One more chance for John Harbaugh to beat Andy Reid

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The teacher and the student will battle in the AFC Championship Game for a chance to head to another Super Bowl. Luke Jones and Nestor focus on the return of Patrick Mahomes to Baltimore and ways that coaching will make a difference in Sunday’s epic battle of NFL heavyweights.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones

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Welcome home we are wn st am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and of course Baltimore Lots of great stuff coming your way this week but nothing better than our crab cake row that’s going to begin on February 5. We’ve gone to go to plenty a Super Bowl so 28 Super Bowls this year. I’m taking the week off a Luke will be out in Las Vegas. It’s anything but off for me. We’re doing marathon radio. We’re gonna do live radio for the first time in a long, long time. I’m a little nervous. I ain’t done live radio in a while. But nine to five everyday we’re going to be begin on Monday at Lexington market families. Tuesday. We’ll be there all day at costus in Dundalk Wednesday. We’ll be going to Coco’s and Laura Ville then on Thursday. We’re gonna be over at State Fair, I got my state fair in Catonsville shirt on with the Maryland flag. Shout out the lefty Giselle by the way, I all this football talk. We had the Terps and a little lefty loved I saw Len Elmore Tomic Mellon, two of my favorite people getting together so I got my state fair. That’s Thursday, that’s going to happen. And then on Friday the knife, we’re going to be wrapping things up at Pappas and cockys will all be brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery system. Oh snap on scratch offs. I have a handful of ravens scratch off still giveaway Yes, you can still buy these and when some of the big prizes were gone from a couple months ago we can still win and play and Luke Jones will be hopefully in Las Vegas. I’m not sure we’re gonna be eating crab soup, Maryland and cream of crab soup for a great great cause it’s a crab cake row we call it a cup or bowl a cup of soup or bowl or a Super Bowl week. It’s all for the Maryland food bank you come out free soup if you bring something for the Maryland Food Bank very very easy. We’re going to feature 100 different charities that week and ways that you know loop we would go to all the Super Bowls How many of you do 1012 How many Super Bowls have you done?

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There was around 10 I think I think two I think the 2011 Super Bowl was my first time on radio row and what I guess up until the pandemic which would have been the Miami here the Ravens lost to the Titans yeah yeah yeah so that your 10 Yeah, I did 10 So yeah, ready to ravens take care of business be heading out to Las Vegas. You

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know, I’m doing live radio for a week right and it’s like eight hours a day nine to five and a lot of it’s just about the businesses that don’t need to be there at six o’clock in the morning. We’ll have good stuff on the radio all week you and I are going to be if you’re out in Vegas, we’ll continue to talk if I’ve been talking if if if since I started this promotion idea back at Thanksgiving telling clients we’re doing something for the Maryland Food Bank and reaching out to doesn’t so far if anybody has a charity that I need to know about that I need to feature this is the week to do that. Because Why are my friends the Maryland lottery winner nation and Jiffy Lube love the idea as well that we’re featuring local charities but look, we we would get a bed at 435 In the morning we would do live radio at six o’clock. Sometimes the phone lines didn’t play nice and convention halls cost 10s of 1000s of dollars to do this. That I passed along to clients and sponsors who Toyota and Coors Light and Lord knows how many people sent us their how our bank one year, the late great Howard bank shout out to Maryanne Scully over at the Loyola as well for her but so all these years, we’ve been doing it and I really thought about like the number one thing that happens that we get, you know, Snoop Dogg might combine Adam Sandler, although there was a lot less of that I was in LA two years ago, even in LA, the NFL is made. It’s so onerous on everyone to have guests to have celebrities, they own all the series, the ESPN people left the building. 15 years ago, NFL Network left the building 10 years ago. I mean, it’s basically sort of akin to the press pass that the Rangers gave me in Arlington, like you get to sit at the kids table with the podcasters and the gambling folks now. So it’s different. But all of these years of doing it live and doing it on tape. And the way we did it for 28 years. The thing at the heart of all of it is every one of these celebrities that would come by Yeah, they would be pimping a jeweler or a website or a thing or talking about an affliction or whatever. 92% of those pieces that we ever did dirt radio row week, had a charity gang, right, like everybody there came for a cause of some kind, right?

