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New UMBC soccer coach Anthony Adams comes back to Dundalk to talk Retriever Fever with Nestor at Costas Inn on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour presented by The Maryland Lottery and Window Nation.


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Anthony Adams, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive or positively at Costas, it says so right above my head. Grayson Rodriguez, the real grace and Rodriguez is pitching. We’ve moved opening day around the Friday Springsteen and the Eagles and things and our fake news event. We’re going to be at Pappas in Bel Air next Thursday, the captain Larry’s downtown Federal Hill on the 27th but we’re here today on behalf of the Maryland lottery. I’ve got scratch offs. I’ve been given these instant lotteries, Anthony Adams getting one for you. I feel like Oprah one for you, one for you. Absolutely. The Maryland lottery having some throwback things that 50th anniversary really the reason we’re here today is cost is one of the first places to sell lottery ticket the day they opened in 1973. So big appreciation them and our friends window nation. I have my floppy hat here 866 90 nation buy to get to free five years 0% financing, and I want to share that letter Raskin who’s not with us today, but gave me this great crab mallet that I have sworn to Chris and as you can see it’s not really used. And it has a very special crab mallet. It has a beer bottle opener on the side. So right after my Dundalk hearts a big appreciation letter for handling my dough. You know, I said cringy it felt near and dear to my heart that he was Highland town and I grew up in Colgate with the 21224 zip code so there was a piece of felt like I was Highland town. But really um Dundalk, you know, through and through. And I don’t know how many years ago I met you. I was 20 something something years ago, maybe last century. I don’t know how long you’ve been working with Pete because I’ve known Pete forever. But this thought that Peach can leave one day and leave it for you. I don’t know when you guys bake this up Essex Community College, I don’t know, somewhere in Highland town. But it is really an amazing thing that Pete built that you built that so many players over the last quarter of a century built. But the fact that you’re running it now and I can run you over here to Dundalk where your family owned a bar down the street. So I want to give you your flowers here because you’ve been a behind the scenes guy for a long, long time. But you have always been in my phone we’ve always exchanged pledge. I think you did the show 1520 years ago came out to the station once again as my Thundarr friend but you’ve been out of the spotlight a little bit and I don’t think I’ve asked you once since the Final Four. So it’s good to have you out here man. I appreciate


Anthony Adams  02:22

you having me out. Yeah, I mean, I’m to one two to two at heart. My dad and Michael’s tavern for years, right on NorthPoint Boulevard, and then obviously

Nestor Aparicio  02:31

started Gayle’s was no I’m just need to know I wouldn’t know. Ken knows he laughs who’s now by memories? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, you know, I can say those things out loud. Because we all know but but you’re a real Dundalk guy. And when I thought about I’ve done the show down to drug city a couple of weeks ago, Mr. Stadium, and I’m thinking about Dundalk people and that’s part of the crabcake towards the make it neighborhood oriented and tell the stories of whatever neighborhood We’re in. We’re in Bel Air next week. Pappus is up there and I’ve never been up there before. Right. So telling these stories Dundalk when people think of you now I would think 20 years in this they think a UMBC right? I mean, you’ve been wearing the golden the black for a long, long time, the soccer side of you. I never thought of Dundalk as a soccer community, you know, started as a baseball community.

Anthony Adams  03:17

I mean, when I was growing up, I really thought it was a soccer community. We had guys like Johnny browsI Dale Roth, that they played with with Pete with the Highland town guys, but they were some of the better Dundalk guys and they’re in the Hall of Fame for the state for soccer. My cousin Tasia Palace who went to Dundalk High School played at Maryland. It’s about 11 years older than me. He got me into soccer when I was young boy. Yeah, man. So my mom’s side of the family is all Greek. That’s heavy on the poplar since 53 and they sold it right before COVID Which was great that your

Nestor Aparicio  03:47


your your your your family, and the Dundalk I in 1984 or 85. Before I worked at the eagle when I was cutting my teeth, and their crab cakes and crab recipe. My parents my mother loved the poplar, so yeah, absolutely.

