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Getting ready for the World Famous Annual Crab Derby at Faidley’s Seafood in Lexington Market

We’ll be back at Faidley’s Seafood in Lexington Market doing the show every Friday during Orioles season but there’s only one annual event that makes Preakness week complete: Crab Derby! See you on Wednesday downtown. Come see how spectacular the new “stall” is on Paca Street and enjoy a crab cake and a beer before heading to Camden Yards.


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Alicia, Nestor J. Aparicio, Damye Hahn

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back wn s t just a Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively here at fade Lee’s in the world famous New Lexington market that are trying to stand real close together. Damien Alicia here they’re being crazy because they got a bad battery and they know this brand nobody was last night I fed me so much freakin food that I thought I was going to the chair. And I’m mad at both of you because neither one of you told me dinner was being served. So I ate my face off over here with mussels, shrimp, I PICHETTE on even one I needed to have something and then you’re like, let’s say a prayer. Here’s Dutch. Here’s shirt. Here’s dad. Oh, dinner served and I’m like, I thought you were bagging on the crab cakes. Now that being cheap. I thought you’re gonna come back to crab cakes next time. And then the next thing I know everybody’s eaten mac and cheese, salmon, chicken salad. And then you brought out cake and then you brought out burger cookies. And then you brought out butter pecan ice cream from that I had three scoops of after I said I was already full and then I went back and had more cake. So Jamie’s here Alicia is here. The running of the crabs are here. I conceded to BJ sir off already last night. I saw him I said okay, you’re not even letting me play this year. And he said you gotta get the female crabs. They run fit he gave me all the tips now that I’m no longer



like in the rag. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:22

not gonna beat him. You know? Absolutely no competition. Wednesday. We got a big thing going on. There’s gonna be Thursday. We got a big thing going on. No, Wednesday. It’s Wednesday. Wednesday. I’m losing my my Thursday is the alibi breakfast Wednesday afternoon. Crab Derby here in Lexington market. Talk about the crab derby is Alicia. Okay,

Alicia  01:39

so the crab Derby we have. It’s been going on for 30 plus years. 40 5050 years. God started. Okay. So every year we’d have on the mic. There you go. We have multiple different racers. They get their own crabs, they pick them out. We put them on some pick poorly like I did last year does. Well put them on the ramp and the fastest one. Whoever wins J. BJ has the resiliency when he will I

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:08


already in time. Let’s give it the Pathfinders for autism. That’s what we need to do. What’s a surety? Yes, right.

Alicia  02:13


Damye Hahn  02:14

I do it all the time.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:15

BJ is racing for his charity this year and winning. That’s


Alicia  02:18

right. Speaking of that, we are looking for more racers who also is

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:22

in this nobody’s gonna want to get against me. It’s like getting in the ring gets Mike Tyson. Nobody wants to get in with BJ. You know, watch yourself. Watch BJs crab run by him.

Alicia  02:31

Well, we do have the theatrics in it because we have Everyman Theatre. Oh, okay. They’re nice to drum. And there’s a handful of other ones. We’re going to do multiple races this year, to kind of make it interesting. I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:42

trying to get the nice coke down here. You know, I was beaten. I also told the NBC folks because I’m booking Preakness guests for next week. I’m like, there’s this crab derby. Y’all should like participate in some way, you know, letting them know, I’m trying to get the word out. Don’t do what I’m doing. I always knew I told you this. I knew about the crab door because I worked at the paper. And it was the big deal to the mayor at the time in the 80s. And it was just a very well featured thing on all the news channels. Right. Right. Your dad conceived this out of boredom, quite frankly.

Damye Hahn  03:13

I think I think they, at one point the the attendance at the at the Preakness was down and they were looking for things around Baltimore to beef it up. And so they were just, you know, coming up with all kinds of fun things. And this was just something fun. And he did it every year. We used to do it on the blacktop and we tape it off, and now we actually have like a race track.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:36

