Tracking down millions of dollars of local winners this month

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Sometimes when folks don’t win the jackpot, they think they didn’t win at all. Seth Elkin of the Maryland Lottery tells Nestor about tracking down million dollar winners this month – including a ticket in Snow Hill that is still unclaimed.


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Seth Elkin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Back W N St. Jesse Baltimore. Baltimore positive we are positively and it’s making the big announcement. Getting the Maryland crabcakes we’re back out on the road I finally put it all together for my grandmother’s birthday on All Saints Day into November I promised crabcakes I promised ravens scratch offs in the Maryland lottery. It’s all coming our friends winter nation also involved at 866 90 nation you buy to get to free five years 0% financing and our newest partners on the Maryland crab picked or Jiffy Lube. And if you do multi care, my wife and I took the vehicle into them for a quick oil change. little orange light goes on a couple 1000 miles you gotta go do it. So while you do it, do it with our friends at Jiffy Lube, all right? The Marilee crabcake tour has been I don’t want to say suspended it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago feels like I’ve been off the road a long time. Jr’s got me some cool new equipment we’re going to roll out this month, but I am rolling this out and John marks not even here. He has sent the A team in here this week. Our Pittsburgh friend and it’s not even Steelers week although problems in Pittsburgh problems all over the division not Cincinnati right now. Our Baltimore Sandell kinara defending champion joins me here, Dude, I gotta tell you this. People hit me on the internet all the time. I was out in Vegas. I was doing things baseball, World Series, football, all this stuff going on. Dude hits me this morning on Twitter and gets a little flippant with me about the baseball series because I was sort of trashing Arizona and saying Phillies would have given him a better series. And you know what, the Phillies should have won and they should have won, right and all that. But he said to me, I guess you didn’t believe Arizona could come back, could you? And I’m like, Dude, I was 11 years old when the Pittsburgh Pirates came back from three one. And once you see that, and then my wife with the Red Sox down three Oh, 20 years ago now with Curt Schilling and all that. I don’t ever count a team out in a baseball series. So if you know I mean, I learned that as a young man, unfortunately,

Seth Elkin  02:00

that I guess that’s 79 World Series left a an impression in the collective consciousness around here that’s different than the one that I remember from being in Pittsburgh.

Nestor Aparicio  02:11

Umar Marino’s wife we our family. Seth is here. He represents Maryland lottery. By the way I saw Roz on Saturday, my wife and I went up to the crabcake festival with our friends from the bay. And we didn’t get a crab cake. Coco is one one of our great clients and they’re on the Marilyn crabcake door. But Ross was spinning the wheel. I got up on her my hair was all out. She’s like, Hey, I said can I get a scratch off please? And you know what? They’re spinning the wheel. You guys are out. I witnessed it. I mean, and I guess do the weather this week, right? outdoor festivals starting to like not so much. But when you guys get out and out in the community and even I saw for myself this week. We had a

Seth Elkin  02:49

really good day this past Saturday. We were also at barks Tober Fest in Patterson Park, which is a big event for the barks animal shelter. And it was a beautiful day it was that last day of of summer really got up to be about 80 degrees on Saturday. So we were we were out there for that and I did not go to that because probably I would have come home with a dog had I done that. I don’t I want a dog but I just don’t know that I want to commit to that. So I was better than not be there and ended up coming home with a four legged friends. So this

Nestor Aparicio  03:21

is where we get really off track and we don’t talk anything about the lottery don’t say to you, the you know, my wife came into the relationship with a cat and the cat and I it was you know Siamese. It didn’t go well. I felt bad about it for years in our marriage and I finally got the first cat fell in love with the cat got you know like the whole deal. My wife almost died twice and the cat was my companion then the cat died. It was like the worst thing. The worst day of my life was at their cat died. We were in Paris Believe it or not seeing Jimmy Buffett trying to be happy we were there for the Ravens game and 70 was one of the Wembley knee when all that happened. I lost. So we’re on our second cat now and I can tell you this dude, you’ll follow me on real social media just follow me. You’ll know how much I love my cat. So my cat is the centerpiece of our of our So for anybody out there adopting and the Maryland lottery, anybody else that supports anything that barks is doing anything that our friends at Baltimore Humane Society where we’ve gotten both of our, our beautiful cats, both of our Calicos get a cat I’m telling you, you will not regret it and a little less responsibility. But when you run off to Vegas, you got to make sure you the wife stays home you got to sit her but either way, Seth Elkins here. So I got to tell you this, I’m doing the crabcake tour and I’m gonna get all my dates out and we’re doing like a conduit for days in a row. At the end of the month, not the pumpkin pie and turkeys not gonna get me but I have the governor I have the mayor. I just have some great greats who would go up the Hollywood scene would do a whole bunch of stuff. But like you’re giving out millions of dollars and like I’m looking at I get the little bullet and every week. It’s like every week you’ve given away a meal you can’t wait to million no and a million this week, there’s been some really big winners in the state. I mean, my wife plays all these billion dollar seven or eight Powerball and mega mills. But like every but there’s real stuff happening here. You guys get a lot of money away man.

