NFL Week 11: Big spreads and bad teams with hurt quarterbacks

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Christian Horton of Hollywood Casino Perryville brings Nestor back to earth on his NFL Picks in Week 11 where he began the week 78-70-4 but has been trending under .500 since Halloween.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Christian Horton

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. Yang and 1570, Towson Baltimore and we’re getting out on the road man. I’ll tell you what we’re taking the Maryland crabcake tour on the road several times this month but first things first your families last week. Great time Matt Campbell. My friend Bill Cole. We had just an unbelievable Jeff right now great conversations about the future of the city and downtown. That was on Friday on Tuesday. We went to Costas before we got the Bengals in the Ravens underway. Had a great great day there with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society of trying to get me to be the visionary of the year. We’ll see how that goes. I know that it never felt qualified to be mad at your Dominique and Katie came out from Leukemia Lymphoma Society, a while my wife was in Paris jammin with Madonna. And we also had a visit from my friend StanChart Blonsky and also the principal of Dundalk High School current principal Paul Satterfield talking about the state of education what it’s like to be a student post COVID Also what it’s like to be a parent and to be a teacher. So we had great great conversations, but we’re gonna be taking on the road next week. This guy is going to be participate. We’re gonna be a Pappas in Parkville. A long time since I’ve been to Pappas and Parkville. I’ve been utilizing the Cockeysville location for so long, but we’re gonna be Parkfield is on Tuesday, I’ve got some great guests lined up including this guy. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have a handful of ravens scratch offs to giveaway I’m about to, to bring in house the scented Maryland lottery scratch off tickets, I’ll have the I’ll have the gingerbread and also the peppermint. So please, by all means, maybe we’ll have those at Pappus but probably not to the week after we got to cocoas we’re going to be on Thursday the 28th ninth, we’re Coco’s in laurelville 30th We’re going to be at the BMA and gertrudes legendary crabcake I haven’t had damn Roger is going to be joining us Odette Ramos is going to be there as well. And then on Friday, December the first have already set up Tom Kelso from former Maryland stadium authority chairs he’ll come out we’re gonna talk about money and stadiums and revenue at Hollywood casino in Perry Ville, which I drove by him away to see tiny combo Philadelphia the other night. This guy is going to be joining me Pappas Parkville and did I don’t know when I get together with you whether we’re gonna be like Wonder Twins and my picture gonna go the opposite direction. But it can’t hurt to finally meet you in person because my pics have just freely gone into the stinker. I mean, I almost I almost came onto the weather here this week and didn’t want to face the reality of my five and nine lousy weekend. But you met such thinkers early on you showed up so I feel like I need to be Christian Orton is here he is a sports book manager of all things Hollywood casino in Perryville. He will be with us on December the first when we bring the show on the road the crabcake tour, I may turn into a salmon BLT tour when I get up there because I love that salmon BLT they have to sportsbook up there. Christian how are you? Um, my pitch were really lousy last week and I don’t keep tracking your pics and you could lie to me if you want but I don’t think you need to. I think you probably picked really well last week, right? I mean, you you came to life, right? Unfortunately

Christian Horton  02:53

not. No, no, no, I was right there with you. Um, you actually beat me again. I was for Hinton. Last

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:00

Thornton I’m looking at this and I’m thinking yeah, you took the Ravens. Okay. You took the wigglin Oh, the loss. You took the Chargers?

Christian Horton  03:10

Chargers the we had giant

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:13

you took 16 and a half points with the Giants, which probably look I can’t pick on you, dude. I was five and nine. It was lousy. I’m glad I picked the Browns right? They saved me. You know, I? Here’s what I want. Unless you’re ready for this. This is how neutral Chad Steel’s made me you’re ready. You’re ready. Not only did I pick against the ravens, which I didn’t do in any of 27 years because I’m taking this seriously with you I gotta come in like face to face real gamblers act like an expert I am on the season I want to say 7870 and four. So I’m still I mean we’re 11 weeks and I’m tanking eight games over and for pushes I am where I am right. But I will just say this here the games I want on this week. I won picking the Indianapolis Colts in Germany. My wife attended that game with Patriot fans though less all level Patriot fan. They were unhappy. You were unhappy. They’ll Bella checks on Happy Bob graphs on everybody’s unhappy. I took the Colts I took the Steelers. I took the browns and the points I didn’t think they beat the Ravens but they did. I took the Cowboys I want on the Cowboys. You know much I hate the Cowboys. And then I want on the lions which I mean whoever wins on the lions the Lions have been won in 50 years. So those are my five victory So this week, you know listen, there’s no hardness there’s no anthem you’re pro Mike Tomlin there’s none of that going on like you are where you keep losing with the you gotta lose with the Patriots this week. You can’t

