Here are the reasons Lamar Jackson and Ravens could soon divorce

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Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor discuss why they believe Lamar Jackson and Ravens will part ways before September


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Dennis Koulatsos, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Hey, welcome back W and S T, Tasha Baltimore. Baltimore We’re doing the Maryland crab cake tour this week at State Fair in Catonsville on Friday. I’ll have some scratch offs handful left of the holiday cash drops. I am getting into the 50th anniversary of the deal wishbones, I’m going to have some of those coming up soon from our friends at the Maryland lottery All Star friends winter nation 866 90 nation very easy by two you get through free five years 0% financing it’s good deal we got a guy here knows about 0% financing from time to time as well. That is Colossus joins us now from coons Baltimore for he’s over security Boulevard buying them selling them figuring out this thing this is usually your favorite time of the year because it’s combines and we’re going to trade Lamar for draft picks and we’re gonna have to look at one of these Bryce quarterbacks or he see Jays or something like that but I’m not even go to like begin with football with you. Or with Lamar with you or any of that. How are you? How’s life this? We’re down to like three football games left? It’s getting you know, this is getting to be lean times here, right?

Dennis Koulatsos  01:07

Yeah, got to the final eight right now we’re down to the final for Life is good. The outlook is good things are trending in a positive direction that we have some things to talk about with the Ravens but in terms of the NFL, they’re they’re doing well it’s it’s a great brand, a great product and I’m happy to be able to view at this time of the year even what the Ravens out of the playoffs.

Nestor Aparicio  01:27

You’re funny man, you’ll take football games like I don’t. I actually on Saturday, I DVR the Jacksonville Kent city game, because I had a yoga class at four o’clock and yoga helps my back and you know, on and on. So I started I caught up with the two minute warning but like, I haven’t taped games and years and years, what would happen and this is I’m going to pay tribute to my mother here if you don’t mind, but because my mother her favorite quarterback now would be Brock Purdy because she I would always take her out and say hey, you like that dress mom, she’d say? That’s pretty is what she says. So, so we every time we see property, we were like, Yeah, we liked that guy there. But you know, my mom back in the day. When I first started doing radio, I would and I was young chasing girls at the I had a VCR one DVD TV Arby’s VCRs tapes. So I put the tape in. And I’d say to my mom who was then in her like late 70s or 80s. I say Mom, don’t call me is before tax any of that. Don’t call me and tell me about the Orioles because I’m taping the game. I got a date. I don’t have a pagers before any of that right. She would call me every morning or I would come to pick my son up take him to school because he spent the night with her or whatever. And Oreos last leg blew in last night. I’d be like Mom, I take the game, you know, modern era if you tape it, you have to stay. You have to put your phone. Yeah, you can’t

Dennis Koulatsos  02:53

you can’t touch social media, Twitter, you can’t look at it, or the result will be revealed to my mother. She still does the same thing to me today. And you know, by the way, speaking of moms, my listens to wn S T OT. It’s the only station she listens to and she knows what my show is on. She also listens throughout the week because you’re gracious enough to put a couple of segments with me on air. But Mom was probably the number one listener of WNS take Well, good. I

Nestor Aparicio  03:19

hope she enjoys our conversations about hockberger this week about the future of the city and the roller coaster over the harbor and all that station. I wanted to football with you. And we always do football you and I write. And listen, I know you’re not the biggest baseball guy but you got to solve for the Orioles and I do as well. And you love the city and you want to see the city prosper. And I think we both would agree. And I don’t mean this in a bad way a prosperous Oreos would mean more than a prosperous ravens just because they play 81 games. It would mean more to bars and restaurants because of what a pennant race would do. I mean, I’ve been to these St. Louis and bought these places were a baseball pennant race that captures a community at Buffalo at a baseball team. It would mean more to Buffalo than the bills just because they there they they stimulate commerce. The charity Angelo’s thing on Martin Luther King Day, I am a guy who’s like, I believe I’ve never met John Angeles. I’ve never shaken his hand. I’ve never I’ve I’ve I’ve offered him to come on, like all of that. So I don’t have any like angst with John Angeles like other than he’s run the team for five or six years. And now the report cards no longer add on dad the report cards out on him. Right. And I think you remember me writing a Dear John and Lou note back when they hired John Veblen, when it was very clear their father was not doing well. We’re five years into that now and that the teams on the field has some some mobility and I’m sure people that coons for talk about it a little bit. I don’t know how in the modern world he would ever live down that video piece from last Monday. I really like it was it was awful as a coming out party for people that don’t even know who he is. This is a reason to go see who he is. And it’s not a good reason.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:04

