The war of words between Ravens players and management

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Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the words of Rashod Bateman and the wide receivers of Eric DeCosta as the Lamar Jackson issues have extended further into the locker room divide.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back wn S T, Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive we’re positively into March and March Madness and the Maryland lottery yet a barely crabcake tour planned this week at fade Lee’s on the eighth we’ve had to postpone we had to punt just just the old disabled list on unable to perform not me this time damy couldn’t make it this week so we’re gonna punt to later on in the month we are gonna get down to Alexei to market it’s all going to be brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery got these cool throwback instantly these are literally what my parents brought home in 1976 when they started scratching these things off. Also when donation I got the floppy hat I’ll put it on. I always think it Tony Siragusa want to wear a floppy hat that’s of this color because this is what he wore when I sat on his lap over at the barn. So when did 8669 The nation you buy two you get through free still 24 months till the end of this month and then springtime comes but do it up and if anybody out there I’m public service. Anybody can get rid of the ants near my window and the spiders near my wind that’s a whole different thing than when donation I need to hear from you. Throw me a note at on social media or in the interwebs Luke is here now look like it’s any secret I’ve been a little on the you know, the download away take a little vacay time and Jason Springsteen a little bit if you follow me on social media and obviously we got thrown out of the radio row when you get to go to Super Bowls, we ran a lot of stuff back on the beat. This is not unusual, man. I’ve gone to Australia. Three of you know the 30 years I’ve been on the radio in the month of February to get away or just getting away right it’s a good time to get away. Spring Training happened and now back in the day we used to go broadcast through all that March Madness happening now obviously with the Terps dude, you and I are longtime now the first you as a listener when your dad was alive and then you become what you become or you know, early on the first couple of years so easing your way into this teaching. This is as interesting. A time to be taking calls and sports radio with prosperity yet buffoonery in regard to the Orioles? I mean, let’s just call it what it is. I mean, you said last week the most damning thing I’ve ever heard you say about any one or any relationship you’d even know you said, and I’ve been quoting you for for two weeks. They could have done more. They should have done more. I’ve been using that one for you. But March Madness The chirps are like as legitimate as they can be. I was at Nacho Mama’s here like watching the women’s sort of battle Iowa and losing the final a big 10 sports is up Trost is in Nashville caps are falling apart, of Oreos or have hope. And the ravens are an ish show right now to the eyes of Twitter. And this is just a fascinating time right now that all of this is going on. And we can’t even focus on the Preakness or what the wizards might be doing or what’s going on about Towson or March Madness or teams getting into the tournament, or it feels like there was no plague all of a sudden. And I think that the normalcy of this, and the fact that people are buzzing me everywhere I go, when I’m out places talking sports with me again. And that’s, that’s good. That’s good for business, I think


Luke Jones  03:22

it really is. And as you just mentioned, you have the Ravens in this position, which is so unique. I mean, I was talking to someone about this over the weekend, and other than the Ray Rice saga, and what that meant and how ugly that was on so many different levels. But ultimately, that was an off field issue right now that obviously bleeds into your football operation, your organization, all of that. So I don’t want to make light of that. But from strictly just speaking from a football standpoint, and obviously this is business. It begins with Lamar Jackson, your franchise quarterback and your franchise tag this week, and what’s going to happen and trades and all the different scenarios that everyone’s talked about. I mean that that was enough drama, right. But then you get Steve Saunders and the strength coaches and NFLPA report card, which you and I have already talked about, but you get Rashad Bateman responding to comments that Eric Acosta made at the combine, and quite frankly, comments that were honest, right. I mean, how many times and not just the Ravens but but in general, whether we’re talking about general managers or owners or managers or head coaches or players, we want honesty, right? I mean, you hear so much coach speak. You hear so much guarded language and cliches and all of that. And yet you had Eric to Costa flat out saying, yeah, it’s been a challenge first wide receiver. If I hadn’t answered that means I would probably have better wide receivers and luck. Could Eric have chosen his words a little bit better? her and perhaps put a little more on say the coaching you know, especially in the wake of the fact that you parted ways with your offensive coordinator and you brought in Todd Monken and you’re hoping that makes a difference. But you have Rashad Bateman who, by the way to Costa had been complimentary of it earlier in that media session had even talked about him. So I don’t think any of those comments that could be perceived as negative toward the wide receiver room were directed at Rashad Bateman per se, other than just durability questions. But this is something I look at and say, but there’s a staff for it,

Nestor Aparicio  05:35

right? Like literally anybody can look up and see how many yards they pass for. They’re there to catch the ball and right the right and and it’s Romans fault. It’s lumbars fault. It’s the offensive line. It’s everyone’s fault.

