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Ravens defense didn’t look No. 1 against Browns on Sunday

Luke Jones and Nestor discuss defensive deficiencies in Ravens awful loss to DeShaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back at W N St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into a short week here we got to football on Thursday night we got some housecleaning to do around here with the Maryland crab cake tour. It’s all presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery in conjunction with wind donation and Jiffy Lube multi care. We are moving in if you’re watching the segment you see I’m at my Pappas world famous crabcakes on that’s next Tuesday. We will be at the Pappas in Parkville the original location. I can’t say that I’ve been to the papists in part for anytime recently. I told Jeanne that over there, I’m sort of like I go to the Hunt Valley when I’ve been to Glen Burnie I’ve been to the new one in Bel Air. We’ll get back to the original next Tuesday. We’re also a cost this this week on Tuesday down in Dundalk got some great guests including Dundalk, high principal Paul Satterfield going to be joining us, as well as some other Dundalk high guests and friends. That’s this Tuesday. papists. Next Tuesday will be Coco’s the following Wednesday, and then we’re at gertrudes on the 38th with Dan Rodricks, after Thanksgiving, as well as joining our friends at state fair on December the fifth, it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery when donation and Jiffy Lube, multi care. I gave Luke Jones this little bit of homework, I said, Luke offense defense which way you want to go and you’re like, well, the defense is still the better side of the ball. And certainly didn’t feel that way in the late going in the second half. It is such a complimentary game. And I think when we when I wrote about them at my column this last week and bringing all the roses and the flowers, when you’re winning 37 to three and you’re beating teams up. It feels very complimentary at that point. Keep the ball away, take the ball away score points when big, special teams is perfect. Make all your field goals. And then the game actually starts in the Cleveland Browns come to town. And everything went wrong for them in the early going right like that Kyle Hamilton play. I’m thinking in the annals of Raven history of the McAllister returns or every get down? No, no. jetski just plays right. I mean, and regular season plays Anthony Mitchell and Ray Lewis and Eddie George, those are different kinds of plays. But regular season plays. Dude that was like, otherworldly. It was like something out of Fast Times at Ridgemont. High man. Yeah,


Luke Jones  02:23

I mean, it was like a power forward blocking a shot, right? And it just goes right up in the air and easy seven points and you’re winning just like that lesson emitted into the game and you kick off to start, you defer and You spot your offense. Seven points right off the bat. I mean, you’re feeling really good. I mean, think about it. Let’s, let’s go back to before, you know, the pregame chatter leading into this one. It was all about the defense, right? I mean, the Browns defense, the Ravens defense, and the flip side of that matchup was well, the Ravens offense have a much better, they’re much better than the Browns offense statistically. Yeah. Look, we know the Ravens offense hasn’t been perfect, but statistically, it was the far superior group. So you looked at this, and you said, okay, but if the Ravens aren’t at their absolute best offensively, it’s going to be a tall order for the Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson in that offense to come into Baltimore, and score points and score a lot of points. And you just didn’t expect that. So it’s much as you pointed to the defenses and how the Ravens were going to fare against Cleveland. I mean, I pointed out at Baltimore And some of my work leading up to Sunday’s game, you know, even that 28 to three win back in week four. Keep in mind, it was really the second quarter where the Ravens put together two long touchdown drives. Other than that, the two other touchdowns came on short fields via turnovers. And they didn’t move the ball all that much in the first quarter or in the second half. So not that they didn’t deserve full credit for 28 to three went on the road, even if what Thompson Robinson was the quarterback for Cleveland, and he was completely out of his element. It was still a convincing win. So you looked at this game, and it was easy to say, All right, the Browns defense will be tough, and maybe the Ravens won’t move the ball all that well offensively, but you just expected the Ravens defense to eat. I mean, you really did. I mean, this is a Browns offense that even with a healthy Watson had not looked all that great. I mean, they ran the ball, but certainly not at the prolific rate that they did with Nick a healthy Nick Chubb the last few years so that that was what was so startling to me, was just how much the Ravens defense struggled, specially in the second half. I mean, started out on fire to your point with Kyle Hamilton and, you know, even there, I mean, they, they they score a touchdown. They held Cleveland to three field goals in the first half. I mean, it’s not as though the difference was poor in the first half. I mean, you’ll take nine points and a half of football. I mean, that’s, that’s acceptable. But just the way that Cleveland controlled the line of scrimmage and the way the Ravens struggled to make tackles and the issues they had over the middle of the field, and I mean, how about the fact that Deshaun Watson went 14 for 14 throwing the ball after intermission, you know, and that’s with him going into the locker room with a gimpy ankle. So just a lot of disappointment on that side of the ball. And like I said, we’ve seen the offense look choppy at times. And if you had told me before the game that the offense would do what it did on Sunday, you know, as far as whole body of work, you know, I probably would have accepted that now. Not fully acknowledging it wasn’t great and fully acknowledging it was propped up by the pick six in the James pro shape. muffed punt, but they’re going up against a great Cleveland defense, but for the Ravens defense to struggle the way they did. I mean, it’s just, that was really, really disappointing, because I mean, this is just a Browns offense that hasn’t been that group, but you have to give them credit. I mean, they ran the ball. They were more physical Deshaun Watson, you know, he kind of reminded me of Nestor Watson kind of reminded me of Steve McNair a little bit in that second half. I mean, it wasn’t, wasn’t making these spectacular throws, but moving around, breaking tackles, scrambling when he needed to, not running away from anyone, but just being elusive enough, you know, certainly wasn’t 100%. But, you know, they just, they were the better team in the second half. And Cleveland’s defense, you know, they they came up big and in some spots, and the Ravens defense came up small in some spots. And it just to your point, you talked about that complimentary football, ravens just didn’t get nearly enough of that. And they’ve been so used to their defense leading the way even when the offense hasn’t been at its best, but boy, they weren’t able to do that on Sunday. Look, Jones is

