The Maine Event centers up the Lamar Jackson discussion

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Former Ravens center and Super Bowl XXXV champion Mike Flynn provides some wisdom and player perspective on the ongoing tug-of-war between the franchise and its franchise quarterback as winter turns to spring an offseason of Baltimore football angst and uncertainty.


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Nestor Aparicio, Mike Flynn

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back at W and S G Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into the crabcake season they Lamar Jackson requesting a trade season. It’s all new around here but it’s gonna be old again we get together next week and go to our homeland and our guests loves Costas. So we’re gonna be there on the fifth on Wednesday from two to five celebrating 50 years at the Maryland lottery cost. This is one of the original lottery purveyors 50th anniversary of the instant lottery scratch off tickets. Also our friends at window nation 866 90 nation get involved by to get to free 0% financing get it done before the summer you’ll be happy you did I know. I’m happy I did it last year as well. I am sad that I did not get together with this guy on New Year’s Eve when he came in for football. It was cold. It was family. He had families a holiday there was Costas there was food. There were kids. He’s got a lot of kids, a lot of boys. Some of them are Broadway actors. And some of them are maybe football players at some point or athletes. He is the main event. He was a long time center and guard here for the Baltimore Ravens. You remember was number 62 on your program number one always in my heart. Welcome. The main event Mike Flynn back on here. Flynn 985 First off, first things first, I always pray for you and Mary I attended your wedding. You’re one of the few ravens players I went to your wedding it was so it was back when I was a real media member. And we were all to get in it together. lo these many years ago, but you have these offspring, these beautiful children and they’re all growing up and they’re all boys. And I just think like you’ve you’ve had a very busy 15 year periods that you stopped playing football.

Mike Flynn  01:32

Yeah, well, certainly now we’re talking a little before we got there. Once they get to a certain age, they have different interests, right. So I have four boys and it’s, you know, different sports different after school activities. So like, I’m like running ragged. You know what

Nestor Aparicio  01:45

I mean? Like, you’re you’re kind of tired today.

Mike Flynn  01:47

I’m at the gym. Okay. All right. You know, I go through these peaks and valleys of my post workout career. Uh huh. You know, with when you’re playing right, it was like, in essence, you got paid to work out so I became addicted to what I didn’t have a financial obligation to workout anymore. It was pretty easy not to work out. So I kind of go with the you know, I get to a certain weight that I got to draw. I guess. You

Nestor Aparicio  02:12

guys pick pick it I mean, Matt Burke Marshall. You just go through ravens linemen? J O. Ed Mola Tolo a lot of you guys have have lost some weight. And you have some other guys that went the wrong way. And you know, Goose always battled his weight. Yeah,

Mike Flynn  02:28

it is scary. I mean, you know, when I was got that plate at like, 3334 wasn’t a big deal. But now I’m in my late 40s It’s kind of a big deal. Now, you know, to me, because when you get older, you realize like, oh, man, like, I can’t be 280 pounds when I’m 53 You know what I mean? So, but yeah, it’s the actually the hardest part is my kids. You know, anybody that knows kids, it’s, you know, you’re cooking for them. You’re eating their leftovers, and they can eat whatever they want. chips, candy, you know, and leave that line around, dude. So, you know, unless I just like, not buy that stuff in the house. What sucks? Because it’s not their fault that I can’t blame you. I’m gonna blow up like a blimp, you know what I mean? So I have to buy candy cakes, all that kind of stuff every now and then. So we’re trying my seventh grader now is finally like, getting into lifting and sees the benefits but also like, he’s doing protein shakes and stuff. But fortunately for my kids, like two of my four kids are gonna be really big and I mean big like, don’t have the height.

