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The adjustment of 25 years with the same chiropractor


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In the summer of 1998, Towson chiropractor Steve Elliott called Nestor to welcome him to the neighborhood. Now a quarter of a century of friendship and a lot of bad baseball later, they convene at Drug City with pal Bill Yerman to discuss the glory days and how sports is the tie that binds us in Baltimore.


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Bill Yerman, Nestor Aparicio, Steve Elliott

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about W N S T Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We are positively a drug city in my homeland of Dundalk coming down the homestretch on the 25th anniversary celebration, but we’re just getting started. We’re gonna be doing 25 stories of glory over the next 25 weeks here, commemorating all the cool stuff we’ve done. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We’re giving these away drug city today Allison’s getting number 19 for Johnny Unitas There you go. Hope you get a winner. They’re sort of folded but might be might be good luck. I’ll Sally to your Steve Elliot’s here for Elliott Family Chiropractic. That’s the family part of that the boys couldn’t be here. Bill Yeomans hanging out a little bit longer talks about the roll. CD the two guys with bad backs here right like I mean seriously, we can sit here talking about baxalta When donations got your back 8669 donation. If you want to get involved windows on my one year anniversary is the eighth of August and that was the day that my cat started loving looking out the window and breeze started coming in. I like good weather. You’ve been trying to fix me 25 years Right? I mean trying to be right i mean I’m on fixing some



things are beyond and you might be one of them.

Nestor Aparicio  01:05

Is that a legit Hawaiian shirt? Or is that like wanting to give what’s on a give? What’s real one right?


This came from the from the Oriole store from the store. But that’s not to

Nestor Aparicio  01:13


give them notice. There’s nothing that’s like that’s a that’s a legitimately nice one. Yeah,

Steve Elliott  01:18

it’s my mom, my mom. She just buys anything that’s got an Oriole on it number one. And whenever she gets a disbursement from retirement, it burns a hole in her pocket. She starts buying stuff. And I have you like Hey, hold on your money for a couple days. I mean, you don’t have to buy everything right away. I mean, he’s just

Nestor Aparicio  01:35

you were Oreos so for 20 You ain’t a real fan every day I go in now get adjusted with him you know on the way to yoga and you know big shout out to Planet Fitness appreciate your sponsorship to you know, I come in and it’s oral this oral that oral oral skill. I mean, I said in the last segment you were here for it. Five bucks Allison is one there we go we got a winner we got a winner trucks any winner face on my lunch 19 was gonna be a lucky number. I just knew that. And the heartbeat of baseball. Your boy was watching the team because he’s in your in your shop sometimes as well. He was talking real baseball with me a little bit more last year. He was going to some games and he’s young, you know, Bellaire kid that he played ball? Little Little League? Yeah, a little baseball game, but for moved over to your kid housing 3029. Okay, so I don’t think it was being 12 anymore. But my kid doesn’t care my kids pushing 40 Your kid cares. Does your daughter care?

Bill Yerman  02:38

Not so much not like your husband does and that at least gets her interested in it. But the orals were never really a part for them. Because you know, they sucked for so long, right?



There was a big gap, right?

Nestor Aparicio  02:47

There’s a big gap, the three of us that you mean, you’re wearing real stuff right now, every receipt came everybody’s got Oriole hats on yesterday at Lauer came by he gave me the 1997 wired wire. So I could dream a little bit. I said they lost. But nonetheless, I was there for that one, too. So we do this was 26 years ago. And it’s a bond that we have, and it’s a bond that the community has. And as I said earlier, and I’ll continue to spike the ball on this. I’m really proud of free the birds. Like when I think about the top 25 things we’ve ever done. I don’t think free the birds is number one, but I think it’s in the top five. And for me, I’m really proud of it because it really sets an example for your 30 year old kid who was 14 or whatever the 13 when they threw me out 12 When they threw me out that he’s 12 even know what you know, like anything about it. And they had stunk for eight years when your kid was 12 and everybody was off the bandwagon. I’m like, they’re gonna lose the city, we’re gonna lose the franchise. I mean, like, if they still stunk again this year, if they still stunk this year, it didn’t work. And this clown that owns a team was born on third thinks he had a triple, and he doesn’t have a lease. Where would we be 6000 people were showing up the games right now. I mean, we’re in a danger zone with that, right? Yeah, but they come back. And here we all are, because it’s that important. It is. And that’s why I did a walk out on a billionaire owner.

