All of that commotion down at the stadium is a good thing

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Whether it’s Orioles playoffs, Pittsburgh week or a parking lot before Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks, it’s a week to remember in Baltimore. Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss tickets, times, games and The Piano Man and Orioles playoff baseball downtown this week.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Looking back at W N, S, T, Towson, Baltimore, and Baltimore positive, we are positively into a weird weird week. I mean in any other normal universe over the last 27 years. Well for the first 26 I’d be headed to Pittsburgh this week and be like talking about, you know, Breezewood in summer said 911 and going into night and profanities, but instead we have like, batting practice baseball all week. We have shadows falling all over all these other places where we’re going to watch baseball from like noon till about midnight, Tuesday, Wednesday, maybe into Thursday. And by the time Saturday ramps up around here. The Ravens will be headed off to Pittsburgh, we’re gonna have a game one here against somebody Texas or or Tampa at this point, Florida or Texas, pick one. And at some point, we’re gonna get the Maryland lottery and the crabcake tour and our friends and winter nation and our newest friends at Jiffy Lube back on the road. We’re going to be doing the Maryland crab cake tour on Friday the 13th. And where Jason mask if you like, it is the eve of my 55th birthday. That is next Friday. Could be a day of game five as well. This guy here is first off he manages money you manage the American dream. He’s managing expectations for the Ravens now a three in one. But more than that, you’re one of those guys that day the Billy Joel tickets went out your wife elbowed you and said hey, we want to see Billy Joel gets gotta go. Gotta go gotta you go online. You spend your 500 bucks buying your Billy Joel tickets. And now here we are Tik Tok. And by the time this airs, they’ll have it all. Maybe I don’t know. I don’t know. You really think you’re seeing Billy Joel say because I said you. You’re going to the game Saturday. You’re like, No, I’m gonna say no. And I’m like, what happened at the same time? They can be a doubleheader


Leonard Raskin  01:41

could be a doubleheader could have the I think the show is eight.

Nestor Aparicio  01:46

Well, seven because Stevie Nicks stand backstage.

Leonard Raskin  01:50

So seven o’clock concert. And you figure that so what, one o’clock game better be has to be at one o’clock game and or two o’clock. It could be two. Well, here’s here’s where the Hokey Pokey at one o’clock is you got to empty the parking lot. So the

Nestor Aparicio  02:07


rangers and the Blue Jays are playing the early game on Tuesday. Wednesday, three o’clock. Right? Right. Right. So if they split, they would potentially be the eight o’clock game Thursday night. Nobody knows when the game is right. Try to explain to people like you about buying. You buy these tickets. You don’t know when you’re aware how time sitters work wife, kids, school dogs, cats Johnny’s

Leonard Raskin  02:31

got to worry about it only got to decide whether or not it’s gonna mess up Billy Joe. Well for you this year an independent and rasp right? Right right. And we’re and we’re empty nester empty nesters here to do their first time

Nestor Aparicio  02:44

in 20 years. I’m an empty nester for press passes. I got my sent me back my, my my denial for press credentials. So but I’m not really in the media. For me this week. It’s interesting that these games stack up that if they were if there were any it can’t rain in Tampa, right? I mean, right. Right, because they have a roof so it can’t get rained on but other Philadelphia was to get rained on right? That the thing gets moved into Thursday into Thursday night, Luke and I were joking about this series, like just root for nine to eight games and pitching and 11 innings. You really want to screw both of these teams, right? Right now by the time they get here. You want to have them spun around like they spent North Korea right that’s the whole mess that you want the mess but part of the message your message to you got these Billy Joel tickets? Maybe maybe not ravens are gonna play at one o’clock on Sunday. Know that we know that for a we’re going to be downtown is there going to be a party and it’s all going to happen real quick. And this is why it did free the birds Leonard I’m gonna say that all month because having playoff baseball and having these first World Sports problems. We haven’t had enough of this around here over the last. That’s right.

Leonard Raskin  03:56

That’s right. And let me ask you this. Here’s the other question I had, because I’m looking at the weather weather on my phone. And it says Saturday is a 50% chance of rain. So I’m thinking itself. Does Billy Joel play in the rain? Yeah, very much said. No tailors Billy Joel will play in the rain. You know, yeah, there really. So they do these outdoor concerts in weather, like football.


