Welcoming the Ravens to Las Vegas with open arms

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Our old pal and sports radio legend J.T. The Brick joins Nestor from Las Vegas with a Super Bowl welcoming mat for Lamar and Ravens – and anyone not named Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. The AFC team will takeover the Raiders facility for a week for Super Bowl XLVIII next month.


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J.T. The Brick, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive or positively into the most wonderful time of year. It’s a Festivus. For the rest of us around here this week, Luke’s in Owings Mills getting ready for divisional football with a victory. We’ll have an AFC Championship game here for the first time since 1971. I feel like I’ve known this guy since 1971. And I will not be on radio row this year in Las Vegas. You can ask Chad Steele to answer any of those questions. I’ll be asking him why I’m not there as well. I think Luke will be there because I think the Ravens will be there out in Vegas, but we’re doing a thing called crabcake row and we’re gonna offer a cup of soup or bowl of soup. We’re gonna be doing that for a week long live sort of Marathon radio on going old school. This guy I have on the show will appreciate old school. I’m wearing my costly shirt here. And we’re gonna be Costas on Tuesday, February the sixth now. JT the brick is my guest. Dude, I always know I’ve made it when you invite me on your show. When I get to come on like Mad Dog radio, and I get to be on the satellite. My dad would be proud of me every time I’m on the satellite show with you.

J.T. The Brick  01:15

Good to talk to you, my friend. From our time in Amsterdam to our connection to the stones and rush. It’s always good to talk music, sports, and ravens because I have a difficult time talking writers when they don’t make the playoffs which has been more so than making the playoffs even though we were real close this year. But the Ravens could be coming to my town Vegas, and I would have no problem with that. Because the goal is to keep Kansas City follow me, Kansas City out of Mark Davis. This facility is the winner of the AFC practices at the Raiders brand new facility of the store in Dallas. There’s nothing remotely as nice as it because it’s brand new. And we don’t want the chiefs in our building. So get your job done with the Ravens.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:01

Really, I mean, it’s I don’t know, it’s kind of weird. Like if the Steelers were to come into your practice in our bill that’s that’s a little itchy. You know what I mean? That’s

J.T. The Brick  02:09

exactly what the deal is. That’s the deal. The AFC winner practices in our team facility, the NFC practices at UNLV, which they’ve done a lot they put a lot into that program and a really good use of this.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:23

I have to call Kenny main and see if they’ve upgraded since he was there.

J.T. The Brick  02:27

The family called the fatigue those who sold the fatigue his arm casinos and Tillman Fertitta is the cousin we were talking Franklin Lorenzo. They sold UFC for 4 billion with a B, put some money into UNLV. So the NFC winner will enjoy that. But again, Mark Davis did a lot to bring the Raiders to Vegas. And we would not want the Kansas City Chiefs as they as you known as they take over the building. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:54

know it’s a giveaway. Yeah. I mean, it’s part of the deal of like having the game right. Yeah. And I guess mark when he did the deal was thinking like, oh, you know, somebody I liked, you know, somebody in the conference is going to be in there. They probably shouldn’t let an NFC team come in now thinking about it, but it might have been like the 40 Niners anyway, you

J.T. The Brick  03:11

nailed it. The biggest nightmare for us in Vegas is the Niners chiefs that will split the minds of Raider Nation to the point where you cannot it would be almost like Airbnb the house for me. It would be like

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:25

a Pittsburgh, Steeler Redskins Super Bowl here are like that. You know what I mean? Whatever they’re calling them. Absolutely

J.T. The Brick  03:30

be very similar to that but you can’t control that. I picked the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl and I felt great about it. There are two seed. They’re undefeated at home. They have a Pro Bowl quarterback, a head coach who won a Super Bowl. I love their offensive line. They got Micah Parsons, they had a quarterback that broke the pick six record all time. I liked the cowboys and they flamed out against Green Bay because they didn’t have the bye week like you have in Baltimore. When you have the bye week. You don’t have to worry about losing wildcard weekend. You could sit back and watch everybody else panic around the country. Well and the panic sets