Luke Jones  05:47

It’s everywhere, right? Yeah. And so that’s where I wasn’t as moved by this other than just it’s, it’s a symptom again, of what we talked about with some of the Steve Saunders stuff, as far as you know, is your culture as good as you’ve championed it to be for so long and knowing it it has been in the past so good for such a long period of time. But when you have your top wide receiver going to Twitter and saying the things that Rashad Bateman said, regardless of the fact that he deleted it a little bit later,

Nestor Aparicio  06:19


the funniest thing exactly. Of course, you know,

Luke Jones  06:23

and that look that’s not just a Rashad Bateman or a rave. I mean that’s,

Nestor Aparicio  06:28

you don’t love her anymore and then try to delete it. You’re like what, what’s wrong with you people?

Luke Jones  06:32

Right, right. So, yeah, can I just say something

Nestor Aparicio  06:36

I want to give you a Mr. Stockett word. I mean, this has been a great week. Luke, I want to plug my Maryland crab cake tour if I can in the middle of this because I had such a beautiful beautiful day on Friday with Mr. Calvin stadium. We all did. He was our middle school music teacher. He was everybody’s middle school music teacher apparently from Pikesville to to Dundalk and beyond even some elementary school teachers later in his life they kept bringing him back he did 25 years of being called in on emergency duty because he loved children so much he’s still the sharpest tack in the room I think he could still go teach six hours a day if you had to if you could get him pick him up move in with a crane a little bit but so we had him out and you know some had these teachers out and Mr. Socket we talked about the late great Mr. socket in my essay T scores are PSAT scores. So here’s a word I just google this when it makes sure it’s a real word because I’m it’s a real word, but I wanted to make sure how to spell it, and that I had the right word you ready? mutinous, not mucus. That’s what I had when I had to mute the mic. And because it’s cold and flu season, mutinous mutiny, refusing to obey the orders of a person authority, willfully disobedient to some degree. And I started to think about, that’s the feeling I got with the pylon. And I know you and I did the Steve Saunders thing. People can find that out on YouTube or Baltimore positive. You know, we did a segment on Steve Saunders, this is a little different than that, because this is a little bit more like, what’s really going on there. And what’s the vibe there? Why wasn’t Lamar in Cincinnati, this stuff starts to this stuff starts to pile up, right? And then whatever they’re about to go through, right? Whatever this baby they’re about to have with Lamar, right? Whatever it is, we’re gonna give you $241 million, or we never loved you really. And then the side story is going to leak out the side door and you know, of an agent is going to get hauled over to players. And by September, we’re going to find out just how bad bad was and why Lamar wasn’t in Cincinnati. And that’s exactly why they don’t let people like me in because I would be there trying to report on this, right? It’s the biggest story in sports, right? But the mutinous part of this is whether Eric and John have control the ship now, who the quarterback is going to be. And I said this to Dennis, very flippantly, and there’s a piece up right now, this is what Nestor thinks is going to happen to Lamar, right, then as I always say, I’m a better guest than a host. But I, I really believe that they’re going to move on from Lamar, they’re going to be quiet about it, there’s going to be this thing, but we’re gonna find out that this hasn’t been a happy place, right, like in to some in a lot of ways, right? And that’s why they don’t want guys like me in there. Look, I’ll tell you this, dude, you were with me. We were in Pittsburgh, the one time I was around that team. And I should say that team because the team’s never the same anymore, right? As Coach pillock would preach the brand and Stokely and John Ogden and they have James trap and all those guys as they came out dojang all those guys that came out the tunnel 22 years ago, so I was only around that team one time for you tell me 28 minutes. I mean, I don’t meander around the locker room and I wasn’t really looking to talk to John that day. They won. They were all singing a Latin song. Marcus Peters was clearly a leader Lamar was in the room. They were happy to have Ronnie Stanley back. I mean, I saw a really a And jubelin cohesive. We’re ready. We just beat Pittsburgh’s ass. We’re in their locker room. We got orange wedges in a short trip home. They were all making plans as to who was going to who’s asked the party like, good, right? That’s what I saw. Right? And I’m just a, I was a 28 minute reporter thanks to Mike Tomlin. But that’s the only access I had to see or hear anything, where I’m a guy where Elvis quarterback would pull me up in a locker room and say, this, you know, thanks to be, you know, like, I sort of knew things right. 20 years ago, everybody’s trying to know things right? You’re in the locker room for the five minutes they let you in there. And but this is where the truth starts to come out. And the truth serum starts to come out a little bit. And when the sick defense are piling on, to some degree when the national media is coming in, and when you’re about to undergo a sea change, because I think in their mind, they went to Drupal, and they’re done with Lamar, that’s my, that’s what I’m reading. Now, if you if you send me a text and tell me that they’ve gotten kumbaya with Lamar, that would shock the hell out of me. Every day that this goes on, it would shock the hell out of me more, right? Because I just don’t think they’re thinking that way. But I’m not in contact with them the way I was for oh, 26 and a half years to have any vibe on it. I’m totally just a fan reading tea leaves at this point. But all of this information mutinous. I’ll go back to that word, Mr. Stalker, thank you. I love you and everyone should go listen to Mr. Stadium as well. He’s just a beautiful man. He has a wonderful, incredible life story that I didn’t know. But mutinous. Where do you? What do you think of that after my soliloquy on all of that?

