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Quite a tournament road ahead to Super Bowl LVII


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Luke Jones and Nestor take a look at the entire NFL playoff brackets and go down the playoff road for the Ravens path to Super Bowl LVII in Arizona.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about w n s t Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We are positively into Festivus playoff season I got the purple lights out. We’re going to be celebrating the Maryland crab cake tour. Our first stop of this year with our friends in the Maryland lottery we’re gonna be doing an a G and a Coney Island. That’s all gonna be in White Marsh. I got some ravens scratch off some holiday cash crops. Some leftovers from last year. Some winners in here I promise you come on out on Thursday one to four say hello, sir friends from wise markets. Nick’s gonna be joining us out there as well. The billion dollar question all week will be Lamar Jackson, Lamar Jackson and the Cincinnati Bengals and Sunday, Sunday Sunday. Luke Jones joins us now he’ll be always most talking about all that. Look, I want to go in a different direction, though. Because this is a fun week here. And everybody’s picking winners and and you know, if I would have thought really hard about it, I would have taken every one of those apps. And I would have started my gambling my new addiction this week, and I would have gotten my two or $3 and all that and just would have bet against the Ravens starting a third string quarterback right and I can’t believe that thing was still on the board. This week. The board begins with the recent position and something that you’re an insider and you would not presuppose that Lamar Jackson is actually going to play on Sunday night. I don’t think if I asked you right now betting the dollar one way or another what would you do? But in all these other places, there’s optimism. There’s by weeks in Kansas City, your brother in law and Brett Dickinson all Blue Eagle fans are all up in arms about their 34% Yeah, I like them. We call Anakin became 34%. So there’s a number for everything. You’re a nerd about all of this and statistical breakdowns and all that. This, traditionally is when the fun really begins. And the AFC has some really high quality teams. If the Ravens were to be in Glendale a couple of weeks from now, they would have beaten some really good football teams.


Luke Jones  02:02

No question about it and the AFC in general. Look at the quarterbacks. I mean, it’s we know about Patrick mahomes. We know about Joe burrow we know about Lamar Jackson being a former NFL MVP, Justin Herbert. You know, he’s in the postseason for the first time he’s someone who’s gotten a lot of individual attention individual accolades. But I think the big question and this was reiterated with what they did on Sunday is Brandon Staley and that coaching staff, why in the heck with the Chargers playing their starters, so deep into the game, but I digress on that. But you go down the

Nestor Aparicio  02:34

list and Herbert got great hair. I want to point that out as somebody who does hair. Yeah, he

Luke Jones  02:37

does. No question, you know, does to a tongue of tongue of ILO a comeback? I mean that that’s the big question for the dolphins if they have any shot whatsoever against the bills, but you know, I’m glad you brought up that this is fun, as frustrating. As the back half of the Ravens season has been they are in the playoffs. They are playing Sunday night rather than talking like the Browns are just fired their defensive coordinator are talking about these teams that are having their season ending press conference or the Texans losing the number one pick and then firing Lovie Smith. I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  03:10


I mean, there’s drama everywhere, Harbaugh’s brothers calling everywhere saying please hire me Get me out of here before I get before before the the NCAA police come? Right. Right.

Luke Jones  03:18

Right. So So you look at this. And that’s where you look at the Ravens. And look, I’m not I’m not trying to paint a rosy picture that everything’s fine. I get it, there’s a lot of drama, and there’s gonna be a lot of drama whenever their season comes to an end, whether it’s Sunday night, two weeks from now, or who knows. If they make that they make it to the Super Bowl, it’ll be interesting to see what happens, you know, by that unlikely scenario, but even

Nestor Aparicio  03:39

that is soon soon, they’re going to be dealing with these issues. So the tenor here is going to change from the Mars knee to Mars money.

