Finding furever kitty love with Chesapeake Feline Association in Cecil County

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We love animals. So when Nestor was doing the Maryland Crab Cake Tour at Hollywood Casino in Perryville, he reached to his Cecil County friends to discuss their mutual goal of rescuing beautiful cats and educating folks about feral colonies. Volunteers Carrie McCall and Jacleen Commers tell more about their charity organization and love of the creatures.


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Carrie McCall, Nestor J. Aparicio, Jaclene Commers

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back at W n s t tasks Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We’re up here in Hollywood casino in Perry Ville. I’m trying to make awful, awful football pics. Christian Ward and I have done that Amy Brennan was also here. She is the VP and general manager of all things come on up and enjoy yourself. It’s very close. It’s so close to make it even came down for rising sun. One of our old producers around here and old barn fans. I’ve given away some Raven scratch offs. I also have peppermint payouts that smell like peppermint a little bit. I have unwrapped cash. Do not smell like Christmas trees. But Christmas has its own smell. And oh snap and gingerbread. Makes me want some cookies. I want some gingerbread cookies. I did have a $20 winner here a little while ago and Hollywood Casino. We’re giving these out. We’re going to be at state fair on Friday or excuse me Tuesday. We’re going to be a curio in foreign data on the 15th we’re going to be wise markets Christmas week and we’re going to be at fate Lee’s on the 28th of December. Doing this all over again. It’s been a great week we’ve been a Papist we’ve been a Coco’s we’ve been in gertrudes I’m about to wrap things up. We’re gonna have to be they have a crab cake here at the sports book at Hollywood Casino. They’re gonna be bringing the crab cake out and I’m gonna be sharing it with my new friends from Cecil County. So what happened today? People are getting sick, right? So Thanksgiving, everybody’s hugging and kissing and I haven’t hugged anybody you wanted to hug me. I’m an elbow bumper. My wife sick. Everybody’s sick. Tom Kelso got sick on Thursday night Merrill stadium authority. And he said I can’t make it. I said, I got friends up Cecil County. So I called Karen because she’s from Dundalk. She has the this great organization up here called the Chesapeake feline Association. And I thought, ah, bright light cancel guests. We’ll get the cat people out. So I have two crazy cat ladies here with one crazy cat guy. Jacqueline commerce is to my left. Carrie McCall is also here. They call themselves old lady and young lady. I think that’s very unfair to yourself. Carrie, I will say that. First of all, welcome. Thanks for pinch hitting. I know you guys are in the community. You know where the casino is you come out here. John told me they did a little dog adoption here. pet adoptions. They’ve done that here at the casino before you guys do this work every day. And you guys know how much I love my cat because I’ve sent you pictures. We’ve adopted our cat. I love telling these stories. But more than that the volunteers and the people that take care of animals because I mean, Karen would be the first to say you you cannot run the Chesapeake feline Association, which is Karen right. So it’s got there’s got to be more people. So tell me a little bit about the organization itself. And your affinity for doing this because if my wife didn’t have a j ob that helps support my very expensive habits like Tommy calm all the young Rumblers she would take care of animals. She’s feeding the birds and the deer and the fox we had we had a tragedy the other day, two days ago, we had a cardinal in front of me fly beat first into our window. Oh no. And she died and my wife had to go take care of the car. No, it was a solemn moment. Like we love animals like you know what I mean? Like I eat crabs and all that and you know, I mean I’m not a PETA person per se, but I love animals I would do anything for my cat anything for other people with cats and dogs and you guys see it every day and and for me I see the tragedy show up on my social media where poor animals been abandoned left alone. I know you guys clip years you’re gonna teach me about all that teacher audience about that. But your background and doing this and when did you become familiar Carrie with the Chesapeake feline Association. I became


familiar with Chesapeake feline. I used to basically do wildlife rescue and rescue bunnies. And then I went to an event that they had at the Perryville Fire Department. And it was Chesapeake feline Association. I got involved with that. And basically, I told them that I did the Bunnies. Bunnies. Well, because it’s wildlife rescue

