The Ravens move to one step away from another Super Bowl

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Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the Baltimore Ravens’ mighty second half effort in beating the Houston Texans after a halftime scare. Todd Monken and Lamar Jackson adjusted the offense and a fiery locker room speech by the two-time MVP quarterback sparked a 34-10 beatdown of the AFC South champs. Next up: Mahomes and the Chiefs.


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Luke Jones, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are W and S T am 1570. And Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive and all of the things that are AFC Championship week around your I’ve seen a lot of things around you. I don’t know that I’ve been envision what downtown Baltimore would look like, at 615 630. If somehow Lamar Jackson does a somersault to beat the Kansas City Chiefs 36 to 35, although that’s never been done before. We’re gonna be doing amazing things here, not just this week, but through the Super Bowl, we’re doing something called a cup of Super Bowl. It is a crabcake row. So when instead of going to Las Vegas, and we’ll be writing about that, and you can read about that, no matter where the Ravens go. We’re going to be beginning on Monday, the fifth of February at fadeless at Lexington market. Tuesday will be a cost this Wednesday will be a Coco’s Thursday. We will be at State Fair in Catonsville. And then on Friday at Pappas and Cockeysville. Hopefully it is one giant purple pep rally I still have a handful of ravens scratch offs to give away our friends window nation in the Maryland lottery coming together with our friends Jiffy Lube, to put together crabcake row and a cup of soup or bowl. I don’t know if this guy is going to be here now. We’re gonna let him make the predictions later on in the week. Luke Jones joins us now after a a jubilant spirited, memorable, never done before effort by the Baltimore Ravens in dispatching to Houston Texas that’s a what Luke, we want to do a whole lot of postgame here because it’s over with and everybody’s so on to Taylor Swift right now. And whether Jason Kelsey will be drinking and natty bow or not, when he rips his shirt off around five o’clock on Sunday here, although the weather was gonna be a little warmer. It’s been a it’s been a magic carpet ride, right? I mean, everything the team sort of promised the long into October November. Now we’re there they have to win this game. We’ve lost this game a couple of times. On the road, never at home. But you know, this is what it’s all about. This is as Bill Parcells once said, This is why you lift all them weights,

Luke Jones  02:12

no question about it Nestor. And we’re talking about something that’s going to take place in Baltimore for the first time in 53 years. I mean, it was way back when the Johnny Unitas and the Colts at Memorial Stadium. Beat the Oakland Raiders in the inaugural AFC Championship Game mind you after the merger and AFL NFL became AFC NFC and that was Lamar Hunt. This is Lamar Jackson, different colts moved from the NFL to the AFC and here we are 53 years later, I think if anyone had told me, my dad at the time, he was about 20 years old about to turn 20 that Baltimore would not host another one of those and it would be another franchise probably what I had a hard time believing it. But what a special week for the city. What a special week for the Baltimore Ravens first time they’ve hosted the AFC Championship game and we talked about it. We started talking about this two or three weeks ago. And we talked about the fact that a Super Bowl is never coming here. So it as it pertains to the NFL as it pertains to what the Ravens can do playing a game at home. It doesn’t get any bigger than this. So I think everyone should savor it for that reason. But there’s a lot of excitement about the task at hand, especially coming off of a 3410 win. And a 24 Nothing outburst after halftime, which was unsettling. It was unnerving at halftime. I mean, I’m walking around in the press box. You can see team some team officials were nervous. Certainly media, there was a lot of nervous energy of are the Ravens going to do this again. And lo and behold, they came out

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:47

that buffet line. I know I know that energy. Yeah, yeah.

Luke Jones  03:51

I mean, that’s what gets the playoffs, right. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:53

mean, did Pat Moriarty not lately? I you know, I remember how nervous Nellie Joe Ortiz and George kookiness would be pacing the floor, like, you know, like Fred Flintstone when Wilma was pregnant. Yeah, well,