Luke Jones  11:40

Yeah, and I mean, this is, again, where we, you know, you look at situations, you look at culturing in a locker room, look, it’s really easy to say, Okay, is it either Kumbaya and everyone’s happy? Or you’re the late 70s. Billy Martin Yankees right where you’re at? Right? Well, and look, that’s a big part of the two results on the field and all that. So, look, would I go as far as mutinous? Do I think it’s that dire? Do I think the culture has soured that much? Now? I don’t, I really don’t. Do I think it’s perfect? No, I don’t. And I think for everything you just mentioned, wherever the ravens are heading here with Lamar Jackson, whether it is going to be a divorce or a trade, whether it is going to be a franchise tag and a potential lengthy holdout. Or if it is a case where you find common ground, that’s not necessarily expected. And I mean, there was to cost talked about it last week. I know the NFL Network put up put a report early Monday morning saying the cost to actually met with Lamar Jackson, in Miami recently, so but also made it clear that they’re still apart. And we’ve talked about the fundamental difference in terms of what we guarantee deal Deshaun Watson money, all of that, and the Ravens reluctance in doing that. So

Nestor Aparicio  12:59

So So Eric flies down there. What’s that conversation? Luke? There’s two deals, Lamar, there’s this deal, which we think is the money. And then there’s the other deal where you we find another situation for you. Those are the two deals that you know what I mean, like, and if you want, if you don’t want our money, then we’re gonna have to figure this out. Where do you want to go? Let’s Let’s you and me. Let’s get some iced tea. Let’s talk about what what you want. Because Eric clearly knows that now. Right. I mean, that’s all you can ask if Lamar is Lamar is agent, is that Lamar, that they have some semblance of honesty and integrity in their relationship to get them what they need to get done business wise, whatever that is, right. That that’s the business of doing this at this time of year. Yeah, it

Luke Jones  13:42

is. But as I’ve said to you before, even if you’ve come to a decision, as far as this isn’t going to work long term are we have irreconcilable differences, right. I mean, you hear that with relationships all the

Nestor Aparicio  13:56

movie made me cry. I don’t know if you watch that movie. That’s sad. I haven’t

Luke Jones  13:59

but but if that’s if that’s where they are, at this point, there’s still the matter of brokering a deal with another team and another team meeting the Morris contractual asks and what the ravens are asking in terms of compensation. So I have said all along, I’m not even if they’ve come to that decision. I’m not convinced that that’s just going to come together and it’s going to happen in a timely manner. But going back to what you were talking about in terms of the culture, in terms of, you know, whether it’s toxic in terms of mutinous, you know, again, which I don’t know if it’s, you know, I don’t think it’s mutinous. But if you tre Lamar Jackson, what impact is that having on your locker room? What impact is that having on veteran players that are free agents or a guy like a class Campbell, who’s at the end of what impact does that have on your younger players? Say what you want? You know, you and I can talk about Lamar Jackson or the viability of a long term deal or his lack of availability. I Think it’s evident that he continues to remain popular amongst teammates now that doesn’t mean behind closed doors. There might not there might be more to the story that I’m not gonna