Well, the other the other piece of look real bad an extra was, if you’re going to have a press conference on Martin Luther King’s birthday, right, Martin Luther King Day, you shouldn’t use that as an excuse not to answer questions on that day that that had nothing to do with the questions being asked. So if your comfort level wasn’t there, I mean, what difference did they make? I really took exception at that. And also the way he came after that reporter, you know, a stinger first, if you would, and the comments he made were just unacceptable.

Nestor Aparicio  05:34

Well, there was a level of arrogance. Entitlement, disrespect, disrespect excuses.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:44

I mean, it was all there. It was all there. It was just, it was all there for the

Nestor Aparicio  05:48

election. Right. Literally the election.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:51

Yeah, deflection. Yeah. Yeah, not a good luck. That’s not what you want to see from ownership. No, and you’re good. As an analyst, reporter fan, you name it. It just doesn’t make me feel good.

Nestor Aparicio  06:01

Well, and then the fact that there isn’t a lease that Steve just took $600 million, that all of this is in dispute, then they made their general manager made promises about investments that we made the offseason to make the team better and they haven’t made the team better. So like, it’s all of his father’s problems. And his father wasn’t good at any of this. Either. His father was good at making money and suing people and intimidating people and beating people up I mean, like that, that. And then the more money he gotten, the more using the law to beat people up. Like, I don’t know. They should be turning a new page. I wrote about them. And I use the Rocky and Bullwinkle not as the cartoon, but more about rocky words. Rocky Wirtz was the son of the word spill words who own the Blackhawks in Chicago, and was a famously awful old school miserly, didn’t put the games on TV, think care about the fans was living in 1950s, Dark Ages, like all of that did, you probably could apply to Peters ownership of the baseball team, but that there would be new light. And then if John and his brother one of the I mean, obviously, since the last time he got together, he and his brother are having a blood feud with with all of it in writing out in the public eye, and like to come out and not take questions about that. It’s, it’s derelict to me, for run for the for the brand for running the brand. And I and I, I don’t know how anybody could have confidence in it. It’s one thing for me to beat the Orioles up and the runner in free. The birds, which was 17 years ago now for the parts was 17 years ago, like, and they’ve done nothing to ever say I was wrong or like anything that’s obviously proven me to be the jackwagon in the relationship. But this was his coming out party. And I do worry about all of this status, right? As a sports guy. I’ve now been banned from going to the Super Bowl, the NFL is at war with me with reporters in the city and the end of ravens have decided to go to war with me that this was an anti media thing. And it played out and in front of the fans. And in front of the mayor. The mayor was five feet away. And I’m like, Ah, you know, I just thought none of it was was good. And there’s nobody to clean it up. And I think that’s the unfortunate part. You know what I mean? It’s just sitting there.