Luke Jones  03:49

Yeah, no question. But let’s,


Nestor Aparicio  03:51

let’s remember, write that down. It was funny. Hold on. That

Luke Jones  03:53

was pretty good. I was good. But let’s remember in the meantime, got a football game to play Sunday night, we got playoff football and with the National Championship game being played this week, it football is coming to an end. Let’s remember that. And that’s not to say that I don’t like basketball and college basketball. It’s nice to see the Terps get a much needed win on Sunday. And you know, we’re getting closer and closer to spring training and all that. But we’ll miss football when it’s over. So when you do look at this playoff field, there’s a lot of intrigue. There’s something interesting about just about all these games, right? I mean, even even though you look at the Jaguars and the chargers and you say okay, a West Coast team and the Jaguars I mean they they were the number one pick this year, right? I mean, I think that game has a lot of intrigue for Saturday night, you know, two really talented young quarterbacks and I think two teams that probably match up to play a pretty interesting football game. I mean, you got division rivals of Seattle and the 40 Niners although think the 40 Niners will roll because they might be the best team in the NFL right now. That’s how good they’ve been for the last seven or eight weeks. But you just go down the list and specifically in the AFC what more can you ask for for a quarterback lineup then? Patrick mahomes Joe burrow Josh Allen Lamar Jackson if he’s healthy, to what Tangata low if he’s healthy, Justin Herbert, Trevor Lawrence who’s really come on, although didn’t play great against Tennessee on Saturday night,

Nestor Aparicio  05:20

but it’s great hair by the way. We missed that kid in the back of the endzone still is

Luke Jones  05:25


graded. He did but he’s really come on and I’m, I’m looking forward to seeing him on this stage. So, I mean, that’s fun. That’s a heck of a lot of fun. When you’re talking about that’s

Nestor Aparicio  05:36

what we had on in the college game, right? Like watching Stetson run around on Monday night. That I mean, Trevor Lawrence was that kid couple years ago, right Joe burrow was that kid? So here they go. They get to play another week. In Oh my god. He’s gonna get drafted by Cincinnati. Oh my God, he’s gonna get drafted by Jack. The bears have the number one pick somebody is going to be the Houston Texans next quarterback right? And lo and behold these dregs wind up, do the most amazing things. I went to bed not knowing who won the Green Bay game. Woke up. I saw Seattle in the playoffs and I thought, I swear to you, I said to my wife, at some point, last year, when the Russell Wilson thing went down, I’m like, oh my god, Seattle, they’re gonna be like, they’re gonna get the number one. They’re gonna be like two and 50. They’re gonna be awful. And they’re a playoff team. Right, the 40 Niners if you want to talk about their quarterback situation, and Jimmy G and all that. There’ll be awful, right? No, I mean, so the Lamar thing year as much as it’s falling apart and whatever, you right all wrongs this week, right? I mean, for all of these franchises, you we talked about quarterbacks and quarterbacks moving around an earlier segment, you and I got at it and I wanted to throw another name in Kirk Cousins. Here’s RG three on TV trying to be larger than life, get another subway commercial whatnot. And Kirk Cousins 10 years later, you like that? I mean, the Ravens thing was 10 years ago now Collodi, nada and the knee and RG three playing in the playoff game you shouldn’t have been in and like all of that comes back. And I’m like Kirk Cousins has a chance to go out and actually justify all the money he got on the front end by winning a couple of games here in an open field in the NFC side, right. And nobody believes in them because they only win by point every week and their point differential and who’s Kirk Cousins and all of these, and the Vikings. If you’re a Vikings fan, if you’re a Bills fan, how important this is to you, right like that. It’s never happened for you. And this is your chance on all of that. This is this is a beautiful time of the year. It sort of sucks to be on the other end of it with no expectations or the expectation that you’re going to be helping people clean their lockers out on Monday. And that’s going to end then we’re going to be talking about Lamar is money instead of his knee. I’ll be using that one all week now that I come up with, like the Preakness once I figured it out, I’m gonna steal it. But I would say that this is the land of Broken Dreams for all of these. And somewhere in here and last year was Joe burrow right. And I wanted to even start the segment with you with this. The Rams dude feels like five minutes ago, I was walking out of Inglewood and fireworks and the rams and screw those draft picks and if those picks and all that stuff 51/5 48 weeks later, the coach wants out he wants to go do television. I don’t want to be a part of this dumpster fire I you know, no way we’re gonna be able to win here right I mean, and Pete Carroll’s figuring out what Geno Smith right so there there’s a lot of stories in the big city here right like clay Kingsbury is gonna lose his job. The kid got all the money he hasn’t been very good out there it’s like all of these storylines all these little spaceships in all these places. And then next week my god six more teams are gonna have failed in the wildcard round right? There’ll be six more Greg Romans going out the door next week. So this is where the this thing picks up real speed to get heroes. And then a year later as those picks becomes not my franchise. I’ll go coach the Broncos. Give me another gig. You know, Sean Payton. I’m not gonna deal with these maniacs down here in New Orleans anymore. I’m not done coaching. I’m done coaching here. And hey, man, you know I always say hardball is here for life and the cost is here for life. This is the time of year to find that out right like this the next couple of weeks for all of the moving parts with these organizations. This still important weekend football. You get judged by this. And if the Ravens go out Cincinnati get blown out with Lamar. It lives with Lamar in his contract they get Lamar is not hurt. You can’t get to the field. That’s a second year. He doesn’t match stories this weekend. Thanks for Bill in this time of the year.

