The measurement was always going to come in January for Lamar and Ravens

The case study of Lamar Jackson and his search for guaranteed money Davenport
The case study of Lamar Jackson and his search for guaranteed money Davenport
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Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the awkward yet rewarding January waiting of Wild Card Weekend for Lamar Jackson and Baltimore Ravens to scout opponents and rest.


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Luke Jones, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Come home we are wn St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. It is a new year. It is a new tournament Festivus for the rest of us is here and the Ravens have this rarefied air of just sitting around on Sunday. You know, so used to sitting around Sunday night back in the day watching Matt and Collins worth Al Michaels or was telling me to schedule I need to know whether we take in the bust of buffalo we take in the Boston, New England, we take in a plane to New York, where who we play and when and where, what time and all that stuff. We’re not playing this week, so we can just kind of sit around and watch Joe Flacco at 430 on Saturday afternoon, Luke Jones joins us now to discuss all things ravens playoffs. There’s no playoffs this weekend. It’s just this is kind of nice loop. You just sit home and watch football night, Saturday, all day, Sunday, even Monday night. And by the end, we’ll figure out who we get to play next week. Right? Yeah,

Luke Jones  00:56

I mean, we’ve narrowed it down a little bit. Now. We knew that they weren’t going to play Kansas City. We know with the bills having beaten Miami on Sunday night. They will not play buffalo on the divisional round, but it could still be Houston it could still be Joe Flacco and the Browns it could be Miami. And yes, it could be the Pittsburgh Steelers after they beat the the JV on Saturday in Baltimore and just miserable, miserable weather but it’s nice, but it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:21

all said on you want to say about that game? We’re done talking about that game or no. We could

Luke Jones  01:25

spend five minutes on it just wasn’t a whole lot to say what is Geno’s stone. Okay, I mean, that might be the most pertinent thing that stems from that game is some of the injuries that they had to some role players, which none. At least the initial indication from John Harbaugh, not none of those appeared to be overly serious. But yeah, I mean, it’s, it is nice for the ravens, but at the same time, it is I think, probably a little nerve wracking that you haven’t narrowed it down that much. Okay, we know Jacksonville is out what a collapse by them, by the way, losing five of their last six, and the only one they had was against Carolina, Pu. But you still have so many possibilities about how this could go. Are you playing Saturday or Sunday? Who are you playing? You know, what’s the matchup look like? But I think the good thing is, and we’ve we’ve been saying this for a while as we, as we’ve been pondering what teams could pose a potential threat to the Ravens. And you know, we’ve been over that we’ll continue to talk about that. But the ravens are the most dangerous team, the ravens are the team that everyone else is pointing to. In fact, I was seeing so much social media of I follow some fans here and there of other teams. And everyone was saying, well, we can we can avoid Baltimore next round. So that’s a good thing. And I think that’s really how we have to frame this entire conversation that yeah, we’ll talk about buffalo or Kansas City’s pedigree. Houston was CJ Stroud. I mean, looking like he’s gonna be a stud quarterback in the AFC for the years in the years to come, Joe Flacco and the Browns we’ve talked about at length, but all of those teams are trying to avoid playing the Ravens as long as they can as well, you know, right now buffalo in Kansas City said, Okay, we got you have to win our first round game. But if we do, we don’t have to play Baltimore, and in the divisional round, and that’s a good thing. So I think that’s where you’re so excited. If you’re talking about this from the Ravens perspective that they are the number one seed they have a chance now to rest up a little bit, although they’re certainly going to work they’re going to practice this week. even have a stadium practice on Saturday, as they change things up a little bit from how they did things four years ago, but I mean, it comes down to this all these can be for fans, is it No, no, no, no, no. In fact, that fact that specific practice isn’t even going to be open for media. I mean, it’s probably more maybe a walkthrough at the stadium would be maybe the best way to describe it. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:49

boy, they are bored, aren’t they? They have a long time off right?

