The emptiness of the end of another season without a Super Bowl parade

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The end came abruptly and unexpectedly. It was a great regular season for 2023 Baltimore Ravens but as Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor confess, the end wasn’t as beautiful as the rest of it. Lots of changes ahead in Owings Mills as the franchise and the fan base regroups from the promise and tremendous disappointment.


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Dennis Koulatsos, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Come home we are W N S T A and 5070, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We are doing a purple therapy here this week. But here’s the news. I got news for everybody. I’m gonna offer you free soup next week a free cup of soup or bowl of soup. It is crabcakes row week and we’re moving the tour all around on Monday. We will begin with eight hours of live radio it is a marathon featuring 100 local charities community do Weller’s and do gooders as well as a whole bunch of friends of ours that are just hanging in because I thought the Ravens would be in the Super Bowl. This is the cup of soup or bowl, we will offer you a free cup of soup or a bowl of soup, Maryland crab, cream of crab 5050 6040 Arnold Palmer, Charlie acmin, however you want to have it. We’ll do that for you beginning on Monday at fade leaves the new fade lease, video a fade everybody video will fade. Nobody meant that a new fade this gets it just open this week. They will be opening the doors there and hopefully to us as well with some Super Bowl on Monday at fade Lee’s Tuesday. We are at cost this Wednesday. We’re Coco’s Thursday we’re at state fair on this guy side of town and then on Friday up in Kochi zone where my pap is shirt because Dennis Colossus I believed I believed that that the kickoff of my new promotion crabcake row dedicated to Chad steel. If I can’t be in Las Vegas, I want to be in East Baltimore doing good stuff for people. We’re doing this for the Maryland food bank. So I dream up this crazy promotion and I thought they’re gonna make it to the Super Bowl and Luke’s gonna be out in Las Vegas and that’s gonna be cool. Betting Hard Eight I was gonna send them out for tacos and beer and and I would be doing this cool promotion and you become an overstate fare when you become a state fair because be honest, man, they lost on Sunday and we’re going to talk about it but they saved you a lot of money.

Dennis Koulatsos  02:02

Yeah, but I wish it were the opposite. I think all of us wish it was the opposite. It would have been great for the Ravens fans ravers nation, the economy, right? The local economy, we could have kept this thing going for another 14 days or so. And then beyond that, we were all very hopeful of the stars had aligned. And what happened was that the Chiefs defense showed up big time and the rain was never really got going. It was a very frustrating game Nestor. And unlike unlike 2006, I was 42 years old back then, the horrible loss of the coach five field goals to two. Although this one stings that went for me stung a lot more. So maybe because I’m 60 now instead of 42, I have more depth of perspective and wisdom as a human being and Esther but but still, it was a it was it was just a total letdown at the stadium. These windows as we all know, they close quickly. They don’t always stay open. I referenced Dan Marino, he went to the Super Bowl and a second year his sophomore year and never went back again. That’s my biggest fear about this team Nestor. And if I’m Steve Ashada wants some answers as to what happened on Sunday? Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:08