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:06

here, he will be there, I would say at practice or whatever. This is a very weird week for all these teams when they play these crazy Thursday games inspired by Thanksgiving, where they’ll play football all day next week. And we’ll eat turkey all day. And I’ll eat leftovers from all my crab cake tour Pappas next Thursday, as well. But this short week, and what it represents and wherever we are with Humphrey and Stanley, the loss of Humphrey and what’s going on on the back end and how it affects the front end and where the coverage is. And to your point. Look, man, they look all world no offense to Jared Goff or even Jean Geno Smith in the last couple of weeks, but they played some really lousy quarterbacks the first half. And when I pointed that out, that’s just me being negative or whatever we’re about to give Mike McDonald, the next job of whoever they decide to fire at the end of the year. Real quarterbacks that create time to your point. I mean, say what you want about the Shaun Watson and his massages and his transgressions and what kind of a human being he is, and all of that. When he’s focused on the football field. There’s a reason they gave him all this money. There was a reason for franchises went out of their way to try to get him instead of them are the ones that wanted him did what Lamar st teams did didn’t have a quarterback a year later. None of them fit on Lamar. So that would say how his perception as a football player is and he was brought in to come and do what He did on Sunday here by all the Cleveland pundits in the national pundits, but defensively, if Humphrey is not going to be Humphrey, and I look at him a little bit like Ronnie Stanley like you used to be really good but that a lot of guys we used to be good when they were 23 or 2425 and they get to be 2829 30 and they get to have an injury or two or three and miss a week a month, a year and a half two years and they get hurt again. I went from good health and it was crazy because when I you know Sunday the game goes off I’m watching the game the front of our website the lead story was talking about the Mars good health like a piece I did with Dennis last week that we put on the front of Baltimore positive the way we do things and I’m not the chink sky or the you know, the the the Xbox cover and you know we’re going to get guys injured or whatever but man health what that represents and playing without Marlon Humphrey and playing without Ronnie Stanley or playing with gimpy Ronnie Stanley and Morgan Moses who’s known for his ability to show up and play hasn’t played for a couple of weeks. It’s this is this is where the season gets a little tender and to get Point seven and three. Number two, their catbird seat they got double bys coming up, including tough games and whatever, but the games are going to be tough, the quarterbacks are going to be real, and they’re gonna need whatever that Mojo they had, defensively against Detroit, at home, defensively against Seattle at home, they’re gonna need the packet in the lunch pail and figure that out in LA in two weeks and figure it out in Jacksonville and figure it out in San Francisco. And more than that figured out against burr on Thursday night where say what you want about them. They’re really dangerous is a really dangerous game on Thursday night on short rest, because I don’t know what we’re going to see health wise from our team. And I know the bank will stunk it up on Sunday as well. And these games are these games are gut check games, probably fourth quarter 1030 You’re going to be tired, I’m going to be tired. We’re all going to be tired watching this game. And just a matter PK is gonna be out there on his 165th play in five days or whatever. Yeah,

