The stars all came out and roared for Ravens against Lions

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In a game that was a complete domination at both lines of scrimmage, Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the individual performances beyond Lamar Jackson’s stat sheet in the Ravens 38-6 beatdown of the Detroit Lions on Sunday.


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Nestor Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Come home we are wn st Towson, Baltimore. They have 5070 And we’re Baltimore positive you can find us at a Baltimore You can find this anywhere our 25th anniversaries will travel. I’ll be bringing back some memories and some pictures and on social media this week, it’s all brought to you by our friends at curio wellness and Farr and daughter, Wendy Brown. Finally, Schaefer joined us this week to talk about using THC and cannabis related products for runners and for aches and pains and for topical lotions. All that stuff is out at Baltimore positive this week, as well as our Maryland crabcakes represented by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I’ll have some ravens scratch offs to give away. We’re gonna get very aggressive with the crabcake tour in the November and December kind of put things on hold. Hoping the Orioles we get there. Now, Luke’s got relatives hoping the Phillies get there and the certainly the Battle of Texas and all of that going on. Plenty of baseball this week, we’ll be up late with all that no football here to speak of until the Ravens get their four o’clock Mojo going this week up in Arizona and certainly a weekend for the ages of Lucca when it comes to how you expect the team to look. You talk about it for six months, eight months of the offseason. And say when when are they going to put it together? When are they going to have a complete game against a quality opponent and most weeks they haven’t had a quality opponent to put in front of them, which may have been part of the problem. But certainly the upstart lions, all the hype leading into the lions coming into the game. Lot of Lions fans everywhere buying up tickets. I was very, very evident maybe as strong a visiting showing, as we’ve ever seen from an NFC team around here. Not named the Washington football team or Philadelphia people can drive. But then a game started. And once the game started, there’s would you rather have Lamar would you rather have Jared Goff, Jared golf at one one rams gave him up and up. But they’re winning and they had a running game. They had a running back that was hurt. But certainly far greater expectations. But just we’re feeling good about ourselves. How are the lions feeling and getting on the plane and going home this week?

Luke Jones  02:04

Not good. Not good. And a reminder of how difficult it is to face Lamar Jackson to face this offense, whether we’re talking about Todd Monken, or going back to the days of Greg Roman for an NFC team that doesn’t see this team on a regular basis. You can prepare all you want for Lamar Jackson, during practice, you can get clever and have one of your wide receivers who maybe played quarterback in high school, run your scout team. But we’ve talked about this. We talked about this going all the way back to 2018. And certainly in 2019 when Lamar was MVP of the league, that it’s a lot like facing that stud starting pitcher who has a 100 mile per hour fastball and has wicked breaking stuff. And we say what the first couple times you see that guy, you’re probably not going to have much of a chance against them. Those teams that have had more success against Lamar and it’s relative when I say more success, generally they see him a little more frequently. So in the case of the Detroit Lions, maybe they weren’t a little overconfident. We think back to that game two years ago where let’s face it, the Ravens needed a 66 yard field goal to win in Detroit against the hapless lions at the time and they held Lamar and this ravens offense in check although if I if I recall correctly, Hollywood Brown had a miserable day dropping passes or might have been a different look on the scoreboard but they certainly weren’t ready for what the Ravens what Todd Monken and Lamar Jackson had cooked up for them on Sunday. I thought it was brilliant in the way that we saw this early on looks like Lamar is going to take off and then he just flicks the ball to Odell Beckham for a nice gain. We saw Lamar have time in the pocket the rare times that he didn’t he was able to extend and escape and, and do those types of things times where you thought he was gonna run. He threw the ball times where he was able to hold it in the pocket. And it looks like he the pockets collapsing, he escapes. I mean, that is just that’s incredibly frustrating for any team, let alone an NFC team that doesn’t see him as frequently. It’s worth noting, The only NFC team that has beaten a Lamar Jackson team that you know, with Lamar starting with the Giants and wink Martindale last year, and we know how crazy the sequence of events was late in that game for the Giants to knock off the Ravens. So, you know, I think there was some of that at work. I think maybe Detroit was a little overconfident but they certainly got their feelings hurt because the Ravens beat the you know what out of them over the course of four quarters on Sunday.

