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Seth Elkin and Nestor discuss the rash of Orioles homers benefiting Home Run Riches winners and waiting on every grand slam when the bases are loaded. Big money. Big fun. Every night the Birds play!


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Seth Elkin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn S T am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive instead of pointing at the Baltimore positive, I’ve been doing this lately. It’s my little PacMan game that I play here. Our friends at the Maryland lottery have given me the Pac Man giveaways. We’re going to be giving these away in the Maryland crab gate tour. Next week we’re going to be a green mount bowl next to green mount station next to where you can wager and do horse right but all of them you can bowl I even duckpin bowling, and we’re gonna be doing the show. They’re talking about the horse racing industry, my pal, David Richardson and we’re going to have crit real crabcakes and I promise you that I’m not going to Hampsten without having to crabcakes premium station. You Oreos play at 4pm. And on the West Coast against Mike Trout. And the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I’ll be giving these way. There at Greenmount station that happens next Wednesday Friday. We’re going to be at fadeless at the new Lexington market. We were there last Friday. We’ll be there next Friday. Every Friday the Orioles are there except maybe one in June. We’re gonna be there from two until five Luke joins us there. I will have PacMan scratch offs to get away. Also our friends at Liberty pure solutions keeping my water very, very clean here for me. So my engine is running clean because I got all these crab cake tour dates out and our friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care, keep my car clean, make sure the oil stays clean and that. So if you get the crab cake tour out on the road, presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery, Seth elkon is my old pal for the Marylander. Now John Martin usually comes on sometimes Doug brings some winners on we had just a great great winter story on the Ravens a winner for 20 years last month. We had a visitor here we had Barbra Jean last year coming on and talking to us about a homerun riches and Seth I skip you Pittsburgh week a lot of folks you know know of our little cameos we make around here. Do you have a Clemente jersey?


Seth Elkin  01:50

I do not I’ve got the startle Jersey as you will know from last year. I purposely didn’t bring it since we skipped pirates week this week. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:59

I saw a picture of pops and Pete Rose the night before the 73 All Star game. Let me know where the 73 hours to think about where the 73 All Star game on Kansas City maybe I don’t even over but either way which is great period peace picture of them at a cocktail party really dressed to the nines. Do Willie Stargell look like Clyde Frazier, he had this pinstripe suit on he looks killer. Like I looked at him. I’m like I want that suit Willie, you know, but but Willie Stargell, we have a little bit of a sort of relationship here in Baltimore. Black

Seth Elkin  02:32

and Gold is how I remember him. I don’t know, the only pinstripes I remember with those pinstripe jerseys that they wore in the late 70s, which you can actually buy one now I saw them that they they for the longest time you couldn’t find them. You could buy a black one or a gold one, but you couldn’t get that that pinstripe version from the late 70s. But now you can. So I

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:50


must confess to you first off. It was a rough weekend in Pittsburgh for the Orioles. You know that was rough weather weekend in Pittsburgh for Pittsburgh and for Oriole fans there as well. So we can get to all of that and we can do our usual Steelers, who’s your quarterback Russell? Well, we can do all of that. But I will say this I’m going to show you a little bit of respect. And because the Pac Man tickets are gold in a very nature. I found myself in Fort Myers, Florida since last time we took about three weeks ago. The Orioles are playing the Red Sox and that last spring training games like Friday night, I went down to JetBlue ballparks I wanted to say it was like a spaceship landed there when you go inside looks like Fenway Park. It’s weird that it’s been there. 10 years is one of the parks I really wanted to see. And I went there I was out in the outfield. Beautiful nights sunsetting was you know, 70 degrees Florida, South Florida. And I looked at my left and there’s a guy sitting on the grass and right field and he’s wearing a pirate hat. And it’s all alone. Having a beer enjoying himself probably was from one of the in yinz and not one of the answers. And I went over to him and I’m wearing my Luis Aparicio. Gray 1969 White Sox Have you seen this jersey?


