Come donate on Crab Cake Row this week for A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl and get a free Maryland Lottery scratch-off, too!

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John Martin of Maryland Lottery talks the new games and power of sports in our community with Nestor, who will be featuring the new 10X The Cash game all week at five locations on Crab Cake Row for A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, John Martin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn S T A. M 1570. Chassis Baltimore and Baltimore Oh, what a week it has been around here. Football started the week. We have baseball in the middle of the week. They’re going to be a Super Bowl next week at Las Vegas. We’re not participating in that. But next week we are doing something very, very special. I was inspired years ago to do the Maryland crabcake tour and I’m very appreciative of the Maryland lottery and wind donation and our friends at Jiffy Lube for stepping up all of our sponsors are gonna be involved in this thing next week. So dreaming up ways that I could be helpful. I knew I would not be going to Las Vegas to do radio row. So we’ve decided to on the coldest week of the year week for Valentine’s Day to have crab cake row a cup of soup or bowl. Very very simple. I’ve given away free soup. I’m the opposite of whatever the Seinfeld guy was I’m it’s free soup for everybody. Maryland crab crema crab 5050 If you’ve never tried to get try for free on Monday at fade Lee’s on Tuesday at cost. It’s on Wednesday egg Coco’s on Thursday. State Fair in Catonsville in on Friday will be a Pappas and cockys will have to say cockys obviously have Glen Burnie they have the original location apart but they have Bel Air now they’ve they’re even in the MGM National Harbor, but we’re doing the one to Cockeysville So what brought you by the Maryland lottery and it’s all brought to you by our friends at window nation 866 90 days you might need to do doors as well and I’m getting doors this year, as well as Jiffy Lube multi care and I don’t need to tell you about my oil change a couple of weeks ago to York Road location right across from curio wellness and foreign daughter where we did a crab cake tour stop and they’re sponsored our 25th anniversary and I know John Martin is dying that we count down to number one number two was free the birds number one it’s going to be the parade and the walkout the walk in I should say the march down in New Orleans and they’re sponsoring that but you are behind this copper Super Bowl. Are you cream of crap John Martin or are you Maryland crab? Are you in Ohio guy that just wants chicken noodle?

John Martin  01:58

Well, you know what, I enjoy a good cup or bowl of soup. So I would

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:05

say the right way say it the right way now. soup or a cup

John Martin  02:09

of soup or bowl.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:12

Say it remember I don’t call back the Barenaked Ladies song I made you say underwear. Right? Yeah, right. Yeah,

John Martin  02:17

exactly. Exactly. So yeah, no, I love soup. I I’m more traditionalist, but I you know the 5050 I’ll go for that. That’s how you had 5050 I have not not in this

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:31

context. You know what Luke and I had to convert this is kind of like asking, is it pumpkin? Or is it pecan? Or is it apple pie? Or is it ham or turkey or vegetarian? This is a this is a serious, like, Baltimore conversation needs to be had. And I really, I mean, we’ve done a crabcake tour. I’m going to do some oysters. I’m doing some fun stuff this year. But this is a conversation he had because I’m 55 and the first 48 years of my life. I been everywhere. There’s a crabcake John, right. I mean, I’ve been doing radio for 30 years at that point. 30 years running around doing stuff. I had never seen such a thing. Love crema crab soup grew up on it Maryland crabs like vegetables, super crab. Everybody knows that my mom put okra and because she was Southern and my wife puts bacon in it because I asked her to, but and it’s tasty. So I had never seen it combined. Okay, so I was at, you know, James Parker bond from living classrooms foundation I just mentioned Korean Foreign daughter. It is they’re found that’s where they give their money. So they’re bringing J who I know. And we’ve been living classrooms here for years, Coach Billick was a big part of what they did. I was at their maritime magic event, which I highly recommend. It’s beautiful event. Data, Fells Point and it benefits. I mean, nobody does more for the city and living classrooms foundation. We’re gonna talk about 100 charities next week. And I’m at this event and they were combining it. I’m like, I never seen that. I was like 48 years old. I’m like It’s like putting the chocolate peanut butter back when we were kids. And I’m like, what so you got to put it together? That’s a little weird. Give it to me. And I ate it and I don’t know that I I don’t know that I’ve gone back from you know, the last couple years it’s almost the only way I eat it is sort of having that sometimes like Costas is a little they make there’s a little thick there cream. So I don’t want to 5050 I want it more like I would say not Arnold Palmer but maybe nasty Nestor maybe 7525. You know, but this is an important conversation. So we are going to try it all next week. It’s going to be the sort of the lead story along with 100 charities along with all the things we’re doing but I’m gonna get to the bottom of this 5050 phenomenon, because this is a new thing. This is very Gucci from Maryland.

