Let Rick Dempsey tell you how the Orioles can win the whole thing

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As busy as ever opening a new Baseball Warehouse in Columbia, the Orioles 1983 World Series MVP joined Nestor for a chat about the love of Baltimore baseball, the fun of fantasy camp in Florida and another championship parade for our long-suffering Birdwatchers.


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Nestor Aparicio, Rick Dempsey

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Looking back WNSG, Towson, Baltimore, and Baltimore positive we have put the Maryland crabcake tour on baseball hiatus. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery with our rabid scratch offs, including our friends and window nation, 866 90 nation and our newest sponsor. At Jiffy Lube and multi care we talking about oil changes, and more into the fall ravens on the road three weeks in a row, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, London, we’re going to be up at the Hollywood casino giving these ravens scratch offs away on the morning of October 15. That’ll be the first day of my 56 year on the planet. And it’s been 40 years. Since the Baltimore Orioles won the World Series. I was in the 500 level on that Sunday, October the 16th 1983. With my pop, My dearly departed, I did not have a jersey nearly this good looking that particular day. But the guy who was my guest did Rick Dempsey, a World Series MVP from 1983. And of course, many many years on your mass and broadcast and in the Orioles family, and at the baseball warehouse and promoting another fantasy camp are old guys like me get to come out there and see if I can still throw a party. Dipper it is good to have you on anytime. But it is specifically really really good. When the magic number is like let’s say less than Cal Ripken is number less than Brooks Robinson is number and really get down to our bumpers number right now, as this thing comes home. How are you I miss you on the broadcast? about them when they were no good that are great. Let’s come back and talk about them.

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I know it’s like turned over in the blink of an eye. It’s amazing what the Orioles have done, you know, Mike Elias, you know, drafted these young guys, number one, do them in the minor leagues, and he was pretty patient with them. They’ve all come to the big leagues and something you just don’t see very often Nestor has so many guys come into the big leagues that are immediately productive with the ballclub usually it takes them a little while to get their feet wet. But ever since Adly rushman got there. And I mean, he’s been the big guy for me with the ballclub changing, just the way that they do things out on the field that this place is exploded. And I think everybody in in the baseball world all over the country is watching the Baltimore Orioles to see up there really for real. And and I would have to say watching the way they play defense watching the way they play offense and, you know, and the pitching and everything at the same time. It goes through and stretches here and there that are a little bumpy. But that happens on every ballclub. When it gets into playoff time, we’re going to see just how well they do and how well they can play together. And I think that’s the key for them right now is if you know don’t worry about the losses of two or three days in a row. And they bounce right back, you know, so I’m hoping that they can continue that kind of play into the playoffs and I think we’re gonna see him go pretty far.

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See the bounce back, they really lose, right and they don’t lose series. They never get swept. I mean, there is a point where you think, all right, maybe the pitching is not as great as some other it’s not Glavine and Madison smalls, it’s not McGregor and stone and Boddicker. And Palmer, you know, it’s not that, but I would still look at it and say over the body of work over that not just this year, but going back to half of last year. They’ve managed to score enough runs when they need to. And the pitching has been good enough to get them here. Now lining all of this up and where Grayson Rodriguez was 234 months ago or John means was two or three weeks ago before he went out and threw no hit ball last week that you start to say all right, well, maybe losing Batista is that’s not good. And maybe Cano and Fuji and these guys have a little ways to go but the starting pitching and what we’ve gotten out of Kramer, Gibson, even Flaherty out of the bullpen last week, it does hurt me to think well, eighth and ninth inning. But they might be up eight, the three in the eighth or ninth inning of a couple of these games and not need it to be a nail biter every night in the playoffs.