I don’t think so. No.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:03

Oh, hold on. I think I might be able to reach it. I don’t know if I can reach it. If I can reach it because I have it right off set. Let me see. Yeah, hold on. I’m gonna have it set. I’m gonna I’m gonna get it for you. Hold on. I’m gonna come back to you want to wear it or to show it

Seth Elkin  04:16

to you? Because he had I known about this. Jersey. It’s


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:19

better on me. This is my Louis. I was wearing this. Okay, that’s nice. So yeah, it’s pretty sweet. Right? So I’m wearing this it actually has the it has this really cool patch on it. If you go and look, it was a 1969 jersey was the 100th anniversary Major League Baseball was 69 you can find Bowie Kuhn doing wearing all sorts of things. And the 69 All Star game was in was in DC, give me a little baseball history while we do some Maryland lottery somewhere in this and I’m out in the outfield. My hair is out. You know people are looking they can lose a weirdo in that cool jersey. So I bought that on the internet for like 58 bucks. So like really value. So I see the guy in the pirate hat. And I went over to him and it was not just A pirate hat. It was the 71 Clemente you know that Danny Murtaugh you know pre Chuck Tanner wasn’t just gold. Yeah mustard mustard go with the be very understated my dad own that hat for some reason. My dad liked that hat. Well, you know, it was sort of the rich early Richie Hebner 7273 Bill Matlock. Before that I’m trying to think who who the play Oh al Oliver maybe like in that era, right? Maybe even a little Jerry Jerry Rice but either way. Yeah, I’m just thinking of that Eric They got all the baseball cards 7373 74 Because it’s such a good looking hat. I turned to him. And it’s an Oriole Red Sox game. I looked at him and I said, I’m from Baltimore. I hate everything about Pittsburgh. But that’s a great hat. That’s an awesome hack. And he said, Thanks, do you know so it was like one of those things. So we had a moment at a moment with a Pittsburgh person. And by the way, I want to throw this to you. Did you attend our night of heroes 10 years ago, when I brought Mike Tomlin and, uh, Brian Billick and John Harbaugh all together. I was not there. No. Are you familiar that this existed? Vaguely? Yes. It is featured at the end because it came later in my life. But the 25th anniversary documentary is released at five oh wait, next Thursday the 25th and it has Mike Tomlin your guy delivering a very special message. Okay.

Seth Elkin  06:35

I will definitely check that out.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:36

I think it was a good plug. Yeah, Seth Elkins here from Norway. So I cannot begin to tell you what to say about the pirates beating the Orioles before we get to homerun riches. Ah, it

Seth Elkin  06:47


was a fun series you know, that opening weekend that opening day game was not so great the weather was was pretty foul that day but a couple of nice days after that and and nice to see them take two or three in their in their season home opener. So was happy about that Gunnar Henderson wasn’t so happy if he hadn’t made that bobble, maybe the pirates don’t win that last one. But, you know, good start to the season for the pirates had a good start to the season last year too. And I made the mistake of saying out loud heavy of the best record in the national league. And it all kind of fell apart after that. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:21

April baseball is different. Right. And I guess the other part of that series specifically, it’s just kind of a shame that that I mean, the Phillies are coming down here in June, it’s going to be you know, like these regional series when we get together with the pirates. That will be a much more fun series to go up to Pittsburgh for a weekend in June or July, I think, you know, during regatta that would be say that right? Pretty close. Yeah. I could go back and fake it for a week and have a Pittsburgh home run riches. I mean, America lottery you mentioned and you’ll be honest with me, Doug, always is that your ravens tickets have become by far the biggest Second Chance everybody wants to win to get on the plane trip with ro Quan Smith and haven’t bring cheesecake to like the specialty things. But oh, Ron Richards is one of those things. And I’ll say this out. Loud I would say this If Cal Ripken were sitting or is that one of the owners. For years, I think the baseball brand has been devalued by losing. Certainly you’ve taught at Pittsburgh. And you know the difference between the football team and the baseball team there that winning matters a lot. I would think that homerun riches is picked up a lot. It’s in front of people more people are watching more people are there. They’re hitting more home runs. And every time the bases are loaded. I think it you dirty dogs at the Maryland lottery, I think five grand five grand five grand. So you at least you know, the Grand Slam thing adds a little special sauce because we love the bases a lot around here with 15 hits Seth.

