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Bringing friends and the local rock to The House of Schock


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He’s not quite the Simon Cowell of making bands but Nestor Aparicio finally had chance to unravel his role in helping Gina Schock put a Baltimore-based band together. Let The Go-Go’s drummer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer tell you about her new band The House of Shock and its roots in the Dundalk soil and soul.


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Wendell Goodman, Gina Schock, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00


We’re back at wn St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive or positively out here at the Beaumont. We’re at the bar, where I like to be where Kingsville we’re at the corner of eggs and Miller and Frederick which is about a mile outside the Beltway State Fair across the street. This is where they shoot the fireworks and they do New Year’s Eve and the fire department here. We’re about a half a block from Bill’s music and we’re celebrating the to the Maryland crab cake tour. We have Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jeanne shock of the fabulous Go Go’s in the house a shock with us. So brought to you by our friends for winter Nation. I’m giving away a Maryland lottery scratch offs. I had a $100 winner at Coco’s last week. So I was thrilled about that, because she stood up and screamed, and we had a great time and a great show out there. Hope everybody’s enjoying that. And I have waited eight months, you and I haven’t spoken word to each other other than you saw me at the Hard Rock. He said, Hey, hon, how you doing? Oh, I love you by and you’re signing autographs, and your rockstar, your hall of fame and all this stuff. And since the last time we talked, you ate my crab cake. It cost this Yeah, well, the two of them. I’m sorry. And you left. And then two days later, I get a text from window who says to Me? Gina likes a cute drummer that you that you grew up with at Johnny Alec boy, what’s that all about? She needs a guitar player does he played a guitar? And I’m like, Well, you need to call Ed Lauer because that allows the guitar guy in Baltimore. And I just threw a text out, kissed into when it was two days before Christmas. You were very emotional, being home with your family and all of that. And the next thing I know Ed Lauer texted me said, I was over to his house. She’s the nicest lady I’ve ever met. And it’s east side is Baltimore. And next thing I know you got a band full of my friends, Ed’s friends, our friends, his relatives, my childhood friends, all with this Dundalk connection

Gina Schock  01:57

it’s a family affair. So

Nestor Aparicio  01:58

what happened to me the whole

Gina Schock  01:59

Well, you know, good people. What can I say? I didn’t I I didn’t know this was all going to happen. But Nestor you know, I guess things just happen the way they’re supposed to. I really do believe in destiny. I really do too. And so I think that like me meeting you, and then you talking about it. Don’t say John and bla bla,


Nestor Aparicio  02:18

very so you may be cry. No. Man, like, I can’t believe when I was there that night. I was like, so proud. Because like, I brought my gogo CD with me. You know what I mean? Like, I just know you from, you know, MTV, you’re gonna meet and you’re this legend of Dundalk that I never met John and I had talked about you 20 times every time we get together. I’m like, you find Gina shock yet? No, I don’t know, choice. George. You know, like, I

Gina Schock  02:48

feel very protective. I mean, there’s gotta love them. When we told that story. Last year, Christmas time, just got to say one thing that I’ve been back here a lot lately, and it’s just I can’t believe how much I’m loving being in Baltimore. And I used to want to run from Baltimore. And now Oh, wow. It’s so beautiful. And it’s just feel like a washed with gratitude for everything, you know, for growing up here and seeing how lovely everyone is. I mean, it’s completely different than my life on the West Coast. And as you would imagine, and it’s so real and profound, and it’s it’s um, you know, it’s just makes it fills me with joy to be here these days, you know, so why don’t you put his gravesite so

Nestor Aparicio  03:31

he touched in and by the way, your your Pucci dogs here, your service dog hears and the bird bring her into shots. She’s

Gina Schock  03:38


the best she is a service dog and Goddamnit She’s a good kid,

Nestor Aparicio  03:42

can we bring her over in a shopping spree? It is pretty sweet. If you push her back a little bit and get her in the shop, because we have this beautiful, beautiful creature here, who

Gina Schock  03:55

took her to the vet today to make sure she was okay. She has a heart. What’s interesting, she has a heart murmur. Okay, I had a heart murmur. And then I had have heart surgery. But she’s gonna be okay. Sure. Yeah. That was kind

Nestor Aparicio  04:05

of your heart surgery was kind of famous, right? Yeah. Yeah. That was in the prime of like the Go Go’s, right. Yeah,


Gina Schock  04:10

I was just looking through stuff. And I found the news footage from that, which is really kind of funny and weird. very surreal, actually.