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Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, there was always something you know, whether it was sometimes it’d be a products. I remember Dick for meal had his wine for years, even though he never gave us any of it, which is always disappointing. But yeah, there’s plenty of good causes. And I know you’re gonna be very busy with that over the course of the week and looking forward to it. Hoping for the Ravens sake, I’ll be in Las Vegas, but if not, if they don’t take care of business on Sunday, I’ll certainly be joining you and hear in all the other great fun. Dig

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for me. Oh gave me a little. It wasn’t a business card. It was a laminated thing to put in your wallet to inspire you. And in all of this, they can’t care about you tool they know you care about them, you know, things like that. And all of these teaching axiom of wisdom wouldn’t isms, as I would call them, that, you know, at various points I’ve had plastered up on the walls around my place, but this is going to be an issue week, dude. You know, I felt like the chiefs in the bills on Sunday night was a real heavyweight fight. I didn’t feel like the Ravens were in a heavyweight fight. I feel like the Ravens special teams their way and poor offensive line, picking up blitzes and whatever in the first half in the making that game something right. Like, I don’t feel like the lions are a heavyweight team. I mean, I don’t. And they might beat San Francisco and San Francisco might beat them like a drama. We’ll all be sitting around either crying in our purple beer, or everyone has sex and has free beer, and there’s free food. And there’s a two week Bender, and we’re in the middle of I don’t know, like I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m worried about you being in the middle of all this, by the way on so that I don’t know what happens when we go to a Super Bowl in Baltimore. But this is the first chance and really your lifetime and in my existence. I’ve been in a lot of these championship games. I think I told you I’ve been to a dozen of these games in different places where they’ve won at home and there’s been a party and where people solemnly the drive, walk out of the stadium and be and feel like they’ve seen a ghost Foxborough was that way except for us. It was that way for us on the way back from Pittsburgh. It was that way on the way back from from New England after Lee Evans dropped the ball and conduct Mr. Kick and I should point out hardball choked on the timeout too, by the way, we always blame Cundiff and Evans had was a coaching problem as much as it was anything in that game. But I would say this is the measurement. You know this. We’ve been waiting a long time. It’s been a long time. You’ve been an AFC Championship Game, certainly one at home. The expectations are through the roof and managing all of that and the emotions of all of it this week. This is going to be a really good football game. This is these are heavy weights. Like I said with the Kansas City Buffalo game. This is the fight everybody wants to see mahomes and Lamar. Yeah,

Luke Jones  07:13

no question about it. I mean, it’s wild. I was thinking about this in the closing moments of that game after buffalo had missed the field goal wide Right. Which my gosh, I mean, just talk about a tormented fan base.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:25

Fashion when Apple started the sale to the right, yeah, I was outlet and was like, Oh, my No, not not these poor people not receive not might not my friends. Yeah. Yeah,

