The wounded offense of the Ravens and most important part of the schedule

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With Cleveland, Pittsburgh and a trip to London to play the Titans on the travel itinerary, it’s important for the Ravens to get healthy. Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor review the coaching decisions and play of Lamar Jackson as the 1-2 Ravens see the upstart Browns, who have a quarterback health issue as well with DeShaun Watson.


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Nestor Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

What about w n s t, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we were positively celebrating 25 years of doing this. Make sure you’re checking out our wn S T stories of glory. We were also a Coco’s last week celebrating the Maryland crabcake tour, courtesy of our friends at the Maryland lottery in conjunction with window nation and Jiffy Lube. We’re on hiatus though. We’re on hiatus right now. We’re going to be at the Hollywood casino in Perryville. Watching the Ravens Titans game for breakfast on October 15. celebrating my 55th birthday as well. Hopefully we’re celebrating the Orioles still being very alive in the baseball campaign. And certainly the Ravens have no idea where they’re going to be by the time we get there. I know they’re on the road for the next month. I’ve written about that out and columnists including the power of three including three seconds on the clock after a free kick after a safety at 2033 points that Justin Tucker didn’t get a 63 yard field goal that was not attempted and five, three pointers including 450 yard field goals in the aftermath of a tropical storm that really broke this guy’s heart because I know one thing he’s never gonna let this colts thing go. It has been it’s it’d be 40 years in March. And they came in and did a Saturday on a Sunday afternoon while the Orioles are getting their magic number down to you guessed it. Three we welcome Dennis Kalonzo sound from coach for security Boulevard. He’ll be here on Thursday from three until five o’clock. And we’ll be back again on Sunday morning as the Ravens go to Cleveland. That is I’m gonna say same thing you that I’m saying to all my guests that aren’t Rick Dempsey or Alan McCallum this week where I’m only going to talk baseball with them. I have two callers for you I got the orange and I have purple which is the glass half full or half empty which is it Dennis always half

Dennis Koulatsos  01:52

full, always half full me being the optimist and let’s not forget about Kyle Hamilton, Hamilton’s three sacks in the first half. And in fact the Ravens could have been three and Oh, but no, two and one. And the name of the game for me an extra return over so I thought the only way that this squad from Indianapolis had a chance to beat the Ravens was if the Ravens put the ball in the ground. That’s exactly what they did. And to me that was a difference. Everything else is a bit of noise a few inches here first down there. Missed the kick here missed opportunities, but to me it was the turnovers. Were the back breakers

Nestor Aparicio  02:29

where are you in the injury side and listen I’m not giving horrible any rope on any on any of his integrity issues that he has numerous that I’ve accounted to. But in the aftermath of the game and these these sham press conferences where we didn’t get the yeah to timeout. The difference between 203 and 158 is big enough to get you beat. I got them beat it got them beat right. So all of that being aside for all the problems they’ve had. I don’t say I feel sorry for them given their their injuries, but they are certainly playing when you start to add up where the game ended right where the game ended to take Humphrey Williams a Javo when the game ended, the offensive side Linda bomb Stanley, ob J Bateman take Dobbins and throw him out as well. Right? And then you take Gus Edwards out there they’re like a Pop Warner team. And I mean, they’re they’re playing out there. No offense to Patrick mCherry or Mustafa are these guys that are trying hard, right? And the Kyle Hamilton’s that are shining in this and say flowers who could shine. But if you account for the football team we talked about for five, six months, beginning after the draft and through mini camps and training camp and what we expect it to be on the field and week three. The injuries are mounting up early and often and it’s really affecting everything. Todd Monken wants to do everything they thought Lamar Jackson could do and the weapons he’d have and the protection he’d have. It’s this is not their two on one and their heartbeat away from being three No, they should have been they cost themselves the game, but they are not firing on all cylinders in any way. And it’s hard to get a gauge on the team when it’s this choppy and when they don’t have their real players on the field.