Nestor Aparicio  04:43

Look, you and I could sit here for all week long if I wanted to in pitch about the pregame shows and Sunday morning and video chats do throw me out. It’s forced me like onto the couch where I sit here and I watch ESPN and I watch NFL Network and I watched Kurt Warner and I Rex Ryan said some thing in the 12 o’clock hour. I thought it might have been coward, but it was definitely Rex. I’m thinking what Coach it was. Garrett comes on after the games, and he’s great too. But Rex said something about scout team and coaching. And he’s like, we would get a punt returner to run scout team quarterback but they couldn’t throw the football. And he’s like, so we could never scout up a fast quarterback the right way and figure out the speed of it and what we’re going to do and if he does that, we’re going to do that other than watching film, then it gets out there and your hips go one way. And that played Odell Beckham was, I called it an RP throw. Because it was an RP throw, and you say RPO All right, we’re gonna have sleight of hand with the running back. And I always said the ball would hit the carpet more often. And it did at one point. But I would say for for that play and what linemen see, and they did a whole segment on this. I I’m trying to think it must have been NFL Network. It was Kurt Warner that did this piece on this about. He had the girls flag football team from Long Beach, added SoFi stadium, and he had girls running around out there trying to defend this putt saying what your eyes see on the play fake. And then you move to Lamar and you expect Lamar to keep the football that’s thrown at Odell Beckham, the minute I saw it, I’m like not watching this while I feel like I haven’t seen that as maybe we’ve seen it, you have to go back and show it to me. But I haven’t seen it much where it really looks like he’s going to run any pulls up and throws it over your head potentially over line mints head or the rush four or five, six guys that are coming at him. The ball goes over the top of that to say flowers and you get pasture. That’s a whole different thing that needs to be defended now, where Lamar is going to have an RPO run out, it looks like he’s taken off and still throwing the ball before he gets to the line of scrimmage. We haven’t seen a lot of that. That’s going to be something that that’s indefensible. I felt I felt sorry for the lions on that play when Odell Beckham got the ball.

Luke Jones  07:12

Well, and this is why it was crazy to ever think that the Ravens in some strange way, moving on from Lamar Jackson and starting over at the quarterback because like that it was a non non starter now, they had to figure it out. And it took him a long time to do that. And they did. And we’ll still talk about January and what’s going to happen there in the same way. Josh Allen and all the different other top quarterbacks that we talked about, face that same question. But when you see that when you see what it looks like, and when you see about the long term potential for this offense, and evolving from all these designed runs for Lamar Jackson, to being able to do more of that and acknowledging you’re not going to eliminate runs from the Mars profile. But you can evolve and do much more of that where he looks like he’s gonna run, and then you throw, and they’ve done it before. But that was an example where it was so evident, so extreme, where you just say, How in the world do you account for that?

Nestor Aparicio  08:14

I mean, it really is coached that if you’re Dan Campbell, what what do you do when you’re chasing the fastest guy on the field? And think, well, we got him at least corner Do you only get a cut a couple yards, he he’s not running for a touchdown. And he gets up and throws the ball over your head. I mean, they should do that. That was good play.

