The Winter fun has begun

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John Martin of Maryland Lottery discusses progressive jackpots, huge Mega Millions and Powerball hauls, holiday scented tickets and the fun of winter winnings


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Nestor J. Aparicio, John Martin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 1570, Towson Baltimore and you never stop talking Baltimore positive around here and positively fun things going on in the holidays. But during the Maryland crabcake tour like everywhere we started Costas fade Lee’s downtown then we went three in a row last week. On my wife a Friday, I came home from Hollywood to see my wife’s like, you brought crabcakes home, didn’t you? I’m like two of them. I brought five home on Thursday from gertrudes. Because it turns out that John shields and I are related, like pretty closely related as relations go. And also on had Dan Rodricks on as well. And then on Wednesday, we’re Coco’s, and I brought him his giant softballs, and I told this horror story of taking a little crab ball from Coco’s out of my toaster with tongs, burned my wife’s foot long story, thank God, we’re here to heal things. The Maryland lottery presents our Maryland crabcake tour and all of the fun stories of glory and sorrow. The Oh snaps are in. These are the gingerbread scented tickets. These are the one that was at a $20 winner at Hollywood casino the other day on these, we have the unwrap the cash tickets. They do smell like paper because they do not scent it at all. And then we also have the peppermint pay out multiplier. These are $3 they smell a little bit like peppermint but I think the cinnamon is getting on to the peppermint it’s missing me next me all up, making me a mess when donations also after 866 90 nation to buy two you get two free five years 0% financing, and of course Jiffy Lube, multi care and changing oil. And I’m gonna need an oil change before Christmas gets here because I’ve been back it up and down the road all over the place, bringing crab cakes to everyone, including this guy who might be a gertrudes at some point. Turns out I’m related to John shields, John Martin. And it’s the greatest small divorce story of the year for me, but really may be of the century that I’m related to someone that I didn’t know who has a famous crab cake. And I found out when I did the crab cake tour, so you’re unearthing family relationships that I have with crabcake aficionados and kind of sores that I don’t even know about. So how are things at the lottery? You’re gonna get phone, I don’t know, half a billion away this week or something. So

John Martin  02:18

so how do I possibly follow that? It’s like a miracle round that has gone very fast and I’m trying to jump on. So a couple of things there. Remember the old commercials? Hey, you got peanut butter, my chocolate. You got chocolate? My peanut butter is up. Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:30

Is that when Joe Flacco goes in place with the browns? Is that sort of. Okay.

John Martin  02:35

We’ll get that later. So but no, you got the gingerbread on my peppermint. You got pepperoni on my gingerbread. So yeah, you don’t don’t commingle those two sentences. Peppermint.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:44

Smells like what I think it happened. Okay. And I full disclosure. I was running low tickets when I was running low on tickets last week. I came down to your offices. I skated it on Thursday morning, and Roz met me at the door with like a handoff bag. To take these two, I guess Thursday it was it was the gertrudes I get there early. Beautiful. The God the PMA is great. I mean, it’s just awesome. Had a great day there. Dan show’s gonna be great. This week. It’s sold out, I tell you to go see it, but we’ll figure it out. And I had the bag of them and I was like all curious. You know, they’re wrapped all so the first thing I did when I got to gertrudes because Dan’s like, I’m gonna have a coffee, I’ll be a little late. I’m like great. So I pulled them out and I really wanted to see if they smelled like they said they were gonna smell and the first thing you notice is that ginger breads are far more scented than the Pepe there are more scent to your scent than the peppermint. And that’s why I’m having a hard time with the peppermint. I mean that these are three hours and I did have a $20 winner, but these are really really makes me want cookies, man. It really does.

John Martin  03:47

So the idea with any Senate ticket or any Senate card, not even a lottery card is you really release the sent when you scratch it. Okay, so you don’t want to be scratching them all. Because then you’re handing somebody a scratch ticket which I can tell you from experience is not the player reaction you want. I’m not

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:06

going to scratch this in your presence and waste it when I can give it to someone as foreign daughter two weeks from now at wise markets and made these later in the month so I’m not going to wreck it but I am. I’m going to exclusively give these out. How about this stay fair? I bet it’s Colossus is coming because we’re doing a holiday edition of the show. Where’s the eggnog Evans gonna serve some make we’re gonna win state fair. I’m only going to give these away and it’s breakfast time. And I’m gonna go Table to Table and and I’m going to see and I’m going to separate them to your point they’re in the same bag and now the rats Oh, geez. I reckon I can do only one thing you can do to wreck these and this is to put them into the stockings of the wrong people. Right.