Nestor Aparicio  03:37

Well, your wife wife’s an athlete, too. You met your wife and the other ones are smaller,

Mike Flynn  03:41

not as big but they all have my wife’s build in terms of I don’t know if they’re gonna like my build when I was in fourth and fifth and sixth grade it was it was a rough time for the school pictures. I filled out the picture frame if you don’t I mean, you were the catcher. I was the catcher. I was the first baseman played goalie and soccer. I was the setter and basketball

Nestor Aparicio  04:06

you you your parents and I’m you know you think of me as being short and skinny and little guy and all that very, right. I was Husky

Mike Flynn  04:17

Oh, you’ve shopped at the Husky section as that I

Nestor Aparicio  04:20

as when I was a boy. We went to Epstein’s when I when I was and I tell people this lovingly and you can I had Mr. stain them on on our crabcake tour over drunk sitting in Dundalk. Not the place you should visit when you go to Dundalk by the way go to the soda shop there and fountain while taking a whole tour of Dundalk. You told me you know you didn’t bring in the real Dundalk.

Mike Flynn  04:40

I went solo I went without the tour guide.

Nestor Aparicio  04:43

Listen, listen, I know you’re a big, big deal up in Maine Pat Ricard told me that there’s a whole shrine to you, you’re in the main hall of fame. I’m in the Dundalk Hall of Fame and that’s that’s true.

Mike Flynn  04:54

All right to get in.

Nestor Aparicio  04:56

Probably yeah, probably is right. So nonetheless, I’m in Dundalk. And I’m talking to Mr. Stadium, who was my middle school music teacher we did my fair lady by the way, I was in My Fair Lady. So I’m right after your boys hearts if your boy and I got together, we can have a little little Broadway conversation about the street we live. So I said I was an oval teen, you know, saying what I’m saying that an oval. That’s what I was. And I grew out of it a little bit, but I part of it was just trying to get in shape eating right. I’m 55 I’m on a yoga mat feeling good. And like all that, but dude, I gotta get the football with you. Because I love your kids love the family love a legacy. The ring that you like the bullies of Baltimore? Did you enjoy that?

Mike Flynn  05:36

Yeah, it was good. It’s good. You know, it’s it was not the format that I thought they were going to have. They normally would have. You know, normally it was a Straight Up Documentary. Right? More film, but it was more like a conversation. So it you know, I wasn’t expected. But it’s interesting. You know, I mean, you get those people in place to talk about something that certainly brought back a lot of memories to kids watch it. Joe did the others have not? So it’s kind of weird. I you know, it’s like, you were part

Nestor Aparicio  06:03

of that too. It was no defense to your kids, your family. But professionally, it’s the greatest thing that you’ve ever done that you’ll ever riding in that parade was a once in a lifetime?

Mike Flynn  06:16

Because you get removed from it. Right? And it’s not so much. I mean, time certainly is part of it. Right? You know, the time that last time I played, and certainly from that game, that team, but it’s like life changes, priority changes that it becomes like this whole other life and they’re like coaching football, get questions. Hey, how was this? What was the Superbowl, you know, and you get you get a chance to reminisce about it. And your

Nestor Aparicio  06:40

wedding day, right? It’s a great day. It’s a marriage.

Mike Flynn  06:46

I guess the way I see it’s almost like from the outside looking in the movie, you know what I did it? I do. I do miss it. Like God, you know what I mean? Like, there’s so much of it that I enjoy, right? And would love to be back doing that. But now it’s like, you know, you got kids and you got a wife and you got responsibilities. And sure when I play like, I want an apartment, you I never had a house. And one car now it’s like, my I got two cars, and I got a house and I gotta do yard work and all this kind of crap. You know? I mean, so it does get so when you see stuff like that, it definitely, you know, brings it back, and it brings it back quick. You know, when it came,

Nestor Aparicio  07:22

that was the only priority and you’re like, no offense to marry or your obligations with me back in the day, but your whole life was making that thing happen for the rest of your life. Right? Yeah. And

Mike Flynn  07:33

I had Jake my last year there when he was born. And that was like, difficult to a point. Right? You know what I mean? But some people Yeah, I just felt like at the time, it would have been hard to do that. And plus, to me, like, you’re just all in like you’re either in or you’re out. Like it’s hard to tippy toe. Especially for me, I wasn’t the most naturally gifted guy, you know, there was you had to work harder than everybody. Yeah, but there’s, you know, but you know, the guys like, I would say, there’s probably there’s, you know, 53 guys in the locker room, there’s 40 of them that are like that, you know, I mean, that really need to be all in and bust their ass. And there’s 13 that match.

