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It has been the biggest story of the NFL offseason, not just in Baltimore but around the league. The intrigue grows with the Lamar Jackson trade demand but what’s the reality for Steve Bisciotti and the Ravens in moving forward to play football in the fall?


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Dennis Koulatsos, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Looking back at W N st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into the spring. It’s opening day its final for the owners meetings are going on Steve Bashaud. He’s hiding from me for the second consecutive year. But no one will be hiding for the Maryland crabcake tour next week. We’re going to kick it off for the spring on the fifth at our homeland and cost as I put a whole schedule together into April and May really excited about this. We have the 50th anniversary scratch offs in the into the lottery to give away our friends a window nation also pulling it all together at 866 90 nation to make it happen cost us next Wednesday. We’re gonna be fadeless next Friday morning, the opening of the new CFG Bank Arena, Springsteen, the Eagles, the Baltimore Orioles, the New York Yankees all in town all at the same time. That is Colossus. How can we take all of this excitement over coons Baltimore for what’s going on, man? Any word on Lamar, your any news?


Dennis Koulatsos  00:58

Bad news, not the bad news from the Lamar Jackson fraud. This thing has gotten into clownish territory for sure. Can France’s the NFL, Pa the league sending out a memo to agents and whatnot not to deal with Ken Francis, the home gym please tell me that’s a parody. Please tell me. That’s not true. Please tell me Lamar Jackson is trolling all of us. Nestor

Nestor Aparicio  01:23

was a little bit of a Saturday Night Live skit, right? It looked a little bit like Peyton Manning hitting the kids in the face with the football a little bit of that right?

Dennis Koulatsos  01:30

I mean, is that gym thing a real thing or not? I still don’t know. I mean, can you can we still buy it for $699 or not? You’ve got to be kidding me. When you have Under Armour in his town, you have all these great advertisers, right? Potential advertisers right and your back yard and your ads are clamoring around. This is approaching Antonio Brown status and this are not saying a lot.

Nestor Aparicio  01:53


I keep asking myself and every Ravens fan should ask themselves this question. Just in regard to what we’ve seen from this young man. What the organization has tolerated and not tolerated in the past how the organization has behaved in contract negotiations. Back to art modell and David Modell. Right, like how they do things, how Eric does things, how Ozzy does things, how Bashaud he does things clearly this week. I know how he does things with me. And in regard to answer your questions. He’s He’s evaporated again. He’s not available to answer questions. When the state of Maryland is given him money and he’s got a quarterback and in limbo or whatever you it’s not limp. He’s not on limbo. We got him under contract 32 million, like he could talk all of that talk. But the fact that he’s not talking and the fact that hardball is having breakfast now without me I’m now banned. I don’t get to ask questions about the football team anymore. All this is going on. And the biggest story as a Ravens fan. And it’s starting to turn that even the pro Lamar people you were the first one to buy a large we talked about Jamar fans versus Ravens fan ravens now it’s Ravens fans are saying, dude, we liked you. And we think you’re a jackass. And we think that maybe we were gonna live without you at some point. Because even if you’re really good quarterback, let me give you a quarter of $1,000,000,000.05 years from now you’ll be gone. And five years ago me Flacco has already been gone five years, right. So that’s how quick it happens that we’re going to change football players around here. But I’m not going to change my closet. Even though I’m looking at my view my Warren Moon Jersey right now. Dennis, I would just say to you that this I’m wondering how this and I’ve wondered this from the beginning. How do you get Kumbaya? Let me ask you this serious question. You work for Mr. Coons. You’ve employed a lot of people has there been a circumstance in your life, where you had an executive member, really key member of your team, really, really sideways, where they could come back to your dealership, and five years later, it you wouldn’t have predicted at the bottom on the bad day when the incident happened was that you can make it work. That’s a really tough thing to do in life for anyone. I have former employees of mine that I have not spoken to since the minute they left here, because it’s tough. It’s really It’s tough. And a lot of, especially when you involve fame, and people who are on the radio. I know my circumstance has been difficult in Parting of the Ways and soothing things over and I had a couple employees that I made right with. And they came back and was never right. They’re over 157 now literally, like they came back, but it was never the same again, and I’m wondering how this can be possible given this circumstance where we’ve already we began the segment by calling him clownish at this point. And that’s for a whole world to see then come back to play quarterback but I don’t know how you can come back and command the building in Owings Mills after this.