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:05

in when you’re downtown, nothing at home no matter who you are, no matter what the weather is, no matter how good your offensive. Like everything about these games is magnified right and magnified forever. We’re all I have to say to you is rich Gann and her Tony Sarah Goosen. You get the shakes, and it’s been 23 years and gooses dad, you know what I mean? Like so we remember these things forever. I saw the and this time of the year every year, the anniversaries of the catch and the drives and the fumble. And you know, I got on the Browns people last week a little bit about my first AFC Championship Game was the drive game because I had to think about how many games I had been to AFC champion was I think nobody Baltimore’s ever been to one here now we went up to Foxborough. We went to Pittsburgh. We played in a couple of them. We won one last last couple with Flacco but I mean, I’ve been with your franchise winning Losing right I mean, I literally saw you guys go to the super bowl and beat the the titans in Oakland to beat gym shorts knocked them out that year. Rob Woodson

J.T. The Brick  05:08

Yeah, the rod Woodson one and you know they’ve had this is my 25th year with the Raiders coming to an end my silver anniversary.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:16

Wow. Yeah job dude. Good job.

J.T. The Brick  05:18

I started in 98, the rookie year at Charles Woodson in the same day Jon Gruden got hired the young group Jon Gruden that no one knew other than a man named Al Davis, who vetted him and had him in and made him the youngest coach at the time and Al Davis was also the owner who made John Madden, the youngest coach at this time. So with all that that happened along the way, the first four years with me with the Raiders with two AFC Championship games and a trip to the Super Bowl. I thought that was going to be every four or five years we’d go to the playoffs, let alone go to a champion, you

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:50

do have a commitment to excellence. So when you were the first couple of years pretty excellent when you were there.

J.T. The Brick  05:56

Now it’s been a long road for me even though rich BISAZZA took the Raiders to the playoffs. A couple of years ago we’ve had some great games that Allegiant stadium one of the greatest regular season games. We had chargers Raiders that almost ended in a tie number of knocked out Pittsburgh in that game. So we’ve had great moments we beat Lamar and the Ravens in the opener one year on Monday night

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:17

we got a Jones I still remember he’s still running. But you go back to

J.T. The Brick  06:21

when you and I were hanging out more so when we were when the Ravens went in and I still remember Anthony Dorsett biting, biting. I was sitting behind Mark Davis in his box and Anthony Tony Doherty set son bid and Delphi hit Shannon Sharpe over in the middle on a little slant and Stokely cracked down and it was over. It was over and over. It was over because at that time, which was you gotta go back and know the history and your fans do more so than Raider fans want to forget it. Dilfer was backed up to his own endzone and we almost got him to play before could have been the difference in the game. And Dilfer got the ball out quickly and we blitzed and to this day, diehard Raider Nation say What the hell were you blitzing? He was back up against the endzone. There was no need to blitz and one of the Great’s of all time Shannon Sharpe made history. Goose fell on Ganon rest and peace goose and the rest is history but I’m happy for your ravens now let’s beat Kansas City but the Buffalo Bills are looming and they’re used to playing in the snow.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:28

Well, look, I guess the Patriots made this look easy, right. And you know, you got some Yankee and you and the Yankees outspend it in that sport. Alabama, Michigan Ohio State. I mean, there’s the royalty and all that but in this sport. You get to this point where you get this by and we can talk Ruston rest, but I’ll tell you what, Brett, this is where it’s getting heavy. Okay, I saw Billy do it with that group. You’re talking about 23 years ago. lacco was five years into deep play off road runs because they were never good enough to get by his be sitting at home during that era. They had the buy in oh six during the pillock Arab steaming there and spin up their lunch against the Colts that was my wife has video of me blubbering, literally blubbering over the city at 2am That night, because I was in a state of friggin shock that they lost. And then there’s the 19 loss, where you know, Lamar, steamrolled everybody, MVP, and they can’t stop. Derrick Henry, but more than that, all that fourth and one from your own 28 yard line and all that none of it worked. And nothing they were doing was working and they didn’t have the ability to come from behind them. They weren’t they weren’t a passing team. They didn’t have the weaponry. They didn’t have any of that. So they checked all the boxes they got Lamar healthy they got Lamar Payne I must have gone on your show three times last year just talking about whether he was gonna get paid or not right so every single piece of this including Maybe Mark Andrews coming back at some point maybe next week maybe this week who knows right? They oh they draw Houston which rookie coach rookie quarterback Okay, okay, I know they’re played well okay come on and it’s good 15 degrees here I don’t know if that helps Lamar or not but the thing about all of this brick was this was supposed to be can they go on the road and winning Kansas City or they built a winning buffalo they got Kansas City buffalo weather least for this game if they win they get through it. But don’t have to beat one of Kansas City and buffalo they had this easy path to your point they’re off now. The really bigger story I think here and I know it’s one up watching as well. They’ve got eight guys in the building interviewing for jobs other places. They the defensive coordinators taken five interviews in the last couple I mean all of this happens and it’s a it is a distraction. I mean he’s no way can’t be a distraction, right. But how do you contain it the Ross versus rest and all this, but this feels like one and done from this group. From all in a lot of ways. whether they win or lose, they’re gonna lie They they’re gonna have a blow up here because of the cap number because the Patrick Queen because Mata BK like this is as assembled. They got three games to figure this out and when because the naked look like this again, man. I mean it it’s hard to keep this together. The Eagles were in the Super Bowl, their coach is gonna be looking for work at the end of the week.