Seth Elkin  08:45

Now we’re we’re we have a lot of fun with this. And you’re right I think right after ravens people eagerly anticipate this contest every year to people who are baseball fans, they know it’s coming. And as soon as spring training starts, we start hearing from people hey, when can I enter to be contestant to the game. And the other thing that happens too is because it gets mentioned on the game broadcasts. We start hearing from people during the games, they’ll email and they’ll say hey, how do I get to be a part of that? Because they see it mentioned and particularly they see it mentioned when the Orioles hit so many home runs which they have been as we’re speaking now it’s four games in a row that the Orioles have hit three home runs, which is the first time they’ve done that in 11 years.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:25

So the way money given away Jamarcus money that’s where he is he’s hidden beard. He’s still busy giving the money away. But he still won for all the


Seth Elkin  09:33

winners. So we’ve we’ve had we’ve had a nice little run here just to go through who those those winners are.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:39

I see their names every night and I was gonna bring this up with John. We had somebody from Pennsylvania the other day

Seth Elkin  09:45

we get out of state people right and nice little run here Mariana Johnson from Oakland Maryland so that’s almost out of state all the way out in the west.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:54


Oh no, no up in Oakland good people out there. I’ve thought some downtown the thrift shopping there and I love If, if there’s ever a place in a state that you want to get you, how often do you drive home to Pittsburgh?

Seth Elkin  10:06

Probably once or twice a year, I’m going to give you

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:09

a really cool thing to do. All right. And it’s going to sound very, very crunchy granola. But this is, you know, one of the reasons America louder sponsors means I do go from Ocean City to Oakland. And I’ve done this the last couple of summers. And I’ve discovered like, I’d never been to Deep Creek Lake. I had never been past Cumberland. I mean, so many amazing, you know, the fishing out there. Like all this stuff that’s available out there. It’s a place called swallow Falls Park is literally a waterfall. And it’s a very, very manageable Park. It’s got a pathway that’s very flat. It’s not like weird or anything. There’s not even a lot of bugs because of the moving water. It’s the most beautiful place in the state and out like, so I’ll go Ocean City. I’ll go Inner Harbor Key Bridge, all the things we love here and all the VISTAs. I would tell you that it’s in Western Maryland, just outside Oakland, just a little West called swallow Falls State Park. It’s beautiful. So there have added Oakland it’s it’s it’s nice territory out there that’s nicer than Oakland, California, I promise you I’ve been to both right

Seth Elkin  11:13

on the edge of the Appalachians there. So it’s kind of feels like home territory. To me the the landscape out how much money she when it was $2,000. So each one of these where they’ve had three home runs, you get $500 If you’re selected as a contestant in the game, and then you get $500 for each homerun the Orioles hit in your game. Unless it’s a Grand Slam. We haven’t had one of those yet. But it’s $5,000 this year. Well,


Nestor J. Aparicio  11:37

we’re gonna have several grand slams. We had six last year. Right. Is that right?

Seth Elkin  11:42

And there have been so far. It’s still early, but there have been 16 opportunities for Orioles hitters with the bases loaded through the magic of baseball reference. I can tell you that you and I when we were growing up.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:55

I was wondering like are you reading from the Did I give you a press pass and Brett Hollanders says like a reading from the press no

Seth Elkin  12:02


base baseball reference. You and I when we were growing up all we had was the backs of baseball cards right? So now listen,

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:07

I have Barry bloom on all the time. And if you can google Barry bloom BL O M He’s a wonderful young old timers John Steadman would say my 25th anniversary next week, but I used to read his work and the baseball digest me and I’m at baseball family, you know this. It’s one of the you and I would have a lot of fun going to a ballgame together because we’d sit and talk ball. But like, and I like people that can talk ball like Like, like, I hate that you have a Willie Starzl jersey. I would love you more if you had a Clemente one, like I would you know what I mean? Even I have a Clemente shirt. I’m wild. While we honor Jackie Robinson this week, that’s cool, too. But like, give me some Clemente love so but you know, I guess the history of the game. And you know in Grand Slams and numbers and stats and now new stats, you know launch angle and spin rate and you know all the stuff that Luke twirls my way and all that stuff. But we do come from an era where like, we were starving for any little my dad bought sporting news every week, because it had all the box scores, and he could see what Ted Sizemore did two weeks ago for the Cardinals. You know,

Seth Elkin  13:18

I had some of those same experiences. Yeah, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:20

see. Yeah, that’s why you you know how many grand slams and you’ll be the one texting me now the middle we had a grand slam and somebody wins five grand so and you know, the one night we hit one more hit too if you watch Mark my words on that.