Christian Horton  04:43

you can’t know they’re gonna buy they’re gonna buy this week. All right,

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:47

well enough I thought you actually your picture okay, now that I’ve looked at your pics, I’m like, you’re like sub 500 on a year right? So I should feel good about

Christian Horton  04:55

myself. No, under 500 Last week put me at 69 cents. The 74 So, yeah, I was I was 500, the week before, but then, you know, the foreign 10 got me and got me worse.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:08

This is really tough to do, right? I mean, you manage a sports book and Hollywood casino people come up to you and say, What do you think? They do that to me on the radio? What do you think? And that’s why I did this exercise this year. And I told somebody this week, I think on the air, Leonard Raskin, I told them the air I said, you know, Leonard, if I’m going to be serious about this next year, and you and me, and, you know, we work this out, John, Amy, and we’re actually doing this next year. And I hope we are and I’m coming up and I, I’ve loved doing this every week as an exercise. But I think next year, I want you to give me some pen play money. That’s real, but fake, right? Like where I would take $150 a week just to fail to do whatever $100 Whatever the number is not something crazy, like a grand because I don’t want to act like a real gambler. And we’re I’m really wagering $1,000 a week, which is we tell people not to wager that much right? Like just in general, but we’ll do something normal. But then I get to use it like fantasy football, where I’m drafting where I look at a game and I’m like, alright, I’ll put some bro cream in my hair. And it’s this my five star special. It’s $50 this week. So I’ll do my whole New York accent. And so I want to do it where I’m not doing the same every week, because I do think there’s some weeks where I’m like, I don’t like this game at all. That’s a five cent bet. And there’s some weeks where I’m like, this is a 50 cent bet. This is like I liked this pic. I want to get ahead. And I think that’s the way real gamblers would do it. You would agree with that, right?

Christian Horton  06:34

Yeah, no, 100% Yeah, no. real gamble when pick every single game. Right, right. That’s, that’s fair

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:43

enough. So this can we give me a chance to pick every game? And let’s see, these are the three that I’m putting a little bit more Doremi on just so I’m invested. And then we could see how I would do over the year. But it still wouldn’t be right because I wouldn’t bet on every get you to your point. You just wouldn’t do that. Yeah,

Christian Horton  06:58

exactly. No, like, like you were saying you pick three or four games that you really like, probably to one o’clock games to four o’clock meetings to kind of see how that pans out.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:08

People that do this that don’t lose their minds. When people are having fun. And that’s what we want people to do with a commodity with casino Berryville with us on the first if you’re there to stay and see Kirk’s ban or you want to bet on the Maryland Indiana game on the first please do all that. But but this is for fun, man right?

Christian Horton  07:23

Yeah, no, no, like you said yeah, it’s just for crying really for watching you can’t you can’t watch all the one o’clock games by themselves you know, all at once. Unless you have a billion TVs available to you but yeah, you just pick three or four games that you really like and let it ride out and kind of see how it goes and yeah, I kind of liked that idea of you coming up and picking three or four games and see how it goes for the season. All

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:45

right, so here we go. I am I want to on the record 7870 and four on the season a lousy five and nine last week but we’re gonna get back on the grid here at picks so I’m going to do the Ravens Bengals game last very much on purpose Okay, and the reason for that is it’s Thursday night we always pick it last anyway but by the time you hear this if you’re hearing this on Saturday or Sunday at 10am 15 Seven you’re watching this ad on our YouTube or Instagram or the Lord is not on tick tock yet but I will be I needed some tick tax to wash out the bad taste in my mouth last week all right, Tennessee Jacksonville let’s go on one o’clock games here. Who was Jacksonville? I don’t know. Like I’m inclined to pick them on the client. I think when the Ravens get there a month from now it’s gonna be a tough game. But what San Francisco did with to them is sort of like pulls the lead out of the engine a little bit six and a half points I’m taking Tennessee in this one I’m I there’s some times this week I’m gonna lay a lot of lead because there’s a lot of Let Me 10 and a half 11 and a half and there’s big spur third 12 and and there’s big spreads out there. Six and a half with Tennessee. I’m gonna go ahead and take it Yeah,