Luke Jones  03:52

I mean, you’re just you’re trying players it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:55

a long time off

Luke Jones  03:56

it is it is and the difference with this week compared to when they had their buyback in early December is you know the the goal here isn’t to get away from football now. Certainly you liked the benefit of some of your injured guys you’re banged up guys healing up, you know, you want guys to be fresh at the same time. You’re putting in work you know, this isn’t get away from football for five days. I mean,

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:19

if you’re going to use it to watch your brother try to win a championship take half the team with you. Right You

Luke Jones  04:24

know, right. And that’s but that’s Monday night right? I mean, and they’re back at it after that so but this you know, they’re by week a month ago, I mean they they got away the players got off the entire week. So yeah, that was a much different animal but this is much more a case of what do we do to keep guys fresh but sharp, you know, that whole rest verse rust debate that’s been talked about at length and will continue to be talked about until they kick off next weekend. So it’s yeah, this is a great opportunity for them. You know, they got through Saturday’s game with a few roleplayers banged up. But you know, chinos stone kind of being the most notable of those, but it doesn’t seem like it’s anything overly serious. So you’re trying to get guys healthy, you’re trying to stay sharp. As you know, as we talked in the postgame locker room, I had way less interest hearing about the game. But moreso wanting to hear from Ronnie Stanley or Michael Pearce or some of these guys who were around four years ago, as far as how do you approach this week differently? How do you take that disappointment from four years ago that Ronnie Stanley flat out said, Look, because he was asked how long it took him to get over that? He said, I haven’t gotten over that. I mean, that’s part of this team story. You know, the guys that are still here from 19 that they live with that right. That’s something they carry you

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:48

remember when Harbaugh came with us that day in Indianapolis, after the Joe Flacco Lee Evans Billy Cundiff game. This is up on YouTube, you can go watch the video this and he said, You never get over it. I’ll never get over it. Do you remember that?

Luke Jones  06:03

I do. I don’t think I was in Indy. But I absolutely remember that conversation that you had and it

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:10

always feels like you’ve been with me. You’ve always been with me, Luke. It’s like the shining. You know what I mean? By the way, congratulations on being number 12 or 13. Whatever number you were on the on the countdown. I put some really fun pictures of old videos of you up of your tryouts because our 25th anniversary is here. And I’m trying to there are over 1000 people that sat in here and did what you did. And you’re the 15 years later, you’re the only one you’re still in front of John horrible and I thought so. At least

Luke Jones  06:39

at least I’ve shed the oversized Hello de nada jersey, you

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:45

know, I still have it in my closet. Yeah, goodwill, you don’t give Raven stuff down.

Luke Jones  06:50

I typically I hold on to that stuff. And you know, I, whether I have kids of my own or