Luke Jones  08:34

Well, and that’s why again, I’ve been so bullish not that Lamar is beyond reproach or not that Lamar doesn’t have things that he’s not as good at as other quarterbacks in the same way that other quarterbacks can’t run remotely like Lamar Jackson can do. It’s part of his profile. But as he gets older as you’re now with a different offensive coordinator, and a different system, and a different philosophy of what you’re trying to do, and spreading defenses out, you’re still going to use his legs, whether he’s actually taking off or not, I mean, that’s still the anchor of everything you do. And I think it was a masterclass from Todd Monken. And from Lamar Jackson and this offensive line and these past catchers of using that against the defense against the defense that mind you had been pretty darn good early this season. But when this thing is clicking him and Lamar is playing well. And when Todd Monken is in a in a rhythm from a play calling standpoint, and the offensive lines, giving time, boy, it’s really really difficult to stop this group. I mean, that’s, I mean, you saw what it can look like and we’ve been waiting for several weeks to see this start to finish for a folk a full performance revolution, the revolution it was so dominant that they didn’t even have to play four quarters you know, I mean, Lamar gets gets pulled halfway or you know, I guess I ended up being a little bit past halfway through the fourth quarter, but you know, it was that good. And look goes back to Lamar is passing ability and that being in concert with him as a rusher and he doesn’t have to be the best pure passer in the NFL. He has plenty of passing ability when you use that in concert with his ability to move and you use that against the defense and that’s going to make that makes the offensive lines job easier. It makes the past catchers the wide receivers the tight ends makes their jobs easier. It makes the play callers job a heck of a lot easier. It

Nestor Aparicio  10:31

gets pasture it gets Pat Ricard nobody even respects Pat record. He was running like I mean, yeah, those two plays are a an absolute warning to the defensive coordinator of Arizona this week, Seattle and Pete Carroll two weeks from now, Cleveland Cincinnati, you’re gonna get it back. But they’ve seen it, and they’ve prepared for it. And they have six 810 guys in the defensive room that saw it last year twice saw it the year before that twice, got burned by it like Cincinnati did years ago with the broken legs play out there in Cincinnati. And everybody saw it 19 And it took Chuck pagano his brother into January trying to figure out how to stop it, and the nine to defense and all of that. But the wrinkles we saw in the success we saw, I think, in full power, bad offense in the first half because they didn’t have to play in the second half. But they did. But what we saw there become something that you’re going to hear about an NFL Network all week. You’re going to hear defensive minds and Rex Ryan’s going to come on ESPN next week and say couldn’t scouted Jared Goff they’d be you know, they thought they were gonna least put up 20 points 25 points and have a chance defensively. And this thing, Lamar against the NFC Lamar against unprepared. Defense and somebody said on my Facebook and I thought this was fair. Hey, these NFC teams, they see Jalen hertz, they see fields they see Kyler Murray, they see that style. They don’t see Lamar. I mean, it’s different.

Luke Jones  12:09

It is different. And mind you, the Eagles with Jalen hertz, they’ve won a lot of football games, too. And there aren’t many teams that stop them either. So

Nestor Aparicio  12:16

and the same thing, just home Sue does the same sort of razzle dazzle as

Luke Jones  12:21

Patrick mahomes in a class by himself, but Lamar is one of one we’ve talked about that. And let me say this, because you’ve cited Gus Edwards and Patrick Ricard, there is also some really bad defense going on.

Nestor Aparicio  12:34

I mean, we’ve seen this it’s not as though the Ravens have wide receivers running, you know, or pass catchers with no one within 20 yards of them. So there was a lot of just really bad football from Detroit. But Well, Greg Olson, on the broadcast kept saying they’re giving him too much space. Like literally when it was 14 to nothing. He’s like, these defenders got to move up and get a pick and make a play. I mean, like, because the ball is not probably not going over their heads. So at least, but could a guy run by you? Right, right. And that’s what they’re thinking, but it was as much space as much cushion as our wide receivers have seen all year.