Nestor Aparicio  04:17

Okay, so I want to literally have your drink here. By the way. We’re at the Beaumont gene shots just kind of hanging out. She’s trying to get off camera as much as she can come back here. You gotta come closer to come to us. So So we’re at the bar of Beaumont. We were at cost this last year. And I want to recap this for everybody in one minute. I didn’t know you from BU. I always wanted to know you. I knew you where you were from. I knew I still don’t know what house your parents lived in. I just know when that clusters across the planet. I don’t really know where it is right? To this day. I don’t know where it is. And I would always wonder which house was yours. I would always think to myself, Why doesn’t she come back and then George knew you. And I’m like bucket list. I mean Dundalk. And then you went on Hall of Fame and then I started chasing your publicist around to have you on and I woke up last year on an October day I was doing the show with drug City was the first time I’d ever been to a city. It’s so great. And I woke up and Donna Jean rumbly had you on her timeline having breakfast over at the bay, and I pooped the brick. I’m like, love it. She’s in Baltimore. Donna, I need to have her on the show I’m doing a live show that need to be today are like John Waters has agreed to come on the show. There’s a series, he agreed to come on the show. And I turned him down because he was zoom. And I’m like, I want to do with you know,

Gina Schock  05:34

he’s, he’s tough to get a hold of I don’t I you know, I run into him at weird places. I’ll be like, the last time I ran into him was in LA. And I was at this kind of great deli place. And I was ordering something and somebody in a voice next to me was like, Oh, I was like, John, and he was like, Jean, I was like Jesus Christ that you knew. Sandwiches. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  05:55


How did what’s first time you met John Waters?

Gina Schock  05:57

Oh, a long time ago, because my connection and actually the song a lot of what’s happened to me and the girls in the band was due to Edith Massey, who was in John’s films. Sure. And I was in her band. And 78. And that’s how I edX. Yeah, that’s how I got to LA San Francisco. I would go to New York. doors for you. I love her. Yeah, I mean, being with her. I, I was turning 21. And I decided, after flying to LA and San Francisco was like, Okay, I need to make the decision I need to get out of here. I don’t know where I’m gonna go yet. But I’m gonna figure that out. So I just took time and I went back to San Francisco, went back to LA, spent a little time in New York and then decided, LA is where I’m gonna go. I think I could make it there. Because the cost of living was somewhat reasonable compared to everywhere else. I was thinking to go and I mean, 7879 and 7879. Yeah. All right. And so I went back to LA but it was Ed that got me there initially playing in her band.

Nestor Aparicio  06:57

And she and John were like this, right? Well, I mean,

Gina Schock  07:02

Ed had her shop down in Fells Point on Broadway, eat it’s shopping bag. And when I was 19, I moved out of the house, I moved at 15 North Broadway, right up the street. So I would go down there and see her all the time. And she just be sitting at the front of her store at the cash register with their cat lovey, and Jean, her little servant. And, and that was, oh, hygiene out, you know, she was wonderful. And I would talk to her all the time because I loved her.


Nestor Aparicio  07:26

What kind of music was eating the eggs? Punk?

