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Lamar continues to prove the doubters wrong


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Even though it was the special teams play by Tylan Wallace that beat the Rams, it’s very clear that Lamar Jackson is doing different and better things with the passing game in the offense of Todd Monken. Will it be enough to win the Super Bowl? Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the maturation of the game of No. 8 after another win, a 10-3 record and top spot in AFC as the egg nog chills.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back, WN st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive word of positively celebrating the holidays. I did a whole segment on gratitude with Bill Cole even though he was sick as a dog. Last week at State Fair, we’re taking the Maryland crabcake tour out on the road. We’ve had such a great way I found that I was related to John shields. gertrudes two weeks ago, I had a vegan crabcake hung out with Dan Rodricks I gave him sex drugs and rock and roll it’s true. What else happened here? Oh, we’re gonna be at foreign daughter on Friday giving away these the unwrap the cash and the scented tickets as well the gingerbread Oh snaps and the peppermint payout multipliers as well. Our friends whether they should come together I’ll have the fun floppy at 866 90 nation as well as our friends if you do multi care putting the Maryland crabcakes we’re on the road have a surprise crabcake on Friday a traveling crabcake and it’s a great story to tell Cina shock my Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Powell who bought me a beverage for my my birthday my 55th birthday over drug city you know you can give cannabis during the holidays now we’re both grownups I’m not saying I’m going to gift you I’m going to give Gina some bomb you know because she’s getting a little older make sure she could play the drums the right way. So that’s gonna be my my rub with her on Friday. So come on out, celebrate the holidays. We’re going to be at far in daughter just south of Timonium road on York Road between two and five on Friday. Look Joan joins us now to talk about the power and the glory of the tenant three Baltimore Ravens go back on the road now. Jacksonville this week, San Francisco on Christmas night. You’ll have no problem finding it. It’s nationally televised. Boy the lights are bright Luke and I say you know we talked Thailand Wallace and you know of my fondness for ro Quan Smith from afar and, and Kyle Hamilton’s injury and the impact. But Lamar is the star and he’s the Superman. He did not win the game on Sunday, he did lead a comeback. They weren’t great in overtime. But I’ll tell you this on him. And you know, I’ve been a detractor of Lamar, because he’s won one playoff game in five years. And he’s got $260 million. And his time is coming. Right. His time is coming in the same way that we hope it comes from the Orioles and another October and the way that Cal Ripken didn’t you know, it didn’t come again, in the way for him. But for Lamar, there’s gonna be games in January, hopefully full health. But man, these next four games, the lights are out. You’re 10 And three, you better not wake up with leftovers on December 26 10 And five, right. And these are the moments for Lamar. Tyler Wallace had his moment. Lamar has had moments. I mean, we go through the Cleveland game, we go through big wins, ankle breakers and all of that stuff. But I’m like Lamar is game much, much better now than I did before. Not just because they’re 10 and three, I like what I see I liked seeing him step up into the pocket. I liked seeing him keeping his eyes down the field glued down the field in a way that I don’t think he was coached that way with Roman. I liked with the broadcaster’s I don’t like being on the other side of watching it. I didn’t mind not being in the rain, no offense on Sunday. But I learned things from the broadcasters. And it’s very clear when he sits down with these broadcasters on Saturday, that he is told all of them how much power he has in the offense to change plays to get himself out of things to put himself in a good situation. He’s doing a great job. I mean, I don’t know who else the MVP candidate will be if somehow they go 14 And three, but he’s he’s really impressing me. And even when he doesn’t win the game, he’s impressing me with the fact that he’s evolving as a quarterback.


Luke Jones  03:51

Well, I mean, I think you just look at Sunday in very simplistic terms, December, rain, had to throw the ball 40 plus times. Rest of the running game was Keith Mitchell had his moments but wasn’t. It wasn’t as though Mitchell and Edwards had this massive day on the ground. They won the football game, he had over 300 yards passing, throwing it 40 plus times he had three touchdowns. He still scrambled and ran for 70 yards. So that’s still part of his game and will continue to be and I think that’s going to be a bigger part of his game the rest of the way, quite frankly. And I even opined about that at Baltimore. He played at a at an MVP level wasn’t perfect. Matthew Stafford was imperfect on the other side, but this was two top shelf quarterbacks going toe for toe and it was more than that. I mean, we mentioned Thailand Wallace, we mentioned other plays that were made over the course of this game on either side or other plays that work made on either side.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:50

In the bar was Aaron. I mean, it wasn’t a great day he wasn’t accurate. All the things when he overthrows or under throws with the ball sales. He hit guys were He needed to hit them. And then he made them pay for having a breakdown on the backside twice. Absolutely.