Seth Elkin  05:14

Now we had a couple of fun ones last year. We have fun with this all the time because you know, every every week we’re seeing a dozen or 15 Winners of really large prizes that come in here to claim and we it’s a really large

Nestor Aparicio  05:25

prize Come on now. 10 grand, is a really large

Seth Elkin  05:28

well we start we start interviewing people when they come here to claim at $30,000 and up but we see a lot of 50s a lot of 100,000 and last week we had two really big ones we had as you mentioned it was a $2 million scratch off when on a ticket sold in Clarksville in Howard County. And then we finally got one of those $2 million Powerball prizes your if you roll the clock back to the last week of September, there were two $1 million dollar Powerball wins, one of which was in Snow Hill in Wurster County, we’re still waiting to find out who that winner is that’s not been claimed yet. But the other one was at Golden Ring liquors in Rosedale. And that winner was here last week to claim and that kind of an interesting story. stopped to buy the ticket because he was on his way to a an event where it was where he needed to bring some drinks with him. So he needed to stop and make a purchase to take with him to a party. And while he was there in the story, he happened to realize, hey, the Powerball jackpot is up around $2 billion. At that point, it was the last week of September, we were on our way to 1.76 5 billion before it finally topped out on October 11 When it got hit. So he bought a couple of Powerball tickets at that point and just didn’t happen to check them until late October. I waited about

Nestor Aparicio  06:40

a month. I say to you people, that they they buy them and they sit in the in for my wife. I don’t give anything away. But they sit in the car. Sometimes she’ll bring them in from the Royal it’s almost always the rule from she gets into why sometimes, but more royal farms because we’re in there getting chicken like we were for the football game, that chicken was really good this week. Like, I was like I wanted to go on social media and say, but then I thought like it’s always pretty good, but they just hit me the right way. But she’ll take the ticket and just leave it in the car. And I’ll find it’d be like, it’s tickets from May Did you check it? Again, I scanned it, you know, my lottery award, you know, I mean, she does all that. But not everybody does. And we and not always we did I mean, I bet their tickets we didn’t check in our lifetime maybe?

Seth Elkin  07:27

Well, you know, their lottery players have a lot of idiosyncrasies, and they have a lot of superstitions and just the way they like to do things. And there are some people who will buy a few tickets here or there, let them pile up for a month or two and then decide to check them. And they also get

Nestor Aparicio  07:41

a big winner came in California. And then you’re like, Why didn’t win, right. And that’s where we really try every week here to have a little bit of fun, talk to pirates, memorials and giveaways. We do things you know, like funding stadiums doing things right. But like, you know, at the end of the day, like the whole education is this dude won a million dollars and probably woke up tonight. And when the big one it was in California and forgot about it like a little bit, right?

Seth Elkin  08:07

Yeah, I think it’s one of the things we always remind people of when the jackpots get large, because you do have people at that point who don’t play all that often and decide to buy a ticket it’s you want to be in on it when the jackpots hit a billion dollars. And maybe you’re not all that familiar with how the game works, but you want to buy a ticket. And it’s a great time that we always remind people that there are nine different price levels in Powerball and Mega Millions. So make sure you check your tickets. No matter no matter when you decide to do it. Make sure you do it within 182 days of the drawing date because the ticket will expire if you don’t do that so few days you can’t cash it.

Nestor Aparicio  08:44

Yeah, I’ve had that happen. It happens that it happens

Seth Elkin  08:49

when usually with with much smaller dollar amounts, it’s exceedingly this guy found that next Easter oh my god, right. Yeah. That would have been bad, right? It would have been a little bit frustrating you would imagine. There’s no that’s you know, once once it’s past 182 days, it can no longer be redeemed 182 days past the drawing date. So you do have to check

Nestor Aparicio  09:13

but would not be good. Yeah,

Seth Elkin  09:15

it but it is very very rare for a prize that large. So hold

Nestor Aparicio  09:19

on now. Hold on. You’re saying this golden rings claim up the street. We had a winner right? We go out and the has a story up there. Yep, it is. Okay, so what about the other the other ones not the other one might be in somebody’s jacket in Snow Hill or in Saulsbury some right. I mean,

Seth Elkin  09:39

and we’ve been trying to get the word out about that since the last week of September you still plenty of time of course for that person to claim but

Nestor Aparicio  09:45

you like put an ad in the paper and Easter shirt. Hey, have you seen that work? I mean, to show you know it was sold in a place right? Yeah. Know what time it was sold in the place. Yep.