John Martin  04:53

Very nice. Very nice. That’s a door open. I have to go in that just peeking a little bit that way. Yeah, we remind people all all the time, that if you are gifting lottery games, which is a very popular gift at the holidays, please please, please do not provide those to anyone younger than 18 years of age, the lottery games are not child’s play. They are for adults. So please, I know we all grew up with practices. This is not a true confessions. But we all grew up with practices generations or two ago, where children may have been gifted lottery tickets.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:30

I may be married to one whose sister hadn’t happened and he was in a different state different jurisdiction. It

John Martin  05:36

could I hear of those, I guess a little motional just recalling them.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:42

We’re not gonna talk about that. No,

John Martin  05:44

no, no, no. But the point is today with our enlightened society, please do not provide lottery tickets to children at the holidays. There are many other options for them put a crabcake in their stocking.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:55

I pride myself among because we weren’t Hollywood on Friday. Okay, we had a beautiful event, Amy Brennan came out. She was everything other than her being a Steeler. It’s like you I like everything about you. Except when the Oreos are playing the guardians or when the brand and by the way, I was rooting for Joe flat. I rooted for the browns. But you know what?

John Martin  06:14

Yeah, I’m sorry. You get to your story, and I love him in the running. Yeah, that’s Steelers thing is there gonna be a problem with the problem. You know, I listened to the game like a little kid, my transistor radio press to my ear and Flacco they get the kick they go down score and then I fell asleep. So I missed the rest of the game. What happened?

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:30

Don’t worry about it. You know, they play again this week, which we’ll try again. But so I mean, I’m in the sports book and Hollywood casino, which is it’s unbranded now it’s family friendly. We talked a lot about Great Wolf Lodge and you know all that that’s going on up in Perry Ville. And I have Christian on every week for my lousy picks. I have you won again this week, my lat last month I’ve just been, I’ve been my own walking billboard for go slow. A reexamine, examine again, do all that I’m trying to do that football. It’s tough. But nonetheless, so I’m gonna Table to Table and I’m giving out some scratch offs. We have winners, people having fun, and I did get the one table. And I looked at the kid I’m like, You’re not at and he wasn’t? No take it for you. So I took care of his folks though, but up so I did do my own little. And I said don’t go put them in his stocking either. I’m watching you guys. So John Martin is here. They’re giving away I mean, the jackpots have been enormous this week for mega and for Powerball but let’s let’s let’s you know it’s nice to give away lottery tickets. It’s nice to have winners and all let’s just take two minutes you and I and talk about Joe Flacco just a little bit because it’s football season and the buys over and all that he can really throw the football man like and I I love so why I like guys win Super Bowls for me, John. I’m just gonna say that to start things.

John Martin  07:47

I can understand that I hope to have that feeling before I die. But what what? Why was he sitting around your throne? Nerf balls with his kids for for six months? What happened?

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:57

Well, you know, I’m gonna it’s gonna be the first thing I asked him. I talked to Joe, the last week of August. And I said Are you done? He’s like, no, no, I want to play and he’s very convicted about me like we talked for 20 minutes he’s like I want to play and I’m like, okay, and we talked about this and that and his kids and wherever we were and I’m just checking in with him because we have a relationship and you know all year long all these guys get hurt. I don’t know that his name like really popped up even with the Jets opening night like where he has the playbook. He lives in a you know, 90 miles in the facility like all of that. And it never popped up and I honestly I haven’t talked to him but this is my guess knowing him because all he talked about we spent 25 minutes talking three minutes talking football 22 talking about family and his kids and how many kids he has and he went through the list of his kids and how much fun he’s having with his kids. And and how old they are. I mean, they’re all like 11 9764 and two I think you know he had to like think about it like he’s going through this list. So I think a guy like him my gut is if I’m guessing he was busting his ass in September in October and November to get in the best shape of his life to get faster quicker watching football thinking some chance of a seventh and 14 and I could sit it I could move in and only have to play eight games to you know to win a championship with a defense seven and feel like all of those things and I’ll tell you what after watching them play on Sunday he looks faster than he looked as a backup in the last few jobs right he does arm looks like he’s been throwing rocks like and he just looks strong and I think and I’m saying this to you ravens to Browns guy. I think you’re gonna make the playoffs even though they didn’t win the game it I think is he gets into this. They’re going to they’re going to be okay with him for a little while if they can keep him upright because he looks like not a top half NFL quarterback. He looks like he’s capable of throwing the ball and handing the ball off and making good decisions. Even though he didn’t make one at the end of the game, but I think the Browns are more formidable with him than they had been at any point this year, quite frankly, because he can throw the