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:48

bunnies. Yeah. Neighborhood man. And it crushes me because I see the Fox Chase the squirrels, right? I mean, when you live somewhere where you see nature, it’s, I always say to mind, it’s like Wild Kingdom, you know, like, but we’ve seen feral cats in our neighborhood. Well, man, anybody has seen feral animals or been somewhere even other countries where dogs or cats aren’t cared for one while I’ve been in Australia with dingoes and whatnot. But you know, cats have a special place for me, my wife came in our relationship with a cat. And we didn’t have a cat for a long time. And I liked the freedom of not having a cat. Now we’re at the point like where we went to Wi Fi in April, and we got a sitter for our cat. And I don’t know that we can travel like that again and go 10 days right now. You know, I love her. I miss her when you know when I go I’m going away next week my wife was gone to Europe, and she misses kitty so you have a love of animals but then you want to Vall I love animals too, but I don’t know that I could give my heart to volunteer and he would tear me up I’m too empathetic I think


it’s a lot of work but it’s well worth it because basically heart gets paid when you see kittens get adapted or you save a life from a rescue from you know, getting attacked while the animal

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:59

well for you Tell me about you. Jacqueline is here, Jacqueline commerce. You guys came out on short notice just to talk about these animals and talk about what your organization does. How did you get involved?

Jaclene Commers  05:08

So I got involved about a year and a half ago. So I moved out here from Minnesota literally to your

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:13

accent. I didn’t know it. I heard it was Minnesota Nice. I know these people.

Jaclene Commers  05:17

Yeah, I did not know a soul. And then colony got posted about on a Facebook page and someone commented and I was like, I can help with that. So I started getting involved with a feral cat colony that was controlled, just kind of feeding, maintaining and everything and then tell folks

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:31

about that because they see a feral I was down at Nags Head, North Carolina, at a hotel during the plague right after the plague of 21. And man, there were 30 cats in the parking lot. Yeah, living behind a dumpster. And you know, my wife, we’re trying to like go in the water and you’ve achieved love the cat she’s wanting to feed, like all of that. And my wife loves cats. She’s a big Jackson Galaxy. When we went to get our first cat about 13 years ago, I you know, she made me read the book a little bit, watch some TV, to be a better cat parent. I mean, cats are like dogs, and they’re not like rabbits. And they’re not like people. They’re not like people at all, ya

Jaclene Commers  06:07

know? Ya know? So I’m like colonies, like, basically, there exists everywhere. And you kind of like, don’t see them until you are like super involved with cats. And you realize like, how much like how they exist everywhere and prevalent in Cecil County is that? Oh, gosh, I mean, I know of at least 10 or 15 have at least 20 to 30. And there’s well more that I’m not aware of that. And these are controlled ones that we’ve gone in TNR fix, you know, what’s that? So trap, neuter and return. Okay. So, basically, for feral cats, you can’t just go up and catch them. Like they’re not socialized. They’re not used to people. So you’ll set a trap, and then you’ll take them to get spayed and neuter, and you’ll get their vaccines too. And then you want to release them back where they came from kind of their environment, that’s their home, but at least you’re kind of stopping like the spread of future kittens.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:52

So when you get to a colony where there’s 1020, cats, yep, any of the ones with the IRS NiP, you know that cats fixed, right? Yep. And then you grab the kittens, basically, right? It means when you’re trying to do,

Jaclene Commers  07:03

yeah, so you’re gonna try to rehome as many as you can. And honestly, some of the cats at the colonies like they will be friendly, like they’ll be dumped people know about colonies, they’ll be

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:12

pretty sure my girl, my girl was a solo girl. I got her six years ago and be more humane. I, we had lost our first girl, our girl died. It was like the worst. I lost my mother and my cat within four weeks. And the cat was way more devastating. My mother was 98. And I was prepared but like losing an animal like I could sit here for weeks and talk about that. But I made it 13 days. One of the reasons check still took my press pass probably I didn’t go to Oakland that on that trip. I mean, I was my birthday weekend. I couldn’t even work like I’m like I was devastated. And we went and adopted and I spent three days literally just spending time with cats to figure out a cat. And then all of a sudden this kitten showed up. And like kiss my nose. It was over. It was just over. So we brought this kitten home. My wife’s kitten like because we’re going to like adopt pairs or because we you know we love cats. We would take two but we took this kitten home and six and a half years later this Cats The Right cat for us. But I said when we brought her home I said the gentleman, she probably came from something more of a feral background like I don’t know, she says she’s a calico. And she was really little. Yeah, and you never know the background, but she never do. Yeah. So I mean, I just think all the time. Like she may have come from this sort of environment in this sort of love that saved her life. Yeah, literally.