Luke Jones  07:35

I mean, all the going through tables and all that. But I was thinking though, after that happened was Wow. Thinking back to all the conversations you and I have had and look, I mean, anyone you know, any Ravens fan talking with fellow friends or fellow fans? How much time has been spent talking about the standard of, of this current Lamar Jackson era, talking about getting over the hump against Kansas City Beat in Kansas City. And obviously, they played them in 18. You know, it was actually Lamar is first loss as a starting quarterback in the NFL, when they went out there and lost in overtime, you know, a really good football game, they lost in 19. They lost in 20. They beat them in 21. But we’ve spent so much time whenever you have those big picture conversations over the course of the season. And obviously so many of them over the course of the offseason, so much time has been spent talking about what it’s going to take to beat Kansas City to get past Kansas City, that it’s it’s kind of wild that it’s taken this long to play them in the playoffs, you know, considering all those conversations over the better part of the last four or five years. So it’s a lot of excitement on that front. But there’s also an acknowledgement of be careful what you wish for, not that the Ravens aren’t favored and shouldn’t be favored. And not that I’m not, you know, not that I won’t pick the ravens to win this football game because I’m gonna pick the ravens to win this football game. But it is Patrick mahomes. It is Andy Reid. It is the team. That’s been the standard since Tom Brady went down to Tampa Bay. And we’ve seen what’s happened to the Patriots since then who no longer have Bill Belichick as head coach. So this is the team that I said it in our previous conversation. I wrote it at Baltimore I posted on social media. It was inevitable. Not to say that Josh Allen versus levar Jackson wouldn’t have been great fun because it would have been but this is the team you have to beat in the same way that Joe Flacco had to get through Peyton Manning and then Tom Brady. It’s Patrick mahomes. And it’s the chiefs and give them credit. They have risen to the occasion, the last couple of weeks as much as there were people believing them for dead. I mean, everyone saw how they played on Christmas Day. I mean that was ugly as ugly can be you know, to lose that game to the raiders in the way they did. But they’ve played better. They’re still figuring out there red zone offense. There’s no question about that. And I think if you’re the Ravens defense, you’re looking at that and saying, all right, we’ll bend. But if they can’t score in the red zone, and we have a really great red zone, offense or defense, then yeah, they’re gonna be in trouble most likely because they’re going to need to score touchdowns. I think that’s going to be the key for this game is scoring touchdowns and not field goals, especially on the Kansas City side. So you have that. But, I mean, this is the way it needed to be right. You know, if you’re writing the story book of the Baltimore Ravens getting to a Super Bowl, Lamar Jackson fulfilling the vow that he made the night he was drafted 32nd Overall, back in 2018. It was always going to be getting through Kansas City because Brady’s no longer there. Yeah, they’re, they’re the new patriots. And they have been they’ve made three Super Bowls in the last four years, they’ve won two of them. They’re the standard. So it’s fitting, it’s appropriate. There’s no reason to hide from it. There’s no reason to be scared about it, that they’re facing the Kansas City Chiefs with a chance to go to the Super Bowl. And the good thing is, and this is what makes it so exciting, as you were alluding to get to play this game at home. And I mean, that’s, that’s uncharted territory. You know, Joe Flacco never played a home AFC Championship game. The Ravens have never played when John Harbaugh has never played in one in his 15 year tenure. So they’re 16 years. So this is this is. To your point, I think you said it before. This is why you lift all those weights. This is why you go through the offseason and OTAs and all the meetings and training camp and this opportunity, especially to play it at home. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than this. As far as your home stadium, and you said it, that it’s going to be the difference of there’s going to be confetti falling, or it’ll be very quiet right around at 615. On Sunday, so

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:51

well, you suck that energy in this weekend right at halftime. Yeah, you felt that energy of it gets very, very nervous. And, and I text you in the middle of the buffalo cheese game. I’m like, I have no idea who’s gonna win this game. Like you get to that third quarter, and it’s 2420 2370 Whatever. It’s because this isn’t going to be 34 to seven at halftime. I just I don’t think so. Yeah, I see this is looking back and forth. And much like that. The Mile High miracle game rules, touchdown, Touchdown, touchdown, Touchdown, touchdown, punt punt, punt, you know, I don’t, I don’t see teams scoring two and three in a row. In this one, I see this as a punch, Counter Punch, I see important third and fourth downs, I see field goals. Yeah, this, this is a great football game, this is the ravens are finally going to get a team of their ilk to me, and it might not even be of their ilk. But I think this is, to your point, this is the ultimate challenge for them. And I even spoke about this earlier, and there’ll be blasphemy around here next week when they’re playing the lions. And tickets are $14,000 to get in. And like all of that, if that were to happen. We’ll look what we did to the lions last time. Look what we did to San Francisco on Christmas night. It’s easy. It’s never easy with the chiefs. Right? You’ll have a perception that you’re going to win the Super Bowl if you get there. I don’t know, this week, the perception is even the line to three and a half that it’s hard to bet against Patrick mahomes. And oh, he had never won on the rubber. Well, he just won again. And And honestly, the kid doesn’t fumble the ball down at the one yard line. That game is uglier than it was. I mean, he was. They were they were markedly better than the bills on Sunday night. I thought, Oh, yeah.

