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Our old PSL mate for a quarter of a century, Jeff Brandes brings his athlete mindset and the life of a coach from Section 513 to State Fare in Catonsville on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour.


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Nestor Aparicio  00:00

We’re back at wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we’re positively out here at State Fair I would hold up the holiday cash crops but I’m out of them. I do have a handful of ravens scratch off still left for given these way you’re in the 2023 We’re doing the Maryland crab cake tour. Jeff Grant is just missed out on the crab cake I had the crab Benedict here with Ron Cassie in the first segment cuz we did a morning segment out of your Get on out to Catonsville the music capital of Baltimore, Beaumont, El Guapo radio State Fair. They’re doing some pit beef up the street now I was hoping to get Evan out. We’ll get Evan in a future date I O guapo. One. But I owe this guy one. Jeff brand is here. So brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation. 866 90 nation you buy two, you get two free and for a very limited time you get a better deal and they gave me I thought I had the friends and family deal but five years 0% financing 866 90 nation. It is winter nation. We appreciate them for the sponsorship. They’re both annual they’re here all year. We’re going to be a drug City on March 3, we’re going to be failures March 8, I’m figuring out February and figuring out the Super Bowl. One thing I don’t have to figure out as old friends I don’t know. I’m thinking you were listening to my radio show. Is that correct? Okay. I don’t 1995 This miracle happened in the parking lot parking lot D the Ravens were born. I left my brother up at our apartment Silver Spring station. I went down to the stadium. Peter Kingstown there Paris Glendenning the Mogh all of that. And I originally put in for eight PSLs because I figured PSL is gonna be the hottest thing ever because Roy summer often those guys told me they’re like, Hey, he’s PSL is gonna be something and I always call them a poor suckers license. I think you remember that? I coined that personal seat license poor suckers license. And I bought eight of them originally. And whatever the posits were, so it was $4,000 $500 A PSL. So I wrote $4,000 Check that put the downpayment down. I only bought four of them. I didn’t buy a I only bought four, because a couple of friends bought the other ones. And I guess this is where you can come in. I don’t even know the story I wanted to have you on because you do this incredible life training and mental acuity and positivity, you know, in a lot of ways in the athlete mindset, the thing you do, but I’ve never had you on the show. We’ve sat together in Section 513. So Chad Steele threw me out unceremoniously this year. And so how are you? I love you, your dad, your family,

Jeff Brandes  02:42


thank you very much for you don’t know how special it is. And you know when someone thinks enough of you, to bring you into their work world, and to shout it out to the world. You know, I live in gratitude, right? I live in gratitude. You live in gratitude. Do you know and some days it’s harder than others? Yes. But you don’t have a saying funny that you say that? Because every day is a good day. Some days are just better than others. Right on you know, so when everybody asked me how you doing today, I go outstanding. Try doing that say extraordinary. And you’ll lift someone else up because there’ll be so shocked you just didn’t give them the casual home. Okay.

Nestor Aparicio  03:20

Yeah, I tried to be the life of the party and the extrovert some days, you know, and the plates changed a lot of things for distance and hugging. I mean, I hugged Marty bass here about an hour ago and Marty and I are you know, good good friends. I don’t have many pee. I haven’t hooked you. I didn’t know it Ron. I don’t know that I’ve hooked anybody in a couple days before Marty I’ve tried to be the last person I hugged. It would be days and days of my wife but other than that, I’m like out like I because handshakes and there is a difference with intimacy now right and a different with with affection and showing emotion and all of those kinds of things. But like the world’s changed a little bit last couple of years. He even online coaching used to have to, you know, Dr. Melfi was right here. You had to be in the room to do coaching, right?


Yeah, it’s been a crazy couple of years. And you have to be extra careful to, you know, with what, you know, Jen has been going through or has gone through. And you just you want to be clean as possible. You want to take care of yourself and you don’t

Nestor Aparicio  04:26

want to it’s always a fist bump. Yeah, I learned that from Cal Ripken because Cal wasn’t a big hand shaker because he didn’t wanna get sick either. No cow famously right, like, what’s your sign things and whatever. But this box shake shaking hands isn’t the cleanest cultural thing we do. Right? In most cases.



Easy to understand that. You know, we don’t know who’s touching what and where they’ve been and what’s going on. So that’s crazy enough

Nestor Aparicio  04:54

space for all of us. Tell me what you do. Be Your coach, right?