Seth Elkin  09:57

And one of the things we do whenever retailer sells a big winning ticket like this is we’ve got a banner that we send to the retailer, a 36 by 72 inch banner that’s designed to be displayed outside that they can put outside to say, hey, we sold a million dollar Powerball winner. So outside the store so in

Nestor Aparicio  10:17

the store, they’re asking like, hey, somebody came in here. That’s listen Snow Hill. I mean, no offense to small towns. You know, I, I’ve been to a few I went to Abby Ville, South Carolina, my mom’s hometown, a little town. I finished no hill. I mean, everybody knows everybody kind of certainly like unless somebody on a truck bought it going through whatever you’d say. Well, we know we sold it and we only have x amount of calls. You know, like, I hope they find the person right? Literally.

Seth Elkin  10:44

We sure do. We don’t want that one to go unclaimed. We don’t want any of them to go unclaimed, but particularly when it’s a big prize like that. We sure hope we see that person.

Nestor Aparicio  10:51

All right, Seth Elkins here. If you know someone, it’s no count, they might have won a million dollars. We had a poor guy over golden red couple weeks ago. You got to empty Learn more. Mariela crabcakes was, so you want these dates set because I want to get these out because I like literally worked all week. I’m so proud of myself for putting this together and eat more crap. We got great guests. We’re gonna be a fade lease on next Friday at 9am. We’re gonna be at State Fair as well, that day doubleheader next Friday. That’s the 10th. We’re going to be a Costas on the 14th. Tuesday the 14th from two to five, then we’re going to be at tapis on the 21st off from two to five on and that’s before Thanksgiving, so they’re gonna have some pumpkin pumpkin they’re on. We’re going to be down in Annapolis on the 28th. With the governor. We’re going to be Coco’s on the 29th. We’re going to be at gertrudes on the finally gertrudes at the BMA with Dan Rodricks, for his his show. And we’re going to be promoting all that talking about art, it’s going to be awesome. Looking forward to having John shields on the show to a gertrudes that’s the 30th we’re going to be Hollywood casino Perryville on the first and then we’re going to be we’re going to be curio on the 15th and foreign daughter in December. So I’m still gonna work on December. But that’s everything I’m doing. That’s Marilyn crabcake tour for this month. It is presented by the Maryland lottery, hold the ticket upside down. So we had a lot of winners on this thing. This thing’s far from done right. But you are done. Drawing Jacksonville for now, right like the trip is over. But tickets for life still in play, and probably a some big money still in play to win. There’s

Seth Elkin  12:22

plenty of ravens second chance. We’re glad you brought that up because we got another ravens second chance. There’s still more a couple more, three more drawings in the Ravens Second Chance contest, but the next one’s coming up November the 13th. So there’s a bunch of prizes that you could possibly win in that drawing on the 13th will, as you mentioned, we’ll select one of the finalists for the seats for 20 years at that point. And that person, all of the finalists will each win $10,000 at a minimum. And then one of them is going to win seats for 20 years. And we’ll find out about that, who that person is after the first of the year. But there’s also separately, and these are

Nestor Aparicio  12:57

people who can win. Let’s say that again. Right. These are people that didn’t win originally, or you could have won originally. But you go into by by by taking any of these tickets. And I try to tell this to people Coco’s and all these places. You scan, you get involved, you get a second chance. And Doug might call you. That’s pretty much how it works.

