Ain’t the beer cold in Baltimore!

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His brilliant art appears all over Baltimore because sports cartoonist Mike Ricigliano has been drawing ’em up since Bob Irsay took the Colts to Indianapolis. Now, after decades of drawing losing images of Orioles baseball, Ricig joins Nestor at Koco’s Pub on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour to talk about his 40 years of cartoon Birds fandom and playoff fever in Baltimore.


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Nestor Aparicio, Mike Ricigliano

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back wn S T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. I’m gonna start saying welcome home to wn S T because it’s gonna sort of wait feels I’m one of my homes away from home. We’re Coco’s pub. I have not ordered the appetizers or the munchies but I did. I had the munchies when I got here so I had a little bit of delicious cream crab soup. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have lottery scratch offs to do and I have ticket number one that I’ve been holding up on the air all week. This is ticket number two we have winners and families last week we had $100 winner last time he goes and it’s also brought to you by our friends winter Nation. I’m going to have the fun floppy hat. I do not have any Jiffy Lube swag or things to show yet. But Jiffy Lube is also sponsored these. I want to thank them. We’ll be telling you more about oil changes. Playoff baseball, good football, delicious crabcakes. We’re here at Coco’s and Mike Rusik Liano is big become sort of, if this is sort of one of my Fonzie places where like I have an office in the restroom. Then you are sort of the guy at the diner. You’re the co host. Okay, of Coco’s pub.

Mike Ricigliano  01:10

I mean, no, it’s our neighborhood play. Yeah, it’s

Nestor Aparicio  01:12

opening. Why because you live

Mike Ricigliano  01:13

up the street. It’s I live up the street. It’s not only got the best crabcakes in Baltimore. It’s a meeting place for this neighborhood, which is an awesome neighborhood. Arcadia and herring are on Park area Eastwood drive where I live. It’s a lovely area. Lots of artists live here in the areas of

Nestor Aparicio  01:32

LA I want my artistic shirt today. Barbourville today, right? Good.

Mike Ricigliano  01:37

I have sat next to Tom Matty at the bar here like a lot of great a lot of great people wander into Coco’s, it’s a it’s a it’s a happening place, giving

Nestor Aparicio  01:45

me like a Coco’s history thing. You know, I’m going to have Liz here and I love Liz because she has my mother’s name, lizards, the beautiful lady that makes the crab cakes, and when you come in, she’s making them if she’s not doing it, Marcel is usually here. They’re gonna be here later. I get a great show today, because we’re seeing is here the great microcytic Liano. And every week when I do the crab cake tour, my wife asked me like on Sunday or Monday, who you invited this week and I’m like, I don’t know who I’m going to sucker out to do it this week, but I’m gonna find somebody. But I am. This has been the most enjoyable part of you know, I did the Ravens live shows right and this week, we’re celebrating I’m doing this 25th anniversary countdown, right 25 greatest moments, the stories of glory, time will not dim the glory of your deeds, which is making the show work and the station work and being here and being supportive and missed all that nonsense is going on with the Royals and the Ravens over the years. But you know, for me that the the barn shows back in the day, the 90s. Then I was doing barn shows before the Ravens existed. So this is I was doing barn shows in 95. I did not before that I was doing a Friday afternoon like football show. And then the Ravens showed up. And I had art Donovan out there at that point. Governor Schaefer came out with John Mogae explaining how we stole the football team. And and being out with people doing it live. It was difficult man people wanted autographs Ray Lewis is there kicking the table over knocking the equipment pulling the cords? All the stuff that happened? Right. Sometimes I think back I see these pictures and like, how do we pull this off every week? Right? How do we make this work? Right? And I come in here now and I do these relaxing chats with people that are my friends that like I’ve known you. We figured this out. It’d be 40 years in January that I’ve known you and all these years of doing the ravens and the excitement and the Orioles. I don’t know that we’ve ever had a time I was online this morning trying to get playoff tickets for the Baltimore alright they right on this morning at 10. Right? Yeah, so like, there’s a point with all of this. Where it’s a little surreal what’s about to happen, right? Like these weekend’s win these games. They may be out in, in three games. They may be in in three games in an email. I mean, because it happened so fast in the playoffs. And you remember this in 96 and 97. I remember from 79 and 83. Right all of this you’re wearing your Oriole gear here yeah, of

Mike Ricigliano  04:13

course got it weird when wearing well I always wear Oriole gear but I’ve been wearing it extra more these days of course with with great pride