Yes, I am. The athlete. mindset coach, that’s my persona. But prior to being the athlete mindset coach, ironically enough, in February, it’ll be my 36th year as a strength and conditioning coach. So by trade, I’m a Certified Strength and conditioning coach with the with the National Strength Conditioning Association. So credentials like the strength coach of most NFL teams, collegiate teams, so forth. They should have a CSCs behind their name. Pretty prestigious, I’m proud to say, credential. Sure, you know, it’s not your everyday run of the mill, personal training credentials, that kind of thing because I knew way back when I just want to be around and work with athletes. So philosophically,

Nestor Aparicio  05:42


ma’am, sponsored by Planet Fitness, I am famously yogic. You know, I did yoga last night, hot yoga. I have a back issue and oh, 405 issue. So, you know, part of the part of being a 54 year old guy at this point, all these apps show up on my phone knows I work out, you know what I mean? So I’m getting, you know, all the this is how to do a push up and like, things I already know, but so much of my background as a kid and Dundalk and I would speak to the planet fitness folks about this as well. Was it lifting weights, got to lift weights, got to lift weights, kind of, you know, like, Nautilus treadmill, you know, stair stepper, Stairmaster, all of those sorts of Terms of Endearment of the 80s. Turns out, looking like the Charles Atlas, or looking like the Arnold Schwarzenegger looking like Superstar Billy Graham, you know, and then the whole steroid thing as to what like, what’s realistic, without enhancement versus what would make you look like Barry Bonds where your forehead grows? Or Sammy Sosa? Or maybe your race changes? Who knows, right? But in the case of what, people come to you what, what’s, uh, I shouldn’t say typical, but what do you do? What’s a modern coach in the way you do it?


So a big bulk of my work that I do now is I’m the head strength coach of the York Ice Hockey Club. Ah, so I love ice hockey. And I got involved with that years ago with our friend Tom cab. Nice, you know, and he got me was 2016 It got me involved over the York Ice Arena and I’ve met some really good people at the head at the time there the hockey director was Matt Doyle. Matt’s a young guy in the field of coaching and strength conditioning and we just hooked up develop the report second to none we kind of have a protege mentor relationship with me to him and he’s a young guy and we just clicked so 2016 I came on board running the strength program over there now they have teams you it’s all youth hockey is from eight you to 19 you so it’s a little bit over maybe a dozen teams that I coordinate the strength conditioning

Nestor Aparicio  07:50

hockey game is the best game you can name I’ll tell you people this game you can name is to go to a hockey game.


It’s unbelievable. I almost wish you know in my next life I’m gonna I will be playing ice hockey that’s all I know. That’s how I fallen in love with it. Yeah.


Nestor Aparicio  08:04

So you were never hockey guy back in the days of the Skipjacks and the Clippers


I my uncle worked in did some work down with the clippers and big clippers fan so I remember going to the Baltimore Reno of course the civic center then and seeing

Nestor Aparicio  08:21

on what what is February the eighth what day the week is that said so at some point I there is a chance I’m going to be at the Super Bowl that we that’s another search Wednesday of Super Bowl week is the eighth that that will be the 20th anniversary of the night I met my wife. Wow. So yeah, and I met her at an American Hockey League game, the Manchester monarchs of the American Hockey League affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings at the time, Coach then by the great Bruce Boudreau, who was just unceremoniously bruised out of Vancouver last week as well. So yeah, hockey. I mean, gosh, I mean, first press pass ever had was at the Baltimore Civic Center for a Baltimore Skipjacks game and Barry trots still in my life. Jean Aubrey Jaco. When I had lunch over at the Beaumont, about six months ago, Gino was in town from Chicago. He’s still doing great. So hockey is a blood line. I mean, Trotsky and I that that Stanley, five years I mean,



cuz special is that

Nestor Aparicio  09:22

it’s just I haven’t been to a hockey game since I’ve told that story on the air. Right. I just, I dropped the mic when I walked out. So that’s, I’m good. I’m good for a while with hockey. You know, my I miss it to some degree, but I don’t miss it so much that like, I feel like driving down and seeing the cabs play Tuesday. You know what I mean? I’ve just done it so many times in my life. I don’t you know, it’s not. I sort of feel that way about the Ravens throwing me out. I sort of feel like at this point. If they don’t want me there, then I’m not meant to be there. I meant to be somewhere else doing some other things than in the and will probably be more beneficial. The rain the Orioles throw me out 2006 It’s still wrong. But I’ve done a lot of other things. Oh, yeah. differently in the way I’ve walked my life because I haven’t been at the ballpark 38 times this summer, right? You don’t I mean, I just found other things to do, like see Stevie Wonder sequence to find your go to a show. So there’s a time and place for everything right. You know,


I believe also you wouldn’t have to necessarily give up those passions, right? I think we have to have balance and have multiple passions in our life. Right? We don’t always have to be put in a box, right. So even though you had some hardships with with these professional teams here, you know, you could still it could still be okay to still be in love with the caps and still be in love with the Ravens.

