwell and all those guys just and we see him all the time at the games and out in public and all but then

Nestor Aparicio  14:31

again you go to a lot you got to

Dante Pastorini  14:35

do that man. I don’t like crowds. I’m getting late. That TV makes you lazy man. You sit there and write back and forth. But you know watching them play I get frustrated you get really frustrated. You just you know that in baseball you have your ups and your downs, your low valleys and peaks and all that stuff. But God when they play bad they play horribly. I mean they lost to the the Yankees You know the Yankees, I saw something the other day watching the Yankees play. They’re gonna be around for a while they got some younger young studs out there that 20 year old centerfielder whatever his name is. He, I mean his first at bat hits a home run off, you know future Hall of Famer Verlander. And then they did it again. And they just swept us. I mean, it was like embarrassing. And now we go up, we play Texas, and they beat them like, I don’t know 13 to six yesterday, you just never know what’s going to happen. You know, they got they got guys injured. Some guys are not playing well. And it’s just they can’t all play together at the same time and for any length of time, but now it’s getting down to the end of the season. So it’s kind of interesting to see what’s going to happen, but I think there’ll be alright, I got faith in him. I think he’s a great coach, and I think there’ll be fun. I am

Nestor Aparicio  15:50

wearing my best Columbia blue today. I have to add Passerini jersey. I bought this on the internet was more affordable than you think it actually fits to it fits. I don’t have to wear shoulder pads in it. Dan is doing all things charitable down in in Houston, Texas has been a part of the show. Anytime I asked him to come on. He doesn’t know that I that I bought this this fluffy hat back in 1979. At the Sears outlet.

Dante Pastorini  16:14

Next time don’t buy one. I know. Oh

Nestor Aparicio  16:15

god. Oh my god that will fit me Dan, that’s not gonna fit me this. This fits me. It’s nice. It’s tag. It’s your size. Listen, you know, there’s something about nostalgia and being a part of that. And the Ravens have thrown me out and I still have all my box of all my old hats. Mike, I see all this stuff online that people are selling. I was down in Austin Houston, going through thrift shops looking to see sort of remnant Euler stuff out there and all that. You almost play baseball though, right? Like you we talked about baseball you Why didn’t you play but in retrospect is your body, your shoulder, your knees? Make you wish you played shortstop instead?

Dante Pastorini  16:56

Yes, at one time, you know, when we you look back in my career. And the first three or four years, we’re not the best of times here in Houston. We were like, you know, four, nine and one my rookie year one and 31 and 13. I was seriously considering maybe playing baseball. But I was drafted out of high school by the Mets and I think was 32nd Round 1967 And I was a shortstop and I had good rain. I had good lateral movement. I could never run very fast running straight forward. But I had good lateral move and good anticipation being around the ball and had a good arm. So they came to my hometown and stood or sat in my my dad’s kitchen in the restaurant with me and my dad. And they they wanted to sign me they want to sign he’s a pitcher though. And I go but I’m a good hitter. I like playing Oh, yeah, we know good. We want to make your pitcher looked at my father that what do I do? He says he called me Willie because Willie Mays was my hero growing up as a kid still is my favorite. My only hero in life. And he called me Willie to my till his dying day. And never Dan or Dante just Willie. And he said it’s your call, you know your grown man now being 18 years old. I turned them down. Well, lo and behold, the next year 1968 They become the amazing Mets and they they win the World Series.

Nestor Aparicio  18:18

We’re familiar with that in Baltimore. We don’t have they

Dante Pastorini  18:21

had a couple pitchers by the name of Ryan and Seaver. I don’t know, whatever happened to those two, but I think they were pretty good. So there would have been interesting to be positive the possibility of being in that rotation. So

Nestor Aparicio  18:33

when you’re putting a flak jacket on and Howard Cosell standard send you out there to the wolves back and let you were you thinking that maybe I mean, you had a really you had a beautiful football career right for like, I mean, you had good times high highs stardom you know playoff game and you shouldn’t beat Pittsburgh that day, by the way which I still go through that with the Pittsburgh people all the time, but we did because yeah, I know you did rent for a call that balls no doubt about that. If we no argument with me on that for sure. But was there there was ever a point where baseball ever really got serious again in your life? Not and we talked about rich but once you made the decision decision sort of major. You’re a football player.

