Former NFL linebacker Chad Brown: “The discipline melt down from the Baltimore Ravens was very disheartening to watch”

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Our favorite former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker and college football analyst Chad Brown discusses the power of experience and disruption by the Kansas City Chiefs to eliminate the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game. And, of course, snakes and reptiles and how to get them safely to new and caring homes.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Chad Brown

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Oh, we are wn St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We are not doing the radio row thing. It’s a second time. 27 years we will be there. But we will be here doing crabcake row it’s five straight days, a marathon nine to five Radio Live radio all they’ve been a little while since we’ve done live radio around here, featuring hopefully 100 charities like about 60 or 70 signed up right now, looking for some more if you’re one of those charities and that’s Baltimore Monday we’re fadeless Tuesday we’re at Costas and Dundalk. Wednesday we’ll be setting up a Coco’s and laurelville Thursday, we’ll be at State Fair in Catonsville. And then on Friday at Pappas in Cockeysville. Free here’s the deal. It’s a cup of Super Bowl and Chad browns, really smart guy went to Colorado. We didn’t play for Dion, but he’s smart guy. Play for Bella check. So I know he’s smart, and cower. So I know he’s really smart. You get a free cup of soup or a bowl of soup. So we’re calling it a cup of soup or bowl. Say that real fast and you’ll you’ll you’ll you’ll catch on. So you get a free cup of Super Bowl and you bring us some goods for the Maryland food bank. And it’s a little bit of cheer. Chad Brown is our guest. He is a longtime NFL or he’s one of my favorite people that I’ve met at all these radio Rosie, beautiful dogs with him on behalf of military folks. He’s always doing a good turn. He’s out in Phoenix now doing radio in Denver, and still call it college football games. I think last I checked during the plague chat. It’s been a little while since we got together but I had to bring you in here seeing the Kyle van noise and seeing the Davian clowny ease and seeing the Patrick Queens going to get paid in the row, quants Smith’s getting paid. I’m like, I need me a nice rush and linebacker and the best I saw back in the mid 90s. You’re pretty good football player back in your day. It’s always pleasure to have you on how are you? I’m

Chad Brown  01:45

doing really well, man. Thanks for having me on. Great to catch up with you. Yeah. You know, whenever I think of or see Baltimore Ravens on TV, I always think of my man. You and yeah, I did a lot of college football this season had the big 12. So I big 10 championship game. I had Alabama, Tennessee. So I had some of the really good games, a lot of fun. You know, if there’s a camera or microphone during football season, there’s a chance I’m talking into it for somebody. And that road continues to move forward and evolve as time goes on. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:16

I mean, you’re a renaissance man, beginning with the snakes and businesses and all that. You still obviously love the game you played at a high level when you see this kind of Kansas City, Baltimore matchup. And we’re all sort of licking our wounds here from all of this. But it’s the first time in 28 years and I know you talked about coming to play Memorial Stadium back in the day as a Seahawk and all that. It’s the first time we thought we were the best team. It’s the first time like the fan base believed we had to when we respected them. And I wrote on Monday, there were people just thought they were going to roll the ball out there and be Patrick mahomes Because they rolled the ball out there and beat San Francisco on Christmas night beat the salt out of Detroit, but you don’t mind beat up everybody in the way, much like they did 19. And it’s different in playoff time. Right. And I think it’s different when you have pedigree.

Chad Brown  03:04

Yeah, I knew this was going to be a close game. But all week I’ve been saying Baltimore was the best team in the playoffs. Because of the evidence we saw on the regular season those wins you just talked about. So I knew Kansas City would be good. I knew Patrick mahomes would be prepared. I knew Andy Reed would have some creative play call and I knew Travis Kelce would find a way to step up. But still I thought Baltimore’s got such an amazing defense. Those inside linebackers are off the charts and there was just so much talent there and so much confidence momentum. We’re in the past there was always doubt Ken Lamar do it in the playoffs this year. We’ve seen him do it in such big game opportunities. Why would this Sunday be any different? Well, it was different. The discipline melt down from the Baltimore Ravens was very disheartening to watch because I think they are the better football team. But the discipline the the ze flowers, the the roughing the passer penalties. Lamar Jackson thrown into a team meeting in the endzone, taking points off the board those kinds of mistakes in a playoff game against a team that’s in a six consecutive AFC Championship that’s got all that experience and all that confidence, you’re going to lose that game. So this is a clear case of more games are lost, that are actually won. I want to give a tip of the cap to the chiefs. They won the game. But the reality is the Ravens lost that game through some undisciplined play that showed up in multiple times and multiple places across the team.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:33