Gina Schock  07:29

Just straight? Yeah, just like, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  07:32

what did you listen to when we went? What’s a gateway in in Dundalk? 1975 I

Gina Schock  07:39


listen to music, I listened to everything, which I still do. I would I went to record stores. Every week, I would stop in a record store and get whatever was new, whatever’s happened. I was there, I’d spent all my mountain records and concert tickets and magazines crane, Rolling Stone, whatever, you know, I mean, it was all about music. That’s all I cared about. So all my money my last money was spent on instruments until I finally settled on drums. And then tickets end music every every there I don’t know what the name of that record store was. But it was down where two guys used to be on merit Boulevard. Tape trade which is now all these are something right there in that little there was a record store that I would go to all the time there to buy all my music, and I would get anything that was new and I especially was enamored with the Brits I loved I loved English music and Sex Pistols. Yeah, but before that even that mean I was always that’s sort of that spoke to me that I was drawn to that like you know from from Zeppelin anything that was from the UK. I was like, Oh, I love it. And so I would get any new releases and I started getting like, you know, the Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols whatever, whatever out was new, whatever was new and out from the UK. I was gonna get it so I knew what was going on. I was already happened. I knew it was and plus I played in a band with George and we were like Baltimore’s first New Wave punk band scratch and sniff and you know we are we were noticed we know what’s going on musically. We’re very in tune and when you’re that and when you’re that age there’s no internet

Nestor Aparicio  09:08

there. There’s no radio doesn’t matter man. There was an underground Thank you.

Gina Schock  09:13

Can you do what you need to do to get the music that you’re in love with? You will go to anything any length to get get a hold

Nestor Aparicio  09:19

of Brian out of disco? Yeah, well?


Gina Schock  09:23

Yeah, okay, so Bryan Adams. Okay, I gotta say, just we’re gonna fast forward about a million

Nestor Aparicio  09:29

to Joan Jett are no yes, it does. Okay, so Jean Jacques is our guest. She’s in the rock’n’roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Go Go’s. She’s a drummer, she gets the skins. Joan has been on the show. This is why it’s so freaky with you. Right? That was the music critic at the sun from 86 to 92. I interviewed Bowie, Plan page, like all right, like Paul Rogers, I did all of this cool stuff. But you were like never around here. And I know I’ve told you that a bunch that you say you were sort of running from here. Some degree in your own mind, you know,

Gina Schock  10:01

I didn’t want to I was so happy to get out because it was only a dream to get out of this town, you know, and I wanted to, I wanted to go to LA and I want to be a rock star. And it happened and I was fully, you know, in love with the whole scene and fully meshed in it. And but, but I, I always came back home here. Every year I was in town, every gun never missed a Christmas. Every single year, I spent Christmas with my family from 1978 When I moved out to LA in 79, I always came home and I did to this day till my parents passed, always came back. And then I come back, you know, when I was on tour, when I got done, I’d come back and spend a month I was lucky I got to spend more time with my parents than most folks would that have a job big right? Because yeah, yeah, so I was I was lucky in that way to be able to see my folks as much Well, anyway, how do we get off? Wait a minute now.

Nestor Aparicio  10:55


Okay, over to play so I’m never gonna

Gina Schock  10:59

we’re gonna get into that but Okay, so the deal is window and my partner window and I and Penny, our child we were we were in Niagara Falls, doing ComiCon and doing book signings and all that sort of stuff, which I have a book mate in Hollywood. You know how fabulous that is. And Joan was my buddy Joan Jett was playing

Nestor Aparicio  11:20

now when did you meet Joan? Runaways before I love rock and roll. All right.

Gina Schock  11:24

Excuse me. We met in 79. The beginning of 79 because


Nestor Aparicio  11:30

she’s got such an Oriole connection.

Gina Schock  11:32

I know. She’s crazy about that stuff. Yeah, when I saw her a couple of months ago, she was like, how about those zones? Oh, yeah, I

Nestor Aparicio  11:43

would put myself to a baseball game with you and Joan Jett. I’m buying we should be crazy. We’re gonna make the playoffs. You should invite her in for the first first playoff