Christian Horton  08:52

unfortunately I’m gonna go I’m gonna go Jacksonville. You know, Trevor Lawrence was on under a lot of criticism last week for his play against the 40 Niners and I think he kind of response to that. But Tennessee they’re kind of there not much for me. You know, I don’t think they can compete with Jacksonville. They didn’t do well against Tampa Bay last week. And you know, they had the rookie will love us out there. So I’m gonna take Jacksonville beat him up a little bit.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:15

Put that damn Passerini Jersey back well, maybe they get somewhere the Washington commanders and the New York football Giants I mean, this is one here I think it all agree the commanders aren’t very good. Nine and a half points. It really speaks to where we are with the Giants some of the some of these deep Carolina you were how we feel about these teams now. Gamblers feel about these teams, nine and a half points on a bad team and I’m taking it I’m taking the Washington football team.

Christian Horton  09:45

Okay, yeah, no, no, I like Washington also. I got seven. Yeah, this is the the plane that jets Correct.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:53

No, I had the giants in the commander’s at 9am. To commanders. Sorry,

Christian Horton  09:57

sorry. I did. Sorry. I’m gonna Unlike the doughnuts on this one with 10 and a half, I now see it where you got to 10 and a half I got nine and a half and a half. Yeah, okay, so I got 10 And that’s why I’m like where are you seeing the nine and a half? All right, well, we’ll go with tonight we’ll go with tonight. I’m still gonna go with the giants with the nine especially because you know the video game they always played tough. So yeah

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:19


Christian Horton  10:22

that’s I know that’s why if I may take the Giants that’s exactly I was like I hadn’t taken 10 and a half so that’s what you have to do on

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:29

these baggage. And again, this a five cent game to me this is a game like I’m like I don’t know what Jacksonville I would stay with these teams are inconsistent. If you’re wagering you stay away from inconsistency, right? Yeah,

Christian Horton  10:40

no 100% You stay away from that you kind of see who they are and maybe better them later down the season. But yeah, no, no, definitely stay away from these games if personally I would. Yeah, but I’m gonna take I’m still gonna take the Giants but the nine and a half.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:54

I tell you what, this is how lines move. I did. I did my thing. 30 minutes ago, Miami was 12 and a half. I now have a 12 with the Raiders Miami’s at home we talked about scoring a lot of points. The reason you Take Miami years you think they can score a lot and you think they can stop the Las Vegas Raiders coming three times distances in the morning. I’m taking Miami i i just think they’ll score enough I think 12 and a half a lot of lead. There’s a lot of reasons to take Vegas. You

Christian Horton  11:21


know, this is one of the spreads that jumped out you know, especially in double digits prior that doesn’t happen much in the NFL. Um, but yeah, I’m gonna take the Raiders with this one. I think they’re, they kind of come in to be with Antonio Pierce. He’s having his culture in there and they’re really the players are responding to him so I like the one to 12 I think it’s my you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:40

Antonio Pierce is one of Marvin skies and anybody that’s a Marvin guys an extra guy so I think we went through this last week a little bit so I you know, I’m not rootin for the Raiders but I’m rooting for Antonio, Piers Houston, four point favorites all of a sudden, um, you know, I think Cincinnati Bengals are buying what they’re selling at this point, but I’m gonna go and take Houston I that’s been a hell of a turnaround there and to make a Ryan’s I, you know, much respect and even from what I saw on week one for CJ Stroud, I have let Raskin on every week. He’s Mr. Ohio State’s he’s in love with with all of this. I’m taking Houston, I’ll spread the four points against Arizona and, you know, Arizona with Kyler Murray coming back. Fair enough. But yeah, I’ll take you. Yeah,