We talk about this all the time, and I had coach Billick on earlier this week. And there’s a really famous game here of a meltdown in Detroit at Ford Field. It’s 2006 2007 it’s a season it happened and Suggs was involved and Bart Scott, they picked up the officials flag and threw it and I mean it was just it was crazy off the charts. And sometimes it’s one guy it’s one hot head and you got to settle that guy down or guy that you sort of know lives a little bit on the air. edge and your little word don’t get us 15 Don’t get us 15 Don’t be that guy referees watching. This was added character out of sync unlike anything we’ve seen during the course of the year and it felt to me and you can speak to this. Andy Reid knows John Harbaugh better than anybody Steve spagnolo had been identified as John’s best friend in the sport for years worked for John they’ve tobe a special teams coach wonderful guy also a mentor to John many years ago they all it’s all one big love and they know John they joke no John’s a little hot and and, and they also knew the place was going to be a cauldron. They knew the fans had never seen anything like an AFC Championship game here. Here’s like the Chiefs have been through all of this and then put a lot of road games where they played big rugged like big every kind of game. And I think they there was there was a coaching involved here with Kelsey and the rest of them to say Didi agitators be the bullies get beat be that be that team. And we think of the chiefs as being nice guys. And and they were agitating a lot of this and I think it was really part of the game plan. And once it started to work in the pregame. I mean, there’s video Justin Tucker, getting into it with Kelsey mahomes Before the game and then Arthur Malek got in a fight with half the team. But I mean, they they opened the broadcast with the fact that there have been bad blood during during warmups and I know you’ve been a part of that you probably were were agitating as well as the agitated but when they’re 65,000 people and when there’s no one to bring it in the shocking part is that it happened to more than one player across the team and it never got rained in it. And I we’re gonna be talking about for nine months your chat? Yeah,

Chad Brown  06:34

because again, the opportunity was there. And you know, despite being successful franchise like the ravens are you recognize these opportunities are rare when they come around to be in the championship weekend and be widely considered to be the best team in the championship we can and having beaten most of the teams who are playing in the championship, we can beat them handily by double digits. How could you walk into that game other than being confident? Now I was doing ESPN Radio on Sunday. And we have a Jerry Sneed on. And he said, we felt like in our locker room, like the ravens, all they thought they had to do was show up that this was going to be an easy game. So while you’re talking about coaching, at least from a Kansas City perspective, they thought the Ravens came in too cocky. And the discipline meltdown that we saw was a result of them, their overconfidence being met with the reality that the chiefs were going to come ready to play. And they were not emotionally prepared to handle that. So I suppose over the next nine months, we’ll figure out exactly what it was. Was it just literally an Andy Reid thing of, hey, these guys, they’re not used to being poked. So let’s go out there and poke the bear every opportunity we can to get them to mentally melt down. I’ve had that instructions before from my coaches.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:54

I bet you had That’s why I asked. Yeah.

Chad Brown  07:57

And or was it you know, the fact that they were overconfident because you can’t help but look back at your season. And every single big time game that you played during the course of the year, you found a way to win it by double digits. So you should be confident based on that. But there’s a difference between confidence and cocky. There’s a difference between confident knowing we got to still show up and play and confident and so cocky that you think the other team is going to lay down in front of you. Come on, if the chiefs, they won the Super Bowl last year, I know it’s been a bit of a rocky year for them, but they are going to show up to play. And they did. And again, I don’t think the Chiefs won this as much as the Ravens lost this. And I mean, you can tell me, how is the fan base handling this when Lamar Jackson says after the game, he’s not frustrated by this? Are you kidding me? This opportunity does not automatically happen. You can’t fast forward to the next 11 and a half months and put yourself back exactly where you are to say you’re not frustrated. Are you emotionally invested in this or not? Are you willing to live and die for this shit are you not and sometimes when guys have a little bit more of a casual attitude, and have a little bit I call it the AAU attitude. You know, when I’ve coached kids who played a lot of AAU basketball, where they’re not playing for their high school team, they’re playing for a club team, so there’s no real allegiance. And over the course of the year, they’re gonna play in 150 basketball games. So winning the game losing the game, it’s not as important as as you know, as much as I look good, right. So is it some of that creeping into that ravens locker room? Is there some of that, you know, you know, we’ll be here next year and this opportunity is going to stick around forever. Having played 15 years in the NFL. I know this opportunity doesn’t come up every year. And when you blow it and your career is done and you look back at man we should have we should have had that. That championship game. We should have been in that Super Bowl that’s always going to be crushing and disappointing. It’s easy to shrug your shoulders When you’re a player, once you’re retired and you recognize an opportunity is never ever, ever going to come back, you view it quite differently. Think