Bill Yerman  04:04

Yeah, I mean, for me, as a child, this was my life, I would go to summer camp and, you know, had couldn’t wait until I got the box scores sent to me by mail. A they’d be four days late, but I didn’t care. And I never went to bed without knowing the score of a West Coast game as a kid, like I would stay up till 130 In the morning getting transferred. Yeah. And that’s how passionate was and to have it really just ripped away. It’s just such a just such a crime. And it really was and, you know, now, my two brothers had been saying to me, it’s coming, it’s coming. It’s coming. They never left the state and followed whatever. They know everybody they know the players that know how deep our system is. And they said it’s coming. It’s coming on my I can’t you know what, as we got into the end of last year, I was living in Toronto for a couple months and I went to the last series and I went to the I think the Saturday game can’t remember. We took two out of three that but we didn’t it wasn’t enough. I mean, we were just on the cusp of potentially making the playoffs, but just to have a meaningful game in September last year in Toronto was just fantastic. And then every game matters now every game every night, you know, I love the 640 starts you know you’re done at

Nestor Aparicio  05:14


nine o’clock we sound like old people age.

Bill Yerman  05:17

I mean 705 is fine, I guess but the games are faster. Even my mother

Nestor Aparicio  05:21

could stay up late enough for the plate at seven o’clock. You guys


makes me laugh. It’s nine o’clock. Don’t they don’t


Nestor Aparicio  05:33

get off till seven o’clock. So I’m nice. third inning tonight, because not get down there, right? There is something weird. They’re like, they played Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago. And the game was over like 846. And I’m like, if it’s driven up, I’d be home at 10 o’clock.

Bill Yerman  05:48

Crazy in bed. It used to be faster than walking to the game. Think about that. You get home to 1130.

Nestor Aparicio  05:52

I marvel as I get older. And we’re in Dundalk. And I like talking about my father when I’m over here because my father, we talked about cost as my father would go to the point every day. So I’m a kid. I was born in 68. So you know, some are 79 was a special summer for me and my dad was 11 years old. But my dad didn’t get summers off. He went to school teachers worked at the mill like dad works seven to three, you know, every day. My dad walked in from the bus 10 After for every day, my dad left woke up at 515 left the house around 540 to get a 6am boss to be at the point at seven o’clock. And this is my father is 55 years old when I was five, right? So my father is in his late 50s my OB 55 In a few weeks. I cannot imagine chasing a six year old boy with my intellect my energy. My energies hellacious now, I mean, they call me tireless and a Dundalk Eagle 25 years ago. I mean, I don’t even sleep you know this, I sleep four hours a night now. My father would take me to Memorial Stadium on the bus on an 88 degree day to see Paul split or throw for the Royals in 1978. I’m 10 years old, we would leave it but he would come over so we’re going to gain get some food on the table. That’s Liz, we’re going to add 445 We’re getting on the bus we’re gonna be I want to be there for BP 730 game. When those games were two and a quarter they’d be most games at 945 10 o’clock, we’d be on the bus back in Highland town 1025 1030 catch at 1030 Bus be home at 1045. Mom’s waiting up for the 11 o’clock news, my dad would go to bed. And that would marvel that my dad could go to bed at 11 o’clock, and be out the door making coffee at 530 in the morning. And my mother would be waking up to go to school, not in the summer, but in April in May. And I couldn’t get my us out of bed before 10 o’clock on a summer morning. Right. And now when I get older, I have the energy that I could stay awake later if I had to. But this 640 705 I mean, it was weird to me. But it’s quickly going to become stock. But it really screws up the ability to get to the game. It’s like there’s no pre gaming, it doesn’t help the city. It’s nobody’s going to dinner before 640 game, right?

Bill Yerman  07:55


What are the bar the bar owners saying like is that been discussed?