Luke Jones  05:08

Odell Beckham even said on his touchdown that he ran the wrong route. So there was a case where it looked like Lamar didn’t throw a great ball there. And I’m not saying it was a perfect would have been a perfect pass anyway, but Beckham said, Hey, I didn’t run that the right way. And he had to adjust. And he did, they made the play, that when you’re when you have a receiver that wide open, the idea is not to throw a perfect ball, the idea there is to throw it up in the air and let your receiver go make the play because as long as it’s not out of bounds, or as long as it’s not 20 yards over his head, it doesn’t have to be perfect. And we saw this with Joe Flacco over the years as well, when it was a wide open receiver downfield. You know, you don’t have to hit them perfectly in stride. Just hit on make sure you connect. And Lamar did that. More often than not on Sunday, especially on the big breakdowns that the Rams had on the likely and Beckham touchdown. So you’re right. It wasn’t perfect. But he played at a very high level when it mattered most late in regulation. And I get it both teams went three and out in overtime. So that anything you’d say about Lamar in overtime, he’d say the same thing about Matthew Stafford and the Rams, right? I mean, it’s football, you’re not going to score a touchdown on every single drive. But when they were trailing late in the game, Lamar was what seven of 10. He had a nice scramble mixed in there, but he threw the football and he made plays. And my goodness, you know, the connection is a flowers for the touchdown on third and long. What more do you want in that situation? I mean, that’s the kind of play that people have wondered, critics have wondered, can Lamar Jackson do that when it’s the kind of game where the ball is in his hands in the pocket, and he was able to do it on Sunday, and I get it. It’s the the Rams aren’t this juggernaut, but they have played good football over the last month. And they are a team that has some Moxie in terms of their two years removed from winning a Super Bowl. So it’s not as though that that they were facing scrubs on Sunday either, like six and seven. I know it’s not a tremendous record. But they made plays when they needed to late in the game. And they overcame some mistakes. And Lamar had some errant throws here and there. But that’s going to happen. I don’t expect, you know, whether we’re talking about the ravens, the chiefs, the dolphins, you know, if you’re talking about San Francisco and Dallas, who are really looking like the top of the NFL class, top of the class in the NFC, you know, these are teams that are avoided mistakes, they make mistakes, but what do you do to overcome those mistakes? What do you do to make up for those mistakes and Lamar Jackson did a heck of a lot. And they did a lot throwing the football in less than ideal conditions. Although I will say it seemed like they got a decent break with the rain. And it started pouring about half an hour after the game ended as I was leaving the stadium,

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:48


but Well, the lender bomb snap was also, you know, indicative of whether, you know, that was a weather related, weird related thing that might cost them the game, right. I mean, that was one of them the game? The two points to get overtime, right?

Luke Jones  08:02

Yeah, I mean, and that’s to me, that was what was so encouraging. And what I wrote at Baltimore, I mean, Nestor, this was the kind of game that it feels like they look to often last the last couple years, you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:15

and mistakes, and it cost you right, and this time, it didn’t. Right.