Nestor Aparicio  04:22

Read the back of your ticket and you don’t have

Leonard Raskin  04:25

a phone it says it says download to your to your apple wallet and walk in with a QR code which I thought were dead years ago, till the plague hid and QR codes became all the rage against the weekend to go to the moon. Out of nowhere. They were all but dead. And then they resurrected and now they’re everywhere menus and tickets and everything’s a QR code. Lottery. I think the lottery is a QR code

Nestor Aparicio  04:52

in the annals of memories of sports. When are you ever regaled me and I didn’t know you but you knew me you were whiskey goes 20 Yeah, here’s ago, Tampa, you went to Tampa, you’re at our party, by the way that’s I’m wearing my curious. You’re curious printed up these. These are these Baltimore shirts that I’m doing here this week for, for the birds. They’re presenting our 25 stories of glory and our 25th anniversary. And when I think of owning the radio station now it’s been 25 years and some change. And I think about when we’ve been pinched between lots of things. Yeah, I’ve owned this place. 25 years Leonard, we’ve been in the playoffs three times and 20. Well, well reword the next three. Okay, so in 12, we had to win that wildcard game down in Texas, remember, and then it said off the whole, like playing the Yankees for a week and we lost. We did a bus trip up to New York. Then in 14, we won the Division going away, right? I mean, that was like, That was a weird year because my wife was battling cancer all summer. That year. I didn’t go to ballparks. I was at the hospital every night trying to keep her alive to transplant the middle ear. But I went to the playoffs, right. So Detroit, and then Kansas City. We remember that like like it was yesterday. And then at 16. The whole thing lasted 10 innings. Exactly the pitch. It was over in Toronto. It happened. So we were familiar with what can happen and all of that, but these memories that are made. I remember racing from Memorial Stadium in 1997. On a Sunday afternoon Kordell Stewart was playing for the Steelers grass that day. 97 ravens not very good. Vinny and Eric Zaire before Borgatti. Before Jim Arbogast, yeah, right. Right. I remember leaving the football game in the fourth quarter. To get in my car. My car was parked right over City College, I immediate pass and was where the media lot was. And I drove downtown and I had a media pass then 97 Right. at Camden Yards I pulled in. I’m wearing my get nasty shirt because I’ve been sitting up in Section six Memorial Stadium, right? This is one of the great memories of my life and my career, right like I’ve been doing radio 32 years, there’s only been one time in my life where I had to leave a raving game yeah, peeler game to run to an Oreo playoff game. And that was a de Messina pitch. They beat Seattle. They clinch that day. They knocked Seattle out play. what was then the Cleveland Indians. We lost that series in the LCS. I want one of those, Leonard. You know what I mean? I want to feel the Joel Oriole doubleheader. I want to say that I talk about 25 years later now. It’s 26 years later, yeah, seven. I want a day where I have pictures of me with Mike bordick in the locker room. And Elrod Hendricks in the locker room and I have a picture of me Mike Messina, Ken Griffey, Ken Griffey came over to the Orioles locker room, because his season was over. And he wanted to congratulate cow and Mike Messina and like all that, like, I have a picture of me and Jim Kelly. Jim Kelly was calling the game that day. Jim Kelly was part of the broadcast back then. Right. Jim Kelly was in the lobby. So I like I want a memory like that. And you’re gonna have one on Saturday, maybe because here’s hoping they don’t want to clock in. You’ll get tickets, right?

Leonard Raskin  08:12


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I’ll be doing the doubleheader. There’s no doubt we’ll be. We’ll be Oreos in the afternoon, Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks in the evening, passed out wet soaked,

Nestor Aparicio  08:24

and then wake up Sunday and have to do it again. Because the Steelers are playing the ravens and the Orioles we play in one of these two teams again.

Leonard Raskin  08:29

Right? Right. And who knows we’ll probably both be at one o’clock or something stupid like that.

Nestor Aparicio  08:33

I don’t know man. Like here’s where this will be fun letter raskins. Here he is Rascon global making the America dream happen. So in business, right. You and I have lamented that the Orioles and ravens throw me out mistreat me whatever. In the course of business and in the course of getting along. Right for it


Leonard Raskin  08:52

seems like they’re doing it a little better. You think seems it seems? Well, let’s let’s put it this way. I saw the Ravens. Light up the stadium. Orange. Yes. See the Ravens share dressing

Nestor Aparicio  09:05

land, right. Oh, no. I know that. I know. That’s prb what’s really going on?

Leonard Raskin  09:12

What’s happening behind the scenes?