I want some answers from Steve shotty as well, once he gets those answers, you’re not going to provide those? Well, you know, that was the deal. That was part of the deal. When you buy the team is to be accountable, I’m not I’m not lowered, my bar will be lowered for no one any more than your bar would be lowered, who’s bald, thought about how you would assess it, what you consider to be a transaction of integrity, and of being on the up and up and, you know, for me what the team to the field and where it is I much like everybody else I expected them to win. But there was a part of me and saying there were times when the offense took times down the Pittsburgh game other times, and and Luke and I talked at length about this in our second segment on Monday morning, just about down in distance. And how you trade on that. That is that it’s like having money in the bank when you’re buying things powder, you know, powder and CAG you know, the whole deal, right? Like, down in distance is the game and the Chiefs kept moving the ball forward in a road game. And even if it was a yard or two on this plate was five on the next play it was at will punt no problem. I mean, we’ll come back. We’ll play defense. We’re balanced team. Ravens are balanced team. I just think, in retrospect in these games, every one of them hardball has been outcoached that the losses these bad losses at the end of the year. They’ve been outcoached they’ve almost been full of themselves. You know, almost there’s been an arrogance, a cockiness, you’re nodding your head at me. And you know, I could see it on video but like, I don’t know how to assess that when I’ve been thrown out and they’ve lied to me. You know what I mean? Just on a base level, what they’re willing to say and do and what they actually do. can pull off, you know, and in this case, I felt like and I said this the loop. I’m sitting home watching on TV, you all are there and drinking and getting wet and it looked like a good time. Right. But I saw the whole pregame show. And they showed the Ravens coming into the stadium. And they’re like smiling and, man, the chiefs look like they were on a written business trip. I mean, like really a business trip, and I looked at it and it reminded me Clem Florio always wanting to get the binoculars when the horses came out on the track to see who was sweating and who looked good that day and where they were and all that. I really do think and I started to believe this because they were such an impressive team, that this this would be easy beating Patrick mahomes After went up to Buffalo and the line move for three and a half to four and a half. I mean, it was such a level of confidence in this and I I’ve always wondered how they’re going to answer the punch in the mail. And I know they can throw the ball. I don’t think they can’t come back from 1710. I mean, say flowers had the ball eight inches from a tie game right. Lamar had the ball in his hand and an easy three points for Justin Tucker, and he gave the ball away. And then the strip. I mean, I don’t mind the turnover. You know what I mean? Like in that circumstance, you take better care of the ball, but like, but the but the the losing their mind part of it, where they’re playing with Justin Tucker’s tea before the game, were more or less into it, if really felt to me, like this was a mind game. And spagnolo who’s best friends with hardball? Dave tob Andy Reid said, we’re going into their building the place is going to be a firestorm. Get them to lose their composure because much like me and maybe you I don’t like seeing Lamar throw in helmets and paneled in the ground. And I don’t like seeing see flowers sliced in his hand open, pounding the ground after a football mistake happens. And then you see Brock Purdy go down 24 to seven who doesn’t have the talent of any of these guys who’s the last pick in the draft? And I read Peter King this morning. Just about level and I had Joe Flacco on last week level level level. These guys aren’t level and when things go bad and they don’t go bad often they don’t handle bad well and I don’t know I don’t know how else to say that. But like there was just thought all of it all of it wasn’t good on Sunday and it worries me and it’ll worry me this time next year when they have to do it again. Because it can’t get any better than having the home game being a favor and having everybody healthy. Having a stacked roster. And Patrick mahomes coming in next that might be burrow it might be you have to beat somebody and you have to do it at home and you have to be prepared to do that and they weren’t on Sunday.

Dennis Koulatsos  07:47

Look those who know me know that I never blamed complaint or explained right so for all the fans were blaming the officiating knock it off okay. They they called back touchdown by by Isaiah Pacheco. So yeah, maybe the cause will tilted towards the Chivas favorite but they kept poking the bear and bear kept kept answering right they took the bait right so the most disciplined team, one Nestor, Andy Reid Spagnola. They get all the credit in the world for having their team laser focused. For all the chest thumping, right all the bravado, the coaches dancing in the locker room, I can care less about that right Give me the discipline on the field. It takes me back to the great Lou Holtz back number. 2025 years ago Nestor when players were mean mugging, they were taken off the helmets and smiling for the camera when he scored a touchdown. And when they got to interception, Lou Holtz told his team, when you drop the ball, take off your helmet when you fumble the ball. Take off your helmet, and guess what? No backflips, no spike in the bony endzone. Lou Holtz won national championships because he had a discipline team and the most disciplined team, the team that packed our defense on a running game, I mean, as their Pacheco had 68 yards or 24 carries, but the time of possession was huge Nestor and to me, the better team one Sunday, no excuses, they got out, coached out, hit out executed, no excuses.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:12