You know, Nestor as I looked at a lot of teams that we went into playoffs against in my era, everything you’ve kind of say, you know, what are these hitters like what is what’s the chemistry of the game? And how did they respond to the the other teams that are equal to them? They don’t take too many pitches. There’s no indecision up there. What if it’s there, if they can swing out if they do, and you don’t see them take a lot of strike threes. It just doesn’t happen. When teams like that, that just have no fear. When they get into a big juries against a team that’s got a good reputation. They’re really tentative about the kinds of pictures that they swing out. You’ll see a lot of guys go up there and take basketballs down the middle of the plate for strike three, they get bullied. If there’s not those thoughts in these kids heads that they’re very aggressive, anything close to they’ll take a pretty good hack at it. They’ve got all the power that they need, they got the good contact hitters, right? You know, wherever they want in the lineup. It’s just a matter there’s no quit in them at all. They get down into an NA 345 runs and they’re not out of the game at all. And you can tell by their attitude that when they get back up in there, you know, they get a runner in scoring position and somebody finds a way to get a base hit. You know, it’s incredible to see this team back I think more than any other team even in the National League and I see a lot of national league ballgames even in the National League, you don’t see the chemistry on their ballclub that the Orioles have right now. I think the Orioles are number one in that respect. You know that chemistry is right there and it starts right there behind home plate. I think Adly rushman kind of kind of took hold of this ballclub maybe not on purpose, but just his whole demeanor from behind home home plate has really permeated through the ballclub and through the organization. And I think when kids come up here, they’re ready to produce. And that’s a beautiful thing to watch right now.

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Rick, you were part of this for a long time you wanted to be you know, on the field off the field, Dan Duquette era MacPhail before that, going back to the Oriole way and what you grew up with, with cow Sr, and Earl Weaver and caching and everything that was laid out this last five, six years with Elias coming in and listen all the high jinks in Houston with bang and trash cans and the cheating that was very obvious that happened there. He came here and you have the baseball warehouse you always trying to train young players you saw on was you know your nephews, one of my dear friends trained up had a nice long career like you had. But this modern team where to your point number one picks, we had number one picks here for a generation that rarely got to the field, it was thought well, it’s baseball, you pick a lot of guys, and not every number one makes it whatever they’re doing at a coaching training. And I know the analytics part still sort of baffles the 55 year old in me to wonder what they’re doing. But the measurements of what they do with pitching and with rest. And more than that with hitting having all of the Westberg and the counselors and we’re gonna have holiday around the corner all of these guys coming up, right? And they’re not all gonna be I always use Richie Tao or your great friend, my father Richard out no offense to you or Rennick he was my favorite player or brother low. But my dad loved rich Dower, because he led the International League Triple Crown, he did all that he was not that in the big leagues, but he was really good big league player, but he had that pedigree at AAA and in the minors at a time when all of you played a lot more minor league ball than these guys have. But these guys, whatever the new group is doing whatever that measurement and analytics thing they’re doing, they are producing what your warehouse wants to produce, which is taking someone that’s a great raw talent, a high draft pick, but getting them to that next level that they can come up here and win baseball games. And we haven’t we haven’t seen that over 40 years here Rick, you know that