Luke Jones  04:07

I mean, think how nervous fans get and I mean, the team is going to be even more nervous. And they have something directly riding on that in terms of when you think about playoff shares and all the different things that go into that. So lots of excitement. Lots of great energy this week, and yes, there will be a lot of nervous energy on Sunday as let’s face it, the inevitable. Patrick mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs coming to town. We’ve been saying it for a while as mediocre, relatively speaking, that the Chiefs looked over the course of the season. We all remember what they look like on Christmas. There was always that caveat. It’s still Andy Reed, it’s still Patrick mahomes. It’s still Travis Kelce is still the defending Super Bowl champion and you have to give them credit for for how they went up to Buffalo and took care of business and played had to be their best game. For the season, so the Ravens need to be ready. There’s no doubt about that the ravens are going to be they are, they are favored in this game and should be, because they’ve been the better team over the course of the season. But you are going up against the team. That’s been the gold standard ever since Tom Brady left New England, so not going to be easy. But you’d like to think Lamar Jackson and company are up to the task after breaking through against Houston and winning in the divisional round and putting to put into rest all that talk about 2019. And that Titans loss at the very least what Saturday did is we can stop talking about that. Now it’s just a matter of gotta go out and beat the defending champions, which really is the way it should be if you want to get to Las Vegas and you want to finish the story?

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:43

Well, I mean, if they’ve had the easiest path first things first didn’t play two weeks ago at all right? So when other teams like Dallas, were taking a dirt nap and teams were getting out of the way they did not have that problem. I’m watching Detroit in San Francisco play over the weekend, specifically San Francisco who sort of squeaked by a little bit. I mean, even the lions sort of squeaked by wasn’t wasn’t an easy game at all. And Baker Mayfield made it a game for a little while made us nervous. The Ravens whacks both of those teams, right so like, beat Kansas City, but Kansas City was like, you know, had their number for a little while early on. It was a long time ago with such a plague ago. And that was before Odell came here and and Tyree killed left there. And the salary cap blues got to Kansas City after the champagne showed up for Patrick mahomes and whatnot. This whole thing is dreamy, right, but the only thing that offsets it is Kansas City this week, right? Because you think if you get through this, look, I don’t know if they’ll lose to Detroit or San Francisco. But you’re gonna spend two weeks thinking they’re gonna win. You know? Like, there’s, there’ll be no argument here next week, if we see either of those teams, especially if the Ravens win by 10 points and beat the chiefs and, you know, win 2717 and run the ball at the end. Do not make mistakes, do all those things you want to see a Super Bowl team to see this team to. There’s nobody that watched the lions game that would think they’re gonna give the Ravens game and there’s nobody that watched the 40 Niners game that would look at Brock Purdy and say, Yeah, I’m gonna bet on him instead of Lamar, like I this thing is really setting up in a wicked way to be the Super Bowl this week. And I know it’s by the way, it’s the 23rd anniversary of the original Super Bowl, the original Purple Rain. I got Brandon Stokely coming on this week. I got Brian Bella coming on. I came hearing coming on. I got Marvin coming on. I was like Joe Flacco coming on this week. So we’ll talk about the second Purple Rain, as well through all of this, but I think about the last dance with with Ray and going on the road and beating Manning and beating Brady and what a hard road that was. And I’m not saying this isn’t a hard road. But watching those teams slug it out on Sunday night, I was real glad the Ravens didn’t have to see the bills and the chiefs. I’ll say that.

Luke Jones  08:00

Yeah, well, and the Ravens they earned that opportunity. Right. I mean, that’s, that’s what’s so funny. And John Harbaugh alluded to this a little bit. I don’t know if his last week or during the bye week, and he talked about the fact that when you earn the number one seed when you’re when you have home field advantage, and you’re not playing wildcard weekend. I mean, really, if you talk about it in literal terms, that’s a playoff win right there. Right, you don’t have to play that round. So you make it through just like we talked about with the Orioles as much as there was that risk factor, that the rust factor in terms of waiting for the Rangers, they didn’t have to play that best the three wildcard round. So, you know, that’s where the Mars playoff legacy was always complicated, you know, not that anyone was just going to arbitrarily add two wins to his total. But being the MVP of the league being so dominant during the regular season in 19. And this year, they didn’t have to play wildcard game. So yeah, it’s all Joe Flacco did. And it’s great. Exactly, exactly. And look, I mean, that’s, you know, not even trying to compare the two, which

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:02

we drank a lot more beer. We had a lot more fun when they played Walker wrote, wrote a few more buses, right. Absolutely. So, so