Are you angrier or more frustrated? Give me an emotion for you. I mean, you did radio here for 1000 years, you’re doing two hours you get your your say in all of this. You invested the money the time you went, you left in this hall being cast over the stadium. I’ll tell you what, be thrown out one thing all those years I walked out of there and oh six, I was in those locker rooms when they’ve lost. I mean, they couldn’t get Ray Lewis out. I mean, Luke was asking me about that because he wasn’t covering the team. I feel like Luke’s been here from the beginning. I feel like he was with me next to me with John Ogden was drafted in New York, but looks like what was that like? And I said it Ray Lewis was sobbing literally sobbing in in hiding because he he was too messed up to come talk to the media, like he just was and I respected it at the time because I went home and I blubbered I live Only a video of me blubbering, my wife held a camera on me and said, which the early days of YouTube, she thought I was going to get something out of me that was going to be poignant to put up on, you know, and I just blubbered I was like, teary eyed in the mass and 2006, I felt every piece of that emotion that you fell. And then after that, the losses were were business losses for me, because I had 350 hotel rooms in Indianapolis, and it cost me a chance to provide better for my family, when kind of missed that kick. It was a devastating business situation given me having 14 employee I mean, it was just, I’m running the business, it’s how I’m a businessman, man, you know, like, so it was, it was like almost being a gambler. It was awful. When they lost those games, for me, professionally, business wise, for my future for feeding my family. All of that for providing for employees are no longer work here. And I would say in this particular case, and I’ll do a shoot interview with you, you’re wrestling guy. Here’s the shoot, the shoot is, I’m on the outside, and I’m relatively neutral at this point, right? Like, I’m just observing what happens and opining on it. And the way I was taught as a reporter in the 1980s, which was to be objective, right? Like, just objectively watch the game, which I feel like I’ve always done, I feel like maybe a little more subjective because I wanted to believe in meeting with Brian Billick for 10 years in his coach’s room where he was always honest with me, and that the modell family and David was always on, you know, just there was always this thing that as a reporter, I did root for them. I mean, I openly voted for Joe Flacco forever. I openly voted for John Harbaugh, and Eric, the costume I considered to be like, people I liked admire, they respected me my wife almost died. I’m in a different place when I’m watching it now like obviously, right? So I’m going to a different place where I’m like, I’m cheering for them. Because I want the city to explode. I want I want two weeks. I’m doing this promotion next week. I mean, I want great things for the city. And when they can’t deliver on that there are no colonists left. There’s nobody left to ask tough questions. They thrown people like me out and tried to pretend it’s on the up and up. And so I do sit outside of it and I watch it and just say this is something that the national media everybody in the world is watching the game. Everything you just said outcoached out discipline lost their composure, Lamar, Lamar Lamar, the band is going to break off McDonald’s getting a job somewhere else. Their Queens gone mad a BK is gonna need a lot of money shows lender bomb and Hamilton at some point, they have great football players. Yeah, they’re gonna have another chance. Yeah, they’re gonna be good next year. And they’re probably going to be good the year after that, right? But are they going to host the AFC champion game? Are they going to be a one seat? Are they going to have this path? And if they are, and they get here and they’ve won a couple of games? Do you believe they’re going to win three games? I go back now to saying Can Lamar Jackson and John Harbaugh and this team be in order in three games? John’s brother now and Herbert burrow mahomes or Allen and Lawrence and mahomes and mahomes mahomes. And Holmes, Mr. Holmes, and until you believe that and I now go in believing they’re going to have a bit of a diminished team next year. I mean, I just believe that because they were loaded this year, they really were and I go into it now saying, I’m not angry at them. I don’t care about them, quite frankly, personally enough because they didn’t care about me and my family enough to be honest. But I care enough about the city in the situation. I care the tickets were $5 Most of the year, I care that they couldn’t give their tickets away last week. I care that their business their business department is a disaster because they haven’t sold tickets. They’re not a growing brand in that way from where they are they’re a diminished brand in my eyes and my eyes have been everywhere looking for purple flags and purple lights. I was downtown I was at a meet up I mean, I get it and I know tickets were 800 bucks the other day but I’m you know I do wonder as we pound on it for a year and they come back next year. You don’t expect them to be this good like the Orioles you don’t really expect yours went under one game. I expect him to be really good. They might went on her den. But I don’t expect when you have an outlier year when you’re the best team. I expect more things to go wrong next year, quite frankly, you know, like it was really perfect. It’s only kicked the ball on Sunday and the best player and the best coach and the best tight end. And the most famous woman on earth all showed up right?

