Throwing the red flag on poor decisions by John Harbaugh

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After another pair of bizarre moments with clock management, time outs and throwing the red challenge flag without any evidence of a penalty, Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the in-game coaching strategies and many mistakes of John Harbaugh and other NFL head coaches after the Ravens OT win over the Los Angeles Rams.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back wn S T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into just the good times, man. It’s holidays. I just did a big segment on gratitude with my pal Bill Cole. I want to give him muscle gratitude for the mug that has my royal farms, coffee and coal roofing been around since 1919. And my pal came out last week the State Fair and we had a beautiful holiday event over gertrudes also visited with Dan Rogers and Odette ROM was head of Deacon crabcake all the stuff going on was Sagan and Ron Cassie talking Oriole baseball. We have these Oriole news. We have the stadium stuff going on. We have a new closer and Craig Kimbrel will go talk to baseball with Luke Jones as well. But right now we’re going to get back into football and Luke and I have been skirting around the horrible issue and certainly not skirting around the seriousness of the rest of the schedule. Jacksonville San Francisco, this sort of good fortune and good luck and hard work. It was a great football game on Sunday. And we’re going to be getting together on Friday with Jeanne shock over at a foreign daughter I’m wearing my curio shirt This is the baseball I gotta get the football when the purple one we’re gonna be giving away Maryland lottery scratch offs on Friday afternoon two to five at far and data right on York Road just south of Tony rotini shock is going to join us we’ll be talking about gifting cannabis for the very first time and I’m going to be gifting lottery tickets, smoke snaps and peppermint payouts and unwrapped the cash some of them smell like peppermint smoke smell a lot like gingerbread our friends at the wind donation 866 90 nation making it happen. You buy two you get two free 0% financing for five years into the new year and Jiffy Lube multi care wise markets next Monday in in honey go from noon to three gonna be hanging out doing some eggnog gonna be doing some crab cakes, and then we’re gonna be fadeless at the end of the month on the 28th I gotta cut a new commercial make myself a reminder. Luke. Ah, you know, from a leadership standpoint, we’re horrible isn’t all of this and all the biblical and all of the grandstanding and treating the media as though they’re, you know, his teammates in the postgame after a victory? Not so much after a loss. My own personal dealings have far less integrity than I really wanted him to have him that his predecessors have had, in lots of ways. On a personal level. I’m just watching this horrible thing. And I’m watching the red flags and I’m watching the use of timeouts. And I just I, I wrote something and I’m gonna write this in a column this but I want to read what I wrote because I want to do it word for word because I you know, sometimes I put this stuff out on social media and like I own a radio station. I don’t even say it on the radio. And I’m, I’m totally going to read this. But Dear Steve shotty. I know he’s a wonderful manager of sometimes WOBEGON players in humans, and does the mind game of getting his team ready to play better than anyone. But does it ever come up during your annual evaluative process? Just how horrible John horrible is within game management of the clock timeouts and challenges and how it can be better managed, wondering for ravens flock and Ravens fans who don’t have access anymore to ask you the legitimately tough questions and wondering if your general manager Derrick Acosta is witnessing this more intimately from his new weekly positioning within shouting distance of the head coach on the sidelines. I wrote that at halftime after the timeout and they didn’t really try to get a touchdown. They were trying to play for three which I found to be a little interesting at that point in the game. And, and then the red flag comes out in the last two minutes. There’s this phantom he stepped out of bounds. He was mouthed on TV saying he stepped out of bounds before he caught the ball. John said that then they I’ll tell you what, Fox I hate most of what Fox does, but boy, they cover the mouths of I mean, they get intense close ups, probably pissing off Chad steel owners, all of that, but Fox TV gets their face down in there. And you could see John say, I effed up into his mic to his coaches. And I And after they win like that, I get that it’s different. But boy, it’s, it’s not good. I don’t know what else to say. Because in the moment, you’re watching it in the whole world watching it. And we’re like, Don’t you guys have a system for that?