Gina Schock  11:54


win. I’ll come hers. Kenny Kern, Kenny and man will go. So anyway, I thought okay, we’re gonna go see her. So she’s like, Oh, I’m opening for Bryan Adams. And I was like, Cool, whatever. I’m just I want to see Joan. I don’t care who she’s playing. So we had great seats, went back and talked Joan hanging out for a while. And she she played and window actually said to me, is she singing a track? I mean, is this is this or is that her real? I was like window. That’s her voice. And that band is playing live. Like he couldn’t believe how great she sounds better than ever. I sold them. I said to her job. What the fuck was going on? Man, you sound better than you have. And she said, I guess Gina just from playing so much. My voice is just like right where it needs to be. And I’m telling you, she sounds great. playing great. The band’s great. They’re all wonderful. Anyway, we hang out. And her. Her. I guess he’s like, I guess me might be might be your tour manager, stage manager guy named beef. And he’s like, he came back. He said, Gina, Brian would love to meet you. And I was like, Sure I’ll go meet him. And I went back and he was just the nicest guy. I really really liked him. It was just a lovely fellow. And he I then found out I love Brian is my ultimate man. Listen, let me finish then I found out that he was also a photographer. Right. So then it was like, Well, I found that out. After I met him. I was like, fuck, I gotta meet him again. And we got to talk. That’s our passion. The I know. So I’m like, I got it. Well, we’re gonna go see him. Hopefully we’re gonna see him in two weeks anyway. So we’re hanging out he’s lovely. I’m crazy about the guy. So I’ve got a I’m gonna listen to I’m gonna really listen to what his music because I’ve never really cared about him. I was I’m swear to Christ. We were both on a rock show. Listen, we were on renal. Right. We’re almost in tears because every song he knew every song. Everybody in that audience was singing every song just died. And he’s like, No, it was like it blew my mind. That guy is he’s iconic. He’s legendary. And I now am crazy about Bryan Adams.

Nestor Aparicio  13:48

My wife and I saw him 15 times when he just brought the guitar out and did the acoustic thing. She did that at he did it down in DC and a synagogue at the i street synagogue with couldn’t have been more than 400 seats and he sings like an angel. Yeah. For my wife’s on our wedding night I sang a Bryan Adams song. Well, you know what his voice

Gina Schock  14:11


Nestor Aparicio  14:12

20th anniversary is Tuesday. Almost one year anniversary me singing. I’ll always be right there for you.


Gina Schock  14:19

Well, I’ll tell you what, he he knocked me out. And everybody like I said that that whole arena was singing it was like he didn’t have to sing the whole place was going on. And yeah, he and he did cry. But yeah, I mean, when we got all we got all teared up and people I mean, it was a beautiful thing. And it’s like, it was like me seeing me meeting and seeing Springsteen for the first time. I didn’t give a shit about him. I saw him play and I just was knocked out and I was like, that’s what you want to meet this guy. But no, there was you know, I realized live well now I get it. Sometimes you got to see somebody live to really get them you know, feel it. Yes. Yes and

Nestor Aparicio  15:01

I just had to seal back in May and June. I started

Gina Schock  15:05

seal was incredible was

Nestor Aparicio  15:06


the best thing I’ve seen in 20 years. Hey, he’s got it. He’s angelic voice on believable. He was so good. I chased him around. I was thinking of going over to Europe to see a play, but that’s where music is with me. So you think it means like sports and I have my cold stuff here and you were telling

Gina Schock  15:21

Oh, we sports but you know yeah, there’s like with the music

Nestor Aparicio  15:25

part at this point in my life. Music has been better than me. The sports has been to me you sit near right now call football players Lamar is not sitting here right now. You’re sitting You’re right. I am and the music still moves me since I have this sort of weird friendship with you. You show up on my YouTube from time to time so like you and the girl sitting on a couch doing some Entertainment Weekly thing 10 years ago when you had some reunion, or when your your Give me where you guys are right now because I really didn’t want to learn how to shock and I want to learn how I sent you Ed Lauer’s number, and I literally sent you John Allen’s number, right? And I don’t know what happened. Okay, so

Gina Schock  16:03

now you’re in here. Here’s what’s going on the Go Go’s are just just coasting right now. hiatus? Yeah, I don’t know where it’s gonna go. I don’t think any of us do. Because you know what this been? I mean, we’ve been together for over 40 years. And I can’t tell how many times every one of us have just sort of said, Fuck it, I quit. I’m done with this. You know, we’re like, we are family and there’s constantly fighting. And then there’s constantly love. There’s, you know, it goes up and down. It’s like a family. We love each other. We hate each other. But it’s all very intense, right? The emotions or the feelings are intense. Is


Nestor Aparicio  16:35

it more intense? 40 years later or less?