Dennis Koulatsos  08:23

Well, do you really think he’s going to open up the books and show up and show people what the books look like? I don’t believe right, like that’ll ever happen. I don’t think we’ll ever see the books. And for me, I don’t need to see the books, I need to see a better product on the field. I need to see commitment to the city. That’s what I want to see and care less about. I hope he’s making money. He’s the Orioles, another nonprofit organization. We expect the poor sports team to make revenue, right. But we also expect good value in return a commitment to the city would be nice commitment to building a better baseball team would be nice. I mean, I went to a couple games last year and I had fun. It was it was great. Being at the park, watching all the young guys run around a set behind home plate. So you right it’s more of a communal thing with the I mean, when the Ravens win, it’s great. When the Orioles win, it’s fantastic. It’s a whole different level. And this is coming from a football guy. I mean, I appreciate respect what you’re what you said earlier, well, you open up the segment. Well, you play every

Nestor Aparicio  09:11

day, hey, it’s a different it’s a different kind of soap operas, when you’re winning and people are coming are into it. And they’re into the community and the community aspect of it. I mean, we’ve lost all semblance of the community aspect of this when they’re throwing me out and intimidating me and bullying me and dropping a dime on the NFL to get me thrown out. And so like that’s how the ravens are behaving toward me. But how are they behaving toward the community? How are they like so I wanted to get your vibe on the Thursday press conference. You and I could have we did we wrote the script on Monday literally everything we said they were going to say they’ve now come out and said it now whether it’s true or not, but it is unbelievable in the modern era. How I go out on the internet. And people think that they were being honest on Thursday, and that that’s really you’re smiling at me. You’re laughing at me is what you’re doing Dennis nothing

Dennis Koulatsos  09:57

with you. Nothing’s changed. That’s the whole Think people, people talk like this something revolutionary, happened during this press conference and there was nothing new it was regurgitated information. Nothing’s changed. The notion that Lamar Jackson is going to have a say and coordinator, that’s not going to happen. They may say, Lamar, what do you think, but he will have zero input, and who they eventually select. I mean, that was just one of those feel good. And we love Lamar, and we’re not 100% or 200%. And as wanting him to be a quarterback, but then passe hasn’t changed Nestor? Here the question? Will the Ravens give them a guaranteed contract? The fully guaranteed contract? The answer is no. Will Mr. Jackson accept anything less than a guaranteed contract? That’s the only question doesn’t matter whether he wants to be in Baltimore or not? Is he willing? What’s his appetite for taking less than guaranteed money, they’re going to tag him and the list, they’ll be open for business. And if they can’t do a deal with him, they will severely trade them. And when people hear us talk, we’re not trying to run them at Lamar, exactly that we love Lamar Jackson. But it is very much a business. But after that, they said nothing during that press conference, and after that we knew and not that I expected them to well, but it did change

Nestor Aparicio  11:11

the temperature of fans who aren’t sophisticated enough to realize what’s going on. And honestly, like, look, attended that press conference and ask a tough question. And there were several tough questions during the press conference and all the deflection. I mean, the caster was either disinterested, and I don’t think he was this interested. I just think he was so nervous about lying, that he was looking down at the table and like writing the whole time, and I’m thinking to myself, he just

Dennis Koulatsos  11:37

spent a lot of time on on a on a on a on a bike or not on a pallet of peloton. Yes, and he was sweating, hit a post workout sweat and then of course, misses the cost of said that’s what he does. He writes because he was going to be a lawyer and he writes down ideas although it looked more like he was scribbling. scribbling. Yeah, he wasn’t writing he was scribbled

Nestor Aparicio  11:54

in my presence in the past too. But But I would say that that is a nervous energy at a press conference as the leader of the organization to look up and just say I love Lamar Jackson I’m all in on Lamar Jackson we fully expect Lamar Jackson will be our quarterback in September What if nobody said anything like they hadn’t

Dennis Koulatsos  12:15

they look they had a pump them up because and they have to create the narrative that they’re doing all the Kansas sign him in order to keep the market value up head they said listen, you know what we’re gonna move away from him. He’d been hurt the last two years blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The last thing you want to do as a business is diminished the players value so of course it was a love fest lovin for Lamar Jackson, right? We’re doing all that we can. They never said we’re closed for business. They never said we won’t listen to offers right? They said we’re going to do all we can assign them our tax and that’s all we expect them to do anyway and say as a team now, what is Lamar Jackson appetite? So I’m with you. This thing hasn’t moved? One inch one iota. Now you got the Joe burger situation. Let’s let’s see if the Bengals extend him in the offseason, right? Regardless what happened to the playoffs here, that could also set a mark because I don’t see Joe Berg getting getting a panty contract either. So if the league has reversed now back since the Deshaun, Watson signing to not give guaranteed contracts, right. Kyler Murray, you have Russell Wilson, if Joe burrow and Justin Herbert, don’t sign guarantee counters. But guess what? Lamar Jackson didn’t get one either.