I know it you know, a lot of teams have good players in their organization, there might be four or five of them, you know, on every team that are really outstanding athletes and very productive players. But if you don’t have the camaraderie to go along with it, you know where everybody plays together there’s a lot to be said for that. I mean, Earl Weaver was a tough guy to get along with out on the field because he demanded that we do the fundamentals properly and if we didn’t we’d spend our off days on the road at the ballpark working on the fundamentals and I think after a while we kind of understood don’t drop the ball don’t miss the tag simple things like that you know hit the cut off man all little stuff like that really means something when you get into playoff territory and this is what these guys have they’ve got a great ballclub that can be very productive and very powerful. What’s going to make it work is being able to do the little thing put it together you know play good defense keep the double play in order those kinds of things that are we were demanded and our coaching staff at the same time that’s what took us deep into season that’s what gave us the confidence that we could win a World Series let’s just get there but with a well through the playoffs and everything you know the Orioles habit right now and I hope that they can maintain it they got the characters in that lineup that can keep everybody together and keep everybody on the same page. Don’t get too cocky. Don’t you know get crazy. Just just stay focused on you know, paying attention to what’s going on in the game a lot. A lot of guides through that era after I retired you know, they were more focused on chewing sunflower seeds playing flip games in the bullpen who’s going to hit their In the seat and the cup and stuff like that, no, you got to be paying attention to the game. What’s the other guys doing? What’s their strengths? What’s their weaknesses? You know, we focused on those kinds of things. And there’s a lot of things out there. For example, I know I wasn’t with the Orioles in 1988, I was with the Dodgers. They picked us to be last in our division. Not only did we win the division, we won the playoffs in the National League, we went to the World Series, and beat the most powerful team on paper in history, the Oakland A’s. And we beat them in five games because we paid attention and what happened and Seiko Maguire and a lot of their good hitters would come up and I noticed that they they opened had a big, wide open stance, you know what that left? What was wide open? What are they looking for? When they do that? If they don’t close up on the way, you know, they’re looking middle then when they came up second times, and they were pigeon toed like this, and they you realize you’re trying to get the left side. And so now they’re looking for the ball on the outside quarter, you pick up things like that I watching the game, don’t spend your time inside watching a football game on the side or a basketball game on the side, you know, pay attention to what’s going on on the game. And I think Nestor that’s a reason why most of our pictures like Scotty McGregor, Steve stone, you know, gotten you know, like Dennis Martinez was in a category all of his own. He came to the big leagues with the best stuff I ever saw any pitcher in baseball, who had, but there were guides like that, that didn’t have great stuff. But a they were smart enough to know if I watch this ballgame, just like Jim Palmer did. I’m gonna be able to pick up things they’re going to help me win baseball game. This is the Oreos right now. This is the Oreos right now. And I think that’s what’s going to take them they play together. They’re fundamentally strong. They can steal bases, they get in scoring position, forget about the analytics or whatever that might be part of their history. It wasn’t part of ours. So but that’s okay. They’re in a position to win. And that’s all Oreo fans want to see Oreo fans deserve that.

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Had a picture Rick Dempsey on the wall at the radio station for a good 25 years of him and Scott McGregor in that moment up at the vet back in October of 1983. I don’t know who the pile divers are here who’s gonna get the winning head in the first week of November is replaying World Series games around here. But certainly harkening back to anything and you got me all like you start talking at eight and I’m thinking I remember where I was with Gibson at that bomb, right? Like you were there when we were all ran on it. And I hope we have that sort of drama around here. Rick is here on behalf of the baseball whereas as well as my old friend Jay Harris, baseball fan camp.com. It deprives. You don’t get 55 and a couple of weeks right on on Kiko Garcia’s birthday, which is October 14, which is the day before Jim Palmer’s birthday, which is October 15. So I’m celebrating 55 years I think I’m now officially in the era where I could come the fantasy camp. I’m old enough now right? Because I was 30 years ago I was too young you guys would let me go. You’re a rookie. Yeah, I’m afraid of being with my elbow and he iced and I’m afraid of being in a tank all week with a bad back or something. That’s my deal.


You gotta work out 65 days a year, man. That’s,

Nestor Aparicio  13:22

that’s what my routine was baseball conditions different than yogic. I’m a great yoga shape, but throwing a baseball torquing it’s like playing golf where you’ll be today. You know, you’re still a well conditioned athlete to be able to do all this. You go to a baseball camp in your young age and not get injured. Tell me about these fantasy camps because I’ve had so many friends that have been I got the picture showing up here. And there’s it Look, my wife will tell you this. I could not find I bought it. I haven’t Oriole Jersey I’ve been wearing for 30 years. I wore it I got fat and the buttons came out and then I got skinny and it came back together. We moved last year and I can’t find my jersey. I went out on the internet and I bought an AI This is a 79 this is one you wore Rick, but I want you to see the back of this when I saw this on the internet. I said oh my god. That’s an Aparicio OLED it looks like it should be the senseis or you know or like that but it’s not. And I bought this and it came in the mail two weeks ago and my wife like sat down waited let’s get Christmas I got to open it and put it on. Just putting this thing on makes me want to go in the hole and have you hit me hot grounders. I’ll be honest with you.


Well, you’ve got the passion for the game. It’s just in a different respect. You want to talk about gaming. That’s where that’s your strength, not on the field. You didn’t spend sunup to sundown out on the baseball field taking back into your right into your lap

Nestor Aparicio  14:46

till I was about 14. Yeah, and I found girls and rock and roll and I just watched you guys do it is what I did.