John Martin  04:36

You know, I’m a simple man nester, all the food goes to the same place. So whether you Well, yeah, yeah. All right, so it doesn’t matter.


It’s like the people who can’t have

John Martin  04:51

their food touching on a plate or have to eat all of one thing before they’re gonna next thing now. You know what? 5050 Fine, fine. That’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:57

where Maryland and Ohio were kind of border states like way out there. Well, you know what, that’s where we can all agree we can, I agree. say about it, but Well, I don’t know what they do. Listen, we’re in we do the Maryland lottery you’re in and it’s where my segue happens for you. So I am literally like, literally I’m at I’m out of tickets like this is I had a handful left and these are all I don’t know if you know but peppermint payout feel so it Mariah Carey, right? It feels like so like a long time ago, when the Browns were still played by the way that Joe Flacco won last week, he sends his love. So I’m added tickets and I have Oh snappers and he still do smell like gingerbread have a handful. But Ross has given me new tickets. And listen with the football and the baseball and the ownership and in the Joe flat and like all this, I don’t even know, tell me what we’re promoting. Tell me what I’m going to have next. We have

John Martin  05:46

you know, we have fun fun stuff. And that actually the the latest entree into our scratch off lineup is our times the cache, family of games. And we have six progressive steps. Scratch off tickets starting with the $1.05 times the cash, the $2.10 times the cash, the $5.20 times the cash, the $10.50 times the cash, the $20 100 times the cash, wait for it the $30 200 times the cash players love these multipliers when they Scratch and win a prize. And then they have an option potentially on that scratch off to reveal a multiplier that then adds to their winnings. But again, part of the joy of Maryland lottery scratch off tickets is if you don’t happen to win a cash prize, you may enter into a second chance drawing and are Second Chance drawings are extremely lucrative for this lineup of games. And starting at the end of February for five consecutive months more or less will have cash drawings. For second chance winners, they will be drawn and one lucky winner of a $50,000 cash prize will be drawn in the first four drawings and then the fifth and final drawing which will be in July. The middle of July will be a $75,000 Second Chance win so check them out at your 4400 Plus Maryland lottery retailers around the state. It’s called times the cash the acts like a multiplier times to cash family of games from $1 up to $30. Prices range from Buck all the way up to $2 million on a $30 ticket. But again don’t throw those non winning tickets away enter Minda drawing for more options to win Second Chance prizes.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:48

Well looking forward to see what Ross comes up with me comes up for me because next week we’re doing this thing and it’s gonna be awesome. We’re trying to get out in the community but talk about getting out in the community. You guys deal with the Orioles you deal with the Ravens obviously we talk about home on Rich’s we, you go from one season to the other. And we’ve talked about sports what you love sports and I love sports. We all love sports. What What a week it’s been right like just from the backdrop of for our city and us being here. And the Ravens in this word of the Orioles sale and not even just the Oriole sale, just the fact that pitchers and catchers report two weeks and we won 101 games and we won the visions last year. It’s really, you know, all I’ve ever done sports done, I will get too romantic or get, you know, misty eyed and whatnot. But they Sunday was tough. I mean, it’s a tough, tough thing for the community. And I know you and I kicked it around about me being at the drive and the Ernest Byner game and I mean we had Billy Cundiff Mr. kickin, we lost this job, you know, like when you lose that game doesn’t matter how you lose it or whatever, you’re never really, you know, it takes a long time to get over that. And I think the difference for us here and you know, for lottery players as well as we’re not that far away, I mean, how many days eight weeks away and I’m like, Okay, we have a real chance this year and the sports backdrops a wonderful thing and you guys get involved in that and I know you’re probably gearing up the home run riches right?