Nestor Aparicio  13:22

I watched these teams play over the weekend. And I’m trying to envision Lamar Jackson going into buffalo in a snowstorm and beaten the bills. I’m trying to envision them going out to Kansas City and beaten Patrick mahomes. I look at this and say where has Lamar been physically in January? What happened in the homes over the weekend? What happened to Burro getting rolled up over the weekend, and what that would mean, and the way Lamar plays the game. I still look at this and say, if you’re a fan of the organization, and you went out, we say we’re fan of the ravens, not necessarily like Lamar, but there will be a life as a raving fan after Lamar, right? Like, just like there was life after Ray Lewis and everybody else, right? I would say if they signed Lamar, and they get something they’re happy with. And he’s 116 or whatever it is, right? If he says I’m happy and takes the deal. Do we wake up happy the next day with that? Or will we be happier? Having $50 million back and three number one draft picks and saying, let’s start from scratch because I don’t really believe this style of offense over 20 games as he gets older, with less talent around him by the virtue of having a $50 million deal that we are going to win a Super Bowl in this time and place and I mean, 2425 26 forget anything after that next three years. Are we going to beat Joe burrow Patrick mahomes Justin Herbert that you know, damn, these guys that are in the way Josh Allen forgot about him took didn’t take long to score 10 points today. But is Lamar the guy that beat them? Do you? Are you fully committed that you’re winning a Super Bowl with him? If you give him $180 million of guaranteed money if you’re Steve, or is it next January? He’s hurt he might play might not play. I don’t know. I I think he’s diminished his value to the Ravens. Over the last six months. I had the Ravens look at him now and say, I don’t think so. I think they’ve lost confidence in him in the building. And that’s why he’ll be dealt not because I think they’re exasperated but that was the word I use. Same with Jack Gibbons use omit the sun

Dennis Koulatsos  15:35

and hit the fence. Okay, they were the Ravens were the number one seed in the AFC back in 2019. His receivers were two rookies Hollywood round Myles Boykin, Seth Roberts, Willie steed and Chris Moore. They really haven’t done much better than that. For weapons so my thing is, I see them tagging him I hope he plays on a tag I don’t think he will. I think they’re gonna get him a veteran wide receiver to maybe I think they’ll go back to the draft

Nestor Aparicio  16:04

there’s no thought they’re gonna tag him and think he’s gonna play right like that’s all that is. That’s all that’s that’s fantasy land on the internet. He’s got an obligation to play well, he’s gonna make $50 million. You’ll show up for work he man I don’t think you will.

Dennis Koulatsos  16:18

I don’t think he will do it but he made but but the Ravens whether it’s Lamar Jackson, or anyone else, Taylor Hi Nikki for instance. They have to get some some receivers on the outside they have to get some explosion they have to get some guys saw T Higgins he said you know when they throw me ball, it’s not 5050 to 8020 they don’t have a receiver to rush like that right? At least not a healthy one. So you can’t bank on Rashad Bateman coming back and having a healthy year. He hasn’t been healthy in two seasons in a row. So you got to bring in a veteran.

Nestor Aparicio  16:49

Our quarterback hasn’t been healthy the last two years in a row

Dennis Koulatsos  16:51

and he wants $50 million a year 10 games

Nestor Aparicio  16:54

while they all get on to say if you’re gonna tag baby with that you better add Jackson on to that.

