Spring sports fever, April madness and Opening Day

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Our financial advisor Leonard Raskin joins Nestor to discuss this unique spring sports calendar of surprises on the courts and fields and the hope of pennant race baseball in Baltimore.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about w n s t Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are on the opening day trail around here we are on the crabcake trail. The Maryland lottery sending me out all month long. April 5 We’re gonna be at cost is the original one of the original places that sold a lottery ticket 1973 I’ll be giving away the extra lottery scratch offs that is on the fifth next Wednesday and then on the seventh, we’re going to be fading these in the morning, the day after opening day the day of the big Bruce Springsteen concert, as well as the Eagles opening the new Bank Arena downtown. All of this of course brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at When did 866 90 nation I got my hair cut the other day but not so much and I can’t wear my window nation floppy hat later. Raskin joins us now with all things. I mean, it is tax season. It’s opening day season. It’s hockey season for those non playoff teams like the capitals are apparently on the fence about a lot of things and coaching. But I know you’re into the Lamar thing. But like you’re watching other sports man, we had a World Baseball Classic. We had Final Four going on here. We got great, great teams involved this week in New Blood. It’s been a really interesting sports week. Lennar Raskin

Leonard Raskin  01:14

it has and all things Lamar are quiet on the Eastern Front except some cryptic crazy, tick tock, tick tock, Twitter thing that I don’t see. So I don’t know

Nestor Aparicio  01:25

if you invested in the entire gym yet, or No,

Leonard Raskin  01:28

I don’t even know what that’s about. I’ve never even I saw it. I don’t know what the hell we’re talking about. But let’s face it, I don’t care if it’s half the gym, a quarter of the gym or the entire gym. I’m not going to the gym. See here, here’s the way my world works. So, you know, I’ve, I’ve renamed my bathroom gym. So that then I can say every morning I go to the gym, instead of the John, instead of John it’s gym. And, you know, my my dog is named 10 miles. So every morning I walk 10 miles. So that’s my that’s my exercise routine. Go into the gym, walking 10 miles and there we are. But I’m here all week. Anyway, the Lamar thing is Catskills right now the drinks are cheap. Phil LaMarr thing is bizarre to me. I don’t know if the C word collusion is out there. That guy’s not getting any offers from anybody. That’s kind of bizarre. You figure Okay, maybe not a $250 million guarantee maybe 150 million, whatever. Even or say say and I’m not interested. I guess who

Nestor Aparicio  02:31

knows? Who knows the Ravens really want him?

Leonard Raskin  02:35

Yeah, I do. Okay, because otherwise they got to start trading up in the draft to get CJ Stroud or young or somebody. Maybe, maybe they’re interested in Cam Newton. I saw he worked out last week at the Auburn Pro Day. Who knows what I do know is at The Ohio State Pro Day and this is not a boy thing. This is just a hey, J shroud things with this. No, no, no, no. The apparently the scouts were salivating over Marvin Harrison Jr. who is a wide receiver that CJ was thrown into on the Pro Day. He’s not eligible because he was a freshman but or whatever the rules are. He’s got to stay in college at least one more year. But the dude is a stud wide receiver. The

Nestor Aparicio  03:17

Ravens might be bad enough to get him if they play with that Lamar Jackson that could

Leonard Raskin  03:21

be that could be you know, Tyler Huntley did make the Pro Bowl. Have they signed him? I don’t even think they’ve signed.

Nestor Aparicio  03:27

You know, the whole thing.

Leonard Raskin  03:29

They haven’t even signed.