John Martin  09:02

Well, this this may be a lousy radio for most people who are listening via the radio airwaves but I am wearing today in an honor or in deference to the news of the week. First of all, I’m wearing a black sweater, because an armband just wouldn’t do for the unfortunate loss on the weekend. But I have a can see that my orange orange, my orange

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:29

we’re still recording this in January. You may got baseball going on in January.

John Martin  09:32

It’s a good thing. Well, I’m because of the breaking news this week. I mean, you know everyone’s talking about the o’s and it should be a very interesting season. We will have something I can’t tease it just yet. But we will have a continual a continuation of our homerun riches fan favorite with a twist. Now last year we had our 50th anniversary so we had the big $50,000 cash prize Cantor’s Something that huge. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:00

I was gonna say, last year was special. And I, I’m doing my 25th right now. And that’s part of why I’m doing this cup of Super Bowl next week, we’re doing all this for the Maryland Food Bank and promoting 100 charities and doing cool stuff. But like, you know, like you try to gear up and do something awesome. And it’s like the orals 101 games, let’s do what are they gonna do for an encore? Well, we’re playoff games, obviously, they get that opportunity. But you are always you’re trying to dream up the next best thing. And I think sometimes that gets hard to do, right. i By the way, I had the Jacksonville winners on from the Ravens. And you know, you guys talk about these things. And it’s very, like, Hey, you can be a winner. You get tickets for life, and you get experiential, and you get to do this, and we’ll put a picture up on the website. But when I actually meet these people that got on the plane, and they’re telling me how ro Quan Smith gave them cheesecake on the plane, that, you know, that sort of brings it all service.

John Martin  10:51

Quan Smith full service.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:56

Yeah, I mean, people win, and they have a really, really good time. And it’s fun for me to meet them. And to see that it really was a trip of a lifetime. Like literally talking to these folks, you can tell it’s something they’re never going to forget. You got to try to do that. With all the things you

John Martin  11:10

do. We do. We do. And we’ve got an interesting promotion. And it’s easy for me to say interesting promotion going on right now called our let me get the right name of it the marketing group page, but I don’t do it right. Keno ice cold cash. And we teach that a little bit last time, but it’s a promotion running on now. And it’s predicated on how low the temperature goes, the lower the temperature, the higher the cash prize for their second chance contest. So we’ve already had two weeks of drawings. And the week of let’s see, that had been January 22. The previous week, the low temperature was 12 degrees as

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:45

low in the middle of the night.

John Martin  11:49

The week prior, the lowest

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:50

low, okay, because I’m always getting to the 50s This week a little bit and I’m like way, but as long as it’s 22 at three in the morning, it’s 20 twos, the numbers, that kind of how it works. Well below

John Martin  12:00

25 degrees is a $10,000 cash prize. And we had 12345 lucky winners. That first week who all won $10,000 is the second chance, the second week of the promotion, the low temperature was 14 degrees, that was cold that day will still under 25 degree threshold. So we had five more winners of $10,000. And we’ll have a drawing this week and then one the week of the 12. So we have two more weeks to go on this promotion. All of Keno tickets are eligible. So go to MD For details about the Keno promotion, ice cold cash and see if you understand

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:41

this 20 5am serious I would 25 degrees. So like I’m looking on literally, I’m on my app right now. It says it’s gonna be 26 on Thursday 27 On Friday, read it at BWI, and we’re gonna be like, or do they come to you? And say, John, it’s 26? Do you just want to wave this and make it to like, I need to know.