Luke Jones  04:40

Yeah, look, first and foremost. I’m not sure that it’s very good around the league i And look, John Harbaugh in this coaching staff. They make their mistakes. Sean McVeigh made mistakes and he’s considered a genius right and he won a Super Bowl two years ago. The Rams had some clock and plake play calling issues, things of that nature. I guess I’m not as moved by this as you are because I watched the rest of the NFL and I see, other veteran coaches have the same issues.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:11

As far as won Super Bowls by not doing this for the most part, and every time Belichick screwed up all three or 430 years, it’s magnified. And this happens with John a lot. And I

Luke Jones  05:25

looked, it doesn’t happen with John more than other great coaches, though. I mean, do you have statistical evidence for that? Because I think

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:32

I think St. John’s could be better at it. How about that? Sure.

Luke Jones  05:35

I would say the same thing about probably 29 other coaches in

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:39

the NFL. So it’s like saying everybody on my block is overweight. So it’s a you know, it’s a sort of like, we’re all we all have that. I’m not

Luke Jones  05:45

dissing white, but I do. I think it’s this thing that’s plaguing this football team, while they’re 10 and three. So you know, if we just want to say John Harbaugh was an idiot and the Ravens winning in spite of him, then we just don’t have anything to talk about then. And I’m not I’m not saying you I’m saying

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:00

that criticism, because any question he gets a team prepared to play, he motivates, he celebrates, he acts like a teenager, like he he’s, I mean, you talk about the Billy Joel song, the stranger where he’s got 50 masks, he puts on, full of BS for, as far as I’m concerned, on a personal level, knowing him two decades, I don’t buy it, I see it as almost professional wrestling manager s where there’s a role to play a master where a thing to say, a lord to praise, you know, people to motivate of all different kinds. And then there’s the job of like being the head coach in the game and making decisions. And he’s not the offensive coordinator. He’s not the defense coordinator. And I don’t think he even feels well versed enough to even discuss those things, especially offensively defensively, maybe more over the years where he would discuss strategy, but as far as scheming and offense, I don’t think that’s John’s thing at all. And I don’t hear him talk a lot about it in a thing like that. But so game management, clock management, and last few minutes, and distance and field goals and special teams thoughts that would go through his head about managing in that way. I hear all of that I just I throwing red flags out in the last few minutes when it’s against the rules, as they would say and slapshot. And everybody knows that the announcers know that Blandino come they all come on. And then John, and the answer is, well, they just roll the clock on me like, that’s almost like Patrick mahomes saying, the guy stepping come on board playing reality here. We’re not playing your fantasy world of what really happened. When you had timeouts when you had the ball before halftime where you played for three points and didn’t even get a shot at it. Just and to your point with MC fe, I want to answer that MC Fe twice yelled into his said what is going on? Wow thought No. He said How the f did that happen? That’s a man, how the f did that happen? I’m yelling into my head said John, how the after that happened. And every fan is yelling into their heads and how to after that happened. And John sang down the pipeline. I effed up. I mean, I hope he at least acknowledges is a Monday, Monday afternoon, if you get back in the car and drive over there, that this was not a good decision. And he’s in charge of it. And he makes more money than anybody else. And it’s been a consistent problem for 15 years, and that they should do something to rectify it. I mean, that that’s all and if they lose a playoff game because of it. It’s all we’re going to talk about, like book show, Walter, who you revere and love and we all know I love his wife more than him at this point. But I, your book, let Zack Britton there and we’re still talking about it years later. Horrible has made a video a long time. It’s it’s his Achilles heel. It’s his left hand. It’s the thing that he needs the most help with. And I know him personally look to intimately in some cases that you know, there he’s a rocket about what he’s a rocket about. And I don’t know where this will only be shot. He could be mad enough to say, Dude, get get someone in here, get get someone in here. That’s great at it. That can be you. Because when you’re down there, and Eric’s down there. It’s just I don’t like the way it looks. I don’t like the optics of it. And I don’t like the reality that it might cost us a game because we’re not good at it. We’re not getting better at it.