J.T. The Brick  10:17

Yeah, what I like about the ravens and always respected. There’s a culture in the building where you come and play defense. It’s never left. It’s a culture and Ray Lewis, who was on the Manning cast the other night I watched Ray Lewis and one of the greats and I grew up in Lawrence Taylor. So on the Mount Rushmore, you got Ray Lewis and Lawrence Taylor, no debate when it comes to linebackers, and lt was more of an edge rusher. But when you go to the ravens, you could be Kyle Hamilton, you could be Patrick queen, you whoever you are, your game is gonna kick to get elevated, even better defensively. I think the only other team that I’ve seen do that recently is the Niners with Fred Warner and what they got at their linebacker position you can play defense with the Niners with Robert Solow Tomiko. Ryan’s like they both became head coaches, you’re gonna play defense as part of the culture the Ravens can do that. But you brought up a really good point on Lamar. I remember vividly on all my shows that was the heat and he got it when he lost that game you mentioned it was you get a lead on this team you make him pass predictable. He’s done and he’s went way beyond that with to MVP is because he’s gonna get the MVP here. He can make every throw you how many idiots was on the radio years ago saying he can’t make every throw? Yeah, he can. He’s made every throw in NFL history. Back leg off the wrong foot. 60 yards, Hail Marys Manimal. But now the pressure in Baltimore falls behind at home. I’m not talking big 14 317 Seven. Everybody to Miko is gonna say Hey, everybody, step back. Go back safeties, no one behind you here, and we’re gonna make him think and dunk and beat us underneath. I’m gonna put a spy on him. Because all teams have a spy linebacker. And you don’t want to put that pressure nets on Lamar, especially in his first game where there could be a little rust. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:09

the rust rust thing, right? As much as we get into this. Look, dude, I’m in Baltimore, where the baseball team took a weekend off after being on fire for five months, and couldn’t score, couldn’t pitch couldn’t do anything three days, and they’re still playing golf and running the caravan and a couple of weeks now. So it does happen quickly. And I’m telling you, man, oh, six and 19 games, the best two teams in ravens history. Were those two teams on the regular season. They had byes they waved bye bye, right? We played an AFC Championship game here because of that, because they couldn’t hold their water. They couldn’t win this game. Right. And this game is always being played on a bus trip with me to name the place we played divisional football in let’s go Tennessee, Cincinnati, or no, not Cincinnati, Tennessee. Knowing England, Pittsburgh, I mean, I just I just go through all these places. We had to get on airlines and go flying places to play this game. And we have it here. Everything’s tell me how they’re gonna screw this up. I mean, I like I I’m trying to find a way or somebody who thinks somebody’s beating this team. I can’t find anybody today that thinks the Ravens aren’t gonna win through football games at home. Yeah,

J.T. The Brick  13:25

and I’m not gonna say the AFC championship but you care about getting to that game. Here’s the what I said earlier this week on radio. I believe that I’m just happy that Kansas City has to earn it because I don’t think the Niners do the Niners as I’m out west got the easiest path they’ve ever had. They had a bye week. You’re kidding me. Jordan. Love Jordan love lost in Vegas. I was at the game. The Packers the Raiders man handled the Packers. So you’re the Niners, and I told you seven weeks ago Hey, by the way, you’re gonna come off a bind. You’re gonna have the Packers all day long. And then at Baker Mayfield beats Jared Goff. The Niners could have Baker Mayfield who I’m a fan of on the road from Tampa all the way to Santa Clara. Or they’re gonna play Jared Goff and the Lions have no DNA for winning, the Niners looks like their path is pretty simple. I just love the fact that Kansas City, if they’re gonna get to Vegas and win the Super Bowl, have to go through buffalo, then Baltimore, that will do