Anthony Adams  04:02

That was my first job. They had me bussing tables at 10 years old. I don’t know if that’s legal. But that was my first job

Nestor Aparicio  04:06

sweatshop and you over there? Well, I mean, but you say that you laugh about it. That’s why your leader man. I mean, seriously, that’s why you’re running things. That’s why a university would want to hire you after having your rant for a long period of time and saying, We want to keep what we have. We built some special here. And I know Pete talked a lot about that on the exit. And I haven’t had peed on the show. He’s running from me. Kurinji I’ll find you at the Chicago concert. I will. But having you out and having your own platform. Speak to about all of this. And I don’t know that you grew up over here thinking you were gonna be soccer coach division one or whatever. I mean, I don’t know that you thought that when you met me 2025 years ago, right?

Anthony Adams  04:43

Yeah, I mean, I I mean, I started coaching in high school, and I was there was at Dundalk bass group, a guy named Mike Schafer was coaching and my brother was on the team and we’re I’m seven years older than him and Mike’s ik you know, I was kind of like bouncing around of practice walking around. I was a Calvert Hall was like in 11th grade. He’s like, Hey, if you want to come work with the kids, I was playing with the kids. I liked it next year. Now I’m on the sideline at Calvert Hall played at Calvert Hall. She played for karpowicz I did okay. All right. Yep, I did. And, and then we know


Nestor Aparicio  05:12

this. I know you’re done though, Guy and I didn’t know if you want to Patapsco spirit. I knew I didn’t know your name as well. And I don’t even know the era cat when you graduate. 92 So you’re a lot younger to me then. So I didn’t wouldn’t have covered you I covered 8889 9091 So like sort of post it’s theater. Jason right.

Anthony Adams  05:35

Rob Elliot.

Nestor Aparicio  05:36

Rob Elliot Absolutely. Guys, I coughed

Anthony Adams  05:38


he was a senior when I was a freshman Vince my skewness Yeah, okay. Yep. So I was just entering Kevin Hall

Nestor Aparicio  05:45

that was it was all you and curly at that time and currently put up a bra curly at players don’t that era always

Anthony Adams  05:50

they did and I remember even back then they were huge respect for them and their program currently because you were done though guy right. Visited currently and I like Coach pep was awesome. Could pepperoni

Nestor Aparicio  06:01

my first sponsor? Yeah. Pepperoni. Yeah.


Anthony Adams  06:05

What a genuine, genuine guy.

Nestor Aparicio  06:07

roadie maybe shrimp and garlic pizza. Pet Perella? Yep, man find me better guy. Pepperell right now you might. You might not find me better human to Pepperell

Anthony Adams  06:17

Yeah, he was great. It was tough decisions

Nestor Aparicio  06:18


shouldn’t go into curly No, no offense, a car, you know, but

Anthony Adams  06:21

I think it was my me pimping for curly,

Nestor Aparicio  06:25

stop. I don’t mean that. I don’t like any of you.

Anthony Adams  06:29

Hey, I’m at UMBC now so I like everybody. I’ve recruited


Nestor Aparicio  06:33

Dundalk versus everybody. I say that over the Sparrows Point Patapsco side. By the way, the Dundalk principal, Paul Satterfield was supposed to come today. And we had all of our ducks in line and then he’s like, Oh, it’s spring break. So everybody’s away this week. So I was trying to do it, do it and doing the Thunderbolt thing. So you really you made a commute? I mean, you you had a real life decision going to Calvin Hall, right.

Anthony Adams  06:57

I did. And at the time, there was a lot of Dundalk kids. I went to Calvert Hall. So like my, there was a guy right on my off leeway, Dave Barton. He went to Calvert hall with me. His older brother drove us so there was like five or six guys in the area. Brian Becker lives. Oh, keyway Park Becker. So there was a bunch of guys at the time. Kevin Hall guys.

Nestor Aparicio  07:16

Uncle and aunt are in the in the bar over here. I’m not kidding you. I believe it. Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. There’s

Anthony Adams  07:21


a lot of Dundalk, Essex Edgemere, Adam Egan was from Edgemere. J project Brian began were from Essex are really good athletes. A lot of them played college sports. So yeah, there was at the time, there was a lot of se theory kids going to Kevin Hall.