Seth Elkin  13:16

Any any non winning ravens ticket either the Ravens times two, or ravens times five can be non winning if I went over 10 bucks on non winning Yeah, non winning tickets are the only ones that are scratch offs, non winning scratch offs, to be eligible for entry into my lottery rewards. So you enter them in and all you and you actually you’ll be prompted after you enter a Ravens ticket into your account, you’ll be prompted as to which of the prize drawings you want to be in, which is kind of a cool feature of the Ravens Second Chance contest, because we have so many different prizes, you can pick where you want your entry to go. If you want it to go into the seats for 20 years drawing, you can do that there’s a $10,000 CAD drawing, you can do that there is a drawing coming up on the 13th somebody is going to win a pair of season tickets for next year. For 2024, you can enter that drawing. And then there’s also the onfield pass for cash experience. We’re going to pick two winners for upcoming games for that. So you can decide when you enter your ticket. Which of those prizes you want to go after. And the next drawing date coming up on the 13th of November. So you’ve got until the 12th to get entered to be a part of that. Well, you

Nestor Aparicio  14:23

know what I’m doing an event next week for American Cancer Society. So I want to I want to promote that it’s called an evening I hope it’s next Thursday night at 6pm. It’s at the Museum of industry. You can go to my website, we’re going to be doing a piece on that as well and just talking about the importance of that, but like I love those events, when when you go to one of those events, and you get the raffle tickets and they have different bowls. If you want to win the fruit, you want to win the liquor you want to win the trip, you want to win the ski trip you want to win the beach trip, you want to win the sign Daryl Hall electric guitar, but you you know you put into the and I always think that’s fun, you know, especially if you get a handful of tickets. Yeah 20 bucks you take 20 chances or whatever the deal is to try to win something that’s a neat part of the I didn’t I didn’t you just educated me said I really didn’t know that that was part of the competition.

Seth Elkin  15:12

Yep, that’s a cool feature that contest because we have so many and that’s a great part of the partnership that the lottery has with the Ravens for 15 years now you know that you’ve got access to surprises like the the travel to Jacksonville, we got access to prizes that you’re just not going to find anywhere else because of the the partnership that we’ve developed over the years.

Nestor Aparicio  15:31

I hope they play better. Jacksonville. You know, they didn’t, Arizona. I mean, we got three home games here. You know, don’t let John duck me next week with the Browns coming around. Right? Like make sure he’s back set. Now Ken is here, Director of all communicational things with the Maryland lottery and communicating holidays. Right. So John and I talked about this a little bit and, and to be honest with you and my audience. I mean, I guess I maybe knew this from back in the 70s. Scratch and sniff with cherries and stuff like that. And John Waters at movies and stuff like that. That’s a little name drop for potential guests you might be having this week, to have Khalid that would be the top of my bucket list. No offense to you set, but if John Waters comes on the show this week, that’s going to be like a really big deal to me. But when I think of Scratch and sniff I can’t remember the last time I did it, but it was always the greatest thing ever. When it smelled like watermelons, or lemons or whatever it was. John told me you had scratch and sniff tickets, and I almost didn’t believe it. Like I’m like, prove it to me, you know that that really smells like gingerbread or whatever. But we really do have a scratch and sniff tickets and that’s kind of fun. And they’re peppermint tea and I can’t imagine for the like when they’re in the royal farms in the in the thing that the whole thing doesn’t smell like a peppermint factory. But i Hey, man, the smells of the season. You know,

Seth Elkin  16:47

I think we had a scratch and sniff Old Bay ticket a few years ago. I was kind of partial to that. I really kind of liked that a lot actually.

Nestor Aparicio  16:57

That’s pretty good. It’s over the summer promotion, obviously. Yeah,

Seth Elkin  17:00

it was it was a cool ticket. That one was fun to do.

Nestor Aparicio  17:04

You walk into the liquor store at all place smells like crap. You know, that’s pretty good. I like that. I like

Seth Elkin  17:12

the holiday tickets. We want our holiday tickets every year we get several different varieties and they want you every year in late October so we we kind of were part of that whole movement that gets the holiday season started a little bit early but it’s still vember now so we can we can get into the holiday spirit here and we got weekly Second Chance drawings that go along with that. So if you don’t win something on your holiday tickets, you can enter them into your My lottery rewards account weekly drawings were given away $5,000 cash prizes from now clear into the early part of January. And then that last drawing of this promotion in mid January, there are two $100,000 prizes that we’re going to give away so plenty of time to get your holiday tickets entered and have some some post holiday cheer potentially with a second chance contest.