Christian Horton  12:23

I’m gonna Houston to, you know, they kind of Darfur. So the AFC, you know, they’re, they’re coming to be, you know, showing that league that they’re actually for real, and it is cool to see them turn around, because Houston never really had a great team, you know, so to have a rookie quarterback being led, and you know, them beating the Bengals last week was actually shocking. So I kind of like where they’re going. I think they might sneak into the playoffs. So but I like Houston this week. It’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:46

interesting. You say they might sneak into the playoffs? And that would be like, what a bet that would have been? Right. I mean, what would you have gotten 50 to one on that, right? I mean, easily just to make the playoffs? I mean, like literally just like a went into division, you probably would have gotten 300 water. It’s crazy. But I don’t know there’s Are there any other surprise teams? I don’t know the Raiders of five and five. That kind of shocks me, Denver. They’re playing better football kind of shocks me. But they’re not like good teams. You know what I mean? Like, I don’t know that there’s any team out there that I looked at and said, I thought they like the Seahawks are good at six, even though it didn’t look good against us. But like six and three, whatever. I mean, I don’t know that. But Houston’s a surprise to the whole league, I guess is my point. No,

Christian Horton  13:32

100% they are teams where I mean a lot before the season. A lot of people were thinking they weren’t having the top five draft pick, you know what I mean? But they’re, like I said, they’re kind of showing that those draft picks actually mattered. And they actually did something with them and stack their team. Correct. And you know, they’re competing up.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:46

So if their former one one runs around for the Ravens on defense here and does something speaking of teams that never laid a lot of lead never had any offseason expectations. I picked him last week, Detroit Lions nine and a half against Chicago, when the weather gets bad and these tough division games, I mean, it’s sort of one of the reasons I you know, I would be inclined to think Tennessee could keep it closer with Jacksonville. I think when these teams know each other, it just breeds closer games, not any, you know, not Hatfields and McCoys or whatever, just close your games from teams knowing each other and young players studying up on the team a few weeks ago and kind of coming back and things that went wrong and seeing someone across the line of scrimmage that they saw recently in all of these games, nine and a half a lot but I’m taking the lions anyway because I think the bears are that bad. He has them

Christian Horton  14:35

they’re right there with you. I like lions also bears just not a good team. You know, they’re tanking and you know, I think they’re happily willing to do that. And Detroit is a team that can score a lot on you know, they put a lot on the lions and the lions are not a team and offensive team. So I like the Detroit with the non

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:50

Christian ordinance. The sports book manager of all things Hollywood casino up in Perry Ville, you get your pen play card. You come out and join us on the first of December you go out there anytime and secret depends on the weekend. Always great service. Like it feels like a boutique casino to me. It’s right on the side of the road you driven by it 100 times jump off to get the Great Wolf Lodge next door, everything going on up there free parking great food, but come on out on the first join us for the Maryland crab cake tour. Before I get back into the schedule, what’s going on this month? Because I mean, it’s Thanksgiving, there’s stuff happening, I think you’ve seen was probably a little crazy when the the Browns ravens thing happened in the fourth quarter the other day, right?

Christian Horton  15:30

Yeah, no, no, it was wild. Yeah. A lot of people were upset. But um, ya know, it’s still a good atmosphere. Wow. Sorry, we’re still still a good atmosphere. And you know, everyone is happy they’re, you know, they everyone’s willing to do you know, willing to come in and have a good time. With what we have going on the casino. Basically, we have promotions going on every single day, you know, for free slot, play, free promo chips, whatever it might be, that we have going on for that day. But I’m at the sports book, we have our play and eat promotion where if you come up to the counter, you have your pin plate card, you you bet with us $50 or more you get a dining credit $15 dining credit to our restaurant. There we have crab cakes, cheese, steaks, whatever you can think of. We have such great food and we also have live bands, they are on the weekends and also multiple TVs there. So yeah, we it’s a really good experience. Well, I will be

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:22

there December 1 having a really good experience as well. And we’re gonna meet some of the management team and the friends up there who will keep place running every day and welcome y’all up and and Cubans pants playing that night too. So it’s gonna be a little tripleheader we’re gonna do the crab cake tour. We got the Maryland Indiana game, and then the petticoat junction ban is going to be ripping at your so bad, best thing I’ve ever had. So, hats off to Kirk who’s feeling better and get back out there and singing and wearing the top hat and doing all that good stuff. Alright, so Pittsburgh Cleveland. Um, you know, I think about bad beats in your head 14 points and first play the game Kyle Hamilton with this other worldly Superman play and all that stuff. I was very dismayed in the aftermath because I watched the aftermath, the postgame press conference, all that stuff on TV just the way chats the aligns it up. And then Luke comes on the show Monday mornings like you do now like if the Ravens lose on Thursday night like Pittsburgh, and Cleveland be playing for first place in LA. And I’m thinking No way. So I don’t if you’re listening to this, and the Ravens lost on Thursday, you know, I don’t know what to say. I’m gonna pick that game a little later on. But I’ll take it Pittsburgh here with three and a half points. I saw Cleveland in the wild the other day, I saw their defense I believe in their defense. I just think again these division games and this rabbit in the hat at some point Pittsburgh go get their ass kicked by somebody because you’re not very good. I just don’t think it’s the brows. Yeah,