Jaclene Commers  08:29

And so many people like dismiss them, like kind of you see him outside like oh, it’s a feral cat and so many times it is just a dumped cat like they are friendly or if you give them a chance like I trapped one a year and a half ago from Royal farms. Like she was living in a bush and like someone was like throwing her chicken every night to eat and you get her in the trap completely freaks out. She brought her my bathroom tore up the place. And then like the next morning, I walked in there. And she was just like sitting in the bathtub as cute as can be but terrified of people and it took probably two months to get her to come around. But then now she like loves my husband and I She’s best friends with Georgia. Yeah, she’s my cat. I was like she was my one and only. I’ve had two foster fails. And she was one of them. And she was not like she had we had an adopter lineup for her. But her and one of my cats just bonded, like they are sleeping together all the time. They groom each other all the time. Like they’re never not around each other. And like I had a meet and greet for her for her that day. And I had to call the people and I was just like, she’s my cat. She’s saying,

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:28

Wow, yeah, well, I mean, I think that probably haven’t. I have five friends in my life who who foster. And they speak fostering animals is like, they don’t have children. None of them have children. One of them has grown up to, but four of them have no children. And this is their life. I mean, and I mean I’ve friends flying to Korea involved in a program to try to bring animals to America at Christmastime two weeks from now they’re coming to Baltimore to do that. That’s where people go You know, there is a space in your heart that if, if you you give it time, but the relationship with my cat is like, I can’t even describe it, you know? I mean and so I’m an advocate so what do you guys do? What can people help with other than rescuing funding? And if you have the space for a cat to consider coming to you right? Yeah, literally

Jaclene Commers  10:21

honestly, I think the biggest thing that people can do is kind of just like small things like if they have like a like a cat at their house or something that’s outside building it a shelter putting out water bowls, or even just like just small things like coming to our shelter socializing cats, like kind of just like opening your eyes to like your own like backyard basically and like, Okay, what’s out here? What can I do? And it’s like, we’re always happy to help people with next steps, but it’s like there’s only so many of us so we can only go out and like physically help so many people, but it’s like we’re always happy to do like next steps on like how to make like these cats environments better.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:57

Give me the Karen speech, Chesapeake feeling associated with what would you say about your organization when you’re out talking to people? Because I’m sure you’re out doing hand to hand combat. We adopted a few of your kittens up at Adams cheap. We Steve up there right down the street. In Harford County. About four months ago, we brought Mike bordick out I had little kittens climbing all over me. And you know, believe me, my wife and I get in that environment we would be like you bring a cat home and our cat would have sisters and brothers and but she’s alone and we the one thing about taking another cat in right now is that our cat is so perfect. She’s so well adjusted, you know that that we’re not there at this point, but we were the candidate you’re looking for.


They always do need a friend now. See,

Jaclene Commers  11:41

I have a lot of pictures on my phone all the shelter cats. They’re wonderful. And kittens. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:47

we’ve had both calicoes and you see all sorts of cats. What would you say about about Maine coons versus different kids you see more of one kind than other guys we don’t really

Carrie McCall  11:58

see that many Maine coons right you know, we do have some long hairs but mainly it’s basically just domestic shorthair cats that we see all different colors this year. I think we’ve had a majority of black in orange

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:11

just like the Orioles right yeah, Minnesota gorilla know about that. But you know you twins fan. I don’t use to sports you do cats

Jaclene Commers  12:20

I do cats that’s about it. That’s fine.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:22

Hey, that’s why we’re here. We’re able to see no Berryville sponsored by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at when donation 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free and our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care. We’ve had some winners of our OH SNAP gingerbread tickets, as well as the unwrapped cash tickets here. We’re going to be doing the Maryland crab cake tour. And you guys are lucky you’re here at the point where we’re doing the crab cake of the crab cake tour. Right. So this is the crab cake so everybody knows sportsbook up here bearable guy. Great. Look at those green beans. I gotta go to yoga in an hour. I’m gonna have a little bite of the crab cake and a little bite of the green beans. I’m gonna save the potato for later. Is that fair?


