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The surprise of a big second chance win and jackpot fever


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Doug Lloyd of The Maryland Lottery joins Nestor to discuss second chance doubters and huge jackpots as the numbers grow daily for Powerball and Mega Millions


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Doug Lloyd, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01


W n s t, Towson, Baltimore. Baltimore positive. We’re positively into the summer again all star game next week. Orioles little slumpy but trying to hang in there gets pitching together. We’re gonna be taking the Maryland crabcakes we’re back out on the road now that the Fourth of July is over. I’ll be bringing my red, white and blue to various places. We’re gonna be Baltimore City next Thursday at Coco’s pub that’s on the 13th and then on the 28th We’re gonna be at the Beaumont in Catonsville, all of it brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I’ll be giving away these scratch offs. 50th anniversary we had some winners the other day we referred spirits West. We also have spent appreciable amount of time this week at fade Lee’s we had an unbelievable day fade he’s talking about the Fourth of July and the holiday had this long conversation about these invasive catfish eating all the baby crabs out in the Chesapeake and the tributaries important important stuff for the summer. Also had a delicious crab cake it fails. I’m going to be a cost this as well. I want to shout this out to everybody. It is our 25th anniversary on August the third we’re going to be set up a cost as most of the day then on the fourth I’m going to move down the street to drug city giving folks a chance to stop by say hello bring it all get nasty shirt. I’m trying to figure out some contests involved in that and offensive winter they should as well. My bucket hat is actually in the wash. I don’t have that here. But when do they should 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free all summer long, doing great things at Windsor nation. They also put us out on the road. This guy puts us out on the road east Doug Lloyd from the Maryland lottery a John Martin is it’s fake. It’s summertime. Yeah, I’ll see him at some point for the months over all star game. Fourth of July in the middle of the week. But Doc, you’re working. I’m working. We’re working lottery winners are winning. We got things going on, man How you been?

Doug Lloyd  01:45

Very good, but super busy. Of course. You know, it is the middle of summer and for us really the prize train never stops rolling. You know, I got the word. We’re going to talk a little bit about Second Chance contests. And you know, Powerball and megamillions both jackpots rolling along here. You know, it’s the heat of the summer and really those jackpots are on the rise. They’re both edging closer to being about half a billion dollars. And that’s when Yeah, half a billion. That’s what a big I just make sure that people didn’t hear that wrong. That’s yeah, that’s when that’s when the klaxons start sounding here at lottery headquarters. You know, the battle stations start. We’re very excited about when these rolls happen. We can’t play the games or win them. But we’re always very excited about these jackpots. Because there’s just something special about when these jackpots kind of get into record territory. And we’re special for me is my wife says to me at eight o’clock, Hey, you gotta go to the rofa We gotta get the wives, we gotta get tickets. So my wife and my wife’s out of town this week with her sister running around. So she is you know, she’s following Believe me, she might be playing the New Hampshire lottery through all this trying to win but she, my wife follows jackpot. She’s a dreamer in that way. I you know, it’s 20 years of marriage this month. So I’m familiar with this. But I have that person in my life. And I think we all dream about what a half a billion dollars could do. I always joke I’m like, that’s more than Lamar has. Well, yeah, it is. It is. I mean, really, I mean, that’s what you’re buying is a $2 dream, or maybe you’re adding a little extra to it. We actually had a winner out in Hagerstown, in the last couple of drawers 150 $1,000. And they played our brand new double play feature, which is something some players may not know much about. It’s it’s a bonus feature like our power plate. It’s been out for a long time. Most people know about that. That multiplies what you win when you do win. But double plays is, you know, another dollar bonus option that you can throw on your tickets while this jackpot is climbing, that extra dollar gets you a chance to play again. So if you don’t win with your numbers the first time you get a chance to step up to the bat a second time and take a couple more swings at winning some big money here. Now double play top prize is $10 million. This winner, I tried to explain this, I might be a little complicated, but the numbers that they won the numbers that they matched on with double play. Had they won in the Powerball drawing, the general Powerball drawing would have been $50,000. Those numbers weren’t lucky. So their luck, second time around, much better double play. They play that bonus option. They match the very same number. So four of the Powerball numbers, sorry for four of the regular numbers and the Powerball and they won that $50,000 prize. So two chances to strike it rich with the Powerball double play. And if you want more information, we’ve got details at MD There are a separate set of results. That’s the other thing that’s a little complicated for some players. So you have to look at the Powerball results. And you’ll also have to check out our double play results if you’re playing that.