Luke Jones  10:17

No question about it. And what’s really funny is, we’ve talked about virtually every team in the playoff field. We didn’t mention the Giants. I think that was another one we didn’t mention, but we haven’t mentioned Tom Brady, Tom Brady, Tom Brady’s in the playoffs and look, I don’t think the Bucs are very good. I mean, right. But it’s still Tom Brady. So as much as we’re talking about all these young quarterbacks in this AFC quarterback Juggernaut, you know, you look look at the lineup. I mean, it’s a real gauntlet and we’ve talked about it with the Ravens. I mean, you’re the Ravens right now, if Lamar Jackson comes back, and you’ve got got to have a good chance to beat Cincinnati, if he comes back, and he’s right. But your reward for beating Joe burrow in the Bengals would be, you’re most likely going to Kansas City and take it on Patrick mahomes. And if you win that one, there’s probably a really strong chance that you’re going to Buffalo and play in Josh Allen. So it really is. I mean, I’m laying out the storybook that I not,

Nestor Aparicio  11:13

stunk, right, we all know that. I mean, they’re not going to build the statue for him. But lock Manning Brady Kaepernick in the end, but I mean, and we do view these things as like pitching matchups, right? We view it as quarterback versus quarterback, even though it’s a lot larger than that across 52 other guys on the roster,


Luke Jones  11:32

no question. And it’s funny you bring that up because I was preparing to write this and then when the NFL came out with their, their contingency plans, with the buffalo Cincinnati game being canceled last week, and the coin flip scenario came. But it’s funny you just mentioned that because Sunday in a lot of ways reminded me of the Ravens go into Cincinnati in week 17 of that season. If you recall, Ray Lewis was inactive, Suggs was inactive, nada was inactive. Pollard was banged up at that point in time, Yolanda was banged up at that point in time. So they you know, they had six of their seven inactives were notable veteran guys. But remember, Ray Rice and Flacco and Dennis Pitta and Matt Burke, they played like two series, and they were done Ed Reed, Corey Graham, Carrie Williams, they played like two series. And they were done. I went back and actually found my article from that day, basically saying, not looking good for this team. They’d lost three out of four before they lost that Sunday game against Cincinnati or Tyrod. Taylor was running around. So they had lost four out of five to close the season. No one, no one thought the Ravens were winning the Superbowl at that point in time. And it was just funny to see my writing at that point in time, what the temperature was. And I don’t want to say this scenario is the same because it’s not because when you’re talking about your quarterback, I don’t care who your quarterback is. Lamar Jackson or the most conventional pocket passer you can think of if your quarterback is not healthy and upright, as the regular season concludes, and you’re going into the playoffs, you’re not feeling good about it. And you mentioned in some of our earlier conversation about the Jeff Hostetler situation, or Nick Foles, and Philly. Those are outliers, right? For every situation like that. There’s a there’s a team that doesn’t have their quarterback or he’s not right, and they get blown out in the first round. And that’s that so but it was interesting to kind of take that trip down memory lane and see how the Ravens approached that season finale in Cincinnati that year, after they had clinched and didn’t have a whole lot to play for other than seeding, which, you know, somewhat similar as far as what we saw Sunday and how the Ravens approach it, although they didn’t rest nearly as many starters in the end. But, you know, you just you never really know. But when you look at this field, and you look at these matchups, I mean, you know, right now, if you ask me what my Super Bowl pick is, um, I’m going with the old Chris Berman special, probably buffalo San Francisco, if I’m being honest. And so but who knows? You know, we really don’t know. I mean, we might be talking about Trevor Lawrence in the AFC Championship in a few weeks. I mean, I don’t think so. But Stranger things have happened. So it’s fun. And that’s where all the frustration and all the uncertainty with Lamar and what’s gonna happen with this organization, and what’s gonna happen with that offensive coordinator and go down the list in a row, Quan Smith. Yeah. Hey, that’s a real question. I mean, that and that’s complicated. He doesn’t have an agent either, by the way. Now, just to throw that out there, as we’ve mentioned that a couple of different points. But in the meantime, there is a game. There are games this weekend. And yeah, let’s not take that for granted. This, as much as we can point to flaws and imperfections and shortcomings and wide receiver and different things we can talk about and find fault with the organization. It’s another playoff appearance, and that’s not something to completely take for granted doesn’t mean That’s good enough doesn’t mean that you just rest on your laurels and you get complacent. What an