Nestor Aparicio  03:30

I know you wanted to talk frozen for we want to talk about things. But I just I just want to say this from a fan standpoint. We’re up on opening day. We’re a couple of weeks out on the draft. And nobody talks about the draft here, right, like we’re picking doesn’t matter. Nobody here knows that. We’re where we’re drafting our band receiver, a bad receiver. So we already signed one of those last week Nelson Aguilar. Yeah, that’s what are you gonna do? I would just say for for this week and where we are and the normalcy of opening day the Terps did nice. There’s a horse race going on in a couple of weeks. If you’re in the hockey, the NBA, whatever your NASCAR, a golf, whatever. You’re sure I mean, we have Masters coming up, right? So it’s like all of these things that are happening out there. The football thinks is by far the biggest thing for all

Leonard Raskin  04:16

of us the oxygen out of everything else,

Nestor Aparicio  04:19

but it sucks the oxygen out of the entire offseason situation. Yeah, the Ravens were it’s not just about the draft or Nelson Aguilar, who were signing workloads. Campbell’s going next or Marcus.

Leonard Raskin  04:33

As you pay the man, Luke said

Nestor Aparicio  04:35

this and he said he read it somewhere on the internet, so I’ll get some credit for it. Right. He said that Lamar has hijacked the offseason, and he really has no doubt. And we still don’t really have an

Leonard Raskin  04:46

outcome. I know what they could have done this. And look, I don’t know the salary cap at all. I don’t know how it works. I don’t pretend to know how it works. It’s the most convoluted crazy thing in the world. You pay a guy a fortune but you’re not really paying him. He doesn’t count, but he counts. It’s also ridiculous. But here’s the thing. They know how to pay him so that he can be paid when he wants, and they can still play pay other players or else Kansas City would have no players. So, so there’s a way to figure this out. They could have figured it out. They’re all being stupid about this. And it’s gotten ridiculous. And that’s the way everybody looks at it. So in the meantime, in the meantime, off to Bridgeport, Connecticut, the Ohio State Buckeye men won their first game against Harvard, eight to one. Unfortunately, they lost to Quinnipiac, in the semifinals, PIAC Quinnipiac, whatever it is, in the quarterfinals of the men’s frozen hockey was two to one that they had an empty net goal on a little stupid, nothing like four to one, but it was two to one. It was a hell of a game. The boy was up there playing in the band, but it was basically a home game for the Quinnipiac, because it was in Connecticut, and that’s their home, but that’s what they do. They’re the number one seed they get the home home ice frozen for in Tampa, Florida. Go figure who to thought that someday back when

Nestor Aparicio  06:06

you put your Tampa is a hockey town. It’s absolutely. I remember when lightning went to Tampa and Columbus in Nashville and race in Arizona and immigration and Atlanta at the time. They were the Thrashers at the time. Yeah, I remember all that. And the notion that Tampa to some degree Makia back there. Yeah. So a lot of tickets. Tampa. Tampa is a place where the baseball team has been very, very good. When the weather’s very, very good. And there’s Cubans and Latins and kids and you can play 11.9 months a year baseball and it turns into a hockey place. It’s

Leonard Raskin  06:42

crazy was a cup they’ve won the cup big big wins and biggest fan base and so Down goes the frozen for over Easter weekend and it’ll be amazing and the boy won’t be there. That’s okay. Onward to the the ladies hoops. How about the ladies hoops, the girdles, the girl turtles are in the Elite Eight.

Nestor Aparicio  07:02

Well, they’re there. They’re a breath away here from another final four. Right? I mean, they’re Monday

Leonard Raskin  07:06

night against South Carolina. That’s a big task. South Carolina hasn’t lost in like a year and a half. And that’s why they’re the worst. They blew him off the court earlier in the year I think by like 20 something. So it’ll be a tough game but they’re playing good ball. The girls could end up in the Final Four and who knows they are on their way in and but girls to Buckeye girls, I don’t know what they’re called in basketball. They call them the volley bucks for the girls volleyball team. I don’t know what they call the girl basketballers. But

Nestor Aparicio  07:39

they play for Katie Buckeyes.