Luke Jones  08:19

And I mean, we’ve talked about their losses being games that they shouldn’t have won, or that they shouldn’t have lost. Yeah, this one almost feels like the opposite. You feel like, you know, because of what you mentioned, you know, whether you’re talking about the safety or some questionable coaching, decision strategy, whatever, you know, Lamar, that, you know, throw a pic, you know, whatever you want to pick apart, you know, the defense playing its worst game of the year, you know, this is the kind of game that you could have said the opposite. Maybe this is a game they they should have lost if we’re being honest. And they found a way to win. So, you know, made up for some of those losses the last couple years where you say, how the heck did they lose that football game? So you need that you’re not going to play perfect football every week, because as much as the defense had come close to doing that. I mean, you know, whether I’ve been talking to you or dentists, you know, in recent weeks, I’ve said, you know, this defense has shown up every week, save for a couple quarters here and there. Well, Sunday, for the most part, it didn’t show up didn’t show up in the first half was good in the third quarter. And then late in the fourth quarter again had some breakdowns. So that’s going to happen so but the the key is when that happens when you have one phase of the game, not play as well. You need the other phases to step up. And we talked about that with Thailand, Wallace and the special teams and overtime, and certainly Lamar Jackson and this passing game emerged and for me, we talked about this so much before the by we talked about this during the bye week. You know, Mark Andrews, look at what they got from ze flowers, what they got from Odell Beckham who over the last month, he’s playing more like a $15 million wide receiver over the last month and I get it. You know, I get it. It’s a month he’s got to stay healthy. All those things, but he’s producing and he’s more explosive now. And I say likely stepping up as we thought he would accept just not having the expectation that he’s going to be Mark Andrews, which would be unfair. So you had three Lamar Jackson had three reliable receivers to target on Sunday. And we’ve kind of talked about that. We talked about that, even before the Andrews injury. When he had ze flowers and Mark Andrews, what were we saying over and over? They need a third guy to emerge? Well, the formula that we saw on Sunday was three guys that were very productive for them. You know, whether we’re talking about catching touchdowns, or converting big third downs, whatever it might be. So I was very encouraged by that. Hey, they’ve got to keep doing it. You know, they need to be more consistent. I certainly need their defense to rebound as they’re going to Jacksonville and they’re playing San Francisco and a big week 17 game with Miami looming as these are the two the two best teams in the conference record wise at this point in time so they’ve got to keep going. But I still what am I takeaways from the postgame was a quote from Odell Beckham who was kind of asked you know about the fact that he was playing his old team asked about the style of this when and what it can do for a football team. And, you know, he said, experience is always the greatest teacher, I think the experience that this team gained on Sunday. While it wasn’t a playoff game, I get that, but the way in which they had to win, I think this was something they can draw from for some confidence if they’re faced with a similar similar situation, whether we’re talking next week against San Francisco against Miami, or more importantly, talking about next month and beyond. So from that standpoint, that’s where I think this this wind carried a little extra value beyond just proving themselves to 10 and three,


Nestor J. Aparicio  11:47

he is Luke Jones. He’s Baltimore Luke, He will be out in Owings Mills all week long. We’re gonna be talking memorials baseball here on the backside of the Kimbrel signing all that up at Baltimore positive, obviously doing the Maryland crabcake towards this Friday, I had foreign daughter antimonium with Gina shock and some friends and mystery crabcake that I’m excited about. Also on Monday afternoon, we’re going to be wise markets and honey go with Derek Fraser, former professional wrestler, and I also got some other guests coming out to honey go and wise it’s the holidays. We’re gonna talk eggnog we’re going to talk crab cakes. They make these little stuffed crab balls, shrimp things wise, you know, I love so while we’re gonna get out and do that, and we’re also gonna be fadeless right after Christmas. Big thank you to damy and everybody says I had to fade these crabcakes during the game on Sunday, one during the second quarter. And then one during the third quarter because I just felt like my halftime I’m making another was was delicious. So big. Thank you to Damian, everybody there. We’re back there on the 28th of December. Look at the Lamar thing. I want to stay on Lamar, because we’ll get the hardball. We’ll get to ro Quan, we’ll get to Jacksonville and the rest of the AFC and what happened to Trevor Lawrence and browning and Joe Flacco who sends his regards by the way, you and I change the pleasantries after the game on Sunday night. It’s always it always includes profanity from one of us. That’s what I love about you. So, Lamar, for me what lawyers do a lot of things I like and they all get pointed out by all of the Jason carrots and post games and all the people who would have wanted him would have wanted to coach him would have been honest about inaccurate, maybe we can make that better. You didn’t have to be dishonest about his athleticism or his ability to win or even his ability to throw as you’ve pointed out in the Heisman Trophy, like all of that stuff that was baked into 31 other teams not wanting him once and then not wanting him again last offseason after they all Chase Deshaun Watson and watch Joe Flacco win a playoff game for the browns. So, Romar, interesting for me that this offense and we’re 13 games into this really, you know, six months into a new system for him and Monken and all the money and all that stuff aside, just going out and playing football, his game is different man and his eyes are different. And the way he’s playing the game is different. And at some point, somebody has pulled him up and said, Dude, if you keep your eyes down on the field, you have good receivers, some Odell Beckham, say flowers somebody’s gonna break open Andrews when Adam and you’ll be able to get rid of the ball, you don’t get killed, stay away from trouble run when you have to win. You need to not win. It’s just let’s do that. And this 40 passes and 50 passes and thoughts that they can win that they’re going to have to do that against San Francisco, Miami, I guess because it’s not going to be an eight possession game with defense. I just don’t see it that way. I think they’re going to need to be productive in the air. And they’re going to they’re running games not good enough. I don’t think their running game is good enough to play the way Maybe they wanted to play with JK, I think this has been much like any championship year or one seed year. peaks and valleys and the bills seem like they’ve turned it back on again. And I don’t, I don’t know that I’d be excited about the bills coming to town. I mean, they’re gonna have to beat good teams to get to the Super Bowl where that’s where we are. Even the Joe Flacco team that will come in here. That’s a good team. That’s a good defense. That’s a guy that throws the ball maybe better than then the guy we have throws the ball, just throwing the ball. But for me with Lamar, I’ve come a long way on seeing him do this stuff. Like get out of the pocket by time move left without darting forward, knowing where he’s not gonna get creamed, because he’s got a sideline on one side, and he’s got converging guys, and he can step out of bounds he can dirt the ball, he makes great decisions, makes better decisions that his head coach does under pressure.