Nestor Aparicio  15:05

opportunity. It’s an opportunity to write all wrongs for all of these franchises, I guess is my point. And it’s also an opportunity for kirk cousins to get embarrassed, right? It’s an opportunity for any of these places. I mean, Jacksonville Duvall, I don’t even know what the hell that means. They’re all yelling it. I’ve been going to Jacksonville for 30 years. I’ve never ever heard anybody yell YouTube all to me. But that’s the new thing. And they’re, you know, they’re selling tickets down there. It was expensive to get in down there the other night. And here’s something that I wanted to throw out on the backside of tomorrow, Hamlin, and that game on Monday night, and the coin flip and all the the league drama in regard to and also its incredible ability on Sunday to shine itself all up as everything was great. And the kid almost died on the field, they tried to play a football game, and everything had happened after that is Eyewashes, you would say for me. But that night, there were two big game two big teams in a big game with big stakes on a Monday night, that my wife and I planned our menu around it, we were looking forward to it. And I think I even said to you other than ravens games, which are their own little train wreck in our world for what we do for a living. Despite the fact what made Sashi brown might think this is actually what we do for a living professionally, both of us that everything stops when they play. But there are big games and then there’s stop everything games. And then there’s sort of playoff games, which all my life have always been in the dead of winter appointment, I put them in my calendar, when there’s six of them because I’m old, I need to federate as the buffalo Miami or that Sunday one, put it all in there and make sure it’s all together. And I I even thought about this this weekend, in my younger days. But certainly my radio days, I would on this weekend travel around, you know, I would be the guy that would have been at the game on Saturday, flown into Cincinnati on Sunday, and maybe continued on Monday night and go on to the next game. Because I did that a lot of weekends where I went to games that weren’t Raven related. But I covered football and I love football and I love these games. And but these games do take on larger than life even more. So the more they’ve watered down the preseason, they’ve watered down the playoff part of this where when do you really get a big game and that’s what I mean about that the more hand the game. It’s It’s incredible that the country came together the way it did last week because everybody was watching the game, even though won a playoff game. But everybody was watching the game because the game was exciting high stakes bought like all of that going on. And this weekend represents that and we don’t we don’t have appointment games so much during the calendar year. Certainly not in the NFC this year at all. I mean, none of the games felt like they matter now. They feel like they ratchet ratchet way up where ever all these organizations, the quarterbacks the failures and successes. Will will be judged and if you lose this weekend, it probably still wasn’t a very good year, not not even in Miami where they might play their four string quarterback I don’t know. And they finally had some excitement there for my friends that are dolphins fans. I know the Seahawks fans. I have a couple of those in my life. They just feel so lucky to be in the tournament. It’s been an incredible year. But your Eagles fans they got to they got to go back to the Super Bowl now when right like the the level of expectation changes dramatically, even in Kansas City where it feels like well, you Patrick mahomes has never played a playoff game on the road.

Luke Jones  18:45

Wow. Yeah. Good.

Nestor Aparicio  18:47


Yeah, I got that stat the other day and yeah. He has never Patrick mahomes has never played a road playoff game. That’s insane.

Luke Jones  18:56

Yeah. I mean, you even you think about it from the context of okay, like you think of the Patriots when they were at their absolute best and they were getting home field most years. But you remember how that started? was an underdog patriots team in 2001. Right. I mean, Brady, this no name from who could barely hold down the starting job at Michigan’s replacing Drew Bledsoe like, really? And then, you know, the snow get in a tough game and the snow and military and all that. Yeah, it is wild when you think about that with mahomes. But