Well, those are pretty good reasons.

Nestor Aparicio  14:56

But you get to be a kid again. I mean, I played a lot of ball as a kid. recommend, I always surprise my wife when like, I get a glove and like I know how to do it really well. And I’ve shag fly balls and all that for people who played as a kid like myself, maybe haven’t picked the ball and a bat up in a little while this the fantasy camp and you’ve done 3040 of these, you’ve done a lot of these you’re doing player, it’s it’s a joyous time everybody I’ve ever known that’s gone to a fantasy camp has come back not just with a cool jersey, but just with a great experience, right?


Oh, it is because they get to live their dreams through through us on our stories and everything that we tell them, they get down there and they want to hear about everything, some some game that they went to some certain thing happened, they want to know how and why it happened, you know, and they just want to know everything about the game. They live vicariously through those stories that we tell them at fantasy camp when you get down there, you know, and and you encourage them, you know, to do certain things, you know, don’t take so many pitches, you know, hit what you can hit don’t worry about it being a striker or not. It might be two inches up the outside corner, all of a sudden they get a face and they say your rent because all of a sudden now they’ve become a little bit more aggressive. You know, fantasy camps are a lot of fun, because usually mostly at the breakfast time in the morning, you know, they’re having breakfast, that’s our opportunity to stand up in front of them and tell them about a lot of the fun things that we did during the course of our careers. And they just really enjoy it, you know, like when Tippi Martinez and a few of the other guys. We used to hang out together and I told him, you know, the story that they dropped me off at my apartment, Lenny Tsikata and Mike Boddicker I think we’re in on this and they dropped me off at my condo and they went and parked underneath I ran across the street hidden the closet in their house because they left the key on the on the table when we all left so I’m hiding in the closet and then there was a guy that was robbing a lot of people down in Miami at that time. And it was his name was el el turtle. Well, whatever else circle What did I do anything I threw a broom down when they got to there any any poker game in the middle of night I threw a broom handle down in the hallway and bang against the wall. Who the heck is that? I said, well, it fell Turco you know, as we all know, this is from Robin, everybody in Miami is gonna get it. So, you know, I did a lot of things to these guys. It was funny. I had them. Pippi Martinez was one of the guys too. And so he went into the kitchen I could see from the from the mirror down the hall that he was getting some weapons in the kitchen. So he had a four butter knives and a can opener. I said hey, why why were you do what you have in your hand? You will look like you you want to hurt me. It says yeah, ISIS, we’ve we’ve got knives I will bring Oh, I have a gun. He says okay, you know, the bottom line is I finally ran him back into the room. And the police came after I grabbed all their Indiana money and put it in a bag and I ran up the sliding glass door. The police all came you know and interviewed them. How much money did they lose the cheap bastards were saying that they lost about $5,000 they wanted to get one but it all came it was about $26.50 in canes and that was it. Trying to get five grand out of it.

Nestor Aparicio  18:46

So you bring up tippy so I played in two baseball games. I’ve been on the air 32 years. 25 years in NST. I played two baseball games as an adult one it was print versus broadcast. Rick Vaughn in 1992 organized a game at the new Camden Yards. We were all filmed on video I played third base Keith Mills played shortstop. I schmuck struck me out rank Robinson. Hall of Famer dearly departed rang me up on a three two pitch. It was low and outside in that game, I’m so upset with Frank about that. And then I played I got invited down to buoy in the 90s to play in a celebrity baseball game, and it was a lot more competitive. I mean, I thought it was just gonna be for fun. There were some like former minor league players that could really play I was still young I was in my 20s Tippy Martinez was pitching on the other team down a buoy. I’ll never forget it, you know. I went down he grabbed me. Nice little 58 mile an hour heater. I always had trouble hitting off lefties and I singled to left field and I didn’t run the first base I ran to tippy to hug him because I singled off of a major leaguer and A Dipper Listen, that was 20 some years ago, I’m still here bragging about it. Because when you play fantasy baseball and you go to one of these camps, you remember it. I’ll never forget. I never see Tippie without thanking him for grooving me and allowing me to hit a single offer him because he picked three guys off in a row one night. I think you remember that? Right?