Luke Jones  11:03

I mean, I you hope it’s not that many. But I mean, Cleveland ran 78 plays and yeah, we’ll keep it focused on the defense and you know, we’ll get to the offense and we’ll talk about you know where they are and where they are with Ronnie Stanley. Kevin Zeitler left the game

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:15


Luke played the most in his 78 plays defensively,

Luke Jones  11:18

can you seven I mean, it was it was the secondary. I mean, you’re talking about Kyle Hamilton you’re talking about I was shocked by this how Marcus Williams played all but one snap. You know, Geno’s stone went back to the complementary role. Now, keep in mind, there are a nickel way more than base. Nico is the base defense in this day and age so stone was still on the field plenty but no, Hamilton played every snap row Quan Smith played every snap Petra Queen played every snap and this is this is typical, but they played 78 defensive snaps Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:45

that’s my point. My point is once we get to the fourth quarter on Sunday night, where it same thing for the Bengals just gonna look to the Bengals offensive line, which is all it is what it is. And they that’s why this scheme is unfair, right? I mean, like, I’ll pitch about that. Like I can pitch about, you know, anything that’s corruption in Baltimore pile of Maryland politics, and but I could say Thursday night football, man, waking up Friday and judging either one of these teams, is it survival of the bestest or not even fittest maybe fittest?

Luke Jones  12:20

Yeah, yeah, I mean, and the saving grace is Cincinnati is going through it too. And Cincinnati is going on the road. Not that Cincinnati to Baltimore is particularly long flight. But they they do have the challenge of


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:31

adding that but they have a lot less rope.

Luke Jones  12:35

And I’ll call back to something a couple years ago, as much as we we’ve talked about recent history and the Ravens blowing fourth quarter leads and all that. Think back to that Minnesota game a couple years ago, overtime. Do you remember who the Ravens played the following week? And when I say the following week, four days later, they went to Miami for that Thursday night game, that ugly, brutal, terrible loss. And I think part of the reason why it was especially ugly and brutal and terrible was they played a lot of snaps the previous you know, that’s that previous Sunday. So was

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:09

that a Sunday when I asked Lamar about running the ball 21 times?

Luke Jones  13:15


It was the Minnesota game. Yeah, probably not. Yeah. And I was I was just talking about the fact that they played on overtime unit played a lot of snaps. So the defense as much as they’re licking their wounds, because of just how great this defense has been. I mean, I said it, and I’ll still say it, I still think this is the best defense they’ve had. Since the days of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, you know, we’re talking over a decade now, you know, I and I still feel that way. I’m not going to completely be dismissive of everything they did because of one performance.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:41

But in the first half, it showed up the first half was okay.

Luke Jones  13:44

You know, I mean, there’s not a whole lot. What, Cleveland three field goals, those drives were 49 yards, 70 yards, okay, they gave me 70