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:56

day or whatever, so young, so young, I ended up looking at Lamar four years ago, we’re looking at Joe Flacco play football. Back in the era when you were trying out with a loading on his jersey, we all age a little bit. But look, Jones is here he is looking at Baltimore positive, you’ll be out in Owings Mills, we still have our tech service, we still have our social media, we still have all of that stuff, rocking and rolling. The thing that I find most fascinating about this tournament is for, I don’t know, three, four years now because Lamar hasn’t played and he didn’t show up at the playoff game. Last year, we go through all how how long a year is and how different we all feel about all of it and where they’re seated and the money they spent the other teams not wanting Lamar, I mean, all the national pundits are all over that everybody wet the bed. You know, anybody could have had him last year for a draft pick and pay him and nobody even call. Nobody picked the phone up. So all of that exists. But in regard to Lamar, and in regard to the playoff run, as I saw it all of these years, I thought the last four years, let’s say since they lost the let’s say buffalo playoff losses. I thought all right. You’ve lost the buffalo. You lost a Derrick Henry. Right. You’ve lost these playoff games. At what point are you going to win three in a row and beat this is my you can go back and listen to me the Lamar hater and me and all that stuff. You have to go beat Joe burrow, Josh Allen and Patrick mahomes. Probably on the road. Like we were thinking like in those terms, because we don’t win divisions around here. Much we did this year. But I don’t have anything to compare this to. I don’t remember sitting here and you’re like, Well back in 19. Yeah, back in 19. I forgot about because it ended quickly and abruptly. But this period of time of waiting for this game. The thing that has struck me the most on this Monday morning as we honor the king it is Elvis’s birthday. So I hope you all have a Hunka burnin love here for his birthday, but they’re not gonna have to play mahomes and Allen, period, right? They only play one or the other. They can’t play them both. Right? So they can’t play borrow the kid from the Chargers who has all the commercials, he’s not coming in. So oh, they don’t have to go on the road. We don’t have to sell a road trip. We don’t have to go to New England, Pittsburgh, Buffalo Cleveland want to go anywhere. This is a different gig. Like as I set it up in my mind, if you were to say to me, Well, they’re going to be 15 and two or 14 or three or 13 and four after giving the game away. And they’re going to be the one seat and burrows. The reason they’re going to be the one seat is burrows hurt Herbertson park they have to leeks hurt the other hand is no good. Trevor Lawrence stinks. His team stinks. He’s hurt. So they didn’t make it you’ll have to beat him. So Who who are you going to have to beat in this tournament? Who does Lamar pitching matchups? Who is Lamar gonna have to beat he’s gonna have to be three teams now not for all at home. Vegas will be different once they get to the Super Bowl. They lose that game I guess Nobody here is gonna be mad. I mean, if they get to the Super Bowl and they lose, all right, we had a nice year it sucks will feel bad about it, but they made the Super Bowl, they take a face or next Saturday or next Sunday. It’s awful. They lose the championship game at home. Man, I’ve been at some of those. That’s awful. When you lose in front of your home, in front of your home fans the only chance since 1971. If they lose that game, devastating they get to the Super Bowl, you get to go back to Las Las Vegas and run around a little bit and ask questions on my behalf of course. I think we can all be happy. But the way this thing is set up now. You talk about 19 Like hey, Nash, you forgot about Nike how great it was, how great they were, how great the setup was at all. All I remember is you get steamrolled, and my wife was in in the hospital at two o’clock in the morning at the minute after that happened and we COVID And it was just an ugly, awful couple of weeks, as I remember getting ready for the Super Bowl. These two weeks in waiting for this. This is where the anticipation builds. This is where everybody gets excited and visions of sugar plums and they get their Vegas plans together and all of that this is the best path they’ve ever had that they can ever have. Because they don’t have to see two of the top quarterbacks they only have to see one of them and an Allen Brawley did running around the other night. I mean, they’re a dangerous team. And you’ve been saying that for a month with buffalo after they took their little nap back in October, November. But they have done themselves a great, great service in getting to a Super Bowl by maybe just getting Joe Flacco next week, or just getting Mason Rudolph or I mean, I don’t know how Kansas City or Buffalo gonna get upset at home. I’m playing through that. At some point one of those teams is coming here for the championship game if you can get through Flacco or whoever it’s going to be. But this is a softer tournament, from my eyes than anything I thought we were gonna get into. Once Lamar got us, I was getting it. They’re making the playoffs. I don’t think Lamar sucks. I just think Lamar is going to have a hard time beating three quarterbacks on the road. Without this defense, we didn’t know this defense was coming. Right. So looking at it as you look at it the last four years. This is like a dream scenario for the Ravens that make the Super Bowl and they’re healthy. Yeah,

Luke Jones  12:18

I mean, we’ve been saying this for a while. I mean, the setup for this. I mean, let’s be clear. When you have a franchise quarterback like Lamar Jackson, or Patrick mahomes in Kansas City, and he’s the standard, right, I mean, post Tom Brady, Patrick mahomes, instantly became the standard because he’s won two of these already. Josh Allen, you know, go through the list Joe burrow, who’s taken the Bengals to a Super Bowl. If you have one of those quarterbacks, if they’re healthy, you have a chance every year now you’re still gonna have the ebbs and flows of okay, what’s your salary cap picture? What’s your injury situation, to your point? So you have some years that look better on paper than others, you have some years that look like, Hey, this is a golden opportunity. And how can you not look at this year for the Baltimore Ravens with everything that’s transpired with let’s and let’s be clear, it’s a heck of a football team. I mean, this is a special football team, you know that the Aaron shots is of the world, you know, the analytics and looking at DVOA and all those different metrics beyond just the win loss, point, differential, things like that. They don’t address it anything. They all say that this is one of the great, one of the absolute greatest regular season teams for the last 40 years. And by the way, 2019 wasn’t quite as high on that list. But it was also on that list as well. And that’s why it hurt four years ago. Did