Nestor Aparicio  04:53

This is the point where I throw myself on the mercy to court I’ve told John this I don’t know if I ever told you this. I worked at the newspaper in the 80s right they were To the evening sun, and you can go back and I have, I’m going through all my archives because it’s our 25th anniversary of trying to find cool stuff to share and stuff maybe I’ve never shared in the modern era, the internet. But I was the scoreboard, editor of page two of the Baltimore Sun sports section every day was the agate section, the scoreboard page. So your standings, your box scores, all of that stuff was there, and I was a sports guy 1986 to 1992. Every Monday through Friday, my name compiled by it said at the top, it had my name in the paper. My dad loved that because I was 1718 he thought it was awesome. So on that page, every single day, were the lottery winners. Okay. I was responsible for this. So there was this place I had to go out and you didn’t cut and paste this was 1986 with the green maybe blind the green type on the computers back in the day, right. So I had to go in and you know if there were six numbers and back then it was just lotto right which is lotto there was three digit four digit lotto kind of hard to screw it up was one set a number six number, there’s no Powerball. There’s no seven, none of that, right. So I just had to get the three digit right, the four digit right, and the lotto drawing. Right, right. I screwed the lotto drawing up. One time. Somebody thought they won, allegedly. I don’t even know if that’s true. But I got called into the really big guy’s office, the executive editor, not my sports editor, not the regional, like Jack Lemmon. His name is Jack Lemmon, like the actor. And he looked a little a lot like Lou Grant. So if you want a picture with this guy looks like and I’m 18 years old, I’m just happy to have my job. I’m doing rock music with us. And he brought me his office. He’s like, son, we can’t screw up the lottery numbers. Now you’re telling me there’s two sets of numbers. Oh my god. I mean, the 19 year old and me. I will say this. I was at spirits West last week. And the folks at the bar they they were happy to have the tickets. We had a great show that we had Chad we sling. They’re unbelievable compensation. He’s the agent for Josh Jacobs running back for the Raiders. He lives here in Baltimore. As a longtime friend of mine, he came on talking football, whatever, but guys at the bar were playing. I gave tickets away. And I said to all them, hey, you got second chance? And they’re all like, yeah, we know about that. And I’m like, All right, spirits West Wilkins Avenue, right around the corner from the lottery headquarters, right? They know about second jets. But I I’m shocked at how many people don’t know. And when I do distribute tickets, I give them out there like and when I’m like, Oh, hold on, I want to get the app, you have all the things that my wife learned about, quite frankly, when I started promoting the lottery about three, four years ago. But the second chance thing, that’s not something everybody knows about. And it’s something that I don’t know, your official title, I’m gonna make you tell me Doug Lloyd. But second chance guy is what you are, at least at this point. And the funniest thing, I think this conversation because John and I were together last week, your vitamin says. And I’m like, so if you went on second chance, how do you know if you want and how do you know if it’s legit? It’s like, hey, the President’s calling for Yeah, sure. I want 50 grand on second chance? Yeah, sure. You did. Like you’re the guy that actually lets these people know, right? And I would think if you ever contact my wife and say you want 50 grand, you know, all those tickets you bought wise for the big thing you didn’t win, but you want 50 grand? She’d be like, You’re putting me on, right? I mean, and you’re the guy that’s the gatekeeper for part of that.

Doug Lloyd  08:19

And I don’t call as the president anymore. That’s kind of gone out of style. But I do call my winners. There’s a lot of different ways to reach folks. And I do deal with that every every day that I’m notifying how many Second


Nestor Aparicio  08:30

Chance winners will you contact in a day, a week, a month? I mean, how many? I mean, what are your second chance? I think there’s a lot of chances to win. How many people do you have to surprise every week and say you want money?