Dennis Koulatsos  04:58

feel broken plate theory got an extra once you break a plate, even if you put it back together, you can see the cracks, you can see the glue marks, it’s never, it doesn’t have the same integrity that it had before Akun for Baltimore, our door swings one way, very rarely will we ever bring back a former employee. In fact, we evaluate our personnel every January. And the one thing we asked nesters is would we rehire this person? And if the answer is no, pretty much we parted company. And we can do that, because we don’t have people on long term contracts, etc. But you have to earn your wings every day, every month, every year. Everywhere you

Nestor Aparicio  05:35

go, and we’re everywhere

Dennis Koulatsos  05:36

you are right. And at this point, as you said, I think the ravens are looking forward are praying 14, to throw them a lifeline, their friend, Jimmy Ursi from the Colts throw them a lifetime or the Falcons or the commander’s they’re praying somebody is going to step up and give Lamar Jackson the contract. And guess what, it’s not happening. So now you got 32 million tied up, you have a player who’s probably going to be disgruntled, not going to show up. Definitely not going to show up April 17. For the first round of OTAs. This is supposed to be the face of your franchise. And what about his teammates? Who’s gonna be the quarterback who’s gonna be handing the ball off and throwing deep balls, etc. It’s gonna be Tyler Huntley and Anthony Brown, and perhaps a guy like Stetson Bennett, or someone else that they haven’t eraider. But that’s the sad thing about this Nestor the selfishness, the lack of regard for the organization, its fan base, etc. And as you mentioned, even as his heart, he says his biggest proponents are starting to move away from him.


Nestor Aparicio  06:36

Well, I would think Steve, Ashanti and Eric Koston, John Harbaugh, could make a very, very fair case that they were his biggest proponents, they went all in that they’ve been offering him what they had felt to be a market deal, that he’s never felt to be a market deal that now that he hasn’t played in two posts. I mean, there’s just two ways you’re going with this. And I know we were going to talk a little baseball today and certainly Florida, Atlantic and San Diego State. It’s all good. But for our purposes, this Lamar thing as much as it’s won’t, won’t, won’t, won’t, won’t. And I talked to Luke about it, and he’s fatigued. I think I’m not fatigued about it because I don’t sit and talk about it all day. No, no, I’m

Dennis Koulatsos  07:14

talking about you’re intrigued about it as everybody else does, right?

Nestor Aparicio  07:17

No, I can’t. When people do talk to me about it, get you know, I was at an connects event last week with the networking people. I was at a beautiful Hunt Valley Business Association event with a lot of really cool people on front. I’ve got put a suit on I shaved a couple times. And I’ve been out and people talk to me about it. I’m like, when they come up to me, I basically say, what’s your level of interest? Because if you really want me to say something in 30 seconds, if you want a sound bite from me, I can give you that if you really want to know what I think I do a whole like there’s a whole radio station of hours of different disseminations of the union power black white quarterback of owners, ritual white men collusion at long history of all of this, his injury history, his but but I would say for all of this, and I would be right now, Dennis, I wouldn’t be with you right now. I would be literally we’re doing this segment on Monday morning, John Harbaugh is getting ready to address the media that flies 3000 miles, of which I’ve been one for 20 years to answer these questions about all of this and speak on this at length. My question if I were there being a real journalist, and being a bit of a prick journalist, because they’ve earned that at this point would be why wasn’t he in Cincinnati? Right? What really happened there? That’s the story to me if I’m the owner, and that’s not the journalist in me or the pricking me or the mike Preston in me or the any of that or the rabble rouser, because that’s my question. If I’m Arthur Blank, that’s my question. If I’m Steve, I know the kid can play. I know the kid runs in the linebackers. I know the risk I’m taking on. I know the kids not out raping women doing drugs. I don’t think he’s not a bad kid. Right? He’s a football he He’s obsessed with making money and winning the Super Bowl. And that’s great. I can I can work with that. I can work with all that. Now. Why wasn’t that kid in Cincinnati? Like explain this to me? Was that his decision? Or did you tell him to stay away? Tell me where? How did that happen? In a hallway that the highest paid guy on the team, the leader on the team, the guy who understands the offense better than anybody isn’t there holding a tablet, helping his teammates win a championship and saying it’s great too. It’s terrible. But gee, Snoop, you beat these guys and you go beat buffalo. I’ll be ready for Kansas City. I’m on schedule, man. I’m trying to win a Super Bowl. We’re a playoff team. I and if I come back and I get paid, like I don’t. As a journalist. I’m intrigued. As a fan. I’m mortified right on it like, you know that you’re not there. err, that I wanted to be in Cincinnati, they would let me come and I got paperwork to back that up. I tried to be there. Okay. And you know, so and they wouldn’t let me go and do my job. So his job is to be the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens and to be a leader and to be a positive influence and all that’s his job. He’s paid $23 million last year to do that for the Baltimore Ravens. Why wasn’t he in Cincinnati being a part of the team?