Nestor Aparicio  07:35

So once the first time you heard a peak Kurinji we see at Essex when you were in 92. What? Like how did Pete come into your life because I I often say if I were if I weren’t doing this, I become a million. I’m gonna write a book, I would call it first look. And it would be anyone in a relationship where the first time they met that person, they had no idea how much I personally could change your life.

Anthony Adams  07:53

The first time I heard about it was probably when he was coaching the the pro team, the Maryland base. So you know, I was at that point like 15 or 16th. So that was a really big deal. Going to watch those games and seeing all those that was at UMBC. Right. There was a Cedar Lane Park in Columbia. Okay, back when it was grass. I remember

Nestor Aparicio  08:09

that now wasn’t a good field, but they moved to UMBC. The bays moved there in one period of time that was


Anthony Adams  08:14

Baltimore, Baltimore base that was Maryland Bay’s. They had guys like Darrell G. Robbie Ryerson, Joe bards, or Chris Reeve, Amina Matthew, coaching youth national team. Armstrong was too good to coach at Howard.

Nestor Aparicio  08:29

Well, Phil Chow pleaded for the bulk of the base, Baltimore base to

Anthony Adams  08:34

it and Charles father played on the bass team in the 70s. Wow. Yeah. So that was the first time I heard him, they want the whole thing. And then he gets a job at UMBC like when I’m going into my senior year at Calvert Hall, and I didn’t know much about UMBC and it’s been here since 9091 91. Was his first year at UMBC. Okay, 92. He recruited myself, JJ Kramer, Brian mcgahren. And George Seco from Calvert Hall, Jay prasa. Went the year before. So out of nowhere, he had five Calvert Hall guys at UMBC, which at the time was unheard of see, JJ

Nestor Aparicio  09:07


I remember him being a great player, great young player, though. He he was on the pitch playing as maybe freshman or sophomore. When I covered those teams. I do remember that.

Anthony Adams  09:18

Youth national team player, big time player. Absolutely.

Nestor Aparicio  09:21

Man. We’re getting old school soccer. Anthony Adams. Should I say new headcheese? That’s weird, right? New officially,

Anthony Adams  09:26

especially Monday. You only been officially Monday.


Nestor Aparicio  09:31

This is the first interview as the new coach UMBC soccer Absolutely. Homecoming man. Yeah,

Anthony Adams  09:38

I’ve been doing it since the first week of February. But officially it was it was Monday Barry trots

Nestor Aparicio  09:42

called me last week. I’m doing dishes. I got gloves on the phone rings. It’s trots. Answer the phone. Hey, man, how are you? I’m like, I’m good. Man. Don’t you run a hockey team? You know, just got you got back to doing it. And it’s the sort of notion that you take over in the middle and you’re already a part of it and you No the gig and you know the job. What? At what point in your mind? Did you start preparing for this gig? At what point did you start thinking? Well, Pete is not going to be here forever. And I can’t say it’s going to be my gig. But I see what he’s doing. Or maybe you wanted to gig at Fairleigh Dickinson or it’s I don’t know, but you never left here. Much like it like an Eric de Costa, you know, you never left here. And I guess you always thought that this was the job you wanted. I mean, obviously, it’s your job. Now. It’s a beautiful thing.

Anthony Adams  10:27


I mean, 26 years, I was his assistant, played for him before that. So we were together 30 years. I think probably about five or six years in. I really wanted to be a head coach. anywhere anywhere, and I was fishing for I was, yeah, I was. Second, third, fourth and numerous searches. But then, like, 15 years ago, I had a daughter. And you know, my wife’s family’s here. My family’s here. We were settled here. And at that point, it would have taken something really special for me to move my whole family after we’ve been in Great