Luke Jones  09:32

Well, look, I’m not saying they’re good at it. I guess my point of contention is that who is the who are the teams that are great at it is my question. I see these issues across the league, including Sean McVeigh who won a Super Bowl including Andy Reid, who’s won a couple of Super Bowls at this point. Andy Reid’s been known for that going back to his days in Philadelphia in the late

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:51

breaded in the horrible like a thoroughbred. So,

Luke Jones  09:55

let’s, instead of speaking in generalizations, let’s look at the I assume we’re talking about two situations on Sunday right the end of the first hash and, and the touchdown drive. These

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:08

are the first steps for me none of this is any of the coaching or leadership right now. I want to talk about full of manure, which I believe in to be in certain cases. But this is just about the six timeouts God gives you right? And the red flag in your pocket and your ability to affect the game when you throw it not on some second down run that that’s a first quarter like you know, crazy things that you could value in a casino the value of that red flag and the value of these timeouts and when it’s optimal to use it and when even you’re at home and you have your I don’t know who their Larry Rosen is because I’m not allowed to know these things anymore. But Larry had it all rigged up and piss Billick off royally over years by now, Philip was always upset about the replay and the television and inside and what we can see and what we can see show it to the fans get them pissed off, stop the game, rectify, rectify the, you know, the egregious Sins of the officials and a missed call which obvious they’re like all of that supposed to be happening within 12 seconds and video and somebody hitting down the John’s saying, dude, he stepped out of bounds. Or John sitting there and saying, Thank you stepped out of bounds felt felt in my heart like he stepped out of bounds. My Advent divine, whatever the whatever that was told me that my telepathy, he told me he stepped, and everybody in the world said, Why is he throwing the flag? Why is he throwing the flag, he mouthed it on TV, and there was no system there to say, don’t throw it, don’t throw it don’t throw it along with the fact that the rule is you can’t throw it the second time, the first time around, right? Look that that’s just two minute offense, and you want to talk about a two minute offense, you want to have an effective two minute offense, you have the best field goal kicker, you least want to get him a better kick. I mean, if nothing else, give him a better in a range make make it more automatic for him. And they didn’t do a good job. So if you want to talk about the last few minutes, go ahead, you get the floor.

Luke Jones  12:14

Yeah, so enter the first half. And we talked about this in our previous segment with this offense. I still think this is an offense that while it’s played at a very high level, I think they are still getting caught in between what they really want to do. And I think that happened on the two minute drive. I think they had designs and thoughts and they had a start of a two minute drill that was really going well. And then what I guess Lamar throws the 10 yard completion to Bateman. It’s under a minute at that point in time it’s first intent from the 18th that he throws an incompletion throws a pass to Aguilar from one yard. And at that point, they’re kind of in between and saying, Okay, are we going to have enough time here? Yeah, they left the time out on the board. And I’m, I’m not gonna sit here and defend that. But it’s something that I feel that just in a general sense, from a philosophical sense, offensively, they’ve still found themselves in between, I think, as well as Todd Monken has called games at times. We’ve seen that where you can’t quite figure out what they want to be you and I, in a previous segment to kind of debate it where their running game is right now. Statistically, it’s phenomenal. situationally. It’s not as strong in some of those short yardage situations, as it was under Greg Roman a few years ago. So there

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:24

are there Quixote’s to run it.

Luke Jones  13:28

Sure, yeah. I mean, and that’s part of it, too. I mean, as I said to you, and this is something that John Harbaugh got killed for two years ago, as Lamar was hurt. And they went for two against Green Bay, they went for two against who was it? I’m trying to think the other game was a Cleveland, whatever it was, the point was, they were going for two and doing things to try to win games, instead of trying to extend games. And they got crushed for that. And we’ve seen John Harbaugh be more conservative this year, quite frankly, in some of those situations where fourth and one they’ve kicked field goals forth in one. They’ve punted from areas of the field where a few years ago, they would have gone for it. So and there are people who criticize that. And look, I’m not saying what’s right or wrong there. But there’s, there’s discourse over that, right? You’ll have people in the analytics community saying, John Harbaugh is not as aggressive as he used to be. You’ll have old school thinker saying, hey, that’s smart. Take the points. So I’ll hear all that. So enter the first half. I think they got caught in between. I don’t think they manage their time. Well, I agree with you. And the touchdown drive. Let me give you some context here. I’m not saying that this is the truth, but this is what I can relate to you for so I’m going to read John arboles postgame quote, and then I’m going to add to that, so he was asked, you know what exactly happened there that made you challenge to play despite, despite not being loud, allowed to challenge a scoring play, as we all know. And his quote was, it was more about getting the timeout. I thought maybe he stepped out of bounds. I know they look at that, but really what it was, it was just kidding organized. Press on defense, of course, for the two point call for the two point play call, they go fast in those now they don’t give you time really, we all did. But I really wanted to make sure we had the right call. So that’s a way to get a timeout there. By throwing the red flag from 20 yards away now. I saw the same lip reading that you did. I’m not a lip reader. I also know that the NFL puts out the funny lip reading video every year that things will be said that, you know, does it look like you said I bleeped up? Yeah, I’m not gonna deny that. I will say this having spoken to an individual in the locker room, they they did not have a play call in for their defense for the two minute or not the two minute to two point conversion play, which by the way, was a really important play, as it turned out the