Nestor Aparicio  10:46

Not even, it’s just a I’m 54. I have X amount of hours left on earth. What do I need to do it the way I did it the first 54 years. It doesn’t feel the same as getting in the car and going down to the Capitol center with Phil Jackman. I don’t pine away and say those were better days. And you shouldn’t go see Ovechkin or my Brooks Robinson and Jim Palmer are better than your gunner Henderson and Adley rutschman. If you’re into it, go and enjoy it, enjoy it for what it is. But I’ve just moved to a different place where I can have you on my show without us having to talk about what’s going to happen to Lamar Jackson, although we’re going to talk about what’s brand new series, the athlete mindset. He is a you’re you’re a business coach, you tell me everything that you do.



So I work with athletes, right? I work with coaches, I work with parents, I work with teams, right? Anybody you don’t work with, you

Nestor Aparicio  11:42

don’t work with animals? No, no, but


I love a player or a parent will reach out to me, they see all the content that I put out on all the social media. And they’ll say, you know, my boy is having trouble. He’s playing 14 You baseball, you know, he’s struggling, he, he has poor self talk, you know, he can’t get himself out of a rut, you know, I think you can help me, I’ve seen your content, you know, can we have a chat. So what I’ll normally do is and say our first step is we have what I like to call an athlete mindset prep session, where I’ll zoom with people if they’re calling around the country, or I’ve had some inquiries internationally. So it’s pretty phenomenal. Pretty.

Nestor Aparicio  12:26


Soon, we’ll do this one zoom, right.


That’s where it really started taking off on Zoom. And it even becoming more convenient to schedule appointments and, and do those kinds of things, allows you to scale your business, right? 100% Perfect, it’s been phenomenal. And so then we’ll meet and then we’ll I haven’t a whole agenda kind of getting to know you session where I find out what they’re struggling with, I find out where their strengths are, what they’re good at, what they what they what their passions are. And then I just go down through a list of bullet point questions and get his let them do all the talking, I want to do all the writing. And I want to soak up what they have to give me. And then I have an information sheet that I’ll send them I’ll say these are my three private one on one programs, I want you to take a look at it. Whatever you resonate with whatever you think’s best for you, let’s go in that direction. If you want my feedback, I’ll give you my opinion. And it’ll be an honest opinion of what program I think your your child can handle and what what’s appropriate for them, you know, and then we’ll go one on one, you know, it’ll be a three week program, it’ll be a six week program, or it’s a three month program. Okay, so it’s not too overwhelming. And, and we just start from there and go from there. Now, if they’re local, what I did in the past would my I would have my strength conditioning services privately, or to groups, that kind of thing unless I was hooked up with a team like with your body, get the mind, right. It’s a it’s a one, it’s a powerful one two punch. But I’ve always been in love with psychology and sports psychology and motivation and inspiration and, and and how it works and how they’re connected. You know? So, back in 2009, I just decided to kind of branch off with more work. I’ve written a couple books, I do a lot more speaking events and speaking engagements. And and I just created the athlete mindset persona, the athlete mindset coach, you know, that’s what I like to call myself athlete

Nestor Aparicio  14:22

mindset. What is that? What would that encompass? Could be a thesis on that,


right, that would encompass passion and purpose, confidence and belief. We talked about who’s in your inner circle? Are you coachable? Those kinds of things we go over the adversity in in setbacks and failure and mistakes and and basically, I develop a set of skills that are shows that are special, they’re coping mechanisms, right. How do we get forward? How do we keep moving forward? How do we deal with that negative self talk when it happens? How do we deal with self doubt? How do we deal with fear anxiety, worry, doubt limiting