Luke Jones  13:33

I mean, I don’t know if the final score starts getting lopsided or anything like that. But look at it in turn. I mean, the chiefs average 7.7 yards per play, you know, really what kept that game where it was. And look, I mean, well, let’s be clear. It’s not like the bills were awful in this game by any means. But I mean, look at the time of possession. I thought that was interesting. And you made mention of not feeling like this is going to be a shootout. And I think what’s interesting about this game is I think both teams are going to have to look at their running game. I mean, Kansas City, Isaiah Pacheco, good. It’s a good back and look what he did had almost 100 rushing yards against the bills on Sunday. I think Kansas City, more so than in the past has relied more on its running game, not more than its passing game, but more than they have in the past where we can think of years where they were so one dimensional offensively and they were okay with that because you have the best quarterback on the planet. But just look at Sunday’s game will be Patrick mahomes had what 23 pass attempts and I believe they had 24 Rushing attempts. So I think you see a more balanced Kansas City team. And as we talked about this ravens defense, relatively speaking, its weakness has been stopping the run. And I think this is a Kansas City running game that poses more problems, certainly than Houston did this past week. So So you have that factor. And then on the flip side, you look at the problems that Kansas City had slowing down on Josh Allen running the football. Now James Cook didn’t have monster numbers running the ball. But buffalo ran the ball effectively against them. And I think the ravens are gonna look at this and say, Hey, Kansas City has a good defense, good front. They are better stopping the past than they’ve been against the run. So I think while I’m not saying the ravens are gonna revert to Greg Romans offense, certainly, I think what Lamar is willingness to run this past week, and for the ravens to have design runs built into their game plan, I think you’re gonna see much of the same because Kansas City really struggled to stop Josh Allen, in that regard. So from that standpoint, when we’re talking about the run game, when we’re talking about both teams wanting to lean on their defense, or needing to lean on their defense to play at a high level to win this ballgame. Yeah, that lends itself to it being not saying 1310, let’s be clear about that. But lower scoring, then, as you alluded to the last time these teams played where both of them were scoring in the 30s on Sunday night football in week, two, two years ago, so it’s gonna be interesting to see how it plays out. And like that doesn’t mean that Patrick mahomes isn’t going to pose the typical problems that he poses anytime you face him, because we did see kind of a rejuvenated Travis Kelce. On Sunday night, they have received Rice, who has been the guy that’s emerged as their top wide receiver. They don’t have a whole lot else to write home about, and I’ll say this much they should put McCole Hardman on the bench, considering he touched the ball twice and bumbled twice. So I would completely take him out of the picture. But, you know, they’ve got they’ve got some guys that you know that they’re still searching. They’re still not a typical chiefs offense, but they’ve certainly moved the ball better these last couple of weeks. But at the same time, Buffalo’s defense, isn’t the Ravens defense, Miami’s defense at this point where they were in the wild card round with all their injuries, not even close to where the Ravens defense is. So it’s gonna be a major test for Kansas City as much as we’re going to talk about the chiefs and give them their respect. As as they’ve earned, you know, they’ve, they’ve learned that at the same time, they need to be ready because they’re coming into a buzzsaw in this ravens defense, that has been the best in football and just prove that again on Saturday night,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:15

when you start to think about this, when this week will break down a little bit more what other than the homes, what has you most concerned, I mean, just tactically in this game in this matchup, having watched the Chiefs chiefs are a better defensive team than they’ve been. And I think that that part of it concerns me is that they’ve tried, they’ve tried to tighten up the defense. While the offense is, you know, they’re dealing with some of the things that Flacco dealt with in regard to salary cap and regard to weapons with regard to drop balls, all of those things that that really plagued them and haunted them during the year. I mean, wouldn’t shock me to see the Chiefs drop four passes on Sunday and lose 28 to 16, to the Ravens because of it, that would have been where they were all year. That’s why they’re on the road, quite frankly, because they dropped passes. But there is a pedigree about all of this that we should be concerned it’d be a whole lot more fun to be seeing the dolphins this week, I think or even the bills to some degree.