Nestor Aparicio  04:21

well and that’s why she’s gonna be here today. And she did a thing on bandwagon people. I have the beautiful alternate day here. Today we’re going to talk about house music and she’s I’ve never had her on the show. It’s a little bit of she’s a little bit of a bucket list guests for me today. She doesn’t know that but she’s gonna be

Mike Ricigliano  04:38

a fan. So yeah, of alternates. A Of course, Max. Oh, max

Nestor Aparicio  04:42

two. Okay, that’s fine, too. So and then at the end, Ross is coming by from the Maryland lottery to help me hand these out with her husband, Greg. You know, Greg, because you’re an old school wn St. listener, right. Greg from Northeast used to call in. Oh, that’s Ross’s husband. Oh, okay, from the Maryland lottery. Wow. And they live in the neighborhood too. They live by Morgan. Right. So they’re coming over. So today’s gonna be great. But there’s so much Oriole thing happening here that I just want to give you some oxygen to talk about your oral journey, because you moved down here to work at the news American with me at the time you before I got here. And your first exposure to this was like world series out there lose the football team. Yeah, like that all happened in the first six months you were here exactly right.

Mike Ricigliano  05:29

Like come in, you know from from Buffalo where there is no major league team where they always wanted one. They always want to one day have a great minor league stadium. I was a big Bisons fan up there, but I was a Mets fan growing up but coming here, you know, he wins the World Series. We’re like, Wow, what a crazy baseball town this is and became an Orioles fan. Really, as soon as I got I

Nestor Aparicio  05:53

always live in this neighborhood because like, I remember coming to your home and walking to Orioles games from your house, which you could do very easily. Because the bus would let me know the 23 bus my you know, my uncle Nelson lived in the neighborhood on Tyndale, right. I always told you that. So we used to walk from his house or over to Memorial Stadium all the time, because why would you want to put your car over there? Right? It was it was an issue over

Mike Ricigliano  06:21

there. No, it was an awesome thing to be able to walk over to the stadium from our house here. We did not live we lived in Cockeysville. You were here. I remember that we moved into the city in 85. So when when the Orioles won the World Series, we were living in Cockeysville. And when the Colts left town I was building the earth a dummy in Cockeysville in my Cockeysville apartment basically that that I did

Nestor Aparicio  06:45

15 minutes today, just before I left here at noon today. I did 15 minutes on Jake Currie show in Indianapolis. And all he ever asked me about is the dummy. There’s going to be dummy radio this week. Well, yeah, that’s the guy in Indianapolis talking to doing a live preview out there. But they always want to know the history of the dummy. And I’m like, I am sitting with the creator of the dummy over this delicious crab cake and Coco’s today, you know, right. So the dummy was created in Cockeysville.

Mike Ricigliano  07:16

It was okay, it’s true, and people didn’t know what to make of it, of course, because if that’s not a it’s not like here in where I live now, in this area with a lot of artists who would understand completely that someone would be willing to make a paper, paper mache dummy and carry it around.

Nestor Aparicio  07:33

You’re real artists, man. You are the first really weirdo artist I’ve ever met. And look at how close we been. I’m close with weirdo artists. I really am writers heavy ways and artists are the people in my life.

Mike Ricigliano  07:47

Cool. That’s really that’s cool.

Nestor Aparicio  07:49

That’s a good crowd.

Mike Ricigliano  07:50

It’s a really good question. New Orleans. So anyway, you know, that’s so yeah. And then 84 You know, from from 85 on here and Orioles

Nestor Aparicio  08:01

moved to the neighborhood here walking to the game was a Benny for you. Right, right?

Mike Ricigliano  08:06

Yes. I mean, it was not I never thought about it. I just thought it was an awesome convenience to be able to kind of do that show up at the game. I had a press pad right? Time I never sat and that’s Montebello when you’re there. I never thought in the press box. I rarely did a friend was visiting. So I

Nestor Aparicio  08:23

never had a crabcake in the press box and Memorial Stadium. They’re very, very unique. I anybody that ever had crabcake in the press box Memorial Stadium gonna think remembers it. And I found the recipe this summer. There’s two places that serve at one place in Annapolis Davis is pub if you go there. That is the crab cake. That is the fried little crab cake that my mother made at Memorial Stadium and he served they have a delicious tartar sauce there. And the other place and I’m going to the governor’s coming on in November we’re setting this up in a house I talked to folks the other day. I told I ate all the crab cakes at the at the Mako crab feast. And I had about six of these they were little they weren’t big right but I had a bunch of they were only give you one at a time. Right and by the time the comforter ate the crab cakes were gone. Oh dude, you ate all the crab cakes. And I’m like, Yeah, they’re really good. And they tasted like the ones Memorial Stadium and the pressbox very specific crab cake they had there. So