Seth Elkin  13:33

So you mentioned six grand slams last season. Here’s the interesting thing. To me again, through the magic of baseball reference, I would have lost much of my childhood to this website, if it existed when I was a kid, Colton Couser off to that great start, right? He has had six grand slam opportunities this season, he’s hit four home runs. So far as we’re speaking, he hasn’t hit a grand slam yet. But he’s been up to the plate six times with the bases loaded. So every time that happens, you got an opportunity for whoever our contestant in the game is to to end up winning $5,000. So to me that really kind of ramps up the excitement every time the bases are loaded. It gets interesting for us around here.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:12

Well, you know, I’m not I’ve never been a sports wager would have been the number one reason they would have taken my press credential away. I’ve said that many, many times that if I were involved in any of that, so I had never wager but I did put a tweet out the other night on Tuesday night after they got 50 units. I said, I’d like to bet on how many times they will get 15 hits this year, this team so bad home runs are one thing and they hit a couple of those every night to write giveaway John Martin in the Maryland lotteries money in the homerun riches game, but from from a hit standpoint, that would be some weird exotic thing where I’d look at them and say, are they going to have 15 hits 10 More times this year. 12 more times? Because man they hit the ball they really and that’s what makes homerun riches even more exciting this year because they hit the ball man.

Seth Elkin  14:56

Yeah, it’s it’s been great watching the ball fly out of the park and Like we say we’ve had a bunch of a bunch of this burst of three homerun games we mentioned Mariana Johnson. He also got Melanie Bordeaux from Delta Pennsylvania one $2,000 Christopher Ruth from white Marcia $2,000 winner and Gloria masse from Atlanta. $2,000 winner for the three home runs. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:16


that’s the whole extent extend on this Oakland, white mark you got everywhere in the state. Always

Seth Elkin  15:23

interesting to me to see where that where the winners are from. I’m looking at the rest of the games in April. We’ve got contestants of the game from District heights Sykesville Baltimore, Chester town, great Mills, tiny town, Perry Ville, Silver Springs, St. Charles all over the map. So a lot of fun, a lot of Orioles fans and a lot of attention on this team as they get started to hopefully on the way to another great season. Gonna be tough to top 101 wins, but they’re certainly off to a great start. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:51

we talked a lot about the homeruns and have fun and every time Luke says they’re hidden a lot of home runs, I’m like, they move the fence back. You know, they move the fence back significantly, but they’re hitting them the other way load up on the left handers. And you know, I don’t know if you noticed that when we holiday Sanabria so we’re doing the Holiday thing around here at some point he’ll hit one to Seth Alcon is here he is. What what is your official title Chief Communications at the

Seth Elkin  16:16

Vice President’s pretty close Managing Director of Communications.


Nestor J. Aparicio  16:20

I mean, I knew his communications. He’s communicating with us and communicating through the language of PacMan Ross hooked me up with these Pac Man scratch offs. We did have some winners last week at fake news on Friday. I had a guy gave me a ticket to he came up to me wanted me to cash it out for him. I’m like, No, I don’t have two bucks. I can’t do that. You know, but literally, and I did I downloaded right on the spot. I downloaded the Maryland lottery app. And I use that to say whether he was wondering though, if he had won or not, as they give me a second year, boom, boom, boom, I’m like, sorry, not a winner. Second Chance, you know, get all that going on. Tell me about the PacMan game a little bit cuz I am giving these out. And I did have a guy asked me you did I win or not. I’m like, Well, I’m not going to count the cherries. But let me just zap it the way my wife does with the app. So it’s a little bit of a teaching point for me and for the audience. But I’ll be giving these out Greenmount station in Greenville bowl on Wednesday before the Orioles angels game. And then on Friday, we’ll be down to fadeless at Lexington market with Luke before the the Oakland Athletics, the Sacramento athletics come to town. We