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:45

fact that it’s also a management, you don’t have a play call and it is but at the same time, if you don’t have a play call, what are you gonna do there? Burn a timeout,

Luke Jones  15:57

you call a timeout? So do I think John Harbaugh was playing 3d Chess there? In terms of throwing the red flag? People are gonna believe what they’re gonna believe they’re there clearly was mismanaged Eric mismanagement there one way or the other? Because yes, you cannot challenge that. No, they did not have

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:15

a believe it’s a koi play through and thought, let’s just delay the game so I can get my defense together. Didn’t feel that way. Right. And that’s fine. And again, this is not gonna report it that way. Because, you know, he gave me some biblical statement about what an upstanding individual advocate, like all like, I’m not going to report it that way. I don’t think that’s the way I don’t think that’s the truth. Based on what I saw. And based on what I’ve seen for 15 years, I think the truth is, he thought the guy stepped out of bounds. He was trying to play, you know, throw it throw a bomb, right, like just and, you know, a reach with a game on the line? Because he had the timeout, I guess? I don’t know. Well, I don’t know, that’s part of the issue is even if I sat down with him, I don’t know that he’d be honest. They give us an honest answer. I don’t know that he has to be honest anybody anymore. I think it’s, we’re beyond that. We’ve jumped the shark on getting real answers. We’re just sitting here guessing. But I know the result. The result is they sat on a timeout in the first half. And they did something that was a little crazy. In the last two minutes with a timeout. Well,

Luke Jones  17:25

inside five minutes, it was 447 to go. So if they needed to call a timeout there they need to call timeout. I agree with you should have a play call in whether he’s being truthful there or have truthful there. What people are going to decide what they’re gonna say, just call a timeout. Sure, sure. Well, or, you know, you’re gonna get the same result. And you’re just trying to delay things a little bit more, which happened, by the way,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:49

so Hey, dude, how many pitches seen come out? They get their guy warm. Right?

Luke Jones  17:54

Right. So that’s where and look. People are gonna listen to this and say, Oh, you’re being a hardball apologist? I’m, I’m presenting more context to what we saw, in real time, what he said, what one individual said to me after the game who, you know, don’t think they have any reason to be dishonest about it. I mean, and part of this is also John’s also. He has owned up to messing up on occasions like that in the past. I’ve heard him. I’ve heard him flat out say that. Again, to your point, and this is the case with any coach in any press conference. There are truths half truths and damned lies, right. I mean, that’s just

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:35

maybe one thing he’ll admit I’m actually in the media.

Luke Jones  18:39

And I’m not saying I’m not saying that’s okay to lie, either. I’m just saying that’s part of the competitive environment that these guys live in. And they’re that in competitive and they are that stubborn and at times, yeah. Dishonest. So,

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:54

getting Alex Lifeson did a big thing the other night about honesty over a loyalty over honesty. When their friend was dying, and they couldn’t tell anybody in the world they had to pick loyalty over honesty. So they fight that out there all the time based on egos and money and who gets their feelings toward you know, honesty or loyalty which were loyals everything they’re not honest.

Luke Jones  19:19

Yeah. So I mean, look, anyone I’m not going to convince you or anyone else what you know, whether he was telling the truth or whether it’s a half truth or whether he’s just blatantly lying, you know, I mean, it’s people are gonna feel how they’re going to feel about it. It was a mistake regardless, cuz as we said, that’s that’s my only point. He shot. Look, I give him high chapters and books about his excellence and it’s been 10 years late.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:45