Leonard Raskin  07:41

That’s it. The lady buckeyes, whatever. They play Virginia Tech for a chance at the Final Four. I was already there. So if you look close, you could end up with three big 10 teams out of four with LSU being the other representative in there. And then, my goodness, how great was the men’s NCAA tournament this year? We no one’s no twos, no threes in the Final Four. This is this is a forever. I don’t think there’s ever been a tournament since 79. I think it is the expansion. I don’t think there’s ever been a tournament without a one in the in the Elite Eight. And we got no one’s twos or threes in the Final Four.

Nestor Aparicio  08:25

We don’t want to tournament started. I was sitting up at Hollywood casino at the Barstool Sports book. Yeah. And you can hear like the Terps played the first game, right? Yeah. So I got up at 1130 and the TVs are on and it’s Barkley and you know who all the talking heads said Yeah, absolutely. And they all were saying and I was trying to like really pay attention what they were because I’m in there, I’m on my phone. I’m just watching the big screens, and they’re like, Wide Open tournament and I even tweeted, like I made fun of it. It’s another Wide Open tournament, you know, right right. And they’re like, you’re gonna see that these lower seeds are more equally balanced with the top and this is going to be a thing in basketball. And I’ll be damned at 212 days later 11 Days Later Yeah, right. I look up and see city your state see Florida Atlanta it see the way they’ve played and see the way the Fairleigh Dickinson who you probably want to pronounce that name like Quinnipiac people don’t know about the small schools you know Towson State right yeah um BK bomb BC Tozan UMBC is Adam Missouri or Mississippi? Montana? I don’t know. I don’t know. So people don’t know all of this stuff. But But where we are now with basketball and the NFL. This is a little bit of a top being blown off right? Yeah. What else comes in at this happens? I think it changes the complexion

Leonard Raskin  09:46

of the whole thing. Well, what it does, let’s face it, you’ve got the NFL, that’s a big thing and with that, the overbearing over glaring, undiscussed transfer portal. You got if you look at These teams, and you

Nestor Aparicio  10:01

say Miami was started there, Miami, Miami learnig have bought that team

Leonard Raskin  10:05

and you say Who Who did he recruit none of these guys. You know, he recruited him through the transfer portal. And and this thing is changing the landscape of college sports. And then you put the transfer portal with the NFL, and you got guys that are going to a place as a junior senior, or a grad student transfer.

Nestor Aparicio  10:27

And think about when Uncle Kevin can write a check for the next diamond stone or the next Suleyman or the net, just download see France pick up salutely Guys in the past that if you have some money, and you want to give a point guard $800,000 to come down to South Beach and bring his talents for six months to the classroom. Of course, of course,

Leonard Raskin  10:47

because you want a better grad pool. I’ll tell you what Ohio State and this this stunned me we were out there earlier the year for I guess it was late last year for a football game. And you have the NFL where as you said, let’s say that wn S T or Raskin global want to write a check to a player as as an IL to license their name image like this for our brand. Well, that’s not far enough. They have a fund that as a alum, you can contribute to a fund. It’s the Ohio State and il fund or something of that ilk. And they’ll use that money for an alumni and I L for a player. So like you said, we can just buy players with legitimate money instead of stuffing money in their pads as they walked by to enter the stadium. We could actually write a check to the NFL fund that will buy a player and you get transfers. Think about