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:54

goals are what they do, even when you bet you don’t break, you know,


Luke Jones  13:59

you can’t expect them to pitch a shot out. And that’s my point. But yeah, I mean, 78 plays no matter BK played 58 snaps. So you’re talking about the D line there. Michael Pearce 46. Which, so that’s not too high. But that’s that’s a lot for Michael Pearce, at the very least, you know, Vannoy played 47. So, you know, I mean, Marlon Humphrey. I mean, we are some of the early speculation. I mean, there’s some concern. I mean, I saw David Chou, the Pro Football doc speculated about a potential Achilles and you know, maybe there’ll be clarity as someone’s hearing our conversation over the course of the next day or so. But, I mean, it’s you certainly you’re doubting he’s gonna be out there Thursday night. And you’re already had some questions as far as Marcus Williams coming back, you know, remember he had the PEC injury early in the season, you know, is his tackling up to snuff? You know, I already mentioned the middle of the field looked much more vulnerable than it’s looked this season and again, the other team tries Stephen, you made the point about Watson. I mean, the only thing I would say is Deshaun. Watson hasn’t looked like that guy. You know, I mean, since they signed him, you know, late last year when he came off suspension and even before the shoulder injury this year, I mean, his performances where he’s looked like the guy that Cleveland gave to under 30 million guaranteed to, he hasn’t looked like that guy very often. And he was gimpy doing it. Right, right. I mean, look at look how bad the first half was. I mean, he was he was six of 20 at halftime, six of 20 through the air, and he was 14 for 14, in the second half, not like I said, it reminded me a little bit of Steve McNair in the second half, I mean, you know, just enough big throws and scrambling, you know, getting away from tacklers and, you know, extending plays and doing just enough, but, you know, it was just, you know, for this defense to play the way that it did in the second half. I mean, it’s just, you know, you don’t expect them to be perfect, but they had an identity that you’d really grown accustomed to watching on a week in and week out basis. And that just wasn’t who they were in the second half. I mean, Miss tackles and not controlling the line of scrimmage. And how about the fact we haven’t even mentioned this Nestor. Cleveland was without their top three Offensive Tackles on Sunday. I mean, jedrick wills on IR this past week. I mean, they lost Jack Conklin back in week one there Diwan Jones, they’re starting right tackle since week one was out. Backups. Yeah. So So and that’s not to say not to say that the pass rush was completely an absentee it wasn’t I mean, they sacked Watson four times. And they had Boyd had some opportunities to bring him down other times, but probably not as disruptive as you would have liked to have seen given that tackle situation for Cleveland. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:41

and then tackling you know, the the tight end after that, and figuring out that money. I mean, it was it all three levels, man. Yeah, man really well, that’s

Luke Jones  16:50

it, no question about it. I mean, the second half, I mean, give up 24 point and now look, to be fair, in the same way that we talked about how the defense spotted Lamar Jackson in the offense. Seven points right off the bat. There was the pick six in there. You know, you can’t put that on the defense. You know what with the deflected pass, but I mean, you just look at that second half. Cleveland 17 Plays 75 yards 1009 Yeah, that finished with the Kareem hunt, touchdown after the Ravens had thrown the touchdown. You know, after Lamar thrown the touchdown tobacco more on third down to open the third quarter. And then you look at the fourth quarter, I mean, the more the Watson’s 10 yard touchdown pass to, to Elijah more, six plays 75 yards, I mean, they, you know, and then the final drive again, they marched down the field. I mean, they sustained drives, and we’ll get to the offense. But again, it talks about, you talked about this idea of complementary football, the defense couldn’t get off the field, they weren’t very good on third down, and the offense couldn’t sustain drives, they couldn’t really get going in the second half. I mean, even the GUS Edwards touchdown after the muffed punt, look, look at the sequence of events there. So it just they could not get into anything that they really pride themselves in do winning in that second half. And I’ll continue to go back to it even with all that said they lead for 59 plus minutes on Sunday and the OA strip sack, if they fall on it, they probably win the football game. So they were still that close, even with all the imperfections, they had their opportunities, and they just didn’t take advantage but for the defense for the defense to play the way that it did in the second half. I mean, you could just you could see it on Justin Mattamy case face, you could see it on Kyle Hamilton’s face, you know, you could see it on Brandon Stevens face in that postgame Locker was