Dennis Koulatsos  15:01

Well, let’s not forget again Spagnola. Right. CS Pecknold let’s not

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:05

forget Madonna. No, no, still, you’re conceding Taylor Swift to me, Dennis. Look, I’m

Dennis Koulatsos  15:11

not gonna say anything, anything to anyone. But what I am stating facts here that they’ve had the same defensive coordinator since 2019. The guy schemed up a great defensive plan. I’ve got to go and watch the the film right because at the stadium, you miss certain things, but I’m pretty sure in the first three offensive series, they came out Nestor with a single high safety. The wide receivers on the edges had one on one man coverage. They were daring to ravens to throw the ball deep. And whether it’s Monken or Lamar Jackson, not audibly, should have taken some deep shots on first down in the first three series. You might get past interference, right? You might get a completion you might get a touchdown, you might throw a pic but you know what the defensive coverage dicted at Nesta, that they throw a deep, and they didn’t do it. And on second down, guess what they played cover to? They got completely outclassed completely out, coached. And guess what Ed? had read. Andy Reid, Steve spagnolo. Patrick mahomes They’re not going anywhere. They’re not going anywhere. Now in

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:16

your head, right? Like if Kelsey comes back with or without Taylor Swift. And the best case scenario, Dennis is they come back here like I’m gonna come back here right like, it

Dennis Koulatsos  16:28

doesn’t matter because they are the class of the AFC the Super Bowl has run through Kansas City the last 567 years and guess what? Until further notice, these guys come up with creativity on the offense. They’ve got better player now defense, give them credit to me they punch the ball out off from say flowers on the one yard line right without

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:51

regard right played without their run. Right play pleather spy linebacker gay Exactly.

Dennis Koulatsos  16:57

And so if if if ifs and buts were candy and nuts would all have a Merry Christmas like Danny Don Meredith used to say it flower scores and that situation that starts 1714 It’s a different game, but he didn’t score right so give credit where credit’s due stop belly aching about the referees, the most discipline better coach team won the game on our home field and with 22 pending free agents next year Nestor the window for winning a Super Bowl didn’t expand. It got considerably tighter, smaller right so and that’s a challenge the Ravens have to have to withstand going forward that’s what they have to face going forward that the window is closing it’s not opening and now you got to you got to big contract with us with a quarterback that may or may not be able to lead you to the promised land

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:44

when you see may or may not be able to lead you to the Promised Land. Go ahead finish finish that thought because he

Dennis Koulatsos  17:51

needs I mean there were times he could have ran he didn’t so I don’t know how much of this I’m a quarterback thing. Look, we saw Josh Allen run the ball time and time again and almost beat the chiefs in a very entertaining game. So I don’t know what it is. It looks like Lamar has lost some of his speed. He’s getting caught from behind now. But he’s making decisions but if you’re going to wreck your body and run the ball you go to AFC Championship game to get to the Super Bowl right you don’t you don’t make business decisions and I don’t know what’s going on with the offense but six carries for the running backs. What buffalo rush for 200 yards against the same defense a week I can’t imagine

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:31

excited ashen face at the at the podium right and I learned so much more. And that’s