Nestor Aparicio  11:52

this letter us it’s unbelievable. Right? You sponsored Yeah. See you help me feed my family. I write for Rascon global we’re, you know, we’re cool. We’re partnering. That’s right. Okay, but then that’s all wonderful, but let’s just say and I know you have done a lot of business with ravens and charity games, I ran into Jimmy Smith and at the Chaucer The other night I know you know Jimmy a little bit. We’re comparing our hair and you know, part of that was for business for you and to meet base football players. Be around have your clients meet them. What if I’m making this up? Passenger cop and right now center cop and come to you and everyone like you every one of my sponsors, that is a personal local air conditioning business where absolutely, I just say like, we want to make Towson better this year. Put 10 grand 20 grand into the kitty, we got a kid up at you know, Lehigh, we’re gonna go steal and from Bucknell, we’re gonna bring him down here. He’s in a transfer port or he’s a good kid, Pat needs him or one or whoever the new coach competent we I shouldn’t say run. Right, wherever it is that you can change Towson that way or copying that way or UMBC that way. If you’re Mr. Big, I can’t imagine the kind of money and I know Under Armour, it’s got hard times. Right. So and goes without saying you follow the stock Under Armour has all sorts of issues, right? But in the day when they were fat and happy and give money away and rainbows is on the billboards, and they gave money to everybody but me that they could change. Marilyn, absolutely. The Bashaud. And I want to bring him up right now because I’m looking around later. I can’t I can’t find Steve. He’s hiding from me. By the way. Today, I should be at the Biltmore on behalf of you and every other sponsor doing my job. I should be sitting next to John Harbaugh about an hour from now, as I’ve done for 18 years next to Brian Billick. Before that asking questions this time of the year about Lamar Jackson about the team about thing called the owners meeting owners NFL owners meetings with the Biltmore right this minute. Yep, I’m supposed to be out there with Bushati, but I’m going to indict Khashoggi, and a lot of ways for not just being a dishonest guy and like all that NPN evaporating. Right now he’s a vet, as a journalist, this is so this is below the bar hiding from journalists, torturing journalists throwing us out doing all this stuff, but I’ll just say this with the shoddy, he always said, and you can go back to Purple Rain one or two and read this. He always said I bought the Ravens because I couldn’t buy the Terps I would have bought. I couldn’t buy University America. I bought the Ravens. And I’m thinking to myself,

Leonard Raskin  14:28

well, now you can have both you exactly.

Nestor Aparicio  14:31

If you want to fund the chirps so that they get that kid from Miami instead of where you want the next time and so it just takes one bit of money. Dude, you this is a great opportunity for you to talk about money. Let me see you’re asking, do you handle that kind of money? You have a couple of clients that have millions if not, whatever. And

Leonard Raskin  14:54

no bees? We don’t have any bees? No. We have millions. Okay. Lots of millions of them. haven’t found the beat you have

Nestor Aparicio  15:01

the kind of people and you have been the kind of person that can write a modest check 10 2050 Grit you know a mile sure you went to the Mount Washington pediatric hospital I know the people you support right I’ve done a lot of work with that block years ago me and like all that if you have some Mr Big in your place that if they really cared about state you whatever that is absolutely that they are now in play and this now becomes a game for Pat scary to find people with money or for the next COP and coach or

Leonard Raskin  15:36

a whole new world. Greasy or

Nestor Aparicio  15:39

I don’t think it’s anything I just think it’s it’s not about education. It’s not about school.

Leonard Raskin  15:44

I was gonna say let’s just call it what it is. It’s it’s about buying championships it’s about bringing the dollars because I imagine although I don’t know the numbers on this you may know better than me. Whether it’s CBS, TBS, the NCAA whatever final four teams are getting big checks. You get a check to go to the tournament when you’re picked of some magnitude. And I imagine every round you stay in that check is bigger. And I gotta believe these final four teams Miami. FAU What are we gonna say Florida Atlantic two minute, two minute campus in Boca Is it a remote school? I don’t even know if they have a campus

Nestor Aparicio  16:24

I was gonna say Florida Atlantic I have I hear they’re having some financing problems in Boca Yeah, I have a feeling they’re really come across hard to write down in bulk

Leonard Raskin  16:33

right? I’m sure and guess what? I think TBS CBS like I said somebody’s writing them a check. And they’re gonna suddenly have a campus and and the enrollment is on the upswing. There’s no question and enrollment from six foot eight men who can shoot the hoop is