Dennis Koulatsos  04:30

A couple points here, Nestor Jo della Sandra’s is highly regarded as a very good offensive line coach now Sambisa for all the Bears fans said he’s terrible. And he played well against the Bengals not so well against the Colts. was Patrick macarius center a better option was Morgan Moses a better option left tackle with Daniel Phil elite a better option the right tackle. These are the kinds of questions that I have in regards to the offensive line because Lamar Jackson is going to go as the offensive line goes right when air When they can’t open up holes when they’re letting pressure from the sides up the middle, he won’t be as effective. So, spread it

Nestor Aparicio  05:09

out and run the ball, right like they tried to do in the third quarter and just said, Screw it. Let’s go back to 2019, which is that is their fallback. And that also opens up the little more to get hit and hurt.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:20

It does. And you made the point that these quarterbacks aren’t built to run into 250 pound linebackers. The coach started a quarterback Anthony Richardson. He’s about six, five to 50 feet. He pounded out the hard way week ago. He just can’t do that. I don’t care how big you are. But with that said, the culture without their starting quarterback, and we saw a gardener make sure was very pedestrian. He couldn’t identify how helmets were coming off the edge. Right. He was blind to that he missed some open guides that he had downfield. There without Taylor there, Jonathan Taylor. They’re probably top three running back in the NFL. Every team has injuries and teams have to overcome and Ray was handled Jeff, this was a winnable ballgame. The Colts showed a lot of grit to their credit, and they took the Ravens deep water and they drowned him. And that’s what happened. So the injuries every team has a minister and it’s just how do you overcome those injuries? How do you play above them? And above all, how do you not beat yourself Lamar Jackson being careless with the ball? Drake, Kenyan Drake dropping up, get fumbling the ball downfield. And the other pieces I don’t think anybody else has has really looked at it. And maybe we should look at it closer. I don’t believe the more Jackson is a great inclement weather quarterback. He likes a nice, dry, warm field when it’s wet outside and when the elements aren’t real good. He tend not to play so well.

Nestor Aparicio  06:40

I think he tends to not play so well dropping back into a pocket that’s collapsing around him that he’s having trouble seeing over and having trouble being accurate on the fly. When there’s people in his face. And I think he’s gotten enough footsteps in his time to not just take off and run certainly not early in the game. Maybe when it gets a little more desperate, gets more garbage time gets a little more, hey, it’s third down, I gotta get a first down, I’m still the best chance for us to get a first down. And I don’t even say this with disrespect. Although people take it that way. He’s their best option on offense. It’s still him running the football. That’s either good or bad. That’s that’s good that they have a play no one else can have that’s very difficult to defense when they go five wide, but they also don’t have patchwork carved out their lead blocking in those cages. And it’s not why they paid in $50 million a year. It’s not how they’re going to win a Super Bowl. It’s why they jettisoned Greg Roman and made him the fall guy in my opinion, because I think Greg Roman looked at this Greg Romans like Bill like he can draw plays for Randall Cunningham and Eric Coriell. He could draw that up. But when you don’t have the horses for the course, and you can’t protect the quarterback because the left tackle never gets on the field. And you don’t have a running game because you can’t keep a running back healthy. And you can’t keep the quarterback healthy after Halloween and your wide receivers you go out and you were drafting this guy and paying this guy 15 million and we got this first round guy and they can’t get him on the field. And we when you get them on the field, you want to draw a place to stretch the field. You can’t stretch the field because you want five or six seconds to drop him back protect him enough to get him to throw the ball on time and not on the run out of the pocket where he’s always thinking am I gonna get hit and I’m just gonna run like hell because that’s his instinct. His instinct is run like owl is instinct isn’t Oh, let me look down the field and see what I can find when the play breaks down. That’s That’s not his strength and it for me hearing the footsteps of Greg Roman this week about he’s doing this he’s doing that they’re not drone and opera. I thought we got rid of Rome and like all of that it’s what do you want them to do when Patrick McCarthy’s playing left tackle must first playing center there ain’t no more JK Dobbins I’m not convinced Andrews is 100% you know likely drops the ball. It’s not as good as advertised. Now they’re two and one and they shouldn’t be three in Oh, and that would be I don’t see fool’s gold we’ll find out they’re going to Cleveland are going to Pittsburgh, they’re going to London. They may come back five and one and the orals might come back eliminated. I don’t know time will tell on all of that the next couple of weeks, but these three road games are coming at I don’t say it’s a good time to go play three games in a row in a row right especially halfway around the world which are going to have to do when they have all these injuries to begin with. But from the fans perspective tickets for 10 bucks on Sunday, Dennis like you get them there the next month and it’s going to become an all real thing here that they can go work out whatever their early season problems and come back three into or two and three or five and one that there. There’s not going to be as much pressure on them from the fan base as there might have been if the Oreos were eliminated and they went late. This turd for the Colts