Dennis Koulatsos  10:26


Yeah, I think that you hit the nail on the head, Nestor. That’s the biggest story out there. Why wasn’t he there? He could have wore a knee brace. He could have been there on the sideline, as you said. And we saw these playoff games, there were no blowouts. They were all down to the wire games, even the game between the ravens and the bangles. If not, for that 14 point swing. On that goal line, the Ravens had a very good chance of winning that game. Then the Bengals go to Kansas City. And it’s a nip and tuck game, which a defensive struggle not we didn’t see offensive fireworks. So with Lamar Jackson going to Kansas City, potentially, the team put ahead a shot a legitimate shot at going to the Super Bowl.

Nestor Aparicio  11:03

And if he was legitimately getting better, and he was able to achieve match the other day, where, you know, he’s out. Like literally, my question is, was that kid hurt? Was that kid hurt? Or was that kid shaking it? Oh, my franchise? Wait, yeah. God knows the answer to that question.

Dennis Koulatsos  11:23

And if the latter of the two you know what, I move away, you know, maybe that’s why they gave him 32 buttons. I mean, the the nonexclusive tax, go after Knock yourself out, hoping praying that somebody would sign him. But you know what his behavior, I’m sure has has caused him to take pause and say, Is this the kind of guy we want to invest $200 million? And is this the kind of guy that we want to be the face of organization? A guy as you mentioned, put poop emojis out there on social media argued with fans in a vulgar matter. Is this who you want represent your franchise? And now there aren’t any offers? It’s crickets. And I’m expected to be any offer. And that’s true. I think this is it. I think you’re stuck with them.

Nestor Aparicio  12:01

That’s interesting. I had been chasing people for possibilities. Right. So I chase Bob Kravitz, who is the king of deflate gate. He hates that title, but he is and you know, he’s covered the Indianapolis Colts since RSA showed up, right. And he’s got a lifeline into ursache, Peyton Manning and all the legends in the same way that I’m clued in with Rod Woodson and Ray Lewis and used to be John Harbaugh and Steve Ashanti. Right. So I hit him and I said, What do you think? And he’s like, it would be like, a fresh air in Indianapolis like if and it wouldn’t be out of character for Jim Irsay to do this. And he hired Jeff Saturday as his coach 15 weeks ago, right? Like, so this isn’t and he wants to win. And he doesn’t care three, four years from now, Lamar has got 200 million of his money and he had won a playoff game. He went in a playoff game without him right now is what he thinks about it. So there is a part that there there are some teams out there without that position settled, where maybe it’s 165 million gear, I don’t know. But once it’s more than what the Ravens will give him, he has to consider that. And I really am wondering with the league. With that memo last week. How does Lamar Jackson, quietly get onto a jet at a private airport? down to one property? Right. The one closest to his house is the one right behind the old Orioles facility down in Oakland Park Road in Fort Lauderdale. How does he get on a private jet? Jim or say Come in? How does he conduct the business? You and I were asking this in January. Now that we’re up on it. What is he doing to get a contract?


Dennis Koulatsos  13:48

Yeah, that’s a great question. That’s true. He hadn’t been able to put one together with the Ravens in two years. I don’t know that he’ll be able to put one with anyone else. The next the next two years. He needs an agent. We’ve all said that he needs an agent. And I’m sure teams are hesitant to waste our time in meeting with him. absence in the absence of an agent. In light of the recent events, which haven’t helped them. They’ve actually heard him he needs to stay off of social media. He needs to get himself called drew Rosenhaus and just named Drew, just get me a

Nestor Aparicio  14:18

deal. That’s actually cyborg on last week. You think least people can help him?

