Cold winter, warm winners

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John Martin of Maryland Lottery talks big local winners, winning football and ways to have more fun with Keno this winter.


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John Martin, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

What about W and S? T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are. We’re taking a little break on the Maryland crab cake tour. I think everybody knows. I’ve been concocting some concoctions. We’re doing the crab cake row, the week of the soup or Bowl week, we’re gonna be doing that beginning on February 5, I’m wearing my fade Lee’s gear ear because they’ve picked up all of those beautiful concoctions, where they make crab cakes and they make those delicious fried oysters. And they make that shrimp salad I love so much and then moving it over to the new Lexington market. We’re gonna be there on the fifth all day long beginning at 9am To celebrate, you know, Baltimore, the Maryland Food Bank, our friends at window nation and of course Jiffy Lube and the Maryland lottery and I’ll I’ll have what’s remaining of my oh snap tickets and my peppermint payouts and all of this stuff. But we’re gonna be celebrating charity celebrated community telling 100 stories of the community that weekend, hopefully, fingers crossed, we’re talking about a Festivus for the rest of us so and it will be presented presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery, which brings me to my next guest. And I gave him a couple of days because I needed at least a couple of hours after the Cleveland Browns were eliminated. I guess. You know, it takes about 48 hours for the whole thing. Right, Louis? We call it the 24 hour rule when you when I get about 48 hours when you lose a playoff game to come out think like what happened. And this could be happening to the Ravens fans next week because it’s happened before and I had Jared Johnson on the show talking about it a little bit this week about the disappointment of all this. John Martin joins us now. He’s Executive Director all things Maryland lottery gaming. I was in Hollywood casino watching Joe Flacco. We had a promotion. We had tickets. We had fun people. One, somebody yelled, I want 10 bucks. I said, awesome. You know, first weekend football season it the game’s more great, John and that stinks. But more than that I rooted for the Cleveland Browns and they let me down and I I I know you would have a hard time believing that that’s true. But I from my soul. I felt one with Joe Flacco and Jim Schwartz. I just want to pass on my condolences to you. And now we gotta go play to Texas.

John Martin  02:06

Well, thank you very much Nestor, you said 48 hours, let me put this at you. 60 years. It’s not 48 hours, it’s 16 years. So that’s alright, because I am more than 60 years. So who knows? Maybe maybe next year as the as the saying goes, but you know, it’s fun. It’s a nice ride. The clock struck midnight. Unfortunately, somewhere in that it does

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:33

for everybody except one team. Like that’s my point in all of this, he says kept a lot of disappointment. It’s gonna be doled out this weekend to you just hope it’s not here.

John Martin  02:41

Yeah. And I’m glad we’re not doing the show in Philadelphia or Dallas. I’ll just say that. Right. Right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:46

I mean, that’s so I had John McLean on this week, the general from the from Houston, Houston Chronicle. 47 years back the past arena, and the Oilers and all those teams that were all trying to be Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris at that point. So he’s covered football is yours. And you know, he’s down there and I thought to myself, they haven’t won either, right? Like Detroit will talk about Detroit this week, because they finally won a playoff game. And I we really have an embarrassment of riches here. And I guess I this could bring me into I had a question because I gave away tons of these up in like everything I had my bag gotta go see Ross before the fifth to get fresh games, a part of it was like, Sure, I want to get rid of the holiday games. And then I found a couple of these ravens tickets. And I said to you, these are still like on the street across different places you could still play. But more than that, like there are people winning stuff this week. They have to go throw footballs and 20 degrees, and their names aren’t Lamar Jackson. And their names aren’t CJ Stroud and they’re not getting paid as much. But they can make pretty good bank this week by throwing the football right, they can have some fun. And

John Martin  03:48

that’s what hopefully this is all about. You’re correct. Even though the the second chance promotion contests have ended. On the Ravens ticket, you can still go and purchase both the $5 and $2. Ravens scratch off tickets at any of our lottery retailers, those games will be still in market plenty of cash prizes, still available in both of those games. And, and we typically keep those games in market until well after the Super Bowl when when Focus starts to go from football to baseball. We’ll wind down after the Super Bowl after the last parade is over. And then we’ll start to focus on on the o’s and spring and not having freezing temperature and six inches of snow and all those other nasty things that some of us are dealing with this week.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:34