Nestor Aparicio  19:22

he’s playing by the way, Tom Brady that Tom Brady is in this week. He

Luke Jones  19:27

is playing Monday night against a Cowboys team that did not look good, not look good on Sunday whatsoever. I mean, pu you want to talk about a team that doesn’t feel like they’re going in a great direction going into playoffs and Dak Prescott but you met you brought up an interesting point as far as the wildcard round and what constitutes a successful season and you and I even talked about this as it pertained to the ravens, you know, what would what would mark a successful season and you know, you mentioned if they could get to the divisional round and I get that overall point in a big picture sense though, you know, they they’ve been there with Lamar, right? And that’s where they’ve constantly, that’s where they’ve been put down a couple of different times previously, but you look at this wildcard field, I kind of look at two teams, that I would say that maybe three, I would say three here and say, even if they don’t move on, they feel really good about their season. You already mentioned Seattle. I mean, my goodness, the expectations were nothing, you know, Geno Smith, you know, people were talking about, are they really, you know, people wanted them to go get Baker Mayfield, after after the Russell Wilson trade. So you have them, certainly the Jaguars being the Jaguars had the first overall pick this year. I mean, the Jaguars were think back to when the Ravens went down there. I mean, what their record was at that point and what their perception was, and and how they’ve played since then. It’s almost like the Ravens fix them, you know, for lack of a better term. So you have those two teams, and I think the Giants would table and when can you kind of look at that roster. Look, say Quan Barkley is terrific. He’s had a really good season, and I feel good for him after the health issues he had had the last couple years and getting back from his knee injury. Daniel Jones has certainly improved his standing from where it was over the last couple years. When you look at that giants roster. It doesn’t scream playoff team. No, it really does. And that’s where you give table a heck of a lot of credit. So you look at Seattle, you look at Jacksonville, you look at the Giants, to me, those are the three teams, because of what you mentioned. You might say, Okay, well, the Philadelphia Eagles were the number one seed and obviously they’re not playing wildcard weekend. But with that comes greater expectations. Miami, okay, not, there weren’t a ton of people picking them to make the playoffs going into the year. Uh, but they started out so and they were playing so well midway through the season, you know, they were looking like a team that, you know, they were they were in the conversation. I don’t think anyone thought they were the best team in the AFC but they were in the conversation as far as do they belong with, you know, that up that top shelf group, you know, that we that we’ve talked about with Buffalo and Casey being in it all year and Cincinnati working their way into that group, and then the Ravens kind of being on the fringe, and you know, where they were. So, you know, for them to have fallen off the way they have for the to a situation to play out the way it has, which is just, I feel so terrible for him, you know, and what the season is how the season has played out for him. Not just I mean, obviously, his health is paramount. But you know, you look at the season he was having and, and how that kind of went sideways. And then unfortunately, another concussion issue.


Nestor Aparicio  22:27

I see Trent green call in the game. And he even talked about his passion on the air. And I’m like, I remember I was on the air during all that I remember like it was really scary. And for all these guys, you said Gus Edwards the other day, you know, these head injuries? Very, I mean, I worry for all of them. And then I think about the Andrew luck’s who walk away, right? And their stories written about all that. And you know, this is what happened at Mr. Hamlin last week for sure. Will. There will be offseason decisions made by some of these young men to say, John Urschel tight I’m not doing this anymore. Yeah. And even

Luke Jones  23:06

when it’s a case of you know, that was a very, almost unprecedented I get it a player passed away 50 years ago on a football field, you know, what, Detroit Lions player but, you know, it’s something that is so unique. But when something like that happens, you know, even if that was a, you know, I’ve seen without all the specifics of what caused it, you know, people have talked about, you know, what kind of cardiac event that most likely was where they talked about that is almost like being struck by lightning. But it brings to the forefront the risk that has always been there, which is concussions and neck injuries and things of that nature. So there’s no question but you know, to go back to what I was saying about to the dolphins, you know, they’re the kind of team that if you tell them at the beginning of the season, they’re playing in the wild card round, they sign up for that, right, they’re saying great, but knowing how their season played out. And if they go to Buffalo, and to a camp play at Bridgewater, whether he plays or not, you know, they’re probably going to lose, and if specially if two doesn’t play, they’re probably going to get their butts kicked, you know, maybe they get their butts kicked even with him. Because the bills are that good and that much better than Miami. But that’s the kind of game where the way their seasons gone. The way that it’s fallen off. You’re not satisfied with that you’re not happy with that. So this is very much what’s a separate around, because I think it’s very evident. You look at the teams in the wild card round that you really think can win a Super Bowl. And you know, to me, that’s

Nestor Aparicio  24:31

a week’s you get the 41 to seven, second weekend, last year was like incredible, but the second weekend, you get legitimate good teams and teams that are playing well right now, as opposed to whatever the hell the ravens are right, like,

Luke Jones  24:46


Yeah, I mean, and that’s and I still hold the Ravens in higher regard than a lot of these wildcard teams. Still, that doesn’t mean I feel great about the Ravens but I feel better about them than some other teams that are in the field. But you look at wildcard wildcard weekend suit For wildcard weekend as the NFL is trying to call it now, which is it’s just odd. It was funny. You mentioned you mentioned a few moments ago about feeling old. I had the impression all weekend that there were actually three games on Saturday, two on Sunday and one on Monday. I’m like, Oh, wait, it’s two on Saturday and three on Sunday. I mean, I looked

Nestor Aparicio  25:18

it up like two months ago, because I was trying to plan right. Yeah. And just accordingly, right. Right.