Nestor Aparicio  16:52

up. You know what, at first time I went on the Glades Boulevard in Boca Cary Matthews Jr. Playing for the Orioles and Gary Matthew Shay. I talked about guys being bad guys. I mentioned Jimmy Smith being a good guy ran into him. Yeah, Gary Matthews Jr. From the minute I met him was just such a good guy. You know what I mean? Like a really just a good guy. And his dad obviously played for the Phillies and like all that. And I remember being in spring training him in Fort Lauderdale, and he’s like, brother, I got this ice cream shop for you. He said you got the Glades and you make a left. It’s it was the it’s the it’s the Cold Stone Creamery. I’d never heard of such thing. Right. D 99. Right. I don’t know. You told me when Gary Matthews 2001 whatever year that was 20 years ago, Gary. Matthew sends me off the Glades Boulevard. And this is where the Pete Rose. Pete Rose is sportsbar right. So on glades there and Pete hit king would do his radio show. From there, whatever, about not being in the Hall of Fame. I pulled up on the Glades Boulevard 1996 9798 I’m 2627 from Dundalk. And I’m like, I could have gone to college here. I can go into college. Like how do I sign up to go to school here?

Leonard Raskin  18:04

Right. Right. The Boca you Boca, you I always think of Seinfeld Del Boca Vista, with with Jerry’s father who lived in the in Boca he got into Cadillac. And everybody thought he was on the tape because he got a Cadillac. He was Mr. Big, but his son bought it for him, but nobody believed him. Every time I hear FAU I’m thinking Boca I’m thinking inside Phil

Nestor Aparicio  18:29

Schnellenberger didn’t Schnellenberger coach there. I’m pretty sure he

Leonard Raskin  18:35

did they have a football team. Really? He?

Nestor Aparicio  18:39

Yes, he did. Listen, hear me out on this. Okay, good. 1008 when I had retired the first time on the air and was stationed different you are listening, right? I had started to work on a book about Baltimore. Coaching lineage and leadership. Sure, Mike, my thought was I could write a book on coaching. With all these people with Baltimore connections like at the time, it was Don Shula was alive. Yep. Not just the Gary Williams and people like that. But Bob ferry Wes Unseld there were just all these shirts and sports over at Hopkins you know the Petra Mala and the lacrosse community and and all of the football pieces right from March Broda was alive all these sure Schnellenberger was a colts coach who was coaching at Florida Atlantic and I had a chance and I I really screwed I mean, I don’t have a lot of regrets in life, but I had a few of them. One is that I didn’t do this with Shola and I could have done it with Shellenberger I literally had an appointment set up with Schnellenberger on the campus to go and visit with him and something got screwed up but I almost went to the Florida Atlanta campus to sit with Howard Schnellenberger at four blocks what do they do I just Boca and I don’t remember Exactly why or how I didn’t get there. But I know I was seeking it out but I still have never been to the Florida Atlantic but I it struck me as bocce football show him hey I almost went there 15 years ago.

Leonard Raskin  20:12

You know if you if you hit the Google machine and you type in Florida this morning, usually you get all these things that pop up in the Google machine. Today Florida Atlantic is the fill in the blank you know when you when you start typing, and it auto fills. Florida Atlantic University

Nestor Aparicio  20:29

Atlantic has been searched more than anything political or exactly. And my kids, my kids at Disney right now too. So he’s actually in Florida. Later Raskin is here. He’s got us ready for tax season. Baseball. So are you ready for baseball?

Leonard Raskin  20:42

I am. I watched a little bit of the classic. I watched the the ninth inning. I just happened to be somewhere where I could tune in the ninth inning of the USA Japan World classic game. Did you see that? And there’s a moment wasn’t it? Did you see that ending the bottom of the top of the ninth. They bring Shohei Otani and Showtime out of the bullpen. He gives up a single running

Nestor Aparicio  21:06

back out to the bullpen to warm up.