Luke Jones  09:09

you look at it through that lens. I mean, they’ve they’ve they avoided that you’re right. So it’s great that they didn’t have to play Buffalo and Kansas City. Not to say that they couldn’t have beaten both. But you do have this easier path. And, you know, we talked about the road, it hasn’t been the road, they’re at home. And again, they earned that, you know, they did all the work over the course of the regular season to be in that position. But yeah, I think you look at this and not that you want to make too many assumptions. Because when they played the lions, that was so long ago, we can all remember the Ravens being blown out by the Denver Broncos in December of 2012. And then they went out to my Ohio and we it was a different story. Right. So as much as you try not to play that game. Sure. I think there’s going to be a perception this week. And it’s not even about the the team’s top to bottom Add on the rosters, although the Ravens that would certainly fit but comes down to quarterback play, you know which quarterbacks are the best quarterbacks remaining? The two in the AFC Patrick mahomes, who has been the gold standard and Lamar who’s been the MVP of the league this year. So there’s no question that the way this is going to work out. I mean, the Ravens will certainly be favored. And if Kansas City after beating buffalo does the unthinkable here locally and beats the ravens, yeah, they’re gonna be perceived as Okay, the chiefs are back. They messed around in the regular season. They, they were sleepwalking. They looked unimpressive on offense. But hey, look what they did in January. They’re still the chiefs. So yeah, I think there’s going to be a perception about this game. The winner of this game going into Las Vegas going into the Super Bowl 58. And, and having an advantage. But that said, the Ravens can’t be thinking about that at the moment, they have to be preparing for a Kansas City team that we’ve talked about it their defense, better than it was in their Super Bowl years and an offense that certainly hasn’t been as explosive and has had its issues in the redzone. Although they certainly finished drives on Sunday against buffalo at a higher degree than they have in recent weeks. But you know, it’s it’s the chiefs, Sandy fried, it’s Patrick mahomes. It’s Kelsey, I mean, go down the list of guys, you know, Chris Jones on the defensive side of the ball. So the Ravens gonna have to go out and play a strong football game, I’ll say this much. The Ravens need to play a more complete 60 minutes than they did against Houston, where, hey, they killed him in the second half. There’s no, no questioning that but let’s face it, that first half, there was some frustration there was definitely, you know, it was unnerving. I mean, Lamar Jackson, offered some four letter words in the halftime locker room and all that. So they need to come out faster. And I think they will, from the standpoint of there was a little bit of a rust factor that I think’s inevitable when you’re playing your first real game in three weeks. So they weather that, but you certainly want to start faster against Kansas City because, you know, a little bit different if you come out of the gate a little bit slow and your offense is a little bit slow against Patrick mahomes and the chiefs who, as much as I think we’re gonna focus on Lamar, verse mahomes. Obviously, I also do really look forward to the opportunity for this defense, this ravens defense, that was terrific. On Saturday night, they’ll get a shot to enhance their legacy going up against Patrick mahomes and the Chiefs so so much excitement Nestor. I mean, we’re going to continue to talk about it all week. I mean, nationally, I mean, the Lamar versus mahomes storyline is going to be out there. Taylor Swift Yeah, that’s gonna be the two is although I’m not gonna be focusing nearly as much on that but boy, just a really exciting week and such an amazing opportunity for the Baltimore Ravens.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:50

