Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Hagerstown mayor Emily Keller invites Nestor for doughnuts, crab cakes & arts of Washington County

Hagerstown mayor Emily Keller invites Nestor for doughnuts, crab cakes & arts of Washington County

1st Maryland Crab Cake Tour: Day 28 They call it The Tasting Room in Frederick for a good reason

On the 28th day of the Maryland Crab Cake Tour, Nestor and Jenn left Hagerstown early to head to the fields of Antietam and a day in the vineyard. And then after lunch they discovered the beauty of downtown Frederick and a swirl of fun activity.

Headed back to Hagerstown and looking for adventure

Hagerstown mayor Emily Keller invites Nestor for doughnuts, crab cakes & arts of Washington County

1st Maryland Crab Cake Tour: Day 26 Fulfilling a true bucket list train ride from Cumberland to Frostburg on The Flyer

Nestor saw Rhea Feikin talk about it once on MPTV and always wanted to ride the Frostburg Flyer. It was just as good as advertised. A wonderful day in Cumberland exploring the hills of Western Maryland.

1st Maryland Crab Cake Tour: Day 25 Heading west and seeing the mountainous beauty of our state

The Maryland #CrabCakeTour was an exploration of new places close to home after the plague. Nestor and Jenn had never been to Deep Creek Lake. Now, they'll never not go back...

1st Maryland Crab Cake Tour: Day 22 Sailing to Smith Island to make chocolate layer cake with a legend and a peppery Tylerton crab...

It was a double cake day on the Eastern Shore as Nestor and family head to Smith Island to make a legend chocolate cake and drop by The Narrows on the way home for a crab cake and Kent Island hospitality.

1st Maryland Crab Cake Tour: Day 19 The county with the scarcest supply of crab cakes? Oh Caroline and hitting Market Street Public House...

The Maryland #CrabCakeTour hit all 24 municipalities in our beautiful state over 30 days last summer. Before Nestor hits the road on August 1st for 31 crab cakes and 31 breweries to celebrate 31 years on Baltimore radio, here is quiet Caroline County on the Eastern Shore.

1st Maryland Crab Cake Tour: Day 18 Rocking down to an Eastern Shore-style ‘cake at Crisfield Seafood in Silver Spring

Dundalk unmasked in Silver Spring al fresco and rocking with John Allen of Stone Horses. The Maryland Crab Cake Tour remains about friends and places. And, well, beer too...

1st Maryland Crab Cake Tour: Day 17 Historic Havre de Grace and the deck at MacGregor’s

On the 17th day of the Maryland Crab Cake Tour in 2021, Nestor sought the advice of many folks for a Harford County day. Because he'd been almost everywhere except downtown Harve de Grace, it was an easy decision...

1st Maryland Crab Cake Tour: Day 15 Taking the Oxford Ferry from Bellevue for a brunch ‘cake at Robert Morris Inn

When you've lived in Maryland for half a century and still learn about places and things. Nothing more historic than this ferry. Go along for a ride from Bellevue to Oxford and a panko-crusted tarragon unique 'cake at the Robert Morris Inn.
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