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:21

it. If they get there. They can take a dump and Mr. Davis, I mean, they do whatever they want. They’re gonna have your building and they earned it in the way that Flacco beat the Colts right in the Ray Lewis like the last dance and all that and then went and beat Manny on the road in the cold and then went beat Belichick and Brady and like, like, that’s what it looks like. Is Josh Allen. That guy is Lamar. That guy. We know. mahomes Is that guy, he’s done it. He had done it on the road. But this is the first time that they’ve they faltered right and their defense might be the best defense. They’ve had the postseason. So and that should pack a lunch to Chile buffalo Oh frigid buffalo on Sunday night. Like this is a good little tournament on the AFC side. I agree with you. The NFC side of stuff just goes not there not to be an investigation. Yeah.

J.T. The Brick  15:09

And for Baltimore to have to go for Buffalo they have to go to Baltimore, to me is epic because, look, you had a Super Bowl with Flacco. You had a Super Bowl with Dilfer our friend our mutual friend Jim Kelly went to foreign didn’t win. And Josh Allen’s got a window I like to open the window and close it a crack you did you lose your window to win. Buffalo reopen that window where buffalo after losing with 12 seconds to Kansas City and heartbreaks. If buffalo gets through this week and we Kansas City with all their injuries and get on a short plane ride to Baltimore. You’re gonna have to drag buffalo into a dark alley and beat him in overtime to get to the Super Bowl and they’re gonna have to do the same for you. That is an instant classic buffalo at Baltimore to cold weather teams outdoors AFC Championship with Josh Allen just came off Pete mahomes and it mahomes wins that game. And he just buries buffalo mahomes wins that game. Just shut down the bills. That’ll be three in a row. It’ll be over it’s mahomes first ever road playoff game. He gets a win and then has to go to Baltimore and we dream of this matchup mahomes vers Lamar in their prime that’s we’re not talking one guy’s an old Peyton Manning and a young guy coming in. We got Lamar and mahomes in their prime in your city. Oh my god, I can’t imagine what Baltimore will be like that week.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:34

Well, you know, we kind of get cheated out of our our dauphinee the cap of the championship because the baseball owners a prick. And he screwed up the Ravens he he refused to allow the ravens to use the stadium after we won this, do you know this right? I don’t

J.T. The Brick  16:48

know this Peter Angelos. Oh, dude, it is

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:51

it’s it’s a high crime. The schedule and Buck was running the team then a Buck had the fronted. They refused to move the Thursday night game to Thursday afternoon to allow the ravens to host the Thursday kickoff game in 2013. The White Sox played the Orioles in a meaningless game

J.T. The Brick  17:14

oh by the White Sox Oreos in September

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:16

September 6 or whatever. 2000 Look it up. And by the way, they brought Kenny Chesney into play. He played like this really weird concert right in front of my home. I wasn’t there. I was in Denver. They kicked off the season in Denver. The Ravens had to go to Denver and play Peyton Manning after winning the Super Bowl. They got there asked Manny through seven touchdowns in that game did like to start the season. They got their ass kicked and and had to play on the road. And Keith Urban was playing wasn’t Kenny chose Keith Urban, played at the Inner Harbor played a concert and they had a little pep rally. And a baseball game was 6000 people. That was Peter Angelos so so we didn’t get we didn’t we get that dude. So like, I gotta tell you as a citizen, as a resident of the Inner Harbor for 19 years of living down there. It was a tragedy that we didn’t get that night. So when I talked to Luke or I talked to people that we lost the Baltimore Colts in the middle of the night people my I’m 55 I mean May flowers right like I saw my father crying to kitchen table. So a for for playoff football here for as accomplished as our franchises. And as much as you love the owner, the GM the new GM the draft hardball. Lamar, Ray Flacco, whatever you love about the ravens, They they don’t play AFC championships at home, right, like 30 years into this now 2628 years into this. They haven’t played one they threatened twice. There was a point where they had won a division game. And the other game had somebody beat New England the game would have been here you know, but that wasn’t happening. One of the years that happened but no we were beaten Pittsburgh, but either way it didn’t happen it wasn’t close to happening the other time it could have happened would have been in the 70s but the Steelers were always better goes to the posts right goes to the post was divisional game