That’s fair because I don’t eat crab cake.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:00

What’s wrong with you?


We’ll do crabcake I’m from Connecticut.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:03

What about you Minnesota girl? You’re eatin walleye. What are you?

Jaclene Commers  13:05

I’m a vegetarian.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:06

Eat the green beans. It’s fine. That’s okay. We’re promoting cats. It’s okay to be vegetarian. Yesterday. Speaking of vegetarians, we were at Gertrude yesterday they have a vegan crab cake. I was made with zucchini. We did a whole segment with Chef John shields from gertrudes. And he will because I put that up here like vegan crab cake and and crab cake you know and I’m like it’s tasted pretty good. I took a iPhone from my wife. She enjoyed it as well. So you know, don’t not the vegan crab cakes. They’re fun. But these are real crabcakes we’re at sports book and Hollywood casino appeared. We’ll come on up. It’s family friendly. Amy join us for a little while Kristen joins us every week make my lousy picks and his very good football picks. But the crabcake tour gets us out doing great things helping folks like Chesapeake feline Association, and my friend Kerr who’s a Dundalk girl by the way. That’s my homeland. Where are you from? Originally? CONNECTICUT, Connecticut and Minnesota. Yeah, what brings you to Cecil County?


New Start new place.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:02

New cats to help.


Yeah, exactly.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:05

So you have events coming up? What is sort of a baseline thing for you guys? Do people drive to your facility? Do they find you online? What’s the best way to do this and if anybody’s out there and you want some LOVE from a beautiful animal? She’s trying to show me pictures right now I have a lot of so I’m gonna see the pictures I’m gonna take them out let me see let break my heart Don’t break my heart because I you know I called you guys this morning. I thought for sure you’re gonna bring cages eight of these out. And this guy over here the Steelers fans want to wind up with one makes gonna take to home for her family. Okay, well I’m here from all

Jaclene Commers  14:36

biscuits Kara has been at the shelter for six years. Look at

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:39

these cats. Look at this. Look at the they’re you know you need to have me and my wife up there just to be sued usually it

Jaclene Commers  14:49

just hang out with them we professional patterns. We honestly we just need people to even if you don’t know where to start, just come to our shelter and just pet the cats and hang out with the cat. She helps socialize well. his

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:00

son and his wife went to Amsterdam this week. And they sent me pictures an answer. They went to a cat cafe. And I was and obviously, that’s crazy, except my wife and I went to Korea in 2019. And we missed our cat, right? This is our current cat. She’s about to then. And we went to Japan and Korea for about 11 days chasing YouTube friends this time of year. So it was four years ago, like this week, we went and we went to Tokyo had a good time. We’re there for five days and love cats in Tokyo, right? Like hello kitty. Like, yeah, cats are a big part of Japanese culture. Big time, right? So we go to Korea, and we get into this little alley area, and we’re eatin food doing stuff. And we’re missing our cat. And there it is. Cat Cafe. I’m always like, let’s go in and I’m like, All right. I’ve never been to a cat cafe. They’re amazing. So well. Everything in Asia is like sort of built up. So we had to walk up onto the second floor. And we walked in. It was just cats hanging out everywhere. And like can we get coffee? We had some lattes. It was nice. So I think I will hot tea. And I was just like petting the kitties. It’s very smooth. That’s

Jaclene Commers  16:05

like what our shelter is. It’s just bring your own beverage.