Well, I know we got winners out this week. And we’ve had lots of things going on in sports wagering and different things. It is it’s a fun different time of the year and it was amazing to be in a casino for football. And Hollywood’s itchy because young people can come into the restaurant part of it ID to get into casinos. Thanks for my Washington email id. I think I left it in the car and it’s raining you know, but for you overseeing this part of it, and I guess the fun of football. And we always tell people to slow the roll and see where you are in all of this. But it is there is a spirit around football, right and around everybody getting together no matter what team you root for. And I’m pretty nondenominational now. I feel sorry for anybody that hasn’t won, you know, because it’s fun to win. And we might win again and for everybody that doesn’t remember the last couple of times, this is the time of the year we’re dreamers dream and a lot of ways right. And

John Martin  05:28

it is fun to win whether your your your football team is winning, you’re winning and on a scratch off ticket, you’re winning on a on a jackpot game, you’re winning in a casino, whatever the win is. It certainly is fun. And we hope again, people are playing responsibly. They have a plan, they’re sticking with it. And we try to make some interesting promotions, things maybe we haven’t done before here at the Maryland lottery. I talked a few minutes ago about how cold it is, you know, we have a promotion now in Nestor with our Keno players. It’s called the Kino ice cold cash. And when I tell you how it’s played, this will sound a little bit familiar we did a similar thing in the summer with when the weather was hot, and it goes something like this. You take your non winning Keno tickets actually I guess they can be winning or non winning author check out what can we get legal on the phone? Can we get them in here? We’ll figure it out but but you but a Keno ticket is what it what is the entry point and you enter them into your My lottery rewards account. And then we watch the thermometer. And there’s the temperature falls, the prizes go up. So that next week, when we select the 20 or the five winners next week, promotional run for four weeks 20 winners and total based on the low temperature this week. If it’s below 25 degrees, oh hold on, hold on already there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:52

We’re taping on Wednesday, there’s five inches of snow where I am. And I’m not in the Hereford zone, just everybody knows my last status on Facebook literally as of this morning, I’m gonna hold it up my location nine degrees. So what nine is indicate nine degree we’re already 2525 was last week, John nine.

John Martin  07:16

So each week of the promotion, we look at the temperature for the last week. So this week, when we get the people entering their tickets, and we select the five winners next week. Based on the temperatures this week, nine degrees, some people reporting nine degrees. That means $10,000 will be up for grabs for those five winners. And if if the temperature should get between 25 and 34 degrees, which might be next week. $7,500 temperatures between 35 and 44 $5,000 If we get to that rarefied 45 degrees and above $2,500 So you see people are now rooting for cold temperatures. That’s how this thing works. Keno ice cold cash. Well, quinoa is an indoor game primarily, right? Well, yeah, yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:06

I mean, so like doing it in the winter, and having some sort of Hall Effect is like, I hang out in places like Costas in different places where I see people playing Keno, I remember I was telling you, I remember trying to explain keynote to people back in the 90s when buddy ru Gao came into the studio, and I’m like, so it’s like, numbers on a board and you pick a bunch of them. And then I went to Vegas, and I’m like, Oh, I get it. You know, now I sort of understood the game better, but it’s a fun, indoor, it’s it’s a I don’t know, what do we call it? It’s not a parlor game, but it’s a fun game. That’s

John Martin  08:41

the social game. Okay,

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:43

thank you. That’s a nice game.

John Martin  08:44

There were some friends you know when when you can maybe get a couple of folks involved and pointed

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:50

to bingo because I’m from Dundalk. It’s that sort of it’s a fun game like that. There you go. Though you didn’t need to say John Martin is the executive director of all things Maryland lottery gaming is here this week. Um, you know, I I Jim sends me because you know, I’m affiliated with the Maryland lottery and gaming I’m proud of that I I’m on the mailing list and I you know, I get this Jim sends me thing and I love when the headline and I always denote it before you come on. I want to talk to John about it. Dundalk law. Dundalk gets my attention today. The lead is Dundalk lottery players scores $146,425, while others across the state hit for $50,000. And I’m thinking to myself, well, I look at these every week looking for the I need that extra digit, like my wife needs to have three digits on Powerball or megabytes. I need to see like a million dollars to think it’s a lot of money or even like 500 says, and I think oh, it’s only 146 and I’m thinking somebody’s walking around done dog with $146,000 ticket waiting to call over. And I had a friend last week said if I won, I would be called John Martin. I’d be over there right now cashing my ticket. I wouldn’t be waiting but You guys do this every day, a big number pops up in a place like Dundalk and you sort of dug waits to hear or you guys wait to hear I wonder who the lucky person is because you know, something hit right. We

