Monday, September 26, 2022

Hrabowski: Why I still believe in Baltimore

Must Read

Anyone who knows anything about UMBC and its incredible achievements this century know that the man behind the scenes there has been as humble as the university he found in Catonsville back in 1987.

When Don Mohler and Nestor Aparicio set an agenda to do this Baltimore Positive blog and podcast site, THIS was the kind of interview, chat and open debate that we were looking to provide to local residents and concerned citizens regarding the issues in our community. Dr. Freeman Hrabowski represents the best of the best of our community.

This podcast and video speaks for itself.

Listen and learn (like we did!)

The good news is that we have two more chunky chats with Dr. Freeman Hrabowski coming here at Baltimore Positive on Wednesday and Friday.

Episode 13 is just scratching the surface of an unforgettable three-part conversation with the UMBC President and amazing storyteller of the modern university experience.

We were so delighted to spend time with him and get to know more about what makes the Retrievers engine work in Catonsville at UMBC.

This was one was gold!

We will be moving Baltimore Positive downtown in June as we will be broadcasting from legendary Faidley’s at Lexington Market. We are setting the schedule for the month but circle June 20th as a special day with Mayor Jack Young chatting with former Baltimore County Executive Don Mohler and longtime Baltimore sports radio station owner and pundit Nestor Aparicio.

We’ll have more details later in the week.

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