John Martin  12:56

No. So so it’s tiered. So the lowest temperature is the highest return and That’s 25 degrees equals $10,000. For a low temperature between 25 and 34. The cash price is $7,500. Okay, all right, still nothing to sneeze at there from 35 to 44. It’s $5,000. And if we’re we have a heatwave of Spring has sprung 45 degrees and above. It’s still a $2,500 cash prize. And these are all Second Chance prices. Well, nobody

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:29

knows John Martin at the Maryland lottery be stingy. But I mean, the contest is the content. And if it’s 26 degrees, that’s what it is not 25 degrees. For you, I guess this time of the year in sports wagering because you’re gonna report numbers every month. Obviously, with the big game coming up on next week, as we do a cup of Super Bowl, I’m going to make everybody say it. The sports wagering calendar sort of changes a little bit too, but I would think this last month, the maturity of the industry and where we are, and another year into this and the promotional side of it, that that January is going to because of the ravens, and because of the local fervor and then playing another week, I would think you’ll be a good news Captain next month when things come out, right? We try

John Martin  14:14

to not try we do announce the results on the 10th of the month for the previous month. So right around February 10 Unless it falls on a weekend and so it might be then that Monday the 12th but we will have results for January and yeah I don’t have figures here but your your your assertion is pretty accurate. You know, we had a good month we had a lot of energy enthusiasm, and certainly a lot of local flavor with with the Ravens run of February of course the the game is on the 11th. So and it’s only one game it’s not a full NFL calendar. So a lot of people think oh boy that the the numbers from us really go high in February now not so much because the calendar isn’t there to support that. And then we’ve got, of course, March Madness coming up, which should be another good month. And then baseball season kicks off in April. So we’ve got a lot of activities coming up. We should have a good month to report in in February for the month of January. And again, we’re having a pretty good year on the sports wagering revenue side.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:18

Well, you know, I spent the afternoon up at Hollywood casino when Flacco played the afternoon. Well, that was the peacock day. Remember, you had a peacock at night, I was anti peacock and I’m like, and I’m pro Hollywood Casino. They’re our friends partners. So I went up spent the whole evening their fans with books and it was fun lottery tickets, we had a we had a blast, but you know, I may be doing that again for the Super Bowl, but boy oh boy, this week has been something right and like just in a general sense of thinking you could get there thinking your driveway sports fun, isn’t it? I mean, you know, even for you being the the Browns guy and all that I had Flacco on last week, and he was magnanimous we we hung out for about 40 minutes and he talked about Cleveland and how much fun it was and how sports became fun for him. He said it was like being a kid again playing in Cleveland. Well, clearly

John Martin  16:05

he’s he’s enjoyed a rebirth and of course a lot is going to happen in the offseason it’s far too soon to tell every team layout for every team. Absolutely. Absolutely. So I think if the opportunity presents itself I think there’s enough mutual interest to make that happen again. But you know, that’s it’s way too early. But you know what it’s never too early to talk about winners. What’s happened and winners in Dundalk. When are we had? Well, I’m going to tell you again, we have progressive jackpots on our fast play game, we had a woman in in Dundalk go to the wise Carroll mark right there on wise Avenue. And she purchased the wild bonus times 10 game fast play game and one $146,000 on a $10 scratch off so I

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:00

know where that is. And that’s why it’s wi S II like an owl not like the Dundalk house and not wise like our markets, but I know right, whether that’s on the Patapsco side of Dundalk, we, you know, I’m just saying being the Dundalk guy.

John Martin  17:14

That is the winning happens on both sides are good people at Patapsco. I’ve

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:19

met a few I mean, it’s you know, I mean, I kid people, you know, one of my best friends from Dundalk, her daughter goes to Patapsco. So it’s right on that side there. So I know that but we got some more winners who else want?

John Martin  17:27

Oh, we got nothing. Whereas you go to MD To learn about more winners, how about a million dollars on a scratch off? Ah, I talked about the times the cash game at the beginning and about new new contests are second chances. Here’s a guy didn’t need no stinking second chance, walked in and won 100 times the cash game. A million dollar top prize and a $20 ticket. And that happened to be in Catonsville. That’s where he won that

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:54

guy won a million dollars on a scratch off. Yeah. How about that? I mean, I give these out. And people play and they tell me second, like and all that. And I’m thinking to myself, you know, at some point, I’m going to I’m actually going to meet somebody that gets the big ticket that I because people love that. They love playing scratch offs, when I give them people are so nice to me when I give them a lottery ticket. They are

