Ross Tucker: Andy Reid liked the chippiness of the AFC Championship Game

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Former NFL player and football media pundit Ross Tucker tells Nestor what he saw and heard on the Chiefs sideline during AFC Championship Game as he called the game for Westwood One Radio.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Ross Tucker

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

We are wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore We are doing a cup of soup or bowl next week crabcake row on behalf of the Maryland Food Bank. We’re doing 100 charity stories next week ever since they threw me off radio row. I gotta get creative around here. This guy and I have been creative. Last time I was with him. I listened to him in a car called some football games last week when I was coming back from Hollywood casino he’s doing games he’s big shot these days from the former Sports Illustrated, but he was offered me pizza Paterno right there and State College at the Bruce Springsteen concert. We welcome former offensive lineman on and our friend Ross Tucker, back on to the program host of the Ross Tucker podcast, as well as always promote some I don’t have you radio row. I have you on Baltimore row right now. Tucker, how are you? Man? We lost what the hell happened, dude.

Ross Tucker  00:52

Nestor, I’m doing great. Other than that, always good to see you and talk with you. And yeah, very, very disappointing. And it’s funny because I was talking about that on my show this week as well, the raw soccer podcast. I think the most frustrating thing. If you’re a Ravens fan, and obviously everyone I’m talking to right now is it didn’t feel like a couple of things. Right? Number one, it didn’t feel like you went down playing year again, playing ravens ball. And I’m a big fan of both coordinators. And I think might be dialed deserves a ton of credit for what the Ravens did defensively after those first two drives, they adjusted and we gave up three points rest of the game. After those first two drives, obviously Andy was a little bit ahead of them. mahomes and Kelsey made some incredible plays. But then McDonald’s settled in. I think Monken is excellent. But he really, you know, you watch that bill’s game, and the way they were able to run on the chiefs. The Ravens didn’t really commit to it. I think they felt like they just weren’t getting the ball enough. You know, the chiefs had a ball for 21 minutes in the first half. Obviously the second half one better for them. But it’s little things to me, Nestor like a couple of third ones. Why are we in gun given the ball to Justice Hill and not the GUS bus? Why didn’t the GUS boss get the ball more period? And then you have another third and one where you’re throwing it with Lamar, rather than a design quarterback run or the GUS bus? I’m not a big and honestly in fairness to Monken they had their chances right this a flowers fumble we all know about the Lamar horrendous pic we all know about but I still just didn’t feel like the Ravens will plan a Ravens game and maybe that’s because they were losing it right? Maybe that’s because they were down to scores and they kind of got out of whack from the way they’re supposed to be. Well, if

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:01

your defense is on the field, that much of defense isn’t winning battles, and the Chiefs kept for progress. They just they you know, second and seventh third for first down you know, just again and again and they kept going forward with the football. But Ross I want to talk to you about the mind game of being a football player because the video leaked early that Kelsey was screwing with Tucker throwing his helmet and throw it and then Arthur mullets in a fistfight at the 50 yard line. They played that kind of football game, it felt to me like Andy old school spagnolo who knows hardball better than anybody Dave tall, told their football players, poke at some of their guys poke at the guys that are gonna lose their mind. Poke at the emotional guys. I mean, they got ro Quan Smith to jump across the line of scrimmage and sort of end the game in some sort of weird way. He’s their leader. They lost their composure in the football game. Ross, I had several points.

Ross Tucker  03:50

So the a couple things. Number one, and I have insight because I was on the sideline on Sunday. And when they were going to halftime, I’m walking with Tracy Wolfson, Nestor, and she’s interviewing Andy Reid. And she said to him, are you going to address the chip Enos at halftime? And he said, What? Are you going to address the chip Enos at halftime? And he said, No, I kinda like it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:28

Well, I mean, they’re going to Super Bowl because I

Ross Tucker  04:30

thought that was really interesting, though. He said, I kind of like it. And, you know, it’s almost like the Chiefs knew, right the envelope to push, but not go too far. And the Ravens didn’t. I know people that are complaining about the van Noy penalty or the flowers toning and felony. You cannot put the officials in either one of those situations where they have to make those that call or could make that call right like If you’re coming from distance like Van Noy you need to be the Peacekeeper, not an escalator. Kyle came in. I know Kyle like Kyle, he came in and was an escalator in that situation. So they threw the flag and I was okay with it. And then the the ze flowers. Yeah. Okay. I’m sure Sneed held on to his leg a little bit too long. We know you can’t look at the guy spin the ball item. We know this. This is this is a known thing that you can’t do that. He did that. And ultimately, they ended up getting the ball to him and he fumbled it anyway. But at the goal line, but just little stupid things like that. And then obviously, the turnovers right. I mean, you can’t have three turnovers to none against the chiefs and expect to win, which by the way, was the polar opposite of where both those teams were at all year.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:55

Ross Tucker is our guest he’s rots Ross Tucker pocket. Thanks. I’m gonna talk a little football because I know we got to take so you’re doing you’re always doing something. What are you doing now?