Luke Jones  25:23

Right. So but But I look at this weekend, I mean, the teams that are playing this weekend that I really feel strongly could win a Super Bowl, or at least get to the Super Bowl, let’s say, you know, for me, it’s the 40 Niners obviously buffalo, obviously, Cincinnati. And you know, after that, I mean, I’m not a big believer in the Vikings. I’m just not, I’m not. If they prove me wrong, then I’ll be among the many that will say they’re wrong, but I’m just not a believer in them. You know, in fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised that the Giants go in there and beat them. And I don’t think the giants are great, either. But, you know, the Cowboys a few weeks ago, I would have said maybe I just I don’t know, they feel like the same old Cowboys to me. And then you know, the Ravens it’s the you know, I don’t feel great about it. And you know, if Lamar comes back and looks like MVP, Lamar, then now they got a they got a shot, you know, it might not be a very good shot, but it’s a shot at least but you know, Seattle good story. They’re not. They’re not going deep into January. Same with the Jaguars and chargers. You know, same with the dolphins at this point. You know, I already mentioned the giants in the Vikings. And, you know, I mean, Tampa Bay’s that team, that’s their eight, nine, right? They can’t go far. But they do have Tom Brady, they do have a championship pedigree, not a big believer in Dallas. So they could easily be playing divisional round weekend. And, you know, the Bucs have shown this ability to look great for like 10 minutes at a time. And that’s about it. You know, I’m not picking him to get very far, but it is tom, to your

Nestor Aparicio  26:55

point. Could they could could Tom Brady win this week? Yes. Could Tom Brady get on a plane and go to Minnesota and win? Yes. Yeah. Right. Right. So that you you’ve just paved your road to you know, Tom Brady and Philadelphia for a championship like, literally, and there you go. And they’re not eight, nine anymore? They’re a team that just won two games. And that’s how this works. Yeah, yeah. That’s how it worked with Joe burrow last year. That’s how it would work with Trevor Lawrence this year. Right. Sure.


Luke Jones  27:21

I mean, you never know. I mean, you never know if there’s that dark horse. I mean, I don’t think it’s them. I I do think this is the year where, you know, Tom Brady? No, he doesn’t look like that top five kind of quarterback anymore. He’s not terrible. Oh, my goodness, he’s 45 years old. Let’s be clear about how remarkable it is what he does, but there’s been some fall off this year. I mean, Tampa Bay across the board, there’s been dropped off. I mean, we saw this firsthand when the Ravens were there on a Thursday night, you know, how how that game looked in the first quarter compared to the rest of the way but, you know, it’s, you go out there and you play the games. And I go back to my 2012 You know, analogy that I use with the Ravens having rested starters in Cincinnati 10 years ago and how no one thought they were going to thought they’d win in the first round be a nice story, Ray Lewis his final home game and yada yada yada and they’re gonna go to Denver and get their ass kicked. Everyone thought that everyone thought that and well, didn’t happen and a few weeks later, you were planning a purple rain too. So you never you never really know. So go out there and roll the ball out Sunday night if you’re the Ravens or any of these other teams throughout the weekend and you see what happens

Nestor Aparicio  28:33

he will be in Owings Mills all week long all the proxy buyer friends royal farms refreshed real fast I am you know my inspiration came from the coffee this morning in the coal roofing mug as well. We’re gonna be doing the Maryland crab cake tour on Thursday chi and a Coney Island hot dog and White Marsh and of crab cake with Andy up there. I got some great guests coming by Nick come by from my wise markets. My pal Tony della rose. There is a rumor that he is going to be making a special Festivus playoff appearance with us on Thursday between one and four as well. Big big times around here big week. It’s playoff week Luke’s in Owings Mills. were easy to find stay up on the text servers. All of it brought to you by coons Ford security Boulevard with the breaking news and all things Lamar. Look you’re on Lamar watch. We are wn st am 5070, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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Luke Jones takes Nestor to an early camp prep and attacks the Ravens summer offensive line issues in Owings Mills. The Maryland Crab Cake Tour includes a cameo from Leonard Raskin as our football and baseball passions converge in Baltimore…

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