John Martin  10:12

have great stories at MD And they are from Oakland to Ocean City and everywhere in between. and And it’s your right, it’s fun to look at the stories kind of dream about what you would do in those situations. And people have this various persona they develop for for their winning photo opportunity or when they relate their story to us. Fast play has progressive games. You alluded to that here with your Dundalk winner, which means, you know, every every draw, we have a fast player, every ticker that sold for fast play, and they’re sold from $1 denominations up to $30 denominations, but the prize pools will will vary. And every time we have a progressive jackpot for every ticket sold, you know a couple pennies go back in the pot and those progressive jackpots grow. We had a woman who goes by the name of silver dove silver dove, you

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:05

know what that sounds like in Dundalk, because I grew up in the 70s Sounds like a a CB handle. You know, you’re talking to silver dove. You know, that’s that’s a great day. Okay. I like that. That’s good.

John Martin  11:17

And she is the lucky winner of a $953,280 That’s a big number there for you Nestor 953280 progressive jackpot on our fast play extreme green game. So that’s a lot of fun. She had come in to claim that winning ticket. We also had I know you love this, we talk about the various professions of our winners. We have an auto mechanic from, from Colombia. Thank God for

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:50


auto mechanics, by the way. And I mean, for the bottom markets, it’s like dentist, I couldn’t do it without you. You know, I can’t get there without an mechanic. Right? Yeah, absolutely.

John Martin  11:58

They’re hardly interchangeable positions, but but we need them both. We need them both out in the in the marketplace. This gentleman 150 $7,777 By playing our $5 winning seven, scratch off game, so he’s been here and won his his prize. And then it’s always great to talk about groups of people, you know, when jackpots get big, like the Mega Millions and Powerball and even the multi match, which is our in State game, it’s always fun to see people band together and get a group of co workers. And that was the case with the multi match. You may recall there was a jackpot one on Christmas Day $540,000 of a multi match win. And as they came in to claim we realized it was a group A I remember you

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:49

telling me this story because we have together right after Christmas and you’ll have made a really big winner and I’m like, we want to get them to come forward. So they got their act together. Now I can’t wait to hear I feel like I need coffee for this rope. Because I because when you when you catch me up, I mean it feels like I’m I’m in the plot now. So somebody would have 500,000 $540,000

John Martin  13:07

There were five players who band together and they’ve been playing the game together for some time they come from various corners of the city, some from Baltimore City, a couple from Baltimore County, and one from Anne Arundel County. And of course the group leader is responsible gets the money goes and makes the purchase the same work together correct and they work together all right and so I guess the the the pretty interesting on Christmas day or the day after Christmas when the ringleader calls and says hey we want and of course there’s thinking yeah, right whatever. But he said no, no, really and yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:48

Doug Lloyd deals with this on a weekly basis having to call people and say you want so the group leaders most one 540 some odd $1,000 There’s five of them. And now this person has to call the other four people or text them or what Okay, go ahead keep going. This is he gets to

John Martin  14:06

be Doug Lloyd before Doug Lloyd does and

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:09

and come on you’re putting me on his Christmas No, you don’t really want we okay we want 100,000 and some change each Right? Right? Okay. All right.