Ross Tucker  06:04

Well, I’m always doing something because I got a couple of small businesses that I’m involved in. This one’s a buddy of mine from up here in Central PA. It’s called my front page And it is by far, the best Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever heard of, like literally nasty. If you talk to one of the writers for 10 minutes while you’re driving home from work or whatever. They write the most unbelievable story about your significant other. It’s framed pictures. Looks like it’s on the cover of the newspaper like the Baltimore Sun or whatever. I’m showing it right now to the people that are watching. Everyone’s OMA that’s, that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:43

grandma it Yeah,

Ross Tucker  06:44

it’s amazing. It’s beautiful. Here’s the two thing in all sincerity. First of all, everybody should at least check it out my front page because Valentine’s Day is coming. Two things. Number one, when you give it to her hand, whatever, make sure you say I’m gonna do something special. So I had a story written about you. That sounds amazing. That sounds like you hired some big time professional writer. And then the second thing is Nestor, even if you can’t think of anything that she does for you. Just say I can’t thank her enough for all the little things she does. I’ve seen seven videos now of women crying when they get to that line. Oh my god, she notices he gets it. I just don’t thank her enough for a little thing. She does my front page my front page Appreciate it, buddy. And make sure everybody least checks it out way better than whatever you have in your head flowers or a gift card or whatever.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:45

Where do we go from here? Ross where you you get home field advantage or heavy favorite? You’re very, you’re the considered the better team and you don’t win the football game with Lamar versus mahomes. When you’re thinking, Well, this time next year, it might be Allen or might be horrible as brother and Herbert or it might be burrow coming back. I mean, the AFC is crowded and everybody kind of got out of the way and there was a perception that this was the year to get the chiefs. The Ravens didn’t do it. No,

Ross Tucker  08:12

they didn’t. And neither did the Buffalo Bills. And neither did anybody. I don’t really think the 40 Niners will either. They are the new Brady and belcheck mahomes and Andy Reid you have to seemingly almost play a perfect game to beat them. And I can speak to this having played in New England oh five and oh six so I got traded to Cleveland. They just know they’re going to win if that makes sense. That doesn’t mean they will but like when your quarterbacks Brady and I played for five teams, man so I had a bunch of different quarterbacks. You’re always hoping to win you always want to win. But when you have Brady or mahomes Now you know you’re gonna win like you know it there is no doubt in your mind and your subconscious I’m not sure the Ravens really felt that way. I’m not sure Lamar is there yet. And they’re gonna have some roster transition. Right you know, queen, free agent Mata BK free agents

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:15

are gonna be a diminished team by just just on the face of that, that they’re not going to be able to replace all are

Ross Tucker  09:21

they going to be able to bring back van Noy and clowny? Will those guys play as well? That you know there’s coaching staff stuff like this? This is just why it’s so hard. And the answer to your question is Eric the cost and those guys, they just do the best they can to get the best roster possible. I’d like to think that Lamar will be even better in year two under mountains offense. I’d also like to think that they can still get better at receiver you cannot have that many one on one opportunities against those guys. guys where obj and Bateman are not able to win they gotta they gotta win more than they won and Lamar has gotta put it on that he just that that has to happen when these are this wasn’t even Lagenaria Sneed? Yeah this is Watson and Josh Williams Manning up these other guy. It can’t just be ze and Jay alone. I do think a full throttle Mark Andrews would have helped and next year obviously, I think you’ll see a lot of two tight ends with Andrews and likely

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:32

you did a great job on the radio dude, I heard you call it a game. I know. You’re You’re a man of many hats up there and I’ll bet you still Carlisle’s that where you are up in air

Ross Tucker  10:40

Harrisburg Harrisburg. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:42

what’s coming up for Tommy calm? Well, in two weeks at the XL buy your beer brother. Come on out rockin with me,

Ross Tucker  10:47

man. Text me that week. No, I don’t even know who that is. Where’s that

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:51

mommy calm Well, in the young Rumblers were they the greatest Philadelphia rock’n’roll band in the late 80s We’ll come back with some blues and some rockin some guitar playing BB will have a good weapon night. They’ll have many nights in Harrisburg up in Harrisburg. You need a big night in Harrisburg with Tommy calm welcomes Ross, take care yourself. I appreciate your time. Thanks again. Enjoy yourself super all next week.

Ross Tucker  11:10

I will never always great talking with you, man. Thank you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:12

He yelled at me if I was gonna be late Ross Tucker, the Ross Tucker podcast. Find him out on the interwebs as well. We’re doing a cup of Super Bowl. It is. It is the crabcake row instead of the radio row. We’re doing that next week. Stay with us. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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