Nestor Aparicio  11:00

Final Four, if a big job. were to come along. I don’t know what a big job would be in soccer. I’d be at Duke I’m making that up. But whatever the big job could happen for you. I think everybody is familiar with even at your own school with Ryan Odom and what happened there and where that trajectory leads for Jay right. I saw Jay right six months ago I said dude, I used to heckle you when you came in against Towson jazz kowski I’d be calling you Calipari PITINO. Now he’s the Final Four. He’s ruining all like that. That could easily still be you. It could be 10 years at UMBC. And you get the North Carolina it could be anything right. But for your your perspective on it. To stay put all of these years I’m sure you finished number two for a job that you had to house picked out and you thought, but you never left. I never left Baltimore, right. I had all these I never left Baltimore. And I never thought when I was 20 I was destined to stay here. And I think you’re probably thinking that there was sunshine, other places, more money more this more that more control control. But I guess over 26 years, you found a way to make this your life not just a job but you’re you’re who you are defined to this defines who you are.

Anthony Adams  12:18

I think you know, and you’re doing it, but I think it’s really rare that your passion is also your work. I’m not talking about family family for me trumps everything. But in terms of work. You’re coaching soccer and developing youth. college level at me, I’m involved in youth, I’m coaching girls, my daughter’s like, I just love coaching and then starting for me to be able to make a living out of your passion. And they get up every day and be excited to go into work is really rare. I mean, you do it, I do it. But it’s rare. And I really appreciate that.

Nestor Aparicio  12:49

Well the parts I like I mean, you know I don’t know what parts you don’t like uprooting filling out paperwork, practice. I travel a lot on this probably some part of it you don’t like, but when you talk about the lot over there, and the fans and what you built in the Final Four. I mean, I just I love that you NBC has become the little engine that could and I know you know I had the doctor on several times before his departure as well over at State Fair and I have you over to Beaumont next time get your steak get crab cake will do surf and turf crab cake today gets taken the west side. But the school itself, when you think about young Anthony come in there and Pete’s got a job for and you’re running around, just trying to be whatever an assistant coach a college A, B and C in that campus and that circle and what it was to what it’s become, for the university for sports, for education, for leadership for all of that. I mean, the institution itself has grown up around you and Pete to a large degree,


Anthony Adams  13:49

I think it’s a big time place. I mean, if you pick it right now, a lot of people don’t know there’s only like 205 Division One, men’s soccer programs. We’re on the women’s side, they’re above 340. So there’s not a lot of opportunity for kids saying that, you know, we were as you know, like seven, eight years ago, we just won the whole thing. So that can happen in our sport. But to see the place grow from when I got there, the buildings, the amount of people the level of education, the facilities. I mean, for me, it’s a great place for for Baltimore Maryland kid I mean you get a great education, there’s great facilities, and you have a chance to try to win a national championship and that’s really rare. So I mean you could sell that right and we pretty much did it. It’s not like a It’s not like a pre funnel for where we talk about it like we were there. We were playing away so life

Nestor Aparicio  14:38

was fine for life when you were doing that do now I was sitting we had in our hospital room we had it on the screen and we create news insane man,

Anthony Adams  14:47

the travel I remember the miles we covered going from Wake Forest to Maryland to Louisville to Creighton all in like three weeks. I mean it was It was wild.

Nestor Aparicio  14:58


I was out a crate And I went out to see the Eagles I’m wearing my hotel Cal by the way, I haven’t debuted my Hotel California belt buckle but there’s what I’m talking about for the concert this weekend, of course. So I was out there seeing the eagles that two year and a half ago and I went past the facility just to see where you played because I remember watching it on as people say that streaming. It’s streaming you could stream it we streamed it in the hospital. So the Wi Fi was Anthony Adams is the new skipper and the old Dundalk blood. Kevin Hall. I’m learning things about you. Why did you get turned off what was wrong with Dundalk?

Anthony Adams  15:32

Honestly nothing I wanted to go to Dundalk so I fought my parents during that time because all my really tight friends on with the documentary don’t like middle so I was ingrained in the community. It’s

Nestor Aparicio  15:44

right how they turned out your Dundalk friends all fall Good. Good really any individual really

Anthony Adams  15:49

good we’ve stayed in touch on Facebook and I’m still very connected with a lot of them.