John Martin  10:08

ball. Sure, sure. And I think and I’ve not read any of the media and I probably won’t from the hometown but but the issue to me was not Mr. Flacco yesterday, how can the alleged top rank defense now subject to even further scrutiny? Give a 400 yards? No sacks? No turnovers?

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:29

I mean, guys get tired this time of year they do. Right. Wow. So

John Martin  10:33

I think the issues are not on the offensive side of the ball. But that’s not here. To take

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:39

shorts. I can take shorts right now. I’m telling you Jamie talked to him. Natalie Malone le Maloney. I bothered him two weeks ago, Flacco sign that said, You’re gonna love Flacco. That’s what I texted him and he texts me back. So good. I have texted with your DC in the last two weeks. So John Morris here from the Maryland lottery. All right, so for football, we’re done. Yeah, let’s get back on to the games that we play because really the holidays, these dissented scratches, so you have unscented scratch offs. This is like a really big time of the year, let alone these really big jackpots we had this week, but in playing the games, you guys really do tailor these things for holiday fun. We

John Martin  11:18

have as you mentioned, huge jackpot. So both well north of $350 million as we start this week, so hopefully we’ll get some momentum through the holidays. That’s always fun time thinking about what you would do with huge jackpot wins. So we’ve got that going on. We also have a lot of promotions holiday promotions. Get ready for a flurry of prizes. Nestor on our pick three pick four pick five games, it’s our annual Let It Snow promotion, where lucky players if they choose to and invest in a pick three pick four pick five may win and instant win voucher of $2 or $5 or a free $5 fast play snowflake cash tickets. So that’s going on through the month of December. A lot of fun there with with fast play promotions, we have our holiday cash, Second Chance promotions, we still have ravens promotions going on through the season. So and I quinoa and racetracks I almost forgot our annual doubler and tripolar if any winning Keno or racetracks ticket pops up with a I should say this is just Keno I’m sorry, I misspoke. It’s not racetracks, it’s just Keno. But if you have a winning ticket and a random basis, a 2x or 3x, double or triple your win. And we do that every every holiday season. That’s always a lot of fun. The racetracks motion will come up in January as we race into the new year. So that’s another promotion we have you know from time to time I’ve talked about our my lottery rewards program, which is where people can build their account with with entries and gained fabulous opportunities for experiential prices. Are you a skier Nestor you

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:06

know, I had a conversation with Ron Cassie on the Maryland crab cake tour. He’s the senior editor at the Baltimore magazine their cover edition next month is winter ideas. And we we spent a goodly amount of time over Coco’s last Wednesday with we’re SIG just talking about our winter experiences living here and you don’t think of it as being easily to access Western Maryland where we’ve given lottery tickets away and done the crabcake tour in the wisps and DEP So I mean, there’s a lot more skiing around here than you think. I skied twice in my life not well. We told the story last week of me doing cross country skiing in Norway and Lilla Hummer, I really did do that for five minutes. My wife laughs about and I have pictures or picture because I wasn’t on there long enough to get through them. But I mean, but I have lots of friends that have skied. I forgot to ask him to do all that Brian billings, whole family. His wife is a ski instructor. He’s gotten his kids on skis, but not me. But it is the time of the year where I have friends every day on Facebook, showing me pictures and then freezing. Yep, I’m a teacher.