Nestor Aparicio  15:11

close doors there. They’re like the fans they know a lot more than the fans, but they’re either convinced that that was a business decision as Dennis Colossus has called it here right? And Dennis had the greatest term promote him and he called it significant calluses and and I you know, and I called it bruised feelings, I think were my feelings. And I think that that’s where that relationship is now to your point. It feels to me publicly, like Marlon Humphrey ro Quan Smith signed on took their money Coleus Campbell, Ronnie Stanley’s gotten himself back the plan, you know, Dobbins is going to be back and fully ready to kind of that all of these guys really, really, really believe in their soul. They’re going to Japan and getting the runs and doing whatever they’re doing. If you follow them on social media, that that they really believe they’re not just giving this to the fans, they think eights back in the huddle, first day training camp, Kumbaya, ya paid happy driving a new car doing the whole deal. Maybe they know more than I do. But this from the outside. It just doesn’t vibe that way for me. And if they do it, it would really speak volumes to how they feel about Lamar. It would answer all the questions about why he wasn’t in Cincinnati and that they’re okay with the injury. They’re okay. They didn’t play to posi. Like, if that happens, that would shock me. But the players to your point, it really feels like it would shock them if meet meet your new quarterback is Mr. Carr Mr. Hynek here, what are the Mr. draft pick whoever it would be right?


Luke Jones  16:49

Well, but there’s that and there’s what they want, right? I mean, there might be players who privately are viewing the tea leaves in a much more pessimistic way. But that doesn’t mean that that’s what they want to happen. Right. I mean, as I’ve said to you, Lamar Jackson, if he’s not the Ravens quarterback next year, they’re not a Super Bowl contender. I mean, they’re not, you know, if you want to tell me Derek Carr, Ryan Tannehill. Or, you know, even if you draft CJ Stroud, or wil Lavis, or Anthony Richardson and by the way, even if whatever quarterback you draft is a good draft pick and becomes your franchise quarterback. Probably not in 2023. Right. I mean, you’re you’re not necessarily going to look at the the Joe Flacco 2008 model as something that, you know, that’s an outlier, right.

Nestor Aparicio  17:34

The minute they trade guard jacks, and they’re in rebuild or reload in

Luke Jones  17:39

transition, right. I mean, clearly, clearly. So that’s where, what you mentioned and looking at the Bateman thing, looking at how players feel, or felt about Steve Saunders that’s where it becomes much more interesting in terms of you’re gonna tick off guys I mean, guys are gonna be ticked off if Lamar Jackson’s not here this fall. I mean, that’s just the truth. Because these guys know what, regardless of where the 100% authentic, authentic truth is, in terms of frustration with him being injured. Oh, why? What’s an instance? Oh, the

Nestor Aparicio  18:13

truth of I’m not giving $250 million to a quarterback that doesn’t play in January, and I don’t care how fans feel or anybody feels are you anybody’s feelings get hurt or we don’t make the playoffs next year. We have a fan base that you know, they’re coming they’re spent we’re making more money we’ve ever made is someone once said to me like the Steve’s long hauling this to not screw this up. That’s not where any of the players are, right? I mean, literally like