Dennis Koulatsos  10:00

yeah what what really got me Nestor were the culture playing it too deep zone the whole game, but you still got to take a shot down field and he had there were times when he did have time to go down field deep. The week prior he’s through a through a nice deep ball to a double covered and say flowers just because they come out and put a shell around you and play it to deep zone doesn’t mean you don’t take your shots. So that was another thing. I thought they should have done it throw a couple deep balls, maybe they get a pass interference. Maybe they get a play that flips the field. I just didn’t see that that downfield aggressiveness that I was looking forward to seeing under Todd Monken. Yeah, I


Nestor Aparicio  10:32

thought the same thing like at halftime, just throw the ball and hope that you know when you get the ball with three seconds left, and you can’t kick a field goal on there. Just throw the ball down there and see if somebody somebody gets your flag get cheap three points run talk her out there you know like that is go on. So she’s here. He will be back here again on Thursday from three and the five. doing his thing you could find him at that is Culatta show out on social media as well. You’re done with football. You want to do baseball, you’re ready. I mean, hey, listen, I don’t have that option around here till now. Right?

Dennis Koulatsos  11:03

Look, I was grateful that I was undercover during the game. My seats were great. And I saw some extra football. I like overtime football. I think I’m getting more value for my money. The outcome wasn’t what we wanted, of course, but I enjoy overtime games. I also enjoy competitive nip and tuck batches. That’s what we saw. But it was nice that they announced the Oriole score that kept announcing that we will score at the stadium. Do lots of cheers from the Ravens crowd. But yeah, Orioles. Look they they keep going to the brink of disaster and coming back. They’re finding ways and now John means is looks like he’s that he’s back, which helps them a lot between him and Grayson, look out that they get their pitching worked out. And of course the bullpen that’s a big question, isn’t it?

Nestor Aparicio  11:47

Well, the sky was falling on Saturday morning, right? You and I did Saturday morning show here over coffee we all would have been losing our minds. Right. And that’s what this is going to feel like and I have talked to Luke about this this week. Like, closest thing out Wednesday night, Thursday night. Like, let’s get this over with. Let’s have a party for Jim Palmer. Let’s sell out the stadium Saturday. Did you get your playoff tickets?


Nope. All right.


Yeah. I mean,

Dennis Koulatsos  12:13

I have friends that did though. I know. So I add them up on

Nestor Aparicio  12:16

my screen. And I saw the price and I turned to my wife and I’m like, That’s what $600 on a credit card for one night. And that made it happen. And I kept thinking, is that me? I don’t know that I have. I mean, I’m thinking that for like World Series tickets, like, they’ll get offered to me and they’ll be face value at four and a quarter apiece. And I have to think do I have $1,000 night in me. And I did that once for Springsteen, ALPA Broadway six, seven years ago when he first came out and did his thing. And I felt sort of like it couldn’t have been worth that much. It was good. It was really good. It was awesome. When that awesome and like I’m, I’ve been to 58 World Series games in my life. Dennis, I did the math on this. I’m trying to figure out all of this and watching games and play and like Luke and I are going to travel to either Toronto or Tampa, which is where it looks like it’s going to be two weeks from now. They’re going to let Luke in they’re not going to let me in I’ll probably buy cheap ticket Tampa for sure. Right? weather’s gonna be good. I mean, I want to feel it, I want to be a part of it. I want to be a part down at Camden Yards. But that being said, Even if I, if if I had that kind of disposable income, and even if I love the team, the notion that alright, the tickets are on sale and a strip is four or 567 $8,000. That’s, that’s a hell of an outlay for anybody. And that being said, I look I was a guy that ran trips, went on trips, took trips, ask people for big numbers, this Tottenham London thing. I mean, I know one or two people that are going half the city went 17 and the knee and the politics, everything that had they lost awfully like all of those thoughts. There’s only so much money. There’s only so much bandwidth. There’s only so much John Mayer and Queen it’s the FG Bank Arena. There’s only so much all of this. And when I saw the $10 tickets on Sunday for the Colts being in town, boy, you hate the Colts. But the city doesn’t hate the Colts anymore, not in the way that we have to go out and beat their ass and consider them a different team. The winds blow in a different direction. A lot of people spent a lot of money on baseball tickets last week, and all of a sudden football tailgate. The weather had rained a little bit every 65 and raining.