Nestor Aparicio  08:10

The 13 or first round draft picks are guys that came from somewhere else after they were. But but they still

Mike Flynn  08:15

honestly to reach that level they have to work. But you know, they could probably skate a little bit more than somebody like I could, or some of these other guys. But yeah, but yeah, I look back and I see that and it’s crazy. And those memories and the stories and you know, it’s good when you get back together with them. And you know, with we were usually have that reunion, but it’s been kind of pushed off at everything with COVID. But it’s funny how the stories are all kind of the same. But when you talk to these guys, it’s from a different perspective. So I always find that fascinating, right? Like, you and I have stories that we were at whether it’s something at the bar, and when I get

Nestor Aparicio  08:56

together, radio, we’re friends and we stay in touch. There are other guys like I ran into big Keith Washington and Canton, Ohio. I don’t know like when Ray Lewis went in, right. I hadn’t seen him thought of him. Yeah, never. And we ran into each other in the Hall of Fame. He came up and gave me the warmest hug me shader. And it was just sort of like, what are you doing? I’m fishing man. I do a lot of fishing. You know what I mean? And everybody’s got a story. But you don’t keep up with the guys and the reunion.

Mike Flynn  09:25

Oh, it’s more about like, how

Nestor Aparicio  09:27

are you? Right? It’s

Mike Flynn  09:28

a weird connection. You know, I did something for the Ravens like I did the they have, you know, we go to a couple of different bars or something and it was Jamie sharper who was the player that I did it with? And I don’t think I’ve Lee eyes or talked to Jamie sharper and 12 You know, since the last reunion, which was 12 or 13 years ago, and it was him bouncing around for three or four hours. You know, science honors here, but most times just kind of talk. Hey, what do you do with this? And

Nestor Aparicio  09:57

I said, Wayne, I saw Dwayne Starks was too When autographed and so we start here, but Wayne and I got to catch up at the Hollywood casino when they opened it. And he and I just like spent an hour together just

Mike Flynn  10:08

great. And you get it. And that’s it, you move on. And then you know, hopefully, it’s another guy that you see and you know, going down to Baltimore. So Edwin, which, what I want you to see those game that we didn’t catch on Edwin happen to be there. And I mean, that was a guy I haven’t seen forever.

Nestor Aparicio  10:26

Isn’t that funny? Yeah. And

Mike Flynn  10:27

we watched we watch the game together, which was very unique, you know, considering I haven’t really been to many ravens games as a fan. You know, I probably been in the stadium, you know, a handful of times, you know, we watched the game together. And we’re lucky we’re all the action was going our way. We lost but like he was coming in. So it was great. It was you know, it was crazy watching and in between all our stories and this and that. So that’s kind of how you catch up on it. You watch that it, you know, the stories that those guys told, I can’t remember. But certainly from my perspective, there is a different view to it, right? There’s a different angle that I’m sure I can add to that story. But that’s what it’s all about bringing those memories back because they kind of go away. You know what I mean? Like you just forget all these, the nuance of everything that happened that year and the relationships and stuff like that. So I’m glad

Nestor Aparicio  11:15

to have your relationship. Mike Flynn is here, the main event, you follow Him and Flynn 985 When he’s not chasing his kids from Broadway to sporting events into school and being a parent of a bunch of boys. You know, I called you to talk about Lamar, and we are right on the backside of the press conference on Monday. And John horrible off you’re tuning in later in the week. So it’s very sort of there and reactive that Lamar has said that he requested a trade on March 2, you’re up in New England, you professionally covered the Patriots for a decade in the aftermath on sports radio in 19 98.5. In the Hobbit, Boston Yeah. What were what what’s on your mind as a remove former athlete watching this and knowing what do England went through with Tom Brady weren’t but this for the Ravens is so unprecedented. You know, maybe Ray could have laughed or maybe you know, Suggs could have laughed or ad read or any of these players but the Ravens have made they haven’t had an offseason like this with tumult.