Dennis Koulatsos  14:23

I saw that. Yeah, of course they could. Anyone could help him. But his his strategy is going down the he’s going in the wrong direction. He’s trying to help himself and, and earn more money. And if he does happen to get a contract with say, the 165 You just mentioned? I don’t believe the ravens are gonna match it. I think they’ll take the two first and move on. I think they’ve already moved on.

Nestor Aparicio  14:44


If they’ve already moved on, then what are they doing? I mean, they have an owner’s meeting here. Were horrible is going to run from people. There’s there’s no media there to run from. And they have a draft in three weeks and they’re going to do a liar’s luncheon in a week, right? So like By the way, they kicked me off. Chad steel threw me off of the press releases. So I don’t get I don’t even know when the wires launches. I don’t get the press releases anymore. So Luke has to forward those over to me. So there’s a liar’s luncheon coming up in a couple of weeks, but they are off the radar. They don’t have to say anything to anybody. Their answer, their stock answer is he’s under contract for $32 million. We expect him to be here for the OTAs. You know, right. I mean, that’s not happening, right. But they

Dennis Koulatsos  15:29

can’t say, but they can’t say anything else and pander to them. What are they supposed to say? I mean, what are they? What? They haven’t said anything? What are they supposed to say? I don’t know. I would hate to be the Costco, overshot it or Harbaugh? Because, like you said, I’m gonna give a standard answer. You know, he’s under contract 32,000,032.4 To be exact when we expect them to be there.

Nestor Aparicio  15:49

But John, how do you live like that? How do you think that he is going to show up and practice in August? Well, he’s always practiced before he was always here. Where was he in Cincinnati?

Dennis Koulatsos  15:59

Next question.


Nestor Aparicio  16:00

Where was he in Cincinnati? Why why did he tell Rich Eisen? Why were you telling Rich Eisen in the entire National Football League network, your partners that he would be back at Christmas and playing football? And why was

Dennis Koulatsos  16:10

not what we thought back then. That’s true. But That’s ancient history. We didn’t know about we’re focused on free agency and the NFL Draft. Next question. Well, we drafted some Bennett.

Nestor Aparicio  16:22

Well, the interesting thing is, look, you’re Mr. Draft guy, you’re you’ve always been in I’ve always been into it. I haven’t had what nobody comes up to me at the connects event and says to me, Hey, who are we picking on? They don’t even know where we’re picking 21st We pick up 30? For who? We don’t even nobody in the town even knows when we pick?

Dennis Koulatsos  16:44


That’s the second question. It’s a long slide the question number one, which is, hey, Dennis, what’s going on with Mr. Investor? What’s going on with them a lot more. There’s a long slide the number two, whatever that question may be creating, see, the wide receiver and the NFL Draft are all kind of bunched up together. Because nobody, nobody’s really focused. I just did some mock drafts, I’m finally in a draft mode in terms of who they’re gonna pick. Are they going to trade back, they’d love to trade back, but you have to have dance partners to do that. But they’d love to trade back that 22nd slot. And it gets some more draft picks. The caster likes more draft picks. He’s chomping at the bit to get more since they only have five but I did my mocks have my top 55 players for their five picks and I’m ready to

Nestor Aparicio  17:26

roll. Well, they’d much rather have two twos than a one.

Dennis Koulatsos  17:30

They would they would Yeah, absolutely. They should because there’s there’s you know, when you get down to 22 I’m not sure there is a huge difference between plan number 22 and plan number 38. So that’s that’s my philosophy we’re playing number 45

Nestor Aparicio  17:42

Well and the difference in 22 positions as well is that you know it’s it’s one more player down the line we’re getting the second best linebacker the second best safety, you’re the second whatever it is second best wide receivers never been good enough, though. No, and there’s a lot of corners in this draft right to think that the corner you really like Mike come off the board in the 50s. That’s not crazy.


Dennis Koulatsos  18:03

A lot of corners, but not a lot of ton of really good wide receivers. Again, you might as well put a dartboard up we’re going to start throwing darts. I mean, this kid from Ohio State had hamstring issues last year, probably the best receiver in the draft. But the you take my 22 I mean, there’s a lot of questions to be answered between now and then.

Nestor Aparicio  18:21

What about Nelson Aguilar? Does he answer any questions for you?