Nestor Aparicio  07:59

I don’t think anybody cares about the bar. I don’t think anybody there’s nobody that cares about anything other than the billionaire having his way. And whether we get a lease or not. I don’t think any of this is really being done to help the city. This is being done to enrich the Angele. I mean, I believe that because I’ve witnessed it for 30 years, and I don’t see any like that they really care about what’s going on.

Bill Yerman  08:17

I hear you but the numbers are so astronomical to help with the values of these teams are there has to be some sense of civic responsibility.

Nestor Aparicio  08:25

You don’t have a lease.


Bill Yerman  08:26

I understand that. But people you know, it’s negotiated we don’t know what’s exactly happening. My point is that you when you are in that position where the money doesn’t matter. The question is,

Nestor Aparicio  08:39

what is enough the money always matters to these people. But yeah, I mean, I mean, actually, you know, the money never dies.

Bill Yerman  08:45

But you have evaluation now that is so off the charts of these baseball teams

Nestor Aparicio  08:49


off the charts compared to what Elon Musk bought the biggest, you know, football communication thing in the world threw me off people like me, because it makes me

Bill Yerman  08:56

feel good. But I’m saying that the values have gone so far through the roof that I was leaving

Nestor Aparicio  08:59

value on money as value on eat. Did you see his press conference? I didn’t. Okay, well,

Bill Yerman  09:04

I’m not as tied to.


Nestor Aparicio  09:05

This has been a lifetime but I gave him a chance.

Bill Yerman  09:08

What happened? What happened?

Nestor Aparicio  09:09

He’s beaten up his brother in court, his mother and this and that he takes the team over. He did a Martin Luther King Day press conference to hide from the media, Dan Connolly. Who’s not me to answer like a nice guy. Dan showed up but he was an asshole to Dan and basically to the fans. And he said come down. I’ll open the books. I’ll open the books. He’s a liar. And now we’re trying to find him for a lease Bill cold the other bill Cole, not my local city councilman, you know said what are we doing here and I talked to I text with bill last week. He said I said what I said he didn’t he I don’t have any more comment. I’m like fine. I say what I say but we’re all into it again. Yeah, and this is either dangerous or gray because so is there

Bill Yerman  09:52


is you believe there’s a leverage play now because the oils are good and look like they’re going to be good for the next 10 years.

Nestor Aparicio  09:57

We’re just gonna have to do anything right so he He can go day to day we he he literally has the milking the cow. Shed against him. So no, you got a daughter at some point you wanted to get married. Right? I mean, he doesn’t have to get married, right? Because nobody believes he’s leaving, even though he lives in Nashville and nobody believes he’s leaving, nobody leaves. guy wouldn’t get an armada of attorneys. He got an armada of attorneys last year to beat up his brother. Like, come on, man, Coco, like anybody that would trust John Angelo’s. Either doesn’t know him doesn’t know anybody that’s tied to him or just hasn’t watched. I don’t think there’s anything trustworthy here. But I do think this is a test for us civically, right, this is a test to say, we’re good now. And I know the arrogance of the old it wasn’t the old John was involved in this. Every time things got screwed up. John was involved in

Bill Yerman  10:51

what he was taught in his 20s and 30s. But

Nestor Aparicio  10:53

every time they would their arrogance to me after 1998 Yeah, was always this here, they ate on this, they ate on 1997. When we when you’re all come back, you’ll be crying to get play off, you’ll be you’ll pay whatever you have to pay. I don’t see that to be wrong so far. Like they’re winning the stadium feels like it’s slowly picking up, right. But I’ve compared this a little bit to the major league movie, right? When the woman wanted to move the franchise, right? The team to be cities bad, can’t get help. Can’t do that, you know, all the things that you could say if you were to pack up and leave Baltimore can be said, Right, right. So for me, if you you know, $600 million. He Westmore can’t give John a better deal, because that would open up the ravens to come back and get a better deal. So he’s locked in.