Leonard Raskin  21:09

He gives up a single double play off of Mookie Betts. And then the showdown that everybody wanted to see him against Mike Trout teammate against teammate power against power. And he’s throwing 100 Forget that he’s against West. Yeah, he’s throwing 100 mile an hour gas, right by trout. Like he’s a baby and struck him out to win the championship. It was it was an amazing moment. Other than that, the USA lost. It was stunning baseball. And so that just got me in the mood, a little bit of baseball there was all good. And I said, You know what? It’s time to check out some baseball. So I would love to watch a little Oreo preseason, but I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not on anywhere.

Nestor Aparicio  21:53

Well, it’s because they’re not making enough money. And you know, the the the notion, the notion that there’s a point where they are a marketing machine, and they’ve literally done nothing to market their baseball team in that way, by showing the actual players that they’re there. They’re going to show up Thursday this week, and it’s going to be the first look for most people. That’s unfortunate. That’s sad. And that’s not why they were gifted this network really?

Leonard Raskin  22:21

Yeah, they’re they’re not on the preseason anywhere. I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen a game. So all I know is a couple guys have really long hair. So you’ll fit right in with the Orioles this year a couple guys. Hey, really long hair going. And they got a good young crop. And my hope is that they don’t disappoint that they they play to their opportunity. They got a young core they got some good kids. It looks like these guys are winners and want to win. And I am very much looking forward to going out for a couple sunny days and seeing the boys swing the bat throw the ball and win some games and I would love to see a playoff team here if we could go from horrible for so long. To last year they were working about 500 Last

Nestor Aparicio  23:12

year yeah the churn of where it began in the middle of May last year. Yeah, ramp it up. That’s where it begins now right It begins now with real hope we’re here we go. It was like they’re still losers until they prove That’s right. Have winners that’s you have some some players here that feel foundational and Gunnar Henderson And absolutely, I don’t know if Cedric Mullins is one of those guys or whether he obviously the pitcher and Grayson Rodriguez they feel like this is a cornerstone thing. I feel like this rollout this first month of the pitch clock, the shift the stuff that regular baseball fans like you and me that had been a little more tuned out the last few years maybe came back in last year are going to have to readjust to what current baseball is in the one thing Luke and I talked about that I don’t know that everybody’s aware of is that this unbalanced schedule that they have now really benefits them. They’re gonna see a lot less than the Yankees a lot less than true Jays. And I think that this year, specifically, those 20 or 25 games, that’s a hell of a swing to be picking up pirates, games and Diamondbacks games.

Leonard Raskin  24:17

Absolutely. And, and I think if you get good young hitters, and I’ve said this to you, I’ve said it to other people. I’ve never gotten anybody to agree with me, I don’t really care. The shift. It was annoying to me. I like that, that somebody was ingenious enough to think of it and to institute it. I thought it was brilliant from a standpoint of defensive baseball, but I wonder to myself, to others, too. If Tony Gwynn would have been the magical hitter that he was if he played in a shift era because they could have covered that that hole that he hit every ball into with a shift in him might have gotten out 50 more times and

Nestor Aparicio  25:02

he got to hit the ball down the left field.

Leonard Raskin  25:04

I don’t know he might have that’s what people say he was that good and he was good. He was that good. But man that distorted offense in a big way because lots of guys were hitting the right center left center that were out. Absolutely outs and I think it’s going to be interesting to see how they play this now. I did see I don’t know who it was might have been the Yankees might have been the Dodgers in the preseason, tweaked the rules a little or play with the rules. I don’t know if you saw this. The rules are you have to have two infielders on each side of second base. So, they had somebody that was up for the opposing team. Left handed hitter. They played little league softball, they brought the left fielder in and put him in the shift position and move the outfielders around a little bit in case he happened to site one to less outfit. That’s what I’m saying. Yeah, so they played the left fielder in behind second in the shift.

Nestor Aparicio  26:09

And it helps you if you hit the ball down the right field line and get a triple God bless you. Right,

Leonard Raskin  26:12

right. But the point was that the rules are made, but they found a loophole. They brought an outfielder in to play the infield position on the grass because the rule doesn’t say that you can’t do that. So teams will be creative, but this will be real stand up baseball on that pitch clock in and what is it batter’s clock, right? You got to be in the box in a certain number of seconds.