Dennis Koulatsos  16:58

There’s always going to be injury, concern of injury for your quarterback, even a quarterback that doesn’t run they get hit hard in the pocket. They get hard when they’re moving around the pocket. But my point is, whether they sign him or not they have to get that’s why that’s why they’re interviewing all these hotshot passing game coordinators because they need a better scheme but but you also need the jimmies and Joe’s Right, I’ve always said give me the jimmies and Joe’s we’ll figure out the X’s and O’s. That’s the period we saw the talent gap between the Eagles and the Giants the other night right we saw that the eagles had much better. jimmies and Joe’s they had thoroughbreds while the Giants for lack of a better term had donkeys and mules. Well, they got the Niners

Nestor Aparicio  17:37

got to Jimmy and Joe was a quarterback and a cowboy. He’s got a $40 million quarterback. He’s got his commercials. He’s playing golf this week. And my as my mom would say, and he pretty, you can’t you

Dennis Koulatsos  17:48

can’t turn the ball over and win and the NFL it’s a recipe for disaster. nestra. But my point is, they’ve got to get they’ve got to dress wide receiver. That is job one. I think the caster I acknowledge that I think he’s learned from his mistakes with General Manager in the past. He seems to be a quick study. He’s a smart guy. I do think they’re going to get maybe their number one draft pick as a as a wide receiver. Maybe the kid with the bad hamstrings from Ohio State who knows, right? Maybe cornerback but they gotta get a veteran wide receiver and a high draft pick in order to supplement to augment the receiving course. No matter who the quarterback goes in 2023 for the Ravens that’s a fact. Well, that

Nestor Aparicio  18:23

is go on so she’s here he is not a gambling man. He is over at the coons for security Bulevar running things over there. But I’m gonna make you make make me a gamble right now like so what? What’s going to happen? Not only you know all the possibilities, we know what they’ve said, in your mind. In my mind, people are texting me and asking me about other sports radio hosts, text me and I text them back to words. And I’m Listen, I’m not that strong. 31 years, I don’t make these strong pronouncements that I have egg on my face later or I get embarrassed later. I always tell people the only time I’ve ever been wrong on the radio flat out wrong, is I said Billick wasn’t going to get fired in a way because no one there believed he was including him. And then he got fired. Anyway, I was really wrong on that one. I would have sent out the wrong text on your behalf. But I could be wrong on this one. But I’m gonna go strong and say I think he’s gone. And for all of these reasons, there’s too much smoke. There’s too much what you said well Bateman and been available last few years. I think there’s a little bit of that in the building and then just that seed that’s planted that maybe he could have played last week and chose not too if you even believe a seedling that he could have played if you have an inkling of that that’s not good that’s not but but but

Dennis Koulatsos  19:38

that’s to be so Tony Pollard right the running back for the capital he went down. First they said maybe a high ankle sprain and then it became a broken a broken ankle. He just diminishes his value for next season. I don’t blame Lamar Jackson for for not playing if he wasn’t if his knee was wobbly. I just don’t you know I

Nestor Aparicio  19:58

don’t either. But the question is Is was the knee really wobbly like that? As a fan, I’m asking that I end with the ballplayers coming out on his behalf after the game and RG three and why wasn’t he in Cincinnati? And like, he’s trying to protect himself too, right? I mean, literally didn’t have

Dennis Koulatsos  20:14

to be in Cincinnati. But I like you. I think they’re going to attack him. I think they’re going to get a king’s ransom to trade him. Then that opens up. The problem for the Ravens is if you don’t have a quarterback, you can’t compete. You just You just can’t compete. So you bring in a guy like Taylor Heinicke key for a year while you your rookie quarterback, your top 10 draft pick, hopefully develops and if the guy develops, yeah, you hit a home run. But if he doesn’t develop, you’re gonna be being a quarterback purgatory is no place to be in the NFL. That’s and that’s the problem.

Nestor Aparicio  20:45

I think go through all my old Super Bowl pictures. I found pictures of me and Jeff blink. Pictures. You mean Stoney case?