Luke Jones  18:09

I mean, I think the bills because they were so banged up. And that really, you know, that really showed up as their defense was just ravaged by injuries at the end. And that really cost them as I mentioned, Kansas City, look at what they average on yards per play. And, you know, they won the game despite a pretty lopsided time of possession deficit. But I think what, beyond mahomes I mean, and look that you can kind of say Patrick mahomes and let it rest if you really wanted to, because you’re talking about a guy who has already won two Super Bowls. So already won multiple MVPs. As much as we love Lamar Jackson here, and Lamar deserves all of his flowers for doing what he did Saturday night. mahomes has been doing this from the beginning, right? I mean, he did he sat for one year, Lamar sat for half a year. mahomes sat for a year, but he came right in and you know, his very first year law got to the AFC Championship game and as a game, the chiefs easily could have won that the Patriots, you know, edged him out and barely won, but with all this guy’s done has been in the AFC Championship. So that’s a big one. Right? I mean, that’s stating That’s Captain Obvious right there. You don’t need Luke, the analyst to tell you that. But I already mentioned it before their running game. Pacheco is a tough runner. We’ve seen the Ravens have their issues stopping the run against better running games teams like Houston, we’re never gonna run the ball effectively against them. But it is a pretty good running game. There’s no doubt about that. And they’ve needed to needed it to be because they haven’t been as proficient as efficient throwing the football and we’ve been Travis Kelce hasn’t been the same guy that he had been in the past. Although we had a big night against buffalo. But you’re on the flip side. I think you look at their defense, Steve Spagnola Are you someone that’s not going to be afraid to try to deceive and do some things pre snap that way, but it’s got a good pass rush. Chris Jones is a terrific defensive tackle, you know, certainly poses problems there. And they do have a secondary that doesn’t necessarily have a ton of big names that are that are guys that have been household names for years. But Trent McDuffie is really good. You know, they’ve got other good players in that secondary, they’ve been really good against the past this year. So you know, their weakness is more so stopping the run, which lends itself very well to the Ravens kit when you have Lamar Jackson a quarterback So, but you know, that all that said, on paper, if you knew nothing about the history of the Kansas City Chiefs, you look at this game, the Ravens still have more advantages here, the ravens are the better team on paper, just talking about it strictly looking at these rosters looking at the strengths and weaknesses of these two teams. But you can’t ignore that pedigree. And that’s why I think anyone that’s going to be overconfident this week, you know, and I’m even speaking to fans. Normally, I’m not the guy that does this, because, hey, we’re talking about the the teams on the field. But, you know, this is one of those where you don’t want to upset the powers that be as it pertains to football and the other people will say don’t upset the football gods by disrespecting Kansas City. That’s not to say the Ravens

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:18

locker room have a built bulletin board material. I heard Mike Tirico say bulletin board material. And I feel like that’s such a 1970. No, right, right, like bulletin board material in the air of Twitter. You know, I