Nestor Aparicio  15:53

I have one of my dog friends is going to be our next guest she just looked at me I didn’t realize it was her. She said sophisticated looking now I’m gonna have a hard time. Her in laws are here they showed up okay. This is a real Dundalk event today. I would miss it is San Francisco has the right Cerrone for the San Francisco treat. This is the Dundalk treat.

Anthony Adams  16:10

Well, you know some people, some people when they, you know, move into the professional world. All of a sudden they grew up in Dundalk, but they write Baltimore. If you look at my bio UMBC says Dundalk native, I’m proud of it.

Nestor Aparicio  16:22

I live in Towson, but I will tell people, you know, Dundalk, you know, for recruiting in the state of soccer and scholarships and NIH What What the Why need to know about that, because I’m trying to learn. I mean, hell at the basketball level, it’s incredible. But I’m trying to learn. What does this mean to a young man or young lady that’s a 16 year old, super soccer star at Calvert hall or wherever they are, that you’re recruiting and what what? What’s their level of expectation? How’s that gonna change?

Anthony Adams  16:50


I think the NFL hasn’t had a significant effect on a lot of the Olympic sports and soccer being one of them. I think what’s affected more is number one, COVID. Right. So the roster spots are really limited, because there’s all sorts of kids doing fifth years, because everyone got an extra year through COVID.

Nestor Aparicio  17:09

But the bigger city enter is a freshman at 21 Is it we

Anthony Adams  17:12

have we have our captain next year is gonna be a six year player. He redshirted a year can you get injured, and then he had a COVID year where it was kind of like that half of spring season that everybody had. So he’s gonna be in his sixth year, and he’s gonna leave with his master’s degree in the fall. So what’s really important, but my point is he’s taken a spot for freshmen somewhere else, right. And the other thing is, there’s a huge influx of the international player coming into this country, and they’re willing and they’re organized, they have their academics in order and they’re willing to pay, which has really changed. So you’re getting players that were in professional academies overseas, that are the way their educational is system is and the gap years are coming over as like 20 year old freshmen. So you take a 17 year old out of curlier covered Hall, and they have to go against a 20 year old or possibly a 24 year old from wherever, who’s been kicking in Europe. Yeah, it’s different. And the thing is now, if you look at a lot of the top teams every year, they’re old. So I think it’s no longer building your program. It’s it’s being good every year. And to be good every year. You have to you have to be old every year. I don’t think you’ll ever see us again, have a class of like seven freshmen. There’ll be some freshmen on the

Nestor Aparicio  18:19

pitch. In Final Four year you had a lot of underclassmen on that on that team, right?


Anthony Adams  18:23

No, we had 7/5 Year guys, so okay, we were old before it was cool to be old. Okay, we had all the know that. It was it’s just the way it worked out. We had all these guys that have went away from Baltimore and they came back, but a lot of them have gone somewhere like Marquez Fernandez redshirted at Maryland and Mamadou Kansai redshirted at NC State. So, guys, like that came back for a year. So they had their fifth year they were old. So we were an older team. And at the time, we didn’t really think about it. But that’s the formula right now. I mean, guys are teams the better teams are older, they’re more experienced, like you say they’re men, you know what I mean? And I think that’s the goal every year now is to have that mix of having some younger guys we’re developing but we don’t ever want to be in a position where we’re starting seven freshmen.

Nestor Aparicio  19:06

Well, I’ll tell you what, I’m getting an education on soccer and you know, the World Cup and losing out on that and the weirdness of november december and just the blood money of these creeps over in the Middle East, you know, bought it off and paid for it and Qatar, the fact that it’s coming here the fact that we lost that and um, is there still some thought that you know, the German team might be housing it you MBAs or any of that or is that kind of jumped the shark at this point?

Anthony Adams  19:31

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there could be some base camps set up I think that’s that’s more the the theme nowadays is to find a place and be there and then go play your game and come back right.