i Yeah, he did. I got a pinch hit for and let his Takata went into catch. And so typically, I don’t know if he walked. I think he walked a couple of guys. Yeah. And then he had to pick them up because they were all trying to steal second based on Lenny. They knew Lenny wasn’t a catcher. You know, but to pick off three guys in one inning is nothing short of miraculous. It’s never been done before. And tip. He’s the only one who ever did it. He was amazing. It’s a good thing. Nestor he didn’t throw us a curveball because his curveball was like what we call you know, 12 to six. Right? It was It came in and it spreads out. There was no curvature to it at all. Really it just from top to bottom. And it was so tight there. The spin ratio was amazing. And I can remember, Clippy coming into game. He couldn’t do his fastball over. And so I’d say you know, I’ve gotten I got the three and one on account and with the bases loaded up, he walks the guy we lose the ball game. I just said hell, I gotta call his curveball. And we had three. No. So I called a curveball. I throw strike once and not three and one then I call the curveball again. Three gutter, what the hell, let’s go go with it again. So calling three straight curveballs in a row, he strikes the guy out. And here he loaded the bases with not being able to throw the fastball over. But he wasn’t amazing pitcher for us. Sometimes he started not very often. But he had that durability, but he had the most amazing curveball you ever want to see?

Nestor Aparicio  21:57

Rick the memories of 79 and my disappointment. I was 11 years old. And then a few years later, after I discovered girls and rollerskating in 1983 You guys want up in Philly? I would say pressure on these young guys. And I always use the example of 79 to 83 and really good at the best team in baseball and 81 on the split year 82 The last week and against the Brewers the whole deal that you finally climb the mountain but that was Cal Ripken his first and only mountain right Cal made back 9697 The playoffs but not to a World Series. It’s early in this Oriole thing and I know if you were on television we’d be talking about the least the John Angelo’s hasn’t signed the money that’s going to it’s going to take the retain these players when the time comes and how they let Machado get away and gave them money and all of those things and I sit here talking about every single day. But I think the the thing that I want to make clear to everybody being a little older and you’re even older than me is man or you know tomorrow baby there’s just right now like this, though, don’t be thinking this is the beginning of something. This you gotta be thinking we’re one seed and we got to buy and this this is your time to win even though you’re young Adly even though it’s the first time at the rodeo Gunnar Henderson that for guys like Kyle Gibson, they’re not thinking about tomorrow or next year. We’re gonna be even better when holiday gets you’re no we’re the Yankees and Red Sox are gonna be better too. At some point. This has been a


deal. Yeah, I mean, the American ladies Yeah, they’re gonna be better. But you know, right now there’s no fear. You know, they’ve jumped out of the chute, Aaron first place. Nobody ever expected that. They’re trying to show the world it’s ladette. And everybody in baseball is watching them right now. And they’re just as cool and calm and collected as you ever want to see a ballclub. So I expect that they’re gonna go deep, you know, in this division of playoff, anything can happen if they lose their confidence and if it all changed in a heartbeat, but I just think that there’s so many of them right now that are being productive. And it’s a beautiful blend of young players of rookie players and veteran guys that have been very productive. Mullins is one that stands out from me, you know, maybe the numbers aren’t there like they were the year he hit 30 home runs and had so many stolen bases and blah blah blah but you know, some you know, he’s going to pick up the pace down the stretch, you’re starting to get it back again. He’s got that confidence about him hit the three run home run the other the other day to win the ballgame for him. Things like that are going to happen, you know, with this ballclub as you can tell it’s nothing but confidence with this ballclub right now. And you know, that’s what we had with the Los Angeles Dodgers with a bunch of old backup guys. We only had five starters there the rest of us were platoon guys, but that’s what we had when we had that competence about our ballclub that we were going to come back from any deficit. We’ve seen that happen all year long witness tape.