Gina Schock  16:40

Because that’s not in the picture. So it’s not insane. You know, it’s just it’s time and money and emotion. Yeah, yeah. So So you know, hopefully, we’ll get back and do some shows. I always want to work. I love the band. I will do anything with for and with the Go Go’s? Because some of my clients say do you want to do it? You’re always I always want to go, I always want to do it because I love playing. And I love that band. And because of them. I’ve had this incredible life. And I’m still having it. And it’s due to the Go Go’s. So I’ve always list I don’t ever that never goes out of my brain never goes out of my mind. So base. Yes, so Belinda is our tour. She is Yeah. Anyway, we, we weren’t having to do anything. So I was out promoting my book. And, you know, doing some of these comic cons because I’d never done them before. And Jane was like, You should do them because Jane’s done them. And she said, it’s kind of fun or whatever. Anyway, I’ve had a good time doing that. And we’ll see how it goes.

Nestor Aparicio  17:29

I like Jane, I don’t know Jane, but I like Jane Jane’s

Gina Schock  17:31


great. She’s kind of nuts. But you gotta love her. Anyway. I guess everybody could say that we say that about each all fives. So I was been like wanting I’ve been feeling like I need to do something musically. And so and Wendell has been really big push me to do it. Because he, he’s listened to all the stuff that I’ve written. And he goes, he’s like, my biggest fan. He goes crazy. He’s like, you know, you’ve got you have so much great material. Really, you need to get this out there you need. I have hundreds and hundreds of songs that I’ve written over the years. And they’re good. You know, if you can sit down with an acoustic guitar and play it, then you know, it’s good. Well, I could do that with probably at least 50% of what I have. That’s That’s high. That’s that’s a good percentage rate. So, so I just thought, you know what, I want to maybe put a band together my call, I was like, wait, what has a shock? Of course, I’ll call it house to shock. Right. And being as I’ve been in my parents, my dad, mom and dad house a shock 1/45 Street. It was like, Yes, of course. So you the night that we met, I met John and Edie. And when Dell really spearheaded the whole thing, because he he talks to everyone and then he just gives me a report. All I

Nestor Aparicio  18:49

got was a text saying Gina wants to do some songs and needs a guitar player. She goes sing some songs. Maybe we don’t have drums. I need a guitar player. And when I’m like, and I’m like,

Gina Schock  19:00

he does he does things. He does this to me all the time. He’ll set me up with things I’m like, What

Nestor Aparicio  19:05

are you doing them and have them be boring Mondays? Well, yeah, here come on when don’t get down here and and we’re gonna take a break at some point because I want to have fun and like continue this conversation. Well, I would like to get well. We gotta get get another one. Who’s that Jin? Oh, yes, we could. Do you have? You have some headset? Now you get here? You’re here. Yeah. Hi, how are you? Hey, what’s up? I gotta get


Gina Schock  19:31

up. Sure. So, Amy, I have a family.

Nestor Aparicio  19:35

Through my text three years for Christmas. You hit me and say Gina needs a guitar player to do a couple of songs, maybe three songs that are book signings, maybe a little song and dance. And I thought well, that’d be nice. I’ve never really heard Gina sing. And I know she’s a songwriter. And I said, well at louer we’d be happy to learn three songs in Angel. You know, do our lips are sealed or We Got the Beat or whatever. So pick up the story and tell her the truth now that you’re with me, don’t lie. Don’t lie.