Dennis Koulatsos  20:51

You know, the only guy ever figured out the quarterback position property with Joe Gibbs. Having won three quarters, three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks. None of them had a Hall of Fame. Right? He had such great pieces around us quarterbacks had a great defensive great running game. Great receivers. Right. So that was a fun team to watch back in the day. But I don’t see that happening in the modern NFL where you can have journeyman quarterback winning Super Bowls for you.

Nestor Aparicio  21:12

Oh properties? Two hours away? Yeah,

Dennis Koulatsos  21:15

you know what? I didn’t see enough out of him. I don’t see him coming up against the Eagles, I think. I think his ceiling isn’t high enough, at least in his rookie year, to propel him past the powerhouse like the Eagles. I don’t see it happening,

Nestor Aparicio  21:27

that it’s just gonna be here on Thursday from three to five and then drive you home again on Sunday. You hear he and I and Luca chattering on Friday and Saturday as we get closer to the weekend, and these games up in Philadelphia and out in Kansas City. So I want to go back one more step to the press conference, because we’ve covered a lot of ground here all over the place. But John says Lamar will be a part of picking the offensive coordinator be a part of the decision. And I’m thinking to myself,

Dennis Koulatsos  21:51

how long was it knows when he said that it

Nestor Aparicio  21:53

was a growing i just i It’s just for all of it. And when we’re drawing the bad guy, I’m the guy that just doesn’t impress me anymore. So I would say this. All the Pinocchio aside on that, what does he say to this parade of offensive coordinators? They come in? Because they bring them in. He’s supposed to sit down. And the first thing they’re like is

Dennis Koulatsos  22:14

doesn’t matter. How are things with Lamar doesn’t matter? When you if you have a first time offensive coordinator Nestor, it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is. He’s coming in if you’ve got a guy who’s who’s an assistant someplace, right. And you’ve never been an offensive, there’s only 30. John was right when he said it’s one of the best jobs in the world. There’s only 32 of them, right? Just like the head coach position. So if you have a hotshot coordinator that can run the whole offense, we’ve never had opportunity. It doesn’t matter. It won’t matter who the quarterback is. He’s coming in to create his own offense right period, regardless of the quarterback.

Nestor Aparicio  22:50

I remember that conversation with Mike Tomlin and Jim Schwartz said it give me the date on this nine or 10. And that rain Schwartz had just taken the Detroit job they were oh and Right, right. He just taken the job like a

Dennis Koulatsos  23:03

swarthy exactly sports, right? He would never have coached prior to that, right. And so So what do you do what even though Mike Patton took that Cleveland job because it was wonderful. It’s a bad job. You take it because it’s only 30 field. Right? That’s my point.

Nestor Aparicio  23:13

That’s exactly what Mike Tomlin and Jim Jim, Jim Schwartz said to me, they’re like, there’s 32 of these jobs. Yours, you take

Dennis Koulatsos  23:19

the ravens, the Ravens sub fan base, like, Oh, get out what there’s no coordinate gonna take this job not knowing? Of course there are, why wouldn’t they? If it’s a step up and position position to step up? If it’s a step up and pay? But my question

Nestor Aparicio  23:31

was, what is your offense? Because if well, they can work crystal ball and my crystal ball are, they’re going to tag him, they’re going to entertain offers, and they may trade him and they’re going to have a pic April 28, in the top 810, whatever it’s gonna be whatever they’re gonna do. That is a different job. Then, tomorrow. But But more than that, it’s probably a different offense, you might want a different kind of, I mean, everything. Greg, Roman, Ron Ron,

Dennis Koulatsos  24:02

you have a good offensive line, you have a good tight end group, you have good running backs, right? You don’t have receivers. So you have really one glaring area and the offense, you have to fix receivers. So you’re not coming in to completely decimated offense, the building blocks are there beginning with an offensive line, if you have an offensive line, the scheme is secondary, because no good scheme and overcome a poor offensive line. And they have a solid offensive line that so if I’m a coordinator, of course, it’s an attractive job. I’ve got a great defense behind me, right. So it’s complimentary defense, football, I’ve got special teams. I have a head coach who’s not going anywhere, at least in the foreseeable future. So yeah, the building blocks for me to come in as a no see, it’s a very attractive job. John was right. I