Seth Elkin  17:23

love these nostalgia tickets. And that’s one of the great things about Scratch off tickets. And I think part of the reason that they they are such a big part of our sales portfolio is they sell so well is because you’re able to do things with the artwork and the designs of the tickets you can base them on nostalgic things that people remember like Batman. I mean, last year, you remember, we had a Frogger ticket. So again, harkens back to that early 80s video game thing that a lot of us remember, and Pac Man taps into that as well. Maybe next year we do a Donkey Kong ticket. I don’t know. I don’t know. Whoa,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:57

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that was my game there now little jumping over the fire balls and going up the ladders. Do you know how much pizza I ate Ricardos a pizza at East Point mall how many quarters went into that machine? How many cannoli that I went to? And here’s the weird thing and I said this the job when we started with Pac Man, like I was an addict right listening to Joan Jett and listen to the triumph at the arcade, playing PacMan playing Mrs. PacMan. I was never a gulag I was never a space, little space invaders. But like, for me, Donkey Kong. Pac Man was a gateway drug the Donkey Kong for me. But I played a lot of Donkey Kong and then burger time I owned the burger time machine. Like the kind of machine you’re giving away right to talk about this and given away big things and big prizes. I have a baseball idea before we leave. So we gotta go back to baseball because I have a homerun riches idea for you for next year. But but the Pac Man thing it’s um, I everybody’s play Pac Man like I when I give them out people light up to get them. I was overcast this two weeks ago. While they were much they fell short. But I was over Costas when I had a 10 times winner when I did the show over there with John Allen it was a $2 winner they cashed it in to get a PacMan ticket because they love the Pac Man tickets they want to play

Seth Elkin  19:16


this game. It’s those kinds of things are what will draw people to make a scratch off purchase. So those those licensed properties when we’re able to to get access to them and use them it’s the same thing. You know, with the Ravens tickets, people will buy a ticket because it has the Ravens logo on it. And it’s and also because they want to be part of that second chance contest that we talked about all the time. And Pac Man as you mentioned as a second chance contest attached to it as well. We just gave away the first $2,500 prize in the Pac Man Second Chance contest. It’s Amber Adams from Dundalk. Maybe you know it right down the street.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:51

I know what Adams family from Dundalk Dalton, I mean, I don’t mean yet like that. The Adams. I know the Addams Family Dundalk. I do it. I have several Addams families in Dundalk. So

Seth Elkin  20:02

she was our first $2,500 winner. We’ve got no real

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:06

fans now that I’m thinking about it. Like one of them’s mom was an usher there forever. And the other one he’s over coaching UMBC soccer. But he’s there


Seth Elkin  20:15

you go. It’s it’s, we love giving away prizes to people, you know?

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:19

Well, there you go. I feel like So listen, I gotta go backwards on the baseball thing here for just one minute because from my home run riches. And I’m thinking about, you know, people there, you’re like, charged communications. And I know, John, I’ll bring this up with him because I did think about this. She has experiential things with football, like getting on a plane and stuff. I’m thinking we need more experiential baseball. I think I need to take BP at Camden yard. You know what I mean? Like, I’m thinking experiential. Now, you know, I think I don’t want to pitch the gunner Henderson.

Seth Elkin  20:49

Ah, those are some great ideas. Yeah, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:51


don’t want to pitch the gun or head or so. But maybe I want to.

Seth Elkin  20:55

Not the way he’s hitting. He’s coming home runs left and right. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:59

began Wednesday morning show with Luke. I said, Does your neck hurt? He’s like, What are you talking about? I said, Man, 15 it’s the home runs the next jerk and back and forth like a tennis match. I said, you know, we’re just hitting the baseball around here. What else is going on with the lottery other than Pac Man and? And Donkey Kong maybe next year? Do you ever do BurgerTime I’m in. But I mean, but you’re giving away the big machine though, right? I

Seth Elkin  21:21

don’t want to raise false hope. So I don’t know what what our next video game tie in will be. But we’ve had a lot of fun. Certainly with those. As you mentioned, we gave away Frogger arcade machines last year, we’re gonna give away a Pac Man arcade machine, there’s still two more drawings left in the Pac Man. Second Chance promotion. On May 6, we’re going to or the deadline actually is May the sixth on May 7, we’ll draw another $2,500 winner and then your deadline to be in for that drawing for the arcade machine. The Pac Man Machine is May 27. And on May 28, we will draw the Second Chance winner for that and give away a Pac Man home arcade machine. So you’ll know Then whose house you need to go knock on the door have to go play some Pac Man? How much? Well,