Luke Jones  13:13


There? Sure. Sure. I’m not gonna disagree with that. But I mean, it just, it’s what when it comes together, and you play that way, and you have every every aspect of your offense humming. You know, when and it’s not as though they were phenomenal. running the football between the tackles with their running backs. But, you know, they they, they ran the ball, they threw the ball. Lamar had a perfect passer rating until well and deep into the third quarter. I mean, that just shows you what he was doing as a thrower. I mean, it was, it was outstanding. And yeah, Detroit stunk. I think it’s, you know, what do you have that combination, you see how dangerous this offense can be. And again, when you have NFC teams, or even NFC, just teams that aren’t the Bengals Steelers, and browns who see this twice a year, assuming Lamar is healthy, it is very difficult to stop it. And now you throw Todd Monken into the mix, because it is a different coordinator. It is a different offense, the ravens are using much more 11 personnel. I mean, let’s face it, we haven’t talked about this a whole lot amidst all the struggles, not even struggles and consistency of the offense, you know, the up and down bogging down, you know, it kind of being a slog in the second half of some of these games, but let’s face it, you know, we’ve talked a lot about passing versus running but just the identity of this offense. It’s not as tight end centric in the sense that okay, Mark Andrews is still Mark Andrews, of course, and he caught two touchdowns, but as a likely is largely a non factor. You know, Charlie Kohler we haven’t talked about all year other than these guys have They’ve had a couple targets here and and they dropped a couple passes. So you see, clearly the identity is different. You know, Patrick ecard isn’t on the field. All we all day every day like he was with Greg Roman as the coordinators. So it’s evolved. But many of the principles are the same. And that in the way that Lamar Jackson’s legs are, they’re the centripetal force for this offense. They’re what makes this offense run. And that is not a knock on Lamar. That is not to suggest that he’s not a really good passer. And he proved out once again on Sunday that he’s able to make a ton of plays with his arm, but his legs work in concert for that. And, again, that’s a good thing. That’s a special thing. That’s a great thing. So for the Ravens for them to put this performance together for it to be as complete as it was, you’re right. I mean, it puts the rest of the NFL on notice that, hey, this is what it can look like, you know, it was choppy. And you know how much of that was the ravens and how much of that was injuries? How much of that was the opponent’s in the same way that I just said that Detroit was really lousy on Sunday on top of it. There were also some defenses that the Ravens have encountered so far this year that did a good job, you know, so you have to get the other side. But no doubt about that. Right. So right, right, exactly. And that. And that’s really when you hear that the term and I use this, and we’re all guilty of using this week to week League. It’s such a cliche at this point. But really what that means is what you just said, it’s all based on matchups, every team has strengths and weaknesses, whether you’re talking about coaching or players, you know, they do certain things really well, other things not so well. Teams are injured at one spot, they’re really healthy at another spot where they might be able to have a distinct advantage against their opponents. So it is different every week. And that’s why, you know, as much as you’re encouraged by this, it goes as far as next week’s game and the week after that and trying to stack and it doesn’t mean you’re going to win 38 to six every week. But it’s a reminder of what this team is capable of when it is firing on all cylinders. And it’s a lesson to the Detroit Lions that and any team including the Ravens take that you show up not ready to play against especially against the quality opponent, you’re gonna get your feelings hurt. And they you know, they I know you refer to them as the cowardly lions, as they were leaving Baltimore on Sunday evening, but now they they got their feelings hurt. And it doesn’t mean that they won’t be a playoff team. That doesn’t mean they won’t be good. Heck, for all we know, maybe that was a Super Bowl preview on Sunday. And if it is, the Ravens would feel really good about their chances in the Super Bowl against Detroit. But, you know, it’s this league is, it’s crazy, right? And every time you think you have something figured out, I mean, look at what buffalo looked like week two, three and four. Let me blow out wins in succession. You know, we talked about Detroit and what they had done coming into this week, not just winning, but winning, by, you know, to, you know, multiple scores, you know, I mean, they had won what 22 630-420-4224 26 And then they they go to Baltimore against a team that had been good, but hadn’t blown anyone out I guess, Cleveland, they did you know, with the third string quarterback who didn’t know what he was doing. But ravens completely demolished them in every way you could think so. It’s a reminder of, yeah, every week is different, every matchups different. And, you know, you better be on point and ready to play because even lesser teams in this league, like the Arizona Cardinals, for example, you know, if you go out there, you know, travel out west and you’re not ready to play, then you’re gonna be in for a dogfight. So I don’t think the ravens are gonna have too many issues. You hope go in Arizona next week. But this is all very fleeting. And waiting, you know, we we know that. We’ve seen it. All it can take is one or two injuries at the at the wrong spots to change the entire outlook of your season. But based on what we saw for three hours on Sunday, that’s what it that’s what the Ravens have been envisioning, since going back to the spring. That’s that’s what it looks like. You know, Buck show, Walter used to always say that about young players when they sit, you know, that’s what it looks like. Sunday was what it looks like for the Ravens when they’re at their very best. And you see more of that moving forward. This team’s gonna be extremely difficult to be