Bill Yerman  11:46

There’s there’s then what’s the negotiation then if marriage team, he’s hired

Nestor Aparicio  11:51

a lobbyist to go to the federal government to try to get part of the federal money. That’s part of the stimulus, too. So I don’t he doesn’t talk to me. So I don’t know. I just know that there have been lobbyists that have been hired to get federal money. Because of what Atlanta has built. What San Diego built that the stadium revitalized downtown. And I’m thinking to myself, we built the damn thing for you. 30 years ago, we’re supposed to you and your family has so mismanaged this in front of everyone talks to think that there’s any level of confidence that you’re going to be the deep thinker that’s going to fix our city. Dude, you fix your baseball team, you know, get people get it, get it get immediate deal. Get get fans vested, again, to that I’m seeing because it started. We’re talking baseball right now. Training Camp. It’s August 4, right? Show me an August 4 the last 25 years. The baseball nasal. It’s on our tongue again. And it’s starting to be concerning again. And it should be concerning that there’s no lease and she could be concerning to say, what do you want? And what point are you going to front face and just say what what you’re looking for

Bill Yerman  12:55

the 600? Is bond financing? Is

Nestor Aparicio  12:57


that what that is? Yes, it was this because both the stadiums are 30 years old. That’s right. Right. And it was part of tied to the 15 year lease that Steve shot he saw right, which is we’ll give you this money for these improvements. You sign a 15 year lease once it’s not on you they will sign 30 year leases with a new stadium. But 1515 and Steve will be 80 years old, his kids aren’t going to have the team. I mean, I think it’s pretty clear. Steve’s gonna sell it to somebody else that’s not going to be named shoddy. John Angelo’s doesn’t. My point is when you lose civic trust, when John Angelo’s very hard to get that he comes out in front of people for the coming out party, and he’s a complete a hall and a jerk to the people in the room on Martin Luther King day trying to run and hide instead of saying, here’s my plan. This is what I’m going to do for this because Larry Lucchino and when they went, we had a plan for the Orioles. It was going to be an old fashioned stadium and Stedman road tombs, trying to get that stadium in Port comments, excuse me, Baltimore Peninsula. Like Steadman thought that stadium should have been there. So there was a real civic debate about where the stadium was gonna go, what was going to do? What are we doing all this money who we give this Eli, who, you know, like, all of that. This is just $1.2 billion. That we’re just saying, you purple, you orange, give money make city better? I don’t know. I don’t know that keeping the ravens are the next 15 years is more important than fixing the schools or fixing crime. But I wouldn’t have said that 25 years ago today when the St. Louis station Oh, because I believed in sports. I don’t believe in sports owners anymore.

Bill Yerman  14:29

Right? You don’t believe that there is the civic responsibility that is needed to improve our yes some thought

Nestor Aparicio  14:33

that a billionaire is gonna say enough’s enough and haven’t met that guy yet.

Bill Yerman  14:36

I yeah, I hold out hope I hear you. Well, you’re


Nestor Aparicio  14:39

a Democrat.


Yeah, we’re optimists,

Nestor Aparicio  14:42

for for you with the baseball thing you feel it in your people walk in everyday with a hat on right. Oh, yeah. It’s



it’s, it’s certainly turned to tide. I mean, there was talk 510 years ago, but it was never good talk. Or it might have been it might have been fun for the first six weeks. To the year, because you know, it’s that it’s that eternal spring, it’s always next year, there’s always a chance, right? And then the Joomla hit especially well, the All Star game with it and, and they were all star game.

Bill Yerman  15:09

How about like April 19. We were done,


you know, depending upon the season, but everybody hope springs eternal. And so there was always chat, but most of it was not good chat. Now. It’s all it’s universally good chat.