John Martin  14:08

I am not a skier as well. But for people who are go to Mt. If you’re not enrolled with my lottery rewards program, please get into it because you could enter a fabulous opportunity between now and January 2. On January 3, we’ll draw for a Whistler. Whistler that’s in Vancouver. Oh, very nice. Yeah, you watch you watch Jeopardy every night, don’t you? Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:35

you know, actually, I lost a dear old friend of mine yesterday and my greatest experience in life with him was spending four days in Vancouver at the Grey Cup. So it’s interesting that you’re it’s serendipity that your privatise will be to Whistler, which is really one of the great resorts in the world. Like literally, the it’s the place. Actually,

John Martin  14:52

I understand it’s one of the largest ski resorts in North America as I read my copy here. Whistler black comb. Five days Four nights five star accommodations at the Fairmont Whistler plus some spending cash American which will go a little bit longer I think in Canada or is it the other way around? Oh, it

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:10

goes, well, I’m going to Canada this week. money’s good there. We’re gonna be okay. Good, good, good,

John Martin  15:14

good. So please check out MB Enroll in the mind lottery rewards program. And you only need 50 draw points from your account to get an entry and only needs one entry to win a fabulous winter vacation in British Columbia. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:32

there you go. How about and I just made a speech for beaches, but if I won that I wouldn’t skate with because I don’t wanna break my neck. But I would have a good time. I figured out some tubing. I figured they gotta have a hot tub there somewhere. Right? They have hot chocolate, they have warm drinks, right? I mean, yes. People are nice. I mean,

John Martin  15:49

they are they are friendly there. Why is that?

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:53

I’m gonna go and try to figure it out this week with Getty. And I’ll ask Geddy Lee on Thursday when I see him. Why? Why are you people so nice to us. You know, I was gonna say to you, if you win all this money and you get to go to Whistler. Go to Vancouver and see a Canadian see Canucks game and you know, hang out. John, I got to ask you about this because we talked about Amy Brennan up at Hollywood casino parable had a long conversation about all sorts of stuff, Steelers and Troy Polamalu. And like all that stuff the Browns fan or Ravens fan wouldn’t wanna hear about, but we talked about progressives a little bit and you know, in a casino, I look up and say, Oh, this machine is $36,000. That’s, and she’s like, every machine is lucky, right? I mean, you know, what you would say, when you’re there? I think a lot of these tickets and different things, especially one, I’m in a place, like, let’s say one of the machines or even in a place where it’s very physical, in a royal farms, where it’s physically you can see tickets and see all the colors of the things. The progressive parts of this must shock people when they win, right? Because I said that to me, I’m like, I played casino bandit games, and I come in, but I’ve never looked up and thought, I tried to win 500 bucks, or I’m just trying to make the machine happy and went, jump around and win 20 bucks if you just win something, right. But if the lights all went off, and the sirens went off, and I want $88,000 Because I went to the Wheel of Fortune or the Willy Wonka machine, but I think with scratch offs in your games, you’ve told me many times about progressives that you’ve had some record setting progresses. And I think a lot of times people don’t know even when I hand them a ticket that there’s like, there’s a bigger bag of money out there than the two box sometimes. Well, the progressives

John Martin  17:28

really take center stage on our fast play games. And those are the games that play like a scratch off, but without the schmutz all over it. You buy them at the terminal or at your self service vending machine. And we have about 20 to 22 fast play games in marketing and time seven of those are progressive jackpots much like the experience you describe at a casino where you go and you look at the screen and it shows you that for instance our $5 Big Money doubler has $103,000 in its progressive tally and every ticket that’s purchase that is not a winning ticket contributes a couple of pennies into the into the into the pot so these jackpot these progressive jackpots grow. But again, go to MD, our $30 VIP club progressive jackpot, well over a million dollars, or $20 extreme green progressive jackpot well over $400,000 So yes, these are the same experiences that people might might see in in a casino like Hollywood or any of the other casinos in the state of Maryland that have machines that contribute, but we’ve carried that same player experience into our fast play games, empty For more details,

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:39

I think the interesting thing about that you from playing and you know from a lottery ticket or even a casino experience is that they’re for people that are experienced players. And to your point people that have you have the app and they use rewards and they’re involved in it. They realize that you know they’re just not throwing a buck or two here they’re at a ticket. They’ve also got a second chance at a really big prize but you got to get played win right? I mean and you have to know about it and I think part of that you and I kidding around about Joe Flacco more than you want everybody to know that when they’re playing to get into these games because that that, that is the fun of this and there for people to play. And I talked to Amy about this. People know when they come into a casino if they’re a real player, and they have a car they know and if you’re my lottery rewards person, you sort of know that that 100 grand sitting out there in that game right now. And maybe this week you play that game instead of a scratch off game or where you are in an attempt to try to do more than win 20 bucks which people love winning 20 bucks I you know, you say well you it’s a holiday we’re gonna give you a free $5 ticket when I give people tickets they really they’re really grateful and they love playing and and I love watching them play. You know if