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:06

it’s a little bit more like a Kentucky Derby, right? I mean, like I think about your time with the Steelers and the opportunity there and, and I’ve talked to folks I talked to Duan Edwards about losing a Super Bowl this week I talked to Brian Billick, the first thing he talked about was 1998. Minnesota we were favoring at a 10 point lead with three. You know, I was at that game. I met Brian that day. I literally met him after that. I met him at the lowest moment of his life, literally, and said, Yeah, Brian, you got the ring in the trophies behind you. How can you think about Minnesota, so I spent half my year there and it’s nowhere I can get away from it. Because they still haven’t won. They still they’re still eight coaches later for regimes like trying to win. We mentioned the browns, you mentioned the lions and they’re golden. I mean, my God, tell me how bad it is here. Chad, Detroit. That’s all that’s a different kind of loss this week, right?

Chad Brown  10:52

Oh, you know, I think in Detroit, I think that fanbase recognizing that it was an amazing run, and it was amazing season for seven leads. But But But But Dan Campbell, he went for it 34% of time on fourth down this year. That is the most of any team this century. So to think suddenly in the championship game, he was going to change his stripes. That wasn’t going to happen. This is how they got there. So you can point to those decisions and the blown lead and all that. I think Detroit fans recognize the best for their football team is ahead of them. While this is a tremendous opportunity. Dan Campbell talked about you don’t know if you’re ever going to be back. They will be back. They are built the right way. They’ve got a such a young, awesome core Gibbs the runningback Laporta, the tight end. They’re super talented, super fast. Jared Goff was a quarterback I think who can continue to lead him to be that franchise style quarterback. So I think the best is the head of them. And their fan base is probably handled a little differently. Because the expectations weren’t there all season long. Like they were for the Ravens. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:53

they will be next year for them. And I don’t know where the shed brand is. Our guests longtime NFL are in college football. One of my favorite people because he has snakes that I stay away from. But he loves a lot. The Ravens, so I mean, I’m only a couple days into this, but we’ve got a new baseball over here. So like you’re the last football conversation I need to do for months at this point, because everybody’s just all in oh my god, we got to do baseball, and I’m like with you. But just on the football side of this in the first three days. Defense coordinators, the head coach in Seattle Seahawks the longtime and I mean long time I got pictures of Joe or Ortiz and I before we either one of us were shaving back in the 90s and I put up he’s going to run the charges now with with John’s brother. Joe burrow is going to get healthy. Herbert is going to have a coach Trevor Lawrence is going to come back a year angry or CJ Stroud is going to come back a year brighter Deshaun Watson and or Joe Flacco. The tandem is going to add Joe on the show last week to you know, Cleveland’s gonna have a quarterback. It’s Pittsburgh’s gonna get a quarterback and like, get your old guy from Denver, Russell. Well, I don’t know. But the notion that Lamar was sitting at the top of this and had to beat CJ Stroud and only had to beat mahomes. Chad every time I’ve talked about Lamar, and people say is he going to win a Super Bowl and like they’re not going to be the one seed if at all, because we’re never the one seed but if they are, they’ll get lucky. They were and they didn’t win now. So if they’re not going to be the one seed, they’re going to be another seed. So if they’re going to be another seed, they’re gonna play three games in January. And those three games are going to be some Rubik’s Cube combination of what Flacco dealt with which was manning Brady Roethlisberger, it’s going to be three burrow mahomes Allen, it’s going to be these guys. And I thought that’s a tall task to ask Lamar to win three of those games in January maybe two of them on the road. And this year, it was paved with purple goals right like this was the year that it was made easy to your point it’ll never be easier. The salary cap the $15 million wide receiver the played some of the time, the left tackle was a $26 million dollar cap it has been injured for four years. Now. The cornerback that has a leg issue that couldn’t get on the field who was their highest paid defensive player row quants Nice call Hamilton’s nice Lindenbaum they have some nice young players but the band’s about to get broken up and they’re about to pick 30 Yes