J.T. The Brick  19:13

post that goes to the post not interrupt was a divisional game divisional game for the most famous games and Raider history that wasn’t a Super Bowl writers have all the great names see of hands the Immaculate Reception that

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:26

I was at that game brick as a boy so I tend to decade so when

J.T. The Brick  19:29

you look at ghost to the post I know my Raider history pretty well I was lucky to get that right divisional game that felt like an AFC Championship game didn’t it? I mean with the longest game ever played that was the first ever overcome the

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:43

two best teams all year long and they had to face off in that round and Pittsburgh I think the other team was at your wasn’t Houston yet. I don’t think but either way.

J.T. The Brick  19:52

So was that the dolphins in the early so fam mid

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:57

70s is 76 Seven Yes, I’m 77 now Actually, but the Colts lost at home to the Steelers were were goofball kronor flew the plane into the upper deck. That was a divisional game as well against the Steelers here. Then they got their ass kicked in Pittsburgh. We had the 71 AFC Championship game in Baltimore. And it was your Oakland Raiders and it was John Madden and your dear friend over your shoulder. The Great Hall of Famer Fred Biletnikoff. Played in that game there are very few very few surviving players who played in the 71 AFC Championship Game break.

J.T. The Brick  20:32

It’s a great point. Unbelievable. Yeah. And the writers. I thought the raiders were the team of the 70s because they were better than Kansas City got. The Raiders could have won Super Bowl three and four the year that Kansas City won Super Bowl for the Raiders swept them, swept them in the regular season. lost the game a crazy game on a wild call but they lost 72 Dolphins Raiders had them sea of hands game, then you go back to the years of the Immaculate Reception. Now the Raiders Super Bowl, the Jon Gruden talk rule, sorry, locked to go to the Super Bowl. We’ve had our throats ripped out in some really big games that we’re back to this one. Baltimore should be fine against Houston. Because I like what CJ Stroud is doing. I think he can go toe to toe with Lamar. I just don’t think he can do it on the road in the environment of what the stadium is gonna sound like I think we’ll come up a little bit short. I’m telling you, buffalo or Kansas City will not blink going into your building. They will not blink, there will be no intimidation. There’ll be nothing there it’s going to be a football game start to finish better team wins. And I don’t know if the Baltimore Ravens are better on paper than buffalo or Kansas City. I think it’s gonna be a one or two points spread Baltimore is going to have for playing at home. Just get by Houston.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:53

And by the way, did we both were pretty good at this. We’d been doing this a long time JT the brick, my dear friend out of Las Vegas and one of the voices of the Oakland Raiders and now the Las Vegas raiders for lo of these 25 years. We got the history wrong. You ready was It was Christmas Eve 77. I’ll never forget that I found my ticket stub recently in my program from that game with my dad. We have a famous game here called the fog bowl game where the were the Colts beat the dolphins 10 to seven and Tony Lin our kick. I was at that game that was the year before. But this game. The other game was Denver beat Pittsburgh 34 to 21 Denver then beat Oakland in Denver at Mile High Stadium on January 1, and that was the Denver Orange Crush Super Bowl where they got their ass kick by Roger Stoll back in the cab sit down.

J.T. The Brick  22:43

That was called the famous Raider game. Famous names of all the games go through the writers. The Rob Lydell fumble, Rob Lydell fumbles at the goal line. Paul comes out as he’s in midair, the ball comes out Raiders pick it up for a touchdown. They call it dead and the Raiders lose out that that’s a big one you just now thanks for bringing that up. But again, everyday run

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:04

together when you make the playoffs every year. Right. Right.