Nestor Aparicio  19:40


Spanish national team picked Baltimore and worked out at your place, people would stay here because they would have games in Philadelphia and Boston or wherever we’d be. Obviously we want to games here and I can’t think of anything. We had a chance, real chance to do something different and amazing and didn’t didn’t pull it off. So disappoints me.

Anthony Adams  20:00

It was really disappointing. I think we were all excited. I think when I don’t know all the specifics, when when there was a was a perception of I guess a Baltimore Washington combined bid. Yeah, I thought for sure we had it because rarely do you have a World Cup where there isn’t the Capitol isn’t one of the home sites. So this is one of the first World Cups I’ve ever seen where the capital city don’t like the fix was in to help us for the first time. Yes. And it didn’t happen. I thought they’d do the parade and pre and post World Cup in DC but have the games in Baltimore and I thought it’d be perfect. But it didn’t happen.

Nestor Aparicio  20:30

Yeah, we’re a little bummed about that. But it’s still it’s not soccer season. You got it. You got any thoughts on the mark? Mr. Ravens fan or

Anthony Adams  20:35

I’m a season ticket holder?


Nestor Aparicio  20:38

Well, for being a season ticket holder, he gets a free copy of Purple Rain, too. So there you go.

Anthony Adams  20:42

Looking forward to diving into that. I don’t know it’s, I think I know some people are getting bitter with it. Because Baltimore’s like a loyal place. And if even any pro athlete doesn’t show complete loyalty, there’s like this, we don’t want we cast them out, you know, but I think in this case, I really feel like I think his hat not having an agent has really hurt him. And I don’t know how this thing is gonna turn out. But I gotta imagine, if you’re the GM trying to build the team, it’s hard to build a team and so even free agents, when you don’t know who your quarterbacks gonna be. And every every day you look at there’s a pundit saying, he’s gonna have to come back here as a pundit saying he’s not going to play on the on the tag, there’s opponent saying, he’s gonna go to somewhere else, and you’re just sitting here as a fan, and you’re like, man, when’s this thing gonna get sorted out? Because I think I think we’re all tired of just talking about it.

Nestor Aparicio  21:29

Lamar, Athan fatigue. Yeah, I got that. How’s your team gonna be?

Anthony Adams  21:34


Good? Good. Good. Yeah. I mean, we had a lot of guys returning, we’re still recruiting. We’re on the portal every day. We’re looking all over the

Nestor Aparicio  21:42

world. So my bet you, I want to get into coaching so I can get to the point

Anthony Adams  21:46

that I every morning, I go, and I have my coffee. I turn on my computer and I log into the portal and

Nestor Aparicio  21:51

who’s pitched it to coach today?


Anthony Adams  21:52

Yeah, bring it’s crazy, doesn’t it? Never. I don’t think it has the intention. But they they predicted it would have been unintended consequences. Yes. talked about that before it happened. Yes. And it’s this. It’s unfortunate. But

Nestor Aparicio  22:05

we all wanted to shoot the NCAA in the head. And then we did and then now we’ll win now when we got right.

Anthony Adams  22:09

Yes. And unfortunately, it’s part of it. Would you rather have a kid that’s got their highlight video is playing against Division one college teams, or as a highlight video plan against 16 year olds. And that’s really the tough part. And I really feel for these younger, male freshmen because at least on the women’s side, like I said, there’s literally like 150 more schools, right. So there’s more opportunity. Yeah, more, more jobs more gives more roster spots, quite frankly. Right. So it’s a lot harder to be a division one player now on the men’s side than it was 10 years ago. All right. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  22:39


you came straight out there. New presidents, new soccer coaches, the building’s like old now old hat and all that but always exciting times over in Catonsville. We’ll be back at the state fair I O guapo. A crabcake. Tour. So I’m trying to set that up at some point in the May. We’ve got a crab cake tour here today Costas Talk brought to you by our friends at the Winter nation 866 90 nation you buy to you get to free five years 0% financing, much like the education at UMBC our friends at Raskin global as well as the Maryland lottery. for being our guest today. I’ve already given you once I can only lead to give one hour per person but at the old school instant lottery scratch offs to give away we’re doing that cost us today. Families on Friday might be postponing that with opening day be let folks know about that. Then of course next week at Pappas in Bel Air on the 13th and then the 27th the capillaries downtown for the Maryland lottery and our friends Hey man, thanks for making I thought I think once it Dundalk I always have done DACA you live in Linthicum I chase you across the bridge. Please me just get your crab cake here. You’re out watching kids kick soccer balls now, right? That’s what, how many days a year are you soccer engaged,