Chad Brown  14:11


Yes I mean every team goes through this at the end of every season you when you project forward to next year you’re gonna miss be you’re gonna have somewhere between 25 and 35% turnover on your roster when you’re good the good players leave this is true but you still have Patrick when you know you’re still

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:27

gone by the way he’ll be the first guy getting paid you think it’s the game he is they can’t afford him the bill there’s

Chad Brown  14:35

no way they let a player that talented that foundational to what they do on that side of the ball go

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:43

they paid they have to pay Mata became at a peak is gonna be the guy that gets this that gets the tag because they’re gonna have to keep him they let class Campbell go last year they’re gonna lose a lot of players and they’re gonna have a lot of cow a salary cap problems and they have a $50 million quarterback which is the first time they’ve had that in six years.

Chad Brown  15:02

You don’t pay them very pretty picture there, my man. No, it’s tough. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:05

mean, I just I think Eric’s gonna have a harder time Bill and you’re gonna have a harder time when you pay your quarterback $50 million. I mean, we went through that here with Flacco where every draft pick had to hit. And when Perriman doesn’t hit and can’t catch the ball, Joe doesn’t have a guy. And they’ve hit on. That’s why they won, say flowers, Kyle Hamilton, Linda bomb, they have been as good in the draft the last couple of years as any team in the league. Okay,

Chad Brown  15:30

but this past season for the Kansas City Chiefs, the wide receiver room was an incredibly disappointing room for them. It caused them to lose games, yet, and still, they kept plugging away at it, just chopping wood and found a way to find some success later in the season. Now they find themselves back in the Super Bowl again, they

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:49

just can’t we call it the past that made it happen, right. That’s why people say they just want to call two passes during the year the game would have been in Kansas City.

Chad Brown  15:57

Right? So so the thought that just because there’s going to be some turnover, that spells the end of this opportunity. Again, you still got Lamar Jackson, there’s still talent on the defensive side of the ball. Those young guys you just mentioned, are going to grow from their first year to their second year. So there’s still I still think of the Ravens has been in a championship opportunity at championship window. The some of the changes in the offseason can affect that. Yes. Could it be a rocky start to next season, but if you’ve got a true championship pedigree as the Chiefs had, they just kept finding ways to plug away plug away and in here at the end of the season, Travis Kelce gets on fire. Patrick mahomes stops turning the football over receivers who couldn’t catch a cold now can catch football. You who you start doesn’t necessarily mean you who you’ll be at the end of the season. So I still think the Ravens I have a little bit more of an optimistic outlook and you about their window and their window for opportunity particularly for next year.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:53

I will say that it will see who the players are gonna be Chad Brown is here. Two last things for you one the game itself if we were doing radio row next week, and you’re bringing beautiful animals and we were hanging out 40 Niners perceived, I think to be stumbling their way and when you’re behind 24/7 I guess Brock Purdy because of the pedigree of the draft pick and all that perceived to be something that I tell you what Shanahan’s a genius, right? I mean, just the scheming this thing up and how this thing will work. This is a fair fight. I you know, and I don’t know that everybody wants to see can’t city San Francisco, but this feels like a fair fight to me.

Chad Brown  17:27

I think it was gonna be a tremendous game, I think. I mean, if you’re going to call, call Shanahan and offensive genius. What’s Andy Reid? How did you draw up schemes and critical moments to get Travis Kelce opened by 10 yards by 15 yards. You know, everyone wants to double and take away Travis Kelce. Yet he still finds ways to get him open. So there’s, I think offensive genius on both sides. Obviously Spags is a great defensive coordinator, Steve Wilkes has proven to leave a little bit to be desired back there and then for the 40 Niners defensively, but they still got Fred Warner they still got Bossa. They still got players and horses on all three levels of that defense. I think we’re going to be treated to a tremendous football game. And in the end, I know it’s quite early. We’re just still recovering from championship weekend. I think Kansas City does it again. I think they do it again. I think they learned so much this season, what their stumbles what their uneven play. Heck, which started opening weekend this season they lost to the Detroit Lions think they’ve learned a lot. They’ve mentally toughen themselves. I was a part of a championship team that was toughened had a rocky start to the season. I was at the University of Colorado, we won a national championship Despite starting in season one one in one, one win one loss one time. And we still want a national championship because we were toughened by that. And not just physically but also mentally as well. And we needed that to to get to where we got. And I think the Chiefs have been toughened recognize the dwindling opportunity for guy like Travis Kelce find a way to get this done. And Kyle continues for the 40 Niners this big game, kind of unexplainable collapses that he’s had over his career.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:11