Mike Ricigliano  09:15

I’m sorry, I missed that because I again, it was very infrequent that I

Nestor Aparicio  09:19

mean, it wasn’t as good as like a Coco’s crab cake or failure. Me wasn’t this beautiful. It was a it was a fried, you know, but it was delicious. Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with

Mike Ricigliano  09:28

it. And of course, that’s a great place to watch a ballgame Memorial Stadium at the time to we have a great stadium now of course, but

Nestor Aparicio  09:34

but you’re like a real? You. You grew up a Mets fan though, right? I did. Yes. Correct. So I was rooting for this guy. I would rather be ashamed of him from 69 Lucky right? My

Mike Ricigliano  09:45

dad was diehard Mets fan and my family was to so we were rooting for the Mets over the Orioles and I knew

Nestor Aparicio  09:51

you’d 86 Right. You were a little nutty and 86 Yeah, and then the bills thing which still exists for you

Mike Ricigliano  09:58

if that’s the one carrier For me, I mean, I love all Baltimore sports and sports teams and I still love the Ravens too. But I carry the bills thing in my heart. So I know you do. Yeah. So we we we root for both things, of

Nestor Aparicio  10:11

course. So this Oriole team, what you do you listen to my show and my station all day for years when you’re doing your art, right? I know because you would hit me sometimes say, Hey, your commercial got stuck or you know, quality control sometimes for things I do. This Oriole run for you and you sitting in the house you’ve lived in for 40 years in this city. You’re now in your late 40s. And but you’ve witnessed all this, what will it mean for you? And what does this team mean? In the way that we’re watching these very young men now that we’ve gotten older, right? And Cal Ripken is watching these young men and even Adam Jones who isn’t a young man anymore like and Ben McDonald calling the games and Jim Palmer who’s another generation even further and my last name is Aparicio and I bought oriole drammy It means a lot to me, but I’m trying to channel this for what it means for everyone else because a guy this morning I was at the connects network him and he’s like, man, you’re so pissed at the oars and I’m like, do I swipe look or sound? pisted Peter Angelos right now what I’m really happy about is that this joy is in all of my friends. That’s what I was. That’s what I’m really focused on over the next five weeks is seeing you put pictures up crying with champagne with Terry and being at a at a parade with you and seeing this joy on behalf of you and your family who have supported the orals for 40 years.

Mike Ricigliano  11:38

I the thing for me is just the city itself. It’s just so uplifting for the city. It’s so uplifting for friends of mine maybe they’re maybe they’re fairweather few of them are fairweather friends too. It doesn’t bother me that they are you know what I mean? Like just

Nestor Aparicio  11:53

the Orioles in the last five years. I mean, it’s their fault not yours. Exactly. Right watching dad really weren’t

Mike Ricigliano  11:59

exactly right. But I mean I I’ve I’ve like I said I’ve worn my Orioles gear throughout all that time. I’m, you know, I think I love the cartoon bird. I’m a cartoonist. So when they became you know, when they switched from the ornithological bird, the

Nestor Aparicio  12:13

guy from Indianapolis pistol in the bird today to did he, he calls it the lonely little bird. It looks like the lonely little bird that sits in the corner. Well, if for anybody that’s under the age of ours, you know, like, they’ve really been a ratty awful, pathetic, pathetic franchise that people felt sorry for right. Well, that’s what they’re thinking. I think there’s a point where like, they feel sorry for our fans that we’re we’ve watched the Red Sox win for 15 years, we’ve watched the Yankees win for 30 years. I mean, even the Tampa rays got up and went to World Series right back like so. And Toronto has resurrected itself in Toronto doesn’t need baseball. They got their Canada they got Geddy Lee, they don’t need any they don’t need any they got Bryan Adams. They don’t need anything else. They got hockey. But here, you know, there was a point where this is all we had, right? You you moved into this neighborhood for 12 years, and the football team came. And I only remember one conflict and all of these years. Were a few like when Ripken stated it was gonna be his last game. I was in at a football stadium somewhere. I was in Cleveland or since I was somewhere else. I mean, I’ve missed some baseball related things right? Because of the Ravens in September. Right October. Not much. But like I was in Indianapolis, the Ravens played the Colts. The weekend of the Delmon young double I was not at the Delmon young game. I was not either. I was in Indianapolis,

Mike Ricigliano  13:42

for the cold for the Colts. A bad game a myth. That’s a great game, dude. I missed it too.