Doug Lloyd  08:41

Well, I just I just did some drawings this afternoon. I’ve got probably 25 from each of the drawings. There’s a couple of higher tier ones where it’s just a single winner. I’m, my wife cannot win my wife and I haven’t made it all the way through. It can be about 50 people.

Nestor Aparicio  09:01

If I text her and tell her Hey, Todd just told me you want 50 She won’t believe me.

Doug Lloyd  09:07


You know, it’s been a very busy year with us too. Because celebrating our 50th anniversary, we’ve started to work a lot of Second Chance elements into this, it’s a great time to celebrate. For our players it gets to they get to extend the value of their their play. And there’s a lot of fun things that we can do with it naturally, we wind up spending so much time now talking about second chances because there’s a lot of ways to win and there’s even more prizes. So you know, right now we’ve got some great stuff going on with Orioles with the homerun riches contest. There are still two drawings left with that. We’ve got Corvette cash, which is a

Nestor Aparicio  09:40

problem with that contest. I will they’re not hitting enough homeruns right now. That’s probably right.

Doug Lloyd  09:45

They have cooled quite a bit, you know, but we have had some five home run nights. You know, their lineup is is they’ve been playing around a lot with who they’re promoting from the minors and who winds up being on base and you mountcastle being out on some injuries, of course, I’d

Nestor Aparicio  10:02

be angry with them right now, if my name were drawn, they moved the fences back last year, right? So there’s less than me just theoretically, there’s less a chance that I’m gonna win when they’re playing a home game at home. So I’m a little upset, but they’re playing great ball and listen to slump thing. They’re gonna there’s gonna be another Barbara, right, there’s gonna be another big winner before this is over with, right? Yeah,


Doug Lloyd  10:21

there are so many great players on this team. And you know, if somebody’s slumping, somebody else is starting to have their their pot really happen. And for our players, that means good things, they went $500 for being picked, and then $500 For each home run hit during the game. And like you said, there is still a big chance to win anybody that’s entering their entry stay in. So we’ll have a chance to be picked in each of these drawings, plus our final drawing, which has a chance to win the big prize, we’re gonna have another $50,000 prize that goes away at the end. It’s not tied to homeruns or anything, we just pick your name out of the system, and you are our big winner so that

Nestor Aparicio  10:56

you’re the guy that calls them and says, Hey, you want right? That’s right.

Doug Lloyd  10:59

Yeah, fact, I had somebody, we have our 50th anniversary cash bash, which is happening right now what we’re doing is we’re picking some cash prize winners. With each of our drawings, we’re also picking two finalists, and these finalists are going to have a chance to compete in a summer and contest out at the State Fair, they will win at least $10,000. But there’s going to be an elimination, you know, no skill, we can’t have skill games here at the Maryland lottery. So there’s not trivia, no singing and dancing, no hula hoop contest, just simple elimination elements to pare down these number of winners until we have a single winner, that single winner is gonna have a chance to win a prize, that could be as little as 100 grand, or as big as $5 million. So it’s gonna be a lot of fun that that is, you know, to really kind of round out our 50th anniversary celebration. And what a way to do it with that second chance contest. If folks want to get into that one, that’s a that’s a fun one, too. If you’re playing any of our lottery games, they’re all eligible, what you’re doing is you’re checking them in through our rewards club. And if you have $50 worth of product that you’ve checked in, you’ve earned yourself an entry.