Mike Flynn  12:15

Yeah, you’re interesting spot. I go, You know what it goes back to the contract. And I’ll say this first off, requesting a trade. There’s a fallout in negotiations you need to realize that I didn’t I was up here at the time when that happened when a couple players appear Vince Wilfork, Logan bacon’s these were franchise guys. And at one point there’s an immediate saying how the franchise lied to the owner of the team lied to you know, like Logan, bacon’s keybounce it they end up signing the contract will focus on the contract and to be a legend Hall of Famer here. So those things could always be fixed. You know, it’d be you requested a trade today, you get your contract tomorrow, all is forgiven. Right. That’s how negotiations and and sometimes they can be pretty emotional. But overall, it’s a unique situation. You know, Lamar Jackson is a quarterback that in today’s NFL, and in sports really is the most important position in sports. And what that entails financially is huge. And he wants a guarantee. And, you know, I could see the point of view from the Ravens speeding, it’s an issue about guarantees, okay. You didn’t play to the playoffs, it’s been proven that you have to get beaten up and hurt at times you haven’t finished the season. Okay. So that I think is what they’re kind of draw their line in the sand. And as a player, you know, how good he is and his track record? I would say to you listen, okay. You haven’t put the skill guys around me that are like some of these other top end quarterbacks in this league. As I develop my game. You didn’t put the skill players around it. My offensive coordinator didn’t develop my game. Like I get it. I first came from Louisville, you know, we kind of he came into the middle of a season that he had a great MVP year, but we never expanded on that offense, it became the same if not the worst, more than that. And I didn’t get developed here. And now I need to financially suffer for that when clearly, I’m one of the better quarterbacks in the league, you know, and as a player like why, if x quarterback got this much B quarter Z quarterback at this much, I’m getting that much. And if you’re willing to draw a line in the sand, I have no issue with that. If these guys are getting the guarantees, if he’s getting those exact guarantees that you you will get it from somebody else. I’m

Nestor Aparicio  14:37

not this in regard to like your position, and it’s not the quarterback, but let’s say John Ogden, John was up for money and wherever, not five years into his career, and he hadn’t finished the last two seasons in any other position that met this tackle, pick any center, whatever you want, right? If it’s Matt Burke, if it’s somebody going into the Hall of Fame, whatever it is saying, I’m a great player. Tony Boselli. I’m a Right player but I haven’t finished the last two seasons, but I want you to pay me top of class guaranteed all of a guarantee Right? Like, I don’t know that that’s collusion among and look like I think these owners are scumbags I happen to have any massive this difference of opinion with the Ravens owner who has lied to me. I can. I know where Vince Wilfork was, but I know this owners lied to me. So I would just say for him taking this to the market and trying to sell it to Arthur Blank, or to Steven Ross or to the the Tampa Bay Bucs, owners, the brothers, the Glazer, these owners that are going to have to come with $200 million of guaranteed money. Steve didn’t want to do that. Jimmy Haslam did it last year but at least Steinberg on last weekend. He’s like, Hey, man, that contracts part of the market. It’s not an outlier. It’s in the market. It happened. It’s real. It’s here. There’s money floating around this league everywhere. Why is it the quarterback get in it? And then Lamar really has screwed this up royally by not having an agent. And maybe I could speak to you about that. Like, can you imagine your career without an agent?