Nestor Aparicio  25:04

Well, your 79 team and 83 team, whether it was renegade Lowenstein, where there was Billy Smith and the Affer mentioned Rick, Dow, or you attack it, I mean, you know, everybody pitches in. And that’s the way this team has been with the McCanns. And with the Mateos and with the Oh, Hearns and McKenna, I mean, every, it’s like your magic song, Rick, every night, there’s a different star. That’s the magic of Oreo,


right? You know, if I had learned to keep my mouth shut, and 79, we would have won that World Series. And I might have had a shot at the MVP there, too. So what happened? You know, when they introduced us all before game one, you line up on the third base and first base lines. And then you go and you clap hands with Earl Weaver and on down the line, I looked over at her and I said, Chuck, if you want to get it over with quick when they get off base, let him try to steal throughout Marino throughout Alexander right throughout Parker, and everything and all of a sudden, after we got up three to one in the series, they stopped running. Here was the best hitting game in the National League, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the best hitting team in baseball that year. And all of a sudden they stopped running, they realized we made a mistake. They were giving us extra outs per inning every time they tried to steal a base, I’d throw them out. So all of a sudden those last three games nobody attempted to steal, and they put it back together again. And they ended up winning the last three ballgames and broke our hearts. But through the years, I thought, you know, how did that happen? How did we lose three games in a row, I didn’t think we’d lost three games in a row all season long. And it was that one particular thing decanter stopped running, stop giving me extra outs, or any and boom, they put it together. And we all went home with our tail between our legs, and thank God 83 came up and we were able to, you know, to rectify that situation ended up being a Hall of Fame, Philadelphia Phillies game, and five games. So you know, you’ll learn your lesson through the years, but I take the hammer for 1979 I’m sorry, Nestor.

Nestor Aparicio  27:13

Well, here’s the 83 World Series MVP Rick Dempsey, we’re gonna talk a little baseball warehouse before I get you out here. I’ll just say this, the 79 Pirates. I had occasion one night not to hit Bert Blyleven is curveball, which I’m sure if they had all the analytics of the tight of the spin on the curveball from him in the Minnesota era, we would remember that and I know you know all about that as well. But he he showed me the World Series when we went to lunch way. So you want to try it on? I said, I only want to see it. Grant Jackson’s did the same issue to me back in the 90s when he was a pitching coach and and roving in our, I don’t want to know, I have blacked out. I don’t even listen to We are family. I don’t allow that I hate myself. Yeah, I hate that song to Rick Dempsey is your last thing for you other than we’re gonna go deep into the playoffs and win a World Series. And I’ll bring it back on here, find out who the 2020 for 2023 Excuse me, MVP will be here of the world. So maybe Adley rutschman will be the guy took the baseball warehouse and you’re training with young people and opening new academies really, that young people when they want to play and you know, I’ve known Dave Johnson here forever and you always given instruction to young people. And it’s part of I think playing in the big leagues all these years is you have some knowledge that any young person could can use and, and I know you work really hard on it. And people have big dreams and making the big leagues I know I did when I was a kid.