Nestor Aparicio  12:04


Doug Lloyd is here he is in charge of all thanks. Second price. So you gotta tell me about this. So every day you have Second Chance winners, how much do they win when you contact them? It could be any any amount, right? But you’re calling somebody and saying you’ve won 100 bucks, 500 bucks, 5000 bucks. Like it’s, and you call them or you text them you email? Because part of this is the rewards program we have to put your information in. Right. So how do you contact them? And what did they do when they find out? Because it’s one thing scratching because I see that all the time. And it’s always fun had $100 Winner fate, Lisa opening day. And the guy sort of didn’t believe it. But he’s like, and they always want to confirm with me and I always say no, no, no, no. I’m the guy that screwed the lottery numbers up back in 1988. At the end, you don’t want to meet it confirm your ticket. Yeah, you got barcodes here. You’ve got to do it. Don’t do it. Don’t ask me. But the I would think that the biggest issue is when they win a second chance they enter they do all of these things. You find out before they find out what that what’s that mechanism? What happens when the drawing comes out of the hat over the old macam rewards building where you are and somebody is a second chance winner

Doug Lloyd  13:14

right now. I mean, if it’s something like homerun riches, where I’m picking, you know, 30 winners for the calendar, you know, August, you know, all the all the dates and August, I might email them first, but I’m usually going to follow up with a phone call. But I’ve had lots of awkward conversations that people do not believe me. And so it is a real contest to cut through

Nestor Aparicio  13:33

that radio voice you sound like you and I put in a little skit together to call somebody to

Doug Lloyd  13:38

pry had somebody that yelled at me. He said, You’re not gonna get my money because he said, I sounded like that Fraternal Order of Police guy that the auto the auto call?


Nestor Aparicio  13:46

Oh, that guy? Yeah. Sorry, you sound like that guy. But

Doug Lloyd  13:51

I also had something where, you know, I was able to break through and kind of get that moment of realization that they had become a winner. And you know, the things that I can’t actually, I wish I could record these moments because I was gonna say that they were falling. I think her son was telling her sit down because he was worried about her being too excited and maybe passing out. These are the real moments that I get to experience. And it’s a lot of fun. So of course, we know when you do your second chances, it’s a second chance to win. You still have steep odds, but people really do win. And that that unbridled excitement that I get to experience one other kind.

Nestor Aparicio  14:31

How much do you give them when you call? I mean, can it be any amount? I mean, how much does it take to what’s the minimum you can win in a second chance?

Doug Lloyd  14:37


Well, you know, with homerun riches if the Orioles don’t hit you just get the $500 that you right. Yeah, we’ve had we’ve had homerun riches winners that wind up walking away with 3500 or something like that. It really depends on how that game works out. I’ve got $50,000 prizes. Boy, I feel like I’ve given away at least a $1 million prize

Nestor Aparicio  15:00

You call me say I want to Grand might believe you, but you call me say 150 grand, I probably don’t believe the bigger the number, the less will be like, Alright, how can I call you back? What’s your email? You know, like all of that? Because you? How often do people just say, Oh, thank you most of the time? Do they really think percentage wise?

Doug Lloyd  15:20

I’ve Yeah, I would say it’s probably 30% That actually believe it right away. Just take it, hook, line and sinker. And, you know, I’m always a little concerned about that. I’m surprised I assume that this person’s not going to believe me. So I’m really ready to present myself. So when I’m prepared for those things, you know, I don’t have to do how do you prove to him

Nestor Aparicio  15:39

that you’re real? What are you? What is the all the I’ll send you an email, I’ll wait, what makes it real, that you’re not


Doug Lloyd  15:46

the Fraternal Order of Police guy. Yeah. And I want to make sure that players are armed with his idea too, because you know what, what I ultimately want to make sure that players know is that they’re not being scammed that they have a way to contact me, I’ll hang up the phone, you can call the lottery switchboard directly and get back to me. You know,

Nestor Aparicio  16:03

we know what’s real at that point. You know, I may,

Doug Lloyd  16:05

I may ask you to send me some information. But I don’t really want you to do that if you’re uncomfortable. So the other thing too, is that the door’s always wide open to you, you can schedule an appointment, come down, meet with me meet with our claims folks, and handle your business here. So I’m never going to try and pressure you to do something. There are some times where with ravens say we have a tight timeline, because we’ve got to get you down to a game to throw pass for cash. So those make me a little nervous. But usually I want to make sure that my my players are as comfortable as possible when they, when they do when when I tell them that they win. I don’t want them to feel rushed,

Nestor Aparicio  16:38


you find them all. So when I hear like when I hear Jim Palmer give their name on the broadcast, that they obviously know their rent, and you’re doing everything you can do to let them know they want are there are people that just don’t know,

Doug Lloyd  16:49

this ever had, there are people that are finding out from Jim Palmer that they’re a winner. We haven’t been able to reach them. And you know, they find out later either from Jim announcing it.