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:39


no way to feel good about that, you know, to touchdown League. It’s hard to look at the guys on offense and say, you know what’s up, and I I just the short weeks good in this way it is but it’s bad in the way that it’s the Bengals coming in and the stakes of the game. And that the Bengals aren’t going to get their best shot and they’re not going to get the Bengals best shot. And that’s all well and good. But you got to find a way to like the Steelers say or I heard Tom would say we’re not gonna apologize for winning. You know what I mean? And nor should they? Yeah,

Luke Jones  19:14

and they’re the home team. I mean, the thing that helps in a game a Thursday night game like this, unlike a game where you go like I mentioned the Miami game two years ago or you know, you would go on the road or play an NFC team. There’s not as much preparation that goes into it in the sense that not that you’re not preparing but you know the Bengals they know you. I mean from a mental standpoint, you kind of know what you’re going to get right? I mean, you got to you got to pressure burrow, you can’t let him get out even though he’s not going to take off and run for yardage. You can’t let him extend plays. I mean, we’ve seen that what’s made the Bengals better in recent weeks bros calf is healthy and he’s been able to get out and extend plays and make plays escape in the pocket and on the run. I mean he had a gorgeous touchdown run into was left but at the same time Cincinnati’s here they’re not they’re not immune to inconsistency and coming up small in some big spots. I mean, we saw that on Sunday. I mean as much as they started out hot on that opening drive, I mean burrow through a couple of interceptions, like, like Lamar did on Sunday. So, it Yeah, in the sense of both these teams knowing what they’re capable of at their absolute best, you do kind of hate the idea of a Thursday game from from an entertainment standpoint, just knowing that it’s gonna be tough for either team to be at their best. We both teams had some injuries in Sunday’s game. I mean, I assume we’re not going to see T Higgins because he hurt his hamstring this past week. And he missed Sunday’s game. You know, Jamar Chase has been banged up with the with the back. So both teams are gonna be missing some guys, and they’re gonna be guys playing at less than 100%. But, boy, it’s go time. And I mean, this game is so critical. I think it’s more critical for Cincinnati. But it’s so critical for the ravens to I mean, as we said, you win this game, you’ve got a lot of rest coming up here over the next three and a half weeks, you play one game over the basically three and a half weeks following this Thursday night game. So you’ve got a lot of time to rest a lot of time to recalibrate. And then you prepare for what’s going to be a challenging remaining schedule after that but you lose you Cincinnati’s right back in the thick of things. cleat the winner of Cleveland, Pittsburgh on Sunday is suddenly in first place. And not that the ravens are doomed by any stretch of the imagination. But you’re just you’re not feeling very good about yourself, considering where you were six days earlier, you wake up Friday morning, and you’re suddenly seven and four. I mean, that just doesn’t feel good, compared to where they had been a week ago. So but if you win, and you’re eight and three, and you’re still in sole possession of first place, and you’ve really put the bangles in a major hole at that point in time. And yeah, it’s not to dismiss Cleveland or Pittsburgh, you know, their record is what it is. And they’ve got a much easier remaining schedule, but you’re just feeling so much better. And everything is still sitting right there, including your chance, keeping yourself in the conversation, and having a chance to catch Kansas City for that number one seat. I mean, you went Thursday, all of that is still sitting right there for you, you lose. All of that is feeling much more fleeting, much more tenuous. And then you’re just, you’re talking more in terms of got to figure out a way to win this division, you know, so I mean, that’s just how important it is. And for this defense, they got to shake off, what’s going to be some fatigue after playing as many snaps as they did. And they got to shake off the space, and they got their feelings hurt on Sunday. I mean, Steve fence was drawn comparisons to 2002 1006. I mean, some of the very best defenses in the history of this franchise, which is a really high bar. And they had done that through their first nine games. But now, Gainsborough?

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:53

Yeah, Bert, like, Sure, Laura, I mean, we’re just gonna go through this. And this is going to a loss here, seven and four. Still sounds great. It sounds awesome. And like all that, but I would really be devastating. And it would certainly bring all the boats in order. I mean, you’ve got the scenario where the Steelers are gonna be in first place Sunday if they lose Thursday night. That’s crazy. Yeah.