Nestor Aparicio  15:24

But your mother loves it. You



talk to your mother about it every Oh, yeah, my mom’s a huge baseball fan. So

Nestor Aparicio  15:29

as my mother, right. So I mean, that’s a that’s a beautiful thing for you, you. It was gone. It just for all of us, right, that whatever that connection was, other than and I love Ed Lauer, but you know, it’s the only one I saw at the stadium last five years. And you always get the shot behind. Oh, boy. I mean, there’s 2500 people down there and Luke. And I don’t know what to make. That’s not sustainable. Right. Now, we’re wondering, what about this is sustainable, not just on the field. But like, if we don’t go back and give this crit money? How do we sign Adley rutschman? That’s where it is. Right? Right. It’s that that has to be that has to come from some large s that maybe comes out of their gambling budget. But it’s not going to come out of Masson, it’s not going to come out of a Chick fil A sign on the wall. It’s not going to come about a bunch of rich guys getting together and buying sky boxes at the banks. Every bank is going to have a provident Mercanti that’s all and that model is gone. I don’t. So where’s that money coming from? Well, it’s coming from your kid, getting him an orange carpet plan and a and we’re going to buy this and we’re going to pay $500 a year to be an Orioles fan. But we’re going to get the cable television, we’re going to get a five game package and $1 Hotdog and we get there because they’re going to want to soak the first 500 bucks out of you to make up for the 200 they were missing from the cable bill. I mean, it’s gonna be a different model.

Bill Yerman  16:52

So as Masson in trouble, you’d mentioned something about regional networks.

Nestor Aparicio  16:57


They’re all in trouble, because it was $75 million. Well, I know. I know. But on the regional sports, the regional sports networks are are done. They’re over with like, yes. New York. Oh, yes. And that’s and have their Real News Network. I mean, they they they don’t run Chinese ping pong on Saturday morning, like, like mass like mass, I mean, mass and runs. There’s no program. There’s no news. There’s no, right. There’s no There’s a ballgame. And then only four and a half hour and there’s Apple television that steals their games and Fox and the more they win, the more they’re on ESPN on Sunday night, right? I mean, so there’s, there’s a lot of moving parts. I don’t think there’s any. They don’t know what the future holds for media. But they know they have a good game. They know they have good players, they have a bird. You know, they have Eddie Murray, they can still market them history, they have a legacy to her mother still feels like they’re a family member. And she’s going to put an Oreo ornament on her Christmas tree and hang up on her car. And that’s great. But where the revenue is coming from your mother, your mother is not making them rich. You’re not making them rich. You know what I mean? You’re not trying. But But my point is who’s gonna make it? Who’s gonna pay Adley rutschman? us, the people, the state of Maryland and a $600 million sweetheart deal for a billionaire to have a stadium. And then it’s like, alright, what good is it to the city? Right? If we’re gonna go, we’re gonna park in the parking lot and league get there at 622 for 640 game and leave at 905? I don’t know. I mean, they have to rethink this. Right. And I think John knows that, which is why he’s going to the federal government trying to get them to subsidize his wealth.

Bill Yerman  18:31

Right. But if you’re saying that you’re saying both things, you’re saying we need to make sure that you’re going to fund this team, you’re going to pay Adler you’re going to pay Gunnar. I mean, you can’t imagine what what’s got coming down the track. You can’t keep all these guys. Right?

Nestor Aparicio  18:44

Theoretically, but if they’ve been making $50 million a year, the last 10 years, and they love the people. I mean, the fact that they can’t afford the body is absurd, right? Here it made some students well can there’s no salary cap, it’s different when when Eric says up, couldn’t bring market speed. And baseball, they could do whatever they want. They had the lowest payroll. So the fact that they went through the trading deadline, a friend of mine, who’s a very astute friend sent me a text right after trading deadline said, John Angelos is you know, Junior Achievement. You know, he’s not, he’s not a real player in this. He didn’t come forth and say, We need to win. And we need to win now get that deal and CSK young kid here, deal off holiday, whatever. Let’s get pitching in here. And instead, I think Michael is is running it to that point. But when Mike Elias goes and wants money, I saw that ESPN thing right there we’re on and David Cohn said, that’s really nice when you got your bank next to you. And that’s when they had they were texting in the in the skybox. And David cone, thinks of John Angelo’s as Mike Elias is bank. Right? Like literally, that’s the bank. You know, it is the bank right? And the bank has to approve it. And this guy can’t get at least on Right, right. I mean, so I don’t I don’t

Bill Yerman  19:55

listen. I don’t


Nestor Aparicio  19:57

have a lot of confidence and confidence in Mike Elias I have confidence that Jack fleet they might win a World Series in 10 weeks, they might, I mean,