Luke Jones  21:31

mean, there’s, I mean, there’s, maybe you’d say whiteboard material, because they still do. They’ll use the whiteboards with the dry erase markers. And yeah, they’ll use some of that stuff. So I mean, it’s not all video and all virtual at this point. But yeah, I mean, the bulletin board materials funny, but I think as the Ravens respect the chiefs, and they should, but at the same time, there’s no need to be afraid of them. You know, I think we’ve talked about it. Yeah, it is Patrick mahomes. Yes, it is Andy Reid, there’s no doubt about that. And they’re gonna pose, they’re gonna be ready, they’re gonna give you their absolute best effort. But I’ll say this much. If the Ravens give the Chiefs their absolute best effort, and they play their best football game, ravens go in this football game, and the Ravens are going to Super Bowl then. So there’s no reason to be afraid. You just, you know, you respect your opponent. And from a fan standpoint, you want you acknowledge that? Look, we just the fact that the chiefs are here, after the way they looked a month ago, speaks to everything you need to know about that, that team’s championship pedigree, you know that not even close to being the best chiefs team we’ve seen here recently. But they’re here, and they’re still capable. And I’ll say this for the ravens, they’ve got to play a more complete 60 minutes than they played against Houston to win the football game. Because if you play that way, offensively in the first half again, guessing it’s not going to be 1010, I’m guessing you’re probably going to be playing from behind in that scenario. So again, nothing to be scared of. It’s not a matter of being scared and just saying Woe is me. We can’t beat the chiefs. I don’t think it’s anything like that. But at the same time, I don’t think it’s as simple as well, the Ravens were better. They were 13 and four, and the Chiefs weren’t. So you just roll the ball out, and you’re gonna beat them because they aren’t as good as they’ve been. And still Patrick mahomes. It’s still Andy Reed. I think what is interesting, as I mentioned that Kansas City defense, they haven’t seen Lamar Jackson in a couple years. And we talked about that factor all the time. Right, with the NFC stuff, right. Those teams that don’t see Lamar every year. It’s been a minute, you know, it’s been over two years since Kansas City has seen Lamar Jackson, they haven’t seen a Todd Monken ravens offense. So that factor will be a little more interesting. Compared to you know, Houston had seen you know, Lamar Jackson, if we’re talking about the Super Bowl, even San Francisco saw Lamar Jackson recently. Detroit saw him earlier this year, and it did not

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:04

chase him. Yeah, exactly. But not go well for them.

Luke Jones  24:09

At least San Francisco competed for a half Detroit. Mazel not even gotten off the bus. It was that ugly. So, but yeah, so So from from that standpoint, it’s gonna be really interesting, but got some really good coaches in this matchup. I mean, we haven’t even mentioned

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:24

I was gonna I was gonna say, Andy Reid and spangle. Well, that’s where I was going with it. Look, Joe is here. By the way, let me reset here because we’re doing a special special radio row. It’s so special. We’re not even leaving the city for it because we’re gonna feature 100 charities here. It’s my little Jerry Lewis telethon thing. We’re calling it a cup of soup or bowl. And it is crabcake row. It’s going to be beginning of February 5 in the morning on Monday, 9am. We’re going live all week, nine to five. We’re going to be down to faith knees in Lexington market Tuesday. We’re going to be a Costas and Dundalk Wednesday. We’re going to be a Coco’s and Laura Ville Thursday we’re going to be at state be fair I got my state fair shirt on here. I’m Jonah some of that. Cream crab soup over there. A little corn in there and a chowder. It’s delightful. It’s velvety. Get on over check that out the crab and corn. They would call it soup. They call it chowder there. That’s a Thursday. That’s a fair then on Friday, we’re gonna be up at Pappas having big old crab cakes and cream, a crab soup, and Maryland crab soup on behalf of the Maryland food bank. So what we’re asking folks, it’s very simple, free soup if you come by and see the show. If you have a charity you want to promote, please let me know ahead of time I’m slotting things right now nests at Baltimore three, so for anybody that comes by if you bring some canned goods and some non perishables for our friends at the Maryland Food Bank, it’s the coldest week of the year don’t need to tell you how cold it was last week. A lot of folks are don’t have food like the rest of us. My dad always talked about that. And I’m doing this really to honor my father. My father’s birthday is March 5, my father spent a year of his life in soup lines back in 1929 1930. Up in Pennsylvania, Scranton, Pennsylvania as a young boy, he’s 10 years old. He always told me about that. Luckily for me, I’ve never spent a night in my life. I’ve gone to bed hungry because like I didn’t have I ran out of ice cream or something like that, but I’ve never gone to bed hungry. So just keep that in mind as we’re going through this. We’re gonna have 100 other charities, all sorts of charities and all sorts of ways, all of them local. And we’re going to be featuring them all week long as part of our live conversation. We’re inviting our community come out. And I’m hoping, hoping hoping, Lucas that the Ravens can figure Steve spagnolo out and that Andy Reid doesn’t have some voodoo doll of John horrible but you know if I were writing Purple Rain three and I would encourage anyone in our community to write that see Jerry Coleman has a nice seat at the Games maybe he can write Purple Rain three. If you’re writing Purple Rain three. This is the road you want to go on right part of the funnel writing Purple Rain to was beat the Colts at home beat Peyton Manning won in the Mile High had a miracle went to New England and did what they couldn’t do the year before. And then every and Jacoby Jones went home and dance down Bourbon Street and Ray Lewis is I mean, like it’s storybook stuff. Part of this is Taylor Swift coming to town, the chiefs of all these pelts. The Chiefs have never played one of these on the road, right? Like, like all of these things that conspire and all of this. And then there’s the pressure on Lamar if they’re losing 13 to 10 at halftime, right like because Lamar clearly from this past week when it was 10 to 10. This is across the barrel for him because he came out of the chute with Goodell saying believe that we’re having a Super Bowl, and here’s the day it’s all going to happen. And it gets heavy in the air gets thick. And I think the weather’s gonna be decent, it may rain but it’s not going to be 15 degrees this week. So they’re going to have that going on. The coaching matchup to me is going to be as interesting as any of the players on the field because we have championship coaches on one side. And then hardball. Scott, Monken and McDonald a bunch of guys he believes in and he’s the right guy, and they have the right personnel and they’re bringing Kyle van Noy and they’re bringing a couple of guys in, have seen this kind of football before. But this is the biggest game a lot of these guys have played and we’ll get the Marlin Humphrey and some of these guys whether they’re gonna get there or not, and get on to the field. But the game’s gonna feel big at three o’clock on Sunday bigger than anything that they’ve ever done, but not bigger than anything that Patrick mahomes has done a handful of times.