Nestor Aparicio  15:02

beliefs, right? Jennifer Aniston here we’re at State Fair. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery had some deep conversations here about motivations our friends at the window nation we have great sponsors here. We’re moving into February Super Bowls around the corner. I’m doing the Maryland crab cake tour in various places with friends. I’m bringing my junior high school course teacher and musical director of My Fair Lady hollyburn Junior High School presentation 1982 And we’re going to be bringing him after truck City on March 3. We’re going to be down to fade these on March 8 and looking forward to catching up with Damia fade. This is going to be right in the parking lot right here. The new families in Catonsville. Okay, it’s what’s featuring fade these crabcake it’s going to be called the fishmongers daughter is going to be the name but it’s a family’s property gonna be right here in the parking lot of state fair and Beaumont cross street. Oh guapo is here Jeff’s here with me but our background and you mentioned Tom and I’m glad you mentioned Tom and hockey. His boy was an incredible hockey player. Tom and I have been friends since the first day of college 1985 at Dundalk Community College. He was my health professor. So a little background for you there. But more than that, he didn’t like hockey. He was baseball traditional football friend Tarkington Greg nettles, all of that. It is amazing that like you’ve come to hockey later in life I mean, I Tom was at least 40 years old I think before he really watched hockey I would say and then fell in love with hockey to Colorado Avalanche and like all that, that they’re always people are falling in love with this race car thing going on now the formula whatever this thing is people or Grand Prix thing that Tom Brady’s all


hasn’t hit me yet, but okay, so

Nestor Aparicio  16:40

but I would see this for you and me. And our background. We met at a football game. I think



I still want to get back to that story.

Nestor Aparicio  16:49

Yeah, well, that’s what do you want that for I get you out of here. It’s a fair section six rows 16 seat one and two. That were my seats at Memorial Stadium, which is third base. Sort of it would have been a 20 yard line and in the old marquees, but they moved the field out with the ravens and was more like corner of the endzone. You sat with me you’re in those pictures your dad or you know, friends and some past we’ve left lost some friends along the way. 27 years later, but our passion was Baltimore football, local pride, getting our team back doing it with our fathers my father had passed at that point, my dad died 92 So my dad never knew the ravens, or any of my association with the ravens, which would really, my dad would really be pissed off at Steve shoddy checks deal right now, by the way. So I’m gonna imagine on the behalf of my dad, because my dad always wanted to get a team back like that. I saw my dad cry twice in his life, the day sister died. And that day the Colts left him. So you know what I mean? Like, I saw my dad cry when it goes live down. So like, I know, that’s the space we’re coming from. For people who don’t have the memory we have of there was a time when there were no Ravens. And when it was a miracle, it literally that kickoff against the Raiders that day was just a miracle for the city. It really was.


So I grew up in Northwood. Okay, right. So right, right. A few streets, a shady side road, a couple streets below Oregon drive right by the Northwest shopping centers. So I grew up with friends in that neighborhood. I grew up with friends in enter gardens. So I constantly going back and forth spending time we would walk to Oriole games. So growing up to the Orioles in the 70s

Nestor Aparicio  18:38

you remember the Johnny Unitas and Brooks Robinson? Fire hydrants?




Nestor Aparicio  18:48

I talked about that with Ron Cassie here an hour and a half. Because we were talking about coincidences. Well, he did a they’re doing a trailblazer saying a polymer magazine. And he had Brooks Robinson, Barbara Mikulski, Kurt Schmoke. John Waters a bunch of leaders in a room and we got to talk about how powerful Brooks how powerful his life has been for Baltimore. And what a nice man he is. And I said the city was so moved by the two of them. They were immortalized on fire hydrants outside of herring run Park. And I said somebody will remember that Keith malcare Eddie Lauer grew up over there and Blair Edison, you know that area, so I’m like, they would remember that you remember good, so it’ll take me long to be an hour to find somebody remember that.


So as a kid we would play there was a park Oregon drive right across from the there was an armory there. Right below the Northwood baseball fields we would play on the Northwood baseball fields off Oregon. We would go down the Mirbeau as a kid and play on their soccer grass field not on their football field, but

Nestor Aparicio  19:52


we will have picked up a little flower around the corner from their


little flower I think was on near closer to herring run. I think But we would go down here and women park and play. You know, what was the name

Nestor Aparicio  20:02

of your rec Council? Did you guys play in the eastwood tournament over in Joseph Lee fields? No, I actually came from all over the city to play over that thought Northwood played in that


actually was that playing out in the county with Loch Raven rec, okay, so you know, so I grew up with playing with their, you know, like, like Loch Raven optimist.


Nestor Aparicio  20:20

But I think northward did play over in the eastward. That’s why I asked him because he had some memories of seeing Timmy Norris, bring it up on the top hills and pony League. Just remember that from the Little League baseball game.