You know, I wouldn’t know that. My crab didn’t move last year. I kept looking at it slow. I was like tickling it. I’m like you’re crabby crabby. Come on. Come on, buddy. Here we go. Like now, the BJs like celebrating. And I’m like, here’s the stuff. I thought my crab was dead. I accused Lua. Give me a dead crab. I said Lou, what are you doing? You picture? I want to talk about your grand opening last night because I brought your mother over here and your mother stares at me when I do the show. Now she points at me. Last night was a beautiful thing for you and your family. And for everybody here. You’re running around trying to play hostess with most this and she’s all dressed up. Y’all have bags under your eyes. And I ate too much. But like I hope it was because you guys labored to get this place. Oh man, my wife freaked my wife came in and saw it. She’s like, it’s like they plopped it down. Because she wanted to take a picture in front of the old place on the way over for old time saving, like, forget that place to come over here cheating. And she came in and it’s literally, I’m sure you heard that from every single person because 90% of people listening hadn’t seen your data and seen it right. Oh,

Damye Hahn  04:39

now my dad hadn’t been in yet. What did he say? I think he just Yeah, I think he was speechless. He was overwhelmed. Yeah, he just he just kept you know saying damy this is this is this is perfect. This is number one. This is one. So yeah.


Alicia  04:56

Like right before we came on and said how incredible it Did

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:00

he see pictures of it or anything? Or was it completely not? That he does not know?

Damye Hahn  05:05

I was showing him photos but dad, his health has been ailing a little bit. Sure. He hasn’t been able to come in and, and he’s thing I was

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:13


shocked to see. I didn’t know because he wasn’t here early. And I was gonna say is he you know, I didn’t want to ask him because he didn’t want to miss it. And then I saw him like God, you know, heavens opened up that he could make it because this is a man was he was having surgery three weeks ago, less than what was

Damye Hahn  05:28

in here. Yes. He was having surgery on 11 days ago. So I got a picture with

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:32

him under the Baltimore’s best crabcakes on with your mom. Yeah.

Damye Hahn  05:35

Thank you to Johns Hopkins. Let me tell you something. twice now. cardiology department is phenomenal. They are like no other and they are angels. They are Angel.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:47

Did he get a crab cake last night or? No? No, he

Damye Hahn  05:50

didn’t need a crab.

Alicia  05:53

I don’t think he ate some ice cream.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:55


Oh, that butter pecan ice. You got it. Once you went back twice. I told the target people to I said I gotta get more ice cream. We’re down to your families. We hope that you get the least

Alicia  06:05

amount of crabs. We have a crowd picking contest immediately after you keep

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:09

messing with your mic reverse the molar evening. That’s fine for pre heavier.

Alicia  06:14

Alright, so we have a crowd picking contest.


Nestor J. Aparicio  06:15

Sounds good. So you’re sending a broadcast

Alicia  06:18

at 3pm. And the fastest picker who eats completely empty so crab receives $100 gift certificate

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:26

for families and anybody can sign up for this. Yes through

Alicia  06:29


it’s on

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:30

event and you can eat the crab after you pick it.

Alicia  06:32

You have to Yeah, you’ve got to eat the whole thing. That’s how you win. Well, who

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:35

the hell Oh, don’t don’t do some radio. Everybody in the city. You want to come down here participate? Great. limited to the first to 1550 Oh, 15. All right. You already made the number. So find out how do we do this? Is it up? If at least it was it

Alicia  06:50

is on our social media pages and Okay, go on Eventbrite. It’s all there. You just leave.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:54

I know anybody that picks a crab. Really well. Really fast and maybe 3 million views online of pet a pick a crab. If they learn your method. They’re gonna when they watch the video, it’s kind of like hanging out with BJ Serafina crab. It’s like a ringer.

Damye Hahn  07:10

I know. I know. You’re not entering No, no, no, no, you don’t need $100 And frequently employees can enter

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:16


like me with a lottery I’m not allowed to win the lottery to keep telling John and my wife wins Mega Millions. We’re gonna have some problems. Alicia here Davies here. The crab races are Wednesday the crab picking contest with what time you want to get me down here Wednesday.

Alicia  07:33

Let’s start at 11 Okay, what time?

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:36

What time is there crab race at noon and then we pick crabs at three. Yeah, and then this is a great place. We’re gonna be your next Friday for the Orioles. Orioles. home all week. 10 days in a row. Luke in our you hear Luke’s already had a crab cake. I had a crab cake last night. I had a crab cake today. I had the mac and cheese last night but I didn’t have french fries or cucumber salads. I had that today. Last night. I had Oysters Rockefeller. I had dual shots. Each thing is a clam mushroom. I had Clams Casino. I had the mussels. I had I had raw oysters. I’d 15 Raw oysters before I did anything thinking you weren’t serving me dinner. Right?