Christian Horton  17:45

no. Well, actually breaking news I think this line will actually flip because Deshaun Watson’s out for the for the year, you know, he he actually just got this morning, diagnosed some hits his arm or shoulder or something. So


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:58

you have to two and a half by the way. Okay. Yeah, yep. So

Christian Horton  18:01

there you go. That’s That’s it. So, Shawn watch, it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:06

worth a point at home.

Christian Horton  18:08

That’s pretty big. And he’s a quarterback. You know, that’s pretty wild. But I’m still protect Pittsburgh, I’d like him to win. I like their defense, especially against the second string quarterback, you know, them not knowing who the quarterback is going to be preparation and all that stuff. So I like Pittsburgh with the points. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:23

know, it is amazing. They beat us. Right. And John Martin from the Maryland lottery speak Browns fan. He’s feeling good about himself and all that. And all I could think about what the Browns was that Charlie Brown thing where she pulls the ball out on him and he goes flying up in here. There’ll be nothing more appropriate than if Charles Schultz had driven drawn that with the Browns helmet. You know what I mean? Like it’s just, it’s unbelievable. I’m taking the Steelers. Christian origins here from Hollywood. I’m picking Well, if you just joined us in the radiometer 7874 But I stunk last week. We’re trying to get back off the Schneid as they say render Dallas 10 and a half point favorites against Carolina law to lead the lay in Carolina. You know I want on Dallas last week. Let the good times roll with Dak Prescott and inhabit them cowboys. I’m gonna wait 10 and a half year

Christian Horton  19:11

yeah no I’m gonna join you on those good times to I want to get supplies last week and highly regretted it in the first quarter probably the first five minutes you know it was 14 Nothing really quick and I got ugly quick but um yeah, I like to are the Cowboys on this one too? I think the Panthers are you know, just not a not a good team at all. You know, they think all the way around from offense to defense and I think the Cowboys are gonna get on them how they did last week or just how they run run

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:36

and fans piling into Charlotte and jumping in on that. I mean, we’ve been a part of that as raving fans on the Carolina Panthers stick save just go 40 Niners they don’t stink the ravens are gonna go down there on Christmas night and battle be something I you know I don’t know how that’s gonna go and right now they’re number one in the power rankings if there is such a thing, Levin and a half points at home against him. Even after you die I can’t find the reason to take Tampere other than 11 and a half points me again we talked about all these spreads double digit spreads 11 and a half a lot in the National Football League but the 40 Niners have shown that certainly Jacksonville last week but that’s not a lot. Yeah no,

Christian Horton  20:15

this is the one I’m gonna take the other side I’m gonna take Tampa Bay with 11 and a half my friend or maybe it goes for her No, like you said these double digit spreads are tough you know I think one NFL team will cover it

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:35

fair enough. So so you’re just taking all the points here with the raiders and and Tampa and saying one of those two will will make me right because it’s a lot of points.

Christian Horton  20:43

Exactly. Exactly. And that’s what that’s what I’m gonna roll with and I really like Tampa Bay you know, I like their their veteran team you know, they their post Brady you know, year after Brady they still have the same team. You know, despite that they subbed them for Baker Mayfield but you know, I still like Tampa Bay with it plus,

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:00

all right, Seattle, going to the Rams run through four o’clock games at San Francisco games four o’clock game, obviously on the West Coast. Also west coast at Sofi. In La Seahawks one point favored in LA. I’m taking the Seahawks in this i i I’m more of a true believer, even though I watched them play two weeks ago against the Ravens. I think that was sort of an outlier game all the way around. I think they’re a better football team in that. I think there’s a lot of stakes here. I think Pete Carroll gets fired up back on La for anything. I’ll spread the point. I think Seattle wins the game. Yeah, this

Christian Horton  21:30

is the one I’m gonna go with the Rams on this one. Just because of the defensive pressure that they’re gonna put on the Seahawks. I’ve seen the Seahawks play a few times this week this year, and they just can’t pass on like I’ve seen for games and they take multiple sacks day after day. So I think Aaron Donald might get in there to cause a few disruptions maybe get a strip sack. So yeah, I like the Rams with the plus one on this.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:51