I was a baseball kid. That’s the uniform I played in and wore the long list. You know, even though I love football and everything. My first strength coaching job was with football. My

Nestor Aparicio  20:43

favorite Oriole. Wow, I was a random key guy.



I’m gonna say a terry Crowley okay, you know, the crowd. I remember in sixth grade doing a book report where my mom was friends I believe his wife was Janet. And, and my mom worked at St. Matthew school for a while while I went to St. Matthew school and, and I was able to get him on the phone to do an interview in sixth grade. And he was gracious he he was might have been 15 minutes on the phone but I would ask him to cry interview the crow as a sixth grader. You know, and, and there’s those things just never go. It’s so special. You know, so I grew up loving baseball. Nothing was bigger than baseball. You know?

Nestor Aparicio  21:22

I don’t think I’ve ever had a baseball conversation with you. Chephren never I don’t think I have still watching ball. Yes.


I’m still excited and I get delivered even through my nephew. My nephew is in the middle of he’s in his sophomore year at Loch Raven High School. He loves baseball. He’s really good. He plays for Loch Raven. He played the at the on the varsity as a freshman and he’s just he can’t get enough of baseball to YouTube. It’s this. It’s that so he’s kind of bringing that back were closed.

Nestor Aparicio  21:49

I see a lot in our community lacrosse and baseball. You know, they don’t intersect. It’s one or the other. Right. So when I hit my last name is Aparicio and lacrosse. As Jay Piwik and other friends Tony Seaman all my lacrosse friends the gate guys all those the lacrosse people. Gary Boone, you know they they would all make fun of Mike Dundalk this because they’re your baseball guy, you know lacrosse guy, and lacrosse people would say it’s hockey with sticks. Why can’t you if you like hockey, you gotta like look up but I was a hockey guy. I was the only hockey guy there was in the last three teams. You know what I mean? Literally clippers Skipjacks band. It’s like we



was there anybody after the bandits? No. Okay.

Nestor Aparicio  22:31

bandits were the last one. All right. That’s there were several Well, there were there were the blades as well. Wha Gordie Howe and Gretzky know Gretzky played for the Indianapolis ice of the WHA ciobo Hockey story. You can lay it all out just to become like this hockey guy recently, right?


Yeah, the the working with the youth is got me bleeding a hockey and, and I can’t get enough of it. And let me tell you, you got to do it live. Okay, you know, I think that’s huge. Now I can watch it on TV and I enjoyed on TV. It’s better when you’re a person

Nestor Aparicio  23:05


that loves playing hockey when I played you know, I played a lot of roller hockey. I wasn’t the greatest ice skater I didn’t become an ice skater till I was older. 1820s The first one I put because I wanted to play hockey.


Did you ever I skate on the parking lot at Memorial Stadium with their ice rink. I grew up doing that did Patterson Patterson okay,

Nestor Aparicio  23:24

I was under the bubble and Patterson that’s the only place I ever really ice skate. Skating an orchard orchard rink times two bombs chasing girls and I was there for Jeff Brandis a series the athletes mindset we’re doing the American crap kicked over at State Fair and Cajun. Alright, so you wanted to tell this. This section six story Memorial Stadium, you’re telling baseball? Tell me how we met I don’t even know.


So being a sports fan. And what you did you know from the beginning or new years ago on the radio, I listened to you I was in the car lot traveling a lot for work at the time I was working for an orthopedic medical equipment company. And I was servicing that I was serving in hospitals and doing home health care. Specifically I was helping with rehabilitation with patients with total knee replacements, sometimes shoulder replacements, hip replacements, those kind of things. So we had a CPM machine continuous passive motion that we had a hospital unit and we had a home unit. So I would set up and do in services to med surg units to to educate them on how to use them in the hospital and then I would have all the scheduling information when patients left there that they would go home and then I would bring a home unit to them so they could continuously move their knee they had like a


Nestor Aparicio  24:40

remote Oh life what you’ve been doing the last one is totally different. Yeah, yeah.


And it was crazy. So I’m on the road but here’s the here’s what the Destiny Yeah, I got to listen to nasty

Nestor Aparicio  24:52

and in all of my viscosity and



just you know pure entertainment and I hear you when I’m coming around the Boeing you and you say look at how Have these tickets. You know, if you’re interested if you’re if you really think you’re interested, you know, give me a call. And we’ll talk about it right for those extra

Nestor Aparicio  25:09

tickets right from the beginning of the segment. And it was just me and my son, but I thought like, one day he’d be married and want to go and we’d had Steve Hennessy with my partner, we were all like, it was a thing that we thought we would have a generation. And I’d have eight tickets, and we go to games. I mean, again, it was a miracle we ever got the football team. I like that, like, I still pinch me all these years later books laters 28. Super Bowls later, all that later. i It’s a miracle that we ever got the team, it really is truly a miracle.