Dennis Koulatsos  14:25

Was a good it was a good crowd that was a festive crowd. The people that showed up. They were very vocal very loud. So I was I was really impressed and encouraged by that very loud crowd.

Nestor Aparicio  14:34

I heard third down. I mean, I heard it big time. Yeah. For the Steelers in Las Vegas too as they traveled right.

Dennis Koulatsos  14:43

I didn’t watch the game was too late for me. But But no, the crowd was very, very vocal. They were into it. They were loud and the ones that showed up. I mean, they represented us very, very well. So very pleased about that. Definitely gave the Ravens a home field advantage. Gardner Minshew did have trouble hearing of some of the store down calls.

Nestor Aparicio  14:59


Yeah. and not so much in the third quarter. But when the game got tight at the end, yeah, it was much harder I thought he was operating to I looked up at one point. I’m like, come on now. Don’t Don’t fall asleep here. Because the game was the game was never and and and I mean, I know we’re gonna lose it. But the game was never comfortable in any way it was it was the type of game that they were susceptible to having bad things happen if they did something stupid, like fair catch a punt a free kick at 203 that literally, I mean, horrible. I don’t want to cry. I mean, we’re 20 minutes into this. I could crush them all day got crushed plenty on Sunday night, but

Dennis Koulatsos  15:36

you didn’t deserve to. But yeah, look when when meant you step out of the endzone and the Ravens got that two point safety. I thought the game was done. I’d say all of a sudden the game was done. And I’m like, Okay, it’s over. We got him and then it’s over until it’s not over. Right. That’s the NFL goes right down to the last second the last play and my controller she’s been here 20 years. She always says whatever team is winning with a two minute Bible two minutes ago, and a one score game ends up losing in the NFL. And Doggone it every time I’ve looked at that, and the Ravens game is no different. That’s exactly what’s happened.

Nestor Aparicio  16:13

I tweeted out, and I tweeted this out at the two point when he stepped on the back line and I saw it. I tweeted out load up the May flowers and send the losers back to Oh my gosh. And I couldn’t even take it down afterwards. Because I’m not the kind of guy it’s going to just take it down. And some people went on there to send the ravens to Indy two, because they lost that Escalade. So she’s here he’ll be here on Thursday. On the baseball side of things and the the ebb and flow of what we saw Thursday and Friday and disappointment in the bullpen and wherever I know they can win. Are you a true believer that we’re going to be and I wrote about this a columnist because listen this Billy Joel Stevie Nicks show. It’s gonna be a little bit of a mess with game one. So there’s going to be a raven Oriole issue. And if the Ravens or the Orioles win, Game Six of the ALCS would be the day of the lions game, which is the next home game by the way, the next time they play at home. The Orioles would potentially be hosting Game Six of the American League Championship Series, or eliminated or in the World Series because they wanted five, right? Like all of that’s possible. Before the next time you go to the stadium and sit there. I mean, that’s kind of a heavy hand as as a guy’s been doing this for 32 years and 25 years in NSD. Like we really haven’t had anything like this in September. No really

Dennis Koulatsos  17:34

haven’t. These are. I’m trying to order for a lot of us. And so this is great. Wonderful. Right? Ravens are away. Orioles, so presumably we’ll have some home games. And look, it doesn’t get better than this. For the City of Baltimore, it’s a chance for the city to shine for people to see the city etc. Great for the economy. Good stuff gives us a chance to focus on the Orioles.