Nestor Aparicio  13:48

I can’t be everywhere. You know what I mean? Like and at this point, I you know, I was there. When would the senseis hit the homerun and 79? Nothing will ever be better than that. Right? I mean, you know, that’s the birth of Oriole magic. I was there when it started, right. I was sitting in the left field, watch the ball land, watch my dad go crazy, the whole deal.

Mike Ricigliano  14:05

But there are people that we both know. And maybe you were there. I don’t know. I was not on Sunday. I was watching grandchildren in Brooklyn. So but, you know, to be at that game on Sunday when they come back late. You know, I

Nestor Aparicio  14:17

had a football commitment. I mean, this really speaks to Chad steel doing what he’s done to me. You can go read about that at this at the website if you want or six read it. But I would have been in Cincinnati on Sunday. No matter what I would have been in Cincinnati because I go where the Ravens go Do I go? I’ve all my life. I’ve done that. Right. So Luke would have been at the baseball game I would have been at the football game. And that’s the way up. A professional company has covered these teams for three decades. Yes. So I am banned. Luke has a pastor in Cincinnati and in Baltimore can only use one right he went to the Oreo game right, you know, right. So for Greg to go to court and he missed watching the Ravens game Right. So, for me watching at home, I’ve been in all of these things for 30 years. This is more about everybody else having a good time that do not cry for me. You had more fun than anybody you’ve ever met. You would you would agree with that.

Mike Ricigliano  15:17

Absolutely. You’ve nailed it. I mean, it’s about being it’s about other people that you know, that maybe were past that mount something to them that fair. Yeah, really excited about this. And I was at Veterans

Nestor Aparicio  15:29

Stadium for game five with my father, I was sitting above first base, that picture that hung in the radio station and McGregor. And I know like all of that that went on. I you know, that we’re, I’ve been waiting on the next thing. Sure. And I don’t expect it to be like the last thing. It’s not going to mean as much to me, as it did when I was 15. Right. Right from from my journey, right. But there’s so many people out there that it’s going to mean everything right. And

Mike Ricigliano  15:55

of course, I plan on partying with all of them. So you know, as far as we go in both with both these ventures, and I brought it up to you before I was on here with Dave shine and and he suggested that, you know, at the time that the Orioles and the Ravens probably would not win in the next three years. That was a question you asked him? Well, it’s a math equation math equation. And if he’s much more knowledgeable about sports than me, and I buy it, let’s stop

Nestor Aparicio  16:21

with this. The Orioles can be the favorite to win the World Series. They’re not right this moment, but they can be the favorite, and still have a far better chance of not not winning the World Series and winning.

Mike Ricigliano  16:32

And I think that’s what he was saying. He was saying that it’s a tough road to get there, especially in the NFL, but also in the major leagues, especially a young team like this, but this young team doesn’t seem to realize it you know what I mean? Like they just play the way they play, you know, without any kind of outside noise.

Nestor Aparicio  16:50

I mean, the win on Tuesday night, like in Houston, the Cedric Mullins home run and this speech to oral magic like in 79 and 83. I can remember games and 79 that Lowenstein one that rent a key one that the senseis one that Kiko Garcia wore I write that you know, so it’s not always Eddie Murray hitting the three run home run. It was some of the time no good amount at a time back then. But there was always a bedding a yalla there was always a TITO Landrum. There was always the Rick Dempsey 20 year player who was it five and dime, you know, to 23rd to 30 hitter who caught fire. Ryan became the MVP. That’s baseball.

Mike Ricigliano  17:39

Right? And I think this Oriole team, you’ve got some of that too, which is what gets you excited. I think about it. You know, you have O’Hearn you have these guys. They’re not all you know, bonafide top 100 prospects on this team. There’s some other guys mixed in here too.