J.T. The Brick  23:08

Well look when you when you have this team again. You got homefield Tony Dungy is world famous for the rest of us. You had a legendary I thought probably the greatest colts team rested. But here’s what gets me on the Ravens. As I say on the radio, the Ravens rested their starters final game. Then they rest their starters because they get the pie. They don’t play on the Monday after the by they play on the Saturday. It’s going on three weeks. It’s not going on two weeks. You’re going on three because you are one of the rare teams that shut down your starters in a regular season game before a bye week. Doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes you get a bite and you go okay, we can shut it down in the third or fourth quarter. That’s a lot. Raven time off. And then Owings Mills. I think you’re gonna have to see John Harbaugh, who just showed up by his brother’s side for the national championship game, refocus the team, refocus the team and they played it better play physical. You know, I love Ronnie Stanley, Bishop Gorman, here in Vegas. Borderline Hall of Famer now because of the injuries, I had him in the Hall of Fame, but the amount of games you tell me he’s missed. You got to have guys that are healthy. What’s the hell?

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:20

I’ve seen a Hall of Famer and we saw John OG and Ronnie Stanley’s out a Hall of Famer.

J.T. The Brick  24:24

I thought if he stayed healthy over the last couple of days potential for sure he had the potential to be a Hall of Famer. Now I’m not comparing him to Ogden Ogden who lives also in Vegas as you know, he’s just a god but what’s the health of the Ravens like going into this game coming up against Houston?

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:38

I’ll try to get answers right and you know, I think that the initial thought was more for next week potentially even the Super Bowl the way rod Woodson our mutual Powell came back all those years ago just to play in a Super Bowl. I there was a lot of thought that interest couldn’t come back. It’s a three month injury it’s been two months you do the math, right? Like how all of that works and he had surgery right on ankle so but but I I would say for their health Hamilton you mentioned all these guys resting right we obviously rest Lamar. You rest Stanley because he’s a mess right? Or you try to row Kuantan play that last game because he wants to blow everything and everybody up and you can’t get him hurt. But today we’re but the way the rules are on the way 53 is, I mean, we a handful of guys really took the week off against the Steelers, right so but but the guys that rested it really was about guys were nicked up and banged up as a flowers being one of them. They need him at full speed. They you know, they want the compliment of their speed and their power and everything they had all year long. But they ended the year a little ding a little more dinged that the rest was not rusted all it was Geez, you’re not healthy enough to play. Let’s get you one under percent for the divisional game or in Andrews case maybe later, but they’re, they’re pretty good. Like, you know, they lost Dobbins earlier in the year they’ve had some ins and outs and whatnot. Kyle Hamilton. You know, they gave him by the way, my guy Luke gives the NBA team MVP trophy or to a gate. They gave it to Luke right? Luke gave it to Lamar on the team or the valores not on his team. It might have been Kyle Hamilton it might have been ro Quan Smith I mean, they’ve had several guy Matt a BK is going to get paid. You know, Linder bumps, the best center in the league. Now suddenly, the way the DVOA worked out, and I had shots on last week continue in those guys. This is sort of a legendary sort of in a bubble team if they can win these three football games in that way, especially given the contract and him kind of quarterback is and people said he couldn’t win, like, all of that will be legendary. But this this is gonna get busted up quick because they’re gonna get their players picked apart. They’re gonna get their coaches picked apart and they have a salary cap issue. So that’s why I think I sweat this out in a way that a guy who saw rich Gannon lose a Super Bowl, and you’re still waiting. You don’t want to be that and, and I go back to the Eagles. You talked about the Cowboys waiting and waiting and waiting, even when you’re good. It’s such a disappointment when you lose it, you know, these games and when you’re this good, and it’s everybody in that locker room brick is lost. You talk about Ronnie Stanley. I was this was so long ago I was a media member was the first 38 years of my career. I remember being at the locker with Marlon Humphrey, who you know, not my favorite dude. You know, honestly, like from being a stand up guy and all of that. He stood at his locker after that Lamar loss in 19 and said we choked. We choked. And I’m like, Well, I’ve been in the locker room long time after Knockout Game. I don’t hear players say that about themselves in their moments of anger after a game and they’ve all had to like choke on it for four years right like they’ve had to sit around. lose a lot of guys on this team have Patrick clean but around have been on the wrong end of walking away that they know what it feels like to hurt and this. This can’t be the year they take that exit. This has to be the year that it happens for them. Not why it didn’t happen because of Josh this or Patrick dad are certainly not CJ Stroud this weekend. They can’t lose this weekend.