Nestor Aparicio  16:58

So it’s not like the bingo hall when the winning ticket is 4310. They’re not here, we’ll just pick another number. They’ll do that. And then once they’re in, they’re in,

Doug Lloyd  17:09

they’re in but then of course, they will have a claim deadline homerun riches were very generous because it’s through the season. So somewhere in November, if I haven’t heard from you, we’re going to wind up picking an alternate winner for your date. Okay, so unfortunately, that does happen.


Nestor Aparicio  17:24

Give the money away. Right. Okay, fair enough. Right.

Doug Lloyd  17:27

But I you know, I My job is to be as effective as possible, you know, get somewhere in the 90 percentile, making sure that everybody knows that they’ve won, they have a chance to claim and I always want to make sure that everybody has a fair shot to get that. And with homerun riches really the excitement is watching that game and knowing that your your name is the one that’s collecting all those money

Nestor Aparicio  17:47

back is worth money for you. If you can’t hit a couple three, four home runs.

Doug Lloyd  17:51


Yeah, sure. I want you to be home and be able to watch that game and have the excitement of having that moment.

Nestor Aparicio  17:58

Well, Doug Moyes always had that moment with us. Here’s a couple more all the time, but when he does, it’s always interesting fun. He’s a second chance captain. And also the captain had given me swag as well. Ross is gonna give us some new tickets on later on in the summer. We’re doing the Maryland crab cake. So we’re gonna be Coco’s on next Thursday the 13th on the 20th we’re going to be at the Beaumont and Kingsville really look I love lunch at the Beaumont it’s delicious over there. And then we’re going to be doing the anniversary 25th anniversary is a cost is somewhere in the shirt. That is the third of August and the fourth we’re down the street at drug city all pretty good purveyors of lottery tickets over on my side of town of Dundalk, but it has been 25 years want to celebrate the right way. really appreciative lottery and our friends at window nation Raskin global Leonard sent me this duck This is a fun toy. This just looks like a crab mallet, right? And it looks like an unused one because it’s not stained or anything. But for my for my 25th anniversary, it’s got a beard. This is this is a special tool. So let her ask I appreciate you as well. Rascon global he’s running around Alaska right now. Alright, last thing on lottery for you. This jackpot and the craziness around the jackpot. I just want to get you talked a little bit about it. But John sort of let me in on the fact that once these things get to a half billion dollars, and then they accelerate quickly, right? It’ll go from 500 million to 600 million pretty quickly, because people like my wife get involved or jackpot seekers and all that. But the lotteries, the state lotteries place the place. It’s like a fun thing for all of you that you want the state to win. You want the media to descend upon that ROFO or that wise markets are that cost is wherever the ticket was sold, right? And that when that happens, that’s sort of, I would say a Super Bowl for you guys. You’re in your 50th anniversary feeling yourself you’re doing that you give stuff away all the time. But there is a point when these jackpots the really big ones with Powerball and Mega Millions, that when the State wins, and it’s on the national news, hey, our winner today was from Ocean City, Maryland or you know, whatever it would be that that really that’s the most fun you guys have at your agency, right?

Doug Lloyd  19:57

Yeah, it’s so much fun right now we all We’ll share the excitement right is it’s on its way up. And, you know, at some point somebody gets to be that big, top prize state. Well, we did it way back. It’s during the pandemic, I had to drive out to Alana coning, I got to talk to the national media and it was a really strange experience. You go

Nestor Aparicio  20:15

to the lefty Grove stadium, or did you not learn a County Hall of Famer from loaded Coney mirror? I


Doug Lloyd  20:19

didn’t, I didn’t know.