Let’s go back to the Houston game because we’re not going to do a lot of this this week. I mean, we’re gonna be looking forward and certainly a Lucas here by the way, we are doing an incredible promotion. It’s gonna be a mouthfuls me lot to tell you about what we’re doing live radio for the first time in a long time. We’re gonna be live from nine to five all have a cup of soup or Bowl week begins on February 5. So I brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I do have a handful of ravens scratch off John Martin told me they’re still really valid for at least another six months. So if I have a few of them, even though it’s out of season, I’m like it’s not out of season anymore. We got people actually throwing footballs during the game on Sunday at the AFC Championship Game the winter $1,000 Our friends are weathernation 866 90 days you putting this on as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube multicharacter I had my oil change about two weeks ago, I actually had my oil change across from curio wellness and foreign daughter at the York Road location by the Nautilus right by the Royal farms at Timonium in New York Road. So there’s a there’s a Jiffy Lube right there and right by Michaels right around the corner. I snuck into so big appreciation to our clients and our sponsors and our friends and our community. We’re doing this with a Maryland Food Bank. I’m going to tell longer stories about this, but we’re going to feature 100 charities. If you have a charity that you think should be featured two weeks from now, please email me Ness at Baltimore We’re going to be at fadeless. On Monday. We’re going to be at Costas on Tuesday. We’re going to be Coco’s on Wednesday. We’re going to be at at State Fair and Catonsville on Thursday. And then on Friday, we’re going to make our way up the Pappas and Cockeysville along I was believing this is going to be a week long of live purple pep rallies all along. I think that the Ravens have the ability to be Patrick mahomes This week in the AFC Championship game. But look, before I dive into this, it was halftime on on Saturday and the feeling that it was macabre right because like you’re getting in line with a whole bunch of nervous people there’s a couple of Houston media people their chats the oils looking like somebody swallowed a cow. Like everybody’s there in line it’s quiet. I remember what this is like when the home teams it’s nervous and it’s a playoff game yet with I remember the Colts game night right from oh six. Peyton Manning was there gave me the shakes the other day to see an eminence kid there. It’s 1010 the halftime presentation of the game was a complete 14 and a half minute referral on Lamar and 2018 19 and Titans and bills. And what happened before? I mean, the whole world was talking about it, right? It’s the first game of the weekend. The ravens are the favorite favorite, dude, it’s like Duke being in trouble in the in the playing game or something. Right? Like, it was a little crazy. That first half the rust versus rest. And I think more than anything, the ravens, not desire, but their will to want to throw the football and make Lamar that guy. And it feels to me like in the second half, it looked a lot more like run, run, run, run, run, and you can’t stop us and you won’t stop us. And we might pass and Lamar might run. That felt a little different than the way a second quarter or even a third quarter of any game in the middle of the season would feel where you didn’t always feel like Lamar was going to take off. But I guess as we get toward the end of the year, yeah. Lamar running for 100 yards, that would have been a good bet up in Hollywood casino last week, because if they get in trouble, it’s what they know. And it’s what they do well, and I continue to say it. It’s their best play. It’s an indefensible play. If you’re asleep for it, and there’s no way you could be awake for it in every down in distance. And monkey has been smart enough to play it that way. And Lamar has been great enough to drop back left handed to have sleight of hand now almost on the level of flat goes like that bowl fake on the fourth and one. Nobody saw the ball. And how could they not be thinking he could do that when he’s in and he got away with it and then just get away with it almost had a touchdown out of it. Right? Like it’s just one play one distinction that your defense falls asleep. And he can do something that you that nobody in the history of the game can do. And when the game’s tight, it’s not a bad idea to run in four times and see that one of them get your first now.

Luke Jones  17:12

Yeah, I mean, it’s nothing to apologize for. It’s what makes him as special and unbeatable as he can be when he’s playing at his best. I mean, that’s just the reality. Would you be offended by

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:22

that? Because he is running back to that at that moment. He’s the best running back in the game that is also a quarterback right? I mean, at a pretty good quarterback do but that running back party him? It’s something I don’t know. I don’t feel that way watching them when they’re playing in the regular season that he wants to run anymore. Where it felt like five years ago, it was their when their bread and butter it was their Binky. It’s not anymore. But it can be when you need it to be what it is. Don’t beat your ass. And then you got real trouble when you have three other running backs running down on you and your lines going? Because that’s what happened to third quarter. Third quarter was a different level for them this year, I think. Yeah,