And what we’ve been doing lately too, is we’ve been participating with the libraries in the kids have storytime and we bring kittens down. So basically the kittens can get socialized with the kids and other people. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:20

I love kittens. Don’t get me started on this. You’re gonna be taking home cats your neck. So just being where are you located? I northeast Maryland, northeast Maryland. And you can find your line give me the website. Do all that for these nice people.

Jaclene Commers  16:32

www dot Chesapeake feline.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:35

Anything else we need to know.


Basically, we need volunteers and you know anybody that was interested in volunteering even just to socialize, don’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:44

get stuck on a radio show if you volunteer, right. Well, that bad. No, I’m still gonna buy you lunch. Give you a crab cake even though you don’t eat crab cakes. What do you what can I buy? So you’re I salad for you. And what am I gonna get for you? And fries? Make an offer me hers so I could have had those. Well, thanks for coming out on short notice promoting the kitties. You showed me those couple? I thought you had a whole bunch of cats. I

Jaclene Commers  17:06

can show you more. There’s a ton and then yeah, we’re also on Facebook tick tock Instagram and we post like adoptable cats probably like two or three times a week we’ve had 35 adopt in the past two months like 35 In two months, just adults not even including kittens. It’s been insanely wonderful percentage

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:24

kins versus cats that you get. Because again, I went into I wanted to be more humane thinking we were going to get adult cats because our first adoption was an adult cat.


And they are the hardest to adopt out too. Because everybody wants a little little baby. Let

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:36

me tell you what we adopted kitty.

Jaclene Commers  17:38

So this is Charlotte.


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:39

Charlotte, look at look at it, you gotta show Sharla here. See, you know, we got beautiful kitties, we need to adopt those. So we when we decided to adopt it was 2011. And or it’s actually 2010. And so my wife and I’ve been married eight years, and we didn’t have a cat. She really wanted a cat. And I really didn’t want a cat. I mean, it’s sort of anybody that knows the story knows that. Like, I didn’t fight it. In the end. I’m like, it’s gonna make you happy. I want you happy. Let’s

Jaclene Commers  18:09

go get a cat that was 100% Me and my husband. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:11

then it was like, Well, where are we going to get it? What are we going to do? And I’m like, Why No, these people would be more humane. We’re gonna go up like, I know these people just be feeling. We’re gonna we’re gonna go off and we’re going to spend a day and my wife didn’t even believe I was going to be all in. And I went and I looked online and slick online dating. You can see the cat’s names and like all that. So I went up, open minded. And like when we got there, the first cat I saw was the cat we had seen online. We brought her into her room into an empty room. And she had been declawed in the front, which I don’t normally recommend. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. So but she had been declawed in the front, which to my way was one less way for her to hurt me as a new cat owner. You know what I’m saying? She comes into the room. It’s just awesome. And I sat in a chair in the corner. And I said to my wife, like, look, this is about you, right? Like it’s, you’re the one that wants to cat, whatever. So why sit there with the cat and the cat moves around the room, moves around the room and walks over to me and I’m sitting in a low chair. And she stopped at me. She looked at me, she flopped onto her belly. And the first thing I ever touched on her was her belly. And I looked up and I said to Jen, I’m like we’re taking this one gentleman we just got here five minutes ago. And I’m like, no, no, no, we’re taking this cat. This is you. So we took that cat home and then my wife got cancer was awful. She spent 155 nights in hospital terrible thing. The cat kind of became my cat because my wife was fighting for life. So my wife was Skyping with his cat every night that my wife has her life saved once. Then twice by bone marrow transplant almost dies a second time lives and then the cat dogs. So like, you know when we were in Paris on a trip. So we came home broken heart and we needed to adopt again. So the next time we went to look we were very we were convinced we were gonna get an adult cat. We didn’t want to fit 13 year old cat because we don’t want our hearts broken again. And I would recommend seeing your cat and I don’t want to speak against any of that because I know you guys have success with senior cat adoptions where people love these animals. I see tripod animals, blind and all sorts of animals and he loved but this kitten kiss me on the nose and it was alright. I was with 150 cats over three days, and it just wasn’t a connection. And this kitten kiss me and it’s the right cat. So we didn’t I wouldn’t say recommend adopting a kitten my wife didn’t want to kit but was the I don’t want to train a kid. I want like, let’s get bonded pair you know something where they poop in the box and somebody like you that’s loved them and touch them, you know, they’re going to be more, but we brought a kitten home. And it’s been a great decision. And I would show you a picture of Kitty but it makes me cry. So I’m not going to do it. I


said okay, yeah, using the litter box is pretty much something that can just to automatically, you don’t have to really train