Dennis Koulatsos  18:25

But But this is something that we knew they didn’t have cap space, right they’ve they’ve been held hostage with the cap because of the Lamar Jackson situation. They can’t improve their team because of the of the stalemate of the contract with Lamar, so they

Nestor Aparicio  18:39


already like themselves. This is a steep a shoddy principle. This is a Nestor Dennis, Mr. Coons don’t don’t find yourself being at your world being hijacked by someone else’s circumstance. You know what I mean? Like that’s a fundamental issue that I would think a billionaire like Steve Ashati, who can run from reporters can run from anything but the check that he’s getting from the state of Maryland, that that fundamentally, these are these are men who do not like to have uncertainty caused by uncertain people.

Dennis Koulatsos  19:13

Of course not. Yep, that and they shouldn’t. And I don’t believe they ever thought in their wildest dreams they’d been situation I think that they thought there’d be some genuine interest already. They would have traded him or signed by this point. And that would have a path forward. I don’t

Nestor Aparicio  19:27

know Erica to Indianapolis and came back and slap that other tag on him. And I thought, oh, boy, you know, maybe maybe Eric sniffed around late at night in Indianapolis and found out like he did, because they said to Eric, okay, the kid can come play with us. What does he really want? And Eric’s like you will, this is what he wants. This is what I offer and this is what he wants. Like, Hey, man, you know, and like,

Dennis Koulatsos  19:52

right, I want to be I want to be an NBA senator, for the Lakers, but at five foot 10 With my dimension that’s Not gonna happen. There’s one there’s need. There’s reality to the claim of reality, what’s going to happen?


Nestor Aparicio  20:06

Reality is that Eric and these guys are wise guys. They’re they’re, they’re glued in on all of this. That’s why I said when Eric came back and slap that tag on him, you and I got together like, Eric, the smartest guy in the room. I mean, I don’t I know, I know this. He’s got all the information. And now he did. I would would have been very interesting to put in Eric’s kitchen when he’s making drinks with his wife out on the internet. And having him say to me, this is the way it’s gonna play out and on June 1 him to be right, because I don’t know what his tea leaves were. But the fact that you would say they’re stuck with him. Eric’s in bed right now out in Phoenix doing his job around the Camelback Mountain that he does with his wife out there. We’re all sweaty. That he knows what the market is. He knows what the potential maybe Mr. Earth sees a wildcard you know what I mean? Maybe deep down the dolphins after the draft would be a wild card in some way. But there aren’t many cards left on the table here. And I think he knew that a month ago.

Dennis Koulatsos  21:04

But not only that, but the the market for quarterbacks has gone in the opposite direction. Since Shaun Watson deal right the the talks about this ad nauseam with Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson, and even the latest signings, Daniel Jones and Derek Carr, they’re going in the wrong direction. Clearly whether you’re going to call it collusion or not the owners are regretting that deal that Deshaun Watson that the Caitlyn ownership, just restructure his contract, you can’t win. When you when you tie up 25% 30% of your quarterback salary to your roster. You just can’t do it that when you can’t guarantee it, because if that quarterback suffers an injury, you’re done. You’re not going to be able to compete for a long, long time. So again, he Lamar Jackson took a chance bet on himself. And so far, it hasn’t worked worked out. You said it may with just one phone call one plane ride with a team like the Colts, right. But

Nestor Aparicio  21:59

the biggest thing to get in the room is gone. That had last year Cleveland, right, Cleveland, but that’s and then the rest of them. Got their situation. New Orleans got their situation. You know, everybody’s got their situation at this point. And let me ask you, this is another really deep dark question that if I got into the third drink tomorrow night at the cocktail party, with John hardball, or Eric de Costa, or even Mike Tomlin, okay, you’re good. He’s your guy. He’s happy he signed whatever. Are you really going to be? Burro mahomes, Herbert Allen, in whatever order Homer away, even if you’re 15 into and he’s healthy? Are you going to beat them? Three weeks in a row in January? Do you feel like Lamar Jackson? Who hasn’t played in December the last few years? Who didn’t get on the plane to Cincinnati for whatever reason? Do you really feel Do you believe in your soul anymore? John, do you really believe this? Eric, do you really believe that this is our ticket to win the next Super Bowl? Or do we need to go back into the popcorn machine to all the CJ strategy, whoever these people are, and figure it out that way?