Nestor Aparicio  17:56

Well, and I love that and being Baltimore positive. I love that the downtown is gonna be packed. Like I mean, I’ll be down at the nest this week, Friday and Saturday. We got this concert notion city this weekend that’s going on so folks are going down there. I mean, the football team, as I pointed out the football team is just you got your PSL jerseys Do you know there’s one game on the 21st they’re gonna play before they either win or lose the World Series in the next five, six weeks. So the ravens are going to go away and this orange thing and it’s going to go away next week too. Right. I mean, the Orioles are going to clinch here this week, I’m pretty convinced that they better they better not Not, not clinch once they clinched. They’re gonna have this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and next week where there’s going to be batting practice. And it’s going to be watching these other teams all fight in the middle of the night about you know who’s gonna be the wildcard and that three get crazy three game series where game one is like everything. We’re gonna be able to watch all of that and gear up and ramp up for this amazing weekend in Baltimore that we really haven’t had here where we really have hope of winning a world where you’re the one seed where you have to buy you get your pitching together you get guys healthy trying to get mountcastle healthy too right i mean of guys trying to get but I don’t think we’re gonna get Batista. But as much as we’re trying to get the Ravens healthy and that to me is his biggest story is anything is where Humphrey Stanley Linder bomb obj I mean all half the team went on the field on Sunday and they lost getting that other half backs gonna make the difference in Cleveland, Pittsburgh.

Dennis Koulatsos  19:30

Yeah, when Harpo says great news these guys aren’t locked for the season. Well the best ability is availability and every game brought available. Starting center, left tackle etc. It really hurts your teams and your team chances of advancing and and having a positive outcome. So the sooner these guys can get back on the field, the better off the theme is going to be.

Nestor Aparicio  19:51

What’s going on at Koons, Baltimore Ford and all the I see these Ford commercials and all these plug in cars and all the 0% and Like all that stuff I know on a daily basis, I mean, you’re staying pretty busy out there.

Dennis Koulatsos  20:03


Yeah, it’s changing. We’re selling a lot of Maki’s 0% for 60 months 1.9 for 72 months that’s a very hot seller for us what is Maki? It’s the it’s the electric Mustang right it’s an SUV super fast super slick super, super stylish and it’s it’s, it’s selling like hotcakes the F 150s are moving very well and we have about 250 Plus in stock 150 coming in so we have a lot more inventory the most dealers a lot deeper discounts you know, we’re about in store we make every deal that we come across. So business has been very good for us Nestor.

Nestor Aparicio  20:35

Well, I think about you know, old escorts and explorers and Su like and how tastes change and you say something like maki I’m like, monks that that that that doesn’t sound like the Pinto. I remember, you know,

Dennis Koulatsos  20:46

not the it’s not the Pinto. Oh my god. If I had that instead of a Pinto in college, maybe I would have gotten a date.

Nestor Aparicio  20:53

I told you man that for contour is SVT that I had back it as the best guy. I can’t believe I ever got rid of the dumbest thing ever. You had that one car in your life you got rid of and you’re like, shouldn’t got rid of that one. You know,

Dennis Koulatsos  21:05

I had a red Pinto wagon and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it.

Nestor Aparicio  21:09

My wife asked me about my 1977 Brady Bunch pea green brown panel 185,000 miles on it had to add it had a rust hole in the back by the by the tire. I don’t think it would have passed inspection outside

Dennis Koulatsos  21:26

Fred Flintstone car right? You put your feet on the ground and get it to move. It was

Nestor Aparicio  21:30

sort of like what the family roadster would look like the Chevy Chase drove in 1982 If I had

Dennis Koulatsos  21:35

a question Yes, yes, exactly. They don’t make them like that anymore. Thank God. Well, thank

Nestor Aparicio  21:39

God you wouldn’t want to sell them. That’s a lot Sosa’s attitudes Baltimore Ford. He will not sell you my beat not 1977 station wagon. He’s got Maki’s out there and makes room for he also makes room for you on Thursday between three and five right here at AM 1570 wn st as we get ready for clinch miss the Red Sox and the nationals are those my only choice is to dance around in front of the Nationals and the Red Sox. That sounds like oh, are the Yankees on available this week. Can we bring them in for rain game? It’s gonna be good time around here. There’s gonna be a party. There’s gonna be champagne. And then there’s gonna be playoff baseball next week. And meantime, the Ravens only go to Cleveland and Pittsburgh and London. And Billy Joe and Stevie Nicks are coming to town so it’s John Mayer and Queen and Adam Lane all sorts of great things going on. It is a Baltimore positive time of year only thing I can lament and this is peach cake season’s over. But other than that everything else is alive and up for grabs here and quote MBAs are coming soon too. So at least I have that for a month from Dennis. I am Nestor he is that is find him on Thursday or Sunday morning around here find a medic coons Baltimore for as well as on the front of Baltimore. Stay with us.

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