Nestor J. Aparicio  22:06

yeah, you know, I I played a machine at the CFG Bank Arena. A couple months ago, I was in their vault. They had this beautiful party room. And I got invited. Mike Rosenfeld, our partner here web connection, who was our Chief Digital Officer, my dude invited me for it was at the journey toto concert, and I had a PacMan machine. It was brand new, you know, it’s really a new machine. And it’s like a new car smelled new, felt new. The joysticks really sticky on the new ones, you need to work that the joystick needs to get broken in so you don’t get caught. You know, because your mind is like, I want to go here, but the joystick doesn’t do you know, so you have to learn how to use the joystick. So that would be my warning for whoever wins the prize. Play it a lot. But this isn’t one of the problems like you as a kid. If you had baseball references that a baseball digest. If I had a Pac Man Machine in my house in 1981 I wouldn’t have a radio show right now. Seth Alcon he is at the Maryland lottery. They are they’re kind enough to give us these Pac Man scratch offs to give away as well as partnering with us for all the things we do from Ocean City to Oakland and Maryland crab cake tour. Moving that thing around. I’m setting up dates into May and June right now very exciting. Thomas Dolby is coming out and doing the show. We’re gonna be fadeless each and every Friday that the Oreos are home from two of the five and we’re live. Luke is going to join us as well. We had Sheila Dixon and Shannon Sneed last week running for public office, doing a lot of that this month, also doing a lot of lift the city stuff as we get a whole lot more people, even Seth alkanet that famous pirates fan is gonna go see the Orioles because homerun riches. It is fun having like a really relevant baseball team when you love baseball, even if you’re not an Oreo guy, right. So

Seth Elkin  23:44

it really is. And I think just I’ve always sort of had a soft spot for the Orioles. I got one side of my family that’s from here originally. So spent some time here as a little kid. And it was always fascinating to me back then. Because it was before interleague play, so I never got to see the American League teams unless I came here. And so I always kind of enjoyed it. And of course, ever since the Camden Yards opened, I had a chance to go there. In 92 the first year that it opened I went to a game and you just taken with the place right from the beginning there’s not a bad seat in the house and I’ve sat all over the place in there and it’s it’s just a great park and a great experience. And even as we talked about this last year, the atmosphere there really ramped up you could feel last year when you went that there was an extra charge there was an extra energy because people know that the team has built its way back to being a competitive team to be a contending team and being relevant and the product on the field is justifying the the desire that people have to go out and catch a ballgame. So it’s a lot of fun to be part of that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:48

I’m Johnny Bravo when you now under new ownership here with Camden Yards behind me and I’m thinking, you, you look you know you have Cal Ripken hair. I’m just gonna say to get his style. I would think you would look phenomenal and In an 83 Cal Ripken throwback with a script Oriole on the front, like the Eddie Murray Cal Ripken era 83 Rick Dempsey I think on a nice white nice clean white home jersey for you little piping on there from the 80s and make you feel a little bit more at home with your pirates thing from the 70s I think you should go with that. What

Seth Elkin  25:19


do you thought about it? You know, they have the they have the one that the one that I liked. They have a black batting practice jersey that says or doesn’t have his name on it, but it says Orioles and number eight it’s 190s.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:27


Seth Elkin  25:28

I mean, it’s fine. It’s my kind of way. I kind of like to look at it matches Donald thing, but that’s fine. Okay, it matches the black of my Willie Stargell jersey. So, you know, I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:35

a little stuck with Clemente and I will have, you know, I mean, just yeah, don’t mention Moreno to Colton, we don’t talk about that around here. South Elgin is with the Maryland lottery. He tries to torture me about 1979 as well as dropping two out of three two weekends ago. Our friends at the Maryland lottery give me these PAC man’s to give away. I still have one or two of the 10 times the cash as well. I just have lottery tickets. It’s on the lottery guy now. I’ll see a cream outstation are famous for doing the Maryland crab cake tour. I am Nestor we are wn SDA and 1570 the hits keep coming. We’re Baltimore positive

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