So I pull off. As soon as you say that, you’ll like this. I pull off the next exit. I can. I think it was around Linthicum or something. I’m coming around that part of the beltway, I pull off, and I get to a payphone, right, hit

Nestor Aparicio  25:52

pound sign 1570 on your cellular one that.



Oh, my God that brings back memories.

Nestor Aparicio  25:58

So I get a star sign on your ballot.


I get on the payphone to call dad, my dad. And I said, Dad, listen, we have an opportunity here. And he knew who you were on the ground floor. Right? We talked about you all the time that no who nasty, nasty, nasty was. And I said maybe plus, Jeff, we have an opportunity here. Would you like to be a season ticket holder again, because my dad for 30 years was a season ticket holder with the Baltimore Colts. Nice. So he goes, You know, I’m not sure because my uncle Wayne was just retiring for the Baltimore City Police after 40 years. And he was going to when when the team came from Cleveland, he was going to be part of the security for the Baltimore Ravens. Okay, so my dad was even, you know, I think Uncle Wayne can can he’ll be able to get us into some games and some, you know, do that kind of thing. And then my first my initial reaction was, Well, do you want to go to some of the games? Or do you want to go to all of the games? Or do you want to, you want to do what you did? Do you love with your friends? And he goes, he goes, Jeff, he is whatever you decide, I’m in. I’m all in whatever you decide. So next thing you know, I’m calling you up right after I got off the phone. We have a tape and says, I’m coming down Are you let me know when I can come by the station. Because that was the only other time I was on the air. You put me on the air for a few minutes that day. That was What’s it heart road, you have yours station in Providence. So that’d

Nestor Aparicio  27:25


be really clear in front of everybody here at State Fair. And in front of my boys. It was really not a big deal to put you on the air in the 90s. All you had to do was call in.


But if it is special, if you didn’t tell anybody that it was pretty special.

Nestor Aparicio  27:39

All you had to pass Reebok winner and all you had to do they were the front door. They were lousy gatekeepers. They let everybody in?


Well, so technically, I may have told the story and how I came in to get those tickets from you. So from that day, I walked out of


Nestor Aparicio  27:56

your Jeff that sat with me at the games. That’s what you were.


That’s that’s who I was you and your dad. Yeah. And that was the beginning. So the crazy thing is never Ernie. Yes. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  28:07

We lost Ernie. And you guys called and there were two guys from Highland town.



was Tom one. Tom and Ernie. Yeah, Tom, and

Nestor Aparicio  28:17

Tom and Ernie. And they’re in all my pictures from 9697. And these are just listeners. You guys were just listening to me. It was just sort of like I wanted to go to the games with people who wanted to go to the game. I think it’s probably what I said. Probably no different. It’s 28 like three to go to the games with me. We’re gonna high five. We’re gonna cheer. We’re gonna do our A V and S with my shirt on. That’s for you out there. Dan. Did your favorite did that I was doing that. We let cheers. There’s pictures of me leaving shares. There’s no video because nobody had a video camera. Isn’t that crazy? And then you’d have jackwagon store peanuts at the back of our heads from behind us. We weren’t very good as a football team. Let’s be honest. 9697 We took our lumps you know,


easily Yeah. But we weren’t thinking about that. We weren’t thinking look we have NFL but

Nestor Aparicio  29:02

how much funding we have today that we beat the Steelers that day in the pouring



down rain Yeah. Yeah, it was good. Nothing was better than that as a good day Amazing how immediate those feelings you know in that first inaugural season how it just as soon as Pittsburgh came into

Nestor Aparicio  29:20

office in the Mac Yeah. Yeah. In


the rain. You didn’t even feel the New Haven feeling.

Nestor Aparicio  29:25


When I have Amy Trask on the show, you know, she is no out Davis’s. She kind of ran the raiders for law. Toka Trask wrote a great book. ATR a s k she great follow on Twitter because she can be the commissioner of the NFL and she could be right. I always bring it up with her because he was such a bad day for the Raiders. You know, they came into Baltimore, got their ass kicked. You know what


I mean? I mean, game one.