Alicia  08:13

I know. I do. We have multiple times full over them. Like look at me. Put it down


Nestor J. Aparicio  08:24

I’m not going to be in your crab picking contest here. My thanks to Alicia and Amy for their love. It’s a shorter segment than usual. Did I get everything in? Did we get you to forget? We got it. I gotta get this make sure I have enough battery. I got plenty battery. US House of Representatives. So what happened last night? I had never met David Trone. I’ve been trying to get him on the show to give equal time thought you and I are like boys, you know, so Josh was standing with David trona had a full plate. That’s right when I got the cracking the crab just sitting right here. Emotionally Hey, Dave trench over there. Don’t you want him on the show? And I’m like, Yeah, I do. I wrote this girl today. And I went over and it’s just him in Dutch. Hey, Dutch. How are you? Hi. I’m just trying. I’m Nestor. Aparicio. Nice to meet you. He didn’t know me from bubkis said about your beer wants, you know, and Dutch says to him. He’s real Baltimore. That’s all he said. That’s all Dutch. He’s real.


Sure. Okay. Yeah, man.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:17

That’s Coopersburg calls me real Baltimore. I know it’s real. So now I gotta read this thing. It’s not too long. Oh, here we go. All right. The Honorable see this is from Dutch. Yeah, the Honorable see a Dutch Ruppersberger second congressional district that’s where I grew up. Certificate of special recognition presented to faintly see food in celebration of the opening of a new location day you never thought would come by now. Still brings now this will end the second with some really push up once Catonsville get no get start with that. Right. Well, I

Damye Hahn  09:49


know they’re there. They’re working on it off. State Fair

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:53

all the time. And I gotta give a plug to state fair because I did the National Kidney Foundation event. At the evam not even Rebecca was here last night. It used to be at a man it was at the museum industry, all the Bethlem steel stuff and I went over there and a lot of local restaurants were were putting stuff out Pappas one of our sponsors they had some tippy dip and stay fair put out this ahi tuna and they give you a little chip like they do over at the parking garage. And you had to put the chip in I put my chip in on ahi tuna so you know, State Fair Go State Fair, so you’re gonna be their neighbor you can be in the parking lot and and you are the fishmongers daughter. Yes. Yes, a couple of those around here. I’ve met a few

Damye Hahn  10:33

a lot a lot of a lot of women in this family so there’s a lot of daughter’s well I just

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:38

want to say like I gave you a hug a couple of weeks ago and this and that I was here on opening day I’ll be back again next week. But it does it feels open now right like your parents have been here all your friends have done she’s been everybody’s been here you


Damye Hahn  10:50

know a public grand opening and ribbon cutting and in the beginning of June

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:55

so we haven’t really got any ribbons last night we just gave citation we cut we cut loose. It took 10 years of getting milk this thing you know I mean milk this you know, I mean, the grand opening all summer long.

Damye Hahn  11:05

We’re gonna have a whole week of week of celebration in the first week of June so we’re gonna be giving things to the customers and so that’ll be fun. We’ll

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:12

get down here get some fresh fish stop I see folks try something new. Get get the mac and cheese get the cucumber salad. Yeah, don’t get the muskrat or the raccoon please leave the raccoons alone. All right. All right, my friends. Mineral lottery gave me Pac Man scratch off to give away had a couple of nice tours folks that were here for convention. They want five bucks and two bucks today. My thanks to the Maryland lottery just reopened. Jiffy Lube? MultiCare our annual sponsor my thanks to Jiffy Lube and media works and everybody there as well as liberty, pure solutions. Doug’s gonna come on next week and talk about fresh clean. Well water that I have crab derbies Wednesday right here may 15 123 I couldn’t be an 11 o’clock to Harkey eaten a butter pecan ice cream is probably what I’m gonna be doing for lunchtime, come down to the world famous likes in the market. It’s beautiful down here. And when my battery’s longer, we’ll do a longer segment. Appreciate you guys. Thank you. Damien. Alicia, we’re live here at faisons going down here. Come see us please do. It’ll be delicious. I promise.

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