Anthony Adams  23:45

engaged like 360 physically or mentally, mentally every day. Unfortunately, I have trouble shutting it down, which I’m trying to get better at

Nestor Aparicio  23:53

am radio station and a website you can imagine

Anthony Adams  23:55

as my wife says, you know, you need to be more like you can. It’s one thing to be there. But it’s one thing to be present. It’s another thing to be present. So sometimes when I’m home, my mind is going about soccer, but I’m doing better with that.


Nestor Aparicio  24:06

So PT had me out to his office maybe 10 years ago, and he was so proud. You guys just did an Under Armour deal. And he gave me the alumni UMBC soccer alum shirt, so it looks like you know I’m you right? So I’ve been wearing it and it fits me really nice, especially when I lost weight. And it always shows me when I’m getting to like, like my chest getting out of shaping too much ice cream not doing push ups. I am like I turned 55 in October and other than my back being effed up and having the issues that cause me I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and stuff fits me and I have worn that UMBC soccer shirt in my yoga class and sweat through too many times. I need a fresh

Anthony Adams  24:44

I was gonna say that I need a fresh in a modern shirt.

Nestor Aparicio  24:47

I need to Adams model not a cringy model medium ish Yeah, yeah might be a little big for me but small mediums, but 3d Um, I think they call well I had my UMBC shirt with me it was packed in my back is really comfortable. And like on a hot day just breathe really nice. It’s gold. I had it with me at Epcot the day after the Virginia basketball victory. And everywhere I walked that day through Disney World and middle of the tournament, people saw it. And I felt like the good doctor over there would have been very proud of me, you know, for sporting the UMB because it made me look smart. You know what I mean? I wear my Dundalk Hall of Fame shirt. They’re like, man, it’s nice, you know? UMBC looks like I had an SCT score. So I’ll come over get a shirt. We’re a cost. It’s good to have a crab cake. I had the Chesapeake sandwich. I had crab cake on the top and a shrimp salad on the bottom. Certainly no business in the front party in the back. Like my hair. You wanted me to take it out. Do you want me letting it let it out? Let it out. Like asking about it? Because it’s way longer out than you think it is. Once

Anthony Adams  25:54


it’s out. Hey, go Eddie better. I like it. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  25:57

Eddie Vetter was more. More like it was a mullet. This is growth length. This is more Eddie Van Halen. 79 I’m jealous where this is so clearly. She loves it. Listen, I had a crush on Gigi in 1981. If she likes my hair and 2023 I’m good. That means a lot. I’m good. I’m good. She’s doing Zumba. I’m doing hot yoga. You’re gonna give me a shirt that’s gonna make you comfortable in her Zumba class. I have two left feet. Couldn’t be soccer player like that. Right? We’re gonna play on their feet show. I’ve got a dancer and I’ve got a soccer player. Right.

Anthony Adams  26:33

This is an athletic show in Dundalk. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  26:35

I’m an athletic supporter. There’s no doubt about that. It is true since the golf guy. I am Nestor. We are wn St. Anthony is a spent if I didn’t cost him his job at UMBC this time. He’ll be back sometime in the fall. Stay in touch man. All right. Sounds good. Man. Go Dogs Go Dogs and the retrievers back for more from Costas to Marilyn crabcake tour. We’re going to discuss Zumba local theater, cane street parties, the Maryland lottery and Greek food. All right. You know Bear Creek I know a lot of Eckrich food. Absolutely man. I did not discover quantum bas until later in life. You know Christmas cookie.


Anthony Adams  27:16

Yeah, better late than never. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  27:19

ROFO coffee back for more from Costas merrily. crabcake tour continues right after this.

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