Luke Jones  23:17

I mean, whoever wins Cleveland or Pittsburgh on Sunday, I mean, they’d be in sole possession of first place. I mean, yeah, a lot of football to go. And that’s another reminder here, that you and I, we were as guilty of this as anyone talking about Super Bowl. And this is how invincible this team had looked like what do I get a hold of him? I mean, it’s just, you know, it shows how fleeting this can be. It shows how quickly things can change Power Rankings. I mean, it’s just the truth. Buffalo. We’ve mentioned this multiple times. Look how great buffalo looked in late September and early October. Yeah, they did last to the Jets in week one. And that was ugly, and Josh Allen through all those pics, but you had three straight blowout wins and best point differential. They looked like they were, you know, they were back on track. And then what happened? A couple of injuries and consistency. And, you know, you look at the bills now. I mean, they’re, you know, they’re kind of in that same boat as Cincinnati scrambling after dropping a couple too many games early in the season and really finding themselves behind the eight ball so things can change quickly. And to your point, you mentioned the health this, your healthy until you’re not anymore, right? I mean, we It sounds silly to say that it’s such a simplistic phrase. But you know, you looked at where this team was healthwise, and then suddenly, you’re talking about Ronnie Stanley again, as we’ve talked about way too much the last three or four years. You’re talking about Marlon Humphrey again, which, you know, potentially this, you know, this could be something that’s more concerning than the foot surgery where at least that was in August, and you knew he was going to be back relatively early in the season. You know, manage


Nestor J. Aparicio  24:53

without him. I mean, how would you manage that Stanley the rest of the way right and I don’t even know I mean, you were nonplussed by how he was playing recently and then I saw the beginning of the game and I thought, boy I you know, I never looked at John Ogden even late in his career when he had bad toe and thought he looks way slower than he looked and that’s not a position where you can get by you know, when it when it happens it happens quick because of who’s on the other side of the ball. They’re gonna have some miles Garrett some TJ want some, you know, Hex somebody you know that that’s going to be coming before it’s all over with. That’s such an important part of this. I mean, Michael or making movies blindside left tackle, John Agha and I’ve already thrown that out. I could also throw out Jared Gaither, and Brian McKinney, and some others, Eugene Monroe, Eugene Monroe. But when, when you mentioned any of those names, you don’t think Oh, Hall of Fame Super Bowl, you think who’s our next left tackle? And right now we’re to who’s our next left tackle? Because I don’t know the Ronnie Stanley is going to come back and play Super Bowl caliber left tackle for this team for eight weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks as long as it’s gonna need to take I’m not vibing that from that position or him. And I would have said that in good health last week.

Luke Jones  26:18

Yeah, I mean, it had, I don’t think and look, I’ve been critical of him at times. I think some of the criticism and I don’t mean from you, I think some of that had been probably a little over the top. I mean, it’s not like he was awful. But was he playing like a $20 million attack? Or was he playing like the 2019? All Pro left tackle that he had been? No, he wasn’t. So I think what complicates this Nestor is you’re also talking about Morgan Moses, on the other side, you mentioned this a little bit earlier. But you know, whatever. His shoulder, you know, whether it’s a shoulder pack, whatever it is, they’re calling it a shoulder. I mean, this is something he’s been dealing with since since week four. And I think the thing that was troubling about Sunday was he was a full participant in practice all week, this past week, and he didn’t go. That to me makes me wonder. Whatever the current state of Morgan, Moses is right now. I’m not sure that’s getting a whole lot better over the course of the rest of the season, meaning maybe he’s dealing with something that he’s trying to put off surgery and also,

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:20

we’re gonna talk about toughness and whatnot. Sure. Oh, that always played Yeah, I mean, he had not playing it’s something that’s, and it might be something like, Hey, I need off these couple of weeks. Get me back. 100% after the charger game, get me you know, let’s just get through this. And now, you know, maybe I wouldn’t say you wouldn’t rush anybody back when they’re three, if you got to 30 something guy that getting them 100% healthy for the games at the end that matter when you feel like we could shoot we have to touch Stanley Peyton the Browns without it. Right? So that’s the way you want to feel about it. And certainly, this is not the game to fart around with any of that on Thursday night, because guys are just going to be right. And we talked at length about this physically exhausted. They they just are. Yeah, yeah, I