Nestor Aparicio  17:58

I love when a golden ring liquors thing happens because I’m thinking that person’s probably listened to me I know somebody that want a million bucks or I know somebody that knows somebody because it’s small to more like that. Give it a lot of money away at the Maryland lottery we’re gonna be given some money away and I mean that I mean every time we go out I got winners everywhere and Hollywood casino a couple weeks ago, we went for the game. We’re gonna be doing it throughout November into December, same way Roz did it with the wheel, but I don’t even do the wheel. Come on out. Let’s get have some fun. We’re gonna have some great great guests, including the governor. Wes Moore is going to be joining us as well as mayor Brandon Scott. I’m working out some dates and times and places. All of its going to be up on the website as we get through this. So to end things with Seth because I only get them on, you know, every month or two. Here comes and some Oh, yeah, sometimes the pirates beat the Orioles. But they don’t play that much. You know, I mean, it was a better year for the Orioles. But in the end, we feel is just as bad as the Phillies fans do at this point about as bad as the Diamondbacks fans are probably going to feel it by the time the year this

Seth Elkin  18:57

is something about the Steelers, right?

Nestor Aparicio  18:59

Well, of course they play Thursday night this week. So like, you can pick them and then if this plays Friday or Saturday, you can say I told you so we’re not. I don’t know I picking them. I’m doing my segment with Christian ordina. We do each and every week for Eliwood casinopay Berryville. I’m pretty good against the spread. I mean, I’m, I’m 14 games over 500 through week eight. So I mean, I feel pretty good about that. Had a couple pushes but I was nine, six and one this week. So I felt pretty good about that. I would say for Pittsburgh. I picked Pittsburgh this week. I never, ever ever shoveled dirt on a Steeler Seth. I just I’ve been doing this 32 years, right? We didn’t have a team the first six years. How many years have the Steelers stung? Tell me it literally. I mean, you’re almost my age like you’re pretty spoiled like an Atlanta Braves fan would be or something.

Seth Elkin  19:49

It’s not very often we’re used to being competitive and we’re used to being a playoff contender at the very least, of course. As you mentioned, I’m old enough to remember those four years in the in the 80s When we didn’t qualify for the playoffs 1985 through 1988 Mark Malone, I do. Mark Malone and Bubby Brister and many other not so illustrious so I love that this is where I’m

Nestor Aparicio  20:11

gonna get my all our stuff out. And I’m gonna talk about Warren Moon. I’m wearing my Warren Moon Jersey next time. That’s what I need to do to piss you off in football season break. I shattered I not bring it up. I Passerini jersey. I bought away I mean, Renfro caught that pass. I’m just telling you. That’s a fact.

Seth Elkin  20:30

It’s been 40 plus years now. Euler jerseys

Nestor Aparicio  20:33

like I mean the Oilers never beat the Steelers so like it’s nothing it’s like seeing like a Hartford Whalers jersey or something. It just doesn’t mean anything. Right? Yeah, we

Seth Elkin  20:42

pretty much owned the rivalry against all the other teams in the division at that

Nestor Aparicio  20:45

time. Or Columbia blue dude. I mean, come on. Now. You know,

Seth Elkin  20:49

those are really good looking throwbacks know that they were the other day. Isn’t that isn’t a terrible? No, I don’t because didn’t they still were the Oilers uniforms the first year or two?

Nestor Aparicio  20:59

And they shouldn’t off but they did. And yeah, they were the Tennessee all or I have a picture of me in St. George and I had a picture of me and Blaine Bishop and an oiler jersey was a Tennessee Euler. Memorial State the last game Memorial Stadium, they weren’t boiler threads. They’re wearing the oiler jerseys on the field. So both times when we lost the Colts, Earl Campbell that was the last game at Memorial Stadium and the last game was a Tennessee all dollars and 1997. So yeah, so So I have a Pittsburgh story for you, but it’s fictional. Do you want it?

Seth Elkin  21:32

Maybe those are the best kinds of fictional kind. I would make up just about anything to avoid talking about what’s really happening there right now.