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:56

them. We lost kitty six years ago and I still can’t talk about it. That’s how awful it is. I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, yeah, you know, so people with their cats. So when I can get the Chesapeake feline sociation to get this kind of a relationship. Come on out, help these people and adopt and thanks for your volunteerism, and jumping in the car and run over here at short notice and trying to promote the cats.

Jaclene Commers  21:14

Yeah, thank you guys for having us there. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:16

know you show me more. I know you would. Yeah, just


speak feline and saliva one, three C, you know, nonprofit organization. We’re all volunteers. And you know, this is where our heart is. And you know, we’re always looking for more volunteers. Oh, Karen.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:29

She’s one of the good ones from Dundalk. All right. I will do that. We’re all good ones from Dundalk. We’d like to say that we stick together. Jacqueline commerce is here. Carrie McCall is here there for the Chesapeake feline Association. And the crab cake is here courtesy of the chef in the back in the kitchen. I got some green beans and some baked potato here. Big doings on New Year’s Eve Apicta wins all month through the holiday up here at Hollywood casino Perryville Christian makes way better pics to me each and every day. I have a pen play card that I pulled out of my pocket as well. Come on up and enjoy the bands, great concerts. Great bands good DJ here tonight as well. And we’re sending a get well out to our friends with Petticoat Junction who couldn’t make it here tonight. And Kirk McEwan get out play some Tom Petty put that hat on Kurt. We’re gonna sign off I gotta give you guys what scratch offs Do you want? You’re such nice ladies. You come out of your take care of debt. You want to peppermint pay out? You want an Oh snap. You want a sit like a ball or a snap? Unwrap the gift or do you want the traditional ravens scratch off? Oh snap one I think the Ravens All right we got a Ravens and and Oh snap. There you go gingerbread cookie for you. Ravens ticket for her. I can’t give you three. I’m gonna give you one. You’re fine. You’re 18 right. Just make it sure. All right, listen. And listen. And this is a public service announcement. Game responsibly. But here’s the thing. Make it How was your kid? 16 You can’t put these inner stuff stuff a stocking stuffer. Okay, don’t do that. It’s against the law. That’s gonna say that. You know, I say this. Hola my wife, right and her sister. But her sister when they were kids, their parents did illicit things with lottery tickets around the holidays, putting them into stockings. Her sister one she was eight years old. $100 went and blew it. You know, this is a 1982 story. But it’s a cautionary tale for the Maryland lottery. So there. And


even for people that don’t have time to adopt a cat you know, I mean, we are taking donations and stuff like that. And like Jacqueline said, Just come in loving on them. You can always just help foster

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:28

its own Kitty Cafe. Basically pretty much without the food. I’ll bring coffee. Alright girl from rural farms. Where do you find cats? So good, good for you. Alright, they’re saving cats lives. You know, we’re just talking about football and have fun around here. I’m trying to figure out the Maryland stadium authority situation Tom Kelso was scheduled to join us today he’s under the weather so we got to promote cats. We get to talk more about the Hollywood casino I get to spend more time with mag and we’re gonna have some good times up here promoting the Maryland lottery enter friends at window nation 866 90 nation a word wacky yet also wanna give a shout out to Len Raskin from Rascon global giving me the you know he crabs but this is a this is for drink beer. This is a beer. This is a beer opener and a crab claw. So Rascon globin empowering people to choose their financial future. Also our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care. I’m dropping the gavel like Richard share on square off. We’re signing off on behalf of our feline friends just be feline Association. And Amy and Jonathan and Christian up here at Hollywood Casino. I’m Nestor we are WNS da and 5070, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive and saving cats lives.

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