Luke Jones  15:57

I mean, I, first of all, you mentioned something about the runner. They had the best running game in the NFL now. And that’s DVOA. That’s rushing yards per game. I mean, go down

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:08

and they run the ball when they want to run the ball. They couldn’t get overtime.

Luke Jones  16:12


Well, then no one can. But then I think your point that I would agree with is you’re not winning a Super Bowl that way in 2023, solely, right, I mean, running game can be unlucky.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:24

Point is if they’re 23 to 14, with nine minutes left to go at home against the Browns against the against a good defense. Can they put together a seven minute Mall? They did this against crappy teams earlier in the year. Can they do this in the playoffs? Can they Maul a team with a nine point lead by grinding the ball the way they were designed the way they were drafted the way Gus Edwards? Can Gus Edwards be that guy on January 28. And, and and mow down a team. I don’t I don’t believe in that I believe more in Lamar taking and dunking at this point and going in the phone booths. And being a guy you can’t get to the ground and having wide receivers that somebody’s gonna get open. And he’s gonna have his head up to see it and be able to deliver the ball. That’s a lot. I have the teeth right now, I’m a believer. I’m a believer that he can do that. But I’m not a believer that they can grind out the way they want to, which is more you get a lead, and then take the air out of the football and the clock. And I don’t know that they can do that against a great defense a playoff defense? Well,

Luke Jones  17:41

I mean, it’ll it remains to be seen. I mean, it’s always been about Lamar. It’s always been about Lamar, I mean that that hasn’t changed now has his game evolved, become more refined from a passing standpoint. And I think, you know, an easy litmus test is looking at the box score this game without seeing what the final score is, if you just look at the past attempts, three years ago, four years ago, if he’s up 40 Plus passing attempts, that’s probably not an offense that’s incredibly comfortable doing that. Whereas it felt like Sunday, they felt pretty comfortable being able to play that way. Now, let’s be clear here. Their passing game has been inconsistent to share. And if you look at it in terms of efficiency, it’s been much more middle of the pack than elite overall. But what we saw on Sunday, in a game that evolved into a shootout despite the fact that we thought, you know, people were betting the under and thinking this was gonna be, you know, a 1713 game, knowing what the forecast was. And obviously, Matthew Stafford and Lamar Jackson both had other ideas about that, but lost a lot