Nestor Aparicio  09:14

She Brown and Greg Bader. Do they talk? My feeling is they probably don’t, and they’re probably under intermediaries. But I go back to Keith Urban playing down at the harbor and the Ravens getting thrown out to Denver and listen for how I feel about both of these owners and what in my personal relationship with both of them is well documented. What how they get along with each other and how these franchises get along. I’ll tell you an old story that’s that has been told but I’ve been told Monica, do you remember that the Orioles didn’t night on draft night where they gave away an Oreo purple hat. Do you remember that? Do not they? Did it was 20 years it was a long time ago. Okay. It’s when the the Ravens had just won the Super Bowl the first time Yeah, and the Orioles were really in the abyss. I mean, this was the Usher Tiki era and like all of that, and the Orioles were chasing the Ravens all of a sudden trying to be cool, right? Like so cool was like if it’s purple, it’s cool. Right at the time. They did a bird hat. And it was on it was a game night. It was like a they sent the Orioles, the bill for the hats. So this was 20 years a long, long time ago. Right, right bird squirting me Oh 4567 There was such bad blood. Art modell. And it was at a function with Peter Angelos one night and arts wife really disliked Peter. Like, because Peter was rude and nasty to art in front of her. In 9697. Yeah, and all of his BS about him. So the ngModel Angelo’s thing got arrived quickly, it never really got fixed, because who fixes anything but Peter Angelos ever right right now where he is checked out Johnson now. And I don’t mean when I say get along in businesses, this is a major league baseball, NFL issue. And I don’t think they get along. I don’t think there’s any, we’re going to help the other league, especially if you’re baseball and you’ve been getting your ass kicked for 30 years, right for the whole century. To do anything. Nice. magnanimous, get along, we’ll find out we’re gonna find out to say this when whoever makes the decision with the Ravens that they want to have concerts. Right. And by the way, the Orioles took some heat for that. That concert that didn’t happen a couple weeks ago with Bruce, where they were keeping the tax money. The same deals for the ravens, that’s part of the new 600 million is that both of the teams said to the state. Yeah, you’re gonna give us all this money. But if we’re gonna do concerts or anything, we keep all of that because it’s too much work for us. And we don’t need to. We don’t make a whole lot of money. When Bruce Springsteen comes in here, Bruce Springsteen makes all the money. We don’t make a lot of money on doing these concerts, certainly not enough that we’re going to give you tax money that should be a benefit. That should be our vague fulfill in the city up with a Jimmy not Jimmy Buffett anymore, but not Van Halen anymore. But concerts, whatever it may be, they’re nonsense, and

Leonard Raskin  12:15

in that warehouse and make it all lovely, and you’re gonna want to go downtown again and hang out and then go to the game or just hang out on a night where there’s not a game and

Nestor Aparicio  12:25

I am wondering if Major League Baseball with their television issues and where they are. And look, this is going to be Orioles against maybe the rays of the Rangers. It isn’t the Yankees or the Red Sox in primetime or whatever. Right?

Leonard Raskin  12:36



Nestor Aparicio  12:38

I’m wondering if there because we haven’t heard anything about Billy Joel or Steven, I’m wondering if there hasn’t always been sort of a an agreement. And I don’t know what a gentlemen’s agreement looks like. I saw Keith Urban play. And I saw us well

Leonard Raskin  12:49

down on Blu Ray, the agreement would be between who? Between? Is it? The Ravens? Is it the who promotes the

Nestor Aparicio  12:56

composition television network,

Leonard Raskin  12:58

right. Is it work saying we want to comment? It’s Fox, right? So who who’s announcing these games on Fox for another point of interest here? Because I don’t think they’re very good. They bring it in who they bring it in to do baseball. You

Nestor Aparicio  13:12

know, here’s the bad news. Like we joke around the end of Ben McDonald sadly. Yeah, we’re Ben. Well,

Leonard Raskin  13:18

they would be wise to grab him. Who grabbed him. He created a national game. He did a couple of national games this year. Not nationals, Orioles national games. He was on the broadcast. I don’t know if it was Fox. Or if that was one of those. He’s not weird. YouTube. Or anything.

Nestor Aparicio  13:38

I never really know. Kevin Brown sounds a lot like Joe Buck. Like Kevin Brown. Yeah. Joe. Bob. Yeah. Big time. And he’s

Leonard Raskin  13:45

good. He’s good. The question is who at Fox is going to do baseball? Do they have good baseball? I don’t think

Nestor Aparicio  13:53

he’s been called to do baseball too. He’s done. Well, summer, but he’s in hockey season and ease and all of that.