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:34

you have your stat from Sunday, you tweeted out a stat in the fourth quarter when they fell behind that you haven’t tweeted out all year. Go ahead, go game 17 gonna give him the stat This is crazy. It took

Luke Jones  13:44

until what the final four minutes of week 18 for the ravens to trail by two scores first time all season and mind you know, Lamar, no. Let me go through the list of guys who didn’t play on Saturday, Ro Quan and ze flowers and Kevin Zeitler you know, we know they rested about seven eight or nine other stars I’ll Hamilton Mr. Humphrey. Yeah, exactly. So you’re literally their best players were literally their six best players

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:13

weren’t playing literally. Pretty much yeah, I

Luke Jones  14:16

mean, you know there there were some good players on the field important players on the field but isn’t out there either. But go ahead. Yeah, I mean, sure, sure. But he’s been hurt. I mean, he’s been hurt since what before thanks to

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:26

the salary cap I’m talking about at the end of the year, their best players, they weren’t playing with them and they finally started losing a little bit.

Luke Jones  14:31

Yeah, they and they fell behind by 10. I mean, think of think how easily, teams fall behind by 10 good teams mind you know, good teams falling behind by 10. It doesn’t take much. You give up a big play pass interference, something like that. Give up a touchdown on your opening drive. You go three and out. The opponent tribes 40 yards and kicks a field goal you’re down 10 Nothing seven minutes into the game. How often do we see that happen in the NFL, it happens all the time, even even the best team so For the ravens to go all year, that doesn’t guarantee anything, mind you, but it speaks to the level of dominance. It’s the same as that factoid until Saturday, they had led into at some point inside the two minute warning in every game this season,

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:13

well, if they win these three games and win the Super Bowl, we’ll look at all that and say, Man, what? What team is that? I mean, I don’t even the Patriots were undefeated years ago, whatever it was, or whatever. So I mean, that’s a different regular season thing. But, and the Miami Dolphins Of course, Mercury Morris have something to say about that. But it’ll never happen again. I mean, you know, you go 17 weeks without falling behind. I mean, like, that’s crazy.

Luke Jones  15:37

I mean, it’s wild, right? I mean, 17 weeks without falling behind by two scores. So it’s incredibly impressive, but And here’s something that I want to throw out there because so much has been talked about with resting starters, the rest verse Russ debate, what happened in 2019? You know, they rested their starters in the last game against the Steelers that year. I’ll throw something else out there. And again, these this whole thing is, so it’s impossible to quantify, right? We have examples of teams that rested. And then they made a Super Bowl run, we have examples of teams that played their starters, we have examples of teams that played starters and got hurt. Someone hurt in the last game of the season. I famously Think of what the Patriots with Wes Welker before the Ravens went up there. And Ray Rice ran on the first play of the game. It’s a touchdown. But so you have all those different examples, but I’ll give you another one. While we’re on that subject, because hey, we have this open week. We don’t know who they’re gonna play yet. I, I had a theory at the time, and I had almost forgotten about this until I was watching Saturday’s game, because the Ravens took a very similar approach against the Steelers four years ago, you know, and that 2019 finale and week 17, where RG three was running around in place of Lamar, and the Steelers had a chance to make the playoffs going into that that Sunday. Now, I don’t think what they needed to happen. I think it was something to do with the Chargers or something like that. Whatever happened. I don’t think it happened anyway. But the Ravens beat them with their backups, and they beat them pretty handily. If you go back and look at the final score. I thought at the time, you know, in hindsight, I wonder if that was detrimental to them where not only did they have the long layoff, but they beat their rival with our backups. And I think there’s something to be said. And again, it’s all theory. It’s all conjecture. Who knows, right? I mean, still comes down to it that the Ravens just didn’t play well in that game to turn the ball over. They couldn’t stop the run, yada, yada yada, right? I mean, there’s so many different things that went wrong in that game. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:34

they fell behind 10 nothing or to me wonders. Sure, exactly.