Mike Flynn  16:08

Oh, well, certainly not. With the moving parts that he has in his career. You know what I mean? There’s more to it than just his contract, right? There’s so many things when you’re the quarterback, how you, you know, a trusted voice when you’re making advertising decisions, making life decisions, you know what I mean? Like, yeah, I mean, you need to have a lot of confidence in yourself, certainly. And, you know, have somebody trusted, who maybe isn’t nearly at an entry agent that kind of look at the big picture thing. So, and then certainly the nuance and the subtleties of contract negotiation, especially at his level, you know, for me, it was relatively simple. When it came when it comes to a lot of stuff for him, it would not be so. But in terms of the odors, it’s a huge outlay of money. And it’s a huge risk, because of the nature of his game. And, yes, I do think the offense played a big part, and certainly his weapons, but the ability to drop back and throw consistently, right? Can you read defenses? It’s hard to say, you know, generally in that offense, but you need to throw to win. But yeah, it is a big risk there. And you know, the difference you mentioned, Jonathan, certainly the player, you could, the caliber would would would want top dollar. And you can use that scenario, but a quarterback is much different, because the more money you get to yours is a lot thicker, and the investment in that guy. The other reality is if you didn’t have Jonathan Ogden for three or four games, or half a season or the playoffs, you can find a way to win. If you’re building your offense around your quarterback, and as much money as you give that affects everybody else, getting the slice of that pie of the salary cap. It is harder to win if he gets hurt is the point. You know what I mean? But there’s, it turns

Nestor Aparicio  17:51

out for any player who hasn’t finished the last two seasons going into an option to get paid in any sport, you would say, Yeah, that’s a problem. It’s a problem that he hasn’t asked him getting a guarantee.

Mike Flynn  18:05

Like the money they should be able to give him. So if they’re saying well, we don’t have the money to get milk, that’s crap because the owners make a lot of money and they have money. But if you legitimately say like, we’re worried about the guarantee that if we give intuited and 40 million guaranteed and He’s two years that contract, and he can’t play or he can’t play well, what do we do? And honestly, like any quarterback making that kind of money, it seems like a big risk now you know, Derek Carr got paid would be that much you know, some of these guys that are just okay guys get a lot of money because if you don’t have a quarterback, you really can’t even start he can’t even think about winning. So you know, if he was a free agent, I think he would have more interest in the fact that no matter what they’re going to have to pony up to number one picks if they work out some compensation I would guess that the Ravens really wanted like that’s your starting point anyway, because you gave him that franchise tender that that you’re required to give to number one pick so you’re giving 250 million plus and you hope you can build an offense that fits his skill set and we got to get up to first round picks. So

Nestor Aparicio  19:16

you know, and by the way make the salary cap space.

Mike Flynn  19:19

Yes. So it was a good move by the Ravens so to speak, because if he was a true franchise player I wonder if you know would limit people at all you know, maybe negotiated with them but do you say hey listen, we’ll give this it’ll save us some money. If we don’t want to match you know, we could get the first round picks and maybe you could see like a bar see people have an opportunity to give the contract to bands that you want and you’re not getting