Bill Yerman  20:03

but the depth in this organization that we’ve all been sleeping on is supposedly like legendary, like triple A double A players, we got 20 players that these other teams are not at a time, right. So I something great happened we have the asset now has formed after all of this time, how do you then use your asset properly? Do you trade some of the future? Like, is there a good strategy here? Or it’s like, or it’s like, oh my God, look what we have. We have the deepest. And you wake up one day and now you’re the best team in baseball for the next 10 years. I mean, that’s

Nestor Aparicio  20:37

kind of 10 years, well obvious. 10 years. 10 years has a lot of strategy here involved, that’s going to take John Angelo’s money, it’s going to take the marketing part of the team creating that money to where there really are 24,000 people down there on Tuesday nights in May and June. And the sellout games are sellouts and and the bobblehead knights are bonkers and like, it looks like 91 but we did it with Washington fans that are now gone, right? So this is really and we did it with me really caring when I was young enough to get out there chase girls and spend money want to be there four nights a week and say I want to go to Baja Beach Club. Like there was a thing about being down there.

Bill Yerman  21:15


Now the next generation doesn’t do that and hasn’t done that and might never do.

Nestor Aparicio  21:19

It might be watching a lacrosse game or might decide I just want to watch it on TV or just want to watch the highlights or I just want to they’re heading

Bill Yerman  21:27

to be betting part of me. That’s gonna


be that’s gonna be a big part of it. Right? Yeah.


Nestor Aparicio  21:31

None of us had better maybe you bet on a baseball game, but I Oh, yeah. Oh, it’s

Bill Yerman  21:35

yeah, it’s wild. I can’t believe the things that they’ve got


that camera or that camera does. I mean he see your kids. Next Generation, that’s what they’re doing. They’re young got Harley’s, there’s so many choices. Were prop beds and stuff. And they’re only spending, you know, 1520 bucks or whatever it was all your

Nestor Aparicio  21:52


mother father, anybody that didn’t never bet on a baseball they battle football Colts. But betting on baseball is not something I’ve ever been on radio 32 years, I have never met a degenerative basis. But somebody that talks to me no one has ever called the station said I’m betting on this seven. I go to Vegas to bet on football way life right way life, right?


Oh, yeah. I mean, but but these guys, these kids, these young kids are doing all these lineups. These, you know, different permutations are picking, you know, nine players out of out of out of a hat, so to speak. And you’re putting a lineup together and turn it in a bet on that. And in there don’t I mean all kinds of permutations and stuff these wild and

Bill Yerman  22:30

abetting thinking about that, that makes you watch the games, you got kids that are betting on pitches or, or the first five innings or whatever it is, but they’re so attuned. And to your point, Steve, you’ve got these, these lineups that you can fill out. So every night you’re into all the game, right? My brother does that he does the lineup thing where you pick a guy on Philly, and I just don’t have

Nestor Aparicio  22:53

a betting Jones 25 bucks.



Understand, but it’s I don’t know what Fantasy has done for football. I mean, all these young folks are that have been doing fantasy for years. Now all these leaks. They watched every doggone game, I would go to

Nestor Aparicio  23:07

a coach talking to Cameron’s mother about this. To talk with her. I would


be at Rugby practice on a Thursday night and there’d be a guy standing on the sideline, not practicing for 20 minutes because he’s watching the football game the Thursday night football game because he needs this running back to do a certain thing and I’m like, What are you doing over there? He’s like, I’m checking something out.