Yeah. So miles Garrett Zack last week. I mean, you know, it’s it TJ watt on a week by week basis when you have a game wrecker. And, you know, I mean, the Ravens have row Quan Smith, it’s different kind of game recommander began week to week basis. But you go around and see these players that you really have to scheme around in the modern era. They blow up games. I don’t think he’s a doubt about that. Bill’s seven point favorites at home. You know, I died on that hill Monday night. I almost died. You’re seen on that hill? You know, a Monday night as well. I don’t, I can’t I’ll take the points. I’ll just I’ve been okay with the Jets. I’ve lost them one with the Jets this year. I’m just going to take the Jets because I’m getting seven points. And I think maybe they’ll show up and play defense. Maybe they’ll take the ball away. And these division games as I’ve pointed out, they always tend to be closer than that. So getting give me seven points with a dog that can play some defense. Maybe not offense, but some defense. Man and the world is down on the bills, right? Yeah, no,

Christian Horton  22:49

no, I’m right there with the with the jets with the seven. The bills are just I think they came back to life after his two year run that they had of super the Super Bowl contenders are are gone to the Super Bowl. So well. Yeah, I think that that’s their defense. I’m just sold on the defense. They’re always tough. They play tough. I think they turn over Josh Allen a few times. So I like the seventh. Sunday,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:09

Sunday, Sunday, final game of the week, Sunday night football be waiting all day to get to Denver in the thin air as they say, Boy, this dogs thing in Minnesota is interesting. Broncos, two and a half point favorites in week 11. I would have said Who are they playing like the broken down giants. I don’t know. Like I think the Vikings are better than that. I think I think Sean Payne’s done a nice job whatever they are, they’re competitive and they certainly weren’t last year, whatever they are Russell Wilson made a few plays the other night and I guess stocked up on the Broncos to make them a two and a half point favorite at home thin air and all that crap but I’m gonna take the Vikings I think the Vikings are a better football team and the Dobbs character right i every year somebody surfaces in the middle of the year whether it’s a gardener Minshew some quarterback we haven’t heard of last year was pretty right maybe this year at him

Christian Horton  24:01

yeah no let’s certainly live in that way. He’s playing tough you know easy especially with the Vikings teams that’s that’s so depleted you know injury riddled they don’t have no Justin Jefferson, no KJ Osborne out there they’re kind of just a bunch of second stringers out there playing and they’re playing well but um, I like them are on this one. I think Denver response and then went off to Buffalo and like I said keep stacking it earlier in the year I was saying that they’re becoming too strong payments on culture so yeah, I like them are what the two are able to

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:29

get to the end of the year guys have more commercials, and they they’re not playing on Sunday, but their commercials run all day. And you know, and also think like one of the first commercials after the Ravens game was Justin Tucker drinking coffee. And like that was the first commercial with World farms my sponsor I love what happens if he misses the kick lose to get the guy I often wonder what the commercials it is a little weird when they’re in the commercial but they’re not playing. And that goes right back to Baker Mayfield and RG three and all that but nonetheless you mentioned Jefferson like oh yeah, he’s in the commercials. They’re like Von Miller. He’s in the commercials. They’re eagles in chiefs on Monday night. I spent some time in Philly with Tommy calm well over the weekend by the way free plug for December 2 Tommy’s playing a wrecker, please come out. It’s gonna be great night. We’re gonna have good nuggets week, elephant week and I’m with you guys at three crabcake tours that week. Coco’s gertrudes I’m with you guys on I’m staying for Cubans band up in the Hollywood casino Berryville but then on the second Tommy calm was coming it’s I’m I’m Philadelphia narrow Super Bowl up up there from last year and hurt so you know all that stuff. I’m gonna take the Eagles here I am. I’ve seen the bills fall from grace I mean Jacksonville fell from grace last week the Ravens fall from grace last week. I don’t know about the Chiefs I need to um I want to see them beat a really good team at home at this point in the season. I want to see them play defense. I want to see mahomes Go out there and play four quarters. I don’t I think the Eagles are going to be loaded for this when coming in and I think the Eagles get three points here I’m going to take it I don’t know how close games gonna be but I think the Eagles will play well on Monday night out can see