Luke Jones  18:40

Yeah, well, what I what I was just going to say is there’s going to be Fallout even if it’s the right decision, even if you think the Ravens absolutely would be doing the right thing by not resigning Lamar Jackson, you know, even if you’ve looked at his lack of durability in the last couple years, and you know, the production, you know, the peak production was 2019 and that was four years ago at this point even if you go down the list and make all the arguments against paying Lamar Jackson a fully guaranteed contract and you know, that’s not what I’m just saying. If you feel that way, you still have to acknowledge the fallout that’s going to be quite a mess with your fan base with your players. And that doesn’t mean all the players are just going to resign you know, retire or request trade, but you’re gonna have guys that are ticked and guys that are frustrated and guys that are saying, What the heck’s going on here? That’s reality, you know that this isn’t a 30 Something ad read moving on in the twilight of his career where Yeah, some guys in the defensive backs room were disappointed but yeah, that’s business, right? You’re talking about someone who was at the end, right? We’ve talked about this how the Ravens have never been in this position with this kind of a premium talent aware, it’s your quarterback. I mean, you know, this isn’t CJ Mosley going to sign with the Jets. You know, this isn’t a Dallas Thomas leaving the sign with the Patriots. This is your franchise quarterback. This is the only guy in team history that’s been MVP of the league. So you can’t take that lightly. Even if you have the conviction to make a decision to say we’re going to move forward without him now. You don’t the fallout from players and fallout from fans and fallout from media and perception. You don’t let that drive your decision. But you have to at least acknowledge that’s going to be part of your reality, if that’s how it plays out. So that’s where it is interesting to hear Rashad Batemans comments. I’ll be deleted them. But they’re there, right? I mean, they’re screengrab you can check it out at Baltimore. That’s where, you know, all the all the players commenting on Steve Saunders. Yeah, he’s gone. But is the remaining strength coaches, are they going to be respected? Is it going to be a smooth transition? Are they going to be accepted? So you know, all of this that you look at in isolation, whether you’re talking about a single players comment, like Batman, or like any of the players who talked about Steve Saunders, whether you’re talking about a class Campbell, or Marlon Humphrey talking about getting a get a deal done with them or sign them today, which you expect to hear that, you know, he’s a darn good quarterback. He’s an amazing talent. I mean, no one can deny that but at the same time, there is a bit of reality to the business side of this, but the ravens are having to weigh all of this right now. And when you’re seeing some of the cracks in the armor, so to speak with you see a Rashad Bateman speak out, you know, on the heels of some other players who’ve requested trades in recent years and look, Hollywood Brown, Orlando Brown, Jr. Hayden Hurst, each of those individuals in isolation, you can look at the explanation and see a reasonable explanation. But this continues to pile up. You know, it’s like I said, talking about the strength coach situation and the terrible grades. At some point, you keep seeing smoke billowing, and you’re just like what’s going on here? So yeah, that’s going to be part of this. Whatever happens with Bill Maher, there’s going to be potential fallout if it doesn’t result in him being here long term, and in him being here in 2023. Again, ultimately, Steve Ashati, and Eric d’acosta and John Harbaugh can’t let go that potential fallout drive their decision, but it’s part of it.

Nestor Aparicio  22:13

And those guys, they won games before Lamar got here, they were smart enough to draft Lamar, they’ll be smart enough to figure it out again. That’s, that’s how they operate around here. Like I mean, so I feel like if you take that rewind those 12 seconds, or what I just said, and when the day they trade him, that would be the way they operate, and they operate off draft picks, he doesn’t have a lot of them. This could be a different kind of draft. I think they would view it as a stack draft. I mean, I watched a lot of combine last week, believe it or not, my wife was interesting that we were watching combine around here and trying to get the football team better and distressed an interesting one too, right? Like, I mean, you’ve been following that. That behind all of this. Lamar, Lamar, Lamar, Eric in the you know, and the scout rats are trying to find eight or 12 of these guys that are gonna come in here make the football team better when Coleus Campbell is gone. And while ro Quan Smith is still under contract, and Marlon Humphrey is still under contract to help them win football games, but they’re spiritually where they are on Lamar. I don’t think there’s, to me all these reports, I think that there could be any coming together in any way. I think if it was meant to happen, it was going to happen. And I I think fans should be prepared for that. I think fans are you know, I mean, right.