Nestor Aparicio  23:25


I’m coaching rugby. Pearson’s Hello. Oh, he sat with me for an hour and a half we did Philly sports run classic five golf so one of our great sponsors with John rooms here as well to get out to Clifton Park or, or parallel park or Mount Pleasant or Pine Ridge and he said Steve’s don’t coach and wrong. He said he said to me, and I wanted to do it on the air and I forgot to do it and I apologize. I’ve been a bad bad client sponsor. He wanted to talk about how much have you fixed his back? He wasn’t he he said Steve fix me. Like he’s trying to fix me to try for 25 years but I’m screwed off you know, give a shout out because I’m gonna get Alison up I want to say goodbye to Billy because he’s got Springsteen line to go sit in springs he’s coming to town to three Ricci in the streets for you and backs because Billy, you got a bad back. I got a bad back. Once we get to this age, you’ve heard this story before and I’ve been pimping you for 25 years and I see you several days a week. And and I’m in your office from time to time and see fans of mine come through and talk sports or whatever they do. You’ve been in the community 25 years. How many went before me? How many years before me? Were you? I opened in 89. So you will be 35 years next year?


Yeah, next year. I’m 34 Now yes, you

Nestor Aparicio  24:40

celebrate 25 Did you do something?


Not big. Nothing big.


Nestor Aparicio  24:45

You called me 25 years ago this summer. I don’t was it before we went on the air or after it was


just after just after you guys went on the air. I was like, Man, I gotta get on this gig. Right? Because I mean your tower is as the crow flies probably a mile from my office. Right me Get there driving is three miles. Poor thing.

Nestor Aparicio  25:03

There’s a reservoir between us.

Bill Yerman  25:05


It’s a big bank body of water. So,


yeah, I mean, I heard you talking and I was like, I gotta get home with this guy. Now I’ve told this story and it’s like this guy’s a, as I he might

Nestor Aparicio  25:16

be here 25 years from now be nicely I didn’t think about that deal and think about that way.


I just I just needed to get on the air with you because you were as I said at the time you were cast out of the inner circle, right? You like every chiropractor right? So I was like, Well, I’m fringe of society. He’s fringe of society. See if we can put something together Island of Misfit Baltimore. That’s what it was. Yeah.


Nestor Aparicio  25:42

Yeah, well use that up. You You know, you found some help and chiropractic, I think for all we do. When we lose our health. Yeah, it’s hard. I know. When you lose your health, my wife, I mean, you lose your house it well. I couldn’t move a year and a half ago. It got me through checks to use it excuse to throw me out. I mean, I lost my career because I had a bad back, allegedly. But everything changes when you can’t everything

Bill Yerman  26:04

and there’s no doubt on my way out in that, sir. I just want to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our relationship over the last probably 15 years. Just because I get you Springsteen tickets. Yeah, that helps. When we get those on the call.

Nestor Aparicio  26:17

When the new album out, and they were just like in Europe running Oh, now they’re home for like an hour weeks. On the road seeing his dog. I feel like a jerk.

Bill Yerman  26:27


Like he’s coming to Baltimore in September. I mean, it’s time we should do something. Absolutely. He loves love. For tickets. He loves me.

Nestor Aparicio  26:36

I went to five shows. And I didn’t bother him for tickets. Right. So now I sent him pictures every night if I’m behind you and he

Bill Yerman  26:42

and he owes you a little radio show. Neil’s owes me nothing. friendzone Oh, they do because they want to. Well, I’ll leave you with that.

Nestor Aparicio  26:51

Oh, he’s with his wife for the first time. Exactly. I’ve watched him run around Europe. Are you happy with Bruce right now? Are you not? I was worn out I paid $400 to go see him in State College. I didn’t want to go I did literally. It was essential. It was wore me out Yeah, I mean very distinct. support in every I’m disappointed in the price point. I’m disappointed that shows people are bitching about it. I’m just I don’t have any tickets for the tickets or the fall go to show or to win.


Bill Yerman  27:19

Tickets at the Meadowlands now are under 100 bucks. I mean, I think that that shuts the sale. And you know, now he’s back. And the hope is that he does you know, freeform concerts like he used to, and not the borrowed way set that he has been doing here which is basically just playing the same songs every night

Nestor Aparicio  27:35

father with with me out there laughing

Bill Yerman  27:39

but the problem is like, we go to a lot of fun. So you’re like, Okay, let’s have some other things and

Nestor Aparicio  27:44


a lot of people is because they were all different. It’s like going to

Bill Yerman  27:47

a dead dead concert. Right? Jason songs right?


To me, it sounds like you guys are screaming Get off my lawn.