Nestor Aparicio  19:18

Luke Jones joining us here. He’ll be in Owings Mills all week, the Ravens heading out to Arizona. We’ll have some best stuff around here this week. Some great stuff, some of our best stuff later on in the week. I’m going live here earlier in the week and take a little Halloween getaway here. Half a bye week for the Lions. I don’t want to harp on the lions too much. But and talking about and watching the Eagles play as well the other year and what they’re going to do on the NSC, who’s going to come out of that San Francisco with their injuries and their problems. We’ll see what they had under the hood on Monday night as well. But for the Lions, when they do see Jalen Hertz in week one of the playoffs or whatever, because nobody’s coming and catching them in the NFC central right or North Excuse me, but I mean those other teams. Boy, the Packers are awful. The bears are awful. I mean, so the lions are going to be a playoff team. And this is sort of where you take the legs of an ass kicking like that. And Campbell get them together that route. We’ll see them on Thanksgiving Day and All That, by the time Thanksgiving rolls around a month from now, there’ll be nine in three or whatever there’ll be, there’ll be good, right? And you’ll say what happened to them that day in Baltimore back there against Lamar? Well, this is how you get better for the next time around. I mean, they got some lessons learned as well. And I think for the Ravens beating a good team, because you and I talked about backup quarterbacks and Joe burrow on one leg and lose into the Steelers and lose into the Colts and Gardner Mitch. For a week, the Ravens at least get to feel like the team, they talked about being for eight months, like to see it. That’s that’s part of believing it, I think for some of the young players and some of the important people and even in Odell Beckham, Jr. That’s been around a while and his one has been on good teams have been on bad teams to say, what are we you know, what we’re that. And and so further notice, and even if they go out and lay steamer in Arizona, and sneak out when and 23 to 21 on a 58 yard field goal, because that’s the what, they’re gonna win ugly games, they’re not gonna play like that every week. But you can look to it and say, then I guess that was the point of my column this week in writing colonists, which they’re not gonna play like that every week. And I mean, even in 19, they played like that every week for about eight weeks. And then all of a sudden, they weren’t playing like that. We’re like, Hey, what’s wrong? Well, it’s Marvin Lewis once told me the other team tries to the AAU team gets together all week, and tries to figure out how to stop all of this. And there’s been five years of tape on Lamar that apparently left the lions building last week. But in the coming weeks, there’s a confidence level, not just for you and me are people calling the fan over on the FM side of the dial, flexing muscles and saying we’re better in the Power Rankings. It’s, we’ve seen it happen now we’ve seen the room full of number one, draft picks and wide receivers and a healthy Lamar and an offensive line that rounds in what life’s gonna look like after JK Dobbins. And for three hours on a Sunday, they can measure that no matter how bad they are, if they lose two games in a row, they lose to Cleveland, Cincinnati, I could still go back and say, well, we’re not cut time comes and they have to play a playoff game. Can they play like that? Do they have the ability when healthy to go out and make that work for 60 minutes. And having seen it now believe that there’s not a week, the rest of the year? If they’re healthy, that you will believe that they’re capable of that?

Luke Jones  22:40

Yeah, no question about it. In fact, it’s funny, you mentioned that because you made mention of you know, talk about some of the guys, new guys back home, you know, whatever. It actually struck me as we were in the locker room standing around row Quan Smith, and I’ve wanted to ask him this. But you know, he had talked for several minutes and you know, they eventually cut it off. But I thought back to when ro Quan Smith was traded to this team. First of all, he only played a few games with Lamar last year before Lamar got hurt. And it was done for the rest of the