Luke Jones  17:59

a couple of things. First of all, I still ran for over 800 yards to lead the team in rushing. I mean, we’ve talked about it, it’s no fewer design runs, but more scrambles. And really, that’s, you know, his scramble rate went went up. And part of that is yeah, they dropped back more. But it was by design. You know, they wanted more of that. But yeah, it wasn’t just the running game, though. I think that was very clear what they tried to do in the second half. I mean, first of all, first half, Houston Blitz and Blitz the heck out of them. And what they were doing is they were they were trying to take shots. I mean, not necessarily just throwing 50 yard passes, but they were trying to push the ball down the field. It was very evident they wanted to be aggressive. And as Lamar kind of laid out, and John Harbaugh talked about it at halftime as well few other players in the postgame locker room. You know, it just got to a point where it’s like look, we need some more of quick game, you know, we need to get the ball out more quickly here. We need some shorter routes, some slants hitches different things along those lines, instead of these slower developing routes that just weren’t. Lamar wasn’t having time in the pocket. And it wasn’t that the offensive line wasn’t blocking at all. It’s just Houston was sending five guys or six guys on occasion. And you get to a point based on how it schemed up that you’re not gonna be able to protect long enough to develop those longer developing routes for those guys to get open. So, you know, it wasn’t even that they came out running the ball. They came out with a quick passing game on that first drive, go look at it, you know, quick pass, quick pass, Lamar Jackson running, another quick pass incomplete. And then 15 yards scrambled boom, touchdown now. I’ll also say Devin do Bernays kick return on a short kickoff, put them on a short field so they got a little bit of a jolt there. But for me it was much more about pivoting to a short passing game. And then by design Houston had to back off in the blitz a little bit and then that put you in a position where you could start really pounding the rock and running the ball more so I think it was very complimentary in that way. I don’t think it was just hey, let’s run the ball because again, look at look at that first drive right out of the gate. They they continue to throw It was just shorter throws, they went to little more quick game. Yeah, not not totally dissimilar to what we saw back all the way back in week two when the Ravens were banged up on the row line and had lost JK Dobbins, and they were facing the Bengals. And I thought it was a case of, they’re not going to run the ball just straight up. So they came out and through quick passes, and then as time went on, as the game progressed, they were able to lean into the run. And that’s really what they did in that second half. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:27

I think couldn’t stop the run, I guess is my point. My point is, once it started, that you can run all you want, but you get stopped. But with this team, I am always questioning the offensive line and the age and like, you know, the rest really did the offensive line a lot of good, you know, all that. I mean, Zeitler look fresh. He looked like he wanted to win a playoff game. You know, he’s guys like Moses, guys like Stanley, they’ve been hearing it a long time. I saw Phil lay lay out there running around. And the pass rush got after Lamar early. I mean, it was effective. What they did in the first half. It’s very effective.

Luke Jones  21:01

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I think the offensive line played well. And again, they adjusted that so many more quicker, shorter routes to offset that Blitz, and for as much success as Houston had with their blitz in the first quarter in the first half. And specifically in that second quarter were three straight three and outs for the Ravens offense to close the first half. I mean, you have to go back to maybe the second half of the week five loss at Pittsburgh to see their offense struggle over the course of a half the way they did not just I mean looking at it in terms of points, but for them to not move the ball the way that they did. I mean for three and outs. I mean, you have to go back again, go back to second half of that Pittsburgh game back in week five when the Orioles were getting ready for game two of the Division Series. I mean, that’s how long it had been to see the offense struggle to that degree for a full half.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:54

So we don’t even know who the punter is half the time like most of the people in the city don’t know Jordan stat. Like literally, he doesn’t pump it up. He doesn’t have I mean, Sam Cooke was here forever. And then he pumps and then punt well, and big games, all of a sudden, you’re like, we’ve cared so much about our punter this year in in general terms, and then, you know, the special teams break down that, put them in a position made everybody nervous, and you weren’t nervous, because you’re like, oh, this kid’s moving the ball, you feel like he can move the ball and you feel like he had weapons, and that would be available. And there’s no Marlon Humphrey. And there’s like, and the weather and like all of that playing into it. But the special teams play was the play that sort of had us nervous at halftime because other than that, you know, I mean, Texas didn’t look like they were going to score 31 points.