John Martin  14:19

So they come in here and of course they have various dreams you know, some people want to use it for to splurge on a vacation other people want to pay off bills, whatever. But that’s the beauty of it. Again, that opportunity to have some fun, particularly in an environment like this five people together. big winners and what a way to start the new year and wrap up their holiday season so that was a lot of fun for them as well.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:42

You always do this to me John, you suck me in and you can like you’re talking and I’m thinking they gave me 100 grand today just out of the blue. I could do anything I want with it. What would I do with it? Some days? I would think to myself, I want to do this or that. Today I’m getting to the point where I need some some warmth. I need to be I I need so you know, I would take a small percentage of that just couple grand and just get me for five days someplace. As Jimmy Buffett, the late great, it’s hard to save late God rest his soul. You know, it’s good to say that I would fly off to st somewhere, you know what I mean? So that’s what I’d be doing. John Martin is here, he is not flying off to the Super Bowl. Some folks may be flying off to the Super Bowl. And what we’re doing is crabcake row, it’s all gonna be presented by the Maryland lottery, we’re gonna have scratch offs to give away. We’re gonna have soup to giveaway we’re gonna have asks of our community for the Maryland Food Bank, as well as for 100 different charities that we’re gonna be featuring live radio. Yeah, I can still do it live after all these years. We’ll see I just most important thing, John, and my wife’s been on me about this, don’t I? Because I’m a hydration guy. You know, this radical water? Yes. Not too much. When you’re doing live, right? You know, you got to there’s a delicate balance of eight hours of live radio in a bar with people doing things because that was always the hardest part of the barn on Monday, Ray Lewis there. I got a three minute break. I gotta make it to the bathroom, make it back into the break. We got live, right, you’re gonna hit traffic and get top of the hour. I was like a real radio guy back in the day. So you can

John Martin  16:12

always play the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:16

Listen, they thought Joe Flacco wasn’t gonna have that was pocket and he came back. And the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. So you’re giving me I know. Plenty of time Paradise by the dashboard light. Oh, I

John Martin  16:28

was a sixth one.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:31

I would do those things. You don’t. You don’t know me. John Martin of America lottery. Let me tell you, I was a DJ for weddings and parties and bar mitzvahs. And I did all of that in the 90s. So again, it’s the same issue. You’re at an event you have to go to the bathroom. You’re the DJ, the bride and groom, they’re cutting the cake. Like, you gotta go to the bathroom because like the bars open and they’re giving you drinks, and they’re giving you a pitcher of water and lemons and different things. So I know all the long songs. You know, I learned all those pretty early on. So I’ve got skills. I’m gonna make it through a week. I know you’re worried about me. Like we were always worried about Jerry Lewis, whether he was going to like, get the labor. I mean, there were nights where you’re like, and I admitted this this week that I watched every Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon, and I waited for Glen Campbell. Engelbert Humperdinck, Lou Rawls, I mean, when Lou Rawls came on, but it was always about Sharrow for me when I was six years old, seven years, it was all you know, that and also a captain Antonio, I was the captain at Tineo fan. But these are the memories we have that I I want to make those memories during crabcake row with folks like us. So we are mountain joins, what else we got going on.

John Martin  17:38

Right now. We are turning off radios and mobile devices all over the place.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:45

Everybody 70s fondly Come on. Well,

John Martin  17:49

you know, a lot of people don’t remember the 70s at all, because they weren’t here guys like you and I were here because well, we

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:54

should be telling them about it back. Yeah. When things were good. Yeah, I sound like it Get off my lawn guy. Right. Yeah. All right, at this point. So for for lottery season. And for I have holidays and stuff. I always ask you this, because I think it is important at what point games become null and void. You pull them off the market, because I I did hand some holiday peppermints. And it’s kind of like singing Christmas songs. And January, you know, you have to go to the you have to get rid of the Christmas songs in the ACC. i But I but the tickets that we get from two weeks ago are still you got 180 days, correct? Oh, absolutely. Yeah,

John Martin  18:27

any any winning ticket, you have 182 days to claim. So again, depending on the size, that winning ticket. For most people, it’s not a tough decision. But when you get into some of those significant digits, as as Nestor said earlier, you may want to make sure that you get your financial advice, you’ve got everything and all your affairs in order, and then come on down. And we’ll talk to you and make sure that you can go through the claiming process, smooth and efficiently. But yeah, we look at games pretty much on the scratch off side. You know, are there any top prizes still remaining? And if that’s the case, and if they’re still selling through our 4400 retailer network, 4400 locations, then we’ll keep them in the market. And for many of those they have a typical life cycle of could be nine months could be a year. I mean, obviously the seasonal games, the games have a shorter span, you know, we don’t intend when we launch our holiday tickets in October for them to go much beyond February, you know, again, it’s kind of a mindset. You know, people think about that the promotions do long go long way to helping us kind of put some guardrails on there. You know, we talked about holiday tickets. We just last week, or this week rather, announced our final cash prize winners on our second chance contest. We had two people win $100,000 In the Second Chance contests you can go to MD For details on on their winnings. One is a Melvin Terry from Lanham, Maryland, and the other is a person from Washington DC. Samak Robin taobh. And, you know, the people buy tickets in the, in the district, certainly in Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, all the contiguous border communities. So we welcome them all. We’re an equal opportunity lottery here, Nestor. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:12