Luke Jones  28:16


guess the the point I was trying to make is, whatever 100% is for him at this point in time. I don’t know if that’s his normal 100%. But because of what you just said, I mean, it’s missed three games this year. This guy hadn’t missed a game since the end of the 2014 season. So you know, for Morgan Moses to miss multiple games. I’m not sure we’re talking about something that’s going to get back to 100%. Now, can it get back to 85%? Or 90%? You know, that’s a different conversation. Pete

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:44

miles Garrett.


Okay, well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:49

I’m not being mean, I’m just saying that that can get you back on the field, but that’ll get you crushed. Okay, but we’re 70 plays, you know, okay, but


Luke Jones  28:56

you just named two guys. You know, you name two guys who might be the two best defensive players in the league. And, and by the way, I’d be remiss, Jonathan Ogden looked old against Dwight Freeney late in his career, who was a similar caliber player to Myles Garrett in terms of

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:09

that’s my point. 90% against anybody in there. Okay. We’re

Luke Jones  29:14

splitting hairs here. Now, I’m just telling you where I think they are with with Morgan Moses right now, the bad news is you can say that, fine. This team is not nearly as good at Patrick Macquarie and Daniel fall at a layer their Offensive Tackles moving forward. So that’s the concern here, regardless of where they’re going to be with Stanley over the next few weeks, I would assume the history of Ronnie Stanley. I’m assuming there’s no way we’re seeing him Thursday night at the very least. So you have that. Can Morgan Moses play? I mean, he’s practiced. You know, he practiced this past week. Can he play? Maybe the idea was to hold him out for this game with the idea that you wanted them out there against Cincinnati. Although Trey Hendrickson and Hubbard have been banged up and you know what, we’ll see what their status is. So maybe you know, you’re not going to get a Bengals defensive line at full strength but Yeah, this is a concern. There’s no doubt about it. And you know, we haven’t even mentioned talking about the fallout of Marlon Humphrey. I mean, do they have better cornerback depth than I thought they did back in August? Sure. You know, rock you seen Ronald Darby who’s not even playing even though he played pretty well, early in the season. You know, Brandon Stevens has played at such a high level so it’s not as though they’re sunk. But you’re talking about $20 million a year players here you know, in the case of Stanley and Humphrey, of course, you’re gonna hurt you’d be hurting if you don’t have them out on the field doesn’t mean your season’s over. There’s one guy on this team that that season over if Lamar Jackson goes down, but boy, it makes things more difficult makes things hairier there’s there’s no question about that. So you know, we’re gonna see how this looks on Thursday night. You know, in the case of Stanley and in Humphrey you know, you hope that these aren’t catastrophic long term type injuries but at the same time I mean, it’s next man up Cincinnati is not feeling sorry for them no one’s you know Pittsburgh in Cleveland aren’t feeling sorry for them Pittsburgh lost one of their inside linebackers, you know, Quan Alexander to season ending injury on Sunday. This is this is part of it. You know, the Ravens have learned that painfully the last few years so we’ll just have to see how it plays out but whatever the case need a much better defensive effort on Thursday night that state in the state and Captain Obvious kind of stuff with Joe burrow Jamar Chase and the Bengals offense coming into town.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:25

short week big test on Thursday night for the Baltimore Ravens taking on the Cincinnati Bengals. I would say Luke’s gonna be out knowings Mills but they you know, couple sleeps and boom, it’s going to be many by and all that so maybe Luke will have a nice pumpkin pie. You know, maybe he’ll come to Pappas next Tuesday with us for some crab cakes. We’re going to be a cost this this Tuesday. Pappas next Tuesday. We’re going to be Coco’s the following Wednesday after Thanksgiving. We’re moving to gertrudes at the BMA on the 38th with Dan Rodricks. We’re gonna be up at Hollywood casino in Perry Ville on December the first lot of crabcakes in the aftermath, to go with our stuffing and our figgy pudding. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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