John Martin  18:18

because people want to want to win money. That’s why they’re nice. It’s fun. It’s fun. And then the last one I’ll just leave you with here in terms of the winner’s circle here again, go to MD For details on this and many more. We had a lovely lady and her husband, you can see the smiling faces on MD Mark Yetta Robertson, who won on the pick five ticket and we talked about this before in previous episodes, to a five digit number, we’re going to find that on her license plate. She played the five numbers on her license plate, boom $50,000 plus $400 that she threw away on a ticket. Because she had box it didn’t realize that was also a winner. So she had to go out and do a dumpster dive to get her her $400 tickets so net to her $50,400 on two winning tickets. So how about that

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:08

if you buy a new car and slapped a license plate on it? One of the things with me is and I owe you all the time. So I have to you have to put your license plate in you know, when you park your car? I don’t even know I don’t I don’t know it by heart. You know? I can remember, you know, my best friend’s phone number from 1978. But I can’t I can’t remember the five digits on my my license plate. Right. So if anybody wants to get lucky our friends at the marijuana are always play responsibly. We remind you to do that. Certainly if you’re playing the big game next week. And of course they are sponsoring what we’re doing next week, which is lifting the community we’re going to tell 100 Stories are trying to tell 100 I’ve only got about 60 right now if anybody has a charity Knesset, Baltimore We’d love to see folks next week. We’re gonna have a lot of friends, a lot of sponsors a lot of folks that we’re calling it crabcake row. You know, we’ve done the crabcake tour brought to you by the Maryland lottery and window nation and our friends at you if you do multi care, we take it a little high ate us with that for AFC Championship Game football and new baseball ownership. But we’re back at it next week, eight hours a day of live radio from nine to five, we start things. I’m wearing my favorite t shirt. John the uniform, they just moved into the new market. So I mean, I haven’t even been down there. Same old shrimp salad. That’s delicious. And same fried oysters that are tasty and same crab cakes. But I’m going to try to get you set some folks out next week. And if not next week soon. I appreciate all you guys do. And I’m really looking forward to getting some fresh graduate. These aren’t sent that right set that you only for the holidays, you don’t do set that the rest of the year.

John Martin  20:33

That’s right. That’s right. We do not do scented unless you happen to drop some of that 5050 on it, which is not really the way to do it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:40

I listen because I will employ me for free. I give you free advice. All right. So one of my bucket list things is to go to Amsterdam to see the tulips. Here’s a scratch off. Why not in the spring, have them that smell like tulips or roses are wild hyacinth or whatever. And I’m just saying, I like to send the tickets because I’m weird like that, right? I mean, I’m that guy, I would be more inclined to buy something that smelled good.

John Martin  21:06

So this is something’s going to close the show and one way more than ways in one. Wild hyacinth reminds me of the Three Stooges.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:12

I was gonna say me too. Hey, yeah, absolutely. I got

John Martin  21:18

a bunch of curlies running around that wouldn’t work.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:21

Man. You get us together. We’re here’s my favorite one. My favorite three stooges. And this speaks to me. We are so go no, no, I said, my favorite three stooges. And you’ll you’ll know it when I tell you because of me and what I do for a living. They’re sneaking into Notre Dame Stadium as fake media members. And, you know, Moe comes up and he has this little thing. It says press and they let him in. And then Larry comes up and he has a little thing, press and they let him in. And then curly comes up and says, Oh, yeah. And he runs and they go chasing him through the stadium. I’m the pool guy. John Martin, Maryland lottery. All right, is that was that a good kick it into the big game week? Was that okay? Nice. Very nice. Now, Marty’s Executive Director of the Maryland lottery. He’s a serious guy doing serious things and also take care of things in regard to sports, gaming and sports wagering, we remind everybody play responsibly. Don’t be weird about it. And we try to educate everybody on all of these things. Know the odds, know the rules, download the app and go to NBA And you will see more people like that lucky lady and Dundalk, and that lucky person and Catonsville that one 100 A one $1 million $1 million. Next week. I’ll have scratch offs. We start on Monday, fate, Lee’s cost us on Tuesday. Coco’s on Wednesday, Thursday. We’re at State Fair in Catonsville. And then on Friday, we end things at Pappas and Cockeysville I thought I was building a purple pep rally instead, I’m probably building an orange army. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking a cup of soup or bowl I may just say Baltimore

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