Nestor Aparicio  27:59

This is a dead of winter. Everybody knows I’ve traveled to Australia, New Zealand twice. Jason Bruce. I’ve traveled to Europe. Jason Bruce. I’ve wanted to chase Bruce three different times in Europe. And because my wife’s illness, I wind up getting tickets for Don Sheila and his daughter had pictures in Rome, that they used our tickets that knows left on back in 16. So like I and I love Bruce and I’m listening to Bruce at home. But when the tickets scam for him and Taylor Swift for for anyone taking advantage. I sit here and I talk about John angelos, taking advantage of your mother and me and all of us and Steve Ashati running off to his yacht and ticket saying Jameson, you’re a real media member Nestor you got long hair. I don’t talk to you anymore. Like, like, I have soured on some of the experiences this, but I went saw seal three times couple months ago and it was transcendent. And it was it was it was similar to a Broadway thing so I can endure that. But with Springsteen, that’s sort of a broken trust, that when I bought tickets for five shows when the tour was coming out that I wasn’t going to fly to Tampa, pay $300 to get in and go up to Atlanta, I only paid 50 bucks and Atlanta, went down to Austin, Texas dollar 25 bucks, went to Houston, I paid 20 $28 We were used to a Valentine’s night right. So I went to the shows and every single one of them was the same and by the time I came back from Austin, when I’m driving three hours from Houston to Austin, I saw my families so I mean, I made so friends, good weather in Tampa was good friends my ass off in Atlanta. I just was like, for the first time in my life, I’m really disappointed in Bruce Springsteen.


Bill Yerman  29:33

I’m not going to join you with that. You know, he’s earned the right to do it any way he wants. As far as I’m concerned. When I was a kid, I used to say the guy could do Mary Had a Little Lamb for four hours, and I’d be fine. Obviously. Now we’re more and I understand your point. But this is kind of what he’s done. He does a tour. It’s pretty automatic with the sets, maybe a couple changes. And then it’s all signs in freeform. So if we’re having this conversation six weeks from now, and it’s the same show again, which I will be Very surprised Oh ally that then that I’m gonna jump when

Nestor Aparicio  30:04

I was see that Philadelphia night when he opens up in New York sarin a exactly the jungle land and starts moving around a little bit audibles you know something

Bill Yerman  30:13

somebody pulls aside

Nestor Aparicio  30:14


because you know, that’ll that’ll you’ll get 100 bucks out of me at the Meadowlands that’s what’s gonna happen.

Bill Yerman  30:18

So anyway, Nestor I’ve enjoyed our relationship over the last 15 years,

Nestor Aparicio  30:23

man I talk bad about Bruce on who that’s okay. I couldn’t get past that he was


trying to get off before I was a music critic.


Bill Yerman  30:28

I know what you were I apologize. You did news that we were both writing about the Ravens concert. They were no

Nestor Aparicio  30:38

man. Oh, the bay band. Yeah. By the way, I invited Rob Fahey and he was he’s got a lot of gigs. Rob’s gonna come on race and radio. I invited Rob yesterday because I want to rob to come by and be a part of my anniversary. He couldn’t make it but we’re gonna have Rob fey here. Awesome. Maybe Keith brewer to do that. Make

Bill Yerman  30:53

it happen. All right.

Nestor Aparicio  30:55

Steve, Elliott’s gonna stay because my back’s gonna need help. After sitting in this chair. We’re drunk city. You giggle when I say drug city, don’t you? You’ve always said people titter. When you say Brooke dyrdek, Trump city. There have been there. Get down to Dundalk everything you need everything you want. The Fountains downstairs we’re in the tasting room right now. Steve’s over on Joppa road fixing people fixing souls Elliott Family Chiropractic life. You hear him on the air and Bill’s in line for Springsteen show somewhere off the grid wait for the Orioles to win a championship on Nesta. We are wn st and 1570 My thanks to the Maryland lottery winner they should have friends of drug city. The next segments going to be the best segment because Allison’s going to come up and we’re going to gang up on Steve and have fun and talk about Pee Wee Herman back for more on WMS da 5070 Right after this

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