Dennis Koulatsos  18:38

the Game Master that’s the game the way that’s the game the way unfolded. That’s that’s just the way the game went. Baloney. I learned he stuck with it run the master the chief like you said one yard two yards, five yards, right? They stuck with the run. When you go on the road you pack your defense and your running game set Terrell Suggs many years ago it stuck with me, you know, why could this true? And that’s the formula that keeps us on offense. It wasn’t my home strong for 400 yards. It was Pacheco between the tackles. To me that was a story on the offensive side of the ball for the chiefs.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:10

The story started for me when Kelsey through Tucker’s tea, and was mouthing off to the kicker getting into his head thinking all right, and then out of the 50 yard line their mouth and off and throughout the game. I mean, see I watched the game so TV now so you can thank Chad steel for that. And I get to see on a big screen where van Noy pops Kelsey in their head. Kelsey is laughing in his face and Van noise calling him you’re a bitch. You’re a bitch and Kelsey is laughing he’s like I’m a bit you just got 15 yards and like so that whatever ro Quan Smith did at the end to give a cheap shot to the guard to get a penalty at the end of the game. You know, I like to field that you know clowny hidden late I mean just flowers tall Don’t think he pushed the guy down, drop the ball spotted, talk to him. And then he winds up giving up the play and then goes to the sideline slices his hand open. And Evan Washburn’s down there who works for the team, by the way, you’re giving the report that this happened on the sideline, like

Dennis Koulatsos  20:18

embarrassing. Now as a Florida young, he’s got time to learn, but that’s when you pull them off the field. And you sit them down and say, Son, this you know, you’re you’re selfish and you’re cautious and the team yardage points, etc. Right. So that’s part of the team not being disciplined, right. And that falls on John Harbaugh. You got to look but but he’s allowed us a whole season. And I understood that the Ravens jumping off site on first and five. Make it to get him first and 10 but not in the egregious matter, Brooklyn Smith did and row plenty to talk last he talks about talking with his pads. I love rope one. Talk with your pads, be who you are now. You see I saw him the week before he was while he was miked up, he was talking. He was talking. Patrick please ears off on a sideline you could just tell Patrick was like Dude, shut up. I know you’re great. I know you’re making planes plays. I don’t need Ray Lewis 2.0 Here, go out there and talk with your pad stop talking to me. So all this bravado, all this garbage or the showboating has got to stop nests.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:17


That is Glasnost is here with some leadership. Thoughts and little urine vinegar on a

Dennis Koulatsos  21:23

look at like, you’ve been there before. I’d have some classic batches. Don’t spike the ball in the endzone. Don’t Don’t flip the bat right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:29

Beat. That’s not who these guys are, though. You know what I mean? By them you watch the later game and then Campbell we’re gonna bite your ankles. We’re gonna go on fourth down and we’re gonna. And we’re you know, we’re no field goals. Remember that? You know, like,

Dennis Koulatsos  21:43

their players, their players were waving to the fans at 24. They were up 24 to seven and our players are waving to their fans. Goodbye. Not at halftime. You got it’s a 60 minute game. How did that work out for the Lions?

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:58

discipline your little Lou Holtz grab you by the chin strap and say can you come on out? Yeah, I mean, if

Dennis Koulatsos  22:02

you’re going to show both show, but when you screw up too. That’s that’s the standard. Right? How about doing the

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:07

standard Dennis? That’s the standard for people of our generation. I hate to sound like, you know, old guy get off my lawn. But the whole thing now is your backup safe. And you come in and you tackle the running back for one yard loss. You struck 10 yards and you do with goose dance. And you you know because you’ve played video games and like i i Like seriously, I don’t understand it. And I do think it is something about sports that I just I’m the boastfulness and then you you hide, you block reporters and hide in the locker room, when there’s an accountability issue. I’m with you. I mean,

Dennis Koulatsos  22:45

when when they when they can’t wait to get on stage, right? They can’t wait to battle and unfreeze podcast.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:49