Luke Jones  17:39

But you look at the you look at the mojo of where this team has been. How dominant they’ve been down the stretch with this schedule. Pardon me do wonders and again, impossible to know, impossible to quantify it, you know, just throwing it out there. Part of me wonders if beating the Steelers four years ago in that last game where it was backups, if that messes with their head a little bit in a negative way in the sense of saying that we didn’t even play Lamarr we didn’t even play Marshall yonder. We didn’t even play Earl Thomas or Brandon Williams or mark Andrews or Mark Ingram. We still beat those guys. We’re invincible. Now. Who knows? Did they think that I was

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:20

in that locker room I had a press pass back then Lucas. They felt pretty invincible. I mean, I think there was a an absolute state of shock in that locker room app that night like they didn’t think they could lose like this. And when you don’t lose you’re like the Harlem Globetrotters in the Washington generals. Right? Like when you don’t lose, you don’t even have to lose in short, all these Alabama guys go through that. Right. And I the invincible part, for sure I would I go along with Invincible when you’re going out to LA and beaten them 60 To free when you’re doing when you’re winning like that. You do feel like, again, and I spoke to this with Lamar being young pounding the ground, all of that that went on five years ago, that when things got bad, they didn’t have a plan to make things good. It was very chaotic. If you go back and watch that game about running left running, right, they didn’t have the kind of offense they had to have. They didn’t have the kind of players and the kind of weapons that they have now. I would go so far and we’ll we’ll scrimmage this between now and Saturday because what the hell else we’re going to do besides watch Joe Flacco play in the playoffs on Saturday? I could do my Ronnie if I wanted to. I wouldn’t be nearly as racist as Ronnie but I wouldn’t be fun. I would say for them if they fell behind 10 to nothing. They’d have a better countenance. Lamar would have a better countenance. They have a better offense. They have better they have more they can do besides, will a bar Lamar better run that’s still our best play. I haven’t said that in six or seven weeks at Lamar running still their best play. It’s still their best play. They haven’t used it a whole lot and I don’t want them to use it a whole lot like Josh Allen just see what he He did late in the game Sunday night. I mean, he’s 15 yards from the sticks and he takes off like a gazelle. And he makes him a three yard. I mean, there were three tacklers that could have had him and he makes the first round. I, the feeling I have with Lamar is Lamar is a lot better than he was four years ago. And that’s not a knock on nesters radio show four years ago. That’s a that’s a tribute to a young quarterback that has, as we said in the beginning, he’s only gotten better. You know, he’s gotten better at every step. He now needs to take getting better out with better players next weekend and prove it to the world. Right. I mean, this is the belief that moment, here we are, and it’s never going to be better than this. They’re never gonna have a better path to the Super Bowl and a half week off pretty good health. Only half to see one of the two, you know, serious quarter not to Joe Flacco is not serious, not to Mason, but not to TJ Strauss. Not serious. Right. Right. If that were to happen, right. And I will evaluate we’ll do that in another segment. Look at these games, but they’re equipped better to be downtown to nothing. They’re equipped better to have something catastrophic happened that Lamar throws a pick six to start the game, which is possible. Paul pops up anything the ball moves, they can recover, they could come back from being down 17 to six at halftime, they could do that. And no problem. I believe that. And I don’t know that. I believe that 2019 it to your point that invincibility didn’t serve them? Well.