Nestor Aparicio  29:52

Last these last Vinny and these guys in purple uniform purple Barney uniforms. You know, Jeff Brandis is here. He’s the athlete mindset today. Love You and taught me how to get in touch with you. So I can wrap up here and get you some shrimp and grits and feed you right?


Well I’m ever. Facebook have a personal page, a business page, Jeff brand has CSCs the athlete mindset coach, he athlete mindset coach, Twitter, LinkedIn, everywhere on social media, you’ll see my content. It’s out every day posting a bullet point from the power of mental reps training program. That’s my program. That’s how I coach people up. That’s how I empower the athletes, coaches, parents in the teams that I work with, and


Nestor Aparicio  30:31

you don’t have to be a hockey player to work with you. Nope,


no, anybody? Anybody? Anybody.

Nestor Aparicio  30:36

But if you want hot, you want a new hockey friend called Jeff, you’ll go to the game with you, right? Well, you brought



props I did. Well, I knew we were going to talk maybe even Baltimore called football or talking about the beginning of the

Nestor Aparicio  30:48

season. My dad, my dad’s been a season ticket holder.


First of all, he agreed with you when when you sit look, he goes Jeff, I never thought we would have NFL again. And the ride that he went through in those glory days, you know, was second tonight. You know? No, I mean, in his Baltimore. Glory Days, right? He had a chance to go with his dad to the greatest game ever played.

Nestor Aparicio  31:10

Really? This is what he brought him. Oh, look at this hold on PC goalposts.



This is a piece of the goalposts and his mom wrote on this goalposts from 1990

Nestor Aparicio  31:20

Look at this, see, you bring Brandis here and you get heirlooms, look at this thing here. This is killer, look


at this. That’s legit.

Nestor Aparicio  31:30


My dad would always tell me that he carried or del Bracy off the field, and 59 game. And I would always tell Ortel that when I had Ortel on the program, but I mean, I’m so fortunate, it’s my 32nd year in sports radio, our 25th anniversary of wn st is August 3, and we will be celebrating. And and like all these years later, the link to the call to the right, the Ravens were a miracle in my life still a miracle in my life. My eyes opened 513 Trust me, and you know this, this was not my idea. You know, we wanted to buy our tickets, go to the game. So if you have any questions for me, you can ask on the air off the air, but pretty straightforward. And you know how I’ve been treated and how I miss going to the games and


you’ve been an open book? Yeah, well, I

Nestor Aparicio  32:23

mean, you know, I have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. I wouldn’t say this about going to the games or not going to the games. You don’t see the game well on TV as a guy who goes to who has gone physically to games, all of my adulthood, all of my career. I mean, I’m seeing to get older for the Eagles in Philadelphia. Not that I wish them any goodwill, because I do not. But I was a season ticket holder up there during the buddy Ryan. So going to games sitting in stadia. It’s how I watched football Monday Night Football is more of a passive, like, you don’t see the secondary, if you can’t see the secondary, you’re not really seeing the game, especially in the modern era where they throw the football. So for me, it’s not all a highlight or I don’t want to watch video, I want to see it live. I want to experience it live.


It’s an event being there.


Nestor Aparicio  33:14

Like being wet. I like being cold. I like being dry. I like being hot ailments. I like that discomfort of it’s a three point game and the fourth quarter, and the fans are a part


of it. The energy is palpable part

Nestor Aparicio  33:27

of them a whole life. So you know, and I’m moving on to other things because I’ve been forced out not not by choice, but by ruthless people. Jana wants to say, you know, it’s a shame that these Amis saw the John Angelo’s interview, right. I mean, you know, like, that’s what this is at this point. And that’s unfortunate to me, which is why I would prefer to talk about the athlete mindset than to focus solely on that 100% I



understand I want

Nestor Aparicio  33:58

the Orioles to do well this year, and I want you to have a good time and take the kids down and come out of York, Pennsylvania down at three and route them home and all that. But there comes a point I said this to Ron, Ron Cassie earlier, they have to work at it to that, you know, too much is too much is given much as expected. It was a relationship. It was a community relationship. Right.


I mean, it was deep

Nestor Aparicio  34:22

for your for your father, and you and me and my father and us together 27 years ago and the upper deck is you know, you know,



I guess what I’m saying also, people but with you and, and the Ravens. That’s why it hurts so much, because it’s personal. I mean, am I wrong?

Nestor Aparicio  34:42

Well, of course it’s personal. But it’s also malicious, right? And it’s unprofessional. And it’s unnecessary. And it’s mean spirited, and it’s


I don’t know how you get your mind wrapped around it.