Nestor Aparicio  26:35

Like Hargrove no more. Right? The human

Leonard Raskin  26:39

pain delay, and you got to be in the gotta get the pitch off in a certain period of time. It’s it’s gotta be quick. It’s got to be interesting. You have to get your hotdog early. Because there’s no more three and a half hour games I guess.

Nestor Aparicio  26:52

Well, I mean, that’s not such a bad thing. Having watch college basketball these games get over two hours having gone with a World Cup all through November and December with the games get over and two hours football you can say what you want to bet but it’s three hours and you know what it is? I mean, it’s a little it’s Schindler’s List a little longer movie you know, you know you’re gonna be in Neverland, Superman, you just know it’s gonna be three hours long letter Raskin is here he is the Superman of all things finances around here, at WNS, the Baltimore positive, you can find his work at Raskin global, that’s ra s k i, and you can also find him out on our website as well. Anything you have on taxis in the next two weeks, because i i sports and all that, get it right

Leonard Raskin  27:29

get filed, don’t like we’ve had this conversation multiple times, file the taxes, people think you can file for an extension, and don’t have to file the taxes thus is true, but you have to pay what you believe your tax bill to be. Or else you get slammed with ugly penalties, interest, etc, you must file the return or file for an extension. And you must pay what you believe your tax bill to be. At the time you file. Either one you don’t get to file an extension and not pay is not an extension to pay. It’s an extension to file. So file because if you don’t file, it’s really bad. If you file the extension form, it’s the same as filing. Pay. If you don’t pay, it’s even worse. Well, actually not filing is worse than not paying. But the goal is do both by the April deadline, move on get your taxes done. Know that there’s some things you can still do to save taxes. If you’re a business owner, there are things you can do up until you file the taxes to save taxes. So if you haven’t spoken to your financial folks, your advisors, your accountant, whoever that may be filed the extension, give yourself time, another six months to file and take advantage of opportunities that you may have to save taxes for 22 Even though this is 23. And if you’re all buttoned up, file, pay or file the extension and pay file the taxes later, but get them done. Don’t let that linger out there. It’s a bad situation. You don’t want the IRS or the comptroller coming after you to say you didn’t file or you owe money and penalties and taxes and interest. It’s bad. So that’s the big advice for the end of March here. As we march into the Final Four and filing taxes. That’s the big thing right now.

Nestor Aparicio  29:17

All right, my brother a letter Rascon is here he is there out of Baltimore positive as well as Rascon global. I’m making sure that all financial concerns are buttoned up here in this tax season. We are getting now for opening day we’re gonna be doing the Maryland crab cake tour next week at Costas on Wednesday in the afternoon. All are brought to you by the Maryland lottery. The instant scratch off the old schoolers I’ll be giving away also our friends at window nation making happier some new sponsors coming to aboard as well. I’m getting an oyster tour together for our 25th anniversary which comes up on August the third of this summer so we are preparing for 20 fives that’s silver. That’s like gold silver anniversary 25 I think I don’t know what any of them are. All 20 fives a lot. So we’re gonna count up all summer long and we’re gonna have some oil Just as crabcakes along the way we are at fade Lee’s next Friday in the morning on the seventh that’s the morning after opening day. Also welcoming the brand new arena downtown Bruce Springsteen and the Eagles coming in here to what tune it up before we get to Anita Baker and Janet Jackson. I just saw John Mayer’s play and Bryan Adams. Queen Queen with Adam Lambert No less so yes, you know, we will rock you. Maybe the Orioles will be We are the champions by the time next year. Who knows it’s opening day around here Luke’s gonna be at the ballpark you can follow in the Baltimore loop as well as that is closers will be here on Thursday and again on Sunday morning, big week around your final four opening day springtime owners meetings where the owners hiding from everybody. We are wn SDA and 1570 Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore positive

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