Nestor Aparicio  19:50

what they are right now that that is the scenario really wants

Mike Flynn  19:53

you what’s to first round picks for a franchise quarterback. And in reality right is Like Tom Brady, it is primed for two first round picks, who cares? first round picks, like if you get Tom Brady, or a guy that you think you’re going to win, it’s going to be the bottom of the first round anyway. So my thought would be is if you’re the ravens, they’ve always been pretty good, shrewd negotiators, you know, there’s a few guys like Jonathan, one of those guys, they, they kind of just paid. But, hey, go out and try to find that contract. And maybe we’ll match we want you here. But we just have a difference of opinion, what we think you should be guaranteed? Well, clearly, he hasn’t found that contract or team willing to give up first round picks with the contract you want. So in a way, like, I can see that frustration from Lamar Jackson now spilling over to trade requests, because if the Falcons were gonna give that money, or the Raiders, whoever would be like, they would have done it by now. Because I would think it’s something new, or at least by the draft anyway. But it was kind of a good move by them to kind of throw it out there. See what you can find. And there are the Ravens have done that a lot where they’ve told guys like, let’s go out, see what you could find, and come back to us. And a lot of times, the player would come back and either go to, you know, what they established to begin with? But that’s kind of what this is a lot more high stakes at the quarterback position. So it’s very delicate, right? But I do believe if Lamar Jackson gets muddy close to what he’s seeking, and he comes back to the ravens, I think Bygones are bygones. I mean, listen, like it’s business, it can be very personal. There’s no doubt about that. He doesn’t have an agent, who is the intermediary between ownership and the coach and him, which really sucks. Because I had no illusions that when I was getting evaluated the offseason, or I was up for a contract that they’re like, hey, this guy’s not better than this guy, this guy, this guy, and I’m gonna say, Well, shit, I’m better than that guy. I’m better than that guy. You know, but if you don’t have that guy in between, you’re hearing all that. So how was that? not personal? You know, just but I don’t know, the conversations are having but I, at some point, like, why aren’t you give me this money? Well, we don’t think you can say, Well, screw you, I could say. Whereas if you had to intermediate that has done that, for years, knows how to smooth waters on both sides, right? That maybe tones the rhetoric out on both sides. Now, you gotta pay him something for that, which Lamar doesn’t want to do, and you have a contract like that? That’s a lot, a lot of buddy to smooth things over. But I can see how that having an agent could make that situation very personal. So that’s where we’re at, you know, at a trade request, I highly doubt it that they would trade it. I don’t think they would. Because

Nestor Aparicio  22:40

they’re gonna have a hard time welcoming him back. I mean, and Mike,

Mike Flynn  22:43

you do who like the people in the front? I don’t think oh, no, no, no.

Nestor Aparicio  22:47

This is this is where I am. You know, for me with the if I were an owner, and it’s as far along the line, if Lamar Jackson comes into my office, and this is my first question as a reporter, like, if I were out in the owners meeting, sniffing around right now asking questions with people, I would really try to figure out why he wasn’t in Cincinnati. Why Why wasn’t he there? Was that his idea? Your idea to tell him to not come that it would be better for him to not be around? How could it not be better for your quarterback, I’d be holding a tablet on the sidelines, helping the quarterback that’s out there being another’s, that that just being all in this trade request does not shock me that on January 2, he didn’t want to be a part of the football team. And being a reporter who’s been thrown out. There’s no way to get to the truth of that, and be in there and work it. But to me, the biggest story is what happened once he was injured. And they were telling people he was coming back. And he never came back. And he never spoke up. And then all of a sudden he’s not in Cincinnati for a playoff game. Dude, there’s no way Mike Flynn Center, John Ogden, if any of these guys we answered, wouldn’t have been on the sideline into in Tennessee and in Oakland. And on the sidelines swinging a towel away, Kelly, Greg walls and a whole bunch of other people, Ken Harrington, get to play in the Super Bowl. They swing, you’re on the team. You’re the highest paid guy on a team. You’re the leader of the team. He’s playing a playoff game. If you’re not there, you’re really on the team. And that is a legitimate question that I think’s been burning for me, but I haven’t said it out loud a whole lot over the last 12 weeks or whatever. But if I’m an owner about to sign him, or I’m a reporter in the city where they signed in the first question is Why wasn’t he with his teammates in a playoff game? That’s that’s a smells not good to me for any of them for all of them.