Nestor Aparicio  24:45

agree with that. But I don’t think that, that it’s a commitment that they need a running game first offensive coordinator, because I don’t believe in their mind that the experiment is something they’re going all in with another $200 million to this quarterback

Dennis Koulatsos  25:00

Know the Bengals ran the ball effectively against the bills. That offensive line was a difference in that game, as was the Bengals defensive line, it’s the guys in the trenches that really makes a difference. And you’ve got to be able to run the ball and stop the run in the NFL. And the Ravens can do both, they can stop the run, as we saw in the Bengals game, and they can run the ball effectively. So that is a great building block for any passing game coordinator or coordinator period. Great place to start.

Nestor Aparicio  25:23

I know you sold forts all over the world for a long, long time. I would think that they’re somewhere in Cheektowaga or Amherst or Depew or North Tonawanda there’s one really really sad Dennis Kalonzo sitting at whatever the coons Ford of Western New York Seneca Florida wherever Yeah, you know just struggling right now. I mean, watching the bills get get run like that. They got they got work they really did and they got pushed around and the Stefon Diggs thing not a good look all the way around. Yeah. Up here in Buffalo today in I mean that sincerely.

Dennis Koulatsos  25:59

I think it’s funny how Ravens fans are like well you know, we had we beaten the Bengals we would have went up there and took it to the bills no every game we didn’t beat the Bengals every game stands alone okay? We lost to the Bengals get over it and I hate the Bengals but you know what give give the devil is due they went up there took care of business.

Nestor Aparicio  26:14

You hate the Bengals now to you? I’ve never heard you say.

Dennis Koulatsos  26:18

Yeah, arrogant and whatnot. I’m rooting for anybody who’s playing against them.

Nestor Aparicio  26:23

Thanks. I never had on a bingo card. Did anybody a Baltimore would say I hate the Bengals. Right right. It’s been three decades you

Dennis Koulatsos  26:29

don’t want to be a tough that going forward. They really are. They have talent everywhere. That look, you gotta give them credit like them or not, they will not put a punch the build on the mouth took too much money.

Nestor Aparicio  26:39

And they don’t go on at Kansas City and done that before. So I’m wearing my chiefs read on behalf of coons Baltimore for that is philosophy here. You can find him at D Kalonzo show and on Twitter as well as Dennis Glasgow so of course, always hear from 3pm to 5pm. Driving home on Thursday and again on Sunday morning and little bit bits of dribs and drabs on Saturday, Friday Saturday around here with Luke and I as well. Take carries anything you want to say about cars and deals and crying about window nation and 0% and all that you’ve got more cars and you’ve had a long time and my wife keeps looking at the cars and say go to go drive when I saw like two days ago Saturday I’m like, you know I got a guy I know a guy at a concert bring

Dennis Koulatsos  27:17

one out tour but no business is great Nestor we have over 200 new vehicle and the stock over 200 us we fill up 0% some 0% on some of our new vehicles a great time to come out to coons we’re to Baltimore. We’re business just fantastic. Mr. We just get a lot of repeat referrals a lot of great people coming in from wn St. Baltimore positive advertising, encourage all of our listeners to to support all of our businesses that are wn St.

Nestor Aparicio  27:41

I will be on the west side of town and Catonsville right down rolling road from my sister culottes over in the 21228 Western Maryland lottery scratch offs to get out sideways. There we go. How many cash drop right ways brought to you by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends and wind donation I even have my my bucket hat that I brought out I look a little silly and want to put it on but I will put it on right now. We are wn SDA a 50 70,000 Baltimore we never stop talking. Baltimore positive

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