Leonard Raskin  13:59

It’s all happening now talking about talking about leaving the stadium. I’ve left opening day to go to capitals playoffs before I’ve done that trip. Back in the day. Doubleheader, leave the ballpark drive to DC watch some hockey, but it’ll be an interesting, unique thing to go to a playoff game and then watch Billy Joel. That’ll be cool. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  14:21


if you park the car once have dinner down at the harbor, right? You let it ride right, your rascal in the rain. This is what I wanted to say about this in regard to the city. And in regard to Billy Joel and the deal. If you’re the ravens and concerts are coming out this summer because there were several stadium tours like Taylor Swift played stadiums all summer, right? So not that she’s been in the news or anything on Saturday play in a movie theater. Right? She’s doing the movies, right? I did the talking heads movie last week is was this Smart Business Smart. I would say this for the city and for what we’ve been through and the plague. I would hope that they could play this baseball game at one o’clock. and still have Billy Joel and not mu Billy Joe, for the 50,000 of you that have tickets for people that might be flying in or driving in or have a hotel room in Baltimore Saturday night, then we’re gonna make a whole Maryland state of mind Baltimore state of mind with Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks and all that, I would hope that there’s so

Leonard Raskin  15:17

figured out it in regard

Nestor Aparicio  15:19

to canceling it. And the baseball game doesn’t go 14 innings or that they don’t cancel it. And it rains long enough on Saturday to push the game before like,

Leonard Raskin  15:30

Oh, let me patch the schedule. Yeah, you know what it’s supposed to rain. So that could be really crazy. If they delay the baseball games into the concert that are just be crazy. And this past weekend, the weekend there were the announcers who was announcing the game did I hear this? We had a national game this this weekend on with Boston that was a fox game. Correct. And they were talking about the playoffs? They said well, if the the playoffs if the playoff game is at seven, and Billy Joel is playing next door, can you hear the concert? When you’re up at bat? That’s what they were talking about. That’s a stupid thing to say because they can’t do it. Well, that’s not what is the point is these are the fox announcers you’re gonna think they’d have known better, right? Yeah. Yeah. And then okay, let me go off on a tangent here. After the game. I think it was Saturday night. I believe it was Saturday night. After the game is either Friday or Saturday, you’ll know. Flip on MLB Network. And there’s the Norfolk tides, winning the championship over the Dodgers Saturday night. Yeah, Saturday night. That was a an interesting game. A grand slam in the seven and a two run to run night to take the lead. I’ll be


Nestor Aparicio  16:49

honest with the lender, I didn’t even know that it’s such a thing existed until they had wanted like, thought of the Norfolk tides other than a place that we send Tyler wells to go right. Like I don’t even know who their manager I don’t know anything. I know very Kendall but i Manager I don’t know if your manager is

Leonard Raskin  17:11

Oh, God is exact Britain’s

Nestor Aparicio  17:12

brother. Yes, it’s Buck Britain it is But Britain.

Leonard Raskin  17:17


They said Zack couldn’t make the game for some reason. But Britain was the was the was the guy and one of the one of the O’s that had been up and down, hit the Grand Slam and like the seventh and gave him the big lead. And then they they needed every run because the Dodgers came back with four and the ninth and they won seven to six. Saw Jackson Holliday saw Mr. Ben boom. Mr. Ben boom was playing and

Nestor Aparicio  17:45

you were scouting the 20. I was scouting, scouting oriels we can have a parade here in four weeks.

Leonard Raskin  17:54

That would be great. Would that be? How great would that be? That would be awesome.

Nestor Aparicio  17:58

I’m feeling more confident based on the way they pitch last week. And I know they call it the pumpkin League for the nationals in the Red Sox over the weekend. That’s ugly, but still


Leonard Raskin  18:08

their major league players. Yeah, that’s right. Their major league players trying to put their bat to the ball. And pitching has been phenomenal. Mostly phenomenal. If we get the hitting back, get him back with five, switch that switch back on.

Nestor Aparicio  18:24

That’s right, simulated games, all of that stuff later. Rasky

Leonard Raskin  18:28

will be good, I think, good.

Nestor Aparicio  18:31


Raskin. Global’s way to find him, you can find them at Baltimore positive, we’ll find out if the time off is good or not. Give me a little sense of what’s going on in your world and what you do because we’d sit here talk sports a lot. You don’t do that all week. You’re managing money for people in circumstances. We have a tax deadline coming up if people punted in April, oh, taxes are things going on besides Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks.

Leonard Raskin  18:54

And the government is still running, the government is still running, they managed to as predicted by you stave off a shutdown in the 11th in the 22nd hour of September 30. As usual, the drama queens that are the government that we have, we get what we vote for, sadly decided that they could keep the government running wait for 45 more days, 45 more days. So for another month and a half. We don’t have to worry about Social Security checks, military TSA, which is good because I’ve got a little travel going on. I got a little flight I got to take and it would not be good to wait in line with no TSA people because they’d be asked to work for no pay. They’re getting paid so that’s good that TSA will still be on the job. And so will our our vaunted military doing

Nestor Aparicio  19:47

that next Tuesday when I’m flying to Texas sort of Florida,

Leonard Raskin  19:49

you better believe it?