I gotta tell you, you’ve come into my life in many weird ways. We bumped into each other randomly in airports. I think the last time we were together. You went up on my LinkedIn at the same time I had thought about you because I was in San Francisco. But I thought about you before I got to San Francisco, because I was flying out of Denver, and I’m flying out of Denver. My phone is on the on the the the the Southwest thing and I looked up as we were taken off, and I thought that’s pretty down there. And I look and I saw a little town and I saw from above. We were just we were starting to take off. I was on my way to Reno and I looked down I was right. And I looked on my phone and I saw Oh, that’s Boulder and I’ve been to Boulder. I thought it was Boulder and I looked out the window. I even took a picture. I’m like that’s Boulder and I looked it up on the map and it made me think of you and I haven’t talked to you since Prime took over your and I love boulder I’ve been there one time in my life. And I think I’ve told you I would move to Boulder tomorrow and live a very good life. It’s a beautiful place. I don’t know how people leave Boulder, your thoughts about that part of the world because Colorado was a little bit of a dormant program at various points when you and I have known each other over the last decade, no longer dormant for sure. And kind of you must have been shocked today. You took the job there, right.

Chad Brown  20:21

I was a bit surprised. I can’t lie because the program was on such a downward trajectory. I was questioning whether it was going to be a program and five or 10 years down the road, because it seemed like the cycle of a coach coming in, meaning a little bit of success, and leaving for greener pastures immediately. We saw that with Mel Tucker. So it was getting to the point where I was questioning the viability of the program overall, what we were going to do in the future now to have coach prime, obviously brought a ton of eyeballs. The magical start to the season with the three wins in a row. got everybody invested, got everybody interested, one of the most watched college programs, you know, in the country, versus, you know, programs that were heck, traditional bluebloods and national champions, more eyeballs watching the Colorado Buffaloes. Clearly, once the PAC 12 schedule happened, things start to fall apart. Some of the holes within the program from a personnel standpoint, some of the holes and inexperience for Coach prime, and his coaching acumen were exposed as the season went along as well. But I think it’s a pretty bright future. Will they be a championship team? That remains to be seen? Do I love everything that coach prime has done? Frankly, I don’t. But he has brought the program back to a relevant state and college football, brought eyeballs but attention has brought in recruits. And the city of Boulder, which you were just talking about, I think someone did a study. He’s brought in over $100 million to the University into the city. So for the you know, $6 million of painting, which the athletic director Rick George said at the opening press conference, I don’t know how I’m going to come up with the money to pay this guy. Well, the money’s flowing. So that’s a critical part of college football today is the money. He’s certainly excited donors. So the NFL opportunities are there to build the program. So there’s lots of great pieces in place. Again, I don’t love everything, but I’m certainly stoked that this program that I thought was literally going to fold and not be a program anymore, is now being talked about as one of the most exciting programs of all across football.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:30

I knew you were proud alum Chad Brown is here. He’s doing right tell me what you’re doing because you still you still have your snakes in your herpetologist Correct.

Chad Brown  22:38

I still got a few reptiles. I don’t have 1000s and 1000s that I once did when I was a commercial reptile breeder. I’ve got a small collection. My main focus nowadays is ship your reptiles, right help reptile businesses reptile hobbyist and even the military mom who needs to get a little Timmies turtle from Tennessee to Texas. I help them move their animals around the country. I’ve done an offshoot of that with ship your aquatics the same thing for people who need to ship their fish or their koi or coral for their you know, aquariums. I have shipped your invertebrates for bug people who are into scorpions and tarantulas and things like that. And I just recently launched ship your floor. Because there is a ever growing house plant market for people are keeping roses and orchids and various species of houseplants. So I specialize in the shipping of living things, things that are difficult to go to your local FedEx Ship center and say here, I need to ship my snake to a friend. Nope, I can help you with that. I can say all the packaging materials, give you all the expertise and know how, and along the way save you some money with a great discounted label to make all that happen. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:41