J.T. The Brick  28:22

Well, look, I want to say this before we wrap this up this this Taylor Swift thing. I don’t do this. I’m not a big guy. I don’t come on and tell my producer hey, let’s kill 20 minutes and do a bit. This tell us what things out of control. It is because I have a theory and I’ll tell it to you. And I hope it connects with your great audience. America’s team has been the Dallas Cowboys because of a guy named Roger Staubach, Gil Brandt, we knew well, and the fact that the stadium and a hole in the roof and God could look in and it was a real brand because of John Cena and NFL films. And Steve sable and they weren’t. They weren’t America’s team. My theory is after this flame out for Jerry in over the last year that the league is trying to build a new America’s team. And I truly believe this I’m not a 911 conspiracy. See idiot I don’t have who won the election who stole votes. I’m not that guy. The league wants Kansas City as America’s team. They’re in the Midwest. They got a good brand. They got loyal fans. They don’t win a lot. It was Super Bowl four and then Super Bowl 54 to 50 years. So they they’re not a team that’s won a lot and now they’re starting to win. Dallas isn’t going to win. They want to rebrand America’s team. Kelsey is on every bleep and commercial. mahomes is on a lot of them. Andy reads on television commercials you watch. You watch a game and the commercials or two out of five or chief commercials. And then you got Taylor Swift doing JK? Can

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:45

I have your Negi? Can I have your Negi Yo, that’s Andy Reid he’s getting the steel in the nuggies

J.T. The Brick  29:51

Yeah, that’s what I mean. He’s putting his paws in the food. The Negi. Nagi he said. Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:57

You’re making the hell see I don’t hate the cheese the way You do, but if this was Heinz Ward and Jerome Bettis I get sick of it. Yeah, I get sick of it.

J.T. The Brick  30:05

But Hines Ward and Bettis and those guys had good teams, but they weren’t shoved down our throat. Media was yeah, the bus get on the bus. The wheels on the bus. It’s awful with the Taylor Swift stuff, and she’s fabulous. My wife’s a Swifty. And she had one of the biggest tours ever and we’re big tour guys. The point is, I believe that Madison Avenue and the NFL is trying to get out of the cowboy brand as America’s team. Find a new one because they should if the 30 years of Dallas not winning anything, there should be a new America’s team. It wasn’t the Patriots because of spy gate and deflate gate. Let me repeat you can’t make America’s team spy gate Deflate Gate just like the Astros you can’t make them with the trash cans. This Brittany mahomes with Taylor in the matching jackets make me sick to my stomach the only thing that can save us are the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills I’d like it for you as a friend to be Baltimore not a lot of friends with buffalo either there we must come together and stop this crap with Kansas City

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:11

All right, that’s my homie right there JT the breakthrough and he’s staying out in the Las Vegas on the Sirius XM radio with with Mad Dog and also doing all things right as I’m an AP guy because I’m a Marvin Lewis guy so I am in with Max and the rest of you guys for AP I hope it works out for you let’s get together in the real world or something here and again and you know we’ll we’ll conspiracy gate all of this if we get a parade here Okay,

J.T. The Brick  31:39

so Marvin in the building a couple of times I will name drop when I see him one on one because I think if he gets the job which he should Marvins got to be on the staff got to be on the staff in the building every day because he loves him so much. And lastly July 3 fourth and fifth on what the stones in Vancouver in the with the stones in Vancouver. I had a passport. Okay you have a passport if you want to meet the wife and I bring Jen strong the good spot would be because I needed a couple days off July 3 and four I can get off July 4 from radio Have you been in Vancouver before?

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:11

I’ve never been fantastic spot dude. Fantastic spot. You’re going to love Vancouver.

J.T. The Brick  32:17

Alright my brother keep winning and let’s have me on as we get to a radio row and I’ll be there for you in and I’ll be eating a crab cake here for you in Vegas. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:26

next time we’re gonna talk whether you eat crab cakes or crab you ever if you ever eaten real crabs like got your hands messy?

J.T. The Brick  32:32

Yes, but not properly not

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:34

Oh doo doo doo food. All right, next time you come eastward. I’ll take you over to Costas. I’ll get you some big ones and we’re going to I’ll I’ll show you a thing or three bricks. That came my brother. All right, JT the brick my man. Joining us here from Las Vegas where everybody wants to go, but nobody can afford to go for the Super Bowl. Bill Cole and I chatted about that last week. We’re gonna be doing crabcake row, a cup of soup or bowl. I swear it’s going to be fun. The week of February 5 Stay with us for Baltimore positive.com

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