Luke Jones  21:33

Well, and the point I was trying to make, you know, look, everything you just said, I mean, I had no problem with any of that. But I do wonder if losing this game on Saturday, and again, it didn’t mean anything, right. I mean, people can I know some people talked about the run defense, we’ve been talking about the run defense. From a relative standpoint, it’s not a weakness in the way that you look at weaknesses of other teams when there’s something they’re really bad at. But relative to other areas, the run defense has been a little leaky compared to where you’d like it to be. It’s not bad, but it’s not elite, like their past defense, for example, or how their pass rush has been. So that happens. Yeah, they clearly didn’t generate much offensively the conditions were miserable. But I think there’s a valuable lesson there. That or maybe not a lesson as much as a reminder that hey, okay. Lamar, then play these other starters in play. That’s great. We lost the football game. And here’s a reminder, guys, unlike 2019, where they hadn’t lost since what, early October, they won their last 12 games that year. I think Saturday could serve a purpose of hey, you know, we didn’t play our best football, we put the ball on the ground. And the the defense wasn’t great at stopping the run, we gave up the big, long touchdown. It’s a reminder of how fleeting this can be. Now, moving forward, we can’t have a game like that. We can’t have a bad day. Now. It’s whether you’re the number one seat or that you’re the number seven seat, everyone’s in the same boat from the standpoint of when you’re out there playing your loss away from going home period, no matter how good you were during the regular season. So So I think, yeah, that’s just something that came to mind in a game that let’s face it, there wasn’t a whole lot of meaning to take away from that. So I just thought, maybe there’s something to be said about just dropping a meaningless game at the end. That’s just a reminder of, hey, no matter how great this looks, to your point, Patrick mahomes and Josh Allen are the two major pedigree quarterbacks left and more so mahomes. And Allen. I mean, Alan hasn’t won, the bills haven’t won anything. You know, they’ve won some playoff games, but they haven’t gotten to the pinnacle. But it is a reminder of Yeah, you are the number one seed and you’ve got this great path, and it is set up set up. For you. It’s all sitting right there for you win two games, and you’re playing in the Super Bowl, two home games, and you’re playing in the Super Bowl. But, you know, if you don’t play your best and you turn the ball over, or you make some mistakes early on, you come out slow in the divisional round, or the AFC Championship game. If assuming you advance then this can this can go sideways really quickly. But I agree with your your point. And this is absolutely where I think this team has grown Lamar and just the offense in its entirety. I think you would certainly hope with the experiences of the last four years, kind of beginning with that 2019 game and I know they lost a playoff game the year before when Lamar was a rookie, but yeah, that was kind of the house money year at that point. Right. I mean, no one really thought they were gonna go to the Super Bowl with Lamar. You know that as a rookie in the offense transforming

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:39

Joe was gonna come off the bench and save the day right now. No, that

Luke Jones  24:43

wasn’t that wasn’t happening either. But but the point is 2019 was the first full year of the Lamar Jackson experience and they’ve had a lot of success in the regular season and a lot of disappointment in January. So I think all of that being said Edie, sitting right there. I had Saturday’s loss, whatever. But I think there was a reminder that was just thrown in there to say, Hey, you gotta go out there and play mistake free football, you need to go out there and start fast and be the team you’re capable of being if they if they are. They shouldn’t have too much of an issue, at least in this divisional round. You know, whether you’re talking about CJ Stroud who, by the way, he’s common the Texans are gonna be they’re gonna be an issue of moving forward, I think because I think he’s that good. But you have Joe Flacco and the browns, Miami who I said to you even before week 17 I’m not a believer, and they can’t play 60 minutes, but we’ll see what happens as they go to Kansas City and if Pittsburgh, finds a way and buffalo reverts to what buffalo. Frankly, what Buffalo was earlier in the game on Sunday night. I guess the Steelers have some semblance of a prayer. But the point is, those four teams I just mentioned, the ravens are the clear favorite against any of those four opponents coming in here in two weeks. So better take care of business, but it starts this week. practice proper preparation, keeping your body right guys getting healthy, that are banged up and being ready to start fast when they kick it off divisional round weekend. So lots going to happen between now and then in terms of who they’re going to play. But yeah, it’s sitting right there. Go back to what Brian Billick said 20 plus years ago, man, it’s time to go to a Super Bowl.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:30

He’s Luke Jones. We get to go back and figure out who we lost to win 19 You’re like they want 12 games that are like who do we lose to and 90 We’re pretty good man. They’re pretty good this year as well as all the stats stood out we’re gonna be giving away Maryland lottery scratch offs, our friends at window nation, our friends at Jiffy Lube all of our sponsors wise markets, Royal farms, we are doing the grandest radio Reek radio row week in the history of WNS, DNX st some because we’ve been doing this a long, long time. My first Superbowl radio row was in 1992 in Minneapolis. So it’s been 31 years 32 years really since our first radio row. We’re going to be doing the grandest radio row in the history of radio Rose. It’s going to be so great. We’re not going to call it radio row. We’re going to call it crabcake row so stay tuned. He’s Luke I’m not sure we’ll come back continue on we’ll we’ll talk about yes Nazca when CJ Stradic young guy and all that football we’re gonna watch this weekend. We have weekend off on the couch. We are delighted about it. We’re gonna be here all week talking football, football, football wall to wall and getting ready for things and it’s big month around here. Get at your purple Festivus gear. It’s time to win a Super Bowl. We’re wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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