I mean, like that five years, I’m in the locker room and, you know, couldn’t have been a more unpleasant human toward me. And most people, quite frankly, me dia on there, because we’re the bad guys, you know, and listen, whenever I get with hardball a little later in life, and I plan to live a little longer, and I run into him one day. So you know, you talk a good game, and you begin with the prayers when you lose. And and it’s it’s all good. But like, at some point, the evenness of what you practice and what you preach, and what you say, and what I what you do, when my eyes have seen what I know about from being on the inside, that there’s a there’s an integrity, there’s a piece of integrity missing here very large in my eyes, but but from walking the walk and talking to talk about how they say they are and how they are and how they perform for cameras. Now it’s one giant television show out there, whether it’s wired or all edited by John and you know, with with intense scrutiny about what comes out because I promise you if there was my unedited ears in that locker room over the course of years, there is a the discipline thing you talk about, and the show that’s being put on. It’s it’s performative to some degree, and it’s not helpful. You know what I mean? And and I think in the offseason, that that, that’s going to be the hardest thing for the fans. You spent a lot of money went to the game, thinking they’re going to Vegas, like all of that is that there is going to be a diminished part of this. And there is a part where fans are going to want answers. And there’s just not going to be answers. You know what I mean? So yeah, we’re 30 months removed from the quarterback telling some fan in Pennsylvania to perform fellatio on themselves and, and it stayed up for four days and he never He hid from the media for four days. He didn’t show up in Cincinnati. I mean, like, we’re not all of that happened here and And if the light gets good on you when you don’t win, and I, that, that’s I should say, That’s unfortunate. That’s the way of the world. That’s the way of the world. They were the better team, but they weren’t the better team. You know, someone

Dennis Koulatsos  25:13

asked him a question on social media. And the question was, what do you expect from this team going forward? And I ignored it, but it stuck with me a little bit, because now I’m going to circle back to it. Here’s what I expect from this team going forward. Esther, I expect a great regular season team, because that’s what they’ve been. playoffs, Lamar Jackson, and John Harbaugh now two and four together. And that’s what I expect until further notice who they are great a regular season, not so much in the postseason when you’re facing better coaches, better talent, better defenses, and that’s where they are. That’s where they’ve been.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:46

What do you say about the fans being there? Because I found out on that expanse were fantastic. It really looked like a beautiful day for Baltimore. You know, the

Dennis Koulatsos  25:56

nice thing is unlike 2006, the fans were really into it because that game we look hopeless, there was no chance of a spark especially when Steve McNair through the pick in the endzone from the five yard line. This game there was hope there was hope when when when they flat was was heading towards the end zone that helped was lost when he fumbled the ball. But the fans were loud and proud until the two minute mark when when mahomes hit that dime downfield to ice the game. The fans I couldn’t respect the fans more top of their lungs first class threw some bottles late there at the end of the game, but they got it under control. But for the most part, it was the best crowd I’ve ever seen at m&t Bank Stadium. It was

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:43

the game was there. That’s the you know what I mean? Like they didn’t want a well they made mistakes. All those things happen.

Dennis Koulatsos  26:50

mahomes completed that pass at the end. Well, I was gonna say

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:53

it was sitting there for them. One, one fumble one defensive play. One moment, ones hope accident one tipped ball like anything. It was to be frustrating. And change the narrative forever, because we wouldn’t be talking about how they failed that messed up. We’d be talking about how they persevered. You know,

Dennis Koulatsos  27:13

it was frustrating to the fans at home. It was equally frustrating for the fans at the stadium. We were we were one play away. One fumble, one interception, one touchdown away from being right there. And that was the most frustrating part of that Sunday was we were inches from greatness. And you know what, that greatness was captured by the better team? No question about that. I don’t want to hear any excuses from anybody in Baltimore. You know, chest out chin up. We had a great season. Got to s got to host an AFC Championship game but you know what? You also need some luck to get to the to the to the big show. We had none of that because the Chiefs took that away from us because they were the better coach, more disciplined team and our defense really showed up