Nestor Aparicio  17:57

But they got a lot of bonafide they do

Mike Ricigliano  17:58

have a lot of bottom up this week and look at him. Yeah, exactly. He’s he looks like a slugger. You know what I mean? He’s gonna be a really good player on this town castles hurt and they’re not missing a beat. Oh, that’s right. So but they also need veteran presence. They’ve got some of that they’ve done a good job of putting together a winning squad here with young guys that are super talented and super confident. Right. I

Nestor Aparicio  18:23

was happy to Flaherty got a couple of decent innings and right because for me, they’re gonna need all the pitching that they they’re going to need everyone to be excellent for months. And like Fuji coming out of the bullpen throwing seven ball that just that can’t happen next week. That can’t happen.

Mike Ricigliano  18:41

No, I’m with John Flaherty. I was excited when they got him. i He’s always been a favorite of mine as a pitcher. And it just hasn’t worked out for him. I don’t even exactly know the reason here. But people friends of mine and we’re dismissing him for even being on the postseason roster. I’m like, Well, we

Nestor Aparicio  18:58

talked about that earlier week. Did you okay,

Mike Ricigliano  19:00

I don’t know. I mean, I would have my postseason roster. Even if he’s doing just what he did and filling in. He’s gonna He’s gonna contribute on this team. I think if there’s room for him on the Rothko

Nestor Aparicio  19:10

season pitching so different received, right, like if Gibson’s in trouble in the second inning 37 pitches in, right. And it’s three, three, nothing, right? He’s out, right. Like in a five game series. I mean, like, so we talked about how deep the pitching is. It’s how good is it from the beginning. And how short is the rope? I mean, I thought Palmer was gonna like bust through the television set in Houston when Fuji went balls six ball seven, you know, out of the bullpen. I mean, Paul was like, we got a division to win here. How many times is Jim Palmer said on the air. We have a division to win here right? Palmer’s called 10 billion hours of radio. And we’re in this key game where with a real magic number and single digit or and the kid comes out of the bullpen he’s got a yellow puddle between his legs. He can’t find the strikes right? Yeah, that is not does not bode well for pitching in Tampa two weeks from now or Toronto or wherever they’re going to be, by the way, I will say is our guests were Coco’s. I’m gonna get if you ever have to coconut shrimp here.

Mike Ricigliano  20:11

No, I

Nestor Aparicio  20:13

don’t think they spell it with a CA K. I have to tell her she’s Oh, that’s for Coco’s. Okay. Coconut Shrimp. large shrimp hand breaded shredded coconut fried. Coconut. What’s your here’s the key because in Baltimore, we would eat this with a cocktail sauce, right? Like that’s the way we serve. Right?

Mike Ricigliano  20:29

That’s where you would do it. I

Nestor Aparicio  20:30

don’t think I would do cocktail sauce.

Mike Ricigliano  20:32

I do cocktail thoughts with shrimp cocktail. But

Nestor Aparicio  20:35

so what do you dip a shrimp and you need some mango sticky?

Mike Ricigliano  20:38

got coconut in it. I want the coconut so you don’t want it’s just

Nestor Aparicio  20:42

because it’s the sauce they do here is a raspberry. Hallo. That’s

Mike Ricigliano  20:46

my other favorite flavors, though. Now I’m clashing here.

Nestor Aparicio  20:49

I had the coconut shrimp. Yeah. Oh, no. See you like everybody else. You call me here? The crab. Yeah, exactly what you do. Why would you not a little different? All right. I’m gonna get a crab cake. It’s a crab cake tour. It goes without saying yes. Right. But I we came in Jimmy Buffett diets and said, Look, by the way, Jimmy Buffett died. We got to have a drink. Did that bite here? Jimmy? Jimmy? Yeah. And I’m doing Marcela here for years. And at one point, she was involved in a place that had a Jimmy Buffett theme. This really does have a Jimmy Buffett theme theme. So we were talking about Jimmy and when Jimmy died, she put the drinks on sale. She had the margaritas going right away the day he died, right? He died was Saturday morning. And we didn’t make it over here. She put a cheeseburger in paradise. And by the time I got here, we just went with a straight cheeseburger. Right a great burger. Your dude is when I’m going to tell you I want

Mike Ricigliano  21:42

to say I think I’ve had the burger. So I think I’ve had a burger and I agree with you, you know so. So but for now, probably never

Nestor Aparicio  21:49

would have shrimp salad. I mean, who orders a salmon BLT here? I don’t know. But I mean, I my wife Alicia Terry would see.

Mike Ricigliano  21:55

Yeah, Terry, I need to find that I’ve heard jam is salmon.