Wendell Goodman  20:00

sucker. All right. Okay, truth be told. I lied. She had no idea we were doing a book signing for the Hard Rock and Donna Jean rumbly sets when to do the books. I’m like Craig Donna Jean, I go down to check out the place like I should do. And I look at it. You have a little stage here. I said, Hey, you have an actual drum said there. Why don’t we have to do a couple songs? They said great. I signed a contract. I thought holy Christmas I could

Nestor Aparicio  20:23


go Go’s video. Didn’t really does. That’s right. She got a

Wendell Goodman  20:27

great she always looks fabulous. So So then I thought, Well, who do I know the knows everybody in Baltimore? Nestor. I mean, Nestor that guy that I saw the message on social media that said, I’ve been trying to reach Gina for three or four years trying to get an interview. And I said, Well, how about today? Again, Gina didn’t know we were going to another function. I said, Gina we got to make a quick stop at drug city. I said Nestor is your band. I said Nestor is a great guy. He’s been trying to get you he’s from Baltimore. He’s been on the radio for Baltimore. Yeah. From Dundalk. Dun dun dun dun dun so then don’t say it the right way. Right then that will be a Costas and so. So I call you up and say hey, how about today? Like three o’clock or something? You like? Are you fucking or what?

Nestor Aparicio  21:11

Yeah, well, you just do.

Wendell Goodman  21:12

Are you freaking serious? I’m like, but yeah, as I said she knows she’s a what is I don’t know that place. What is it picks me to go there. Thank you add. Looks a bit shiny. Yeah. So so we she’s, I don’t know what this is. Now. We went there. Mind you. And she had such a fabulous time. She taught me the whole way there. I am not at that. And there was no note. Honestly, with you and John, she you guys were fabulous. She said. And then I’m looking at you guys and going like we got her next year we snuck bird knows. So, like, go and she’s like, I’m having a good time. I don’t want to go and like so I said no. So this is great, but we gotta go. So you got a short. So then, so then when I visit the Hard Rock, I was like, I called you I texted you. I said, Mister, do you know anybody? And you said Ed Lauer, thanks. So I’m like, okay, so I get all the ad and then one thing led to another and we have John Allen Ed Lauer’s D ports and Jason J. Swanson.


Nestor Aparicio  22:11

And you got your gown from Jersey, right? Oh, yes.

Wendell Goodman  22:15

That’s our social media. Go asters fabulous. She opened up one year for bestsellers. Great. She played with the six keyboard

Gina Schock  22:21

player from the Allman Brothers for Allman Brothers.

Wendell Goodman  22:25


No, he was Dickey Betts No, no, afterwards. Shoot, we’ll get back anyway, get back to you. Anyway, so. So I didn’t tell Gina. Hey, babe. The booksigning says yeah, I said, she said, Yeah, I said, you’re gonna play couple songs. Here. I said, you kind of do. I said, they’re from Baltimore, as it helped put it together. He gave me the name she said. She said, I’m gonna kill you. What are you doing? It’s a cup of like four songs. Well, four songs led to 11 or 12 when they met write down the

Nestor Aparicio  22:56

bills and they’re like, she’s putting together like she’s taking this really seriously. This is not just like kicking around. And when they got in with you, they saw why I mean, literally, they all reached out to me individually said now I know why she’s in rock and roll effects frickin worker. You know, like your worker betters and all of them are workers. That’s why you hit it off. All you had some energy. All you had some Rockstar energy that night at the Hard Rock were like, it mattered and it was on and my wife how about that. By the way, shout out to my wife our 20th anniversary this week. She She is known John Allen. All of our marriage because John and I are friends. Right? She’s seen John shake his ass as a singer he has done a couple times she’s seen him do that part. She’s never seen him play the drums. He’s played the drums a handful of times in the last 10 years. He played with a child’s play reunion. When Sara Fleischer retired from 98 Rock and they brought in Tom Kiefer kicks and Childsplay put a band together and did like a couple of songs. And he played drums. And then he played drums. The night the child’s play reunited last summer in August because you’d have a foot problem. And he played that night and she wasn’t there. She had never seen him play drums in 20 years of our marriage. And that night at the Hard Rock he some he got back and got rolling on the drummer bad drums like that. For 20 But you didn’t even know that about him. When you sat with us a drug city. He’s just a cute guy in the band. Right? Yep. Johnny Resnick guy, right. Yeah.