Dennis Koulatsos  23:13


Well, it’s not tennis Nestor, you need 5352 other men and we saw that in the game versus the Bengals last year was Snoop Huntley? I think Lamar Jackson does give them a chance to go all the way. You don’t have the quarterback doesn’t have to carry the entire team. It took Peyton Manning let’s not forget six years to win a playoff game. Right. So he was he was the lighting up the league in terms of statistics, but he wasn’t winning playoff games, because he needed to run a game he needed an offensive line of defense behind them, the brain must have enough pieces to make a run there one runner organization all the way through and through. But you know, what is it they may have no other option, we’re probably going to be in this situation talking about the same exact thing Nestor this time next year? I hope not. But I think next year, they’ll put the the tag on him again. There’ll be for 20% more. And we’ll go from there.

Nestor Aparicio  24:02

You said something that I’m gonna this is gonna be your homework because we’ll get together later because I can argue with you about this all day. And I have a friend that is on the other side of this who was a season ticket holder lifer and whatever, like I am, you just said they’re a well run organization.

Dennis Koulatsos  24:20

They are okay. I think obviously, they have their flaws.

Nestor Aparicio  24:24

No, no, no, no, I’m, I’m I’m saying they were for a long, long time a well run organization. They have a different leader now. Right. They have Sasha, they have Eric caster, they have changing times that if they were well run, how did they find themselves into this hostage situation? I mean, you don’t I mean, like in a general sense, saying, Well, Ron, I would. I would have agreed with that until the point where they’ve lacked integrity, any personal circumstances me I know. They lack integrity. I can show you my phone. So put so I would say I burn are up on a personal level, but on a football level, I’m really wondering if they’re well run anymore. You know what I mean? Like top to bottom new people, all the ngModel people are gone. All the Kevin burns all those people, they’re gone. hardball fine, Eric, they’re part of this. Steve’s a part of this. But are they still on top of their game? Because Well, Ron, they they probably would be the table today that has the most chaos in the room. Other than the commander’s because of ownership, right. That’s a whole different thing. Everyone else and I’ve done this every year for 20 years that it’s important to me to go to the owners meetings and be with the coaches. I’ve gone there and seen Mike Tomlin besieged, because Ben Roethlisberger was with a girl down in Georgia and, like I’ve seen Bill Belichick, they’re besieged. I’ve seen crisis management, in a lot of ways at these owners meetings for the owners for Jerry Richardson for Bob Kraft after the Chinese massage parlor. Like I’ve seen all of these dramas. I’m thinking to myself, 32 teams in the league, everybody’s in the room other than the commander saying, which is the smoking turd that’s louder than anything. I can’t imagine from a football perspective. There’s not a franchise that has more weird uncertainty than than the Ravens do right now. And that’s not good.


Dennis Koulatsos  26:22

Well, maybe right now. But I think when you have a good foundation, and I think they do sometimes you got to eat some Humble Pie. Get back to your roots to what made you great, but it also takes two to tango. Eric, the cost of this has said that well, the more Jackson since day one, you can negotiate against yourself and Lamar situation. And it’s unfortunate they are in a situation but they have a guy who does he’s veto setting concrete. He wants what he wants, and he’s being unreasonable by league standards by bypassed Sanders. And that’s when I say impasse, I guess, in that point, but sometimes organizations go through things. But overall, I would say there’s still a well run organization. They have some headwinds, right now as good organizations, sometimes face and adversity shows you what you got, sometimes you step up, sometimes you step out, but you never stay the same.

Nestor Aparicio  27:17

I would say this, I’m on the well run side. If they run from Lamar and have a different situation. I think it’s fairly well run. They’re not going to invite more chaos back in

Dennis Koulatsos  27:30

now. They’re not but what are their options are just cut, just cut the guy.

Nestor Aparicio  27:34


Well, that’s not gonna happen. No, no, no, they’re playing poker. I agree with that. But I don’t think they can bring this kid back under any circumstance, happily, and make him there. I think that they’re a long, long way from being able to do that. And to your point, they have no other option. He’s got to come back and play. That’s not good for them in a the certainty that they want to run the organization right to make offseason moves to strengthen their team to have some sort of symbiotic dad piece in the building to some degree, Hannah,