know that you don’t expect me to have a snake story for you today. But I do. So we moved out to the country about two years ago. And we knew that you know there are animals and when the guy was building our place in the basement, he said, you know you’re gonna have some snakes down here and I’m like, I don’t like snakes. So I went into the basement, and I’m gonna say early summer, maybe five, six months ago. And my cat four o’clock in the morning in the dark is very, she’s a hunter. She had cornered a snake and this was a real big one. Chad, it might have been an inch long. I mean, it literally was about the size of the wire that’s that’s here. It’s about this big right here, maybe two inches, and it was about this thickness was a big guy. And he was cornered up and my cat didn’t want to eat it. He just kind of playing with it. And I’m like, What the hell is that and then I saw a get up and could only have been a snake and it was a tiniest little snake. And I took a cop and here is my kind of shipping. This is how he shipped it. I didn’t kill it. My wife would freak out. She doesn’t even like the little stickies where the snakes come in and they die on. It breaks her heart. So I put it in the cup. I took a video that I actually and it was just in the bottom of the cup and I took it outside and I hope that it’s living its best snake life outside but that was my kind of shipping. So that’s is kind of shipping I do but I’m not killing them. I’ll be after you when? Because snakes they do good thanks snakes do right in the wild.

Chad Brown  25:06

Oh snakes control the road and population we would be overrun with rodents. And you know any place where there’s you know, green space if there were not snakes out there to keep those populations down. Same thing with spiders, people always want to kill spiders, spiders control the insect population. So we need these things. So yes, I would appreciate if more folks would follow your example. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:28

I knew you’d be proud of me when I put the snake outside. I thought if you I swear to God, I thought you’re the only one I know that my wife likes snakes, but you want her that’s it? That’s what people I know. But I don’t, I don’t like them. But I’m, you know, I’m, I’m caring, you know, I care about it. So I, I don’t like killing living things that I don’t eat.

Chad Brown  25:44

Well, I appreciate your mindset. And as my wife would say, she has an appreciation for the role and appreciation from afar. So it’s nice to be close. But she appreciates their role and what they do from afar. She’s good to come across the room

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:00

snake thing like Where were you five, when When did this happen for you, that you?

Chad Brown  26:04

I grew up in the hillsides of Southern California. So in my backyard, I saw snakes and lizards all the time. So this was always a lifelong fascination. My mother said no snakes when I was in her house. I got to university Colorado my freshman year, someone in the dorms had a boa for sale. I bought that boa. I went to a local pet store to get some information. I met a guy at a local pet store who’s now been a lifelong friend. He was in my wedding. I was in his wedding.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:31


What kind of guy you are though, dude, you keep people you really do. Yeah, we

Chad Brown  26:35

have traveled the globe together. We’ve been to Indonesia and Thailand and Costa Rica and done all kinds of crazy adventures. So that’s how the snake thing got started with one snake in the dorms turned into this amazing friendship, which then turned into 1000s and 1000s upon snakes as a commercial reptile breeder, so my snake journey has been quite interesting. And now I’m no longer a commercial breeder, but I help other people ship and enjoy their animals.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:02

Well, look, your former teammate Rob Woodson is my favorite Hall of Famer. You are my favorite Pittsburgh Steeler and I threw Tomlin out. Check Brown is here. We dig him he’s out in the desert to win things. I’ll take care of snakes take good care of people and oh, you dinner. We’ll get together sometime in this lifetime. I always appreciate hearing from you and seeing you pop up your name pop up on my feet from time to time and I’m glad we got together. It’s good seeing you man.

Chad Brown  27:28

Great to see you. Great to be on with you, man. Take care yourself. Yeah, Brian. And by the way Tiesto

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:31

playing the Super Bowl now that we gave him the seal of approval. May you want to just go to Yes, there was like a thing. You know. Nice.

Chad Brown  27:38

That was a tremendous show. I look I look forward to him playing the Super Bowls.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:43

I tell people all the time and we ripped it up at Tiesto and it’s not my music at all but it was know what was going on chat right now that can be found out on the interwebs go follow him out on the Twitter thing and the next thing and follow along. I’m trying to bring as many radio ro alums onto the program this week as we get ready for a cup of soup or bowl. You come out you bring the goods for the Maryland Food Bank. We give you a cup or bowl of Maryland crab cream a crab we would do 5050 If you want if you’re if you’re daring into that kind of thing Monday, we begin to fade these Tuesday Acosta’s Wednesday at Coco’s Thursday get state fair Friday at Pappus and Cockeysville. And then the last there’ll be no purple pep rally this year. We lost. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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