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:45

of money on that under bet doll. Yeah, sure,


Luke Jones  18:47

sure. So, but you know, that’s the NFL. The point is, you have to be able to play different ways. And they’ve also I mean, they’ve run the ball really well this year. And I Your point is well taken, but statistically, I’m not sure that supports what you just said there and look, styles make fights and matchup you know, it’s all about matchups and week to week in the playoffs. And I’ve been the guy who said for four or five years now that, you know, the Greg Roman style of offense is not something that’s going to lead you to a Super Bowl, you have to be able to be more productive through the air. And certainly, they’ve been able to do that. On Sunday, they were able to do that. And they’ve been able to do that at a high level at other times this year. Other games like the Chargers Game Two weeks ago, when Lamar had a season low and yards per pass attempt, not so much the case. So again, there’s still chasing consistency in that way and it’s a week to week league in that way. But, you know, as much as you talk about Lamar playing from the pocket, there were still some critical times on Sunday when he took off and he had 70 rushing yards and he had some scrambles and you know, we’ve talked about this we we debated this a couple of weeks back where they’re not using as many designed runs for Lamar Jackson, but But he’s still scrambling, and he’s still taking off when there’s nothing there. And, you know, I don’t want this to become something where he just plays from the pocket, because if that’s all he’s doing, and he’s not running a whole lot, then their offense isn’t as good. It’s not as dynamic. So you don’t want to coach that out of Lamar Jackson. But yeah, you want to be selective and pick your spots. And that’s going to become even more important for him as he gets older, and he gets a little bit slower as we all do, as we age. So, you know, I think what we saw Sunday was encouraging. There’s no doubt about that. And I’d be remiss, as we’ve spent so much time talking about Jackson in the passing game. What about the performance of the offensive line with a a peculiar strategy that was kind of lost in the postgame with tylan Wallace and everything else that happened, but the Ravens rotated Offensive Tackles in that game? No, Ronnie Stanley Morgan, Moses, of course started, of course, they were on the field for the most pivotal moments the most critical junctures of the game. But we saw Patrick Macquarie cycling with Ronnie Stanley. We saw Daniel fall Lele cycle when at right tackle you and I talked a lot about Stanley and Moses during the bye week and where they are performance wise where they are healthwise. So I thought it was fascinating to see that approach coming out of the bye week when hypothetically they should be as rested as they’re going to be the rest of the year. So are we going to continue to see that? Is that going to be something that the ravens are going to play around with a little bit in the same way that? Well, you rotate your pass rushers right. You rotate your defensive lineman, so is there something to be said about giving your left tackle or your right tackle? Who are veteran players battling through injuries this year, giving them a series here and there to let them freshen up, so to speak, especially for the fourth quarter,

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:51

to some degree, right? Like a sure way that you hardball gives them you’ve seen your time off during the week and Fridays off and all that kind of stuff? They do take the third quarter off or up 10 points. I mean, it’s again, it’s it feels like that’s going to be like these are the tough that these next four weeks, they don’t have any patsies in here to say let the you know, let’s take a series off. But you get ahead. I think you play a little differently if you get ahead. Well, but

Luke Jones  22:17

but they didn’t play ahead on Sunday. And they still did it. So again, to me, I thought that was so interesting to see. And how about the fact that the Ravens did what they did against Aaron, Donald who I mean, they threw the kitchen sink at him in terms of double teams and all kinds of faculties.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:32


Every time he got triple team, they’d show it on TV, and you’re like, wow, at six hands.

Luke Jones  22:36

But how many times did we see Jackson in the pocket? At times, I mean, counting to five or six. I mean, if the protection overall was very good. And there were even some times where Lamar couldn’t find anyone downfield, or maybe there was someone open and the call was, you know, he’s looking at a different portion of the field and then ultimately took off and did what Lamar Jackson does with his legs, which is still magic, you know, no matter if you want it to be a little bit less than it was in the past. So, you know, I think from that standpoint, that was encouraging to see, again, it’s week to week, we’ve seen this offense play at a very high level, as they did against Detroit, as they did against Seattle, for example, and then have other games where it doesn’t look as good now that I think, you know, and this even ties into how they approach the end of the first half of that two minute drill that looked, you know, that started so encouraging and then bogged down. I think they’re still you know, Todd Monken. And this coaching staff still gets caught in between in terms of what exactly they want to be on offense, you know, I think their identity is still, you know, we just argued about their identity. You were saying their running game. Isn’t that good? While I pointed out that the most efficient, productive running game in the NFL, so they’re clearly doing something right on that front. But the fact that, you know, the eyeball test looks different to people. It kind of shows you that you know, what exactly are they trying to be on offensive? John hardball four years ago, what were they known for going forward on fourth down constantly. They’ve been much more conservative in that regard this year than they were four years ago. Big time and I think the defense playing at the level they have all season not Sunday, obviously but overall has played a part in that but and they

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:19

can’t get a yard when they want a yard do that’s what I’m telling you. That’s That’s my point on the running game. They