Nestor Aparicio  23:13

year. It wasn’t here this week. Right. Like he came after he came

Luke Jones  23:17

Halloween. Right. So but the point is, the offense had already been in decline at the at the time that row Quan Smith arrived now he was there for the saints game. They played well on that Monday night game. But But even that that wasn’t an MVP, incredible Lamar Jackson’s performance, good performance. But, you know, it struck me that this was the first game that row Quan Smith has been a raven in which Lamar played unbelievable MVP, like football, you know, and not just Lamar but the entire offense doing what it did. I mean, this is the most points they’d scored in a game since the Miami game in week two last year, you know, the shootout where they of course, they choked away the big lead in the fourth quarter. But you know, this is the first time Lamar thrown three touchdowns in a game since I’ve watched Week Three against New England last year. So you know, the point was, and it lends itself to what you were just saying. For even those who haven’t been around as long, it’s like, okay, hey, that’s what 2019 Lamar look like.

Nestor Aparicio  24:20

How many of those guys are there? Back home? How van Noy? clowny. Right. I’m just trying to Wroclaw,

Luke Jones  24:28

all the rookies Nelson Aguilar, me. Yeah, I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  24:32

a lot of guys, a lot of guys. And Ronnie Stanley. He’s like, Well, I remember Marshall young dude, that was five years ago. You know what I mean? Like it was a long time ago.

Luke Jones  24:41

Yeah. And let’s be clear. This isn’t being disparaging about how Lamar had played before this or, you know, you and I have, you know, we debate how well he had played but, you know, he played X he played excellent and Pittsburgh until the final interception and it’s statistics been way better in that game if you didn’t drop what, eight or nine passes, whatever it was. He played really excellent football in Cincinnati in week two. It’s not as though he’s had a bad season. But Sunday What we saw there that was MVP level, the more that was 2019 level of ravens dominance. And yeah, the offense isn’t exactly the same. We know it’s a different style of offense, and it’s not so heavy on the run. But as I’ve reminded you over and over, when we’ve gotten into debates about this, Lamar didn’t lead the league in touchdown passes that year by accident. Yeah, there’s, there’s certainly a lot of high end passing ability. That’s there. Now we can talk about consistency, and all those different things and how much they throw, how often they throw the efficiency, all that. But what we saw Sunday was an operation coming together with a quarterback who has been an MVP before, and it looked a lot like an MVP on Sunday now, doesn’t mean that that’s going to happen every week to follow. But to your point, you’ve seen it, it’s there, it came to fruition against a really good team on Sunday. And if you can do it once, then you can do it again, you can do it again, you can do it again. And as we get closer later into the season, and closer and closer to January, where we know what this is all going to come down to we know that and Lamar knows that he even alluded to that on Sunday. That’s why he wasn’t overly jovial after the game, you know, he said it’s regular season, you know, you know where what he’s thinking about in those regards. But to be able to put together a full complete 60 minutes like they did on Sunday, across the board. You look at that and say, Wow, this is a really dangerous team. And, you know, right now for my money, where they are right now and understanding where the bills are right now. And the dolphins as great as their offense is looked at time go look at their splits in terms of who they beaten and who they’ve lost to. They’ve beaten up on weaker teams, and they’ve lost to their toughest competition, biggest challenger to Kansas City in the AFC right now, as we’re standing in the final week of October, which isn’t worth that much in the big picture, but for where it is right now. Know, how can you not say, you know, the ravens, you know, based on how they looked on Sunday, you know, the chiefs are the champs and they’re the team that everyone’s going to have to go through that’s reality in the AFC but right now, you know, based on how they played Sunday, have a tough time putting anyone else in the AFC over the Ravens right now as far as biggest threat to Kansas City. Again, understanding it’s late October and there’s a heck of a long way to go.