Gina Schock  24:36

Well, Keith Urban guy teeth. Yeah, but he was so he was just a lovely guy. He’s the best guy I know. Yeah. So he’s. So you’re kind of you’re drawn to people that are like minded number 170. A sweetheart so there you go. Yeah, there you go.

Nestor Aparicio  24:53

And he grew up closer to you than I did. He’s one more neighborhood closer. Okay. So you guys get here to build and you’re gonna put This hard rock thing together it’s gonna be like a one off thing. You’ve now got like promo pictures you played up at Asbury put me You’ve, you’re booking some gigs.


Wendell Goodman  25:08

Yeah I did tell about sorry, babe. I didn’t tell by Asbury either. So that gig was so well. And I saw when they once they practice and I saw that bills, there was magic happening. They were vibing it was such a great she was smiling. I’m like I loved I mean, Gina can be stressed to high heaven. And when she gets behind that kid and gets with the right people, all stress is gone. And I said, Babe, your face changes. You can sit there for hours playing. Just she’s in another world. That makes me happy because she’s so happy being behind that kid being in the creative zone. And it’s just, that’s what it’s about. It’s not about the money. I’m Yes, great. The gogo money is fabulous. But that was great looking at her

Gina Schock  25:47

ever started. That’s how

Nestor Aparicio  25:50

you can’t do without them. Right? I mean, that’s part of being an Tamika Caldwell on I’m driving down to Dewey Beach this weekend to see Tommy Carmona young Rumblers Philadelphia band late 80s. When my favorite bands Yeah, they only reunite once a year. They’re getting a little older now. And he’s like, I want to do two or three times because I’m in their 60s and like how many more times are we going to do this and it brings us all such joy. It brings the audience

Gina Schock  26:13


dude as much as you want. It’s all about your Fuck, it’s all about here. Wait, do you want to do it? Look at the fucking stones, look at Springsteen, people, you can do whatever you want. Right? You know, you really can’t, you can’t

Nestor Aparicio  26:23

without the other four members. That goes, yeah, when they’re not there. It leaves you with idle time and save for you. You need to work

Gina Schock  26:32

I need to work. You know what I mean? The book took me a year and a half to do I’m like I keep bringing up I’m so incredibly proud of because it was something that I didn’t know that I could accomplish. It was something I wanted to do for four decades. And it just was overwhelming the the prospect of getting it done, but but I got that done. And I thought, here’s another thing I can add to the list that I never thought I could do. And yet

Wendell Goodman  26:54

we cannot even keep up with the demand for the book signings I mean, we Boston Nashville or Memphis or so. We gotta get Portland they’re begging us. Please come Please come


Nestor Aparicio  27:04

take a break and have you get your cocktail worth the Beaumont it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery your friends at the window nation 866 90 nation Rascon global we’re doing our 25th anniversary on August 3 And I invited Jean and she’s gonna be a west coast so she couldn’t do the actual 25th We’re gonna be there on the third we’re gonna be drunk Cindy on the fourth 10 hours I’m giving away everything that I went through the radio station get nasty hats free the bird shirts, old nasty newsletters, old pictures, old stuff. So there’s all sorts of stuff we have you can sit on my face if you want to have a Pepsi cushy, lovely seat cushion with my face. WNS secret Yes. So you ready? The only one left Fred hit it early Costas. 11 o’clock on the third and the fourth. We’re at the Beaumont I want to come back and I want to talk pick up house a shock want to pick up music when it talks about go goes

Gina Schock  27:51

forever. ever know when we could be here for like three months

Nestor Aparicio  27:56

we’re gonna take a break we’ll be back into into like they said back more than the Beaumont wn st am 1570 Stay with us.

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