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:55

and they’re probably going to win the Super Bowl. Yeah,

Dennis Koulatsos  27:58

I mean, at this point, I really don’t care but ya know, one Davis Right. But yeah, Brad pretty against the against Patrick mahomes. I love them. I hate them. Kelsey and Taylor Swift. It doesn’t matter. And here’s the other piece that I’ll leave you with us for the week before. I said I always do this. I switch quarterbacks I play the what if what if game? If Lamar Jackson was a Texas quarterback last week and the other kid CJ Strad was the Ravens quarterback, the Texas would have won in the game against AFC Championship game, if Patrick mahomes was our quarterback and Lamar Jackson was their quarterback. The Ravens would have won handily. And that’s that’s to me the biggest the biggest difference maker right there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:40

Well, you can talk Lamar, Lamar Lamar, when he’s beaten the lions and shocking the world against San Francisco and beaten up on the dolphins and you know, like all of that. Lamar gets measured in these games, right, like, That’s Joe Flacco got measured in these games, too. Because Joe Flacco would say to me, we like we win a lot of games around here. And yeah, you win enough to have to go on the road and have to win three in a row on the road. And that’s like, really hard to do. And the Chiefs stunk at various points in the year stunk enough to win their division going away, to get a home game. And then to say, well, we’ll just play two, we’ll use that as a warm up. And we’ll just go on the road and we’ll do what we’ve never done before. We’ll beat Josh Allen in Buffalo. And we’ll beat the MVP two time MVP, because he’s great. Lamar will beat him at home too. And so what else you want to say we haven’t done? And, boy, the credits for mahomes. At this point, Peter King had a column and I sold it, you know, there’s no, there’s no high crime and losing to Patrick mahomes. That’s clear. But when numbers don’t lie, he’s 28 years old.

Dennis Koulatsos  29:47

Yeah. Incredible. He really and I go back to the Ravens nation. If he was our quarterback in that game, who would have won we all know the answer would have won handily. Easily If you put them on a cheap so you put Patrick on the Ravens well if you feel like Lamar the

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:06

case and 51 weeks from now if things go exactly the same way, but there’s a little break in it. We’ll be playing that game in Kansas City and how could you like Lamar there?

Dennis Koulatsos  30:15

You can’t you can’t look I was apprehensive as heck for the AFC can’t have I couldn’t believe the Ravens were favored by that much if at all I thought the payment should have been the underdog you’re going up against the defending Super Bowl champ champ Are you kidding me? Look at their DNA liquid they are looking at their history versus the Ravens history.

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:36

He’s lost his staff they dropped balls. Okay, yeah, they’re spy linebackers out their guards out, you know, they got to come in to Baltimore and do it the fans and yeah,

Dennis Koulatsos  30:47

fancy fancy their job fans did a great job. They weren’t allowed. I don’t know if they caused problems for the Chiefs but because they were dialed in but the defense did well that the defense played well enough for them to win. It was the offense that led them down completely. Didn’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:59

have the yips that the Texans had last week that is go out to us can be found right over at security Boulevard at Cohen’s Baltimore Ford. Just outside the Beltway right across street from our friends wise markets over there. So stop by and say hello we are going to be doing a cup of Super Bowl. It is crabcake row beginning on Monday at fade Lee’s likes into market all of it brought to you by the Maryland lottery. I’ll have lottery tickets to give away all week free cup of soup or bowl of soup, Maryland crab cream craft 5050. However you want to do it at all five of our locations beginning faith is Monday, Tuesday. We will be at cost. It’s Wednesday. Coco’s Thursday at State Fair Friday at Pappas. Hockey’s Ville location I must point that out because we thought we were going to need bigger to be better. I certainly hope that everybody gives bring something nice for the Maryland food banks we take good care of them. We will be featuring 100 chairs 100 charities next week around here to try to add some salve to our purple souls. I am Nestor he is Dennis we are wn st am 1570, Towson, Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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