Luke Jones  24:25

can’t get a yard when they win. It’s how are they number one in the league though is what my point. I hear you on that and look, they haven’t been as good in short yardage as they were four years ago or three years ago. I agree with that. But at the same time, it’s still a very explosive running game that is still going to be a big part and has been a big part of why they win football games. But you saying that lens lends itself to the point I’m making that offensively they’re still searching for their identity. But in the meantime, they’ve still been very productive overall. I mean, you go into Sunday’s game I Think they ranked seventh in the league and points per game. I mean, you can say all you want about your identity and you know, you need to be better, you need to be more consistent. This is still been a top 10 offense even with some of those questions about situational football or, I mean, we, we talked so much about the red zone struggles earlier in the year, they tied for third in the league and redzone going, going into Sunday’s game. So, you know, I mean, it’s it really is a beauty is in the eye of the beholder of this offense right now, in terms of what exactly they are right now. What exactly, they are going to be come January, but again, the way that they were able to win a game on Sunday, where the defense which has been their biggest strength was not on Sunday, and it was rainy, and, you know, they made mistakes, like the Aaron snap, whatever, you know, go through the shortcomings, they found a way and they found a way and they threw the ball 40 plus times, which is something they supposedly couldn’t do, and they couldn’t do in the past at a high level. They did it. And that’s a credit to Lamar Jackson’s credit to Todd Monken credit to the O line. And a credit to these receivers, making plays as well. So wasn’t perfect. And there’s there gonna be plenty of things they have to clean up this week as they get ready for a big game down in Jacksonville Sunday night. But there’s there’s a lot to like about this offense. And I think what’s encouraging is I think there’s still some meat on the bone still ways that they can get better between now and January.


Nestor J. Aparicio  26:25

I’m smirking at you because I’m thinking like they would have been better with Derrick Henry, you know what I mean? But in that fourth in one type of environment that they’re going to find themselves in January, whether it’s the browns, the bills, you put the Bengals in you shoveled dirt on the bangles two weeks ago here, but I don’t know who did

Luke Jones  26:47

it. Who didn’t though, let’s take Brown and come on. I mean, credit to him. If they didn’t bury themselves as much as they did the first half of the season, they’d be way more intriguing. Like, legitimately intriguing right now. But yeah, hats off to me. It’s been a nice story. No doubt.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:05

You know what, we’ll take a break and we’ll come back and we’ll talk about the other teams in the AFC we’ll talk about the Ravens defense. We’ll talk about Trevor Lawrence, we’ll talk about Brock Purdy who I like we’ll talk about him next week. It’d be Christmas week some people be asleep and whatnot. We’ll be a wise markets next Monday during the Maryland crab cake tour. I’m going to be giving away the peppermint pay out multipliers. They smell like peppermint but they get overwhelmed by the gingerbread of the Oh snaps I must say why don’t $1 tickets smell stronger in the 3d I get to talk to John Martin about that this week. I think Seth is coming on unwrap the cash as well. We’re going to be at far and daughter they give me this I’m a blunt person shirt. I’m very appreciative of that. We’re talking about cannabis gift giving during the holidays. It’s crazy this week, but it’s first time ever adult use please do it responsibly. So also with the scratch offs don’t give these to kids. It’s also I have to give all of these disclaimers out because people do wacky stuff but on Friday we’re gonna be over foreign daughter G shock Rock Roll Hall of Famer is gonna be joining us. I have a mystery crabcake for our show over foreign daughter and I’m going to be giving away some lottery tickets please stop by our friends and win donation 866 90 nation remind you 0% financing for five years and also then need a reminder that it was snowing the other day the weather’s getting near. You know if you’re if you’ve been for decades, like I was windows make that call 866 90 nation I need some doors so I’m on the phone with them. Also our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care my little orange light came on. I took it over to the Jiffy Lube in America Boulevard. All set got an air filter the whole deal they take good care of you Jiffy Lube, multi care, putting the Maryland crabcake tour on the road. Luke is on the road to Owings Mills this week. The ravens are on the road to Jacksonville this week. Then San Francisco lots of national TV. Lots of hubbub and hullabaloo about a tenant three team and a number one seed in the AFC we’re doing the Maryland crabcake tour. All through the holidays. It has been a beautiful holiday we did a segment on gratitude with Bill Cole up you checking that out and lots and lots of really good stuff on the stadium situation. Camden Yards. We’re following all of that. Find it all at Baltimore Stay with us.

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Luke Jones takes Nestor to an early camp prep and attacks the Ravens summer offensive line issues in Owings Mills. The Maryland Crab Cake Tour includes a cameo from Leonard Raskin as our football and baseball passions converge in Baltimore…

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