I’ll tell you when I was in Hollywood casino the other night, and I was given out the Oh, snacks, and I was thinking, like, I’m giving away sort of, you know, holiday tickets. It’s early January, nobody questions, but you’ve done a great job of marketing because I went over to one table, and I gave it to two ladies. And again, I’m going to casino these are ladies that are playing games, they’re they’re having a good time. They’re taking a break and getting food as much as even watching football, even though it was frigid watching Patrick mahomes. And to a tongue of a low, which is why we were there avoiding Peacock, I went into all that last week. But I handed these to the ladies. And they said to me, Oh, these are the ones you smell like ginger bread, that bread. And they were sniffing them and they they they knew about it. So and they were very people are always appreciative when I get lottery tickets out. We have lottery tickets to give away we’re gonna be doing crabcake row beginning on February 5, John Martin, Executive Director of all things Maryland lottery game, he’s here. And we remind everybody I have a good time with these football games and do it responsibly. John, are we are we going to have a championship game here next week? Because I do worry about these lucky people that have one second chance on the on the Ravens tickets that there’s two folks who have a lot at stake this week and winning because they’ve already been selected to be in the game next week, the past for cash, and they need the game to happen in order to attend that AFC Championship game in Baltimore. And I learned this because you and I were talking at the drive last week and famous failed efforts we’ve had our own as well. But the 1971 AFC Championship game was played in Baltimore against the Oakland Raiders and I look for folks that are still with us. And Fred Biletnikoff is going to be joining the program next week pending a raven victory so I got skin in the game now I’m trying to tell stories. I’m trying to get jacked up for this AFC Championship thing. Are we gonna win the Super Bowl John? I mean, there’s this is everybody expects us to win. It’s it’s not normal for us here in Baltimore really isn’t? Do you know political still has to stick them all over his hands. Well, that was Lester Hayes on the other side, but that you know, times shake Sean Martin thanks. There’s a lot of things that were illegal then that are legal now. You know what I’m saying? The

John Martin  22:11

world to different world today. Nestor. All right. Well, a different world. And yes, good luck to anybody who’s still in the the tournament as they say, right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:21

Well, except Kansas City and Buffalo and Houston because they’re in the way right now what we need to get done around here to have a proper Festivus Hey, I appreciate you coming on this week. As always appreciate all that you do. We’ll get together next week and fingers crossed. I mean, I can’t I my wife found the video of me blubbering. When we told Jared Johnson is in 2006. We lost that game to the Colts. It’s a colts John a Baltimore. Yeah. Yeah, that was that was really, really, that was a tough civic thing. And I don’t want to be dealing with that next week because we would. I had to do a lot of therapy here on Monday mornings as a sports radio show host for 20 years after losses. I don’t want to do that with this team. I want Lamar to deliver so

John Martin  23:06

crazy what happens next week. John

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:08

Martin, Executive Director of all things Maryland lottery gaming, reminding you to do all this stuff responsibly. Have a good time this week. As an old movie, say get it up and keep it down and do what we need to do here to to have fun with your gaming and and do it responsibly. John, I’ll see you next week. Getting fresh tickets. Luke Jones is out in Owings Mills right now. If there’s any breaking news, you’ll get first on the wn S T. tech service as always. Mark Andrews maybe going to play I don’t know. It’s a big week around here. We’re trying to celebrate appropriately. A lot. A lot of great conversations with a lot of football folks, a lot of former ravens, a lot of analysts let a Hall of Fame voters lots going on a lot of football here right now as we should be doing which is our heritage after 25 years. We are WNS da and 1570, Towson Baltimore, and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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