Dante Pastorini  19:17


Yeah, no, I’m, Once I commit I commit and I’m, I’m there for the for the duration, but I don’t regret it. I always just kind of think about it. Maybe I would have, you know, still had my hips. My right shoulder. You know, I had both all three of those replaced but you know, through the marvels of the medical industry, these replacement. Things have worked very well for me. So it keeps me mobile and able to work out and keep moving and play golf and that’s really all.

Nestor Aparicio  19:48

I mean, you’re seven you’re 70 years old. I mean

Dante Pastorini  19:51

74 Until repairs, aren’t you man is that we’re doing over par

Nestor Aparicio  19:56

and you’re golfing. No problems. Oh, yeah. Feeling good. Well, I’m, well listen, I love to hear that, Dan, because I mean, you talk about CTE, you talk about body, you’re the Flak Jacket guy, you wrote a book on it. I think we’re re releasing that. We’ll talk about that in a minute. But, but I do think for anyone and I’m, I’ll be 55 next month, the team’s been here 27 years. There are a couple players in those first 9697 98 teams, one person that I’m very close with on the Super Bowl team and Owen, they’re having problems in life and non problems with hips problems with cognitive ability, whole different level that you and I are here and well and, but I worry about all of you guys that took that sort of abuse back in the day, I worry about him now bigger, faster, stronger equipment, all of that, but the leaks, you know, been been shady and how they’ve dealt with all of you, in my opinion, your health, I agree. And,


Dante Pastorini  20:47

and to the CTE thing is it’s sad because I’ve seen so many players that have had it and players that have it now and you know, I count my blessings so far. I’m 74. But, you know, I wonder sometimes you know, am I gonna wake up someday and not know where I’m at? Or what because I had a lot of concussions I mean 16 that we knew of, you know, that doesn’t count the ones where you get hit and you see flashes of sparks and shake your eyes and you get back in the huddle and call a couple plays and continue to play. But

Nestor Aparicio  21:21

me Jeremy Meijer Greenwich Mean, right?

Dante Pastorini  21:25

He was wasn’t as mean as a lot of people think, you know, I’ll tell you what, he’s one of my favorite people. And he comes to my golf tournament every year and just sits there. It’s just a great guy with with the patrons and donors and all that stuff.

Nestor Aparicio  21:39


But he drink Coke still. I’m just checking. Does he still drink Coke? That commercial?

Dante Pastorini  21:47

I don’t think he drinks anything but water. I think

Nestor Aparicio  21:49

that was the jersey that right? Yeah, you know,

Dante Pastorini  21:53

that was classic. Oh, yeah.


Nestor Aparicio  21:56

Right up there with the miller lite ads back in the day, man. Pastor radio is here the the I guess the reason I called you is because I love you. I love the Oilers. I’ve had this thing love you blue. I have all this cool old stuff that um, but you know, I’m wistful about all of this as this thing gets going. And with the jerseys going, you had a book. I think it was one of the I met you before that I met you used to 20 years ago when the first Super Bowl app in there. But you came on with the talking Flack and the flak jacket and your book. You’re gonna rerelease this right? I mean, your story gets better you got to do, right, a new little chapter or something about the last

Dante Pastorini  22:30

call. You know, we’ve kind of we’ve kind of added to it a little bit. I John and I got together we were approached by Gotham books. And they wanted to rerelease it. And so John and I talked about it and who was my co author? And so we said, well, let’s go and clean a couple of things up that we missed before and you know, add a few things. And so see what happens. And so we’ve got a new it’s a whole new look, different cover and everything. And it’s going to it’s coming out any day, we’re waiting for them to release it. We just signed off on all of the manuscripts and everything else, but we’ll see. We’ll see what happens.

Nestor Aparicio  23:07

Your Life in the fast lane. That’s the subtitle

Dante Pastorini  23:10

taking flags still taking flack life in the fast lane.

Nestor Aparicio  23:13

So life in the fast lane. So the racing thing? That was that was your real love, right? Like I think everybody found that out like after you got banged around football and didn’t play baseball with Seaver, Ryan, you you decided football wasn’t dangerous enough, you had to do something else. Right.