Nestor Aparicio  19:53

or LinkedIn or to Tampa next week. I need TSA just travel the world. I I went to Australia and New Zealand and 17 and I was on the South Island in New Zealand in Queenstown, one of the most beautiful places. salutely Absolutely, and I was flying from Queenstown up to Auckland, which is the South Island to the north. And my wife and I, we had rental car driving around Queenstown. I mean, it’s just cliffs. It’s it’s the most beautiful place on earth, right? Pull up to the airport, get rid of the car. And I walked into the airport, and I wanted to play gate and I put my bag into the little circulator on the way through, there’s no TSA there’s no security you just walk in it’s scary as any guns they have no guns. Well, no guns.

Leonard Raskin  20:43

But the point is, you know, they are a whole different culture it’s a whole different you

Nestor Aparicio  20:46

but you can fly there and you don’t you don’t get robbed down to the only place in the world I’ve been in as an adult where I’ve gotten on a plane and I haven’t been wanted in any way. I was like getting on a bus at the Greyhound station. It

Leonard Raskin  20:57


just feels kind of weird, doesn’t it? It feels weird. And and oddly, I’ve been to places where the where the people you know these little airports where they just kind of wave you through for everything. Oh, right. I’m an anti government guy. You know that I’m a I’m a conservative libertarian by nature but but we’re a little wacky, but that’s good. But but the thing is, the thing is when we’ve become so accustomed to the BWI TSA or the you know the New York TSA or whatever it is that when I go to a place where they’re not rigorous like that, whether it’s out of the country or wherever I just think to myself oh my god, who could be on this plane? What can be happening here? They’re not watching God for me

Nestor Aparicio  21:48

watch too much Maxwell Smart with shoe phones and all that. The cone of silence you’re watching you’re watching too much news to a letter Raskin is here. And big news is it’s the biggest sports week, like ever around here and we’re not even playing until the weekend. Hey, Pittsburgh week the ravens are in first place divisions upside down. We’re waiting for a wildcard winner it’s a combat

Leonard Raskin  22:08

How about that the the squealers the bank gals and the Browns stoled total? 12 points on Sunday. 12 points of offense. And, and Houston Houston CJ Stroud, the Ohio State quarterback roped up and whipped the Steelers by look

Nestor Aparicio  22:33

if there’s a time you’re gonna leave the ravens and join another team. The Texans this is a good time to get on their bandwagon. They need everybody. But when when A Star Is Born, right that made his first start against us a month ago. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it was his own his own much but he is the flavor of the league right now. Right?


Leonard Raskin  22:52

He is they love him. They love him. He’s got the first no interceptions in the first four games and and lots of yards and two wins and pig win over the Steelers. Yeah, absolutely. For us. I’m loving it. The gals lost. The Steelers lost the Browns of course lost and Lamar other than a bad handoff to Mr. Hill. Looks like he resurrected his life one game as we

Nestor Aparicio  23:23

entered October. We have a healthy quarterback. The Steelers do not the Bengals do not and the Browns do not. At the end of the broadcast are talking rotator cuff on that could be a whole season million dollar

Leonard Raskin  23:37

season as a whole two seasons. Yeah, right. And who who who do we play? Can he pick it? Can he Pick it? Pick a guy with a bad knee. Say Andy Mitch Mitchell Trubisky and I think that’s that’s a trap. I think you got to be careful there because that looks like looks like mucho mustache.

Nestor Aparicio  24:03

Tomlin didn’t look real happy after the game on Sunday. Changes. He is He will help you make a change in your financial outlook. He follows the American Dream gives great advice on taxes, insurance, money, investments, how to how to make your American dream and manage your money. Better. You can find him at Rascon global you can find him at the bottom or positive is our 25th anniversary around here. We are doing the Maryland crab cake tour and next Friday the 13th Yes, you can make all the jokes you wish next Friday the 13th might be the American League Championship Series game five. We’re going to be drug City Talk brought to you by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at window nation and our newest sponsor at Jiffy Lube. We are celebrating 25 years here with our friends at curio wellness and far daughter with 25 stories of glory. Next up is number 23. That’s coming out this week. It’s a big week around your Luke’s gonna be monitoring batting practice, Owings Mills, Pittsburgh week, and whomever we’re going to be seeing on Saturday and hopefully Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks can still pull the concert off on Saturday hopefully the weather holds up I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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