Mike Flynn  24:43

Well, football is a team game right so that that’s a fair point. Right? What was going on at the end there where you know if it was a random game, you know, week seven is one thing but you when you’re in

Nestor Aparicio  24:56

week seven, you say he’s home staying off his feet. We didn’t want him to play Ain’t no sweat

Mike Flynn  25:00

in terms of whether he, you know, responds to the media with about his injury or anything like to me. You know, as an athlete, a lot of times you’re damned if you do damned if you don’t, right now, it’s better off in today’s media world with with Twitter and social media and these and these athletes to get out in front of stuff to put your narrative out there. But, you know, it’s also Sue’s not to say anything, because no matter what you say, can be used against you. But, you know, that’s like saying nothing, you can’t win. But so I don’t give him a hard time about that. It’s not his responsibility to give people updates on whether he’s going to play or not. Right. He gives that to the team now. Not sure what up, you know, that big game? Giving support knows how much that maybe you could play the week after? Yeah, I mean, that’s a fair point. That’s a fair point that you know, he maybe he doesn’t give me an answer you and it’s we certainly would have to give ownership at his coaching answer.

Nestor Aparicio  25:56

Just under $50 million from the next guy. Just to play

Mike Flynn  26:00

nice. Right? So I don’t know how damage that relationship certainly, you know, I go, you know, Steve, a shoddy was in the business world. And all odors at some point, screw somebody over not owners, businessman, right? You got to screw somebody over? Are you are you you’re Oh, get over on somebody, and that happens to you, right? And then you end up doing business with people. Right? Like, you know, he would have to take the high road in terms of like, all right, you know, he was pissed off. We tried to negotiate in the season. He didn’t take what we offered. He didn’t show up to last game. We’re still here, but now we have an opportunity to get together. And this is it. He’s gonna sign this, we agree to this, like to put everything aside and realize what’s better for the franchise. You know, to me, Lamar Jackson playing well with the Baltimore Ravens, his personality and his style play financially is much better than him leaving for Steve ashadha. And for the ravens, and I’m certainly bizben could see that part of I mean, you want to strip it clean, right? Like, take the sentiments, the the friendships out of it all this how I like bottom line, he’s worth money to the franchise, and he will be especially if he plays well and stays healthy. So if you’ve

Nestor Aparicio  27:18

made it in there, and it’s hearts into it, right.

Mike Flynn  27:21

But if he signs that deal to stay, he will be motivated. You know, you can’t assume that, you know, he’s going to take that money and run but who knows, you know, I can’t get in his mind shut it down. But I think he you know, he’s going to be motivated to prove the contrary, he’s going to be motivated to win there. So it can be solved. But yes, certainly right now it doesn’t look like it’s the best case scenario for either either group right there.

Nestor Aparicio  27:47

The main event is Mike Flynn number 62 on your program and certainly number one on that day of January 28 2001 which floats further and further away and 22 years in the family’s guard everything’s gone we’re great you coaching anything What are you doing man?

Mike Flynn  28:04

Oh, coach in football sorry, that’s your move just live I want to get a charger for my

Nestor Aparicio  28:08

that’s about to get rid of you anyway but perfect.

Mike Flynn  28:12

Everything’s good coaching. You know my wife’s coaching softball now. You know, head coach softball, the varsity level teaching you know, you know how that works is a youth football. You know, my son’s playing hockey so I’m getting to learn how to everything there is to know about hockey. Which is interesting.

Nestor Aparicio  28:28

Well I’ll teach you a few things about that. On his way. Mike Flynn the awesome guard center for the Baltimore Ravens lo these many years ago we never forget number 62 around here. Stay safe out on the interwebs up there in Massachusetts. Always good to hear from Mike you can follow him at Flynn at 985 I m nest you can follow me to Costas next Thursday for the Maryland crab cake tour we’ve given away the incident lottery scratch offs we’ll be there from two to five on Wednesday the fifth and then on the seventh in the morning of faith he’s opening day is the sixth it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with window nation I am Mr.

Mike Flynn  28:59

Oh it’s gonna be good this year. What Yeah, well, you’re

Nestor Aparicio  29:03

their playoff. They’re a contender. They got they got young talent. Red Sox people up there. Oh, no, we’re

Mike Flynn  29:10

tough shape right now. So

Nestor Aparicio  29:11

yeah, well, it’s about time we are wn St. Hey and 5070, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking. Baltimore positive

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