Oh, I ya know, it’s, it’s just going to be such a great time for us. And we’re getting ready for our grand opening here on October 6, seventh and eighth out at the Rick Dempsey baseball warehouse. And it’s just so much I mean, I believe today, I’m not a total believer and on all the analytics that they’ve come up with and especially Petra is going to one knee and things are getting a little bit sloppy a lot of past balls and guys getting in scoring position puts too much pressure on the pitching staff but you know, but to learn the game fundamentally you’re not going to have any better instructors than the ones I have like Mike bordick up there or you know our tippy Martinez coming in, like you said, the show the pictures just just how to grip that pitch and how to get good spin ratio and blah blah blah. And Al Bumbry as one of the hitting instructors and we’ve got people coming in for the camps in the clinics that you know that have been Hall of Famers? And don’t we’re really looking forward to dive into this thing. I’m Matt Morrison has started the baseball warehouse and made an invitation for me to join his company and put together a Rick Dempsey baseball warehouse out in Colombia. But with all the people were filtering in, I mean, fans are going to get that opportunity to meet a lot of really good Major League players back the reason that we’re there is to teach these kids the fundamentals of the game on how to be successful at any level that they want to play ball, whether it just be little league or high school or college, you’d be surprised a lot of kids that go to college, don’t really play in a good baseball program there. They might not go to the big leagues, but they might get scholarships because of their ability, things that they learned at a baseball warehouse somewhere, you know. So it’s really a trend across the world with all the money they’re paying to players, you know, the parents are out there thinking my son and is good enough, you know, to make it maybe one of these days, he’ll be one of those multimillion dollar contracts at the major. It’s motivational. But they learned a lot because especially at the Dempsey warehouse, I take the time to bring the parents and at the same time, while I’ve got other instructors working on certain things, I’ll go to the parents and I’ll say See how simple it is to hold a baseball. This is what they need to do. This is how they need to release it. You know, you got to work with them when they’re at home. And they love that they love to hear my insight to being a parent teaching kids, their own kid when they’re not in really involved in any kind of baseball program on what to look for and how to help them. Focus on conditioning and what baseball is the toughest sport of all the sports you might disagree. You think Oh, footballs got to be No, it isn’t footballs one once a week, basketballs once every two days, three days. You know, baseball from the start of spring training to the end of a championship series, you might be playing 230 games. That’s what makes baseball tough is being out there every single day. You know, for that amount of time. The plate players have to learn to condition the pipe never stop working out the end of a baseball season Nestor, I’ve unpacked my first day in the second day, I’m doing my seven and a half mile country road runs up in the mountains. And then on Tuesdays, it was repeat quarters, four out of four miles of repeat quarters at 16. And then on Thursdays on that day, we do the sprint workout where you do three miles of 220s halfway around the track, you know, and that’s

Nestor Aparicio  32:23

thinks about that with you being the MVP and like, like all these years later, but I knew zon and I would say this when I stand next to you when I stand next to his on your like normal guys. You weren’t gifted faster betters that you’ve worked harder. Yeah. I mean, like literally, I mean, you weren’t. You weren’t born with the physical gifts of Barry Bonds or whatever, right literally. Now, when


the scouts told my mother I signed out of high school as a professional catcher, and 145 pounds. They said don’t change the furniture around in his room because he’s gonna be back within the next couple of weeks. And she kind of laughed a little bit. He says, Oh, I don’t know. You don’t know, my boy. That’s right. Exactly. So a mother’s confidence, you know, so whatever. But no, you got to work at it every day.

Nestor Aparicio  33:11

Well, good luck to you and getting this thing open. You picked a pretty good time to have a grand opening here. Down at Columbia. Rick Dempsey joining us here. World Series MVP. 1983. We were you mentioned Mike bordick. I mean, no offense to you Bumbry Tippie. Good guys. Board. It’s one of my favorite people on earth. I mean, just one of the really good humans that we’ve ever had put up


field is a gem. That’s all there is to it. He talks to baked by, he doesn’t look down at anybody. He doesn’t put himself up on a pedestal. Yet. He set a record in the major leagues for the most errorless games in a row. I mean, that’s not easy to do. And he’s, he’s amazing. He really is amazing. A good speaker. He communicates well with people. He’s always willing to help. You can’t get a better person to be involved with and Mike bordick You’re absolutely right, Nestor.

Nestor Aparicio  34:04

I’ve been doing this a long, long time. If, if I were on fire, and I needed you know, somebody from baseball Mike bordick be my first phone call. I’m glad he was yours as well. Hey, we’ll get you back up here a little bit more often. We got a couple plugs here for Rick Dempsey’s baseball warehouse as well as J. Harris at the baseball fan camp.com. That camp is January 20. Through the 28th it’s in southwest Florida. The weather’s better there. You get to play ball. You get to come back and talk about hitting a single off a Tippy Martinez for the rest of your life. The way I have a schmuck stretch out you get you forget about that. The way the Ravens forgot about losing this weekend. Rick, buckle up your chin strap here for baseball man. We got playoff baseball a little bit of by time getting these pitching matchups together. It’s always good to hear your voice to see your face pal.


Thank you Nestor.

Nestor Aparicio  34:52

Rick Dempsey joining us here. I went out and I bought the Aparicio throwback that there’s only one orange Jersey it was this one. I don’t know that. He’s imposter things they were and he’s city connected all that put the orange dots out let’s go with ourselves a World Series here next month I’m Nestor we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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