Nestor Aparicio  34:59


Ah, You know, um, I’m getting there. You know, I need the athlete.


You beat me to

Nestor Aparicio  35:07

Jeff. I love you, man.


I love you. Yes sir. Thank you appreciate you


Nestor Aparicio  35:10

here I’ve already eaten and you could be my guest for some. If I were you right now, I would get the chicken and waffles. That’s what I would do. Which state fair it’s all brought to you by our friends at window nation. 866 90 nation. Sometimes I put the hat on. My wife says that my hair look really nice today and I should have let it out. But I didn’t want to let it out for you the male lottery I have a handful of ravens scratch offs, but we’re we’re moving on you know it’s 50th anniversary of the Maryland lottery. The remember the old horseshoe or the old guy. Excuse me, wishbone. The wishbone is coming back. The horseshoe was the cold Sorry, that was that wishbone horseshoe. And it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We’re gonna have scratch offs with the wishbone on it. So John Martin has promised me that as well as other things, including letting me backstage the development team here, we’re going to be drug city on the third of March, we’re going to be fadeless on the Eighth of March. I have no idea where I’m going to be in February except somewhere Bruce Springsteen is because I need to get the hell away because I haven’t been on an airplane since September 3. Because I went to none of the ride worthwhile. Orleans so I am owed a New Orleans trip a Tampa trip. Teams we win. I want to win these games though. We once we lose I want to make sure we win. So I have all my points back and I gotta figure out what to do. So I’m gonna go chase Bruce Springsteen around a little bit see Depeche Mode and tan up, as they say, brah I’m getting bronze myself at some point.


Now, would you say Bruce Springsteen is the artists that you’ve seen the most in concert?

Nestor Aparicio  36:43

Getting there? You know, I don’t know. Probably. Maybe. Maybe,



definitely a favorite.

Nestor Aparicio  36:51

I mean, I’ve seen the Smithereens a lot in the bodines a lot over the course of like the 90s when they toured a lot, but they you know, they haven’t played as much Bruce has played in five years. So but yeah, I will be adding some Bruce to my to, I’ll be adding more shows in the next couple of weeks


now. I must say I’ve seen Bruce Kelly and I went to see Bruce one time were at the Civic Center in Baltimore when he was here, Clarence are still alive. Yes. And let me tell you, the last close show Clarence ever played. I could probably sing along to about maybe five songs. But he played for three hours in about 20 minutes. Didn’t take his take him taking a break. He was playing the piano, right. Phenomenal concert

Nestor Aparicio  37:37

for somebody were you that night on the piano? Wow, for that setlist. Now for



somebody who, who’s not a fan, obviously like you are with Bruce. I mean, I’d like him and I was grateful that we had the tickets. It was an anniversary present.

Nestor Aparicio  37:50

Oh my god, I never will I mean, you’re still talking about and still,


that’s how impressed I was by that concert, only knowing a few songs that I could sing along to and

Nestor Aparicio  38:00


got a wife and kids in Baltimore Jack never went back. Jeff read series, the athlete mindset. I gotta get out of here, man. Thank you. Let me touch that goalposts one more time from my dad and Jeff has brought me a piece of the 58 goalpost and this lesson value now have to authenticate you know where another piece of this is over the bar and not your mom’s? Is that right? million 1,000,000% Take this down and measure the wood up against the wood at Nacho Mama’s wow I promise you get Jackie to give you a little tour down there she’ll show you okay, that’s amazing. My big thanks to Evan Keith everyone here cat everybody’s been awesome to me out of state fair today and making sure that I did not leave here without a crab Benedict David gave me a salt pepper check that this is not nearly as good as the pepper shaker over at Beaumont. at Beaumont. They have a pepper, the pepper grinder is about a four foot pepper grinder and you know they get up on you and give you the pepper grind and so I Oh Marty bass dinner since I got here I owe Ron Cassie a baseball game. And at some point you wouldn’t have attended a lot of football games together. So at some point we’re going to Hershey Bears game together. Yes, do that. I would love that. That’d be Hershey Bears game with you.


That’d be super fun.

Nestor Aparicio  39:20

Take a picture with cocoa Yeah, my chocolate after today. I am Mr. We are WNS da and 5070. Taking the barrel of crab cakes. We’re out on the road all presented by the Maryland lottery and our friends at Goodwill. We appreciate that Happy Super Bowl link to all your Super Bowl LI we’re gonna have some very special programming here at wn st next week. Stay with us.

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