Luke Jones  23:30

I mean, I think everyone has to be prepared for any of the options at this point. I think we’ve been saying that for a while. I’m not as steadfast and firm in my opinion that it’s definitely going to result in a trade. But you know, not going to sit here and say that that’s not going to happen. By any stretch of the imagination. I just think it’s something that is immense. This is not you just talked about getting ready for the draft and oh, you know, get this position or that position. Know this until your quarterback situation is resolved. That stuff doesn’t really matter. Right. And yeah, it does. I know literally that it does, yes. And it’s not as though you’re not scouting the other positions, and you’re not talking about other positions of need. But until you figure out quarterback, wide receiver, I mean, this is coming from the guy just talks about wide receiver for years. If you don’t know until you know who your quarterback is, it doesn’t matter who your wide receivers are. So you know your, what your quarterback situation is gonna look like all these veteran players were talking about and who’s going to stay who might they try to get to take a pay cut? Or are they going to release Chuck Clark or trade Chuck Clark and go down the list of all those guys that we’ve written about that we’ve talked about. But until you get a resolution with Lamar Jackson in some shape or form on and until you have whoever is going to be lining up at quarterback in 2023, whether it’s him or someone else, it’s really tough to talk about the rest of this stuff. And Eric even alluded to that at the at the Combine If you’re Marcus Peters right now, who’s other than Lamar? You know, if you put Lamar to the side, because he’s his own entity, Marcus Peters is their highest profile free agent right now. Do you think he has any interest in resigning with the ravens are really having any serious discussions with the Ravens until he knows if Lamar Jackson’s gonna be there or not, you know, class Campbell tucked in, did some NFL Network work at the combine? And yeah, he’s under contract. And yeah, I’m sure the ravens are, if they haven’t already, we’ll be approaching him in terms of what are we doing about your cap number, we’d like to keep you around. But but the first thing he’s going to ask is okay, what are we doing with Mr. Jackson? Because if he’s not gonna be the quarterback, why am I going to come back from my 16th NFL season and play in Baltimore, with whoever the quarterback is, if it’s not Lamar, so everything is kind of in this holding pattern is my point. So it really does make it difficult, but at the same time, and I’ve said this to you, I’ve said this to Dennis, I’ve written this. And I truly feel this way. Just because you want a resolution doesn’t mean you should rush into one either, because that’s how important this is, whether you’re buying in on the march ax and longterm being here, or whether you think it is going to be a trade, you better get that right one way or the other. Because you don’t want to just make a move for the sake of it just to be able to wash your hands of the situation. Because is that going to maximize the value of what is an extraordinary talent is that if there’s a chance to get something done, if there is still a chance to do that, you’re going to walk away from that and just say, Oh, well, we’ll start over a quarterback and Eric, he mentioned this at the combine and it is true. It’s not a good place to be when you don’t have a quarterback. I mean, I don’t care how good the rest of your roster is, that is not a good place to be, as it pertains to fancying yourself as being a team that one wants to make the playoffs and to actually do something when you get there. So this is complicated. And there’s a lot of potential fallout involved here. And that includes veterans on this roster and potential free agents and everything else you’re going to do. And oh yeah, the salary cap. So there’s just there’s a lot to it. And when that’s why when you see Rashad Bateman speak out the way he did. And you see players unhappy with the strength, Coach situation and everything that happened there, where you just wonder where, you know, you tre Lamar Jackson, or you have a situation where he’s tagged, and he’s not there for the spring in the summer? And who knows what’s gonna happen? You know, are you going to have? What’s your locker room going to be like? What what’s your, what’s that? What are those meeting rooms going to be like? And, you know, if you’re talking to already about things being potentially mutinous. How much worse could it get if Lamar Jackson ultimately isn’t here, moving forward. So put it this way. It’s not it’s not a situation, I envy them being in whatsoever at this point in time, because it’s not easy. You know, it’s not easy trying to decide what you’re going to do here and also pondering all the fallout involved, if you get a resolution that’s not not happening, not satisfying to so many people involved in the organization. It looking


Nestor Aparicio  28:09

at, we’re going to talk some Terps and some Orioles and some spring training and you know, you know, spring butterflies amongst other things, but boy, this Lamar thing and the Ravens in you know how important it is and how every little morsel of information that comes out, and, and it’s just so much money. And you said, you said something that starting over. And I think it’s interesting, you’d say, well, do you want to start over? Do you want to get this kit $250 million, and then pray, you know, and that’s where, you know, it’s not free to keep him and it’s got value, it’s got value to you in the future, that if you don’t want to pay him, and there’s no indication that they do and there are indications they have, that this would be the way they’re going to go and I don’t I don’t see this fatal. I mean, I see this the way probably you see it is, hey, there’s two schools of thought here. And if somebody’s willing to give you overpay you for an asset you have that you’ve under devalued or over look man charges gateway Drew Brees, right. I mean, right. It’s, we’re all Manny Machado just got all this money from the Padres. You mentioned players here saying, Are we better or worse? I mean, go ask the Orioles players, when Machado left whether they thought it was gonna get better or worse, right. Same thing when Messina left here 20 years ago is gonna get better. Is it gonna get worse? Same thing when Ray Lewis retired, it’s gonna get better. It’s gonna get worse. How many playoff games have they won since Ray Lewis left loop? How many how many games to There you go. Things change, things change and leadership changes, right? Like real. Right.