He’s very good at what he’s very good at. What the obvious in game management stuff. It just keeps coming up makes December of 2023. He’s been a coach 15 years, and it feels like he’s pretty rocketed about it even in the postgame. to say whatever he said that, and he’s a defensive sort, and he’s a very easily offended sore. You know, I know that that and he’s not quick to say my bad. My mistake. I effed up, he was pretty quick to say that with his on the internal. I don’t think he knows that. I mean, he has to know by now that the whole world saw this interaction that maybe he would say, Yeah, I will do that, again, that wasn’t small, you know, like, just the acknowledgement of that. But the timeout before the first half and eating that, and not going for it. I want to talk about the psychology of that a little bit more, because I do think there’s a point where they are playing more conservatively, right, just in general and that maybe Todd might have to be Todd Monken to some degree to say, John, we don’t want to throw pick six here. We’re all look stupid. Let’s get three you know, it’s raining it’s wet. Let’s not have the game turn on rainy and wet. And justice. He’ll pop the ball up or the I mean, in Lamar did have a couple of balls that hit off a helmets yet. Eric Donald lead at one point, man, that’s when bad ish happens and the ball comes back the other way. So I I wouldn’t even mind hearing that. I mean, honestly, look, I’ll just say this. And I, you know, Brian, and I don’t talk once a week, once a month or whatever. Brian was always really honest. And I got used to that the first 1015 years. So instead, he would just say, we don’t want the ball popping off the head of somebody in the rain. And like, did we play for three? Your god damn right. We played for three? I mean, I want to see a little Nathan. Yeah, I want to see a little Nathan Jessup. You know, I mean, I, I I’m okay with that. And if that’s the way they’re playing, day to time, I mean, I don’t I don’t know what they were doing. And I think when they go back, and they do this on Monday, and this is John’s job to do this, they do internal review, they do quality control, don’t look back at this, and this is John should be beaten up by John or whoever beats John up in the building to say that we’re Monken and say, we’re paying our quarterback $50 million. We’re trying to win the game. Let’s give ourselves a chance to get a better kick, if nothing else on a wet day. That’s all. That’s all.

Luke Jones  22:11

Yeah, I mean, that’s and look, you made mention of who’s responsible for that, in general, I don’t think it’s Todd Monken. Just specifically, I think, over the course of the season them being more conservative, I think it’s been a product of having the best defense in the NFL, quite frankly, compared to where they were a couple years ago where their defense wasn’t as good or was very injured two years ago. And, you know, they were much more aggressive on the offensive side of the ball. So, I mean, believe me, I want to be clear about this. I’m not apologizing away or trying to say that these things are okay. At the same time, I also think it’s important to give the proper context that I’m not sure who all these coaches are around the NFL who are great at doing this consistently. Because I, I just named two Super Bowl active Super Bowl winning coaches who mess up these kinds of things pretty regularly, just like John Harbaugh. So I think the truth is that if we’re taking a step back and looking at it through a more objective lens, and not just a passionate lens, or a tunnel vision on one specific team every week, I think these things are very common around the league. I think the bullets are flying. I think the stakes are very high. I think there’s a lot of information. I think there’s an competency from NFL officiating, that contributes to it at times, which I think happened on at least one of the situations with the chargers, where, you know, with Aguilar with the spot of the ball, you know, even though I still think the Ravens needed to pick up on that much more quickly than they did. And I’m not absolving them entirely. But I think there’s a lot that goes on there compared to when you’re observing it from your couch, or whether you’re a good game manager playing Madden on PlayStation. So and I don’t mean that to be dismissive of it. Again, there’s no question about it. These are the kinds of things that can cost you a football game, there’s no doubt. But these are things that do happen elsewhere. And they happen elsewhere frequently, as well. So I don’t think it’s specifically a John hardball over the top fatal flaw that he has much more so than other coaches around the league. But yeah, it’s something that you always want to be chasing to get better at. And there’s no doubt about it. So whatever the truth is, whatever you want to believe, as far as what happened at the end of the, you know, inside five minutes there, they, whether it was him with just a gaffe, or whether it was the defense not being ready, or a combination of both, you know, yeah, that’s not okay. I agree with you on that. Like I said, end of the first half. I think it’s one of those cases where, and we’ve seen this and I think some of it’s just a product of being a new offense, and, you know, carving out a new identity. I do think they’ve gotten in some situations where they’re kind of caught in between trying to be aggressive, but then saying, oh, you know, we don’t want to we don’t want to leave Three points off the board. You know, if we can put three on the board here, we’ll take that. So, you know, I think that’s some of what happened. And, you know, you mentioned the closer field goal. I mean, that was a 31 yard field goal. I


mean, you know, I, for me that that part wasn’t as much a sticking point for me as much as reason not to take three cracks and Odell Beckham going up and making his $15 million. Sure, you know, because throw it that far,

Luke Jones  25:25

he can. But at the same time, you also don’t want to make a mistake inside the red zone, and it is a wet field, and it is

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:35

down there. I mean, it’s John answering it in all those ways. If they use their timeouts wisely and maximize their efforts, that’s all right. And well, like they have their ish together.