Nestor Aparicio  27:35

Luke Jones joining us here he’ll be in always Mills all week long. We watching baseball here this week, you can always reach him at Baltimore Look, just last thing I want to say on that is confidence level of young men and young men even meaning clowny and Van Noy and some of these guys coming in. Before the game started at one o’clock on Sunday, if you and I would have done a piece at 1230 and I would have been thumbs up thumbs down thumbs sideways with every player on the roster and say who’s overperforming? Well, Geno’s stone right Kyle Hamilton’s had a nice year row Quan Smith is their best football player. You can make the Lamar case but over 16 weeks on the field. The last 16 weeks row Quan Smith has been their best football player consistently every single week for what he’s done. Patrick queen, not all that far behind, quite frankly for the role that he’s in. And you’d look and say well, Ronnie Stanley been injured not feeling great. Andrews productions down offense is down Bateman were who were what what Aguilar better than we thought right I mean we would all say that the offensive line little little banged up I mean Lindor bomb injured hadn’t been in there factor when he’s in there running game we all said me Agus lost the staff you know like for all of these in Lamar Well, the marsh Okay? Lamar is good. Lamar is fine, but Lamar needs other things to happen. And Lamar has turned the ball over Lamar has kicked the ball around a little bit this year, more than he would want to. So Marlon Humphrey has been injured had been on the field. He’s one of their best players. Same thing with Stanley these these guys that are there their top guys, Beckham been injured, right. None of them were feeling great. A confident way. Tucker’s Miss kicks, I mean, that Drew Brees, fumble. They think that they’ve had things happen, right. This is the week where they all can point to and say that’s the best. There’s a horrible, the best version of myself. And I guess for a week, all of them can look at this and say, All right, we’re sending we’re sending. And we couldn’t have said that before one o’clock on Sunday. This is a chance to say that if they beat the Packers like that, or they beat the bears like you don’t you don’t get any measurement, beating a really good team being a team that’s going to be playing in January. It showed me something and I’m from Missouri or Dundalk in this case.

Luke Jones  29:52

Yeah, I think that’s fair. And I mean, a lot of what you just laid out is why you know what? Maybe For all the talk about the well, they should be six oh, instead of four and two, what you just laid out is why they were four and two rather than six now. And, you know, some of that was self inflicted, and some of it’s just see NFL right. And guess what, as healthy as they might be right now, and we’ve talked about that, we’re gonna have some more injuries over the course of the year. That’s it, that’s how it’s gonna work. But when you show the kind of ability that they showed, across the board and the performance across the board on Sunday, in every phase of the game, as you pointed out against a good team against the team, that is absolutely going to win the NFC North, and it’s absolutely going to be jockeying for one of the top seeds, because for one look at the remaining schedule, they don’t play another team. They don’t play another team of real note until Christmas, Allison week. 17. I mean, seriously, look at it. I mean, it’s like the chargers, okay. You know, so So it speaks to that. But point is, that’s a good football team. And you absolutely throttled them. I mean, it wasn’t close it, it wasn’t as close as 38 to six, let’s put it that way. Could have been way worse. So yeah, that gives you some confidence. Now, you’ve got to channel that in the right way. It’s not to spend all week smelling yourself and listening to how good people saying how good you are. It’s to say, okay, that’s how it looks. That’s how we That’s how great we can be on to the next opponent on to the next meeting, the next practice, the next session in the playbook, all of those things. And it’s really how it works and the teams that are able to do that. And the teams that are able to build on that and not just be satisfied with that performance. Those are the teams that are able to do that more consistently. So we’ll see how it plays out. And again, not necessarily going to be looking at the Arizona Cardinals as the stiffest competition, but you are going out to the West Coast. And it is a team that at times has looked okay, this year, other times not so good. So, you know, go out there, play, clean, smart, good football, play start fast as they’ve done all year. And the difference on Sunday, however, was they kept their foot on the pedal, you know, they kept their foot on the gas they were able to thoroughly demolish the lions to the point where there was going to be no talk of a comeback or, or the Ravens wilting as we’ve seen them do too many times over the last couple of years.

Nestor Aparicio  32:18

Here’s Luke Jones. I am Nestor. We’re gonna get to Marilyn crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery and window nation as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube. MultiCare out on the road we had our 25th anniversary presented by curio wellness and foreign daughter all that’s coming your way. And even some World Series activity later on the week. I’m Nestor we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore. Stay with us. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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