Nestor Aparicio  21:59

Well, the problem with all my sponsors is is like they’re all known for a thing. Or I have a thing there. Right. And then I never get the other thing. Right. So like I was a failure these five years. And she brought me fried oysters, right? And I’m like, I would never order that. And then I ate one which led to about 12 I love fried oysters are amazing course. And I said to myself, I’ve never ordered a fried always arise all day with Okay, yeah. Rockefeller or char grill with them. Yeah. Or in any of them. Like any of that. Yep. That’s exactly why I wouldn’t order on Friday.

Mike Ricigliano  22:38

Right. Okay. Yeah, you’re gonna mean big. They’re compromising it. Yeah. It’s further but it’s a whole different.

Nestor Aparicio  22:45

But I never ordered them on a menu. If they just don’t. It’s a whole different experience. I mean, like they have been imported baby back ribs here at Coco’s. There’s just going to be 12 Other things I’m going to try first. Unless six people the bar say get the ribs and that’s never gonna happen. Because everybody’s got a crab cake.

Mike Ricigliano  23:02

I mean, you’re you’ve got plenty of time because it sounds like you’re alright plan.

Nestor Aparicio  23:07

I’m gonna get a crab cake. I’m gonna get some fried shrimp. I just had the cream crab soup Coco’s it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery I’m giving away the Ravens scratch offs. Receipt is gonna get a lucky winner here our friends at window nation as well. I mean, where the wacky wind donation at 8669. You nation. The weather. So

Mike Ricigliano  23:22

when you wear that hat, yeah, it’s flattering. It’s an interesting fit. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  23:27

aware in the next segment, Jiffy Lube is also sponsoring us. I want to give a shout out to Lynn Raskin to who’s always so good to us. He was at the show last week we did Dan at the family’s Rascon global, empowering people to choose their financial future. I still haven’t used the crab mallet combination beer opener to open your your natty bow with that would have been nice. I want to sit back take a break because I want to come back talk some more baseball. I want to make some football and I had some art stuff for you. And I definitely have some cold stuff for you. Right and the Mighty Max has just walked in without our cello. All right, not even wearing an Oreo hat. So I don’t know her bandwagon this and that. We’re single lend her his hat and Max Weiss magazines here. And much like everyone and this is true and I know Liz is making the crab cakes backer she’s coming on. When I call guests and I say I’m doing a show with Coco’s are like oh, I’ll be there. And there’s other times and no offense to my other places, but like when I’m in Dundalk, some people say I come to Dundalk to see you. I’m waiting for Coco’s well worth the way you missed out on drug City. She doesn’t even like Western fries from Royal farms. She’s not from around here. Max Weiss is here. She is the best of Baltimore, where to place it’s won a lot of best of Baltimore awards. And I want to come back and get baseball I want to get bandwagon fans in we’re going to plug best of I’m going to do a molar take me to the media card the mail and I’m gonna hold it all out on the air and be a fool. Next year and alternatives coming by today and she No offense to either one of you, who I love and know and all And I’ve done yoga together. And I am a huge fan of her music and I love her the little bit. I know her, but I’ve never had her on the show. Okay, I’ve never heard her life story. I can’t wait to hear it. She’s internationally renowned. I mean, she’s like, she’s like a diva of the dance floor. And she might go dancing in the rain with me this weekend at Artscape to see Nile Rodgers and chic because she knows now Rodgers pays to know people that know now Ross, did you did you do yoga with her? I did hot yoga with her 15 years ago and video somewhere. Yeah, we were there. And there was like somebody that said, her name’s altra. And I’m like, and I looked at her and she looked like alternate and I’m like, oh, it’s soaking wet. And she’s like, Yeah, yeah. Yeah. How old were you? And like, I do radio and like, and I’m like, I need to know you. And I’ve never had her on the show. Nice. So all these years later. That’s cool. That’s very cool. Guest so yeah, so it might even dance and sing with her a little bit. You know, might be fun thing. To that. Max is here. We’re six here. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We’re gonna eat crab cakes. We’re gonna eat coconut shrimp spelled with a K because it’s coconut coke. Coconut Shrimp. Get it? I didn’t get it right away. I was trying to. I’m gonna You’re an editor. You want to fix the spelling on that. You see coconut with a que? You’re like no. Oh, because we’re laurelville we’re Coco’s pop back for more. Stay with us. crabcakes and coconut shrimp and more beer and more first place. Playoff baseball has like saying nice.

Mike Ricigliano  26:28

I like it.

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