Luke Jones  22:38

Sure, sure. I mean that and that’s where as much as we focused on Lamar Jackson, and rightfully so, I mean, that’s been the story for the better part of not even the better part, his entire career is winning in January and being able to break through in January and for all the regular season accolades and success and high level play, that translating and carrying over to January, so it did on Saturday nights. So that’s the lead story. But this defense, I mean, they held Houston to three points at the Texans did not get inside the red zone once they move the ball here in there, but they’d get to about the 40 yard line, the 35 yard line, and the Ravens would stop them and I thought it was even more impressive to be able to do that considering they did not get any sacks even though they got plenty of pressure on CJ Stroud. And that’s Saturday night was a great example of not just judging a pass rush based on sacks because they didn’t get any sacks. But if you go and look at the next gen stats, and pff and all the different metrics, you could see how much pressure they got on Stroud and moving them off his spot, making them throw a split second quicker than he needed to make getting him hold the ball or run around more than he wanted to on other routes. They did a phenomenal job, but to do that without a sack without a takeaway all night, although certainly Kyle Hamilton was thinking about not a dropped interception, but on a deflection, he had a great opportunity to catch an interception there. But I mean, this defense, and that’s why I said, as much as the focus is going to be on Lamar versus mahomes. And look, they’re two of the biggest stars in the league seen in the last quarter century. I love the opportunity for this ravens defense to have a chance to see if you can shut down Patrick mahomes See if you can stop the Kansas City offensive. We know is not peak Kansas City that we’ve seen in recent years, but certainly played better the last couple of weeks than they were playing at the end of the regular season. But the Ravens defense I mean, they did. They’ve been doing this all year, right. I mean, and the one thing that I know we talked about with Houston as much as CJ Straub was a good story and Nikko Collins was a good story. They couldn’t run the ball. And I’ve said it over and over. Even though this ravens run defense, relatively speaking, I’ve used the term relative a lot. The run defense had been the relative weakness Hughes In his running game was not nearly good enough to think that they were gonna be able to run effectively on the ravens and they didn’t I mean about half their rushing yardage came on one play one run by Devin Singletary, otherwise they completely shut down the Texans run and if you if you’re that one dimensional it’s gonna be really the quarterback yeah I mean that’s gonna be almost impossible road when it’s 15 degrees this defense right i mean that’s going to be so tough so hats off to the Ravens defense hats off to Mike McDonald and I thought really the key for me talked a lot about the the linebackers we talked a lot about the secondary all year but I thought their front I thought I thought the defensive line played really really well. Again, I get it no sacks. But if you look at that consistently, Mata BK was putting heat now that the edge rushers are putting heat on Stroud. So there was a lot of disruption even if there weren’t a lot of you know, there weren’t the takedowns there weren’t quarterback sacks. They did a heck of a job up front. And, again, a big reason why, even with that, unsettling first half offensively and with the special teams, it was 1010. And ultimately, they were going to be fine as they came out and scored 24 points and blew them out.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:10

All right, looking at going to be added all week. We have just a litany of guests here this week. I mean, Brandon Stokely Kim herring, Joe Flacco, Marvin Lewis, Brian, Billy, just on and on and on. And on. Peter King’s coming on this week, we got all sorts of people. We’re doing the Merillat crabcake tour, but we’re doing crabcake row beginning on February 5, it will replace our traditional radio row visits of 28 years of going on the road and doing this if the Ravens win this week, Luke will be in Las Vegas all week. Viva I’m gonna send them out there with my Elvis shirt. I hope it fits you. I have to belt buckles too if you need some. Elvis at the at the Hilton at the tail look, Hilton. So Vegas, right. Is that correct?

Luke Jones  26:50

I have not. I have not been to Las Vegas. So I just need the ravens to take care of business right? Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:55

boy. All right. Well, you know, you’ll be working too much to take advantage of all the cheap beer and you know, all the entertainment and nightlife but we’re going to be doing the day life from nine until five is what you do when you’re 55 even thrown out by the team illicitly and you have to come up with something else. What we’re gonna do is we’re going to service 100 charities. During crabcake row it is a cup of soup or bowl. It’s very simple. You come out, you get free soup. You bring stuff for the Maryland Food Bank, and you hang out. And if the ravens are in the Super Bowl, you wear purple. I’ll give you a seat Joe throw sign or re 252 sign. I’m not doing any Lamar in Las Vegas or any thriller show. I’m not doing any of that. What we’re doing is 100 charity saw brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have Raven scratch offs to give away. I will have Oh snaps to give away all week long. Everywhere we are so we’re gonna be families. I’m wearing the shirt at Lexington market on Monday. We’re going to be a Costas on Tuesday going to be at Coco’s on Wednesday at State Fair in Catonsville on Thursday, and papists on Friday, that’s all happening two weeks from now all brought to you by the Maryland lottery conjunction with window nation and our friends at Jiffy Lube. Multi care plenty of football ahead. Plenty more with Luke plenty more on Patrick mahomes and I’m declaring it Taylor Swift week here in Baltimore. We are wn SDA and 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive and Travis Kelce

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