Dennis Koulatsos  28:09

they have to, they have to come up with the plan beat and that’s your plan B means what does he not show up? For the for the preseason, does not show up at all. He shows up and he’s and he’s mad, he shows up. And he plays not to get hurt. He shows up and he gets hurt. He’d been hurt the last two seasons. So they have to have possible do they have to have a contingency, they have to have a very strong plan B, if I’m them right now. And even in prior weeks and months, I’m coming up with the best plan B I can I can possibly come up with. I’m praying for the best. I’m hoping for the best. But I’m preparing for the worst. And let’s let’s say something happens. And he comes in and whatever and he did great. That’s wonderful. But let’s assume none of that happens. How do we go forward at the quarterback position to put ourselves in the best place to win ballgames going forward without him just like they went to Cincinnati without him, right? They went to Cincinnati put up a hell of a fight. And if it wasn’t for that one play, who knows what would have happened, but the play did happen and it did lose. But I think they have enough of a team enough pieces where they can repeat that run with that Lamar Jackson. And that’s what they have to do. Whether it’s power hungry, a quarterback where Stetson Bennett or Carson Wentz or whoever they’re going to bring in here.

Nestor Aparicio  29:31

Dennis is always here with wisdom from a well run organization out of codes Baltimore Ford, if you’re on the wn S T tech service that will be little plumes of smoke that will appear somehow as an eight or an infinity logo depending on which way you look at it. It’ll all come from our friends groups, Baltimore Ford on the WNS T tech service, Luke is going to be rummaging around all things Owings Mills, as well as Camden Yards here in the wakeboard and a great final for ahead this weekend as well and Though happy opening day to you, Dennis, and I hope we’ll get together on Thursday. And at some point, this Lamar thing. I’m waiting for a visit. I’m waiting for him to just him to be rumored to be visiting somewhere. And the longer this thing goes on, the more we really do talk about like, he’s going to have to come back and play and how was that? How is that going to keep the Ravens well run? You know?

Dennis Koulatsos  30:25

Well, I look forward to OTAs April 17, with Anthony Brown and Snoop Huntley, and then after the draft, I expect to see those two guys and, and Stetson Bennett at the quarterback camp.


Nestor Aparicio  30:39

You know what I’m gonna do if, if on it won’t be draft night because it won’t be. If Saturday somehow Stetson Bennett shows up with a sick fifth round pick or whatever he will. Okay. I love that I give you the oxygen enough to hang yourself or look like a hero. I’m telling you, he will go when this happens. I’m going to Google up a Stetson hat or a Stetson something and I’m going to get you something Stetson which for your desk or something. I’m getting a jersey you’re gonna get a Bennett,

Dennis Koulatsos  31:08

I’m getting a jersey, he’ll be starting my midseason lean the ravens to victory while Mr. sits on the bench? Wouldn’t that be something? It’s happened before around Hey, you know, careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Nestor Aparicio  31:20

Again, this is where I’m getting back to well run. The owners not there. They’re kicking media out there answering no questions. And, and really, they have a circumstance that is one of the heavier ones they’ve had. So if they are well run, and I’m not here to argue for or against, I have a different circumstance, they will figure this out.

Dennis Koulatsos  31:43


Well, let me ask this. How many well run teams do you think there are the NFL? I don’t think it’s many.

Nestor Aparicio  31:48

It’s not the low bar. And they’re one of them? Yeah, they’re definitely the upper.

Dennis Koulatsos  31:52

Like the car business. The car business is a worst run business in the world. You have so much transiency and this and that and the other. You just got to be that much better than the guy down the street from you to win. Same thing in the NFL. It’s illegal mediocrity. It’s media. It’s mediocre. to poor. That’s your scale. There’s only four or five really good well run franchises in the NFL and they win all the time. And they’re easy to identify

Nestor Aparicio  32:14

and you’re well run into your quarterback plays well enough to maybe get you to the playoffs. Maybe get himself an MVP, maybe get himself into the limelight, and then you can’t figure it out because there there are not reasonable people involved here. So hey, I’m sure we get together in the 72 hours. There’ll be more changes in this. My man Dennis galanos is out there and coons Baltimore for ready to sell a vehicle we get 0% financing when somebody brought 4%


Dennis Koulatsos  32:41

Yep, you got it. 0% financing. We got some headwinds in the business which I expect to see some rebates and discounts all kinds of great stuff. Great time bike vehicle.

Nestor Aparicio  32:50

No All right, well, we’ll get out there and if there is movement, abounding, you’ll get it on the coons Baltimore Ford wn S T tech service Luke’s on that I am Nestor he’s that is we are wn SDA and 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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