Nestor Aparicio  21:38

So okay, that’s fine. Is there anything you want to say or no, no? No. Okay. But they’re playing the Tennessee Titans that thought they’d all learned last week. I really should have warm up pasture. I shouldn’t want my moon Jersey because moon beach all up Moon was during that period of Bobby barista, and it was some good time. I had some fun rides home from Pittsburgh donut EREMA because we lost the Colts. I was a huge oiler fan 8788. I was an equal season ticket holder during during that period, but I was an oiler fan. I really was never an Eagles fan. I was just an NFL fan. I think everybody knows but so I’m in Vegas last week. All right. And I went to see a band called yacht rock review. I’m in Mandalay Bay. It’s Thursday night. It’s 11 o’clock. I walk into the casino after a show on a Thursday night. So it’s active. Not like Friday. And what to see you two on Friday was crazy. It’s up by when the sphere things the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. But I’m walking through the casino. And you know, there’s not a lot of people around it’s 1130 on a Friday or Thursday night, active but not not really nice Mandalay Bay walking through. And I look. And there he is. six foot six silver hair, impeccably dressed in a suit, cigar burning out of his left hand and a shot glass with a cube and whatever his spirit is. And he’s walking through he’s got a little man immerse like a man purse, impeccably dressed and walking toward me. And I looked and I’m like Dr. J. It was Dr. J. So So Dr. J. I covered Dr. J’s last ever game. That game he played in Milwaukee bought to the spectrum. Don Nelson was the coach. I was I sat next to Mike Wilbon that I met Mike Wilbon that night, he’s working for The Washington Post 1987 I was 19 years old or not. I remember that April of 87. So Dr. J’s last game, I covered it for the paper here evening son wrote a story about it. They played the bullets the week before. So Dr. J was just really nice to me. And I was a kid and I was reporter, and I was at his locker at you know, talking to him. I had covered a couple of their games because I was obsessed with Dr. J. Dr. J was my favorite player. And he was very kind to me. And I remember that I’ve never been in his presence since then. His daughter that play tennis, remember, like all that weird stuff that happened. Alexandra blue, she played tennis with my cousin at Arizona. My cousin was a great player. So I had some things I could talk to him about. And I like was going to go up to him. And the only thing I could think was deficient, safe Pittsburgh, like, like literally, and I just like, bought about the efficiency of Pittsburgh, and he passed me and he sat all alone at a little at a at a at a game, sitting in a game to put his stuff down. And a young man, young African American guy working at the casino snaked them. None of us. Like it wasn’t that busy, you know? And a young guy went over to him and his game some love. And you know what he said to him? You were better than Jordan. Man. You were better than Jordan. And I went up to the young guy and I’m like, I said to the doctor, I I didn’t talk to him at all. I left him alone. I was gonna go off break some ice tell him I love to fish and love Pittsburgh tell me he was kind to me. And I was gonna just give an elbow bump and move on. I didn’t want to pay it was a casino I don’t want to, but like the young guy, here’s a 25 year old guy and working in the casinos. Like that’s a doctor and I said how would you know he was better Jordan aren’t even old enough to know either one of them. I’ve watched them both play and you know what he was better than George. So, you know you guys never had a basketball team know what the Pittsburgh Pisces were right? That was a thing

Seth Elkin  25:32

that we had there before my time. There were a couple of ABA teams, I think that played in Pittsburgh in the late 60s. And then we we did have the one thing I remember you talking about covering things. We had a CBA team remember the continental basketball so we had a CBA team? We added the Pittsburgh Caranas played the 9495 season and the CBA and made it to the finals and actually covered one of the games of the 1995 CBA finals at the what was at the time called the Palumbo Center at Duquesne University.

Nestor Aparicio  26:01

For what what publication Did you say it was

Seth Elkin  26:05

one of the the regional newspapers in Beaver County Times the newspapers its suburban paper out solitude

Nestor Aparicio  26:10

you and I should you gotta come get a crab cake and we’ll just talk about this because I so I covered the CBA they were they were the lightning. They were the Lancaster lightning that got moved to Baltimore in the late 80s. They played at the Towson center. They were coached by Henry Bibby. And they’re they’re big star was a guy named Don Collins. See from downtown, and he you know, and he a lot of guys that era some off the field off the court issues during that period of time, but I covered Michael Adams who’s a bit shorter than me. Michael Adams from Boston College played for the bass de bombardiers look, this is based aid bombardiers it’s a thing in the CBA in the late 80s and he was there start playing he went on to play for the bullets and and you know use the CBA as a real launching point to get in. There was also the IBL and her brown and Cal Ripken but I’ll save that from a Cal does a crab cake with me Seth Elkins here. He does all things communicating for our friends at the Maryland lottery taking the Maryland crab cake tour to a dozen places before Christmas. The whole schedule is up all of our partners are involved in holiday madness and crab cake shipping it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery we have these ravens scratch offs to give away I’m gonna hit Ross offers from scratch and sniff just for that. I gotta have scratch and sniff once we get into December 2 I miss anything. Do we get it all we got the Pittsburgh pipe I and I took it easy with you with the Steelers that are not as nice right.

Seth Elkin  27:39

Thank you. I appreciate that. Our team

Nestor Aparicio  27:41

six and two. That’s okay. All right. But we beat you and you could drop them like with that. We’re seeing we’ll see you next year. We are ws da of 5070 Towson Baltimore. And we never stopped trash talking in the Pittsburgh Pisces and talking sports they today

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