John Martin  19:51

you’re like I am, you end up making a grocery list right? You’re going to the store and you make a list and it might be a loaf of bread dozen eggs. Do you see the price of eggs again? Cheese That’s a different question. So you put these in different big grocery lists and put down when $100,000 on your grocery list. Not this week. You know a gentleman Frederick County went in to buy a loaf of bread at his local Weis markets and came home with a scratch off tickets the snowglobe sevens game one of the holiday tickets wins $100,000

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:23

I go to these markets all the time and I’ve never won $100,000 wise markets I’ll

John Martin  20:27

tell you that. Well, did you go and buy a loaf of bread?

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:32

two loaves of bread she bought some pumpernickel and stuff because wise markets are sponsoring we do for Thanksgiving but yeah, she she went and bought some bread. Yeah, she did find it got a turkey. I think we got the turkey on points because we used to reward points and why so there we go. Work on making money works. There we go. Right.

John Martin  20:47

Yeah, we had another gentleman in Prince George’s County who had a chance to win $500,000 on his scratch off you know, these are great stories that neither the gentleman goes

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:57

on to scratch off. Yeah,

John Martin  20:58

yeah, the bonus bingo times 20. So a scratch off that is what we call the extended play crossword and bingo games, we have to spend a little time if you choose to. And he did he got his ticket came home and sat down and scratch the ticket and is an avid bingo ticket player. So when he saw the way it was trending, he knew he was in good shape there and won a prize that was so overwhelming to him. He could he couldn’t even speak he had to get his family members to help him go to the to the retailer and scan and when it came up and said go see John Martin as we’ve taught him say that it doesn’t say go see John Morrow it should it should dog on it I’m going to talk to some people can we can we get somebody on the phone this place John

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:48

Morris here executive director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming. You know Amy’s like you know Johnson gaming to us Yeah, I know that he knows you were getting this Maryland crabcake tour out and having fun and progresses and all that he almost sent me singing bi NGO be right Bingo was his name please

John Martin  22:04

don’t please don’t sing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:06

I sang some three stooges I did be a baby because it was like three stages me and Ron were sick. We’re taking the Marilyn crabcake tour out on the road. You know if you come to stay fair on Tuesday morning or you come to find out or next week or you join us at fade these after knowledge or wise markets and Ani go where we’re going to be Christmas week. I will let you be the sniffer of the scratching sniffed tickets the Oh snaps and the end and the peppermint payout multiplier and you can tell me if i There’s no way you could smell this oh snap and not say this smells just like gingerbread and made smells like cookies in the oven. Now the peppermint is just not I think the word subtle John which is not a word ever use with me. But the word is subtle. I think the peppermint pay out would you agree


John Martin  22:55

that subtle is not a word used to describe you. Yes, I would agree with that. See

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:58

that? And with that he’ll depart did we cover all the bases here? I didn’t even get any winter meetings guardians Orioles add to you?

John Martin  23:08

You know what that let’s let’s put a put a pin in that and pick that up next time because by then who knows? There may be some interesting player acquisition things going on there. For

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:20

your from your lips to John Angelo’s his ears. That’s all I can say. And for Mike Elias and for everyone that loves the baseball team. Bring us a winner make us proud. That’s all I can say. John, have a great week. Appreciate you coming on a little early this week and good luck everybody out there. Reminder big jackpots. Man getting up on 400 million and megamillions get him a 500 million that’s a half a billion dollars on Powerball get out there and play and please play responsibly. And talk to what my family did when like Sister Don’t Be good. Be responsible. Know your limits. Do all those good things. Appreciate you John. We’ll see you next week pal. All right,

John Martin  23:54

thank you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:55

And I’ll be rooting for Joe Flacco even though it’s kind of weird the uniform he works he’s been you know, and when he throws the interception I’ll say that’s Browns browning and I’ll do all the things Ravens fans do. I am Mr. We are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking Maryland crabcake toward giveaway those Maryland lottery scratch offs and Baltimore positive stay with us.

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