Luke Jones  28:25

Yeah, I’ll also be remiss not to mention John Harbaugh has played in these games before too. So you know, he’s coached in these games. So that certainly helps. But I mean, you look at it, I mean, with Andy Reid. Look, he’s seen it all at this point in time. I think it’s gonna be fascinating seeing what he and Patrick mahomes and the Kansas City offense that is not the explosive offense that we’ve seen in prior seasons. I mean, I even if you paid a quarter of attention to all the talk about Kansas City this year, you know, that wide receivers been an issue for them, although Rishi rice has really emerged for them to be their number one guy and he’s been good. He’s been really good. Problem is after him, you kind of shrug your shoulders and say, well, Canarias, Tony, we people have laughed at him. Valdez scantling his is dropped passes and hasn’t been good enough because

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:18

you don’t want on your fantasy team as opposed to other years. You just picked up three points just for having you pick Kelsey up. You win. Yeah, period. Right.

Luke Jones  29:25

Well, Kelsey, I mean, Kelsey is, you know, even down Travis Kelce is still certainly a great player. But, you know, even he hasn’t been as good. But yeah, I mean, other than Rishi rice. I mean, Valdez scantling. Everyone remembers him drop in the past. What was that in the Philadelphia game? I think it was Canarias Tony. I mean, Sky Moore who was on IR I think he’s, you know, working his way back, but he was a guy that they had high hopes for. So they’ve had their issues. So it’s been much more of a grind for them. That’s why I mentioned that Isaiah Pacheco, you know, Edwards Hilaire to a lesser extent but really, Pacheco has been so key for them, you know, running the football and having that kind of an identity. It’s been much more of a run the ball and play defense kind of team than it’s been in past years. So that said, it’s still mahomes. It’s going to be fascinating. You know, you mentioned Steve Spagnola. You’ve mentioned, you know, the Ravens going up against that coaching staff. I mean, Kansas City hasn’t seen Mike McDonald and this ravens defense and the pre snap disguise. And let’s face it, the chiefs they had their way with the wink defenses for the most part, you know, there were 2018 to an extent. You know, the second half of that 21 game, they did get some key stops late in that game. But by and large, Kansas City had their way against the wink Martindale defenses here in Baltimore,

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:47

you’re always trying to get to mahomes. You couldn’t get to him, right? Like that was part of the gig, and he would get rid of the ball.