Dante Pastorini  23:29

You know, auto racing is a lot safer than people give it credit for. And, you know, there’s, they take every precaution in the world to go fast. But to go fast, safely. It’s kind of a conundrum. But it’s it is it is what it is. In fact, they just had the US Nationals over the weekend, I’ve got a friend Will Smith has been running Top Fuel. And he’s kind of followed my career and racing and was a football fan as well. And so we kind of stay in touch and he ran, he qualified for his first nhrp event in the US nationals this past weekend, which is the very, very difficult race to qualify and it’s the best race of the drag racing series. And he qualified he ran very respectful he ran like a 380 at 320 miles an hour or something like that, which was right in the hunt, you know, but right now you if you don’t run 360s or 370s or better, you’re not gonna you’re not gonna win anything. But anyway, he he wound up having a first round loss to the to the number one qualifier and he his reaction time was was super I mean, he had like a point four two reaction time which is excellent. So you know, and then I talked to him a little bit message him on Facebook and he said yeah, he said that on the recording when we were raises I’ve got no more money so he’s I’m out. Hustling sponsorships. I said I feel your pain. I know exactly what you’re going through. So I wish him well, but it was it was fun. And Ron Capps and funny car brought back On the snake for domes funny car colors on his rate on his car who wanted winning the race. And he had Pradhan there at the race with him in his bid. So as 50 years ago, when Pradhan won the when the US nationals in that color scheme with Mattel and and and all that which really dropped brought sponsorships into the sport better than any other time and so he was there and it was kind of fun to see I know Don when I were raised and we did some car shows together great guy and just you know he’s the granddaddy him and regardless of the granddaddies of the sport and surely move down the you know the grandmas sport but you know it’s it’s fun to see that nostalgia in that history kind of carried through so it was it was kind of fun. I liked the racing I liked all kinds of racing I’m a Speed Freak still am a little bit but I still would like to stop that pedal one more time just to see what it feels like

Nestor Aparicio  26:01

life and fast lane Mary is that Passerini I got the jersey on number seven in your program you can find his cars at be an actually pull Bian up I’m gonna I’m gonna flash Dan and I off here let everybody know they go up they can donate there’s programs and events they’re staying right on the front being angels grown serve the request for assistance for families in need and they’re there to help out so I want to make sure that we promote that for you. I will be drinking some royal farms coffee in the Houston Oilers mug it is so much Oilers stuff here man I love dude I have I have I have cops I have footballs I have I have Christmas ornaments here. I mean the Oilers were a major part of my life before the Ravens came here and I thought I was gonna be an oiler fan forever but so I still have this box of fun you still have your fun we will get your book when it comes back out and and hey maybe if the Astros and the Orioles get together and a couple of weeks we’ll talk some baseball together something like that


Dante Pastorini  26:58

that that could happen that any any hope

Nestor Aparicio  27:01

for the Texas at all they stink right who the Texans

Dante Pastorini  27:08

I’m sorry Oh yeah, there’s a foot ya know? Yeah, pretty much yeah, they still have the same problem you know, they got the draft the young quarterback which I love the kids got talent and everything else but they don’t have an offensive line. So

Nestor Aparicio  27:26


as a quarterback that’s a problem. I think you remember that from 70 to 73 I

Dante Pastorini  27:31

know that well. I know that theory will.

Nestor Aparicio  27:33

Dan You’re a good man and I it was an honor to root for you as a kid and to know you as a as a middle aged gentleman as you are and I am at this point in our in our game here but between riding horses riding cars doing football is playing baseball, acting and shows being a businessman helping out charity. You are the renaissance man down in Houston, Texas. So well. I’ll be thinking of you in December. I’ll put this on the day that the the Oilers and the Titans get it after

Dante Pastorini  28:00

you got it. I’ll probably have mine on Zoom. Hey, man, and if any, if any


Nestor Aparicio  28:03

of you chip nacmias, any of those Euler people that Amy invites down to Nashville. If you get the stuff a guy like me into the carry on, I’ll come down and we’re Euler blue. I’ll be there. I will pretend to be an honorary Euler for a day or a weekend in Nashville.

Dante Pastorini  28:17

I can make that happen. We’ll make that happen.

Nestor Aparicio  28:19

Appreciate your time Dr. Pastorini. Joining us here from his palatial state in Houston, Texas hitting the golf ball and feeling good at age 74. And the book is coming back out. Taking flack along with John McClane the general who joined us this week gave us a full Texans report against the ravens and it’s informed me that there’s no chance the ravens are losing the home opener this week. So we we will see you on that. Oh look. We’ll be in Owings Mills all week long as well as the Orioles getting back next week. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore talking love you blue and ravens football. We are Baltimore positive.cotorini

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