Christian Horton  26:04

ya know you said it best you want to see Pat mahomes play four quarters you know the game that they had I think it was in London they against the dolphins they only play two quarters and almost lost the lead you know so but I like filling on this I like filling on this one just because it Kansas City they’re struggling a little bit you know they’re tough and out wins and it’s a Super Bowl rematch you know, I think Phillies a little upset of how they lost last year. So I think they I only liked it with the two and a half. But I also like them to win. By

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:31

the way. I it’s three now these change, I swear to God, I look at these things an hour before we do this. For numbers that has moved in an hour, so I’m gonna call it three. Okay, okay. Because we’re taking fairly right so let’s take three that way we push if it’s three. So I have it at three. All right, so we’re, we can’t even agree on numbers. You and me. I mean, I and if you come up there on Sunday, it might be different especially on that Browns game that the Shaun Watson sort of breaking news you’re a Christian ordinance. Here he is up in Hollywood casino in Perryville. We’re lingering a little longer here and have some fun this week. If you make our picks. He’s a little underwater his picks I’m a little overwater this year but certainly neither one of us any good last week and we 10 We’re now into week 11 Getting ready for Turkey Christian is going to join me next week on the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with window nation and our friends at Jiffy Lube. It’s a multi care we are going to be doing the show at Pappus in Parkville which is near to both of our homes in the northeast side of Baltimore. So Christian Orton from the Hollywood casino will join us for you ever had Pappas craft cake? I have not I have not you’re gonna have one on Tuesday. I mean, it’s you know, it’s not clams or any that New England shout. But we’ll get your proper Greek salad over there. Do it. Oh, man. I’ve been in great crab cake company here. I mean, I have such beautiful sponsors but I want from families to cost this and that crab cake was delicious. You I brought it home was delicious. I’m avid Papist Coco’s gertrudes Hollywood casino state fair. And I’m going back to failure. I mean, I’ve gone all over the place this month. So hopefully when I see you next Tuesday, we will be talking about the mini bi and the Ravens taking care of business against Cincinnati on Thursday night. I’ve waited to the end to pick this one I could probably edit it out for you know if I pick it the wrong way. But I’m taking Cincinnati I have three and a half to make me laugh on this one. I think the half means a lot. I think it’s a close football game. The Bengals are playing better. Even though they gave the game away last week. They’re playing a lot better. They made mistakes that gave the game away. The ravens are going to try to be that kind of defensive team this week. These games are so awful. They shouldn’t play them. The players aren’t prepared. The coaches aren’t prepared. The fans aren’t prepared. Cable Television even isn’t even prepared for AI. The games are always so sloppy. And these teams know each other and I don’t think anybody’s going to cash in and go down 13 points and quit nine on a Thursday night but I know there are Raven guy there. Real quick. Smith played 78 snaps Patrick green played 78 snaps on Sunday. Fourth quarter the states won’t be sloppy and I think it’s going to be close and that’s and close means I’ll take Cincinnati and three and a half points on Thursday night.

Christian Horton  29:21

You know I’m right there with you. I like Cincinnati I’m with the three and a half for sure. Like I said they gave the game away last week and they played a tough Houston team. But the Ravens how they really lost the game especially against the browns. It was disappointing. I didn’t see that coming especially from their defense they that led up a lot of big plays and Lamar. You know just kind of figured it out at the end. So yeah, I like Cincinnati. What’s here?

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:46

All right, well, our picture if you can find Christian Orton at the sportsbook up at Hollywood casino period. Well, you can find us together at Pappas next Tuesday from two to five in Parkville. We’re going to get to the original homestead for Pappas as well. and just great conversations all the way through from families last week to our our stay Costas earlier this week he did some leukemia education as well as some, some some real jobs, my school education on that people have some great guests to Pappas including Christian as well. Hey, man, good luck to you this week. I mean, you got rams, Tampa, raiders in Jacksonville. That’s where you can make your coin on me here. So good luck to you taking all of those points loading up on the points on Sunday. I’ll see you on Tuesday, brother. All right. See you then. Here’s an orange joining us here. I didn’t even get my freebie this week. He didn’t even he couldn’t even pick the winkling. I didn’t even get a handout this week. You can find all of our picks up at Baltimore Each and every week and find a saddle the Maryland crab cake tour especially on the first of December on Friday afternoon. We’re going to be up there before the Maryland Indiana game before Petticoat Junction and Hollywood casino stay with us. We are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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