Luke Jones  30:52

Well, and really, we know when club the Blitz, and the one thing that you typically know, maybe a little bit different this year. But historically, you don’t put Patrick mahomes Because he just kills you. And the Ravens learn that year after year after year. It’s on I don’t want to say it’s one of the reasons wink isn’t here anymore. But that mindset needed to shift in the organization’s mind. And Mike McDonald does much more of a variety of things, and a lot of pre snap disguise and simulated pressures, things like that. He’s just taken to another level. So that’s going to be a fascinating matchup. But on the flip side, I mean, Steve Spagnola, as I mentioned, don’t say it’s a Kansas City defense, that isn’t great stop in the run. So that’s a big edge for the Ravens. I mean, they’re gonna have to figure out the best way to not let Lamar kill you running the football. But at the same time, how do you do that? Without compromising your past defense. And again, that’s something that’s just the, the catch 22 That you’re the stress that you’re constantly in to try to slow this ravens offense, when it’s really humming and firing on all cylinders. It’s almost impossible. So really, it’s going to be for me, it’s going to come down to Kansas City’s offense, trying to run the ball trying to sustain drives and kind of trying to do what the ravens and other teams have tried to do against them for years, which is keep them off the field, you know, keep their offense off the field. I think Kansas City is really going to try to do that as much as they can so shorten the game

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:22

on the road, right? Yeah.

Luke Jones  32:23

I mean, I think they’re gonna try to do that now. Will they time will tell but boy, you got a lot of really talented coaches in this matchup. I mean, it’s just, it’s fun. And you know, we haven’t even mentioned I mean, John Harbaugh, Andy Reid’s pupil, is Andy Reed mentored him all those years in Philadelphia, I mean, it’s, uh, you know, that’s a long time ago at this point in time, but Andy Reed, what I think five, I want to say five and two, in his coaching career against John Harbaugh, two of those games, of course, when Reed was still in Philadelphia, but four and one since he became Kansas City’s head coach. So the Ravens won the most recent one, you know, two years ago, but Andy Reid has had that edge. And in fairness, Andy Reed typically has had better teams. So over that period of time than John Harbaugh in general. So don’t think it’s an indictment. It’s just the reality of where Kansas City has been and where the Ravens have been trying to get for a long time, as far as being the best. So looking forward to this, I gotta be fascinated to see what both of these teams come up with from a coaching standpoint, but I think both teams are going to try to run the football. I think that’s key. And you kind of look at the weaknesses of each of those defenses. And I think both teams are going to try to confuse the other quarterback knowing that that’s easier said than done when you’re talking about mahomes Who’s the standard and Lamar who has been the best this season? So can’t ask for any better than that. So I mean, like I said, the Ravens our favorite they should be favored. I’m picking the Ravens I’m not going to shy away from that. But at the same time, that doesn’t mean that they’re not gonna have a heck of a of a challenge on their hands come Sunday afternoon. To

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:02

quote our Paul Stanley Gene Simmons, you want it the best you got the best? Yeah, well, aside from where it is, right, right. Let’s die. It looks good to me. I know it smells all week. I’m gonna be around all week. We have an unbelievable richness of guests all week long. You’re gonna hear from Brian Billick and Marvin Lewis and Brandon Stokely and Kim herring from the original Super Bowl team. You’re going to hear from Joe Flacco. We’re going to hear from Peter King this week. Lots and lots of great guests. Dan Pompe is coming on he spent some time with ro Quan Smith last week out Nolan’s mill so a lots and lots to get you ready and I haven’t even gone out to Kansas City and got my Kansas City people together. Luke’s gonna be at Owings Mills all week. Any breaking news you can first and WNS D tech service. We are doing crabcake row a cup of soup or bowl beginning on February 5 downtown. All the information will be up at Baltimore positive later on in the week. I am Esther, he’s Luke. Stay with us. It’s championship week here. I’ve never said that before. We are wn SCA in 1570 Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Super Bowl a cup of Super Bowl and Baltimore positive stay with us

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