Luke Jones  25:45

But then, but at the same time, you also get into a situation where you’re trying to play the clock in a case of whatever the outcome is, whether you’re going to kick a field goal, or whether you’re going to score a touchdown, you don’t want to leave 45 seconds on the clock for Matthew Stafford and their game. So so there’s that element as well. And I do think, at times, not even horrible, specific, but I do think teams at times, overthink and out think themselves in that regard as well. Because, yeah, you want to manage the clock. But if you have a chance to get seven rather than three, I’d much rather take the seven rather than the three. So So that’s part of it. And I hear you on that. And I was kind of wondering and befuddled the same way. And you know, maybe we’ll get a little more clarity on that, with hardball having a chance to review the game and for everyone to go back and rewatch it and kind of look at what happened. But, you know, they had an incompletion in there. They had a one yard pass in there, you know, those two plays back to back. Yeah, that that, that really changes the math and the probability of scoring a touchdown there big time, whether you’re going to use that last timeout or not. So, you know, certainly, you can look at the strategy. You can look at the execution and say, Yeah, as much as that two minute drive started out on a promising foot it was it finished and in a way that very much left you wanting there’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:57

no question. Well, happy holidays to everybody out there. And certainly Luke in our friends and family. We had a beautiful event on Friday, Dan Rodricks event, you’re gonna be listening to conversations with Dan Rodricks this week, as well as, um, Mr. Seller was great over Coco’s and the ship and the crab cakes this week. All of our crab cake friends, please get your orders in early and order from all of them, because they’re all awesome. And I’m not crab cakes out just yet. And I’m certainly not eggnog out yet. We’re gonna be getting together a few more times before the holidays. Friday we’re going to be at Farr and daughter and with our friend security, a wellness that is in York Road in Timonium, we’re gonna have jeans shock Rock and Roll Hall of Famer with us we’re going to be giving away some of these gingerbread Oh snaps gonna be giving away the unwrap the cash and the peppermint payouts as well from the Maryland lottery friends when donation putting it on I’ll have the floppy hat as well as Jiffy Lube multi care I need to get more oil change it’s a good reminder there. What else we have? Oh, we’re gonna be wise markets on Monday afternoon and honey go with Derek Fraser, former professional wrestler so I don’t even know that I need to book any more guests. I might just have Luke out. We’re getting we’re gonna have crabcakes wise but more importantly, gonna have eggnog acknowledge a big part of how we celebrate around here for the holidays. I gotta gain some weight by the end of the month year. As we get this this freeze going on Jacksonville this week for the Ravens San Francisco on Christmas night. Lots of primetime going on Craig Kimbrel into the Oracle bullpen the Orioles might be getting sold. Luke, I can’t believe you and I haven’t talked about that. We’re gonna have that on the air this week and I’ll be going to all the experts about team sales and moving the Orioles around and happy days I don’t want to get too excited. I don’t want to count my chickens. But I said this to you two weeks ago that I felt like the end was nigh. Maybe I was maybe I was feeling it in the cosmos. I’m not sure maybe I just want to touch Geddy Lee The other night I don’t know. He is Luke. I am Nestor. Lots of football, lots of baseball lots of holiday cheer. Lots gratitude as well with our segment with with my pal a bill called from cold roofing as I drink my ROFO coffee in here. All the way big gratitude ROFO for coming through with some tasty chicken on Friday night. I mean I put chicken out and I put families crab cakes and the chicken disappear first. But everybody loved crabcakes left me a couple so I’m appreciative of that. This week so stick with us follow Luke’s workout and of course any breaking news happens first on the wn St. tech service provided by our friends Akunis Baltimore for I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570 We never stop talking Baltimore. Positive even when we were correcting the coach

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