Luke Jones  29:44

And the one thing I’ll say and I agree with you, it’s not a death sentence. But and this is true of whatever outcome, whatever your resolution is. There’s risk involved and there’s some substantial risk and there’s no question about because you can get all those draft picks. You don’t find your next quarterback and you’re in quarterback purgatory as some teams have been for decades, quite frankly. You’re not winning anything. You’re you’re not the Baltimore Ravens anymore. You’re the Oh, yeah. Baltimore’s in that division? Yeah. So you have to tread careful, that’s where

Nestor Aparicio  30:20

you get cocky. We’re gonna go get the next Flacco the next Lamar the next mahomes Because they’ve done it twice. And

Luke Jones  30:26

they might, and they might work. But yeah, They’re two, they’re two for the last two, but they’re two for three, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  30:33

if you go back to COBOL, or you go, so again, don’t ask me to roleplay they’re cocky. And it’s because you spend time around them. And I don’t need more. It’s like, I mean, they, they they smell themselves and they smell their success and Lamar, and in their vision and in their plan and to end whatever their plan is whether it’s signing Lamar for $250 million, and getting it done and bringing him back and saying we’re gonna go win a champ with three championships in the next five years, because he’s the guy to beat mahomes. And we believe that, okay, I believe that when I see it, too, they have they have the checkbook, right?

Luke Jones  31:09

Yeah, they do. But as we said, and says why this is not easy. There’s risk involved, no matter how you proceed, there’s no question about it, because, you know, we can talk about the playoffs and look, Lamar Jackson was only been here the last five years. So like, there were post Super Bowl 47, they had one playoff win with Joe Flacco who had won a Super Bowl. So one it speaks to how difficult it is to it speaks at nothing’s guaranteed, right? So you look at that, and you just you have to proceed carefully. And it’s there’s risk involved. And you you identify a franchise, quarterback, wherever you think he ranks in the pecking order they have, even if it’s not in the playoffs, they want a lot of football games with Lamar Jackson starting at quarterback for them. So that’s where you look at this and say, however you proceed, you’re taking some very significant risks. So good luck making the decision. Like I said, it’s not a position I would want to be in because it is quite a difficult one, which is why we’ve seen this two plus year saga and wondering if we’re wrapped winding down to a resolution or is it gonna be settling in for a hurry up and wait some more? Which would would be a very interesting offseason in that regard.

Nestor Aparicio  32:21

Well, at least the Terps is going to play 40 minutes this week and maybe 40 minutes next week and the Orioles are going to put them on TV once or twice more before the month is over and the month is going to end with them starting a baseball season. So there’s plenty going on around here for everybody to keep us honest and keep us interested. And local colleges and lacrosse season of course for all the cross folks out there. I Bruce pasture does things around here on a Monday morning is actually going to do Tuesday next week. Because of March Madness. He wanted some time to take a look at the brackets and talk things through his big college basketball guy. And of course Dennis is always here on Thursday, from three to five and again on Sunday. All that brought to you by coons Ford obscurity Boulevard. We have moved our fade Lee’s crabcake tour this week just had a look complication down there that likes in the market. We’re gonna move it to later on in the month I’m gonna have some more Marilyn crabcake tour dates for you. It’s all brought to you by the marijuana they gave me this giant gold 50 year this isn’t a real ticket This is a real ticket you can get this winter next round of crab cakes, but they give me these big ones here to give out 50th anniversary for the Maryland lottery go to MD Learn more and we’ll get some jackpots up for my wife as well as when donation 8669 donation they put my winners in last year love them love them love them now we just figured out the answer and the spiders it’s March I don’t I am Green Acres man I’m not born life’s not to live in for me I’m city boy. But when donation as has made me countrified by to get you free. You get two years 0% financing 866 90 nation, make sure you’re checking them out. You can find Luke Baltimore, Luke, you can find our WSD tech service alive and well. Whenever there’s breaking news, you’ll get that first sale brought to you by Coots, board of security Boulevard and I’m back on the beat. I mean I’m here big 10 March Madness we’re pulling teams you got 68 not 64 I’ll always call it 64 Old school still call it 2428 and all the old numbers but that takes me back to Tom McMillan. Maybe I’ll get him on this week. I am not sure we aren’t wn st am 5070, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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