Nestor Aparicio  20:21

Last week, just like 2400 people that live alone accounting, but lefty Grove was one of them. So it’s, uh, you know, we’re not gonna get another winner loaded. What would the chances be of another $1.7 billion jackpot happening in loan akoni? Well, you

Doug Lloyd  20:34

know, the chances are very steep, but everybody has the same chance I did have to go back out. Much later. Our retailer, of course, earned a very big commission from from that. So we had a nice check presentation. Couple, couple weeks later, up there and Ilona. And of course, we I think at that point, we still hadn’t seen our winner. So there’s a lot of great media attention that we get out of being the top prize winner. But really, anytime that these things get into that thin air of being a record jackpot, we start producing a lot of winners. And this is actually where a lot of our players want to be is winning a million dollars. One of the several $100,000 winners or $50,000 winners are winning on the doubleplay. These are things where you can win a lot of money and you can still kind of be under the radar. And as these jackpots accelerate, you’ll start to see, you know, we’re producing 10 $50,000 winners, you know, $10 million winners, and that’s really exciting to me, it’s because, you know, people look at that thin air of you know, $731.1 million, and they say, you know, that’s too much money for one person. It’s not just that jackpot, we are spreading around lots of prizes, as this jackpot accelerates and gets to its peak. And even if we’re not a winner, the state produces a lot of winners, our players win a lot. Of course, the State wins a lot by generating that revenue. So it’s, it’s a really exciting time. And every time we escalate, we love it. It’s just so much fun and we get to do what we do best. And so our players

Nestor Aparicio  22:02


Powerball and Mega Millions with big bucks here this week we got the the Orioles trying to hit some home runs for homerun riches and the Maryland lottery out on the road doing all sorts stuff all summer long. We’re doing the Maryland crab cake tour, we’re gonna be giving away these 50th anniversary scratches but a pretty lucky batch. Not as many winners the last week or two. But it’s like the Orioles offensive pitching it goes it goes in waves long season around your dog always appreciate you. Thanks for educating us on second chance at anybody out there. You get a call from a guy that sounds like you might be asking for for Turing Award. And he’s not he says I’m Douglas Lloyd from the Maryland luck. You know, it’s you, right?

Doug Lloyd  22:35

That’s right. And I’ve got lots of great stuff coming. Some stuff that we didn’t talk about, you know, coming up in the in the next couple of weeks, we got a cash heat wave that’s got a prize that’s geared towards how hot it gets, we’re going to have a free gas giveaway at highs it’s going to start soon. And I’m going to give away some great prizes too. We have these thing called PFD, the whole whole other layer to this where you where you earn points and you can buy into a contest. We’re giving away some home entertainment packages, HP devices, a mountain bike and an outdoor theater package. So so many things, you got to go over to MD Check our promotions tab and you’ll find out all about it.

Nestor Aparicio  23:12

outdoor theater pack.

Doug Lloyd  23:14

Yeah, it’s in my interest. These are Deluxe. I mean, I was just thinking to myself, this is like when the prices right used to have their Showcase Showdown. These are like these little packages of several different devices that just, I mean, really, if you were gonna buy a gift for somebody, you can get five gifts out of one of these packages. Or you know, it’s just just like winning one of these great prizes on one of these games shows great things. And of course, they’re only available through points that you’re earning by checking in your purchases through the rewards club.

Nestor Aparicio  23:44

I remember Have you talked to cats spayed neutered, that’s my little Showcase Showdown reference here for you like that. Drew Carey, Doug Lloyd is here from the Maryland lottery. We’re gonna be giving these away. I had a cocoas next week. I’m looking forward to that cut that Coco’s crabcake Marcel I’m coming for you on the 13th and then the 20 for back over to Beaumont. I might wind up with a burger over there with my crab cake too because the bone wants break for lunch so we’re gonna be out all month long at cost is on the third and then drug city on the fourth celebrating 25 years because we have great partners like our friends with the Maryland lottery and win donation and of course Raskin global I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore just waiting for football season around you’re watching baseball and to celebrate in America and the Maryland lottery and trying to have a little rock and roll fun. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking. Baltimore positive

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